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Lady Monique Greenmarch

I used to collect my wanted posters. Some of the concept art for 'The Minx of the Marches' was actually really flattering. I even changed my hair to reflect one of the better ones.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Former Outlaw
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: female
Age: 25
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Ex-Outlaw
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Vivid red
Eye Color: Emerald green
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Vivacious and carefree, Monique carries with her a wild mystique, never quite putting forth a particular appearance. Her vivid red hair, occasionally darkened with lowlights, or completely dyed always seems to be perfectly kept, even when utterly unkempt. Her green eyes seem to be of different shades, depending on what she wears or the illumination of the room. From a brilliant emerald green to muted mossy tones, they always hold deep intelligence and wicked mischief. Her lovely lips smile easily, accented by a laugh that can add life to a room, or crush a soul when directed at them. She seems in utter control of her lean figure, with purposeful movements, and accentuating or distracting from her soft curves as she deems necessary.

Personality: Monique loves a challenge. That's all that life is about, after all. Growing up in the wilds as an Abandoned, the land itself, and their Valardin enemies provided obvious challenges. And why should she strain and toil under those challenges? Everything seems to be a game to win with Monique, Now, the game doesn't necessarily have to be at someone's expense, as some challenges are personal. In fact, if she can serve her family by completing a challenge that doesn't actually require some fancy diplomacy, even better. Some of the greatest challenges are wrapping people around her finger and making them do her work for her, or simply savoring secret triumphs and knowing she is responsible. She is careful not to invite open scandal to her newly ennobled family, but sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Background: Many Abandoned live their entire lives without seeing civilization, or leaving their strongholds in the deep wilderness untouched by the writ of the Compact. Some like the Ravashari travel in and out of Compact lands and ones controlled by the Abandoned, never quite a member of each. But to the relief of many of the lords of the Compact no more than a handful of Abandoned are like Monique. The youngest daughter of the chieftain of the Greenmarch Abandoned, she grew up in the dark reaches of the Greenwood on stories of their ancestral enemies in House Valardin, and tales of the lords and ladies of civilized lands and how they led their lives. Fiercely independent and trading shamelessly on her privileged position as a favorite child, the reckless young woman was too fascinated by the land of the Compact to leave it alone, however much her tribe clung to isolationism for their own survival. Without anything like permission, she scouted Valardin lands far closer than most of her tribe, keeping watch on commoners in the borderlands, knights on patrol, and finally deciding she had learned enough to infiltrate Valardin lands herself. She found it almost laughably easy to become lost in the throngs of Sanctum, just another commoner blending in the crowds, easily adopting the more refined dialect of the Oathlands and never being taken for a shav. Monique loved the thrill of the game, and she stole clothes to embrace any of a hundred different roles on her escapades... and discovered that dozens of them let her slip into places no normal commoner of the Oathlands could hope to reach, and started spying to benefit the Greenmarch in ways that House Valardin would never have thought possible. She listened at high society parties, pretending to be a noblewoman or a courtesan, as she heard pompous knights grouse how the Greenmarch were always seeming one step ahead 'by sheer blind luck' as she fed information on patrols, offensives and reprisal raids. She grew more and more confident, turning from spying to thefts and raids that could benefit the Greenmarch. She orchestrated bold burglaries on places she knew Valardin soldiers were leaving unguarded, sold information to other Abandoned groups, and finally started leaving calling cards of her crimes for her own amusement. With her talent at disguise, she counted at least twenty different descriptions for her with very creative wanted posters, and enjoyed collecting them. She was depressed for a full month when her sister married into House Valardin and the Greenmarch bent the knee, and House Valardin pardoned 'the Minx of the Marches' for her crimes. She could hardly still rob and manipulate her new in-laws. Her sister is scary, after all.

But fortunately for Monique, she sees that all is not lost. Ignoring the loud objections of her family and friends that might have betrayed a trace of their panic, Monique has decided it's time to come to Arx, the capital of the Compact and become involved in politics. She is, after all, a lady of the newest house of the Compact, the ever-so-respectable Lady Monique Greenmarch. And she promised to behave- cross her heart and hope to die. She means it. Mostly. Sort of. Kind of. But they can hardly blame her if she uses a few old tricks to help out the family. What could possibly go wrong?

Relationship Summary

  • Muiryn - Nobody else could have held this family together so well
  • Rowan - You're often a mystery to me, but I trust you, cousin.
  • Fiachra - The yin to my yang, he knows me almost better than I know myself.
  • Eirlys - All sweetness and light.. and stabby, stabby swords. Cousin
  • Neve - By turns frustrating and enchanting. True to herself, always. Cousin
  • Marius - Older brother that I absolutely adore!
  • Simone - He lucked out when he got you and he knows it!
  • Edain - Liegelord and brother-in-law. You have misconceptions about yourself, let me show you what I see.
  • Alis - Sister-in-law. I've put the pieces into play, its up to you what to do with them!

  • Friend:
  • Cai - mentor and fellow Abandoned
  • Ansel - You chased me more doggedly than anyone back then. I miss those encounters, oddly.
  • Percephon - All these hidden corners, I love finding them!
  • Asger - Best Drinking Companion Ever
  • Nadia - You keep making excellent whiskey and I'll keep telling fun stories!
  • Ford - Unexpected friend, but welcome! Fashion friend!
  • Signe - I wonder how much whiskey it /would/ take...
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr The Greenmarch's easy on the eyes and hasn't robbed me. Seems fine enough company.
    Alaric The infamous Minx of the Marches is still on the prowl in Arx after three years, and it's somehow comforting to see her ambitions still both intact and not sentenced to confinement in the intervening period. I always did like her pluck.
    Aleksei Nia's cousin. A bright, clever, vivacious sort. She seems to have quite a few plans in the works at any given time.
    Armand One of the Greenmarch Ladies, but the first I've met. From reputation, certainly one I'd like to know more.
    Arn Well, what else would you expect from a Greenmarch? This one's more flamboyant though, which she'd probably take as a compliment. I think this one was the outlaw. They're all outlaws in the end, though. Probably still some kind of troublemaker, I figure.
    Brianna Amusing, interesting, generous. All the things you'd want in a lady. And the Minx of the March? That is a story I look forward to hearing.
    Clara Monique seems like a nice Lady. She knows my brother and says they are friends so I am curious to see about meeting her again in the future. I will have to ask my brother about her.
    Clover Clover's initial response to Monique was not completely good. But the more time Clover spends to her the more she finds the other woman intriguing. She's brash and proud-- some things Clover could learn about.
    Cristoph A wily Greenmarcher! I haven't had much chance to speek with her personally these days, but her name does come up /frequently/ and she clearly has sway in her house. Hopefully we can change that in the future as House Laurent builds its connections.
    Edwyn Her face seems familiar, like I've seen her in the posters before. She's quite pretty.
    Ferrando Possibly one of the better walking advertisements for 'let bygones be bygones' I've met. Just ask her! She's totally forgiveable.
    Frederik It's hard to tell whether my Lord likes the Minx of the Marches or not, he's a hard man to read. Due to his dislike for shavs (not that I'm implying m'lady is one), I sincerely doubt it, but one thing is for certain, she made the Count think. She's a bold, bold woman, to be so able to take a seat at a table with the two most bitter lords in all the Oathlands and speak to them so plainly. I suspect the Count respects her, if nothing else.
    Gaston The note taker. I can see why she earned Arn's ire, but let's be honest, everyone does that. Doesn't make it a fault, necessarily. She seems to pride herself on observation. I can respect that if it's true. A hunter that's not observant goes hungry.
    Ian It remains to be seen if she's really as wild as she claims.
    Ida Monique is warmth, mischief, and yet seriousness when needed all at once. It was like finding an old friend and soul, I think, without an ounce of pretension. Ah, what story to tell with this next blade she's asked for.
    Insaya What a vivid, delightful woman! I kind of wish she /had/ stolen that silverware.
    Jack I remember when I was so younger and eager. Wonder how long it'll last.
    Jayanthi A cheerful, friendly woman. She likes umbra, it seems.
    Killian She seems greatly concerned with the health and safety of others, and that's a trait that I can both respect and admire. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to meet her.
    Lark I do quite believe that she would punch him. I hope that she saves the day for when I am there.
    Magpie Monique came into Magpie's pawn shop, looking for something 'of value' to purchase. They ended up haggling over a box of libertia tea, and a dinner date was worked into the bargain. Magpie found her to be quite interesting and fun and looks forward to learning more about her.
    Malesh Co-host to an entertaining spring celebration!
    Mirari A Greenmarch, fantastic party planner, polite.
    Orazio She apologized, and thus became one of the few noble Prodigals to make a GOOD first impression on Orazio, despite the spray of alcohol. Still a heathen, of course, but politeness goes a long way with him.
    Rook A little politics, a lot of charm and a bit of a back rub go a long way in making new friends.
    Saedrus A charming, energetic young woman with a wild nature to her I think. Though, I do think it would be best if she wore shoes when next she decides to go gallivanting in the hedgemaze of her home.
    Sasha A wonderful Lady of Greenmarch who seems to enjoy researching like I do. I look forward to our languages lessons.
    Sebastian A better dancer than I. Perhaps neither of us won the competition, but at least we tried.
    Skapti I see you, red fox. Try not to catch fire, eh?
    Tarik A nobly lady from Greenmarch that likes Petal's work. It means she has excellent taste. I might have to speak with her again if I need support for one of my projects.
    Victus The would-be thief turned into proper lady. Actually, 'proper' might be a bit of an overstatement. But she is a lady, a pretty one at that.