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Words: "In service to Arvum."
Sigil: A skull wearing a crown on a field of purple.

Few know that the Harrow family is one of the oldest bloodlines of Arvum, and fewer still why the family claims a skull wearing a crown as a sigil. The modern Harrow family can be found where honest work in service of the Compact is to be found. Their small number toiling in oft-chosen obscurity. Whispers follow, however, that despite five generations having bent the knee as Crownsworn commoners, that once this family was much, much more.


Name Rank Title Description
Amantha 1 Head of House Second Born - The Iron Maiden
Felicia 2 Voice First Born - The Knight
Cufre 3 Family Third Born - The Harlequin
Arion 3 Family Seventh Born - The Apothecary
Valarian 3 Family Fourth Born - The Black Sheep
Scipio 3 Family Fifth Born - The Whisper
Skaldia 3 Family ---