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Baroness Lucita Saik

My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Veiled Virtuoso
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: golden olive

Titles: Baroness-Regent of Saikland Greens

Description: Slender but shapely, everything about Lucita suggests luxuriance, from the long fall of artfully arranged black curls to the flair from her dramatic reflected in her wardrobe. Her skin is a warm-toned dusky gold, frequently accented by smoky eye makeup, with a tendency to freckle around her fine straight nose most often masked by careful application of obscuring golden powder. The whiskey-gold hue of her amber eyes lends a sultry air to the slow glide of her smile in the spread of rose-dark lips.

Personality: A warm young lady with a good deal of intelligence, grace, and a remarkable quantity of patience, Lucita's charm is a well-honed instrument. She listens very carefully to other people to help them bring out their best selves, primarily because this, she feels, is how best to insinuate herself into their lives. Socially clever in an intriciate way, Lucita's layered reserve makes the real Lucita more elusive. Her true passion is always her music, and what truth there is in her shines in her face when she melts into playing.

Background: The second daughter a lesser line of the March of Granato, Lucita Igniseri grew up in the shadow of a twin sister whose role in life seemed to be to cause trouble. It's actually hard to quantify for certain whether she is the younger for certain, but she was removed from her mother's belly first when she had to be cut open so that the children could be removed. Lucita was a good girl, quiet and inclined to introspection and very focused on her lessons; she grew to be that way in no small part because her sister took so much time and energy from anyone and everyone around them, absorbing friends and teachers like a very bright-eyed black hole.

Lucita's true talents were music and song. Her ear was perfect early on and her fascination with the emotional expressiveness of instruments led her to become wholly absorbed in performances -- other people's when she was young, but after her training really expanded in earnest in response to her proclivity, her own. While her sister ran around being a terror and eventually grew into her own as a naval captain in her own right for the Igniseri-run fleet of Granato, Lucita studied music, learned her instruments, and focused on her lessons, and her courtly graces, and on the ways and methods of beauty and persuasion.

Her ambitions were quiet ones, but they always came to this: to prove that she is the best, regardless of how much more flamboyant and dramatic Ariella might be.

Marquis Vincere Igniseri appointed Lucita his voice, having her remain in Granato to oversee things there. After he and his twin Pietro were killed during the siege 1006, Quenia become Marquessa and summoned Lucita to Arx in late winter of 1006 to help her. In 1007 she joined with Princess Tikva and Lady (now Princess) Sorrel in forming a choir that some say had remarkable effects on the field. The need for being able to defend herself became apparent as friends, her liege encouraged this. She tried to learn a few necessary basics to help her not die so quickly if attacked.

She was betrothed to Lord Estaban Saik, a matter both of politics, alliances, protection, trade agreements and strengthening ties to the Saik's liege house, Malvici as well as growing affection between the two. After Baroness Kima went missing, suspected dead, Estaban became Baron and adopted former Baron Eos's son Vomas. They married Jan. 18, 1008 and she continued to serve as Igniseri Voice until the death of her husband May 22, 1008, killed in action at Setarco leaving Lucita a pregnant widow and Baroness-Regent for the unborn Saik heir. She was deployed with the military at Setarco to sing as a part of the choir. After the war Archduchess Elyena presented her a place amid the Lycene Order of the White Lily, limited to 13 living recipients.

Relationship Summary

  • Graham - Honorable warrior
  • Joslyn - small wpn instructor
  • Aethan - Ian's older brother
  • Itzal - Amusing Bard

  • Family:
  • Eirene - Auntie Eirene-both of us widowed 1008, my healer of choice
  • Amarantha - Cousin, Twin to Astraea, a poetress and widow
  • Astraea - Cousin, Twin to Amarantha, and a widow
  • Apollis - Cousin, Brother to Amarantha, Astraea, Avaline, Echo and a widower
  • Echo - Cousin, Sister to Amarantha, Astraea, Avaline, Apollis and a widow
  • Avaline - Cousin, Sister to Amarantha, Astraea, Echo, Apollis and NOT a widow (yet)
  • Ennettia - Double cousin (Saik married Igniseri, Igniseri married Saik)
  • Leena - Cousin, Quenia's inventive sister
  • Karadoc - Cousin by marriage, Master of Coin for Saik
  • Marcos - Cousin by marriage, Voice of Saik
  • Arcelia - Sister-in-law, Estaban has told me so much about her
  • Quenia - Cousin, Friend, Ally, Former Head of House before I married out

  • Lyceum:
  • Eleyna - Our Archduchess who has both respect and a hope one never earns her ire.
  • Calypso - My Liege and friend
  • Jaenelle - Velenosa Voice, Minister of Economy, remarkably skillful and fun, Crown Minister of Infrastructure

  • Oathlands:
  • Talwyn - Maker of beautiful music

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - Our King, long may he live

  • Sibling:
  • Ariella - sister free-spirited
  • Luis - Rapscallion brother, we're close

  • Deceased:
  • Estaban - Sorely missed beloved husband
  • Aislin - either dead or missing
  • Aurelian - Betrayer of trust. He fooled so many who thought him a friend.
  • Driskell - Brother Driskell, A friend with many secrets who tried to protect, advise, and teach me.
  • Jacque - My friend, Sasha's brother, killed brutally by unknown forces but investigations led to belief he was killed by Aurelian
  • Barric - It was lucky to have a protective friend like him

  • Friend:
  • Ian - Courageous good listener
  • Valencia - ultimate hostess
  • Tikva - music makes a strong bond
  • Wash - Devoted to wife and family
  • Aiden - Estaban's best friend and my friend, too.
  • Sorrel - Married to Prince Galen, a singer in the choir with me
  • Juliana - We both grieved after losing family at Setarco, Designs beautiful garments for tailors to make

  • Protege:
  • Helia - Enthusiastic
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A lovely baroness who is eager to learn my native tongue. I wonder if she could help me become better at the dances they do here within the compact.
    Alessia A friend to my twin. I've heard my sister speak so well of her and I'm happy to see she truly has good taste in companions. Hopefully we will have more chances to get to know one another.
    Amanda A thoughtful, caring ruler.
    Ariella The half of us that got all the reliability. I should have been there for her over the last few months. I may never forgive myself. Fortunately, there's still alcohol to help out.
    Ariella My one and only twin sister. Still as smart and charming as I remember. It's great to be back.
    Bianca She has faced so much yet perseveres despite the trials that would have crushed lesser men. A loving mother and a kind (and talented) woman who I am blessed to know.
    Bliss I keep running into the Baroness Saik, but tonight is the first night we really got a chance to say more than a few words in passing. She remains in good spirits and fun - I will definitely have to take her dancing again.
    Calandra A wise woman, with a very large heart, and a brain full of knowledge. I think that we could become good friends, with a shared love of music. I do admire her brave heart.
    Calaudrin The woman offered to get me some whiskey after my fall. Good traveling companion to have around when you go tumbling many, many, MANY feet down a ridge.
    Cambria Her talent for music was a lovely surprise. The perceptive questions she asked were even more so. I hope we will become friends over time.
    Cirroch The days where we'd sit in the garden and the three of us would talk were fun. Hopefully next time you can bring your two children along
    Cullen I'm glad I finally got to hear the Baroness play, her talent and passion are undeniable - and her grace and charm, likewise. To have all of that, and yet also to run a barony and make it thrive, she has to be quite the impressive individual.
    Cullen Speaking with the Baroness again showed me her sense of humor and a glimpse of her feather wearing life in younger days, but also what she takes seriously as Baroness. Seems to be a very well-balanced person with wit and charm, I look forward to talking to her again.
    Cybele Baroness Lucita Saik. Is a good woman. And very wise and knowledgeable. Lagoma's flame is helping her grow in the crucible of change.
    Delilah Such knowledge she has, and such confidence in that information. I am so deeply grateful that she proved willing to deepen the breadth of my understanding on certain historical and social topics.
    Domonico A Baroness Regent who has worked alongside my cousin the Duchess. Listens to good advice. Appreciates ships and the sea in spite of how her husband died.
    Dora I met the Baroness at the Black Fox. She seemed a bit quiet at first, but then she agreed to whiskey and truth or dare. I approve!
    Emilia Her selfless desire to defend her people is something all should strive for. As someone who also seeks to defend the people, I consider her a fellow comrade in arms and resonate with her devotion.
    Emmelline She seems very nice, and pleasant to converse with. I hope we might become friends down the line.
    Faruq She is the soul of grace and charm one would expect from a Lycene Baroness. Which makes me wonder if she is also as affluent with poisons too. Hmmm. I shall have to be careful around this one until I know which way the tide flows.
    Faye A serious woman, one who seems to carry sorrow with her. But she also has courage and wisdom, as well as the trust of others. I hope we'll be able to speak together again.
    Gianna The Baroness is a gifted musician and singer; the College is honoured to have her as a member and instructor.
    Hadrian A Voice of House Igniseri. She, along with the Marquessa, are recently arrived to the city. They've already began to make steps toward becoming greatly immersed in the intrigues of the city - which means dinner parties, meetings, drinks and conversation, conversations and drinks, and much more. She seems to be settling in well enough and I'm sure within only a few short weeks she'll be immersed in Arx culture and struggling to come up for air. She's also quite the talented musician. You don't see that often among the nobility or at least that they frequently showcase, so that's certainly an interesting fact about her.
    Harlex She seems an amicable baroness. Keen with a knife.
    Ingrid A young woman with what I believe is a good head on her shoulders. She has knowledge of and a desire to learn very practical and useful skills. Some of which I had not thought of myself.
    Jarel Lucita is a person who trains very hard to be where she is but doubt her own skills and abilities. Which she shouldn't. In that Spar she gave me some really good hits. What she needs is more training.
    Jophiel A friend of Marquessa Quenia. She has offered me advice in winning over the Marquessa. And I hope that her thoughts on the matter are true.
    Jyri A kind woman, and the wife of a fallen brother. Still walks Gunther the dog in the familiar patrols her husband walked - this I admire.
    Kenna She seems a quietly confident woman, but it could have been the conversation matter. Sparte trusts her - and that speaks for much.
    Lance A chance meeting at the bank, but it left an indelible impression. Kindness, beauty and such amazing advice as to possibly change Acorn Hill forever. I owe a tremendous debt after a single afternoon.
    Lou I've had the opportunity to meet Lucita a time or two. She's come to use the Explorer's library. Aislin had given her permission, and I'm not inclined to rescind it. She has a curious mind, and that's something always to be fostered.
    Merek A serious woman, Merek thinks, but one with a desire to do things for the people. She seems to be nice enough in his opinion, and intelligent.
    Mikani An interesting woman; maybe we will go on an adventure sometime. She seems game.
    Miranda Quick wit and a good sense of humor. Lovely lady!
    Mirk Young, beguiling, but unlike most Lyceum her reputation for productivity precedes her.
    Niklas A gifted singer from Granato. Seems good natured and kind.
    Nuala An unexpected nightingale found in a colossus' cage. Such a sweet voice could bring someone to tears and raise them to wild heights. What spirit moves her is not an unfamiliar one to me. It echoes through the mighty rivers of the north, and in its surging currents, her song reminds me of home.
    Quenia Lucita. My cousin, and a skilled musician. I've been helping her get settled around Arx since she's new to the city, and I hope that she can find something to do to put her musical talent to work. I plan on hosting a wine tasting, which she's agreed to play at, for instance.
    Rowenova We briefly met at the Traders Tavern. She is a beautiful Baroness of the Saik family and also knows Lord Arik to whom we both spake there. She must be physically active with that great handshake: a good sign!
    Sabella I did not know Esteban very well, but have gotten to know the Baroness over the passing months and find her to be quite charming, incredibly talented, and extremely friendly! We most certainly should spend more time together and I think we will be very good friends!
    Sanya The baroness was a fine companion to spend time with and a very talented performer. I learned a lot speaking with her and hope to meet her soon again.
    Talwyn The soft dance of flame punctuates her every gesture. Her words carry that warmth with an easy candor. To listen to her is to find serenity and invigoration both. Old cares ease away in the presence of a friend such as her.
    Theo One of the first people I met in Arx, the Lady Lucita welcomed me to the city with drinks and food.
    Verity For saving my Patron, the Baroness will always have my thanks. Reading her report makes her to be as deadly and brave as she is beautiful and charming.
    Veronica The Baroness of Saikland Greens is a pleasant and friendly woman. Even with a wide cast of sociable nobility in all of Arx, it is a rarity for someone to reach out and welcome strangers; Baroness Lucita is one such rare gem.
    Zoey I was unsure at first, but she seems a fine woman.