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Amantha Harrow

The depth of darkness to which you can descend and still live is an exact measure of the height to which you can aspire to reach.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Iron Maiden Mercy
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Harrow
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon (Death)
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Vivid green
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Iron Guardswoman

Description: Amantha is not striking by the fashionably delicate standards of the upper tiers of society. Instead she's voluptuous, generously gifted with feminine curves that soften the obvious strength of her leanly muscled form and a face that might be considered unconventionally beautiful. Expressive eyes of a sparkling emerald are perhaps the most immediately memorable of her features. A slightly roman nose and full rosebud lips not partiularly given to smiles, porcelain skin and naturally angular brows a shade or two darker than her hair; all combine in a rather cool, austere countenance. Tall, though not toweringly so, she stands at perhaps 5'7 and moves with a graceful restraint that can only be the result of many years of practice; an air of calm in every motion. Her long, thick tresses would fall when loosed to her shapely, hourglass waist in a sweep of rich, autumnal crimson and copper. But she keeps it, more often than not, in a simple braid over one shoulder.

Personality: Amantha's got a strong sense of duty and honor, a heart the size of the moon for the weak and downtrodden, and she approaches the world with the fierce determinism that seems to be a hallmark of the Harrow women. She knows how to cut loose, enjoy a strong drink, and in some circles is known for her singing voice. But don't cross those who matter to her, she's a ferocious protector for those she cares for.

Background: With ancestors who were Prodigal and growing up in the Lower Boroughs, life was far from easy for Amantha. Despite the hardships that the family faced, she and her ancestors did willingly serve the Crown in the form of the Iron Guard. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, both parents and older sister Felicia forging the path ahead of Amantha. Service has been something which the family has conducted with stringent adherence to the simple concept: to integrate and find acceptance, one must be willing to serve. And serve the family has, for a number of generations in concurrence.

Amantha went from living in the shadow of her older sister, to nominal head of the household when Felicia broke with the family tradition to become one of the King's Own. She rules the roost of the Lower Burrough's Harrow's, balancing her duties with the Iron Guard with her own aspirations of some day joining the Mercies.

Relationship Summary

  • Felicia - My elder sister and the voice in my head.
  • Valarian - My little brother. We always shared a bond, being the 'spares'.
  • Cufre - Little sister
  • Arion - Little brother
  • Scipio And Skaldia - The Twins
  • Name Summary
    Alessia She inspired me to try a mix of rum and cider. I can't recommend it but I regret nothing. She seems like a very amicable woman as well.
    Arthen Second Harrow I've met, since gettin' back to Arx. Not as nice as the first, but there's a sense of weight to her. She seems real serious, even though I scraped up against some dry humor in there, I am almost certain. Interesting woman, to say the least, keepin' bugs in her boot like that.
    Coraline An Iron Guard in truth, she kept her head about her and took care of business. Being willing to stand and look danger in the face is a bravery I have witnessed in few, I was pleased to witness it in Amantha today.
    Cullen Sister of Dame Felicia, has the same trademark family red hair, a fellow ginger. The sharp green eyes, and a more quiet manner about her as opposed to her sister. I'm going to have to talk to her more at some point to find out what her story is as a Guard and Mercy, given my fondness for Lagoma's own.
    Delilah A fast friend brought by chance. Amantha is a soul of mischief and blithe spirits, uplifting on thevery darkest of days. She can turn a verse or strike with accuracy, and I shall forgive her for preferring coffee to tea because she is like the sister missing in my family.
    Faruq There are many different types of beauty. Some have the classical fine features, glorious hair, and sweet complexion. And then there are curves. I am a fan of curves. She seems to be pleasant and inclusive which is very nice. I get the feeling she often feels the odd one out amongst the group I met her with though. I also want to know what happened to that leather.
    Fecundo Dry sense of humor, but generous. Another of the healers who don't mind poking patients who misbehave.
    Harlex There is a pride in her fine and careful eyes, one I find appealing.
    Harper She's always been a solid sort and one I know I can rely on it if I get hurt. Then again, she frowns a lot at me if I do get hurt. Still if it gets me cookies and pastries, maybe that's worth a few frowns?
    Ian Keeps her head.
    Jacali Mm. Went right on out that door, didn't you? Fight an' folly all in one, there... still, might be a handy wee thing, might at that.
    Jeffeth Guardswoman in the Iron Guard and Mercy. She isn't the kind that smiles all the time, but she certainly is kind. The Harrows are normally good sorts, and she's no different. She's quite lovely, we've known each other just a bit her being in the Mercies, me being in the Solace. She's a good one, I think, and maybe when I stop being so sad all the time we can become friends, proper.
    Lorenzo Another Harrow, just as lovely as her sister. I hope we can speak further again sometime soon.
    Oswyn Stalwart and quick on her feet.
    Petal She seems kind-hearted, helpful and intelligent.
    Reese Iron Guard Nurse. We really really need her. She seems to have a pleasant way about her.
    Sable A determined guardswoman willing to put in hard work.
    Vanora She's a guarded, grounded woman, but we've common interests that make her a delight to speak to.