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Lord Ian Kennex

It's going to be alright.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Half a man
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: male
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: dark
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

    An overwhelming sense of calm and focus surrounds this dark haired twenty-something man, at once detached and dangerous. It's there in his drawn and graven features, where pain and determination are carved deep, but especially, it's there in his eyes. His eyes are a deep, pure, fantastic blue, and his level gaze, when it fixes on someone, is electric.
    He's dressed in somber, simple black that flatters his compact, athletic form; the only thing remarkable about his clothes are the thick leather boots laced tight to the knee. Someone who cares to look close might notice that the boots are reinforced on the inside with simple metal braces. There's a cane to go with those braces, and this man who looks to be in the prime of his life nevertheless seems to need it.

Personality: Ian is at once serene and driven, ruthlessly efficient to a degree that doesn't always seem human. Duty is what drives him -- duty to his wife, duty to his family and his people, duty to his fealty, duty to the Compact, and duty to the Gods -- and he's tireless in its pursuit. He doesn't feel as deeply most people do, and this, combined with his drive and uncompromising nature, make it hard for him to connect with people or understand the nuances of social interaction. In a lot of ways, his social limitations frustrate him more than his physical ones. It's only when he has a weapon in hand that everything snaps into focus and the world makes sense to him; it's no wonder that he only really inhabits his own skin when he goes to war.

Background: Ian was born the third son of a lesser branch of the family, far from power... but nevertheless, he seemed destined for greatness. He was hardy, athletic, and fearless, and he added to that a focus and ruthless drive that was almost inhuman. He found his calling at a mere five years old, the first time that he picked up a blade. From that moment on, he turned all of his being towards honing his skill, making himself into a more efficient weapon and, as he got older, a better killer.

Ian followed his brothers Aethan and Porter to sea when he was nine. For his first few years, they stayed on relatively safe convoy duty, until it was judged that Ian, at fifteen, was ready for more. He'd already killed, after all, two years before -- the only one who was worried about him was Aethan, and only because Ian had handled that experience a little too well. With the youngest of them ready, the Brothers Kennex were transferred to hunting pirates. Intense Aethan, affable party boy Porter, and calm, driven Ian were making a name for themselves. It was with them that Washburn Grayson, soon to be Wash Kennex, learned to sail. Ian was starting to be acknowledged as one of the best swordsmen in the Isles. Aethan even gave him commands of his own from time to time. Only prize ships, but a real command was sure to follow.

And then his life came crashing down.

He was seventeen. Aethan had given him command of a prize ship they'd taken earlier that day. They set off for home together, but Ian's ship, severely damaged, fell behind. As darkness closed in that night, a powerful storm overtook them, and Ian soon realized that unless a broken line high in the rigging was spliced, the ship wouldn't bear the strain of the wind, and would sink... and the only person he was sure could get that line spliced was him. With the mast swaying wildly, he managed to repair the line, but on the way down, he fell. At first everyone thought he'd died, and maybe he should have had the sense to do so. If he had, he would have died a hero, instead of living his days as half a man, a paralyzed cripple.

But Ian's focus and drive hadn't deserted him. Feeling started to come back after a little over a year, and he pushed himself the way that he always had, determined to walk again. It took years, but walk he did, and as soon as he could move around he was sent away to Arx, where he would find "more opportunity". There, his healing continued; under the tutelage of Duke Harald Grimhall and Duke Arn Telmar, he picked up a weapon again, and after that there was no stopping him. He led the Grim Fleet home after Duke Grimhall's injury at the battle in the north, and guarded a critical asset during the Pirate War in Setarco. He'll never again be the warrior he was, but in these desperate times, what he's become will have to do.

Things are looking up for Ian. Prince Galen, the Warlord of Thrax, has put him in command of Thrax's special forces. He's married to Lady Zoey, formerly of Bisland -- a match far better than he had any right to expect -- and has even reunited with Wash, and with his brothers. War looms on the horizon, but Ian is a man more comfortable at war than at peace, and he's ready to fight.

Relationship Summary

  • Wash - Not a brother by blood, but a brother all the same.
  • Porter - He stuck with me when no one else did. I'll never forget that.
  • Aethan - As much a father to me as a brother.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Alarissa - Not what I thought she was.
  • Orazio - If he can't learn to bend, he's going to break.
  • Dianna - It was my mistake, but she paid.
  • Denica - Different than she was.
  • Hadrian - I don't know what happened.
  • Victus - Obedience. An oath is an oath.
  • Vanora - I'm glad she got out.
  • Valdemar - It will be a sad day for Grimhall, when he becomes Duke.

  • Ally:
  • Skapti - A good sailor, and a good man.
  • Arn - The best teachers are the unforgiving ones.
  • Harald - Respect.
  • Galen - Not sure what to make of him.

  • Friend:
  • Valencia - An escape to a kinder place.
  • Regla - Trouble.
  • Edward - Dependable, solid, and experienced.
  • Marian - A warrior.
  • Sorrel - Brave.
  • Zoey - Pragmatic, even in her innocence.
  • Lucita - I walk on eggshells with her.
  • Eirene - She wears that armor for a reason. I respect that.
  • Luca - He has salt in his blood.

  • Family:
  • Octavia - Myopic.
  • Jan - A kindred spirit
  • Titania - Fragile.
  • Ford - A bridge too far.
  • Catalana - Naive enough to be dangerous.
  • Victoria - Tied to some unhappy memories.
  • Niklas - Strange.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shared a drink with him at the Hart. An interesting man with interesting tales.
    Aerandir A seasoned warrior, if his knowledge of current affairs - the outlandish foes threatenning us in particular - is any indication. He has grim tales to tell, perhaps why our paths met by a bar, with drinks in hand.
    Aethan My youngest brother, who hardly needs describing.
    Agatha Speaks truth to power gracefully and tenaciously.
    Ainsley The first time I met this man he was helping me to try and save four children from a burning building. Afterward he offered to help my new ward. He's got a true hero's spirit.
    Alaric His guiding ambition seems to be to have all the presence and emotive capacity of a cloakpost. Don't let the neutral facade fool you, however; behind it lurks a sharp mind and an alarming supply of alcohol.
    Alarissa Oh, I think I could come to enjoy this man and his company. There could be conversations I am sure.
    Aleksei He's pretty quiet! I fortunately talked enough for both of us.
    Amarantha I wish I had met him in better circumstances. I was never a fan of Thrax but the bravery he showed defending Zhayla and helping Marian is a credit to that House.
    Ann I've heard more than a little about this man, and he didn't disappoint. He's sharp and attentive.
    Arcelia I met Lord Ian at Sameera's shop. He seems like he is a nice man and I can hardly blame him for getting defensive of his cousin. That he rose to defend his cousin when he thought she was being insulted says something of his family ethics and I can respect that. I hope to meet him again in the future, maybe have a glass of wine with the man and see more of who he is.
    Arn Solid looking lad. Has a bad leg. If he doesn't right past that then it's a waste. Nice and quiet too. Nothing wrong with that.
    Arn Crippled Kennex lord. Has grit, though, and a strong will. Good for him.
    Austen A sturdy lord, with incredible hidden depths. A most excellent fighter.
    Barric A quiet man, thinks before he speaks, something I should get better at. Does not let adversity get him down, he soldiers on and through while helping others to better themselves. It is easy to see why he is so well spoken of.
    Bianca A very stoic man. Quiet, but poignant.
    Cadenza An interesting fellow....though he always seems to drinking and appearing stressed. Then again...aren't we all stressed?
    Cambria Quiet, with little affect. He does seem quite astute, however. The way he grips his cane did not escape my notice.
    Caspian He seems to be the very serious sort. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.
    Christine My cousin is always so serious and grave... I'm not sure why I feel so attached to him because we couldn't be more different, but he's one of my favorites.
    Cirroch A quiet man who drinks a lot. Also, I am three fourths sure that he had a woman behind those high seats.
    Coraline He knows so much! I hope I can learn from him soon.
    Cristoph He was quiet, a people watcher. A little strange but then we didn't speak. So I can't tell how accurate my impression was.
    Daemon He doesn't seem to speak much, but I can hardly blame him. Kennex seems to breed stalwart men from the two I've met and he is certainly one I'll hope to know more of.
    Dante I like this fellow. Though I feel we may never get to know one another in such vast arrays of public. Maybe he's a sherry man, we could bond over sherry and losing at chess.
    Darrow A reserved Lord of Kennex, one who thinks before speaking. A rarity amongst many Lords, and a trait I respect.
    Dianna I like the way that he looks at things. And by that, I don't mean his view of the world. I mean the way that he stares. So many people think that conversation means 'waiting for their turn to speak', but Lord Kennex leaves no doubt on the subject. He's drinking in each and every word you've said.
    Dominique I think he might be a little slow on the uptake. Or he's just innocent. Either way, I can appreciate that.
    Donovan Not exactly a fluent conversationalist, this man. I can hardly boast any social brilliance myself, though. It was a brief first meeting at the Ambassador when I met him first. He seems a well reserved sort, but polite in his manner.
    Echo I believe I have seen Ian prior to this meet, but when I actually got to sit down and direct my attention to him, I received it back in kind. He has a lot of good information and knowledge to share, and he even asked to join in on our hunt for caches of cobalt weapons. I'm in good company.
    Ectorion A skeptic from the sound of things, or perhaps rumor adverse. I can appreciate both.
    Elara Lord Ian is very calm and collected. I can appreciate that. He inspires me to be more so and I find it easier when he is about. Glad he is family.
    Felicia Keen eyed and insightful, loves a good fight. One to keep an eye on.
    Ferrando Very calm and unruffled, with a quiet sense of humor. All in all, quite a model reception party guest!
    Fortunato A reserved, thoughtful man, quietly passionate about the sea. I like the set of his eyes and his patience, even if he's little enough use for paints and canvas right now. Sea-salt and stormed skies.
    Gareth Another man with a cane. A lord who seems to keep to his business.
    Hadrian He seems friendly enough. Part of House Kennex. He walks about with a cane while he stares at his feet. It's most unfortunate really and I'm certain there's a sad, sad tale to accompany his apparent injuries. He's had to watch me defend myself against legal matters. It's like we're family! He's a great guy...I think? We've only known one another for a short time.
    Ignacio A good man with seemingly a good head on his shoulders. He seems like a good companion for my friend Lady Zoey.
    Isolde It'd be a damn shame if his prank gets him killed. That mind for mischief should not be wasted.
    Jan Master swordsman. All around impressive man. So much to learn from him. Just have to keep my foot out of my mouth.
    Jeffeth A kind enough Lord. Seems like he likes to be in public but appreciates silence as well. He stares at fires a lot. But seems nice enough.
    Jev Silent drinker; heavy thinker!
    Jordan Observant lord. Doesn't talk much, seems to be very intent when he walks. Probably has a story behind that, which is respectable.
    Killian I'm not sure what happened to him, but it looks to have been severe, and it takes a strong force of will to not only keep going after that, but to do it despite how society must look at him. It makes me ashamed of having worried over my own scarring, to see him shouldering such a burden.
    Laric Quiet, serious. Has a habit of cutting through straight to the point when he speaks. It's appreciable, though you can't help but wonder what's going through his mind at any given moment.
    Liara Seems polite and mild-mannered. Kept himself somewhat to himself, but perhaps just had things weighing on his mind.
    Lydia I like dark humor. Ian is a master. He may have been injured in body, but I can tell his spirit is still strong. And he's kinda cute all done up in black.
    Malesh He's to wed Lady Zoey Bisland, and I gather he must impress Samael as a young intellectual or man of reason. Curious boots though, very curious.
    Margerie There truly is a sense of humor to be unlocked in there, if after a couple of drinks.
    Melinda His eyes are startling, not so keen on his manners but perhaps time will tell.
    Monique It's the quiet ones you need to worry about. Especially the quiet ones with a sharp wit.
    Naomi I've never seen someone as resilient. The sharpest sword in House Kennex's arsenal, and a valued teacher.
    Niklas Auntie Vic asked me to make friendly with Ian, but he doesn't seem to be in short supply. Odd, but clearly an accomplished sailor and fighter, reticent to speak but still with something to say.
    Norwood Damn the man doesn't go down! A few more blows and it would have been me on the ground.
    Orathy Reckon he be silent as the fucking grave and reckon probably me favorite Silk of all the Silks. Reckon I be thinking I be losin to him in a stare down, cause he be having practice at doin watching.
    Orazio A hard man to get to know, but Orazio likes what little he's been permitted to see. He considers Ian to be steady, sensible, and rational, and is fast becoming to consider him a friend.
    Oswyn He's very good at being deadpan. I wouldn't want to play cards against him.
    Petal He is rather quiet, but maybe that is a good thing. Lots of people are too loud. He is not your average noble and seems very thoughtful.
    Reese He seems okay. Is kind of quiet, which might not be a bad thing. He seems attentive the the Thrax Ladies. If I had to guess, I would say he is probably thoughtful and loyal to his friends.
    Roxana He seemed careful with his words when Roxana first met him, as if he is only given a certain allotment per day and must be frugal with their use. Yet he also showed a dry and amusing sense of humor, even if he was not terribly verbose in sharing it.
    Rue I accepted a Thrax lord to be a lot scarier. He seems nice if all quiet-like.
    Sabella He is a wonderful listener and not once did he seem annoyed by my chatter. And he clarified pirates/sailors for me, which will undoubtably help me from causing a serious incident with important people in the future. Probably. About that, at least.
    Saedrus I first met Lord Ian at the Queensrest, and he was kind enough to help me with a little game. He seems a very quiet man, reserved and more thoughtful then I think some would give him credit for. I am sorry to admit I might not have noticed him at the bar if another had not gotten me to turn my attention -- I am terribly glad they did though. It would be a shame to not have met him. The surface might be still and calm, but the well is deep.
    Sasha A lord of Kennex who seems fond of Whiskey and quite a pleasant conversationalist
    Sebastian Gifting the Marquis with a goblet the size of which one might bathe in was truly entertaining. I have seen the quiet lord a number of times, spoken to him a couple, but it was entertaining to see this side of him.
    Skapti Apparently he used to be on the Salt. Men'd still follow him if he proved cunning enough, but that's a hard oar to row. Doubt he'll try it.
    Sorrel When I first met Ian, he was practicing his walking due to an older injury. Now I have the opportunity to get to know him a little better, and I discover he seems injury-prone. I hope that his luck improves the more I get to know him, or I shall have to keep a healer on call.
    Sparte A sailor who gets the rough end of sailing, but shoulders it just fine and moves on through it. A solid sort of person to know, though I can't say I really know him more than in passing. Saw him teaching a nice lady the basics of sailing, without asking for a single silver in return. At least I don't think he did.
    Talen Lord Ian Kennex has been seen more than a handful of times by Talen. Unassuming, he's nevertheless the kind of guy that seems to serve his family dutifully. Any time Kennex are mentioned, Ian's there shortly after.
    Tarrant A silent and very intent sort. Rather unsettling at first, but not a bad sort. I wonder if all Thraxians wear so much black.
    Thena A quiet man. He's probably filing everything away, I know the type.
    Theron Even if Lord Ian and my cousin Dianna aren't on speaking terms, the Kennex Lord has been courteous, a good fighter, and has given me valuable information about what I am to face. I am glad he and Marquis Hadrian are friends.
    Thesarin Seems a solid sort, what I've seen. Calm as anything. Not much like to shadow the first time I saw him, climbing a burning building to save them children inside.
    Thorley I'm not sure what to make of the stiff movements and actions - however, he is far more fluid with a weapon. And what weapons he carries - and the stamina to match. I would fear the amount of punishment he can take - and be fortunate he is on our side.
    Tomwell A man of few words. I don't understand it, but I can respect it.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Valery He is a very quiet guy, so Valery isn't sure how would he really be. He seems hurt on his legs, which makes her curious.
    Vanora There is always a learning curve getting to know my Kennex family, and Lord Ian is no exception.In fact he might cultivate more mystery than most. Lycene blood is thick stuff though, and an air of the unknown is not enough to send me slithering away. We will keep working at it, whenever time permits.
    Vayne I would very much like to speak with him more. He's a keen mind, and I think he could grasp some of the complexities of Tehom's precepts if he chose to do so.
    Victus Lord Kennex is a good drinker. What he lacks in working legs he's made up for in his attitude and his desire for conversation. It takes a lot for a man to come back from that kind of injury into a different life, but by Mangata he's giving it hell.
    Violet A capable soldier in a matched against Norwood. I was impressed at how he held his own. Certainly has...stamina.
    Wash The youngest of three brothers that taught me to ride the sea. None of them have ever tamed it, none of them will. He's learned that lesson the hard way.
    Wylla Clearly this Kennex needs to practice ship artwork! And perhaps he could be a bit happier.
    Zoey I am deeply curious of the man. I'm certain that under his taciturn demenor lies great determination and true grit. Getting him to open up, however, will prove a task that likely requires patience and time.