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Derovai Voss

To catch the bad guys, you've got to think like a bad guy - and that's why all the best detectives have a dark side...

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Information Specialist
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Voss
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: White

Description: Of a middling height at five foot ten, Derovai is confidently comfortable in every inch of himself. Dark, disheveled hair, a shadow of stubble across his strong jaw, and striking blue eyes lend to the Oathlander a mien of a mysterious nature.

Personality: Raised on the streets of Arx, Derovai discovered at an early age that knowledge can be just as valuable as any coin, and just as powerful as any noble. Never quite suited to wielding a sword, he learned instead to parry with words, to strike to the truth of things, with or without the mercy of polite civility. Between charismatic charm and biting wit, it can be difficult to find acquaintances who claim a middle ground of neutrality with the man; most tend to find him delightful or barely tolerable. Derovai is more concerned with information than being liked, however, so he usually cares more about endearing himself to those who are useful.

Background: One of many to settle in Arx under the ward of Valardin, the Voss family has had little claim to fame. At least not in any particularly public capacity. Derovai's father was granted knighthood after serving his time as a squire, and has been supporting his family quietly as such ever since.

While warrior knights and famous champions hold a certain appeal, Derovai gravitated readily toward more scholarly pursuits. Most of his time was spent in Arx, but he traveled often in search of this or that, earning something of a reputation for himself. Shortly after the Tragedy at Sanctum, Derovai went there to discover what he could from the city and its surrounding vassals. Now he's returning to Arx to report to his Highlord and make himself as valuable as he possibly can during this tumultuous time.

Relationship Summary

  • Mae - Fool but not foolish.
  • Felix - Metal and mettle.
  • Eshra - Belling a cat.
  • Margerie - A source of endless amusement.
  • Silvio - Serpentine.
  • Brogan - Drinking buddy.

  • Frenemy:
  • Thena - Lighten up already.

  • Friend:
  • Caspian - Needs a target.
  • Aerandir - Well-armed.
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A secretive man, I believe, his intelligent and observant mannerisms having me inclined to think him a runaway noble or some such in the face of eluding questions, but one can never be too certain.
    Aldwin He asks questions. Some will judge him harshly for that. But it is necessary in these times.
    Ann It's one thing being tall, dark, mysterious and pale - but to be sneaky too! I think I almost had a heart attack there, but his pleasant nature made up for the start.
    Bastien Seems to be under the impression that art is made by soliciting the opinion of anyone who passes by, no matter its current state of construction. Idiot.
    Caspian A man seeking knowledge of the faith. He seems down to earth and easy going, which is always nice qualities to have.
    Echo Derovai is a skilled mind, quick of wit and clearly one whom I should consider if I need an observant eye.
    Emilia A clever, and well-mannered man, very well capable of 'reading the mood', and steering the situation towards more harmonious resolutions.
    Eshra A watcher.. it says something about someone who is willing to be quiet and listen.. it says more that while they world falls apart, they can find something to laugh about.
    Holden Questions, always questions. I shouldn't be surprised. Sometimes though, there is a time and a place.
    Ignacio The man seems to be intelligent but unrefined. While he seems to test boundaries, the man is overall entertaining.
    Jayanthi Serious. Creative. His colors are, entirely, darker tones with splashes of brightness.
    Mydas He took up the challenge of the vodka, and actually did well. It takes more than strong livers, but a kind of willpower that speaks well of him.
    Nierzen He doesn't even understand simple stories, but thinks he knows me? He'd only be more apt to be wrong if he said I was a bridge or a large cloud.
    Norwood He seems to play his cards close to his chest. Not quite sure if he is trustworthy, what with that black clothing and not giving his first name.
    Seymour He quite liked my name when someone said it, yet I don't know I heard him say his own. Polite introductions are a dying art with that generation.
    Sparte I dunno. I mean, I chatted with him but didn't really get a feel for him. He seemed more interested in... Ah crud, I think he was hitting on someone and I didn't even realize it. I really hope he doesn't think I was trying to mess that up on purpose.
    Thesarin Clever, I don't doubt. Sly. And very happy to let folk know as much.
    Turo What an interesting fellow. He's prompted me to search my ships more closely before we set off, just in case there are stowaways who want to learn to sail. I half suspect he'd try it just to prove to me he could.