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Princess Jaenelle Velenosa

A mourning dove amongst foxes still sings as beautifully.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Flighty Widowed Noblewoman
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: champagne
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: cream

Description: Lovely beyond compare, Jaenelle embodies all that is perfect about a woman. Her large blue eyes sparkle with a joy of life, even when staring off into space. Her creamy skin, unblemished by the trials of life, looks as smooth as satin. Soft highlights of pure gold set her flaxen hair ablaze as it curls ever so slightly about her cherubic face. More often than not, her expression is filled with cheer and mild, delighted mischief.

Personality: There are the wise, there are the intelligent, and there are the savvy. And then there is Jaenelle. She may be the sweetest woman, the most sincere, but there are some quarries full of rocks with more brain power than the noblewoman. Quick to giggle, and to stare vacantly at any sort of conversation, she often laughs at jokes days later, or is certain birds are secret spies for the animal overlords. The one thing that stands out, is that matters of running a household - the numbers, supplying, organizing the servants... Jaenelle seems to be a complete savant. Math and numbers are as easy to her, as everything else is completely beyond her reach, almost eerily so.

Background: Jaenelle led something of a charmed life. As the granddaughter of Prince Donrai Thrax, she was distant enough from the Prince of Maelstrom to be spared the more dangerous side of Thraxian politics but still close enough that she was given an excellent betrothal match to a handsome, well born noble. A Velenosan prince, even! They met and courted in Arx, sparing Jaenelle again from the more dangerous Lyceum and married in a beautiful ceremony that celebrated the renewed ties between two of the greatest houses in the world. Of course, not everything could be good luck. They weren't married long when a tragic accident took her new husband from her. While she's very sad, the Duchess Esera Velenosa assured Jaenelle that she's still a welcome and important part of her new family. So that helps. Yay!

Relationship Summary

  • Valerius - Naive Baby Brother
  • Dagon - Level Headed Cousin
  • Victus - Protective Cousin
  • Talen - Protective Holder of Secrets
  • Leona - The Intimidating Twin
  • Margot - Tyde Tower Personafied

  • Spouse:
  • Mydas - Inevitable Complication

  • Deceased:
  • Fergus - Melting Iceberg
  • Rohkir - Enigmatic Northern Prince
  • Freja - Leather Bound Princess

  • Friend:
  • Prospero - Moving Target
  • Alaric - Smile for the Crown
  • Barric - Storybook Prince

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mirari - Dangerous Companion
  • Venturo - Contortionist Instructor
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Very dextrous.
    Agatha My cousin just bid 75,000 for an hour of someone's time. She is definitely doing something right, and she had good taste.
    Alaric When you say someone is demanding, it's usually not in a complimentary context, but I think Jaenelle simply feels that things ought to be efficient and amusing as soon as possible, and what's wrong with that?
    Alarissa Fornerly Thrax, then Velenosa and then still Velenosan. I like when I get a chance to meet with her. A delicious ray of light. Would that we still had her, wha fortune we would have.
    Alexis The Princess is truly an astounding hostess, offering her guests unique experiences and managing to make even this lowly commoner feel at home in her company.
    Bliss A woman who clearly understands the whimsy of the Nox, and is excessively polite. I will need to spend more time with her.
    Calista I've only known the Princess as a fellow Lycene though she is Thraxian by birth. She's wonderful company and has just the right amount of spark to her to be properly mischievous.
    Caspian After running into her before, we finally gotten to speak to each other! A Thraxian in The Lyceum? I'm curious, I want to ask her more about her new home some time.
    Cristoph A very gracious princess from Velenosa. We met to discuss trade and she was quite kind to the young woman we encountered in the inn. It spoke well of her. She also was very knowledgeable on the trade we discussed. I look forward to forging further ties with her and her family.
    Edain It feels strange to finally meet the Princess after we have been ships passing in the knight for the nearly 6 years I have been in the city of Arx now. She's been a constant fixture, but our paths have almost never crossed. She is every bit as charming as her brother and sister have claimed she is. I feel like she might well be to diplomacy and courtly etiquette what her sister is to the sword and knightly virtue. We are blessed to have her in Arx.
    Eithne The minister of all that is good for merchants, crafters, and business owners in Arx. I met the Princess at her first meeting and she seems to really have her shit together. Thank gods.
    Eleanor The King introduced me to her. She was kind enough to let me join their dinner, and extremely gracious.
    Eleyna When I first arrived to Arx, I was constantly being mistaken for Jaenelle since blondes are a rare sight in the Velenosa family. As time has passed, I realize that we share a lot more than our hair shade in common. She may not have been born a fox, but you certainly wouldn't be able to tell now.
    Galen My dear sister! As lovely and bright as I remember, I've missed her! I believe deep down that she and I might have hearts more similar than my other siblings.
    Gareth Princess Jaenelle as bubbly as she always has been but somehow finds a way to seem tolerable. It is fortunate she wasn't smashed into a flaming barrel and burnt to death.
    Ian There's something -- else about her. I can't put my finger on it. I wish I had a clearer idea of what she wants from me.
    Ignacio Princess Jaenelle seems to be an intriguing women speaking of interesting exploits. I think I would like to get to know her better.
    Jeffeth The Princess of Ministry of Somethingsomething, she was escorting the King. She seemed a very nice sort, I wouldn't mind running into her again.
    Jordan The twin sister to Dame Leona; she's delicate and tiny to Leona's tall athleticism, but her strengths lie in another arena altogether. I do not underestimate this Princess of Velenosa one bit; some people know how to use their beauty as the foot in the door for great things, and she seems the type to know how to do so just as well.
    Kia She works hard to throw a wonderful event. She also is rather humble for a Velenosa princess. That's very refreshing.
    Lorenzo A very busy woman, though I enjoy her stories. And even if I doubt I'll take her advice, I'm sure she has my best interests at heart when she gives it.
    Lou A voice who shows that she cares for her people, and asks the questions needed to see to their needs.
    Luca "Don't worry, I can remind you of who you are. You're a lovely piece of artwork with eyes like the summer sky when there's not a cloud in sight and it stretches on for so long and forever that you question your importance in such a big, big world. You laugh like a warrior fights, freely and bravely, and honestly. Your enthusiasm, that of a child's when given a gift they did not expect. You're sweeter than any treat on that tray. Also, you're upside down, which is a new thing, but I think I'm enjoying this new perspective."
    Merek The Princess-Minister of Velenosa. Merek thinks much of her for being a member of the family which he serves. She's done nothing upon meeting to make him think of her as any different than the other members of the family he respects.
    Mirari Business-minded princess-minister. Always good for help with a project.
    Mirari Always so sweet and concerned with people, especially her husband. I hope she has an adorable baby so I can hold it once and then never ever think about babies again.
    Mydas An unexpected meeting led to even more surprises. With an effortlessness that cannot be taught, she showed rather than told how she could combine beauty without match, intellect whose depths and nimbleness could prove a match to any emerite scholar, and a confident control, that I find entirely too amusing to try and disturb. The rest? I'll keep for myself.
    Norwood She is... generous? Or perhaps creative. For very sure she is imaginative. Asparagus cake?!
    Petal She is very nice and helped me out in a crisis. I was so afraid. I am glad she stepped forward to help me.
    Reese She is Luca's cousin, but not really by blood. She seems quite sultry and playful.
    Ryhalt Seems quite good at bringing those in the city with trade interests together and getting them to mingle. That's good. Money in the same place makes more money.
    Saoirse Jaenelle took Saoirse out for drinks on the town and introduced her to the king! Not a bad lady to know, eh?
    Sorrel Galen's beautiful little sister might truly be the prettiest one in his family, and she does have fine taste in clothes. She is charming, well-connected, and personable, and I hope to get to know her better in the future.
    Stefano A former Thrax princess, married in and then widowed into House Velenosa. A new Voice, I'm sure she'll make her second house proud!
    Talen Clever. Innocent. Pretty. A Thrax-turned-Velenosa. She's come home and she doesn't wish to leave and Talen will never let her, unless she changes her mind. Just as the prince-who-wasn't sat on the edge of the Velenosa, so too did the widow-who-shouldn't-have-been.
    Theron Princess of Velenosa, born as Thrax. Beautiful, Galen's sister, and a good businesswoman to get in touch with. She owes me a kiss! But I'll collect it at some later time. I enjoyed my conversations with her, so far.
    Valarian Yet another Princess to leave me broken hearted. I have the worst luck with that. I should have stolen the ship and her with it. If only I knew how to any case, she's quite the charmer and conversationalist and didn't give me a hard time for being...overly curious...about a damn fine boat. I didn't end up overboard, this does her credit!
    Venturo A Princess Who Likes Stories. If she believes in luck and good booze, she may well belong in a story book. Or a very tall tower. Wait, did she say a ship? The last time I was on a boat it.... <the thought trails off here>
    Victus A flower in the dawn. She got the luckiest in the genepool.