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Carmen Harol

They did the dumb again didn't they?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Combat Medic
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Harol
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'3"
Hair Color: Coppery Blond
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Fair

Description: This woman stands over six feet tall with vibrant green eyes and pale coppery blond hair. It is most often pulled back into a single braid and coiled on the back of her head. Strong features make her striking rather than pretty with sharp cheekbones and a rounded chin. Tall and muscular she looks like she is fully capable of picking up a soldier in full armor.

Personality: Carmen is no-nonsense. She prefers to be straight forward, rarely beating around the point. Despite this she is an outgoing and warm woman. It is part of what makes her such a fantastic medic. While a little messy and scattered in her home life, everything in her professional is organized and in its place. Basically she knows how and when to let her hair down.

Background: Carmen grew up in the Lower Burroughs. Her mother was a laundress for the Mercies and her father a carpenter. They did okay as families went. As an only child she often followed at her mother's heels around the House of Solace. She proved an able helped and natural caretaker as a young child.

It was when her mother insisted on her getting some schooling that her sweet demeanor faded. Carmen had a very keen mind and the stupidity she saw in the classes had her speaking out. It also had her targeted by those who didn't appreciate being made a fool of. Carmen came home angry and determined to give as good as she got.

Until she hit her majority Carmen's youth was full of fighting and learning. The mercies had seen her natural gift and offered to train her, which she was happy to do. Yet she had made friends during her schooling and like most kids formed her own Burroughs gang. There were times her skills came in very handy.

Her parents did not approve of her gang activities. So they brought her uncle, a Blade, to talk to her. He convinced her to give the Crimson Blades a try, where she could fight -and- use her medic skills -and- get paid for it. Seemed perfect to her.

The fact that the Crimson Blades were elite helped a lot. The utter stupidity of people she couldn't help but comment on was not nearly as evident. And all her trainers actually had brains so she managed to not get in too much trouble for her smart mouth.

Now six years in and through several wars she has come out a veteran combat medic. Preffering to use a small bows for protection on the field, she has become known among the blades as the Bloody Mercy. She wears the nickname with pride.

Relationship Summary

  • Adora - The most honest person in Arx.

  • Ally:
  • Violet - The Crimson Blades. Period.
  • Harlex - Oh Captain, my Captain.
  • Isidora - Physician, princess, and mentor.
  • Natalia - Generous Whisper knows tactics and tact.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Jacali - The apocathary with answers
  • Jeffeth - Knight Commander and smartest of all of us.

  • Patron:
  • Joscelin - If whiskey were a person, it would be her.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Oh, was she there? I thought that was a streetlight. I don't like her.
    Arianna She's got guts and humor and I like a good abundance of both. Preferably wading in both at the same time but we can't always have it all now can we?
    Berenice Alas, I only saw her but briefly, but I'm always inclined to think well of people Harlex respects. And she's one of those!
    Cristoph A good natured warrior, though I'm disappointed I didn't get to see an example of their martial prowess.
    Domonico Seems to be under the impression that I threw the spear for show. A mistaken assumption however.
    Duarte Perfectly servicable conversationalist. A touch conceited (Aren't we all?) But there's no need to parse everything. Lycenes don't typically speak in code. It's inefficient.
    Eurion An incredibly tall and impressive mercenary - and very friendly! Definitely an excellent drinking partner, and a lot of fun to talk to. I'll have to get her on a ship! Or, well. At least some kind of adventure. I'll have to talk to her more first though. Yep.
    Faye Pleasant company, and I find her attitude entertaining. I bet she'd be fun to sit next to in a boring meeting.
    Gilroy Battle medic, note taker and protector of Pravus dignity. Because someone needs to.
    Harlex Very amenable to bein' swept off her feet--literally. The Lieutenant is one of the good ones.
    Harper She is TALL! Has a real fun sense of humor, too!
    Ian Eager. Hope it doesn't get her killed.
    Isidora Tall. Very tall. Hope she likes to learn stitching.
    Jacali I like that one, I do. Strappin' lass, her, with questions aplenty. World could do with more askers, might make it a brighter place, and let's face it... it's lookin' a bit dim out there.
    Joscelin Striking, hilarious, and incredibly tall. Legs for days, and a snarky sense of humor for eons.
    Kaia A extremely tall, charismatic and very polite medic. She seems pleasant to be around with.
    Kaldur A dry and welcome wit among unbearable irreverence.
    Lianne Easy company in casual circumstances. I wonder how well that cleverness translates elsewhere.
    Lorenzo A practical woman but pleasant company. I look forward to running across her again to talk more.
    Merek I met this mercenary while I was shopping. She seems nice enough. Likes weapons!
    Pharamond She seems to enjoy a good fight - I like that in a woman!
    Reese welcoming, friendly and a medic. Seems like a good person to know.
    Rinel A bowwoman in /Baroness/ Violet's employ. She seems forthright in her nature. I bet she and Violet get along well.
    Sabella I didn't know Jeffeth had a sister!
    Vayne A humourous partner to have while observing a pillow fight. I hope she enjoyed seeing so many pillows destroyed.
    Vincenzo Blood red steel, a hint of linen. Tall. Common as the day is long. Eager to please. A fighter. Kind. Might be good to know her. Interesting.