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Princess Caith Thrax

I want to see everything the world has to offer, and I want to touch it with these hands. And if it needs a hug, maybe these arms.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Wisting to Wander
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Age: 20
Religion: Gild! (well, Pantheon)
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: champagne blonde
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Description: Caith has a wind-whipped style, an elegance, and a softness to her motion, the poise of someone who is always on the edge of dancing. She wears her fine champagne-blonde hair loose in stylistically tousled waves to her shoulders, and tends to have at least one article of clothing that she can whirl about, be it skirts or a filmy scarf. Her nails are perfectly manicured, frequently carefully painted, maybe to distract attention from the signs of calluses about her fingertips. Her eyes are large and deep green, with a bright luster, and she can pull off just a killer wink. Her hand with makeup is subtle and elegant but for her habit of reaching for lip color just one shade too dark for her fair skin and soft gold hair. She is slight and slim, with fine bone structure and high, aristocratic cheekbones in her slightly narrow, angular face.

Personality: There is an unassuming energy about Caith, a warm, vivacious outpouring of herself into her surroundings that, despite her occasional forays into the fantastical or strange and a tendency to occasionally take metaphors really just too far, makes it difficult not to like her at least a little bit. Imaginative, creative and deeply generous, Caith's passion for life, for story and for a general, optimistic embrace of common humanity makes her a lively addition to most social situations. She wants adventure and romance, although to be clear, not too much romance, because she doesn't want to be tied down. She wants to be free to see the world. She wants to help people, and to give away more than she gets, but also not to give away too much, because she recognizes that it costs money to outfit an expedition, and to keep a girl in books she hasn't read. There is an elegance to her, a freewheeling grace, a lure that is hard to resist.

Background: Princess Caith Thrax, the first daughter of her mother Alyona's second marriage, followed by two other younger sisters -- ack, sisters everywhere, even an older half-sister from her mother's previous marriage, though she and Cassima were too many years apart to be truly close -- until her mother finally gave up and admitted that there just weren't going to be any sons. According to the marriage contract between Thrax and Leary, the daughters of the marriage would be fostered at the Leaholdt, due to some ideas both Caith's father Edouan Leary and his family had about what happens to women in the Mourning Isles. It's strange to think that your summers by in the woods were paid for essentially by a great many lumber concessions made in a trade negotiation before you were born, but Caith loved her time with her Leary uncles and aunts, and she loved, especially, her time on the ships sailing back and forth from the spar at Brighthold to the south of the Leaholdt to her real family's home at Maelstrom. She would stand at the prow of the ship, letting the sea spray splash on her face, and pretend that they were sailing -- not the simple route with which she was familiar -- but to wild, faraway, or just straight up fantastically made up places.

For Caith's whole life, there were two things she loved best: being outdoors where her imagination could run away with her and escape, and being indoors, surrounded by paper and ink, breathing in the words written on the page so that ... her imagination could run away with her and escape. There was a vivacious, infectious energy about her that enabled her to share her wild flights of fancy with the other children, sometimes even those serious children who would ordinarily be more interested in other things. A born storyteller and a winsome speaker, Caith learned to spin her tales for others and learned to listen well; it became a skill as she grew older that also became excellent for derailing burgeoning conflict, a master distraction artist that would make her namesake proud.

Relationship Summary

  • Cassima - Older sister - it's my mission to draw you out of your shell
  • Coraline - Little sister - I am so proud of you but OMG...
  • Catriona - Slightly littler sister - How can you be so, so perfect?

  • Frenemy:
  • Saoirse - Velenosa princess - I like you but you hate my dog, Stumphrey, sooooo...

  • Friend:
  • Jeffeth - Knight - My knight and (future) adventuring companion!

  • Family:
  • Fairen - Dearest Leary cousin, our shared love of books binds our hearts. It is a triumph pulling you out of your reserve and making you laugh!
  • Tomwell - We share the same passions, Tomkin: song, dance, poetry and stories! Two peas in a pod, you and I. You are another Leary cousin that I love so very, very dearly.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Has a cute dog.
    Agatha DEFINITELY a little sister like Elgana. But she has as much big energy as I do, I think! She could probably be trained to be an excellent bear.
    Alarie Valued client.
    Alarissa One of the more delightful thrax!
    Aleksei Honestly delightful. It's always nice to have an appreciative audience.
    Barric She is most entertaining when drunk, but a happy drunk is always the best kind. I think she would make an excellent person to know so I must get to know her better.
    Bianca The princess very much reminds me of a reflection of myself in my younger years. She has a passion for stories and knowledge that is both charming and engaging, but I worry that the wonder that shines in her eyes will dull as the secrets of our world become known to her. I pray that day never comes for her and she maintains that innocence as long as possible.
    Caspian So much energy! I like it though, I like it a lot. I can see myself getting along with her just fine.
    Cirroch Quite the impish one! I have quickly become a fan of here. I am surrounded by stuffy women, it's nice to spend time with one who knows how to have a good time!
    Coraline OMG sister, shaking meeeeeeee. Wait, is she drunk?!? She is! Bad sister!
    Courage Her beauty is only matched by her kindness and generosity!
    Echo She likes cheese and pockets. That's two for two, and hey, she seems just as adorable as her sister. I'll definitely have to find an excuse to visit the Thrax ward!
    Emily Oh Caith, can I call you Caith? I mean I can put a Princess or your Highness in there but I think in spirit you are Caith and I am happy to call you that and I shall just be Emily. Titles weigh us down and how are we expected to fly..and explore. So winsome and fun, Emily is reminded life is more than the war. Caith is most definitely a sign from Gild.
    Ezekiel This is the most bubbly woman I have ever met in my life, bar none. It is... rather adorable. Something I never thought to think about senior nobility.
    Galen So much fun!
    Iliana Ah cousin. Fairen's family never ceases to amaze me. He tells me all kinds of stories and it makes me yearn for a childhood like that. I have them now though, and I shall cherish them and hopefully - MAYBE - one day, we'll have children that will be able to grow up together!
    Jeffeth At first she made me nervous but then she said she wanted to talk about orphans. A princess wanting to learn about orphans is a good thing in my book.
    Jordan Seems to be a Thrax Princess. Loves to make puns, so after she ran out of them I murmured one. Seems fun-loving and energetic. Thrax royalty is so different it's fascinating.
    Laric Innocence or ingrained optimism? I look forward to seeing her pass through a crucible. When everything else is burned away, the person you truly are can shine through or simply turn to ash and burn away -- and I suspect in spite of her Thrax heritage, the person she is closely resembles Tikva.
    Lorenzo I've met many lovely individuals here in Arx, but Caith is among the most charming. It only took a nudge from Niccolo for her to seek me out, and I feel lucky she did.
    Margerie Quite the ... creative dancer, she and her sister!
    Mirari I'm not used to someone this chipper and bubbly. I was shocked into being polite, how often does *that* happen. She seems sweet, perhaps I should be kind and give her a second chance.
    Mydas Thrax's sunshine princess. I met her due to a small matter which turned out to be a complete waste of time. She was, however, helpful. In her bubbly, happy way. Probably the first Thraxian I've met with that attitude.
    Reese She seems friendly and took the cheese. It needs a good home. She seems cheerful. I think she might be a collector of many things herself.
    Reigna A warm, sweet and alltogether adorable Princess of Thrax. With the exception of my cousin Sorrel I never thought to attribute any member of that fearsome House with an adjective as toothless as 'adorable', but she seems genuinely, positively... sugary. Shame about her relation to That Man. That is just a damn shame.
    Rinel Another noblewoman who prefers to eschew titles! I feel more lost in the social world of this city with each passing day... But she is kind, and hopeful, and has promised to train me in the ways of etiquette.
    Samael I met her while shopping with my daughter. She seemed polite and perhaps in love with pants.
    Saoirse She is an energetic. Just one.
    Sigurd A lovely princess of some such. Not hung up on her title and pretty to boot.
    Sparte She has an incredible enthusiasm for life. Living it, feeding passions, feeding people, possibly feeding passions to people. I'm not really sure where the limit is, I was afraid to ask.
    Stefano Named after my barony. Curious. Seems awfully cheerful for a Thrax, which can only be a good thing.
    Theron Very different from her sister. Has a sense of humor and fun, and seems to be sweet on Sir Jeffeth. He is one tower of a man, though, and she seemed impressed by the height and the story he shared. Also generous: she bought me a drink. Appreciated!
    Tomwell My beloved cousin! Thank the gods I finally have someone in this city I can properly talk to!