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At least it won't be boring!

Social Rank: 8
Concept: The Power of Youth
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Fatchforth
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'1
Hair Color: Burgundy
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Rose

Description: Standing taller than most at just over six feet, Sparte still manages to be unimposing. He is skinny, his expressions tend to be exagerated to the point of goofiness, and he generally gives the impression of being haphazardly thrown together no matter how nicely dressed. He has bright green hazel eyes with bushy eyebrows, his hair an uncombed shock of burgundy that tends to stick out to the left side in a permanent cowlick, and he has a toothy grin that shows off how his left incisor is a whole quarter inch longer than his right.

Personality: Energetic and courageous, smart as a brick and about as imposing. He tries, he really tries.

Background: u'Very little is known about Sparte from before he showed up in Arx, one of the many youths that came from the countryside to answer the call to protect Arx after the betrayal of Lord Everard Telmar in 1005 AR. The Fatchforths are a farming family a few days from Bastion and well liked, but they arn't the sort you often see in a city or a history book.

Joining the Iron Guard as a simple recruit with little more to his name than a baby stoat and a walking stick, Sparte was neither intimidating nor particularly capable. The only thing he seems good at was being enthusiastic and stubborn. In the coming year he'd learn meet every mercy that worked the training yards and end up on first name basis with most of them. He learned this because he got the snot beat out of him, again, and again, and again. It took six months for him to wear his first spar to even a draw, another three to win.

Then the Silent Army came, and those lessons were put to use. Proving his valor he faced no less than a dozen Bringers across Arx, never faltering or retreating. He earned medals of the Guardian and Star for this, but what people remember instead is him earning the nickname Eyebrows. This given after he burned them off fighting a bringer with fire, and went around town with two serious looking black smears over his eyes for months.

When peace came to Arx, Sparte didn't settle. He seemed incapable, permanently restless and eager to do something more. Eventually this would lead him to try to join the Society of Explorers, being turned down for his lack of skill as something more than a warrior. If you have followed along this far, you have an idea of how this went.

In early 1007 AR Sparte was admitted to the Society of Explorers, having focused on cartography and earned recognition for the talent he had developed in that area. "Anyone can look at a map and see what is on it, but if you want a worth while puzzle? Figure out what isn't."

Relationship Summary

  • Calarian - Good for House Grayson, but...

  • Family:
  • Arta - Big Sis!

  • Acquaintance:
  • Orathy - A Fierce Soul
  • Harper - Fellow Iron Guard
  • Leola - The Empathy of Petrichor
  • Estaban - Iron E
  • Tristram - The Prince Chef
  • Cybele - Mercy Scholar Cybele
  • Leta - Taught me the basics - Now a Dame!
  • Hadrian - Duke Hadrian
  • Tarik - Friendly Traveler
  • Wash - A very capable man
  • Ian - Likes to get his hands dirty. And on fire.
  • Archeron - A credit to his house
  • Eleanor - One of the King's Best
  • Victus - My liege
  • Shard - We agree more these days

  • Ally:
  • Tiny Tom - Dame Tommelisa Thistlefur
  • Luca - The Frog Prince
  • Reese - Princess Sir
  • Betsy - Faithful Steed
  • Wilhelm - The ever reliable
  • Alarissa - One of the bravest of us

  • Deceased:
  • Juliet - Died a Reflection
  • Zhayla - I will miss her resolve
  • Killian - One of my first friends in Arx

  • Friend:
  • Sophie - A Shining Light
  • Mae - Brilliant as she is small
  • Petrichor - Wisdom with charity
  • Calaudrin - Old Ironsides
  • Thena - The Ex-Iron Maiden
  • Silas - The Lord Lord Commander
  • Aiden - The Falcon Prince
  • Valencia - She gives so freely
  • Merek - Brooding with good intentions
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr A patchwork of a man, not particularly blessed by neither gods nor spirits. Worth more than his appearance belies, most like, by the fact that Silas keeps paying him, and a harder match than one would expect.
    Aiden Aiden punched Sparte the first time he met him. Why? Because Sparte sort of sucked at being a healer, well, that is to say, you have to sometimes heal with pain before you can heal at all! Then he seen the man fight with a BENCH at the event in which Aiden hosted. He was quite... unsure what to think about the quiet man, who seems, dreadfully shy and unsociable and yet... can take on so many at once, with a bench! Sparte, for Aiden, is a curious oddity.
    Arianna He kicked my ass fair and square. I probably shouldn't have called him so passive. I am sure that earned me a few bruises.
    Calaudrin Undeniably one of our hardest working guards. He's honest and a decent person. Which is more than I can say about a lot of people in Arx. He took off after the fighting ended at Seagate to check on the graveyard, he's got initiative and instinct. He's also really hard to knock down.
    Christine Such an adorable kid! He even gave me a book!
    Darrow A new guardsman - not what I was looking for.
    Edain I first met the Guardsman known as Sparte while keeping the vigil for Fawkhul to turn himself in after Archduchess Esera's death. Despite the somber occasion, and my.. less than pleasant state of mind, the young guard made it near impossible to not find him a bit charming. He just seems to have such a genuine love of what he does. Even the gut wrenching 'hurry up and wait' moments. He has a zeal for what he does that really inspiring.
    Ferrando A farm kid that's still a bit out of place in the city at times but he can pick up a two-hander and throw down with demons just fine, so what else do you really want out of a guardsman? I run into him here and there and he seems to be finding his way all right. I'm rooting for ya, kid!
    Gisele A brave young man with a dark past, looking to overcome and make sense of it. And for all his warrior aspect, there's something scholarly here too, to be cultivated. So to speak.
    Killian Sparte never changes, and that's part of the best thing about Sparte. Seriously, unflinching and fearless, gotta love the man.
    Lailah The first time I met him, I think I was perhaps a little too harsh. He's an all right source, but really, every time I've met with him, his stubbornness has reached new levels of foolishness that know no bounds.
    Maeve He did a good job helping in the big rat-caper! Though, I don't think he approved of my choie of using poisoned grains to kill the rats. I found my poison was more human than stabbity stab stab! I hope he doesn't think too ill of me.
    Merek He is a bit fervent about battle, but I think that he generally means well, if he is That One Guy we all know and love.
    Raja I am not sure if this one is brave or stupid. Maybe he is both? He led an entire group of angry drunken men in a chase through the streets of the Boroughs. I have to admit, I am entertained.
    Saedrus Master Sparte Fatchforth seems a good natured young man, full of ambition and enthusiasm. I met him while he was organising the charity event, the 'Iron Arrow Barbecue'. He has worked terribly hard for it all, which is only greater favour to his kind nature.
    Sameera A fighter. He seems strange. Perhaps not as annoying as she expected of a fighter. He seems to have the thoughts of the Prince of Sanctum in regards to Thrax Sworn ways. Not understanding it but their ways.
    Sasha Very quiet and sometimes fumbling but seems kind enough.
    Silas Sparte is one of the most impressive guardsmen within the ranks, in Silas's opinion, and one of the most hardworking. Silas sees promising things in his future.
    Thena Quiet stoic sort. Seems like an idealist, but I can let that slide. He's a solid soldier and a fine colleague and I am proud to serve with him.
    Valery Despite seeming distracted most of the time, he is quite a nice and kind man, and Valery likes talking with him. He also buys a lot of ointments.