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Vassal of Grimhall

Words : “The winds of change are ever at our back”
Sigil: A violet ship on a white ocean being carried by a strong gale
Nicknames: Pirate Killers, Uniforms

Somewhat of a departure from traditional Thrax values. House Kennex started as a commoner family, a long line of Admirals and Captains who served in the Thrax navy. They were granted a title and a hold after removing a particularly irritating group of shav pirates from a piece of Thrax territory. Being a bit removed from the bulk of Thrax territory, at the edge of Grimhall holdings, House Kennex grew into something a bit different. Progressive, strong, loyal, and integral to ship building efforts. It continues to be the Thrax vassal with the lowest thrall population.


Name Rank Title Description
Ford 1 Marquis ---
Octavia 2 Voice ---
Catalana 2 Voice ---
Cecilia 3 Noble Family ---
Niklas 3 Noble Family ---
Wash 3 Noble Family ---
Jan 3 Noble Family ---
Victoria 3 Noble Family ---
Ian 3 Noble Family ---
Christine 3 Noble Family ---
Aethan 3 Noble Family ---
Porter 3 Noble Family ---
Elara 3 Noble Family ---
Zoey 3 Noble Family ---
Dayton 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Naomi 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Krarstin 4 Trusted House Servants ---
Venta 5 Noble Vassals ---
Atrid 5 Noble Vassals ---
Ember 5 Noble Vassals ---
Marina 5 Noble Vassals ---
Mikani 5 Noble Vassals ---
Edward 5 Noble Vassals ---
Baltus 5 Noble Vassals ---
Carita 5 Noble Vassals ---
Azova 5 Noble Vassals ---
Regla 5 Noble Vassals ---
Turo 5 Noble Vassals ---
Estil 5 Noble Vassals ---
Skye 5 Noble Vassals ---
Annika 5 Noble Vassals ---
Dion 5 Noble Vassals ---
Arcelia 5 Noble Vassals ---
Faelan 5 Noble Vassals ---
Iseulet 5 Noble Vassals ---
Romulius 5 Noble Vassals ---
Dycard 5 Noble Vassals ---
Eamon 5 Noble Vassals ---
Titania 6 Extended Family ---
Ulfric 7 Known Commoners ---
Archene 7 Known Commoners ---
Lucius 7 Known Commoners ---
Thesbe 7 Known Commoners ---
Ethan 7 Known Commoners ---

Ruler: Ford

Minister Category Title
Octavia Upkeep Minister of Public Works
Zoey Income None

Land Holdings


Description: Formerly a Shav pirate haven, Stormward March is nestled comfortably a ways off the southwestern reaches of the Mourning Isles, the warm isle is the home of Stormward March, both one of the westernmost and southernmost Thrax sworn lands in the Mourning Isles.

It’s capital city, Port Stormbreak is know throughout Arvum for it’s drydock and innovative shipwrights. For hundreds of years, they’ve been building the sturdiest siege breaker ships in the water right now.

Landmarks: In mid 1007 AR, House Kennex built the Hospital of Lagoma, a grand hospital for study and healing as part of the Pilgrimage Path.

Trends: Since starting the construction of the Hospital of Lagoma, it has become a place of pilgrimage for Mercies of Lagoma, with many of the mercies that study in Blancbier visiting the Hospital and returning. This has caused some Oathlander customs rubbing off on Stormbreakers, and the Islanders growing ever so slightly closer to the Oathlands and the Faith.

Since the abolition of Thralldom, chaos has seized Kennex. Most long for stability, even if a majority favor the more progressive viewpoints of the House. They expect the Compact to come through for them, and will never forgive them if they don't.