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Dame Felicia Harrow

Some walk softly and use gentle means to open their doors. I kick the thing off its hinges.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: King's Own Wrecking Ball
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Harrow
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Fair

Description: Green eyes, dark as emeralds in firelight and limned in black. A wealth of natural copper hair frequently bound in a braid and buried under her helm. Felicia's not a beauty in the traditional sense of the word, but there's a confidence in the way she carries herself; a sharpness to her eyes and a smile that frequently teases about her broad-lipped mouth that lends itself to being noticed. She's on the tall side for a woman, long of limb and strong of arm; a creature of martial prowess easily marked as such in or our of armor.

Personality: Frequently Felicia is larger-than-life in most regards. Big gestures, big words, and big actions. Where most people would seek to quietly open a door to sneak in on an enemy, Felicia is the sort to boot down the door with a shout, before charging into the teeth of her enemies. It isn't out of some foolish ideal to prove herself, but simple confidence in oneself. She understands however that while she conducts herself as a knight of the King's Own, she must adhere to and acknowledge the professionalism demanded of representing the Sovereign's loyal protectors. As a result she can often be found to be as professional as she can be given her limited instruction as a Lower Borough-born commoner elevated to knighthood and granted the extreme honor of serving within the King's Own. When she's off-duty however she knows how to cut loose, enjoy a strong drink, and never turns down a friendly brawl. When she chooses a path, she walks it with strength and confidence in herself.

Background: With ancestors who were Prodigal and growing up in the Lower Boroughs, life was far from easy for Felicia. Despite the hardships that the family faced, she and her ancestors did willingly serve the Crown in the form of the Iron Guard. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, all the way down to Felicia and one of her other siblings. Service has been something which the family has conducted with stringent adherence to the simple concept: to integrate and find acceptance, one must be willing to serve. And serve the family has, for a number of generations in concurrence.

It was only recent history when a fire broke out in the Ward of the Crown one evening while Felicia and a small number of the Iron Guard were on patrol. A home within the palace's ward was on fire and the majority of the Iron Guard in her presence froze. Notably at least one of them ran off to raise the alarm, but the rest stood marvelling at the flames. Felicia didn't have time for that, she wanted to get home and attend to her little garden, and have a stiff drink. She put boot to door and disappeared inside. Over the course of nearly ten minutes and multiple trips, Felicia was able to recover at least a half dozen nobles from indoors ranging from small children to adults. Covered in soot and reeking of smoke, Felicia had put herself at enormous personal risk on a whim.

As happens when people of merit put themselves at risk for little noticeable gain, it gained the notice of some. In this case it was someone intimately familiar with the Ward of the Crown and that at least held a tacit relationship with the Iron Guard through mutual service. The First Captain at the time of the King's Own, Rymarr, reached out to Felicia. An offer was made, an offer was questioned. She was no knight and the King's Own were a collection of talented knights of varying degrees of skill but most assuredly known for their many acts of bravery and valor throughout the centuries. Rudimentary training was provided by a number of noteworthy names within the King's Own, prior to Felicia taking her oath. Bringing her to speed for the Silver Swords, instilling in her the importance of their duty, their professionalism, and ultimately the demand for their unified front again threats to the Crown.

The price was high, without a doubt, but Felicia became Dame Felicia Harrow. Cast aside some of her obligations and ties beyond the King's Own, but in doing so earned the ability to call herself a knight of the King's Own. Which has also had the fortunate side effect of rarely wanting for at least basic needs. The palace baths? Too die for. Palace food? Amazing. The past few months has been completely worth the need to lay her life on the line in protection of the Sovereign.

Relationship Summary

  • Leona - The Lord Commander's sharp and honorable as they come.
  • Eleanor - Sergeant may be young but I'd trust her at my back any time.

  • Friend:
  • Brogan - sparring partner and drinking friend.
  • Alban - A close friend and confidante.
  • Agatha - Big Red Bear. I want to be her when I grow up.
  • Violet - Awkward beginnings, solid friendship.
  • Rymarr - The man who saw something more in me than just a guard. Trusted friend.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Impressive combatant! I have much to learn.
    Agatha (OOC, I kept typing +fistimpression/all Felicia. I think this says a great deal about our spectactular future together) We are going to be GREAT FRIENDS after we met drinking at the dead bird bar! We will be tall and SO RED together, and we should save to get her rubicund armor. We could be legends some day. Let us be legends. HAH!
    Ainsley Her hair! She and her brother have such glorious hair.
    Alaric A knight from one of the Boroughs' longest-established families, she is as valiant as they come. Always runs a smooth shift as guard captain, and is excellent company besides. Decent wrestler, too.
    Alarissa Dame Felicia of the Kings Own, jouster for Alarissa's honour. Well, her armor's honour. Alarissa likes that little streak of pride that hovers just below the surface. Oh yes.
    Alessandro Anyone who carries a flask to a ball in their corset has my full approval, provided they are not averse to sharing.
    Amarantha A remarkably patient person. I'm so sorry she had to see me drunk out of my mind during our first meeting. I'll never forget her goat pun.
    Arianna Dame Felicia is a friend of Violet's and that makes me like her already. I've heard good things about her but that's not surprising seeing as she's of the One Hundred. King's Own are no joke, I've seen that much for myself.
    Arik An honorable woman with talents at battle. I see why she is King's Own. She has anger issues, but I understand this.
    Astraea She's really fun, I can tell from the way she's quick to laugh and smile. Tough one from the looks of it, but I look forward to it!
    Caith She is AMAZING. She is the King's personal knight and she's TALL and COMMANDING and can KICK *ahem* BUTT and .. *siiiiiighs* she's just so neat.
    Delilah There are so, so many ways I could begin talking about Dame Felicia. Harrowhall has been a big part of my life and she knows a lot. A whole lot. But she's just as much a mystery, and having finally met her, I'm left even more lost and confused.
    Echo A splendid warrior who likely keeps a few tricks up her sleeves. Confident, headstrong, and determined. I am very fortunate to have her on my side.
    Eleanor She's one of those people who seems very much like themselves. I bet we could have fun together!
    Gareth Amiable but carries herself like a stern warrior suitable to her position. Her very air says she belongs right where she is.
    Giulio Perhaps a mite brash, but, certainly with a good head on their shoulders. It will be very interesting working with her in the future. I simply hope that steel is a last resort for her.
    Jeffeth A Dame of considerable skill and kind temperment. She is a good woman, I consider it an honor every time I get to speak with her.
    Jordan She hits really hard and has a daredevil's affectations to her style. I enjoyed fighting Dame Harrow and hope to see more of this King's Own Knight.
    Kaede One of the King's Own, which must mean a lot here. Seems like a good fighting. Good conversation.
    Kenna A great sense of humor and absolutely easy to talk to. Fake bears < Real Bear Hunt though!
    Laric Her reputation precedes her, certainly, but so do her deeds.
    Lou She rode as Alarissa's champion in the duel over the prettiest armor between she and Prince Rook. I must say this Dame has skills, and I would never want to be on the wrong end of one of her jousts!
    Reese A knights of the King's Own, great at darts and handles herself with grace.
    Reigna A stalwart and true knight of the Kings Own, who acted with honor and duty. No higher praise can I give her.
    Rinel I don't know if she's actually made of stone or just hits like it. Ow.
    Rook One of the Hundred and a skilled jouster! She is a marvellous choice for a Champion and chosen by the Princess Consort Alarissa Thrax herself.
    Sorrel This woman is an amazing fighter, and one of the King's Own. It's really nice to spar with her, either alongside her or against her. She takes her job seriously, but that's a good thing in my book. Definitely someone I hope to see more of in the future.
    Thesarin Reckon she has her head set straight, and her heart in the right spot, what I've seen. Hope she lives the week.
    Triton A mean right hook and a great spirit. A woman I think that would have a lot of good stories and be nice to sit down and have a drink with.
    Veronica I had a much longer conversation with Dame Felicia this time, and I learned quite a bit more about her... moreso than I expected. I am impressed with her forthrightness, her willingness to put herself at risk for the greater good. In more ways than one, she reminds me of myself!
    Victus King's Own and saw me at the best of my drunken states. Though really I'd believe anything that happened that night if someone told me it convincingly enough. Maybe she knows how to ford a river across a fucking wood floor.
    Viktor King's Own. She is far more learned than I on the history of Arx. From stories she is a great warrior too. Perhaps some day I will be able to make her a sword or armor so she can continue to do good work.