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Princess Reese Grayson

"I wasn't complaining," complained the complainer!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Feminine Crusader
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: golden
Eye Color: crystal blue
Skintone: pale peach

Description: Wide cheekbones and a gently dimpled chin provide a heart-shaped frame for the sky blue windows to Reese's soul. Thickly fringed with chestnut lashes and swirled with darker blue limbal rings, they are a captivating counterpoint to her smooth complexion and pale rose lips. Her beach-gold hair hangs in the laziest of graceful waves, barely bending around her face and shoulders.

Personality: A second cousin (and youngest of three) to the King, Reese has never been worried she might be called upon to be first among the peers and lead the Compact -- thank goodness! She has enough to worry about wrestling with the fear that she might someday be called upon to lead something else: a cavalry charge, a household, a gaggle of young schoolchildren...It's not that she's a timid or fearful young woman, no. Reese is very brave, and very conscientious. Too conscientious, maybe, so worried that her actions and decisions will lead to suffering and wrongdoing. She's rarely satisfied with a plan or policy, as a result, and is always trying to devise a better, more beneficial way to do things. Bubbly and undeniably girly, she's nonetheless got a force of personality and intellect that demands to be taken seriously.

Background: Reese has lived in Arx nearly her whole life, though she spent some summers in Bastion as a young adolescent, as most Graysons do. One of these summers changed her. The child Reese was enchanted with all things delicate, feminine, and pretty - including perceived roles. She wanted to marry a handsome prince, have lots of adorable princelets, and maybe, possibly, be rescued from a demon or dragon or something. Something terribly romantic! The summer of her twelfth birthday, she grew up - again, as most Graysons do. It was only remarkable because it was such a day to night transition for Reese.

The girl who had no concerns beyond her hair, her dresses, and her friends started to ask insightful and incisive questions about most EVERYTHING. The political climate of the day, economics, war and history..and most often, the law. She became a much more serious girl, unafraid to dirty her lovely dresses learning to ride, and fence, and the best way to shore up a cracked timber in a barn wall.

She told her family the change in her was the result of some time to herself, in which boredom forced her to actually THINK about herself, the world around her, and her place therein. It seems that once she started. . .she couldn't stop. Reese still loves flowers, and baby animals, and brightly colored lacquer on her armor, but she has a keen sense of duty to the society that gives her the opportunity for such fun and beauty.

It's a stroke of twisted luck that the current crisis of the King's rest has arrived after her personal rennaissance, as she can turn her mind to the problems facing the Compact in such a situation, and maybe come up with better solutions. Getting the right people to listen will undoubtedly be another struggle entirely.

Relationship Summary

  • Agnarr - I lost a spar to him, but maybe I won't next time!
  • Anze - it has been a while. I think we can be friends again. We will visit Gloria together.
  • Audric - I hope to go bringer hunting him with one day.
  • Calypso - A woman to be respected.
  • Cassius - Second cousin Solace knight. We plan to patrol.
  • Ywaine - Once of the guard
  • Valerius - He has charming words
  • Takruid - A powerful and yet still practical fighter
  • Rook - So Bright!
  • Killian - He helped me out. We need to spar again soon.
  • Julea - She made my pink rubicund weapon
  • Inigo - A blademaster of great talent
  • Felix - Friendly smith
  • Cristoph - Battle-commander Duke
  • Sparte - A Guardsman with great potential.
  • Maude - A talented commander
  • Alistair - Of course I know him
  • Anabelle - I like the way she thinks
  • Calathane - Fellow Iron Guard
  • Demura - I like the way she thinks.
  • Edain - The Prince of Vigil
  • Hana - She made Destiny and will make Daylily
  • Inigo - Blademaster who beat me in a spar
  • Leta - Sellsword with talent and style
  • Lili - Future combat-mercy.
  • Luna - Wild refuge with a bear
  • Michael - Officer of the guard
  • Max - Warrior of the seas
  • Bianca - She has a generous soul
  • Valery - Anyone who loves her mice that much has a kind heart
  • Iona - A mother to who all who need such
  • Maude - The guiding steel at the heart of battle
  • Orathy - A strength born in the boroughs
  • Orazio - A man worth believing in
  • Seadrus - A kind and graceful Whisper
  • Serafine - Warrior knight princess rawr!
  • Tomwell - His weapon is his words. He will help Compact.
  • Valencia - A much beloved princess
  • Sophie - she helped me through my pain
  • Valerius - We fought side-by-side in a spar. We will again on the seas.
  • Aislin - Her fox is adorable
  • Ferrando - Maces are great
  • Felix - Friendly faithful smith

  • Ally:
  • Luca - The Nimble Prince is ever at my side.
  • Shadow - Me and the gentle giant made unlikely friends.
  • Mae - I care for her deeply

  • Friend:
  • Sigurd - He brought his owl to visit me at Solace.
  • Merek - I consider him a friend
  • Tikva - The Lady Riven has an amazing way with words and songs.
  • Silas - Boss and amazing crafter

  • Family:
  • Nadia - The Twin Gilded Lily of Stonedeep
  • Lou - adventurous older sister
  • Lark - The cousin in charge.
  • Dawn - The cousin with a heavy burden
  • Natalie - The beautiful cousin
  • Laric - The serious cousin
  • Ainsley - The heroic cousin
  • Cassius - Cousin of the Solace
  • Barric - My cousin and a great Grayson Warrior
  • Sabella - My lovely older sister
  • Ailys - Healing cousin
  • Aiden - Gentle Avian Expert
  • Name Summary
    Alaric To say my cousin's been busy the last three years would be a gross understatement. She's worked very hard to become an even more impressive warrior, gotten married, taken on more responsibilities. There's that old Grayson willpower at work with her, no doubt.
    Arcelia I first met Reese while people were mud wrestling. We both enjoyed watching those who were fighting while we talked about the joys of getting muddy. She seems like a nice woman.
    Asher I met her in the Uppers, when we were making sure grain was getting where it should be. There was some hubbub about shortages, food going towards booze... But she helped set it right. A good soul.
    Christine A neat kid. A cute fighter who likes shopping.
    Cristoph Princess Reese is a friendly woman and took the time to speak with us at the Salon one night. I'd happily chat with her again.
    Daemon The Princess of Ribbons they call her. I can see why, she is very pretty. Gods have pity on whoever she faces, for they will not have a good time. No sir.
    Declan The Grayson Princess is fearless, arriving and speaking to anyone with kindness and warmth. It's easy to see why she is so well regarded.
    Donovan I remember, vaguely, Reese being quite apt with a sword when we were children. I see now that it has progressed to an even greater aptitude in her adulthood. She seems to know quite a few people within the city, and with a kind demeanour as hers, I am not surprised. Sunny, and pleasant, my cousin Reese seems the epitome of a Princess Knight -- that armour looks terribly heavy though.
    Eirlys It has been a while, sparred with her against Sigurd. It was a fantastic time and I remember her being a good fighter. Glad to see her again.
    Fatima Oh the princess ribbons. Sweet, beautiful and polite. She did seem a bit unsure of the Prince, even though they are distantly related. Though I can see why, new things and all that jazz. Perhaps when the hustle and bustle has died down. I can have a drink with the lass.
    Ferrando She's very clear about what she likes in life, and that is primarily serving Gloria, wielding exquistitely crafted maces (and swords), upholding justice, and wearing lots of ribbons. What's not to like?
    Gaston One of the Graysons. She mentioned that she hunts, though not often, and that she looked forward to doing it again once the forest is made safer. Perhaps she'll join me for a hunt soon. It would be a fine way to build alliances, and certainly one I'd have more luck with than talks over tea or some such.
    Lydia A practical princess, as beautiful with friends as dangerous among enemies I am sure.
    Reyna Seems a bit on the quiet side, but sweet, thoughtful. And I would take that over loud and a jerk any day.
    Rook Princess Reese Grayson, she was wandered into the Whisper House, a place for some comfort and entertainment. In the months that followed, Rook was a bearer of advice and comfort. Then Reese grew up! She stood tall.
    Sabella My sister is always up for a fight -- she delights in the concept of a duel, and does not lack for confidence (tragic flaw: hubris). She is no damsel in distress, but the hero coming to the aid of the imperiled and to those treated unjustly.
    Saedrus I cannot quite remember when I first met Princess Reese Grayson, I believe it was at the Grotto though, where I make most of my acquaintances. Though time has passed since then, it has not changed her overly much. She is ever the stalwart young woman she was when I first encountered her, gentle of heart and fearsome with a sword. And I do adore her shining pink armour.
    Shae Princess Reese is rather amazing, an excellent duelist, with an amazing stamina, swift of feet, and a good swimmer. And above all a very nice and caring person.
    Skapti A soft spoken woman, who seems to pour her heart out for others. I wouldn't have thought someone who was the Grayson warleader so... Perhaps soft isn't the right word. Warm?
    Talen Ribbons. Luca's wife. A woman who knows how to fight, knows how to inspire, yet is so very young and brash. She's going to trip up over her feet if she's not careful. Considering she's got Luca as a husband, I hope she can learn to master her passions.
    Tarik This is another PRincess. She must be great warrior, because she just recently won a duel. She didn't really seem hurt either. She carried herself with a lot of confidence. She seems to know a lot of the people that were already at the Golden Hart. She seem to be right at home at the club. I got to remember she likes being shiny if I ever see her again. I never felt she was talking down to me, but I did have few whiskeys in me.
    Tesha Comparing her and Luca to myself and Corban is... a bit problematic but there's a lot of similarity there. The teasing regard into the fondness, the unspoken closeness. But, there's a hunger in her just under the surface; hidden behind the kind smiles and laughter - aware of her legacy, perhaps? Or, perhaps wanting a greater hand in how it is shaped? I am unsure yet, but, I recognize the hunger.
    Thena I have known the Princess for some time, as she is part of the Guard, but it's only now that I am starting to know her better. I think she wants to do the best she can for others, even if it means putting herself right in harm's way. I'm not sure I condone that, but certainly Gloria smiles on her.
    Vercyn The Lady Reese was rather kind, especially to a foolish old man who pushed himself beyond his means.
    Victus The Grayson's version of a Warlord I've heard a bit about. Fine looking girl, can't believe she's as good with a sword as they say.