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Lady Iseulet Blackshore

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Ambitious Courtier
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Blackshore
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier/Musician
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Blackshore Minister of Coin

Description: Delicate fine features surround those distinctive cerulean eyes. Long, braided honey blonde locks twist and turn creating a whimsical pattern down her back. Tiny glass beads, flowers and feathers decorate her fair locks. Tan, sun-touched skin that's got a brush of freckles. A proud nose and cynical smile adorns her pink lips. Her body is statuesque and willowy with a generous bosom that she makes sure tease onlookers with her Thraxian fashion. Lean athletic arms move down to musician's hands that is calloused from plucking her strings. Her long legs have a runner's strength that go down to calloused feet that have walked the roads sometimes barefoot.

Personality: Honey just isn't the color of her hair, but the words that fall from her lips are guaranteed to soothe the savage beast. Warm smiles that never reach those cynical eyes. A mind for numbers that surprises most people once they look past her charm. Everything about Iseult is about inviting a patron in but she has no illusions on the trustworthiness of others. She's seen too much to think that anyone keeps their word. Luckily, she has her twin to protect her back. Because her bold ways might get her in trouble otherwise.

Background: Iseulet's mother was a merchant's daughter with a taste for the finer things in life. Following a series of unfortunate financial decisions after her father died and she took over the business, she found herself indentured into the Blackshore House and serving at the keep. Her indenturement only lasted for five years, but during this time she managed to catch the Baron's interest and nine months later, the twins Iseulet and Thesbe were born.

The Baron never denied his parentage but he didn't seem to be interested in doing more than passing coin to their mother to see that they were fed and had no interest in them past doing his duty. His eyes were set on possibly marrying another noble, but judging from the stories passed down to Iseulet and Thesbe this was possible for the best, as he was known for his madness, cruelty, and malice.

Iseulet and Thesbe's mother took her payoff from the Baron and invested it into a pub on Blackshore Isle that served sailors coming in and out of port. It was a struggle to make ends meet and it's where she learned how to sing for her supper, but it gave Iseulet an early exposure to stories of adventure, excitement and intrigue on the mainland that instilled within her a wanderlust. A wanderlust that lead to Iseulet convincing her sister to escape the tiny island and go on an adventure of their own. They were 16 and ran away to the mainland and traveled Arvum together until rather recently.

The cataclysm that hit Blackshore Isle took the lives of both parents and much of their family (what little they knew) and after hitting a rough financial patch the two decided to head to Arx to join their cousin and the new Baroness, Skye. Upon arrival, they were welcomed warmly and found a family they had never known before. When the will of Iseulet and Thesbe's father surfaced requesting them to be ennobled, Baroness Skye was gracious enough to extend both the offer of legitimization. Iseulet accepted and set to work helping rebuild Blackshore.

Along the way, she was named Blackshore Minister of Coin and found her calling as a courtier and truly blossomed, founding The Empyrean and began to reach for the stars in a way she never thought possible while her father was alive.

Name Summary
Aethan Most people probably think she's sweet. I think she probably isn't. But that's all right. Too much sweetness in Arx anyway.
Alexio A charming woman that I have grown to appreciate as a possible friend. I look forward to learning more of her.
Amari So glad she found her way to Keaton Hall. She strikes me as very sharp and well able to tame a certain Felhound.
Ardoin An exotically beautiful woman with a quick wit, I wish I had gotten more of a chance to speak with her. She seems quite the charming conversationalist, I do so treasure that sort of person.
Austen A most kind and charitable woman, who honours the Blackshore name. She has excellent bearing and a softly inquisitive nature. I am looking forwards to visiting the Empyrean once it is complete.
Barric A new Lady who should have been a Lady from the get go. She is smart, driven, determined, and she is creating something wondrous. I am pleased to be able to help, I could help more if she would relent to being my protege.
Calypso A woman coming into her own, rising from the ashes. She has aimed her arrow for the stars. I believe she understands the scope of what she is undertaking and I cannot deny my respect for that and her.
Dante Beautiful, steady, and quick witted. Were she a weapon, she'd be deadly and sweet as honey. Perhaps she is? Probably not. Though, I've always been a bit of a fool for a well laid joke, a kind conversation, and that piercing cerulean gaze.
Domonico Friendly and eager to introduce people. Would make a great host.
Duarte What a lovely young lady.
Edain A fine singer, and tea enthusist. Her stories of Blackshore before it burned are very fascinating.
Estil It is always a pleasure, and sometimes a surprise, to meet with more family than I expected to encounter. That might be naive of me. Still, more pleasant faces populating our home shall surely bring about comfort and entertainment on the days I cannot make it out the door. I look forward to shared moments around the dinner table, et cetera.
Gareth A proper lady. Knows when she has inadverdently RUINED someone's day and knows how to make up for it, despite not being in the wrong. A lady fitting her position, I am sure. Which is to say, tolerable.
Giulio A demure young woman of the isles, with, perhaps, the smallest bit of... sarcasm. How could I not appreciate such?
Grazia A slightly odd woman who seems convinced that dragons destroyed her home. She seems a bit out of place, though, so perhaps whatever horrors she has suffered will heal in time.
Holt Nico likes her. Hell, I like her too. Maybe the two of us can win the lady's favor sometime.
Jacque Seems to be a pleasant woman, going by her look she's likely Thrax. I don't know her well, though, but if she's getting along with Demura, surely she must be nice!
Jaerith A gorgeous woman whom I could watch all day, and yet she is so much more than the beauty on the outside. I look forward to seeing what lies below.
Jeffeth A very lovely lady. She was a bit distracting, but seemed good natured and didn't seem bothered by my clumsiness.
Jordan Enterprising Blackshore off-shoot. Likely she's got very good business sense to do business with the Crown and succeed at securing her sister a store. Fulfilling one's siblings' dreams is respectable.
Josephine A love woman from Blackshore, with a thoughtful mind for others.
Kaldur The Empryrean is quite a setting seemingly expressly to set off the exquisite gem of Lady Blackshore.
Luca Have you ever met one of those women that cause you to do a double-take out on the street? Meet the woman who's worth a triple-take. Surely, that's shallow of me to say. I'm sure there's better compliments to pay upon her personality and her manners and many things besides, but I wasn't able to really dig in for that stuff. After all, our meeting was brief, and at the cart of a strange trinket peddler, and I was rushing off. A shame.
Lucita A friendly women who seems to enjoy nice clothing. She is a good conversationist and is a musician, likes music. So nice to find a fellow music lover.
Magpie Magpie heard about Iseulet before he met her, and to be frank his initial impression was that she wasn't being discreet enough with things. After meeting her he told her as much. She was surprisingly receptive and the man feels a desire to help her out, because the world is cruel and maybe he has some sympathy for her story. Time will tell how things go, but for now the smuggler is rooting for her.
Marcas A woman as beautiful and warm as the islands from where she hails, and an ideal late night companion for good conversation over drinks. I hope to see more of her.
Marian She's a fresh face in Arx who seems to have many possibilities ahead of her. Even with the war coming, there is a brightness in her eyes. I hope she finds life in the Thrax Ward to her liking. After all that tragedy something good should come out of it.
Melody Completely full of charm and delight, as you'd expect from such an ambitious woman. Congratulations are in order: Playfulness paired with honeyed words are enough to make anyone smile.
Merek A Blackshore Lady which seems to like the couch in the Nox'alfar Embassy. I'm not sure how to feel about the couch, though it seems nice enough.
Mirari Blondes are always the most dangerous women. They look beguiling without even trying. This one has that look at first, but a closer inspection shows someone who knows what she's doing. Talking to her probably won't do anything other than sharpen that impression. We'll see though, won't we?
Nico This beautiful woman saw me sparring and made a surprising offer to show pleasures to those who could best Audric. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that, but I'm glad I was wearing my helmet to hide my burning face.
Norwood She's a polite young woman... but hanging on the arm of Lord Jaerith. How very interesting.
Otakar Sometimes you run across someone where you have to stop and take a closer look - Lady Blackshore being an extremely attractive woman (who, I may add, is an expert at wearing practically nothing without showing everything) is someone I shall certainly have to have drinks with. Preferably once I'm dressed more suitably, and not like a steel lobster wearing bearskins.
Pasquale Intriguing woman from the Isle of Blackshore. I know something of what it means to be handed ruin and asked to make something out of it. May she find herself and triumph within it, as I hope to do on my own island.
Petal Very friendly and a good customer.
Prisila Everything. This woman has been the single most interesting thing about Arvum. Her and the other one. She knows the one. I like her penchant for hedonism and we have a connection that can't be denied. Now is this the point where I lower my guard and find myself smitted with the younger woman who so reminds me of me? I should hope not because one things for certain, her intellect combined with that beauty should be considered a weapon of mass destruction.
Reese She knwos Skye. She watched me spar before. I remember that, but I didn't have time to talk much. Now she is trying to paying off her debts which is admiral. I will try to help her how I can. She is well spoken and carries herself as gracefully as most princesses, actually more gracefully than many. It is her mannerism and voice.
Reigna Another Blackshore cousin, they seem to be multiplying! Still, she seems sweet. Uncertain, however. I wonder if she knows how many waves she would make were she to press for enoblement. I wish her the best, however.
Rinel Daring dress. But she's interested in insects!
Romulius My cousin, half, sort of. Maybe. She seems to be sweet enough and honest enough, trusted me with her dark secrets so that's something... Got to remember: I am not my father. Don't act like he would...
Rook Quick witted and clever, though still a little wet behind the ears, I'm certain she'll make a grand addition to House Blackshore in whatever capacity she so chooses. Until she reaches full potential, I'll happily show her what I can.
Sabella A crafty musician who may be interested in the Black Rose! I have the best luck at running into such talented people. I quite enjoyed her conversation.
Seth While not exactly the first time that I've ever met this young woman, she is vastly different from the one whom I had met back in Highhill. She has accomplished much for herself since that time, despite her status of birth... She is definitely one to watch for that crafty resourcefulness alone.
Sparte A friendly sort, curious and inquisitive. I think maybe I'd crossed paths with her before and just never properly been introduced. Real shame, would've loved to have had her around for some of the debates.
Talwyn The epitome of hospitality. A gem couched in the most opulent setting cannot have her inner fire quenched.
Theo Lady Iseult and I spoke briefly at Lady Lys' garden sparring party. I quite enjoyed myself.
Theron Mistress Iseulet -- related to the Navegants. At least Lady Estil and Lady Regla. Very pleasant and amusing lady, certainly reminiscent of Thrax. Good person to know, I do think.
Valarian Sexy, I had no idea she was a silk! But, she seems to certainly have the manners down. Seems pretty sharp too, thinks on her feet quickly. Enterprising as well. I need to get to know her better.
Venturo A lovely woman of Thraxian descent who came in to see if the Raconteur matched the gossip. While it took me a full story to do what she can manage with but a smile and laughter, I do believe she found herself quite enraptured with the brewery in the end. If she becomes a frequent patron, I might even win the war against her beloved rum.
Zaina She likes to talk. A lot.