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Princess Sabella Grayson

Life is but a play; and while there are no small roles, rest assured that I am the lead in this one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Damsel
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Honied Gold
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Description: There is something undeniably regal about Princess Sabella Grayson. Her posture is perfect, her honey blonde hair gleams like spun gold, and her cerulean blue eyes are as easy to lose oneself in as a storm-tossed sea. Her fair skin is without blemish, and her cheeks color easily with emotion - of which she has an abundance. Her happiness is a pure, unfiltered joy that warms the very air around her, and her ire is equally palpable, her icy stare the stuff of legends. She moves as if perfectly aware of the eyes on her, and with her svelte frame and captivating smile, there are almost always eyes watching.

Personality: There are some royals that believe it is their duty to set aside their dreams and aspirations to better represent their families and cast them in the best light. Sabella takes a different approach. Drama is in her blood, or so she claims, and if all of life is a stage, then certainly the scenes centering on the Graysons need to be the best - the most heroic, the most awe-inspiring, the most dramatic. And what does every good drama need? A compelling damsel. And so to that end, Sabella has made an art-form out of life itself. Every problem is a heroic quest, every new face is a Mysterious Stranger, every disagreement is time to call on a champion. She's not a drama queen - life isn't a comedy. Rather, she's a connoisseur of drama, nurturing it quietly until it blooms into a tour de force.

Background: So the family story goes, Sabella's mother was at the theatre when the infant princess decided to make her way into the world, and so compelled, she was named for a character in the evening's performance, Sabella Langlier, a wealthy heiress in love with a troubled knight. Perhaps performing is in her blood, or perhaps her fate was guided by too many tellings of the same tale. Whatever the case may be, Sabella tends toward drama as a personality trait. She can shed tears on demand that could soften even the blackest heart, her smile incites men to violence as they compete for her favor, and even the faintest sigh has servants scurrying to make things right.

    Sabella doesn't see anything wrong with wanting her life to be more like the performances she can't seem to get enough of, she's in line for the throne after all... if dozens of Graysons with a better claim all mysteriously died, of course - and how exciting would that be! After the events of the King's Rest, Sabelle maneuvered her way into being relocated to Arx for her greatest role yet - maintaining a pretty, charming face for the Grayson family amidst the turmoil of politics. And perhaps at the same time, she can hone her craft by getting involved with the Blackrose Theater in Arx - surely there are mummers out there in need of an enthusiastic patron, after all.

Relationship Summary

  • Lou - My older sister. Not always alike, but I am so proud of her.
  • Reese - My younger sister. She shoulders a great burden, I wish I could help.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Ford - It could have been worse? Maybe? If dragons had attacked.
  • Ian - No help!

  • Friend:
  • Valencia - Kind and Gracious
  • Theron - My first introduction to the limits of getting my way. I trust him with my life.
  • Michael - A good friend that I always enjoy talking to. He should smile more.
  • Catalana - She is like my third sister! My close friend and confidant.

  • Family:
  • Gareth - My favorite cousin. It is my singular goal in life to make him smile!
  • Aiden - He knows EVERYTHING!

  • Protege:
  • Niklas - The most brilliant writer I have ever met. Fortune and glory await us at the theater!
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn An interesting woman, with designs on meeting a dragon. If she makes good on that, I hope she invites me along on the adventure.
    Agatha Princess Mummer, of the Old Maid Society. Very theatrical, but seems game for an adventure. Should tell her NOT to try the foolsbane...
    Aiden I enjoy getting to know people who have the same interests and passions as I do. I wouldn't call it silliness, but rather, an asset to know my cousin better than I had. Should I continue my research and investigations, I'll know who to contact for aid.
    Barric My Cousin, there to save me when I was staring at a crowd of people I did not know at all. I really need to get to know /her/ better as well.
    Bastien My life is improved every day I don't see her.
    Bianca A charming woman full of light and energy. While our more in-depth meeting was on less pleasant topics, her personality made it a positive interaction.
    Caith Oh my gosh, I love her. I love the way she thinks! It's like .. it's like we SHARE A BRAIN.
    Cambria Grayson royalty. One must never forget that. Nor should one forget her passion for the arts - and theatre especially. If she ever truly puts her mind to it, she shall be a successful individual.
    Caspian A lovely person who's always a joy to be around!
    Catalana One of my favorite people and Wash's cousin. I consider her a little sister in sense and hope that our friendship lasts a lifetime.
    Coraline Now she wears Princess well!
    Demura She seems kind, a little bit dangerous with all of her talk of silk slippers.
    Derovai She tells wonderful stories. Pity none of them are actually hers. Worth a laugh, though, and maybe a glass of whatever-she-drinks-that-isn't-Foolsbane.
    Dominique Very chirpy. Very friendly. I imagine this is what King Alaric would be like if he was a princess.
    Echo Oh she's so wonderfully sweet! So while she might not be one of the best warriors in the city like Reese, she's definitely got that charm to her.
    Emily The princess has warmed up in recent weeks and I find her to be rather charming.
    Estil Very much embodies what I would think a classically pretty, charming Princess to be. Sweetness in abundance, and although sometimes a bit silly, a great deal of the time quite an interesting and educated woman. No time spent with her shall be boring, and I am glad of it.
    Fatima The way she frets and worries over those gone to war is a credit to how much the Princess cares for her people. She's truly sweet and her curiosity is something to be admired.
    Gareth She will never, ever, make me laugh. She'll get maybe ten smiles out of me over our lifetime. Maybe.
    Giulio Always such a dear -- and I do look forward to talking in a more scholastic bent regardign things.
    Grazia A Grayson princess ought to be dressed more finely than dull wool on a beautiful spring day! Her eye for color may be good, but her fashion sense is a little off. Someone should take her under their wing and teach her the wonders of seasilk and aeterna.
    Ian If she thinks I'm good debate training, she's gonna get smoked, tonight.
    Ignacio Always the friendly woman. She is a pleasure to be around.
    Iseulet A fan of the art of performance - always a plus in my book, but also one of the first Princesses I've ever come across that weren't haughty or self stroking. Actually, a joy to be around.
    Itzal A Grayson Princess interested in the theater and the arts, my favourite kind of Princess! Truly, Grayson is gifted to have such lovers of Jayus' works. It was my pleasure to meet her at the Black Rose Theater, and I dare hope we meet again.
    Jeffeth A lovely princess, she made a funny joke. We're not on a boat. Hah.
    Jordan Princess Sabella Grayson seems to be a pleasant individual, fanciful as actresses usually are, and very expressive. She seems to want to help and this is appreciated.
    Kaldur Princess Reese's sister and a lovely dancer and hostess. Her homecoming event was truly a gift.
    Laric Laric hasn't spent a lot of time with his cousin Sabella, but he's certainly introduced her to his average Monday morning. At least two new kingdom-ending crisises before lunch!
    Liara Haven't seen Sabella in quite a while - not really since I came to Arx. It's good to see her so lively and cheery, and with a fine sense of humour.
    Lou Oh, how I have missed you, Sabella. Stop going away from the city so often! And, if one more Lord breaks your heart, I'm probably going to break them. Just so you know. I've got your back, sis!
    Lucita Amusing, pleasant-natured, lively. A woman who has accepted her marriage is to be a political piece to aid her house. She's fun!
    Mailys Quite delightful to meet and full of good cheer.
    Marcas A pretty, proper Grayson Princess. Pleasant enough company in our little drinking bout, but she should have embraced it fully - finery or not. Still, I look forward to seeing more of her.
    Michael As lively and lovely as she has always been. Her charming tongue was turned upon me, but even with her skill and graceful words, does not untrouble me. Or ease the burden of worry upcoming.
    Mirari I'm not used to having dogs in my shop, Opia is usually pretty opinionated about these things. She seems very nice and into innocent mischief. I shall be very careful to not lead her into the not-so-innocent mischief.
    Norwood She seems quite jovial and a nice woman. I only wish that I had been in more of a position to be able to enjoy her company better.
    Orathy Princess who be sayin she be getting betrothed every ten steps. Well shit, it didn't work for me. Even counted out me ten steps!
    Oriana Very excited about being a bear in the Lowers? Is this some sort of... euphemism?
    Petal She seems very social and political, but also very nice. She is trying to calm down a conflict, but I am the one who who needs to be calmed down. I think she is very pretty too and will look lovely in the dress that I made.
    Prisila Passionate about theatre, but most actresses are no? She's intelligent, eloquent and comes from distinguished breeding. Royals are always quite the character.
    Reese She is bright and cheerful to be around, but in a good way that is warm without being overwhelming. We are lucky to have her and I think her presence will help us all feel and do better.
    Reigna Funny, sweet and very... Princessy. She is like a lighter version of Alarissa, without the undertones of sheathed daggers waiting to cut you. Clearly she's taken with the theater and shopping, she might be just the sort of friend I need in times where my memories and duties weigh heavily. She seems to lighten everything around her.
    Rhea She's clearly a fine purrveyor and pawtron of the arts. I'm feline quite good after her compliments, though if I wish to impress her I'll need to put my thinking cat on.
    Rymarr A touch too enthusiastic. If she's not on Dust, then she's clearly touched by the gods.
    Samael She is delightful and always a pleasure to see. I look forward to getting to know Sabella better. Maybe I can help teach her about occult history.
    Saoirse She certainly doesn't seem to understand the obligations of birthrights.
    Shae A princess! The one that guards the histories.
    Sigurd A talkative and vibrant princess, a bit too focuesd on theater and the arts. But that isn't necessarily a flaw. With so many Princesses, she probably gets to focus and study on what she wants to.
    Sparte A jobial, happy, and friendly princess. I hope her good nature proves contagious.
    Tabitha Friendly and charming -- an invigorating person to be around. Her kind words of praise have given me a renewed enthusiasm for my art.
    Theron As beautiful and regal as she'll ever be. I don't begrudge her the divergence of paths, and will think of the good times together for a long time.
    Thesarin One of those optomists I've heard tell of.
    Tikva Sabella is such a sweet and charming hostess, she really does light up the room. We've got to get this girl some more parties.
    Vayne She's a witty one. I enjoyed her repartee with Lord Niklas, and overall found her delightful.
    Violet Oh my goodness she talks fast. Stopped for a drink in the Salon and she was talking plays and Pirates with Lord Ian. A very cheerful woman. But my goodness she talks fast.
    Yasmine She's got wonderful moves. Maybe I'll share a stage with her someday.
    Ysbail My goodness she talks a lot.