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Nox'alfar Embassy Opening

Come join the Crown as it offically opens the doors to the Nox'alfar Embassy.


April 22, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Alaric Jaenelle


Shard Derovai Niklas Sparte Ansel Tobias Rinel Sabella Leona Barric(RIP) Waldemai Yasmine Thesarin Ian Eirene Margret Silvio Dafne Bliss Orazio Ennettia Reese Isabeau Dominique Alistair Zaina Mia Elara(RIP) Aleksei Kia Katarina Mae Rook Corban Tyrval Felicia Laric Desiree Ven(RIP) Zoey Terese Iseulet Monique Merek Signe Oswyn Selene Simone Jeffeth Elgana Caith Margerie Natalia Ashe Grazia Belladonna Aureth Marius Felix Sidney Lucita Arion Niccolo



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Nox'alfar Embassy - Nox'alobby

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Comments and Log


I don't think I will ever understand anything about elves when it comes to social matters. Of course I believe we relate on that to an extent, as I'm not great at social matters sometimes, though with me it is more because I don't like to be social a lot, mostly because I have never been great with it, I was born a simple smith. That said, it was quite an interesting evening, and it's nice to know that the Embassy was well received. Now it's on to gift giving day, which I admit I'm also not great at, I just give people what I think it is they might like.


Writing things down for posterity is occasionally much odder than I expected it to be.

The furniture was troubling.

Stepping in quickly, Bliss looks around the Embassy and a broad grin spreads across her face as she nods in approval at what she sees, apparently completely at home among such strange decorations as can be seen here. She heads directly over to the area where all the others are, perhaps knowing what she is consenting to, perhaps not, but not seeming to mind one bit.

Arion peeks into the lobby looking extremely curious. The young male with his long red hair takes a moment to take in the sights before moving further in. People consenting to be smelled? How odd...interesting but odd. Its a good thing he came prepared! He moves through the room towards a spot near the others that have consented to being sniffed. A warm yet somewhat shy smile is given to each of them and he inclines his head low in greeting. His hair is left down, the richly colored crimson locks carefully brushed and left cascading down his back and shoulders. A subtle scent wafts from his person, light and airy but with a faintly woodsy note to it.

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Simone arrives, following Marius.

"Oh thank you Mae, the chefs will love them" Jaenelle tells the woman...about the books. "I would be pleased to have someone take them into the Librateria." What. And still, this is all said with a perfectly straight face. Jaenelle has either completely lost it, or has gained a whole new perspective of the world thanks to the Nox'alfar.

Tyrval bursts into applause at the arrival of Bliss, but his calmly dignified expression never so much as flickers and he offers no explanation at all for the clapping. He bows to Ashe and then to Alaric in turn, and then he stops and raises an eyebrow towards Ven, "She is. Sort of. It's taken some time to get used to the distinction."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Valor, a small brown and white corgi puppy, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting arrive, following Sabella.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Merek has taken his time to settle into the place at a seat where the smelling area seems to be. He is dressed in a cloak and its hood up, with the black and gnetle umbra which lines it giving it an elegant appearance as it is worked about his coat. The Knight seems to have come for the opening, and noticing that the velvet couch is free, settles there, noticing that it looks more comfortable. He notices Tyrval and offers a fond wave to the Prince he remembers so well, and looks to see if he has his handpuppet with him.

5 Pravus Honor Guard, Aida arrive, following Belladonna.

If a Malvici is coming to an embassy function, one would not be surprised to see them in their usual leather armor with weapons at their side. So of course, Eirene is dressed in her tell-tale black and red, with her braids of white and black pinned up around her head. Her weapons are most certainly peace-tied but the Voice of Malvici isn't about to leave them behind; unless so ordered. She looks irritated to be here, arching an eyebrow at the curious decor. "Huh," she says simply. She gives a salute to the prince and the King, two fingers at the temple and away - not the serious or formal salute Southport is known for.

Isabelle, who hates you arrives, following Niklas.

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Mae stares at Jaenelle for a long moment. Blink, blink. Then she just shoves the stack of books at the princess, flashes a smile, then turns around. She spots Tyrval. "Tyr!" Mae chirps out, and proceeds to blow a kiss to the Nox'alfar Prince. She then steps over to find somewhere to sit. That looks comfy! She drops down, and then instantly regrets her choice.

Zoey gives Ian one of those -looks- that women give their men when they are not. pleased. at ALL. But she sighs and stands there, now looking anywhere but at the rearrangement of the table settings.

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Ven nods to Tyrval. "Understandable. I'm surprised there was never an embassy opened in her time."

Alistair returns the smile to Orazio with a duty-filled bow of his head before his gaze sweeps all those present. Keeping his eyes open for any possible... threats or those who would disrupt the proceedings. He remembers the LAST diplomatic explosion with the Nox'Alfar...

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Catching the applause from Tyrval, Bliss grins and turns around to face the man, bending in a sweeping bow toward him and calling to him, "I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for anything, Crown Prince. Will there be a flock arriving soon, as well?"

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Natalia strolls on in, trailing after another little cluster of people. There's no hesitation or uncertainty there, her expression all curiosity and interest. There is a smile aimed at the many legged table, but it doesn't chase the curiosity away. Once she's a dozen or so paces in she does shift her attention to the actual people present, and she starts in the direction of the closest piece of wall that needs holding up.

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrive, following Saoirse.

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Marius enters with Simone on his arm, doing all the properly polite nodding and waving all the things you do when you enter a crowded room before taking Simone on over to take a seat.

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Iseulet sits quietly on the suss as heck couch of blood, hands in her lap, merely watching for now.

Tyrval taps a finger to his lips in thought as he glances at the ceiling in thought while speaking, "Possibly. There could be a few echelons that boil from tunnels at any moment, but the idea of potentially spoiling the party and embarrassing you may keep them at bay."

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Lucita waddles into the area, looking around for a moment before she makes her way to stand with a group of others. A curtsy is respectfully given as she nears any royals. She gives Jaenette a little discrete wave and quietly listens as others arrive

Elara stops and turns as another familiar face is seen in the crowd. She smiles faintly at Ian before she moves away towards Ashe. "Mistress Ashe, wasn't it?" She says very quietly of the woman. "How are you doing?" She glances over at Tyrval and watches him curiously.

Ian looks up from what he was doing, nods a greeting to Elara, looks back and... three people are sitting at the table. Somehow. Possibly on the space he cleared out. He sighs, gives in, and lets Zoey choose where they're sitting.

Tyrval snaps a finger at Mae, "What's a good Arvani synonym for 'boil' from something? It sounds like they are being cooked. I rely upon you, Mae."

Alaric smiles to Barric at his approach. "Barric, good evening, thank you for coming. The Minister of Infrastructure here deserves every compliment she receives for the fine results, of course," he agrees with his cousin in regards to the compliments to the place. He next regards Tyrval with a regally brilliant smile. "Prince Tyrval, it's wonderful to see you again. Please, feel free to mingle and explore as you like. This will be your home to do as you like, after all. We'll have some time for socializing before we get into a short bit of speeches and ceremony before returning the focus to where I'm sure everyone agrees it belongs; copious amounts of wine-drinking," he proclaims.

Shard slips in, her eyes narrowed with sharp interest (and not a little wariness), as she takes in the large, large room.

Mia steps into the Embassy on Thesarin's arm, her steps as quick and as brisk as ever. It takes her a moment to adjust to the change in light, given the windowless room, but as she stands there frozen her dark eyes are openly curious -- and not bothering to make any attempt at all to hide the sight of her drinking in, bit by intensely studied bit, her surroundings.

Florian arrives, following Derovai.

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Kit, the grey fox, 1 Telmarine Armsmen, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrive, following Monique.

Simone enters on Marius' arm, smiling and nodding and curtsying where appropriate. Her smile is replaced with a curious look as they approach the table with two hundred legs and she pauses before it after nodding a greeting to her cousin.

"Ooze, your highness!" Mae fires off at Tyrval. "Nox'alfar /ooze/ from tunnels. I've seen it twice."

Jaenelle takes the books and passes them off to one of the staff to bring them into the library just in time to see Barric and offer a dip of her head, "we can only hope that the evening is enjoyed by all." Tyrval is given a smile after he has added his own flavor to the room by way of doll, "Prince Tyrval, I have a key for you. For the other rooms within the embassy that are more private. I will give it to you at a later point after things have settled so you can explore at your own pace the rest of the building."

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Zoey looks desperately grateful when Ian relents, and away they head for the brick couch.

"A shame," Bliss says to Tyrval once she is able to get a word in after the King's proclamation to the man, but she folds her arms behind her back after, letting the man conduct his diplomacy as the party starts to fill in more. Mae's comment makes her laugh, and she asks, "What about surge?"

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2 Redrain novice guards, Simon, the Mastiff Puppy, Chantilly, the demure companion arrive, following Elgana.

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Margerie arrives, following Margret.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Metzger, a great grey shrike, Desiree arrive, following Dominique.

Shifting to accommodate the growing bodies scattered across the floor, Katarina turns herself toward Signe more fully. "Ah, my lady. I'm afraid you have me at a terrible disadvantage," she confesses with a hint of sheepish laughter, her gaze constantly on the swivel in search of familiar Valardins within the crowd before settling more comfortably into conversation with the Northern lady beside her. "I'm sure there won't, at the very least, be a boring moment in sight."

Arion looks a bit overwhelmed as the crowd begins to grow. He takes in a deep breath and tries his best to maintain his composure in the wake of his excitement and nerves.

Felicia tips her head briefly Tyrval's way before flashing a grin at her brother Arion, not lingering any particular place in favor of checking it all out. One of the rooms more unusual accoutrements bringing an unabashed laugh from her approvingly.

Orazio takes some time as things begin to wander a bit, looking with interest at the definitions. The hungry-looking couch is given a wide curve, his hands clasped loosely at the small of his back.

Alistair's gaze goes to any windows that are present, murmuring to one of his Confessors to go make sure they are properly secured. Something about not wanting any bats to fly in. They can enter the proper way.

When Ian looks up from his own footsteps and finds himself looking at a... brick... couch... he gives Zoey a look. "Excuse me a moment. Let me get rid of this before it breaks." He's still holding that bottle of vodka in his free hand.

Ashe lowers the hood of her cloak, offering a bow to Tyrval in return. "Humans can be awfully inconvenient that way, your highness," she replies to his comment about distinctions, her smile now more definitely amused. "It's a lovely embassy, though. I think she would appreciate it; the decor is... fanciful." And then the woman turns towards Elara, offering her a smile. "Ah, Lady Elara, yes? I'm doing as well as one can be expected. How are you?"

Baldassare arrives, following Ennettia.

And look who would be arriving! The sisters Wyrmguard. Being the knightly sort, Dominique arrives with her sister, Desiree, on her arm, before offering a curtsy and a bow. "Shall we mingle then?" she as she leans in and mutters something softly before glancing around for any familiar faces.

"I do not think, Bliss Whisper, I've ever seen a Nox'alfar surge," quips Mae, after a few words to Jeffeth at her side. "Really, they tend to walk with dignified grace or /certainly not/ flounce off," says the Harlequin. And then she spots Ashe, and she starts to wave frantically. "Ashe! Hey!" ... Is she supposed to be quiet? She's not being quiet.

Thesarin makes his way into the lrge space with an arm crooked for Mia, looking tonight like a shav from the woods in a VERY fancy outfit. He looks over the space with a decitedly wary sort of look, keeping an eye on the occupants and the strange furnishings. The King of the Compact gets a notice as Thesarin inclines his head deeply toward Alaric. Shard gets a pointed, though much more subtle, inclination of his head.

Tyrval bows low to Alaric, "Your majesty, allow me to offer my deepest condolences once again for having to marry the Lady Symonesse. Her bright, sunny demeanor is an abomination upon all things, and we can only hope you find adequate depressing news to counterbalance it and keep your sanity in check." He smiles brightly at Jaenelle, apparently cheered by the shade thown at the other Nox'alfar and holds out an open hand to Jaenelle, "Your highness, that's very kind of you. I believe the human phrase is, 'gimme gimme gimme', if not mistaken." A pause, "Is there a fourth 'gimme?'" His eyes stray back towards Ashe and seems to pause for a moment, as his eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

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Oswyn is just one of the Vellichorian scholars scurrying about the embassy lobby. He generally looks wide-eyed and somewhat overwhelmed even as he takes notes when instructed.

Zoey shrugs a little helplessly at Ian. "It's a place to sit?" She nods, though, when he elects to deliver his vodka first.

Coming into the Embassy is Tobias Telmar, his chainmailed bodyguards left outside sans two, who go in with their mercenary general. His left hand idles on his scabbarded peace knotted sword as he steps in, giving those in the crowd a once over. Tyrval and Ashe are new to him, and he gives them a once over, the bald man squinting slightly as he listens.

Desiree looks around the room with a confident smiles. She nods to her sister as she walks with her. "Yes of course."

Niklas comes into the embassy with Sabella at his side. How could he pass on the opportunity to see the freak show? Or be the freak show, as it were! He looks around the room and gives a nod as if it's everything he expected and more, then turns to his companion. "Well. This promises to be very loud." On seeing Scholar Rinel he decides that that seems relatively safe and leads Sabella over there.

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Ian angles himself Tyrval-ward, now. Walking in a place this crowded is a little bit of a tricky proposition for Ian, keeping his eye on his own footsteps without bumping into anyone, or anyone bumping into him.

Elara opens her mouth to answer and pauses and kind of lets out a breath. Then she finally says after closing her mouth and opening it again, "Complicated is the best word I think," She admits with a shake of her head. Then Tyrval is looking at Ashe and, by coinidance, her. She flashes up her fan as if she might hide from the prince behind it. At the same time she says something quietly to Ashe.

Shard looks like a shav from the woods in anything but a fancy outfit--she's wearing those black leathers, that she always wears, every day, as if she weren't at a fancy function. She clearly notices Thesarin's nod, because she returns it, and after a moment angles in his and Mia's direction, if for no other reason than the room is filling up fast and she doesn't seem to have any better direction to turn in.

Rinel beams at Niklas. "Hello, my lord! Isn't this exciting? I've never seen an elf before. Did my lord bring Steve? Do you think the elves would like her? Probably not. It's a shame." The scholar takes a much-needed breath. "Isn't the queen /beautiful/?"

And then, for whatever ridiculous reason, Mia simply.... flashes her teeth at Corban. It does most certainly *not* a smile, but nor did the gesture look particularly ferocious. How could it, coming from a slender woman in a silk gown and pearls? Gods only knows what the woman is up to. Maybe for a single heartbeat, she's gone entirely mad.

Ian gets Cartugan - Kennex Brand Rosewater Vodka from Aged Satchel.

Heading on towards an area where people might be sniffed, Dominique glances about, bowing her head to familiar faces, before she joins them, just content to listen for now.

Eirene eyes the whole proceedings with skepticism, the dark haired woman scowling out of habit. She chats quietly with the smithy at the two-legged table and throws an occasional glance over at the King and the elven Prince.

Sabella is positively beaming as they come in, radiating sunshine and cheer! "This. Is so. EXCITING!" She squeals to Niklas, helping to confirm that this is going to be extremely loud. She smiles and waves and curtseys when appropriate to those that she knows, giving a big wave to Oswyn and Felix, the former of whom she points at her shoes and mouths 'bats!' Before following Niklas over to...well. Sit? Stand? She honestly couldn't care, she's bouncing on her bat-tipped toes. "I've been waiting for this place to open for forever and yes!" She enthuses to Rinel, "she is gorgeous isn't she? And she's so sweet!"

Sparte doesn't seem bothered in the least by the fact the majority of the room has congregated elsewhere. So many people in one place always makes him nervous. Only by the good grace of being left alone is he managing to keep on a pleasant smile and not show concern for the swelling attendance.

Monique enters looking much as a Minx does; crimson hair perfect, glass-beaded gown smoky and cut to flatter. There's a smile on her lips that's just as red as her hair. Absolutely real, be assured. Her sharp emerald gaze sweeps the room, pausing briefly on Tyrval for some reason. Lips curve, shoulders shrug in light response, and then she spies the Telmar/Greenmarch contingent at the oddest table she has ever seen.

Margerie walks into an Embassy with a Greenmarch and a Redrain in tow. Not the beginning of a joke, not an intentional color scheme. Just how some evenings unfold. There is a murmur to the two young ladies as they step in before they really have a chance to look around. Whatever caution was given, she seems in good enough spirits afterwards as she looks around to take in the oddities and wonders of the room. "And then the eternal question, my good ladies. Where to even begin the mingling!"

"Haven't you, Mae Culler?" Bliss calls back to the Harlequin with ease and an approving grin on her face. "Well, perhaps it is not so much surging as springing. Really, you see them do all sorts of things when they think no one is looking," she claims, perfectly happy to spread some light rumors while here as she turns and tries to make sense of the noise around her.

"Signe Nightgold!" The shaman repeated a little louder for Katerina's benefit as Barric made an attempt earlier to make introductions. No fault of her own as there were countless chatterings taking place here and there. She probably didn't hear it. Signe still offered a warm smile regardless.

Ashe can't help it; she laughs at something murmured to her by Tyrval before making an equally quiet reply, before she turns to offer Elara a nod and a quiet reply.

Barric studies Tyrval openly with a curious expression and he looks thoughtful about something until Tyrval comes over and Barric bows politely to Tyrval as well. He does not however, interrupt their conversation, offering instead a smile of greetings, or a wave, but there is no way he can keep up with everyone who comes in. "It seems that this will be quite the popular event." He then chuckles and leans over to murmur something to Jaenelle.

Natalia's attention is caught by the squealing Sabella, and she looks that way. She doesn't try and suppress the smile that appears, watching from a distance for a few long moments before finally pulling her attention away to avoid too much staring.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

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Oswyn pauses to bow forward at the waist when Sabella waves to him. He does the little truncated bow for Niklas, too, since he recognizes him. Then Oswyn is accosted by a perfurmed nobleman who is very insistent Oswyn take down his immediate impressions.

"I'm glad no one is going to sniff me," Merek asides to Iseulet, since she is also still at the couch. "The couch though... Is another story," he muses, reaching into the transcendant decor in curiosity, almost worried what he might find in the cushions. Still he looks back up towards the proceedings, not seeming to offer much word towards them, while he takes his flask and sips some whiskey.

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Derovai slips in, black-clad, gloved. He takes stock of the room for a moment, before electing to make his way to whatever passes for a quiet niche in the windowless space, arms folded, content to watch the goings-on for the moment.

A glance is given to Ashe by Jaenelle when Tyrval looks her way for clarification. "I believe we've met once when you were speaking to my sister Leona. It is nice to see you again." Back to Tyrval himself though, a key crafted from metal and etched with a stylized pentagram is handed over, the design clearly pulled from somewhere else. "I believe it is three, but a fourth shows determination to your cause of taking the gimme. How can I deny you the pleasure."

When Ian manages to thread his way over to the place where Tyrval is (and... I think also the King?) he comes to a halt. Thrown up against a totally unfamiliar piece of protocol, he hesitates before bowing over his cane to Tyrval first, and the King second. Both bows are a little bit awkward because he's still holding vodka. Probably his ignorance (and possible breach of protocol) isn't going to be noticed anyway, though, so maybe he needn't have worried.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

The Redrain of that little trio, Elgana follows with Margerie and Margret, smiling as she looks around. Her gaze lands on some of the furnishings and she just smiles all the brighter. "Quite interesting," she offers to the ladies she is with before she starts to look about for the familiar faces. "Where ever you like, dearest Lady." She will follow after Margerie then. "So many here. I am not surprised at all."

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Arion sighs softly looking faintly forlorn. He cannot see anything in this crush of people mingling. So he wanders around the outskirts of the gathering trying to observe without being in the way...or getting crushed.

Alaric gives Tyrval a regally amused nod of recognition. "Arvum has not particularly lacked for depressing events in the last several years, so I think we will be just fine. But thank you for your condolences, nonetheless. I as well must apologise that Queen Symonesse was unable to attend tonight, but apparently as she's spent the last several thousand years preparing for motherhood she's had plenty of time to construct an elaborately planned schedule of child-rearing to the tiniest detail for the first two years of the twins' life and it seems not to have left any room for deviations like an embassy opening," he notes pleasantly. "By the by, I should mention out of fairness that when it comes to the speeches tonight, the shortest one wins a prize."

Iseulet looks up to Merek as he addresses her, offering a soft smile, "It's really not so bad, I promise. Except I don't want to get up, it's so lovely."

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Thesarin gives a nod toward Corban, and then toward Monique, standing more or less in place with Mia on his arm. Brogan gets a lift of his chin, although he can see that the pair are busy. He looks over toward Shard as the other prodigal approaches, giving her a grunt of greeting. "Some turnout, eh?"

Tyrval waves a hand a little awkwardly at Ian before taking the key from Jaenelle, "How wonderful. An extra 'gimme' for good measure then, well done Princess Jaenelle." He turns back to Alaric, nodding along with probably entirely too much understanding and feigned sympathy towards Symonesse before he brightens at the mention of the shortest speech winning a prize, "Good." There's a long pause, "Sorry, that was it. That was my speech."

Margret walks into the embassy with Margerie and Elgana, and as soon as she is inside her eyes widen, and her mouth opens just a touch. She does a half-turn as she soaks it all in, and once she's finished she begins searching the crowd. "Oh there are my cousins!" She lifts a hand to wave to the Greenmarch/Telmar table. "We could go sit with them." She suggests, and then she starts limping in that direction.

Merek squints a bit at the woman's words, then he looks to the couch, as if expecting it to demand his attention, then hopefully it does not, and he nods, "Sir Merek Black also, by the way, a pleasure, m'Lady," he offers.

Ennettia walks in slowly, as she always does, her curls pinned up precariously (yet never somehow falling), dressed in a toasty gold that gives her skin a warm glow. She slows to almost a snail's pace a few steps inside, eyes bright and looking over the decor, an amused curl to her lips as she takes everything in - odd tables, curious couches, the discomfort of some guests and the amusement of others. As for herself, she begins drifting around the room, more curious than social-- it's not everyday you get to walk into a Nox'alobby.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you," Katarina tames her mouth into an excited grin towards Signe. "I was told those of the North never travel without at least -one- good flask of spirits somewhere in reach," she quips in good humor, a pointed glance tipped toward the trays of wine and champagne floating past. "I feel we'll need something a touch stronger, to match the buzz of excitement going. What say you, then?" Is that Terese? The Valardin raises her hand to signal over her cousin. "Princess Terese, over here!"

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Belladonna arrives in her usual fashion, sweeping into the embassy with her personal guard and assistant close to her heels. She sweeps a glance through the room before approaching the royal pair of Tyrval and Alaric. Dipping into a deep curtsy, the duchess offers a greeting, "Your Majesties. A most interesting embassy. And if I may suggest, Prince Tyrval... you can shorten it further." She offers a brief but sly smile before moving along to greet someone else.

Ravana the tawny eagle arrives, following Ansel.

Jordal, a bodyguard, Ansel arrive, following Isabeau.

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Alistair starts to patrol a bit with a few Confessors being towed behind him. As a guest tries to sit down on a chest, that totally looks like a chair, Alistair waves them off. He also keeps an eye on the various arms that are worn about. He seems a bit content though, thinking it is unlikely there to be any unplanned assassinations tonight.

Orazio peers with interest at a bit of curiosity in the decor, his expression as grave as if he were studying some lost artifact. After a few minutes of study, he straightens, and looks around. Seeing Ennettia enter, he lifts a hand to greet her, and smiles.

Oswyn takes down a nobleman's message and is promptly forgotten about. He squints and sees someone waving. The scholar tentatively raises his arm and waves back. He has no idea who that person is, and it turns out they were waving at someone behind him anyway. Oswyn exhales heavily.

Elara turns a bit more pink as she hides behind her fan. There is a bit of relief in her eyes as Tyrval moves away and she bobs her head to Ashe, before shaking it in a negative. Then she stands up straight and her eyes continue to follow the Nox'alfar about the embassy. He is far more interesting that the decor at the moment.

Simone looks over and smiles to Margerie and Margret, waving to them. Her smile only widens when she sees her little brother arrive and she waves to Ansel as well.

Shard grunts in response to Thesarin. "It's a fucking madhouse," she says, with a small note of wonder. "I don't think I've seen this many people together since the damn royal wedding. At least, this many people who weren't all getting ready to kill something. Wars don't count."

Alaric shakes his head. "Now now, speeches don't count unless they are given during the time for speeches," he notes fairly. "You can use the time until then to decide on how you'd like to inflect or deliver your one-word speech, though. I'd say you're our early frontrunner to win."

Felicia loops about the room, finally close enough to fling an arm about Arion's shoulder and elbow him,"Come on, walk with me this way, brother dearest. In the least, as Harrow's, we should go and say hello to the crown prince." she insists to him, apparently intent on dragging him the Nox'alfar's way if he's not willing to come with.

Reese arrives in the embassy while wearing her pink griffin tunic and ivory leggings that seem designed for ease of motion. Tangled up in her golden locks are ribbons, lots of ribbons and in different fabrics and hues of pink. She glances over the embassy with the wide-eyed expression of one who is very curious.

Mia leans towards her husband, murmuring something quietly to him. One black arches expectantly -- apparently it was a question, words she barely has the chance to finish as Shard moves towards them. She inclined her head towards the mercenary. "Shard. It's been some time since I saw you, I think. It's good to find you're still in one piece."

Ashe offers a nod and a warm smile to Jaenelle. "Yes, that's right," she confirms. "Dame Leona introduced us. It's quite nice to see you again. I gather organizing the embassy was largely your work? You've done a wonderful job, if so!" She pauses as several people murmur quietly to her, trying to turn her attention to each.

"I've never really done one of these before, so I'm not sure what people are supposed to do. But I know you're supposed to bring alcohol when someone launches a new ship." He offers the vodka Tyrval-ward. The roses that give the alcohol its flavor have lent it their deep color, too. It's an intense red, almost like blood.

Weaving into the heart of the crowd, Terese's gaze seems to have a difficult time alighting on any one thing in particular as each sight seems stranger then the next. Her form draws up for a moment besides Signe, almost passing the woman before catching sight of her, "Lady Signe, it is good to see you again and so soon. I decided I couldn't pass up the event after all." With Barric in conversation, she smiles in his direction and tips her head before Katarina's voice catches her attention. "Princess Katarina!" she exclaims and slips slightly to one side to catch the woman, "How are you?"

Tyrval asks Belladonna inquisitively with a perplexed expression, "Goo...?" He's hoping the lack of the letter does the trick. He then looks across the room, and pantomimes kissing someone and stabbing them repeatedly with his hand making a thrusting motion, and raising his hands in silent question, like he is suddenly playing charades with an unseen opponent.

Margerie nods to Margret at hersuggestion, preparing to follow in her wake. She pauses next to Father Orazio on the way, though, smiling at the Legate and leaning in to murmur something before passing on and joining the Greenmarch contingent.

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Barric waves over to Reese, "Cousin!" He calls out to her with a smile after spotting her, waving her over.

"And you." The northerner inclined her head a touch as she had also caught the entrance of her kin. Elgana, Margret and Margerie were offered a raise of her hand, a silent greeting as it was improper to shout across the embassay. "A bit more than a flask really. I've managed to secure a whole bottle within this satchel. The weight isn't bad at all." Signe shifts the fur lined satchel in front of her then searches within. A bottle is taken out and casually handed to Princess Katerina. Nothing wrong with that obviously.

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Glancing back to Tyrval, Belladonna smiles once more and shakes her head. "Go."

Shard lifts her chin. "Mia," she replies. "Good to be in one piece? There was a tower-sized sea monster that wanted to change that, and it /kept making more/." Her nose wrinkles. "And that doesn't get into the main battle. But I heard the both of you had it worse."

Reese's attention is drawn by the Alaric doll. "Ohhh..." She says, looking over in that direction. She likes her figurines and toys a bit too much! Reese then turns her focus to Barric, giving him a smile. "Hi, Prince Barric." She greets in return.

Unlike usual, tonight Princess Isabeau arrives at a fancy to-do escorted by someone other than her taciturn bodyguard. It looks like Lord Ansel Telmar drew the short straw, forced to endure an evening of casual chatter and light drinking in the company of the Voice of House Valardin. Such woe!

Alaric smiles affably to Belladonna. "Duchess Belladonna," he replies gracefully before deciding Tyrval is apparently briefed enough on The Rules of The Speech Game and leaving him to his charades with a bow. "Enjoy your well-deserved adulation until then!" he suggests brightly before abandoning Tyrval to the curiousity of Arx in general.

He's done it now. Orazio's wave has Ennettia's smile growing, as she drifts over in his direction-- not before she spots Alistair and kisses her fingertips, blowing the kiss in Alistair's direction before she makes her way to Orazio's side. "Dearest, most charming of Legates." She drawls. "Did I miss anything interesting yet?"

"Lovely idea," Elgana offers to Marget as she follows after them toward the Greenmarch contingent. She does wave to the few familiar faces she sees as they pass. Signe gets a bright smile and a wave from the princess. And then there is Ennettia who gets a call, "Dearest Lady! Join me when you can!" And a waggle of fingers.

Merek taps at his chin a little bit, "I was thinking it would be Go myself, although why... I've no clue," he states, hearing the conversation that is being spoken on, then he shrugs towards Iseulet.

Alistair suddenly grabs a Confessor and places the poor confused man in the path of the kiss being blown from Ennettia.

Eirene snaps loudly at Belladona's suggestion. "I was going to go with 'Yo.' Since it's a greeting. Dammit."

Ansel arrives alongside Isabeau, and its toward his sister that the Telmar's focus turns first. He gives a warm smile and a little wave in Simone's direction, his gaze then turning to look around the rest of the scene. There's a fairly large crowd, and a few familiar faces are spotted. The Sword remains standing attentively at Isabeau's elbow, offering polite nods and bows of greeting when appropriate.

Elara turns towards Jaenella and gives a polite bow, "You've done a marvelous job," She says. Even though the decor hasn't been deeply inspected, in favor of the people, it hasn't been ignored. As Ashe seems to pulled in many directions she bobs her head, "I won't keep you. And this time I'll send a messenger," She says with a smile. Though she does slip her a bit of paper before turning away. Through the crowd she goes, pausing here and there to listen and watch quiet and shy.

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"Reckon we'll see how it goes," Thesarin mutters over toward Shard, shaking his head just slightly. "And aye, it was bad up there. But we came south, if only just..." He lifts his chin toward Reese, and looks back over toward his wife, muttering something in a low tone.

Orazio laughs out loud at Ennettia's blown kiss and Alistair's counter, and when she arrives near him, he holds out both hands to offer her a familial embrace. "Lady Ennettia, always a delight to see you spreading your own unique charms about." He grins. "The festivities have just started it seems, and no one has - yet - been harmed."

"If you wish to spend the next hour or so with a thesaurus to decide which version of 'good' is the most appropriate, Prince Tyrval, I hear there is a perfectly adequate book which has been just washed and hung to dry in the library for the next recipient." Jaenelle informs the Prince with an even smile. There is a more brighter smile for Ashe as she nods, "it has been an experience. I do hope you'll have the chance to look around at all of the rooms. There is one with the same book, written at least a hundred times, on every book shelf. It is the page turner. Lots of unanswred questions in bulk."

Katarina arches her brows at Tyrval's violent pantomime, the corners of her mouth creasing upward briefly before her attention shifts back to Terese. "Good, good. What of yourself?" she wonders in kind, casually pressing a glass of wine into her cousin's hand. "I'd been hoping I'd find at least one of us amongst the crowd to cling onto. I feel as though I can barely keep up with the quick of it all," she quips in soft humor, raising her whisky glass in gratuitous toast to Signe as it passes into her hands. "And there's Isabeau with Lord Ansel," she raises her hand in affable wave to the aforementioned pair, passing the bottle of whisky back to Signe once she's poured herself a generous fill. "Thank you, my lady. You're truly my hero tonight."

Eirene is already eyeing the door, considering her lack of alcohol. Yes, the woman is without a drink or flask. She looks grumpier than normal for it.

Sabella spies Natalia across the room and pauses, looking around at the millions of people, then raises her hand to offer a quick wave.

Rinel stands and moves around the room, trying to discreetly stare at Tyrval. An elf! She's not discreet at all. But she definitely succeeds at staring.

Eventually, Tobias gives a nod to Merek and Simone, before he starts to walk over to Tyrval. He looks about to say something, when the Nox'Alfar goes into mime mode. He stares for a few seconds, waiting to see what the elf is doing. "Well, that certainly looks painful." Tobias quips.

Both of Mia's black brows shoot up at, well... something that the Prodigal woman had said. It's only really a question of what. "Yes, well, I was fortunate in that my guards managed to pry me out of the jaws of the monstrosities that would've devoured me." Quite literally, it seemed. Given her backless dress, the dark pink skin of healed wounds that may or may not fade into scars still show along her shoulder, and one on her throat. "Our forces were not quite so lucky, I'm afraid."

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"Animal, mineral, or vegetable, your highness?" Felicia elects to enquire of Tyrval's charades as she approaches with Arion,"Felicia Harrow, we met briefly when I was asking about King Harren. I wanted to introduce you briefly to the youngest of the current generation of Harrow's, my brother Arion." there's a dip of her head towards her brother,"And thank you for mentioning our talk to your father... I learnt a lot." there's a wry cast to the broad grin she gives.

Simone smiles over at Tobias and gives him a wave as she notices him looking over to where she is seated with the other Greenmarches.

Silvio is here...for a bit, anyway. The Current Prince looks about the room with a curious and somewhat offended air. Whatever he was expecting from the Nox'Alfar, this was not it, not the mocking and seemingly chaotic...everything. He cannot even bring himself to join any of the locations, labeled as they are, because after what they've been through, he has a high opinion of humanity. So, he ends up making a circuitous path around the embassy, hands swaying at his sides and his long and slightly messy hair, bobbing in ruffled curls.

Ennettia has no problem with the familial hug, returning it in kind. "See? Earning your title, Once-Uncle." She says, before spotting Alistair's reaction and sighing, the gold-dusted nails splaying over her heart, "The High Inquisitor. Ever-shy." She murmurs to Orazio, shaking her head with a small tsk before she throws Orazio a wink, then looks towards Elgana's wave-- "Of course, dearest! Do save some charm and endless adoration for me!" She calls out.

"Thesarin mentioned," Shard says, a little grimly. "I'm sorry."

Reese looks over to both Thesarin and Mia, having a smile of greeting for them both that reaches her blue eyes. "Countess Riven and Count Riven." She greets in their direction. She then smiles over to her sister, Sabella as well. She is looking pink cheeked and a little overwhelmed. The pink warrior then peeks to Rinel, looking all amused. "Oh, Mistress Rinel..." She says. "Draw a picture it lasts longer." She teases, but gently so. Her focus is back on the Alaric doll. She has a spoiled princess look as she studies that doll!

Monique is looking over in a general direction, pointing at someone, and blowing a kiss. She looks vastly amused, and at least a little intrigued, before turning back to the table.

Ashe raises a hand to wave cheerily to Elara, before turning her attention back to Jaenelle. "I'll have to do so," she assures the woman, before adding wryly, "though I'm afraid I deal with quite a few questions daily as it is. There's always things that people want to know -- questions they want answered -- and I'm afraid I can't always give them the answers they want." She sounds genuinely regretful about that.

Eirene calls out to the Nox'Alfar, "Sorry, the only hand gesture I really know is offensive in many cultures. No, wait. I take that back. I know three offensive hand gestures, at least in Arvani. Perhaps I can learn yours someday," she asks with a grin.

Natalia's expression touches with surprise at the quick wave from Sabella, but she cannot help the brilliant smile that follows a moment later. She too sends a quick glance around, then lifts her hand to wave back. There's even a wiggle of her fingers. It's a brief thing, and she doesn't keep staring. When she sees Reese the smile is repeated, and after only a moment of consideration she moves to start in the pink-ribboned woman's direction.

Tyrval bows low to Felicia, with a surprising degree of deference, "Your majesty! Well, possibly. It's hard to recall the lines of succession for your House. I'm glad to hear my father reached out. Did he mention the you know what with the you know where controlled by you know whom?"

"The High Inquisitor has to maintain his air of romantic mystique and intriguing aloofness, or else all the girls will stop sighing after him," Orazio deadpans, his voice raised /just/ enough that he's pretty sure Alistair can hear him. "That would be a terrible thing, for such a handsome man to become too well known."

"General Grayson, Mia replies, dipping into a brief curtsy as Reese offers her greetings. "I didn't have the chance to thank you after the awards ceremony, for all that you've done for those at the battles. It was a fine thing -- the books especially, so all their efforts will be remembered in years to come."

Alistair is to busy checking to see if his Confessor is succumbing to poison via airborn kisses. He seems disappointed and eyes Ennettia as if saying 'You can do better'.

Merek looks thoughtful a moment, and waves his hand to Tyrval and inclines respectfully, "It is good to see that you've been doing well, Your Highness. I hope that handpuppet gift is still something you like," he offers, in between conversations, before milling back on the couch stuff.

Eirene decides, on that, she should go before she's asked to make demonstration. The Malvici offers a more formal salute, hand over the heart, in the King's direction and then she slips away through the massive crowd.

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Reese notices Natalia's attention, bringing the rosy General to look upon her lovely cousin. "Whisper Natalia." She greets, seemingly with warmth lacing through her soft tone. "I'm glad to see you here." She adds a moment later. She meets her approach half way, moving with her sleek cat-like grace. Natalia's presence has distracted the addicted collector from the doll.

Merek says in Nox'alfar, "It is good to see that you've been doing well, Your Highness. I hope that handpuppet gift is still something you like."

Rinel blushes at Reese's words.

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Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

Shard's nose wrinkles briefly again at something, but it's not entirely clear just what. The expression doesn't last long. Her eyes go briefly to Reese as Mia addresses her.

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"Lady Ennettia, my darling, you need to be faster with the blown kisses, else the High Inquisitor will continue to dodge," Grazia practically purrs at the Igniseri woman, offering a playful wink to the Legate she is standing by.

Ven says in Nox'alfar, "Handpuppet?"

Terese accepts the glass of wine Katarina presses into her hand with good humor and gives it a swirl before chuckle, "I've been doing quite well, just returned to Arx once more with the fresh dust of the road washed out and newly minted from a trip out to some of our lands." Her attention turns and she lifts her glass in Orazio's direction as she spies him through the crowd before turning back. She reaches up with her free hand to give her cousin's arm a squeeze, "Well you are in good company here." She might not be drinking it but it seems a fine way to greet people as she calls out, "Princess Reese, lovely in pink as always."

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Elara turns towards Felicia and makes her way to her friends side. Despite Tyrval standing there she comes up beside her, shooting her a glance and a faint smile. Then her attention turns to the print and she gives a deep curtsy to him. "Your Highness," She says in a hushed and melodic voice. "Felicia, would you like something to drink? I think Ian brought some Kennex Vodka. Ah...y-you're welcome to some as well, your highness." She is bright red at the moment.

"We won," Thesarin rumbles out with a nod toward Shard. "Whatever else happened. We stoped 'em, but it cost." He looks over toward Reese, clasps a fist to his chest, and gives her a sharp nod. "Princess. Got your gift, and well; my thanks." The scene with Tyrval and Felicia gets a short look, and a slightly raised eyebrow; the Prodigal is standing in a crowd of people, looking rather increasingly out of his depth.

Mae's hardly paying attention. But then, suddenly, her attention snaps away from the people she's sitting with. She locks on Felicia and Tyrval, watching closely now.

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Reese catches Shard's attention, her gaze lingers upon the warrior prodigal for just a few seconds. The smile Reese has for Shard, is quick, somber and yet not insincere.

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Tyrval looks offended by something Ashe says to him, "Lost my touch?! Hmph." He then swipes a bottle and nods thankfully at Ian, taking a swig, "Hmph. HMPH!" He then says to Ven, "Yes, they are adorable and not entirely anatomically accurate which is for the best. Thank you for the doll commentary, drinks and well wishes. I don't think we should let your king escape without a speech. A few years of mind shattering torment doesn't win you that much sympathy."

Orazio grins as Grazia chimes in. "Think of it sort of as weapons practice," he agrees to Ennettia. "Good for you, and good for him. Keep him in shape, make sure that he's not losing his edge with the softness of life as a married royal," he adds, oh so solemn. There might be a look in Alistair's direction. Maybe.

Felicia wasn't quite expecting the bow, given the degree's of bright crimson that she turns and the deer in the carriage lights look that comes over her. Poor Arion is about to get squeezed, hard, by his knightly sister as she clears her throat, offering her own bow in return to him with a brief effort at a laugh,"Just a dame." she advises,"And he did, there's... plans and efforts being worked out. But if not for you I'd probably still be floundering in the dark. Thank you."

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Grazia before departing.

Narses, 6 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Leona.

As they move from...well, not exactly table to table, Sabella is saying to Niklas, "Prince Tyrval is my great, great, great, great, great..." She starts counting on her fingers.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Niccolo.

Ian hands the vodka over and is so ready to be out of the press of people that he doesn't even notice Elara. He withdraws and heads straight back to... okay, not straight. There are a lot of people here. He winds his way back to the "couch" made of bricks.

Oswyn busily writes down something for a flustered noblewoman. "My lady, do you perhaps mean 'ebullient'?" The woman shakes her head and insists something, and Oswyn murmurs, "Very well, I shall record that you feel 'embittered'." He squints some. She nods, and Oswyn keeps writing.

"I suspect that I am more glad to see you here," Natalia counters playfully, pausing briefly at the halfway point before finally deciding on a shallow little curtsey. "It's impressive, isn't it?" She gives a slight gesture with one hand to indicate the room in general. She does look to Shard when Reese does, though her attention returns to her cousin soon enough.

"I know you're eager to claim a decisive victory in The Speech Game, but let's give the speeches a few more minutes yet, Prince Tyrval," Alaric calls out over the din.

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"How terribly cruel," Ennettia says with a soft tsk. "I shall simply have to be satisfied in the knowledge he secretly is quite fond of me." Complete lies, and mirth bubbles beneath the words, badly surpressed, even as she turns her attention towards Alistair's disappointment and bats her lashes, faking unconvincingly an expression of hurt puzzlement as she pouts. "I shall simply have to work harder to impress him." TUrning to glance slyly at Grazia, she gives a little grin, "Besides, if I'm too quick he might blush, and then where will all that charming aloofness go?"

Upon spying King Alaric just chillin' with him homies all out in the open, Princess Isabeau turns her escort toward the man and makes her way over with a warm, sunny smile worn for the king. "Your majesty," she says, dipping down into a courtly curtsy. " fare your artistic endeavors of late?"

Merek looks aside to Ven and explains, "He wanted a puppet to represent a noblewoman, I had one made up for him, he seemed to like it! I liked it, I like collecting such things my own self," he adds to the other that speaks Nox'alfar. He smiles gently from beneath his hood.

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"Oh?" Katarina arches her brows marginally toward Terese, curious. "It sounds as though there's quite the story to tell," she muses, a hint of laughter arising. "Soon, I hope? Certainly not here, of course." Her gaze trails toward Reese with Terese's shift of attention, a hint of fondness found within her subtle grin at the Pinky General. "Your Highness," she calls, shifting within the crowd to begin making her rounds with host and hostess.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Grazia before departing.

Binky, an asshole crow, Gregory, an unassuming disciple arrive, following Aureth.

Margerie is giving that two hundred legged table, murmuring something about whether it's meant to be sat at or sat on. Bits of conversation from around the room occasionally pull her attention. Like Tyrval calling Felicia your majesty. Just those itty bitty moments at a gala.

Elara opens her mouth and begins to raise a hand at Tyrval takes said vodka and begins chugging. Then mouth closes and her hand drops and she just stands close to Felicia. Taller, even, than her by an inch. She leans in to whisper to her.

Ven nods thoughtfully to Tyrval at his explanation and motions for Sabella and Niklas to sit down if they like. "I wonder if maybe we should be saying 'Dowager King' instead of 'Prince'."

Shard looks at Natalia in turn, and for a moment she blatantly studies the other woman, before her attention drifts, this time toward Tyrval and the small group gathering around him. Her words are still for Mia and Thesarin though. "Yes," she says, although she sounds more neutral than anything. "We won."

Ansel dutifully follows with Isabeau, lending a proper bow of head and shoulders once he and the Valardin near Alaric. "Your Majesty," greets the Telmar, politely. There's a curious look at Isabeau's question, and the Sword looks to the King with expectant interest at this.

Tyrval purses his lips and takes Ian's bottle, then absently smashes it against the side of one of the couches, takes the glass shards and cuts his hand and squeezes blood onto the floor. "Mmm, one moment, we need more furniture." He closes his eyes.

Orazio checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 higher.

Katarina checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 3 higher.

Derovai checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 2 lower.

Elara checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 10, rolling 6 higher.

"Blood magic, at this time of day?" Merek asks, looking towards Tyrval and his actions, watching curiously.

Iseulet just smiles from her couch of blood, running a hand along the velvet of the empty seat next to her.

Reese hmms softly, looking over to Terese. "Oh, Princess Terese, a pleasure." She says in her direction. She hears Tyrval speaking of the doll and then asks a question she probably has been all hyper to ask since she first walked in. "Do we know who made the doll?" Reese then keeps close to Natalia. "It is such a gathering." She says in her cousin's direction. "Exciting though." She adds. Reese seems ab it charmed by her cousin. She waves to Katarina nex. "Princes Katarina.." She says, before looking to Tyrval and her blue eyes widen as the blood is spilled.

Ennettia checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Barric looks over towards Terese and he offers a smile to her, "Princess Terese, I am glad you could make it." Then he is about to head off when Tyrval does, what Tyrval does... "Well, Princess Katarina, I believe it just got interesting." He says to himself.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Aleksei positively /cackles/.

Signe checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

Barric checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Sparte checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Renault, a floofy persian cat arrives, following Selene.

Aureth arrives without fanfare, or at least, as much without fanfare as someone can who is wearing a cloak with enormous batwings on it. He glances about the thronging crowd thoughtfully. There are a lot of people in here, and also their retainers.

"I think you both need to relax in your misguided pursuit of a victory that wont happen" Jaenelle informs Alaric and Tyrval, a shake of her head given in sadness for their eventual defeat. She has managed to get a bottle of whiskey, and has a servant pour a glass. "There is a room for that" she points out then. "Not in the lobby."

There's just the slightest twitch from Orazio as the smash of breaking glass rises briefly over the conversational din. He glances in that direction, and although the Legate's lips thin, his expression remains composed and diplomatic. He lowers his voice to say something dry to Ennettia and Grazia.

Tyrval drops A bloodmagic created comfortable couch.

Tyrval drops A bloodmagic created opulent couch.

Tyrval drops A bloodmagic created comfortable sofa.

Tyrval drops A bloodmagic created opulent sofa.

Felix checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 10, rolling 19 higher.

Katarina greets Alaric and Jaenelle with an affable smile. "Your Majesty, Your Highness. The hard work and dedication placed into bringing this place together is truly phenomenal," she praises with ease, twisting aside to continue walking, as not to hog their attention. A casual glance is coast toward Tyrval spilling his blood, nearly enough to draw pause. "Well, I do believe things certainly did," she voices in agreement with Barric, her smile strained.

Ian straightens quickly at the sound of broken glass; his hand closes around his cane, all in one efficient motion. But then he realizes that it's just Tyrval doing his thing, and relaxes again. As much as he's going to relax in here.

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

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Zoey is suddenly watching Tyrval with fascinated interest. Ensorcelled, even. "Well, would you look at that..." she whispers.

Tyrval flicks blood on the ground, closes his eyes, and the strands of blood dart and grow, until within seconds there's a few more pieces of furniture. He shrugs, "There."

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Ennettia turns rather idly at the sudden sound of glass and the sudden appearance of couches. THAT brings a sparkle to her eyes, as her hands clap together, "Oh, how utterly marvelous! What a perfect ability!" She praises, looking towards Tyrval now with a new, sudden admiration. Couches-- whenever you want them! Why, she might be half in love.

"...great, great, great, great grandfath--oh!" Sabella exclaims when there's a sound of shattering glass. She looks over and, well, Tyrval seems fine, what with growing couches everywhere. That's...that's totally normal and--"This place is amazing!" She whispers excitedly to the people at her table.

"I prefer victories that don't require bloodshed," Mia murmured in reply to Thesarin's words, "but by the time it comes to war, that's no longer really....." she trailed off at the sound of glass smashing, turning to catch the tail end of Tyrval's spectacle. The Countess' lips press into a thin line as she watches him, eyes sharp but her mouth unmoving.

Aleksei promptly strides right over and plops down on one of the new couches. "Nice!" he says brightly to Tyrval.

Margerie checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Oswyn starts at the sound of shattering glass, turning his head to peer in that direction. And squint. "Did he just...?" he asks of no one in particular. Gulp.

Felix was about to greet the pair approaching when the sound of the shattering bottle catches his attention. Looking up from where he was standing, and focusing on the source. Watching with curiosity as the happenings, musing thoughtfully to himself. "That's a pretty neat trick. Might've helped me not blow everyone up."

Niklas checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Silvio notices, notices, looking over everyone's fine attire this evening, who is getting letters, who is speaking in strange languages, and oh look, the King! The Prince continues to make his slow rounds as he absorbs the ambiance. And then there's Tyrval...summoning sofas by cutting himself. Well, that causes his dark eyes to focus, raptly.

Elara is staring and reaches to grip Felicia's arm as she takes a step into the woman. But she watches the prince and his creation of furniture from...nothing. Her mouth opens and closes and she says to Tyrval, "That was most impressive to witness," And she manages to keeps her voice level.

"Well now, that -is- handy. Thank you, Prince Tyrval, you make an excellent interior decorator." Belladonna murmurs towards the Nox'alfar Prince before moving to join Aleksei on one of the new couches.

Alaric regards Isabeau agreeably. "Ah, Princess Isabeau, welcome to the embassy tonight! Lovely to see you. They're doing quite well, I've almost finished a portrait of Master Derovai in fact. Next I'm to work on something for Princess Cara, she's requested a landscape of some sort. I think I might paint the palace terraces, actually. I think it would be a good challenge. And yourself, any artistic endavors to share?" He smiles at Ansel next. "Lord Ansel, wonderful to see you. Welcome to the Embassy," he smiles. He certainly notices the wave of looks directed behind him, and thinks a moment to recall the smashing of glass. "There's blood magic happening back there, isn't there," he deadpans to Ansel.

Oh, okay. There are mysterious couches being created. Aureth follows Aleksei over to one of them and gives Tyrval a remarkable cheerful wave as he moves to claim a place on furniture woven from the elf prince's own blood.

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"Oh. Goodness..." Mae says, as she stares at the newly created couch. There's a faint frown on her lips, and she cautiously glances to the ceiling, as if expecting it to... come down on them?

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Jaenelle has lived in this embassy, nothing surprises her. Not even magic couched anymore. There is just the slightest pinch given to the bridge of her nose before her whiskey is remembered and a sip taken. SHe is distracted, "Princess Katarina! Hello! Welcome to the embassy, please enjoy your stay." A pat is then given to Alaric's arm in a show of solidarity, "shh, shh."

Derovai has been watching at whatever quiet spot he'd found -- but it seems that sudden smash of a bottle makes his shoulders draw up, a little nonverbal exclamation following as couches seem to spring into place. He stares at them for a long, long moment, shaking his head bemusedly. And when Alaric mentions his name, he looks up, grinning a bit sharply, offering a short bow towards the king. He hasn't moved, though.

Desiree watches with surprise and fascination as Tyrval uses his blood to make the furniture. "That's something I've not seen before."

Tyrval has joined the A bloodmagic created opulent sofa.

When Tyrval performs his act of blood magic Niklas jumps to his feet and cries out, "THAT WAS GOOD VODKA!" He falls back into his seat, hands on his face, mournful.

Reese's eyes are wide and her cheeks are pale as she looks over to Tyrval, the blood and the new blood couches. She seems fearful Not everyone is comfortable with blood magic and Reese is apparently among the worried. She sucks in a sharp breath and then another. When Mae looks at the ceiling Reese does as well. Is she copying her?

Ashe applauds for Tyrval politely. "Yes, everyone's been reminded you're the second-best blood mage."

Bliss doesn't even seem to notice the blood magic, her head turned away right at that moment, but the gasps make her look - and the reactions make her laugh.

Ian looks back at Zoey. "I feel like maybe someone should pretend to be scandalized," he remarks. And then Niklas shouts, so that's good.

Tyrval gives Ashe a -look-.

As Tyvral cuts his hand and starts working that fresh blood into magic, creating furniture from his own life essence... the Inquisition. Does nothing. Alistair barely even stares. Blood magic? Whatever. Alistair clasps his hands behind his back and watches the crowd closely. Perhaps taking note of those who take to much interest in the blood magic that was just used.

Well, one doesn't see that every day. Natalia turns when the glass breaks, and her eyebrows lift. She stares, making no attempt to hide it. Yes, there is staring. For a good while. Still, she shakes her head after a moment and gives Reese a played-up wide-eyed look. "I--don't know who made the doll," she admits. "We should sit down. And find drinks. Perhaps not in that order." Pause. "Drinks?" It's a shade higher pitched than usual.

Felicia glances towards Elara with a bright smile, but then there's Tyrval smashing the vodka bottle and she can't help but watch with naked fascination, remarking to Elara,"So much alcohol." she opines with a laugh, still more than a little crimson between her arm flung about her brother and the one Elara's hanging on to. An impressed bob of her head is given,"Very.. efficient." she coughs,"I should get out of the way and let other people introduce themselves. If you'd be interested in talking further some time about the other matters, just... let me know." she offers lamely before turning her attention towards Elara.

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Sparte handles Tyrval's blood magic rather well. The people reacting spook him more than the blood magic does. He goes to take a seat. It'd be rude to stand now.

Zoey glances at Ian and arches an eyebrow. "Should I faint?" she asks dryly.

"There's always a story to tell," Terese remarks to Katarina, "Though I've been told I need to work on my 'story telling skills." She tries to make the last in air quote though it isn't quite as effective with a glass in hand. At Reese's greeting before asking upon the maker of the doll, the dragon knight can't help but grin. "Indeed, I am glad as well Prince Barric," and then there is Tyrval. Her head tips towards Katarina, the red and golden rubicund pins in her hair glinting in the light as she muses, "You'll have you own story to tell soon enough it seems."

Signe draws in a deep breath and slowly exhales. A smile formed on her lips. "Let us make sure I do not give Lord Tyrval my bottle of whiskey. I do not want him turning it into a bed or dinner tables or something like it, Prince Barric."

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Tyrval smiles at Felicia, "I would, you know. Not many of Harren's lot around these days, really. Not the direct line, anyways."

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Leona walks into the Embassy just as Tyrval smashes the bottle and makes more furniture. The couches appear and she looks at Tyrval. "Always so dramatic," she says to him and then she bows slightly. "It's good to see you again, Your Highness." There is a certain fond warmth in her voice as he greets the Nox'alfar Prince. And then she looks around, taking in the furnishings and her attention falls on Ashe and then she stops dead. "You. Bitch." But that smile widens into a grin as she greets the other woman.

Shard looks from Tyrval to Ashe. One eye squints a little. Just for a moment.

Alaric grins at Katarina. Apparently a little magical chaos can't break his hosting stride. "Thank you, Princess Katarina. Of course, most of the credit needs to go to Princess Jaenelle and the Ministry of Infrastructure. I just authorize who the sacks of coins get paid to."

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Ansel shifts just slightly so as to see past Alaric, then refocuses on the man before him. "There is," returns the Telmar, equally laconically, an eyebrow arched at the ensuing spectacle surrounding the creation of furniture in the Embassy. He lifts a shoulder, then returns his attention to the Valardin at his side.

"Oh, more blood couches?" calls a voice from near the door, as suddenly a bunch of couches happen. Said voice does not sound particularly surprised nor especially alarmed. "You know, it really makes all the work and effort that goes into our feeble mortal works seem a little trivial." Eventually, it should be obvious enoug hthat the voice is Selene's. Draped in scandalously in black (and very much like some kind of Nox fangirl, as the style goes), the Radiant Whisper makes a quick advance through the various people greeting various people, although she doesn't entirely just blitz past the King. "Evening Majesty. Pardon for being excessively fashionably late, and also pardon for immediately running off." Which she does, ambling over toward one of the touches.

Ian raises his eyebrows to Zoey. His delivery is deadpan, but there's a glint of razor sharp humor in his eyes. "He's going to a lot of trouble."

Elara is quite keen on staring at Tyrval's hand. " need anything for your hand?" Curiousity finally wins out for her. But she doesn't move from Felicia side. Saying in an aside, "At least it won't get infected..."

"Who's the first?" it is asked by Merek, as he looks aside with curiosity towards Ashe. He then looks to Tyrval, "Well done, I guess one of the benefits of you being you allows magic to not be such an impossibility as it currently is with us," he sighs. He then looks up at the ceiliing and takes a drink.

Having barely just made an entrance -- or at least enough of one to clear the door for the next half-dozen guests and their retinues -- Sidney has an unfortunately good view of the sudden creation of new furniture from Tyrval's... blood. Unflappable as he usually is, the man still has a terrible poker face: he stares, his brow furrowing and then slowly lifting, and turns slowly to assess the reactions of every single other non-Tyrval person he can see.

Reese looks over to Natalia, nodding in response to her words. "Sitting and drinks is good." She says, trying to follow her cousin's lead and trying to look less frightened of blood magic.

Monique, for some reason, glares in Tyrval's direction at the display, and then contrives to look entirely unimpressed. But the 'harumph' lingers under her casual ennui.

There's a long shudder at the creation of the bloodmagic couches and other seats. There's clear distaste on her features as she nosewrinkles. With that, Dominique just wraps her arms around herself, hugging herself pretty much as she leaves.

Tyrval squints as he looks at Leona, "-You- should talk! 'I'M GOING ON THE WHEEL, TO SHARE THE RISKS OF HUMANS.'" He puffs up and mimics an entirely too dignified voice, and then crosses his arms and glares at Leona. "You're not forgiven for that! Don't think you are!" He then waves at the Radiant and smiles at her appearance, and gestures broadly to the couch nearby, "They aren't as good as..." He then squints at someone across the room, "I mean they are perfect. -Great-."

"Prince Tyrval, I actually think there is a painting in one of the rooms that states you are a much better blood mage than anyone else ever. A Commander Inquisitor Duchess Caoimhe Nox'Alfar? She is good, but not as good as you. It must be true if someone wrote it down." Paintings are like the internet. Jaenelle then looks back towards Katarina with a warm smile regarding the praise from Alaric.

Alaric grins at Selene. She's got places to go, after all. "Not at all, Radiant, enjoy your evening," he declars cheerfully.

Zoey sighs heavily. Then, she places the back of her hand to her head, lets out a shocked gasp, and 'swoons' against Ian.

Oswyn edges closer to one of the new couches, his face pale. Paler than usual. Now he is within arm's reach, and he restrains himself from poking it. Or running to grab a stick to poke it. That couch, though. He is eyeballin' it.

Niccolo wades into the crowds of people in the embassy, apparently just in time for magical furniture. The Velenosa does not appear to make note of the blood magic for now, instead he carefully finds his way toward the nearest table with a bartender, although he is careful to pass by Jaenelle and Alaric to offer a polite greeting, gesturing with one hand in a vague manner to the surroundings. "Very interesting -- I would expect no less. Congratulations."

Rinel manages a look of extreme disapproval rather than one of horror at the magic-working. "I suppose the laws of the Faith don't apply here," she mutters to herself.

Thesarin watches the couches spring out of dirt and spilled blood, looking... fairly nonplussed at the spectacle, still standing with Mia's arm in his. He's quiet a moment, and murmurs loud enough to hear. "...reckon I'll stand."

Ashe glances over at Leona, and offers a cheerful little wave. She doesn't seem particularly bothered by the nature of the woman's greeting. Merek's question, however, earns a glance in his direction, and a rather simple reply of, "King Calithex." And then Leona's being yelled at, and Ashe just quirks an eyebrow up at the woman, before she makes her way over towards the blood-couches.

Ven looks over toward Felicia curiously from where he's sitting nearby. "If it wouldn't be rude, may I ask to hear the story of King Harren? That isn't a name I think I've heard before, and I enjoy history."

It's one thing to acknowledge that 'blood magic' exists. It's another thing entirely to witness it used in such a crowded public setting. The little hairs on the back of Isabeau's neck stand on end she goes a little wide-eyed for a moment before her chin tilts just so and she focuses all of her cobalt blue-eyed attention on Alaric. "Well," she states the single syllable before taking pause to rediscover her words. "...I recall we'd spoken about a particular portrait of a particular pair of--" No, not people." "--individuals? I believe this room would be the perfect place for its display, if you ever get around to it..."

"There's always time to hone your storytelling prowess. I certainly wouldn't mind being a guinea pig for you," Katarina laughs brightly, sipping modestly of her glass of wine. "Is that so? I've a few of them I could muster, but you speak as though you're after one in particular?" She ventures inquisitively toward her cousin, her lips upturning briefly toward Alaric and Jaenelle. "Perhaps another time, Princess Jaenelle, you might tell me about your time here? It's been so many months of your time and effort poured into this project. I'd love to hear any candid stories you have of our dear Prince Tyrval."

Merek looks over to Rinel, "Blood magic is technically legal as is all non-Abyssal magic."

In the midst of it all, Terese offers a short bow to Alaric as the king moves, "Your Majesty, it seems there is always a new sight to see no matter where I go and this truly outdoes them all so far." She straightens then so as not to impede.

Ian might not have actually been expecting Zoey to 'faint', because his scramble to catch her before she impacts the "couch" doesn't look like acting. He manages, though, laughing under his breath by the end of it. It's not much of a laugh, but it's something.

Merek says, "Since the change of the Law of Limerance."

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2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

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Alistair watches the interaction between the elf Prince and the Commander of the King's Own, raising a slight eyebrow at the comforable language and words exchanged between the two. He whispers briefly to his Confessors.

Barric does not react at all, instead he keeps his attention on his conversations that are going on. He smiles at something he catches sight of before he responds to Terese, "Story telling skills are quite important, without the stories from the past would we know all that we do today? They are good skills to work on." Then he is looking towards Signe, "One can never tell, but whiskey should always be drank rather than used for anything else, except possibly fire starter, if it's strong enough." He smiles wryly and then looks back towards Terese, but Dominique's response garners a frown from Barric for a brief moment before he excuses himself from Signe and the others, making his way over towards Alistair, "High Inquisitor." He bows his head politely, "I was wondering if I might speak to you for a moment?"

Niklas takes a moment to compose himself and sits up, muttering to Sabella, "I mean, yes, this is all very gross but I think he at the very least owes Ian a bottle of elf wine or whatever."

Leona considers. "I imagine

Rinel looks flatly at Merek. Her opinion of the change to the Law of Limerance is readily apparent.

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Shard takes a step closer to the Riven pair, and leans in just a little to murmur something.

Aureth very deliberately bounces in place on the comfortable cushions of the extremely comfortable blood magic couch, like a grown-ass man bouncing on a couch. He snorts a little at something said in a low voice.

Orazio looks over to Merek, something having caught his ears in the conversation. "The Church does not find the human use of blood magic to be at all advisable, nor does it remotely encourage such practices, here or anywhere else."

Alistair sadly has no time to focus on the odd exchange though, before his uncomfortable gaze shifts to Barric, the High Inquisitor giving a slight bow of his head in turn in greeting. "Of course. Though if any assassinations take place, I will have to excuse myself." he rumbles out.

Natalia reaches out to comfortably take Reese's arm with one of hers (provided the Princess allows her to do so), promptly starting to meander towards some chairs -- not dragging Reese towards any of the new furniture. As they go she's keeping an eye out for alcohol, collecting a glass first for Reese, then for herself. "It will be easier after a couple of these, I hope," she comments. "I have missed Arx so very much." When she spots Niccolo she winces and promptly moves her gaze on -- only to see Sidney. A sunnier smile makes another appearance, her newly acquired glass lifted his way as she releases Reese to one of the chosen chairs.

"Just the seven of us since grandfather died." Felicia offers to Tyrval,"Which some might consider a good thing. I've heard that the other portions are... gone now. Too." there's a shrug before she squeezes Elara's hand,"Maybe some more vodka? Or whatever's being served?" it's a good time to escape, perhaps, with Tyrval distracted with Leona. It's only the name 'Harren' that draws her attention towards Ven,"Uh... sure. Some time? It was a very long time ago." she offers, cheeks flushing again as she endeavors to find alcohol and somewhere less 'public' to stand, in that order.

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Merek looks over towards Orazio after a moment, "I never said it was a good idea, and it definitely isn't, it's just not technically Abyssal, so an elf doing it isn't too... Insane I suppose the word is. Not endorsing it in the slightest."

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Ariadne, Penelope arrive, following Dafne.

Rinel flicks her eyes to the Legate and inclines her head gratefully to the man.

Selene makes a show of glancing over to see where Tyrval is looking. "Mmm, no, they're not quite so perfect. Second-best blood couches, you might call them." And further, she does raise her voice to point out: "It's worth noting to anyone concerned that this is, after all, the Nox'alfar embassy. Our treaty grants them various privileges and exclusions from our law here. And probably no one is going to be eaten by a demon. Relax, enjoy yourselves. Try a blood couch. They're very comfy." She says this before she sits, but she does then sit, without particular invitation, beside Tyrval.

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Tyrval looks offended by Merek, "Not 'technically' abyssal? What are they teaching your youngsters these days! There's nothing Abyssal about it, ugh. UGH! There's only one person in -here- that practiced Abyssal magic, and it certainly wasn't me." He makes the statement as if it is a passive aggressive slight against someone, Who Knows Who They Are.

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The lack of outright rioting and panic seem to reassure Sidney enough to start taking more particular notice of familiar faces. He spots Bliss, his lisp quirking faintly up, and then Selene, and of course the entourage around King Alaric. When Natalia catches his eye he's spurred onward, giving the new furniture a respectfully wide berth and making his way to join Natalia at the two-legged disaster waiting to happen.

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Ven nods to Felicia. "Another time then."

5 Silvershields arrives, following Rook.

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Alaric also gives Ansel a politely thankful little thought-so nod. "It's that sort of place," he comments before smiling at Niccolo's approach. "Prince Niccolo, thank you for attending tonight," he says appreciatively. "It's a fine idea, save that I've been warned the Nox'alfar are probably going to redecorate this room on a regular basis," he notes to Isabeau. "I'm not sure where it would end up after that." He smiles to Terese. "It is rather a departure from the norm, isn't it?" he notes, apparently if not approvingly at least benignly.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

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"....Worried the new couches will stain your pants, my lord?," Mia asked her husband wryly, even going so far as to tilt her head up to give him a long, unblinking glance that carried more than a hint of challenge in it. And then, as Shard leaned in towards her, all of a sudden her face colored crimson. It was not a blush; it couldn't have been, as she didn't look scandalized or flustered, so much as -- all at once, and all of a sudden -- like a snake hissing in the grass.

"I would be pleased to share all of the stories about the building of the Embassy" Jaenelle tells Katarina, "though perhaps in a few months after I have had time to understand what I am telling." So many things. A curtsey is given towards Niccolo, "welcome Archduke, I do hope you enjoy your stay in the embassy. Please, feel free to explore." Then she is completely ignored by Leona. "Excuse me?" she calls out, hands lifting as if waving in distress. "Hello, Leona. How are you? Nice to see you. How have you been?"

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Iseulet places her elbow on the armrest and her chin in her hand, her other hand remaining in her lap, fingertips drumming boredly as literally everyone loses their shit at once.

Ven says in Nox'alfar, "Prince Tyrval, I suspect they'll all want to know who you meant, now."

Zoey pries open an eye, peeks around. Then, with a bright smile, she twists in Ian's arms and kisses his cheek. She hasn't even spilled her brandy. Sitting up, however, she arches an eyebrow at the words of Tyrval. She murmurs something under her breath.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Dafne, black-clad (and with a very small cat in her arms), slips into the embassy and looks about her, blue eyes wide with ill-disguised curiosity as she takes in the sights. The cat just cleans a paw.

"It's not Abyssal at all, the Mother of Beginnings has no problem of it, and yet it would still be tremendously stupid for untrained humans to start messing about with it like 'look at me I'm a powerful blood mage'," Aureth pitches his voice to carry from the sofa, performatively dry.

Inquisitor Jonathen, 6 Veteran Confessors, a fire salamander arrive, following Laric.

Then, there's a blood magic couch, and Tobias sighs. "Another time for that, then..." Tobias mutters, before he heads over to Ashe, the bald mercenary general giving her a smile. "Greetings. I don't believe I've met you before. I'm Tobias Telmar." Tobias gives by way on introduction, amicably. Then, Tyrval accuses someone of using abyssal magic, and he looks in that direction, raising a brow slightly.

6 Veteran Confessors have been dismissed.

Elara has decided she is already standing there, she might as well test the couch out. Curiousity is what it is and so she leaves Felicia's side to sit upon one. Not even paying attention to who is there now. A hand runs over it and she frowns faintly. Then they are getting drink and she moves to find her and Felicia something. Then she hears what Tyrval says and stops. Slowly she turns towards Tyrval and without even thinking asks, "Who?"

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Orazio just rubs at his face, and sighs. It's a heavy, deep, and weary sigh.

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Signe parts with Barric to continue mingling and possibly entertained by the various noble classes clashing. All in good fun, maybe. The shaman moves to stand by Thesarin and stretches out an arm that carries a bottle of whiskey as an offering. "Well met Count Thesarin, should start the night with this.

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Caith.

Merek looks then to Tyrval at his words when he hears that, switching completely from the topic, "... What?" He blinks a few times, then just rubs his face a small bit. He then shakes his head and switches topics, "In any case, elves can do magic, humans shouldn't, I think it's the lesson here." On 'people doing Abyssal Magic he completely keeps away from that subject.

"Of course, that would be an adequate excuse." Barric says with a soft chuckle to Alistair, "I know it is a bit unseemly, but I was curious if you had received a messenger or notification of any sort from Inquisitor Gareth Grayson concerning a matter of very minor importance?" He smiles politely, "Of course I am probably foolish for even asking, such a request probably never even makes your desk. Though one can hope that things are calm enough these days that it may indeed have ended up there."

Dafne appears beside Aureth (appears in the sense she's short and easily disappears and re-appears from the crowd, not in the magical appears way) and adds, "Well, trememdously stupid unless you're suicidal, then. Er. What are we talking about?"

Oswyn gingerly touches the back of one of the freshly squeezed - er, created - couches. Pat. Pat. Like it's a tempermantal cat or something.

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Katarina's mouth opens partially as though she were going to speak toward Jaenelle, only to fall woefully quiet and spare a bewildered glance toward Tyrval at what she overhears. "This is shaping up to be..." Her voice trails in helpless exasperation, growing a touch rigid and straying from the vincinity of the blood magic-summoned couches.

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Desiree returns alone after following her sister out. She returns to watching those here.

Rook arrives into the embassy in simple linens, richly made, but without the silks one might expect from wealthier garbed individuals. The courtier looks around, eyes bright, eyes sharp. Then, with a quiet murmur, he heads in the direction of the nearest attendant with champagne. Acquiring a flute, Rook takes a sip, surveying the seats present. They all look-- strange.

Rinel looks rather paler at Tyrval's words and moves towards Orazio. She tries to smile politely at the Legate, but it comes out as more of a strained rictus.

Leona looks at Tyrval. "Well," she comments, "if you're not going to forgive me then I suppose I could sit elsewhere," she says with a sniff. "And you can just be sulky on your own. I was hoping we'd have a chance to catch up some, you know - before I leave to go do the Mother's bidding. But see if you don't want to then fine." She turns to her twin then and smiles. "Jaenelle," she calls over the people, "do you need a rescue? You look absolutely busy but this party's a triumph."

Reese allows Natalia tao guide her to a non-blood magic table. She seems glad to be away from such. She looks over toward her nodding. "I am glad you are back. You belong here." She says in her direction. Then she hears Tyrval's words regarding abyss magic. "Really?" She says, looking over the room as if trying to figure out who that might be. Reese is not her social game today, that is for sure.

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Ashe turns her attention from Tyrval -- and his accusations of abyssal magic -- back to Tobias. "Ashe," she replies. She gives no title, surname, or affiliation whatsoever; apparently her name is just that single syllable. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Tobias. I trust you're finding this gathering, ah, /diverting/, at the least?"

Katarina checked composure at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Alistair peers at the elf prince as suddenly he is claiming that someone... practices Abyssal magic within this room. And naturally... the High Inquisitor gives a very... very... slow and piercing sweep of the present room. Oh he will find you, eventually. "Many messengers and bits of information cross my desk. I have received a few notices from Inquisitor Gareth... but can you perhaps jog my memory with more specifics..." Alistair remarks with a raised brow to Barric.

Tyrval makes an indignant hmphing noise at Elara before telling her, "I'm not speaking to her, she knows what she's done." He points towards Leona, "FINE, you're forgiven, have a seat. You look ridiculous. RIDICULOUS!" He waves at Leona airily.

Ian casts a long look over the crowd, and then returns his attention to the people at the "couch". He says something, shaking his head.

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Felicia thanks Elara with a squeeze of her shoulder, sipping her drink and slipping off. There's only subtlety in her mind in taking off her glove to touch one of the blood magic couches on her way by it, squeezing it briefly before she continues, taking a roundabout path as she winds her way about the room.

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Alaric idly strolls up to the front of the lobby. "Excuse me, everyone!" he proclaims in a clear voice. "Pardon the interruption, but before we get too deep into the festivities, meaning alcohol, I'd like to begin The Speech Game and get our ceremonial words nobody will remember tomorrow out of the way." He looks around with a smile. "To go over the rules once again, the shortest speech wins. Our participants will be randomly and capriciously determined by what I imagine is something vaguely approximating an ancient Nox'alfar tradition. Or not." He looks around into the room to find someone to pick on. Er, pick.

Sparte is discretely poking the cushions of the couch, as though he could guess what they were stuffed with.

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"Ah," Barric says to Alistair, "It is of no real concern. I would be surprised if it had crossed your desk, especially given the recent events that have been needing attention." Then he is distracted by the King and he smiles wryly.

Katarina sets aside her glass, a thoughtful look cast toward the entrance as new arrivals steadily stream into the crowded embassy. She exhales a slow breath, almost relieved for Alaric taking center stage with his call for attention.

Laric enters the embassy without any sort of entourage, accompanied only by his shoulder-perched salamander. He pauses just a little past the entrance, regarding the... furniture... with a growing crease to his brow. After a few moments, he smiles blandly and continues through the room, glancing at the king as he begins speaking. He heads for the only unoccupied seat and gestures discreetly to Grazia once he's spotted her.

Rook murmurs absently, even as he extends his arm, as if just in time for Yasmine arrive, "Short doesn't mean lacking in content, of course," he muses to himself, looking to Alaric, waiting upon the entertainment.

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Not only does Niccolo spot Natalia, he also catches her wince. For his part, never the sort to get ruffled, he offers her a polite smile but then turns away just as she does -- and luckily finds a glass of whiskey that he had been seeking. Nodding briefly to Jaenelle, he scans the room briefly: "Yes, I may just do that .." He trails off as Alaric begins, taking a slow drink as he watches the events begin.

Thesarin mutters something in a low tone, before he looks over toward Signe. "Lady Signe, my thanks." He pulls the stopper from the bottle that Signe had handed him, looks around the room, and--apparently deciding that ettiquite isn't being strictly adhered to--takes a long pull of the liquor straight from the neck. He offers the bottle toward Mia, and toward shard, before speaking. "Countess, this is the lady Signe Nightgold, who I spoke to you of. Lady Nightgold, the Countess Mia Riven, and Shard."

Alistair grunts, "Prince Barric. I can assure I am not being coy, and it is very likely the matter has passed my desk. But I have had two murders to deal with and various other unnatural occurences. Specifics. Please." Alistair probably doesn't even know what coy means.

Elara stands up straight and put a hand to her mouth before taking a gulp of her vodka. "I see," She says before shooting Felicia an apologetic look. Then she turns and scans the room. Finally she settles with a heavy sigh onto the nearest couch.

Isabeau gracefully falls out of step with Alaric as the king makes his rounds and returns to the front of the lobby to announce the strange rules of strange games that strange elves apparently play. She is left standing aside Ansel, quietly conferring with the Telmarine nobleman for a few moments before she considers the door with a noticeable glance, and yet looks to linger a little longer.

Selene decides to play tag along in luring Leona over. "Yes, please, do join us. Really, the couches are very comfortable and the blood doesn't rub off on you or anything." But then the King starts with trouble. "Oh, this should be very entertaining. Whose idea was it? It does seem suitably random and likely to cause people sudden distress, thereby entertaining everyone else."

Oswyn stops being weird about the couch and turns his attention to taking down what the King is presently saying. That is what scholars are for.

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"I think I am fine" Jaenelle answers, winking towards the eldest of the twindom. "But please don't start a fight, the furniture is brand new." Literally from a few moments ago. Then she shifts her attention away from Leona to look at Alaric, sipping her whiskey as she can take a few minutes off of hosting duties as the speeches begin.

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Alaric points at Aureth. "Ah, Archlector Aureth! As the ranking representative of the Queen of Endings and the Mother of Beginnings, I think we'll appropriately begin with you." From out of a satchel, he pulls out a small timing hourglass and flips it over. "On your mark, go," he declares cheerfully.

"I actually came here hoping to get to know a few people, but apparently that's going to have to wait, except in a few cases, like Ashe, "I've been buried in mercenary logistics for the last couple of weeks after the war. I'd call this more a change of pace." Tobias quips, before he gives Ashe a once over, "You seem like someone who has seen quite a bit of the world." Tobias states, more then asks.

Barric chuckles, "Of course." then he leans in to speak quieter to Alistair.

Sparte goes stark in the face for a half second before realizing that Alaric pointed at Aureth and not himself. Sparte lets out a relieved sigh, muttering something under his breath.

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Grazia glides across the room regally and settles next to Laric on one of the blood magic couches, sitting down neatly and arranging her crimson seasilks to best show off her style.

So many people. All so pretty and noble. Kia is clearly out of her depth, even though she went and took the best clothes in the wardrobe to see what all the fuss was about. She looks completely out of place, but she wanders about anyway.

Rook's arm isn't left empty but for a brief moment before Yasmine's snakes its way through it. She leans in to murmur something to the courtier with a little laugh in her tone before she directs her attention to the King and then to Aureth when His Majesty introduces him.

"Oh! I want to give a speech!" Mae calls out from the not-couch she sits at.

Ian braces himself on his cane and the arm of the "couch", and pushes himself to his feet. "I want to see how that game of stones ended, anyway," he remarks to Zoey. Apparently, they're on their way out.

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Mia's eyes harden, narrowing to slits. Her fingers curled where they were hooked in her husband's elbow, pressing hard enough to turn the tips of them white. Somewhere, somewhere under the fabric of his sleeves, there were likely little half-moons pricked into his skin from her fingernails. Likely for the best. Were it not for the hold she had on him, she looks as though she might actually lash out and strike one of the people speaking to her in quiet tones. "A pleasure, Lady Nightgold," she says tightly, though her voice would indicate that at the moment, it was anything but.

Dafne tilts her head to regard the couches with a critical eye. "Perhaps," she murmurs to no one in particular, "they hadn't time to make truly impressive blood magic furniture. After all, the embassy's only been in progress for what? Two, three years?"

The suggestion that she's seen a bit of the world earns a softly amused noise from Ashe. "You could say that," the woman offers Tobias, from her seat at the couch. "I'm something of a traveler, yes. Though I've been spending a bit more time within the walls of Arx lately."

Rook turns his words for Yasmine and smiles, his former protege given a nod, then a long look before he returns his gaze upon the masses, "There's drinks aplenty, shall we find you a bite to eat? Then, of course, we should mingle. It is, after all, his majesty's own extended family's celebration." There's a twist of his tongue, words in another language, quietly given.

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Lucita stays rather close to Jaenelle, quiet as the speeches begin, not that she has been all that talkative before.

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Leona slides into a seat at the couch next to Tyrval. "Alright then," she says firmly. "It doesn't matter if you think it's ridiculous. The Queen is content with it, and so am I." She gives Tyrval a look. "Besides, you'll get used to it eventually." And then her gaze shifts and is caught by Corban for a moment before she returns her attention to the group with whom she sits.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thesarin before departing.

Shard lifts her chin to Signe and studies her openly as she's introduced. There are no actual words from her, however, as Thesarin does all that work.

Aureth gives his monarch a mildly dirty look, that of the perennial funhater, and rises from his perch at the sofa, whereupon he bows to all points of the compass with exaggerated drama and flips his very dramatic cloak back over his shoulder. Clearing his throat, he says, "By the grace of the Mother of Beginnings and Queen of Endings, we celebrate this embassy as a new beginning for both our peoples." Then he sits down again with a high-swept eyebrows look between Belladonna and Aleksei.

Jaenelle looks back to Lucita as she remains close by while the game begins, giving the other woman a smile.

Better late than never? Caith slips in fashionably tardy and glides through the crowd, saying a quiet 'hello' here and a soft 'how do you do' there. Her green eyes are wide as she takes in the surroundings, her mouth slightly agape, and she finds her way over to the drinks. There are drinks, right? There are always drinks.

Oswyn jots down Aureth's words, with a thoughtful nod. This will be much easier if everyone keeps it short.

There's a brief look as she continues to meander and wander about aimlessly. Something catches her eye though. Of course, the Nox prine would be an interesting sight to behold, and so Kia heads on towards one of the bloodmagic sofas, before curtsying and bowing at Tyrval and the others at the sofa. "May I join you?"

Barric nods to Alistair respectfully, "Of course, thank you for the information High Inquisitor. I apologize for my lack of patience on that matter." He bows his head again and then moves back towards Jaenelle and Lucita and Terese, and... well lots of people.

Merek listens as the conversation moves to speech crafting, something that he likes, but doesn't like to do. In as much, it seems observing it has his interest. However he does notice some people being quite tense and upset, or others seeming to change a lot since the blood magic was used. He frowns a bit at the switch in social atmosphere, and settles back into the couch, watching from hood as he checks to see if anyone is not busy with others that might make a good conversation partner, while he watches on to Aureth.

Ven overhears Ashe's comment about travel and it catches his interest from where he's seated. "Oh, another traveler! For curiosity, or some other reason?"

Tyrval s waves towards the sofa and smiles at Kia, "Feel free."

"I've been all across Arvum... but I get the feeling from you that I've only scratched the surface of what you've seen." Tobias notes, "I'll bet you crossed the southern wastelands, even." Tobias gives to Ashe, "I tried, but even after months of trying, there was nothing there."

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Reese cheers for Aureth's speech. "That was pretty good and pretty short." She comments. "I think Mistress Shard could give a shorter speech than anyone though."

Signe maintains a warm smile in greeting both Mia and Shard. "Did he mention good things or bad things?" She asked inquisitively. "Let's hope for the good things. I'd prefer they not be the //bad// things. But yes, well met. I've seen you both. Ah... Shard you were fighting with Prince Ainsley and the Countest I think you were throwing an apple, maybe shouting at the chest of awards?" Signe's brows knit tighter in an effort to recall exactly what happened. "Either way you were both quite memorable."

Shard gives Reese a sharp look.

Rook says in Nox'alfar, "Riddles! Say something evocative of the mind."

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Alaric turns the hourglass over to Zelda, who adroitly marks a line on it with a small brush and some of her ever-present message ink and promptly flips it back over to reset. "Thank you, Archlector Aureth," Alaric says appreciatively, pulling out -another- small timing hourglass from the satchel. He came prepared, obviously. "Next will be the woman of the hour, the Crown Minister of Infrastructure, Princess Jaenelle Velenosa, without whose tireless efforts we would be standing around outside like a large gathering of very silly humans. On your mark, go," he declares cheerfully and flips it over.

Margerie looks up in time to hear Reese's cheers and comments, and Shard's look to Reese. She clears her throat and speaks in Shard's direction, "Madame, that was a very short speech indeed." Back to the actual speeches!

Sparte nods to Aureth's words, turning his eyes to Jaenelle as Alaric shifts them into focus. Watching other people be on the spot is far more relaxing.

It appears that Jaenelle knew she would be a target. It takes a moment for her to pull away from where she stands, giving Lucita a look of 'one moment' as her finger lift in complete silence. Even as she walks, there is no sound. She is taking the rules very seriously. Moving to stand by Alaric, she glances at the King then down to the timer. Her glass is lifted, a sincere look of gratitude given to each person in attendance, and her speech is simply, "cheers."

Reese is overheard praising Jaenelle for: A short speech but a very impressive embassy opening.

Niccolo is overheard praising Jaenelle for: Perfect!

Oswyn keeps writing. C...H...E...E...R...S. Done.

Elara is overheard praising Jaenelle for: A well played and succinct speech.

"Almost no Arvani have never sailed to the Wastes; the ships just can't reach the coast. Did you sail with Eurusi, then?" Ashe asks Tobias, eyebrows quirked upwards in polite surprise. To Ven, she adds, "A mixture of curiosity and necessity. But please, if you want to speak, come sit on the couches; I hate to interrupt the speeches."

Lucita's amusement shows in the smile at the brevity of the speech and the nod given. "That works very well!"

Aureth sniffs and says in a tone of complaint, "I was trying to be sportsmanlike and give other people a chance to play."

Mia blinked a few times at Signe's recollection. "....I think you must have mistaken me for someone else, Lady Nightgold, as I don't have any recollection at all of the incident you're referring to. I believe we only met once, in passing, when Lieutenant Estardes was celebrating the release of some of the Riven reserve brandy at his shop, Smoke and Spirits."

Niccolo is also standing near the drinks, watching the speech competition with a mildly interested expression. When Jaenelle goes, he gamely applauds her effort: "Well done, your highness!" As Caith also appears near the drinks, the former archduke quirks a brow and offers his arm: "Just in time for the festivities." His approach on the blood magic furniture appears to be to ignore its existence.

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Felix straightens up for a moment at something he heard in the crowd, looking thoughtfully at another part of the gathering for a few moments before moving on.

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Alaric shakes his head, resetting the hourglass without passing it over for a mark. "Unfortunately, that was a toast, not a speech. You're disqualified," Alaric says in mild disappointment. Maybe the fix is in for Tyrval? At any rate, the first hourglass is ready to go again. "Next will be a very long-tenured resident of Arx, a valiant knight with a very long and decorated family line, Dame Felicia Harrow. On your mark, go," he declares cheerfully and flips it over.

Reese cheers for Jaenelle's speech, echoing it and lifting her drink. "Cheers." She says. Reese peeks over to Felicia as her name is called. "Yay, Dame Felicia."

Elara checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Wait. What? Caith continues to wander and the blonde Thrax woman is unable to find any refreshments. She looks rather confused by this! Her expression is a comical thing: lots of blinks, a furrowed brow, head tilting. But eventually! She finds her way and her way leads her to Niccolo! "Hello, your highness!" she greets with a smile, slipping her arm in with his and leaning closing. Her gaze drifts over to Felicia and she looks at her expectantly as she waits to hear her speech. "Such an evening, no?"

Shard's attention returns to the conversation going on near her, but it seems torn between that and the speech contest, or perhaps merely the current participant, as she seems more focused on Felicia than she has the others. "Yes, Ainsley," she says to Signe, as she glances that way. "Although he beat me a damn sight faster than he has in any of our practice sessions. It was a great finishing move."

Waldemai applauds politely for the first speaker.

Elara sits up and turns as she hears Felicia's name called. There is a look of sympathy on her face as she watches her friend head to her doom. Then something Tyrval says makes all color drain from her face. "I...I...I..."

Jaenelle can't help her grin as she looks towards Alaric afterwards, taking a drink of the whiskey, "I think that is a perfectly fair assessment." She does not challenge the ruling, not one bit. "I will have to do better next Embassy opening. Or when this one gets destroyed and rebuilt."

Katarina shares a few quiet words with Terese, then breaks away from the side of her cousin to turn her attention toward the front of the room as Alaric disqualifies. "Wait, is this you choosing people at random or is this a pre-aligned contest?" she calls curiously toward the King, her eyes inevitably pulled toward Felicia with an expectant turn of the head. "You sound so sure that it will be," she observes of Jaenelle, grossly amused.

What? Felicia doesn't try to hide her surprise or consternation, grimacing briefly Alaric's way before she raises her glass and offers simply,"To humanity's oldest allies." then pauses as if considering to leave it like that, and then decides with a purse of her lips to add,"Who now have an embassy, where they helped build the foundations." and tosses back her drink as if that's somehow going to make up for the color her cheeks turn.

Suhaina, an Eurusi maiden arrives, following Zaina.

With a silken smile for Rook, Yasmine says in a low voice, "I think just drinks for now, while we are mingling. I want to enjoy my food, not try to wolf it down between speaking, hm?" She listens to the speeches, a grin tugging at her lips, though her smile shifts just a little bit when Rook murmurs something in a language she doesn't know.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Yasmine before departing.

"He's got some talent with a blade," Thesarin mutters with a nod. He watches Felicia manage a servicable speech in two sentences, or possibly another toast. Either way, it seems a fair excuse to take another short swig of the whiskey Signe had given him. "But throwing apples and shouting at furniture doesn't much sound like the Countess."

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Sabella says something at her table then gets up and heads over towards Elara, leaning in to say something quietly to her.

Kia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Aureth laughs out loud at something Aleksei says at their blood couch, and scrubs his hand over his mouth afterwards.

Niklas makes a face at something Sabella says before she gets up. He calls after her, "Hurtful!" Then looks back to the people at his table, "She wasn't supposed to agree with that."

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Alaric passes the hourglass to Zelda for a mark. "Well said, Dame Felicia! I believe you've just pipped the Archlector for the lead," Alaric says agreeably. "Next will be a very wise, popular, good-looking, convivial, and very possibly the most modest person ever to be King of the Compact, me! On your mark, go," he declares cheerfully and flips his other hourglass over. "My subjects! It's good to see you all here today. From the Reckoning to the Elf War, the valiant free people of Arvum along with the Nox'alfar have oops, I lost already, too bad," he sort of abruptly transitions from oratory to a regretful realization that he's taken too much time. "I can't believe I did that." He shrugs good naturedly. "In any event. Prince Tyrval, our guest of honor! Now is your time to shine. On your mark, go!"

Sparte leans over and squints very closely at the material of the couch he is sitting on for a second, then return his attention to Alaric to await the next speech giver.

The speeches are getting longer again. Oswyn shakes his hand out to discourage a cramp and just keeps writing.

Shard's lips thin a little, and something in her face seems to tighten. The moment passes, however, and she looks toward Tyrval next.

Signe squints her eyes in an attempt to force the correct memory to surface. "Are you sure?" She asked Mia then gave a shrug. "It's likely I could be mis-remembering." The shaman said lighthearted then snaps a finger. "Yes, the Brandy Release!" She seems proud that the countess had recalled their meeting far better than she could remember. Signe turns away only for a few moments as the speeches continue. "It was very entertaining. I think the Duke Dagon was taking study of how you moved." Hands weave about in an immitating gesture of Shard's fighting.

Aureth is overheard praising Alaric for: What a hilarious accident.

"Quite." Niccolo summarizes, briefly. Noticing that Caith is without a drink, he stops a servant passing by to pluck up a glass of wine and hand it to her before returning his whiskey to his hand. "I imagine there will only be more surprises in store." It is unclear how he feels about this based on his tone, but he quiets his voice when it is Tyrval's turn to speak.

Jaenelle claps for Felicia as she pulls in the lead, then observes Alaric as its his turn. There are slight nods as she remains stoic, her clap this time laced with sadness for the unfortunate turn of events. "Will Prince Tyrval 'good', or will he not, that is the question."

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When Zaina enters, trailed by her assistant, it is hardly worth noticing. She and Suhaina stick to the edge of the hall, whispering to each other excitably in the Eurusi tongue. They gawk rather openly at Prince Tyrval as they chatter away. In particular, the odd couches inspire a concerned look from Zaina.

Waldemai applauds the brief speech.

"Decidedly sure, yes. If I were raving at inanimate objects, I hope I'd have some recollection of it. Or be too far gone to be shaming my House with further appearances in public afterwards," Mia replies to Signe. Her eyes lift once more to her husband, who she purses her lips at without actually making comment, before they flick over to the King as he speaks.

Tyrval clears his throat, stopping his conversations at the couch and clears his throat, "The Founder of Arx advised me to just say an extremely long word in Nox'alfar, and call that a speech instead. I thought of saying the thirty-two word for 'pedantic' in Nox'alfar, but uttering it is punishable by Hilarious Ironic Death, as ordered by King Calithex Ael'Noctis, Sovereign of the Twilight Court. So I won't do that." He smooths out his raiment, "Instead, I will say that I never expected us to be allies again. It seemed an exceedingly unlikely thing, considering that the Silent was about to obliterate us all. That, as they say in human-lands, was a downer. And we killed a number of our leaders, and your king was locked in a living nightmare, and so on. It was less than ideal." He drums his fingers on the armrest of the couch he had stood open from, "But you all surprised me, really. When I left Arx, just a few centuries ago, I never intended to return. It was, I thought, a particularly awful place. It still is, of course. It is humorless, dour, dull, full of petty grievances, trivial outrages, and banal conflicts. But I'm reminded it has its merits." He gestures to the crowd, "It has individuals that have won a folly. That have married a Nox. That have fought heralds, paid the teind, rescued souls, broken writs, and done right by the gods. And it has people that have really, really, really pissed off the Rex'alfar, and for that, I'll say this." He shrugs, "Arx isn't all bad. That's all." He then sits.

Rinel giggles, then claps her hands to her mouth, mortified.

Aureth blows Tyrval a kiss. It's very courteous.

Sparte claps. It is a polite clap that slows when he realizes he clapped before anyone else did.

"Mistress Pyrani," Katarina calls upon Zaina in markedly warm reception, her glass mysteriously filled with whisky anew. A sedate blink is managed before a look of askance is flung aside to Terese. And then, Tyrval is genuinely giving a speech and she's raising her glass in toast toward the Nox'alfar prince. Certainly no kisses blown from her.

Oh! Wine! Excellent. Caith accepts this gratefully and grins at Niccolo. "Thank you," she says, lifting her glass to him before taking a sip. A healthy sip. A looooong sip. When the former Archduke predicts more surprises to come, it's hard to say what his companion's reaction is. Excitement? Fear? Yes. Let's go with yes. The blonde bounces up slightly on the balls of her feet before settling in close beside him again. She looks to Tyrval curiously and, as he speaks, she squints. Squints! But by the end? There is a smirk hooked on her lips, hanging there at a lopsided angle.

Selene gives a little applause from the couch. You're not alone, Sparte! Have faith!\

Orazio listens to Tyrval's speech, first with surprise, then amusement. He chuckles out loud and offers his own brief applause, before returning to his quiet conversation with Ennettia.

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Corban takes his wife's hand and then moves off with her from the Embassy, back towards the Valardin district.

"...the man has a point." Thesarin gives Tyrval a slow nod, muttering low, and brings his hands together for a few slow claps.

Elara claps her hands and casts about for a server with drinks. Spotting one she waves them down and takes whenever is on the tray. She needs another drink indeed.

Felicia can't help but grin wolfishly for Tyrval's words, laughing unabashedly at the end.

Dafne laughs out loud, brightly, and applauds.

Monique follows Corban from the ceremony, giving a polite smattering of applause as she goes.

Grazia claps her hands politely at the speech.

Margerie's eyes glitter at the mention of this mysterious thirty-two word phrase for pedantic. "That hilarious ironic death. Always runing all the fun," she says dryly before adding her own applause for Tyrval's speech.

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Ashe can't help but laugh softly at Tyrval's speech, though offers him a smile of approval as she applauds his words.

Reese listens to the speech, seeming all interested. "Oh, I don't think that speech will win." She says after it ends, still she seems to like the speech and she has a gentle smile.

Ennettia grins at the speech, laughing at the end, and blows a kiss towards Tyrval herself, now that Aureth has rolled the OK on that. In fact, she blows TWO kisses in appreciation of the speech, giggling before she tilts her head to pay attention to Orazio.

"How about that," Shard says. It's a little flat, but not as flat as her voice usually is. She claps too. It's short, but not polite.

Ravana the tawny eagle leaves, following Ansel.

Jordal, a bodyguard, Ansel leave, following Isabeau.

Zaina bows her head respectfully in Princess Katarina's direction, but as Prince Tyrval's words reach her ears, her jaw drops. Suhaina looks at her in confusion. The older Eurusi collects herself and begins frantically translating for her companion, whose eyes widen increasingly.

Tyrval says, "And a special thank you for one person in the audience for not turning into a wolf and trying to tear my throat out. It's polite."

Barric chuckles softly at the speech, shaking his head afterwards.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Laric before departing.

Apart from an quiet aside, Terese seems to gaze steadfastly through the room even as Katarina's gaze flicks towards her from the side. She perks up a moment and turns her gaze innocently upon her cousin before shifting towards Tyrval once more. There is a sudden but gentle nudge of her elbow however against the woman's side.

Oswyn's eyebrows rise as he records this speech for posterity. The tiniest of smiles quirks his lips at the corners. That fades immediately into some concern with regards to the wolf thing.

Mae gives a light applause int he wake of Tyrval's speech. It's followed by an abrupt snicker, and she leans against Jeffeth, amused and likely numb from the waist down. Because of the 'couch'.

Sidney lifts his champagne flute in toast to Tyrval's words and then takes a long drink, his forehead furrowed with interested contemplation.

Reese seems wary, like she is suddenly keeping an eye out for possible wolves.

Alaric listens to Tryval's speech intently. Maybe too intently, because he only flips over the hourglass upon hearing 'I'll say this' and seemingly to belatedly realize he should have done that a while back. Of course, after that he's flipping the hourglass back over like three seconds later. "Well, this will be a very tough time to beat. Thank you, Prince Tyrval. We'll have to leave it to our last player of The Speech Game, Queen Alarice herself!" He gestures a little theatrically to the Queen Alarice doll still sitting on the couch where it has been all along. "On your mark, go!" He turns over the hourglass and in pretty much the same motion flips it back again. "And dolls can't talk! Everyone, please applaud our winner, the greatest Arvian of all time, she who always wins, my heroic and doll-like ancestor Queen Alarice!" He grins impishly. "That said, when playing The Speech Game it is customary to also award a special prize to the best speech, and as this game administrator I am proud to award it to Prince Tyrval for his excellent remarks. May the opening of this Embassy mark a new age of excellent cooperation between our people and a renewed commitment to angering Rex'alfar everywhere. Enjoy the rest of your evening, everyone!"

At Tyrval's last comment, Ven sits bolt upright and looks around, mumbling something that start with a 'V' sound and ends with an 'i'.

Alistair lets out a grunt, "Said Wolf should know I still have space on my office wall." Who knows how many heads he has mounted in there!

Rook looks sharply in Tyrval's direction, head tilted, and opens his mouth. Then he shuts it, like a well trained courtier ought to, not to gape.

Reese is overheard praising Alaric for: Yay, King Alaric, great embassy opening

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Orazio is overheard praising Alaric.

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Aleksei is overheard praising Alaric.

Mae is snickering... until it comes to Alaric's speech. Her mirth fade. She frowns as she stares at the man.

Ennettia is overheard praising Alaric for: For knowing who the real winner is

Natalia does turn her attention to Tyrval for the speech, particularly given everyone she's been chatting with is doing so. She laughs but doesn't try and applaud (it would mean setting down her glass), instead raising her glass in a sort of toast. At Alaric's conclusion -- and the doll winning -- she laughs, shaking her head with an amused smile and finally turning back to her table. _Without_ sending further looks across the room. She does finish off her wine though, and the empty glass gets a pout.

Natalia is overheard praising Alaric.

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Reese yays at Alaric words. "Queen Alaric!"

Natalia is overheard praising Jaenelle.

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Elara is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Waldemai applauds a lot for the Queen, because, you know, the Queen!

Thesarin is overheard praising Jaenelle.

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Selene is overheard praising Alaric.

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Katarina is overheard praising Selene.

Lucita listens to all the speeches and at some points her gaze seems to sharpen a little as she listens. When they are done, she claps not just for the Queen but for all the speakers

Alistair makes a face as the insanity of this building seems to have perverted and overwhelmed many of those present. He murmurs with his Confessors to keep an eye on all the guests for the next week or so to make sure the insanity does not linger.

Katarina is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Speeches done, Niccolo returns to his whiskey and his companion after giving the requisite applause following Alaric's speech. Leaning his head in slightly toward Caith, he picks up their conversation again: "So tell me, anyone here you were going to see? Should we find somewhere to sit? I also have it on good authority that exploration is welcomed."

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Simone leaves, following Marius.

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Signe waited to comment in return to the countess after the speeches have been made. "There's nothing shameful about it. Have you not stubbed a toe before? Or stepped on something one of your animal companions abandoned in the middle of the floor when you are awoken out of bed in the late hours of the night?" She's been there, obviously. "It happens. People walk into trees. I do not think they mind at all though." As the others applauded and clapped Signe gave a light shrug and followed the patterns.

Oswyn keeps writing. "Awarded... to the... doll," he murmurs, concentrating hard.

Niklas shakes his head at pretty much everything. "I feel like I'm out of a job." He reaches up and grabs whatever is colorfully alcoholic that happens to be passing by, then leans back in his seat. "Fortunately I always have genial idiocy to fall back on."

Yasmine doesn't bother to restrain her laughter in response to Tyrval's speech. She even applauds him! She glances at Rook and says with a positively beaming smile, "He is a very good speech crafter." The dancer's eyes linger on Tyrval for a moment, brow furrowed in thought, before she shifts her attention to those nearest her, patiently sipping from the glass of champagne that she's managed to pick up from somewhere.

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Shard leans in to murmur something to Mia and Thesarin again, with her hand partially raised to cover her mouth.

Shard then says to Signe, eyebrows draw together, "He was studying me? Why?"

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If Jaenelle was holding her breath before Tyrval's speech, there is am obvious release as she relaxes. He likes them, he really likes them. Well, everyone but the person who might rip his throat out. As the winner is announced, and the prize given to the runner up, she stands there a few minutes longer enjoying the halls filled with people, the talking and drinking and overall life. "Thank you all for coming" she says with a deep breath. "It has meant everything to me to share this with you all. The building is so much more than an embassy, but a symbol of renewed alliances. I could not have asked for a better turn out even if I had paid each of you to come. That was plan B."

Ennettia whispers a little more to Orazio, before she grins at him, throwing a wink and laughing at his response as she begins to walk off, going her casual way...towards Alistair. Luckily she isn't running. Plenty of chance to secape.

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Derovai stays where he is by the wall, listening to the speeches, not having bothered with a drink. He seems content to keep right where he is, not moving a muscle for those couches.

Orazio woefully abandoned by Ennettia for the more dashing and shadowy High Inquisitor, Orazio finds himself alone, again. He resumes his slow wander around the lobby, looking around at things. And judging. Probably judging.

Sparte rises up, glancing behind himself as though expecting the couch might've done something while he was sitting. After a cursory check he gives a polite dip of his head to the room, shuffling his way towards the exit as well as quietly as a man wearing half a suit of armor can manage.

As Shard speaks, Mia leans in to hear whatever it was the woman was whispering. But while she has a Northerner murmuring in her ear, it's Tyrval she'ss looking at -- and at the moment, she looks significantly less amused by his speech than the rest of the audience seemed to be. Or perhaps something else had spoiled her mood; she certainly looks to be in a foul one.

The High Inquisitor stands off to the sides with his Confessors, hands clasped behind his back as he peers at Ennettia the entire time she takes to come over to him. Making it as awkward and uncomfortable as possible.

Katarina glances curiously toward Terese with the sudden nudge, her brows lofted marginally. "Hmm?" she wonders, half-turning from her idle watch of the crowd to survey those closest to her in search of the cause for theg sudden nudge. A mote of a frown briefly visible, however, with a glance across the crowd yet again. "Would you excuse me for a moment, cousin? There's a few people I see that I'd like to say hello to."

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"No one in particular," Caith answers Niccolo with a grin after applauding the speech givers. "I mean, there are always people to say hello to when you happen across them but I was simply looking forward to a nice evening with pleasant company." She gives the stately gentleman a playful little nudge with her elbow. She means you! You're the pleasant company, Niccolo. Taking another sip (gulp) of her wine, she glances at the various places where they could park it for a bit. "Sure," is her merry reply to his suggestion that they could find a seat but his reveal that they can go exploring has her green eyes widening with clear excitement. Oooooo! Exploration!

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

"Thank you, Princess Jaenelle! It was lovely!" calls out Mae. Then she rises up, takes a moment to steady her legs, and then dots a kiss on Jeffeth's cheek. "Be good," she says. She then turns and starts to wander. Right over toward Shard. "Hey! Got a slight update on that-... thing," she declares. Then she leans in to murmur to said Shard.

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Awkward and uncomfortable would only work well if Ennettia had something like shame. Instead, she continues her slow, even pace-- and then when she's finally close enough, she gives a little spin so he can admire her gown, throwing him a little smirk when she faces him, before she whispers something to the High Inquisitor.

"To learn." Signe answered simply. "Why else?"

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Thesarin stands muttering for a moment, before he gives another nod toward Signe. "Still don't reckon that for the Countess' way. But glad you're settling yourself, Lady Signe." He looks over at Shard, and Mae, and gives the latter a short nod at her approach. "Mistress Mae." He looks back over toward Signe with a low grunt. "...reckon Shard might care to hear of your visitor, some time."

Now that people are starting to clear out, Oswyn helps himself to a seat. Not on a blood magic couch. Just a regular seat. He's finishing up his notes.

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"Ladies," Katarina tips her wine glass in soft salute toward Reese and her companions affably in passing, venturing about the rooms briefly before she begins to close in upon Orazio. "How did you like the event, Father?" she poses in soft-spoken conversation, easing into a comfortable distance to engage him more hushedly shortly after.

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Natalia rises from her chair, though she turns to Reese with a question before she actuallly starts to move away.

Alistair listens with his normally dour features, before giving a nod and following Ennettia to join some of the other Inquisitors that are present. Eyeing the blood magic formed couch with natural suspicion.

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Shard leans over and whispers in response to Mae, before she gives Thesarin and Signe a curious glance. "...Visitor?"

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Orazio turns at Katarina's voice, and he smiles warmly at her. "It was beautiful, entertaining, and there was a surprisingly low amount of bloodshed, really. What about yourself? Enjoying the event, I hope?"

"Exploration it is, although perhaps we should do the rounds for a bit." Niccolo pats Caith's hand that is looped through his arm. Before leaving the proximity of the refreshments table, he obtains a new whiskey and then sets off toward the various groups of people. Noting one person in the crowd, he leans in toward Caith again: "Isn't that Sir Jeffeth over there? What would you call someone for whom your sister is a squire? A knight-in-law?" He is headed in that direction.

Sitting on a pile of bricks by himself, the huge form of Jeffeth Bayweather is clad in rubicund plate. It's his going out outfit. The dark reds of his plate sort of blends in with his brick-couch, so he's just a big ol brick. Just looking around quietly, his eyes flitting this way and that way.

"And thank you Mistress Culler, for everything" Jaenelle tells Mae before she moves off. She remains standing beside Alaric for the time being, head turning to say something a bit more quietly while everyone seems to settle around the main hall.

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Mae listens for Shard's returned whisper, and in response? Well, she's leaned in close. So why not press a wet kiss to Shard's cheek. "Mwah!" and then Mae straightens up. "Count," Mae says, to Thesarin. She smiles. "Take care, everyone," she declares to one and all, then heads for the door.

"It was a pleasant turnout. Equal amounts of intrigue and light-hearted quips to be appreciated," Katarina opines agreeably with a soft chuckle. "Princess Jaenelle and the Ministry of Infrastructure truly did an amazing job, bringing all of this together." A soft gesture is made to the nox'alobby. "It feels as though I could lose myself to an evening of just trying to take in every bit of detail here."

Reese looks over to Katarina, giving her a gentle smile that touches her eyes. "Take care, your Highness." She then settles her focus on Alistair. "Does it stain your clothing?" She asks, sounding curious and concerned.

Margerie looks at her compatriots at that table with far too many legs and then rises from her seat, striking off towards the table at the opposite end of the spectrum with far too few legs. She slides into a seat near Reese's and gestures to Margret and Elgana to follow. "Hello, friends. The table of ... well, frankly I didn't count how many legs decided you needed more people here. That other one has plenty. So we are staging a most civilized invasion." Her voice becomes quieter when she sits and makes introductions.

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Aleksei rises from his couch and makes his way over to the one Tyrval is seated at with several others. There's not really room to insinuate himself, but he offers a polite, hesitant sort of smile. "Ah. Your former-majesty-highness. Nice couches, by the way. Don't want to interrupt to much, but I was just -- wondering if you were expecting more of your people now that the embassy's opened."

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Is totally not sitting on the blood magic couch, so all he can do is shrug at Reese on if it stains!

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Natalia cleas her throat as her cheeks touch with a bit of color, her attention jumping back to Niklas. "Of course," she assures him, giving a quick gesture for him to rise as well. Sidney gets an amused look for something he says. Still, she does turn to start for the exit, steps dawdling until those who might be following are doing so.

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Orazio inclines his head in agreement. "It is a remarkable and unique building," he admits, then his smile widens. "The Faith actually sponsored the decoration of one of the rooms - the 'sun' room, as it happens. I don't know if that one is open to the public during the event, but I thought I might wander that way and see, at some point." He pauses, bending a little to hear her quiet words. Whatever she says gets a solemn nod.

Tyrval taps a finger to his chin towards Aleksei, "Some, but I'm trying to make it clear to them that they need to stay in the Embassy. I've talked at length about how dull Arx is, and how follies aren't permitted, and how you can't kill someone no matter how hilarious and perfect for comedic timing it is, and that's discouraging a number."

Oswyn rises from his seat, holding his book open so the ink can dry properly before he closes it. Spying a huge mound of red on another mound of red, he veers closer to Jeffeth. "Sir Bayweather?" he ventures, sounding uncertain. Because that's how bad his distance vision is.

"We'll return shortly," Sidney promises Niklas, his playful smile turning warmer as he gives the man a little wave and moves to follow Natalia out.

"I am. Trying to at least." Signe said to Theserin just before the mention of her visitor. The young shaman exhales deeply now looking to Shard. "Aye, a visitor." She pauses, then questions Theserin, "Did you not tell her?"

Margret stands up from the many-legged table to follow Margerie towards the two-legged table. She smiles and nods her head politely before she says, "Princess Grayson. Lord Kennex." Since Natalia and Sidney appear to be departing she smiles in passing, and settles down at the lacking-leg table.

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"Oh hello Scholar Oswyn." Jeffeth pipes brightly from his brick couch. Patting brick next to him. "Would you like to join me?"

Shard accepts the kiss as one might a light pat on the shoulder, with a straight face, and a brief glance after Mae as she leaves. She then looks from Signe to Thesarin. Her expression is...mostly patient. Mostly. If a little bemused. She folds her arms lightly over her chest.

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Sidney leaves, following Natalia.

Reese lifts her gaze to Natalia and Sidney. "Oh.." She says toward them, her cheeks pink now. "I sometimes miss things when rooms get busy. Take care." She adds, waving towrad them both.

Tyrval squints at Orazio at the mention of a sun room. Squint squint.

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Elgana follows the pair of ladies from the table-of-far-too-many-legs, over to one that has perhaps far-too-few of them. She offers polite smiles, but still seems somewhat distracted at he moment.

"Right! Right. Of course, that makes sense." Aleksei stands there a moment after Tyrval's answer, offering an apologetic smile to the others at his couch. And then he steps a bit closer to lean over and ask Tyrval something in a lower voice.

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Knight-in-law! Caith laughs at that, her eyes crinkling up. "I think that is as good a title as any," she says. "He is very kind to all of us, my sisters and me. He is helping Cora train," -- there is a twitch of FEELINGS about her sister's career choice but she recovers her smile quickly enough -- "..he's been helpful to my sister Cassima, and when I start adventuring, he's said that he will help keep me out of harm. Although I think I hardly need it. I am very dangerous with a small blade." She isn't. Giving Niccolo's arm a little pitty-pat, she nods toward the knight. "Have you met him?" But then Oswyn joins Jeffeth and ahh! Do they want to bother?

Orazio checked perception at difficulty 7, rolling 10 higher.

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Katarina lifts her brows in pleasant surprise. "A 'sun' room, you say?" she echoes, genuninely intrigued. "I don't know that we're allowed to wander now, but perhaps you could convince Princess Jaenelle to let us take a peek upon it? I can only imagine how breath taking it might be." Her head turns, as though to search for the Velenosan minister in question contemplatively.

Lucita listens to the flow of conversation around her and looks toward Jaenelle once more, reluctant to interrupt their conversation. She finally muses to some standing near her. "Wonder what type music they like, would like to hear, maybe exchange some.

Orazio catches the squint out of the corner of his eyes, and turns to Tyrval, offering a bow. "There are no windows, and I assure you, we tried to follow the brief faithfully. I hope it pleases. Or at least amuses." He glances to Katarina, and nods.

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Barric smiles at Lucita from where he's been having a quiet conversation with Jaenelle, "You should ask, I am sure he would be glad to speak on it at length."

Aleksei startles a bit at whatever Tyrval answers him with, and then he straightens back up, beaming. "Thanks!" he says.

Rook quietly slips out after a quiet few words at his place, nodding to Felicia and exiting. "Stranger things have happened. Good day, Dame."

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Selene raises a hand to finger-wiggle a hello toward Aleksei as he comes over toward the couch. She glances sidelong at Tyrval to hear his answer, and does seem a little disappointed by it. Pout. "That's unfortunate, even if it is, perhaps, for the best. I'd hoped to see Countess Nekarris again, perhaps, or really meet any more of your friends. They're a diverse lot, which does cast things in an interesting light."

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Oswyn's head bobs; he comes to sit on the couch by Jeffeth. Luckily, there is still a bit of room there for him. "Certainly. It was an... interesting evening, wasn't it?" He glances over at Caith and company, squinting uncertainly.

"I hadn't." Thesarin shakes his head slowly, with a low grunt at the back of his throat. "I don't usually reckon I should tell what I know from folk... but I reckon also you might like to speak with her. Another person knows of him you were warned of." He looks over at Mia with a short nod. "...did tell you, I know."

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Aureth starts at something a messenger whispers to him, and rises from his seat with a murmured request for pardon to his nearby companions.

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Jaenelle takes Alaric's arm as he escorts her to one of the couches, probably the first seat she has had all day. "There is one hallway that is off limits to humans, but anything else is free to explore. Unless by Prince Tyrval's good grace he wishes to open the entire embassy up for this one night so people can explore and marvel at how much better everything Nox'alfar is compared to what humans must suffer through.

Katarina glances over a shoulder. "If you'll excuse me, Father," she murmurs in soft excusal, dipping in a brief curtsy toward Orazio before aiming to take her leave.

"You'll have to remind me which rampaging disaster we're discussing this time, my lord," Mia replies, her tone as dry as bone bleached in the southern suns. "I've started to lose track."

Felicia elects to continue her rounds, making her way over towards the two legged table to enquire of the general gathering,"Room for another?"

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Signe makes a brief nod of her head before leaning close to Shard, whispering a few quick hushed words then standing upright again. "Ah... right."

When Felicia approaches Margret smiles rather brightly, "Please do join us!"

Tyrval waves airily at Jaenelle, "People can explore wherever but if they die it's not my fault."

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With his questions apparently satisfied, Aleksei makes his way out of the party with a wide smile.

Orazio bows. "Of course, Your Highness. It was a pleasure to speak to you." He looks enthused, though, at Jaenelle's words. "Ah, then perhaps I shall slip away to see the sights. And, of course, the Embassy bears no liability if I should get myself killed." Somewhere, a Templar is having a heart attack,

Sunrise Hallway <SR> is now unlocked.

Shard looks a little less patient, particularly after whatever Signe whispers to her, but she gives the other woman a slight nod. "Soon?" she asks. "I don't think it should wait either, if that's what you want to talk about."

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Rinel is suddenly at Orazio's side. She beams happily at the Legate. "Hello."

Orazio blinks at Rinel. "Ah. Scholar Rinel? Hello. Did you want to come along?" He offers an arm, politely.

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Reese is overheard praising Shard for: She truly at the shortest speech!

Rinel takes the man's arm. "You're so very kind to offer," she says cheerfully.

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Jaenelle hands off her 'I am a builder, hear me rawr' key to a servant as to unlock the secret hallway. "Please dont die, we'll leave you back there."

2 Faith of the Pantheon trained guards, 2 Faith of the Pantheon novice guards, Rinel arrive, following Orazio.

2 Faith of the Pantheon trained guards, 2 Faith of the Pantheon novice guards, Rinel leave, following Orazio.

Barric smiles at Jaenelle and Alaric offering a nod towards Tyrval as well before he heads off to go exploring, pausing only to ask Signe, "Would you like to explore Lady Signe? Opportunities like this do not come along often."

"Soon, yes." The shaman confirmed. "Tonight. There are others I will need to speak with before I can return. I will have a messenger sent to you. Usually it would be Atila but she's chewing on everything now. It will be a very skinny young man, sort of gangly. Good at finding people."

Rising up from the couch she's been sitting on since its creation, Belladonna glances towards the 'forbidden' hallway, then shrugs and moves to take a peek. What's life without risk, after all?

Also noting that Jeffeth is suddenly engaged in conversation, Niccolo takes Caith's cue as a good reason to explore. "Well, perhaps we will have to see how good you are with that dagger." He comments as he turns and heads toward one of the hallways - it is unclear whether it is the one with the threat of sudden death.

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"Tonight," Shard says firmly. "I'll be around. Probably at the Valorous Few headquarters; if not, they'll know where to locate me."

Lucita considers what Barric suggests and glances toward the others, thinking for a long moment then shakes her head. "Seems they are busy and would be rude to interrupt, even if am curious a bit. Will not hurt to remain curious.

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Elara smiles warmly, really truly, at Sabella. "Thank you for checking on me, and tell Nik he's horrible for sending you," There is a playfulness in her tone. When she turns back the mask of a smile returns.

Bringing up one plated hand to rest on Oswyn's shoulder as the Sunrise Hallway is opened and unlocked, he arches his brow high. Looking quite interested at the prospect of dying in the Elf embassy. Watching that way, Jeffeth starts to stand up himself. Half urging Oswyn to stand up half picking him up. "Feeling brave?" Jeffeth rumbles down to the scholar, before urging him with him towards the hallway.

Definitely lost in conversation with the other lovely ladies at the couch and Tyrval, Kia hrmms for a few moments as she listens in, rubbing her chin every now and then.

"Absolutely not!" Ashe's reply to something is loud enough to carry from the space she's seated at, though she quickly lowers her voice once more. She continues to speak in a somewhat heated manner, however, even if the words can't be heard.

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Oswyn leaves, following Jeffeth.

Lucita wanders off to explore a little

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Reese has a gentle smile for those at her table, including Elgana, Magret, Felicia and Margerie. She rises to her slippered teef. "Oh, I should go." She says to them lla. The Princess then smiles once last time, before starting off. She does finally address Tyrval. "Thank you for having us, Your Highness." With that Reese pads along, heading to toward eht exit.

Signe nodded again to Shard and presented another well practiced smile for Mia, Shard and Thesarin, "Then good eve' to you all. I--Oh, yes of course Prince Barric." Signe points at the whiskey bottle still in Thesarin's possession. "Are you going to finish that?"

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Monique makes her way back into the hall, sans her husband, but with a pleased smile on her lips. And she makes a straight line for Tyrval's couch with that smile.

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"Lady Nightgold," Mia answers, inclining her head towards Signe as the woman prepares to depart. "Be well, and enjoy the rest of your evening."

Thesarin hands the liquor back toward Signe with a slow nod. "My thanks again, Lady Nightgold." He grunts, and gives a slow nod. "Be well. Don't die. Give my best to your uncle." He turns toward Mia and gives her a low murmur.

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Leona snaps her attention over to the couches where Ashe sits. And then she is saying something quietly to those nearest her and moving over to where Ashe sits and plopping herself down on an open seat. "Hey Ashe. Good to see you again. I'm not interrupting, am I?"

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Shard gives Signe a sharp sort of nod, one eye just a little narrower than the other. She turns her head, glancing over the room again, apparently taking a moment to scan the crowds again.

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Sidney arrives, following Natalia.

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