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Merek Black

... Was I supposed to be full of wit and charm here?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Adorable Metalsmith
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Metalsmith
Height: 5' 10"
Hair Color: Sable Black
Eye Color: Golden Amber
Skintone: Tanned Dusky

Titles: Student of Vellichor

Description: This man stands at around five foot ten, while he has a lissome and a somewhat muscular build to his form, and also skin which is dusky in tone. The male has smooth hair which comes towards his chin, the color which is like midnight and sable, although metallic-like tones, have been fashioned within that roguishly unkempt mane. He has eyes much like a brightened golden amber which shine with emotions. He has a smooth scar upon his cheek, in the shape of a cross-slashed X, to the right. He has a decorative, black tattoo of a rose on his full back.

(He has a medium amount of stubble upon his face, while he has a scarf upon his lower face. He also has a sheath upon his main hip, and crossbow upon his back while he seems to be dressed up with his clean, silk attire. Some of that hair of his seems to be frosted, his gaze having a smouldering quality while he has a set of protective alchemist goggles, which settles upon the scarf he wears.)

Personality: He is quite a kind man, and will often assist people that need it. While he can be aloof when in his thoughts, he tends to be idealistic, and experiments often with different things. He tends to have a positive view of the world, even when it can be quite dark. For where he is from, some might think he is too optimistic when it comes to most things.

Background: Merek Black is a simple man, who was born to a quite simple family. Both his parents, Tanto Black and Teena Black had two twin children, Merek and Malena. Both parents were farmers, for the Great House Velenosa. Also the family has owed their allegiance to them, as far back as can be remembered. The children would be no different in allegiance.

Merek was the more curious of the two, who were born as twins. He would be the one to get into all the troublemaking, and he was also the one who was often idealistic about the world, as well as all the knowledge it had to offer. He made friends easy, and was a little bit more educated than most, but at times he could be aloof.

He became interested in metalwork, and working with various chemicals as well, which saw him becoming apprenticed to a smith as he became older. The interest he had, would see him become a metalsmith, working with all manner of metal and chemicals, to try and make the best weapon and armor he could, as well as making basic medicines. though often he would find that will more than one practice, he was often a master at none, but passable. Now in adulthood, he travels around with his surname, attempting to bring home wealth for all his family, and for his own to make a life.

Relationship Summary

  • Malena - The Twin Alchemist

  • Acquaintance:
  • Cybele - The Shaman Mercy
  • Tyrval - The Nox'alfar Prince
  • Venteri - Elven Ambassador

  • Friend:
  • Reese - The Grayson Princess
  • Denica - The Thraxian Princess
  • Serafine - The Velenosa Princess
  • Aiden - The Grayson Prince
  • Isolde - The Kind Mirrormask
  • Valencia - The Golden Princess
  • Bianca - Archscholar of Vellichor
  • Maeve - The Shaman Alchemist

  • Patron:
  • Calista - The Flower Duchess
  • Name Summary
    Aiden Merek has always been heroic in Aiden's mind. When he first came to Arx he read a record accounting of Merek Black's deeds. He may have put the man on a pedestal, though for good cause. Merek has since proven to live up to many of Aiden's impressions and Aiden has a firm respect for Master Black, considering him a friend if not a brotherly figure for his acts upon the ramparts.
    Arianna A brave man who fought for the city and shielded his brethren from harms.
    Astraea The kindest type of gentleman there is, an Iron Guardsmen. Everytime I've encountered one of these fine folk they've been nothing but nice and very polite. I like the way he carries himself, with an air of respectability about him. It makes me immediately feel comfortable in his presence, and I do so love /his/ love for the Gods. Jayus works miracles through him, that much is clear. Even if I don't quite understand how things are in the city I can tell he doesn't judge me too harshly. Good man.
    Calaudrin Merek Black is an industrious young man that always seems to be up to something. I wish I was that busy when I was his age. Instead I was standing on lower boroughs corners, ah well. I caught a lot of muggers.
    Christine Generous kid. First person Christine crossed words with at the city.
    Clara Friendly man, I enjoyed speakin' with him. He was kind enough to offer me some pointers on how ta go about gettin' involved in the city.
    Delilah He's a hard book to read. Seems quick-witted and quite friendly, I feel like I could actually learn a lot under his wing.
    Eirlys He fought well in the the battles the city has faced. He helps where he can and is kind.
    Eithne This guy's got a lot of titles I couldn't really keep up with, but he's doing something as a Minister of Economics and that means he deals with Merchants which means one day he'll have to deal with me. Seems like a good egg.
    Esoka A man of many skills, it seems. I'm not sure what to make of him much of the time, but he seems to have good intentions.
    Ferrando Solid guardsman with a lot of various interests from what I hear. Ended up on a Bringer hunt with him in the Lowers during the siege. We got split up so I don't entirely know what he was up to, but he's definitely got bravery enough to spare.
    Ida Merek Black is certainly an interesting and talented man who seems to have an interest in a large variety of areas. Not overly talkative, I enjoyed speaking with him in the shop.
    Isolde A kind man looking for guidance. I only hope I can give him what he seeks.
    Joscelin Strange and kind, unusually earnest, Merek isn't someone Joscelin would consider as soldier material. However, he's loyal and devoted and you can't ask much more from a Guildmember.
    Katarina Katarina's encounters with the Iron Guardsman has been relatively sparse, but he seems well enough of a gentleman. She's not heard much hearsay that would cast him in a negative light; quite the contrary, actuall, and she's interested in their paths crossing soon.
    Killian I remember the first time I ever met Merek, at least I think it was the first, he was attempting to assist in breaking up a fight in the Lowers..without a weapon. And unwilling to risk harming the fellow who was attacking him. It was inspiringly naive. I wonder how the world and events have changed his outlook upon things, I hope that he has not been darkened too much by the realities we face.
    Leola A disciple of Vellichor who wants to know all about all, it seems. Still, he's quick to ask questions about the other gods, and show them respect when due. I can respect that.
    Mira Super sweet, he's one of my first and favorite clients. Even if it was his last will and testament.
    Mirari He always seems to be trying something. Mirari only ever hears about him working on this project or that project. He's pleasant enough in company, though.
    Mydas A scholar and one linked to the Fidante. I do not know much more about the man, though we may do business again together.
    Petal he seems nice and I hope to visit his shop and know him better later.
    Reese Reese really likes Merek. She remembers when they were both new Iron Guards together and it feels like so long ago now! While she has got busy, she sees Merek as a friend and an ally and hopes for that to continue.
    Rose A voice I met in the Shrine of Limerance. I could tell he was a nice man.
    Ryhalt Odd sort of fellow who seems like he has a lot of jobs, but I'm not entirely clear what he's selling.
    Saedrus A inquisitive and studious young man, that I am sure of. I have not had a great deal to do with young Merek, this evening at the Rectory was the most I had ever heard him talk. He seems a very keen disciple.
    Sasha He seems quite helpful. I do hope to stay in touch with him. He seems like a useful ally.
    Selene One of the House's long term patrons. At first glance, he's a bit of a rough sort in the way that might seem out of place in the house, but first glances are what they are. But he's obviously a very good supporter of the house, and potentially a valuable friend, so I'm sure there will be plenty of reason for us to explore his relation with Selene and the House more in the future.
    Silas Merek Black is a scrupulous young Officer who can be counted to do the non-stabbing related things that Silas has trouble with.
    Tallius Quiet fellow, but seems okay to have around in a fight. Hard to get a read on just what sort of person he is though, wonder if he tries to stay distant from people on purpose or is just not particularly outgoing.
    Thena I guess when you have a diamondplate sword, everything in the world looks like something to slice.
    Tyrval It really was an impressive over-dramatic wave of his cloak.
    Valery He's one of the guards and has a shop. He seems a bit serious.