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A Diamond Dalliance

House Pravus is naturally given to games that demonstrate both wealth and cunning, so it is no surprise that they are once again host to an evening full of diamonds and dares. Every attendee will be given a diamond on arrival, and dares may be made, or made of you - in challenge for a diamond.

Do you dare?

Directions rom the City Center: SEx4, Sx2, W, Sx2, E, DF


July 23, 2022, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Sebastian Patrizio


Caspian Lucrezia Martinique Savio Raven Renata Alis Sira Aconite Thea Orland Evelynn Mattheu Ilira Valencia Aisha Keely Remus Helena



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Dancing Feather - Main Floor

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Someone has been hard at work, having transformed the main room of the dancing feather into an indoor winter wonderland. It is, perhaps, the perfect set up for those ill-inclined to the snowy weather outdoors: inside, braziers keep the air pleasantly warm, while the flowing silken white drapery and decorations aim to give the space the appearance of a wintry space. Bountiful food and drink, representing Setarcan and Saffronite delicacies alike, line one long wall, though drinks and finger food is readily available from the servants, dressed in the finery of Pravus House colors, who circulate the room. Quick moving servants, too, man, the entrance, waiting to collect coats, jackets and cloaks alike, and offer up a bracing drink of gold-red liquid known as Setarco Fire.

Prince Sebastian is actually here, for a wonder. Even as a host he's as often as not late, though one could guess some trickery was involved to get him here on time. Resplendent in steelsilks of the blue-and-steel of House Pravus, he has a glass of dark red liquid in hand as he greets arrivals. "Welcome to the Dancing Feather. Please, select yourself a diamond," he gestures towards the bowl of shining diamonds, where a guard watches to make sure everyone takes only one. "And a drink. I'll go over the rules in a moment."

4 Silvershields, Elexa the reliable apprentice dressmaker, Buxby the mediocre apprentice dressmaker arrive, following Sira.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Dancing Feather has been draped in white silks and a mix of pale blue and white flowers, giving the entire room the appearance of a wintry day. Braziers however, burn warmly to keep it from actually feeling cold. Servants in the blue-and-steel of House Pravus livery circulate freely, offering a mix of Pravosi and Saffronite drinks of the highest quality. Over on one side of the room, a long table with a mix of foods of the Summer Seas is available, regularly tended by more servants. Just inside the entrance, on a small pedestal, a glass bowl full of sparkling diamonds is seated, watched over by a liveried Ivory Shield to ensure guests take one and one only.

OOC: look rules!

Savio gets A Diamond Dalliance - RULES.

Savio drops A Diamond Dalliance - RULES.

Caspian rushes in, skidding slightly at the door as he had clearly come running from somewhere. still he was here, as promised, and was huffing and puffing despite the chill outside. he straightened, dusting himself off of the snow and look around, offering smiles and waves to everyone. "Ah sorry! hope im not late!"

"Just *a* diamond?" Lucrezia grumps as she saunters over the the bowl holding diamonds. She puts her hand and sloshes it around through the diamonds to pick one at random. Maybe just one, who knows. Once she has it she goes over to sit on top of the bar, curling one leg under her and swinging the other lose.

And even as Sebastian is introducing the evening, Patrizio is closer to the braziers, though it's not so much for an honest worry of the cold without - or the blasts of it that come through the door each time it's opened - but because it's almost for effect. The light gleaming off his armour while he's considering those arriving, with a glass of Setarco Fire in his hand already, obviously being enjoyed slowly while those jade eyes are watching those arriving. "It looks, cousin," says he towards Sebastian, "like we're to have a very large crowd." This comes with a chuckle, and the tip of his glass when Caspian's coming inn that huff. "As witness Messere Master Champion Wild, fearing to miss the fun."

Martinique has dressed for the occasion, the occasion being free food and drink at Pravus's expense as far as she's concerned. Yeah it's cold. She's dresssed for it though, and she's brought a guest, the one Messere Sira on her arm. She'll aim for the drinks first and oh so courteously serve her guest first before she helps herself to whatever is available and strongest. Like zero to straight whiskey if that's what it takes. For the rest, she'll look around, and give Sebastian a polite but quiet nod.

Savio rolls into this party on Orland's arm, as he always does, though perhaps there is more supporting of the other than usual given that Orland has broken his leg, and is availing himself of a crutch. And a Savio. It is good this room is so thoughtfully warm, because Savio has chosen a revealing outfit: The long velvet skirt and gloves would have been warmed, maybe even that corset cinched for the gods, but the gown is deliberately and theatrically bare chested since the 'top' only reaches to below his pecs. There might be something in this design that already suggests he's come to be EXTRA. There's even a fan employed for fluttering, fans always mean drama. As he strolls over to collect a diamond (only one and he is not collecting anything else), a smile tilts toward Orland. "It's on."

Raven strides in and shucks her layers. She's dressed for a fine evening though the statement is ruined by the sword about her waist. She is not alone, there's an iron guards man and a few reavers just in case. She scans the crowd as she seeks to wedge herself somewhere near the fire. She double-takes at Savio's outfit, eyebrows lofting upwards.

Renata has arrived rather early, a rarity also for her, her aquamarine eyes roaming the room and its winter finery with interest as she steps inside to join her kin and their guests for diamond-fueled mayhem. The Pravosi princess soon joins the others to collect her own sparkling gem, though she does politely refuse the taste of Setarcan Fire for thr moment.

Orland checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Orland is successful.

Marie, the Warlord's Assistant, 2 Arakkoan Free Guards arrive, following Remus.

Alis exchanges a cloak that practically renders her invisible in the winter, for a glass of wine instead of the spicier drink. She has a very healthy respect for Setarco Fire thank you and there's no need to prove how warming it is. And once she's taken a diamond from the bowl - with a great deal of amusement for the idea of a bowl of diamonds - makes her way towards Patrizio and then Sebastian to greet each in turn and find herself somewhere to sit.

Guy, a hunting kestrel arrives, delivering a message to Evelynn before departing.

Sira is on Martinique's arm, the curly haired seamstress having forgone considerations of the cold in her strapless gown with lace sleeves. She doesn't seem too bothered by it, gliding along beside the knight who leads her to drinks. Wine is her choice, the first glass disappearing quickly before a second is taken to savor. If she catches Patrizio's eye, she'll give him a nod of greeting before looking around at the rest of the crowd.

Aconite hands her cloak off at the door, holding up a hand to decline the liquor as she plucks a diamond with hardly a look. She tucks the stone away as she gravitates toward one of the braziers to warm her fingers. The Whisper takes a moment to orient herself, casting her gaze about the room in an appraising fashion.

Savio blows Raven a kiss and does a little twirl for her double-take at his outfit. NO SHAME IN THIS GAME. As if there ever is.

Sebastian gives a delighted laugh at Lucrezia's protest. "I haven't decided where any leftovers go yet," he admits, probably unwisely. "Good thing," his amused gaze turns to Patrizio, "I had Briar secure a significant supply. Just in time, Messire Caspian," he tells the champion. "Lady Martinque," her nod is returned, and then he gets distracted because Savio is wearing a delightful outfit: "I love it!" also Orland, with a frown. "What did you do to your husband, Lord Savio?" His baffled gaze lingers for a moment. "Your Grace," Alis is given a bow, eyes amused. "Welcome."

Thea enters in in quite the heels. The heels are quite important here as the Countess is basically walking on blades. They are amazing. Handing off her cloak to someone, she goes to get a glass of whiskey before going off to sey her hellos.

Caspian looks to Savio and bursts into a massive smile. "Lord Savio you look marvelous!" he grins at Savio and Ordland, "And the pair of you are ASTOUNDING!!" he laughs merrily, "you are putting me to shame my friends!" he turns and sees Raven, offering a wave and a smile. "Raven! a dress! its been a while since i saw you in one!"

Orland is in fact hobbling into the party, one side held up by a crutch that supports and helps keep most of his weight off the left leg. It's held together by some impressive cast work, clearly, the physicians had their handiwork at play here, or just really someone that starts with a Z who was critically successful at healing. That said, no matter how much cast you add on, leg bones heal at a certain rate and that's typically SLOW. It's the only thing that slows Orland down, ironically. He is guiding Savio in or being guided in, another lever of support as they make their Amadeo appearance at the Pravus party. As Orland follows his EXTRA husband over toward the pile of diamonds, he gives the guard standing by them a most award winning smile. It's hard to say but did he even reach for the pile?! No, he's reaching for the guard's ear and seems to PLUCK a diamond out of the man's ear, just like that, with a flutter of his fingers and a wink to the guard, "Imagine that, a diamond straight out of your head. Better keep your eyes on the prize!" He does a little more juggling with the diamond and seems to make it disappear a handful of more times before he bows his head, "Have a good night sir." He claps the guard on the shoulder before he bounces the diamond in his hand, following along with Savio as best as he can - the leg doesn't stop him from doing TRICKS. He hears Sebastian and winks, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"I would, actually," Sebastian answers Orland with a delighted laugh at the wink, lifting his glass in toast to the lord and sipping.

"What an -interesting- event you have arranged here." Evelynn offers in greeting to the event hosts. A greeting which would sound a touch too familiar if not for the formal dip of the head she offers them from a distance. "So I just take -one- diamond?" The amber flecks in her eyes twinkle as she gives Sebastian a questioning look.

Sira mutters, "So, I'm supposed ... bet ... out ... your ... Care ... raise the ..."

Briefly, Patrizio's hand finds his breastplate as he dips his head to Sira on noticing her nod of greeting, and a smile's given to Alis as she's making her arrival know. "Your Grace," says he respectfully to her, before he's drawing his glass to his lips, a good sip taken from it as he's casting that gaze about. When the glass comes from his lips, he does lift it in salute to Orland and Savio, a chuckle at Orland's magic trick, before he offers a warm smile to his cousins Renata and Lucrezia, and a nod to Raven.

Raven moves to claim a diamond and flashes Sebastian an encouraging grin as he plays host. Savio and Orland get a broad, warm smile. Others she knows get quick smiles and fingerwaves. She drawls, "The most Pravus party in years."

"Come meet my friends," Martinique states to Sira. She means Savio and Orland and she moves over that way--and her grin widens at Savio's outfit. "My lord, you outshine us all. I can only applaud." And she does. She also has received her diamond but--well, the game hasn't been announced yet, so she waits. Others receive cautious nods, including High Lord Alis and then--Evenlynn is present. She steps in front of Sira at that point. "M--Duchess. You were not expected, but certainly not unwelcome."

Renata holds up the stone she plucks from the bowl to study its cut and clarity, a gentle hum escaping from her as she stands amidst the more extroverted guests a moment. She does seem up to some mild mischief though as her gaze drifts past the stone to settle on Sebastian, "You know, Bas, Patrizio said he would give me the best diamond in the lot." With that said, she offers said cousin a bright flash of a smile.

The song of bells carries cripsly through the air within a burst of color along with a muttered level of laughter as Mattheu nods in quiet word to Keely who is very much carrying alongside of him. Not at all being carried in, even though some might have over heard a discussion between patron and protege outside which /might/ have held up the carriages. A look to Sebastian with a soft smile and jingling nod, "Your Highness, the rum was spectacular. So, it's one of these shiny things?" He stops shortly to dig into the dish of diamonds and pull a smaller one out of the pile before looking over to those that he recognizes. Sira is given a smirk as he calls over to her, "As long as we don't have any challenges of what the color the wind is, we should get along famously tonight."

Ilira drifts into the Dancing Feather with a grace reminiscent of the establishment's name, her petite form swathed from head to toe in the richest, finest wools and velvets the capital has to offer. The volume of her ivory sweater, the flow of her rainbow-hued scarves, and the billow of her colorful trousers lend her every move a languid, airy quality, down to earth and in the clouds. Despite her layers, she bursts into an energetic dash and an equally ebullient smile when she espies her people by the bowl of diamonds. Placing a velvet-clad hand on Caspian's arm and beaming at Orland and Savio, she says, "Hi!" a little breathless, reaching with her other hand to snag a sparkling diamond.

Savio is an experienced practitioner of the Overly Theatrical bow. Caspian gets one of course, and Martinique, "You are too kind. Thank you. I cannot eat or breathe. It is worth it." To Sebastian, he hah's at the I-would-actually. "Oh, what are you like?!" Mock aghast. "Perhaps you can convince Orland to tell you what happened with a lovely dare later, no? I'm sure it's worth a diamond." When Mattheu and Keely and Ilira enter, a kiss is blown toward all of them, mwah, mwah.

A scarlet splash against the wintry whites of the ravishing and ethereal decor, Valencia arrives soon after. Her winter cloak taken by one of the Pravusi's staff, she offers a nod of warm thanks to the gentleman. Pausing a little deeper into the room, she takes a moment to take in the scene before her, a small smile of wonder and approval finding her features soon after.

A soft breath and Valencia smooths the skirt of her gown and steps into the fray. Quietly, the little vixen drifts through the growing crowd with a soft rustle of fiery red southern silk, dark eyes seeming to cast about as she offers warm smiles and graceful nod to all she meets on the way.

Briar, the fleet and agile shrike, Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean leave, following Aconite.

Aisha sheds her sumptuous, fluffy cloak to reveal a dress of red velvet, embroidered with roses and clinging to her form for dear life. Silver and garnets adorn her hand and throat, and shine among the delicate red and white yarrow flowers woven into her hair. She looks about the room with what seems like an air of distraction, or awe, though soon enough, she has filled one hand with a goblet of Setarco Fire, and the other is plucking a diamond from the bowl. She smiles to the Ivory Shield in charge of keeping such a precious hoard safe.

Diamond in hand (thank you, House Pravus), SIra is led toward Savio and Orland by Martinique, her eyes skimming over the former's gown critically. "Quite the garment, my lord." Evelynn draws her attention away from the new people, her expression filling with respect almost instantly. "Duchess Helianthus, what a wonderful surprise." Her cheeks flush with color as Mattheu yells at her. "My lord, we may just find ourselves in such a situation," SHe replies, before leaning closer to say something quietly to Martinique.

"Your highness," Keely greets Sebastian in soft, warm tones after she steps inside with Mattheu, releasing her death grip on her protege's arm only once she nears in order to gently touch the arm of the Pravosi prince, leaning and air-kissing each of his cheeks, before beaming aside at Alis and offering her the same sort of greeting, though her cheeks get actual pecks and a, "Your Grace." Patrizio is next, no pecks but a gentle smile as she reclaims the arm of the Rivenshari Lord. Savio gets a glittery wave from across the room, as a diamond is between her fingertips, though she is already starting to look overwhelmed by the crowd. "Matti, can we find out if there is cider to mix the Setarco Fire into?" she murmurs aside while they are scooting out of the way.

Remus enters behind Savio at a brisk clip, using the latter's entrance to pluck a diamond out of the gleaming pile. Royals, nobles, relatives all about. Bowing and nodding to whomever as appropriate, he smiles warmly at Savio and Orland before wandering over to Lucrezia with a twitch of a brow. "I can hardly recognize the place under all of the diamonds. Is this a typical Pravus party, then?" He flashes a grin at Patrizio afterwards, "Your Highness, been too long. I hope you've been well."

"Princess Keely." Of course in the crowd full of people, of whom Alis seems to know very few, she's delighted to see her protege and returns the cheek kiss with obvious affection. "This promises to be an interesting event." Martinique is given a bit of a salute with her glass, and Duchess Evelynn a respectful incline of her head.

Orland has realized he's not attended a party in Pravus for so long that there's many people to greet again, "Hello Patrizio!" He's totally not using titles, like an uncouth neo-noble that he is! He nods back to those who nod to him, then turns to Sira and Martinique, "You came!" He grins to Martinique, nodding to the address to Sira, "Nice to meet you." Then a few more greetings, "Ilira. You look lovely." Shifting his weight on his crutch, he was going to answer Sebastian but then Savio suggests a dare to do so, "Hah, that's right. It's totally worth a diamond." Then to Caspian, "Hello again Caspian." He waves to Remus as well, then leans to Savio, "Please socialize for us." Clearly Orland is limited to the speed he can hobble around the room and is in fact looking for a place to sit already.

Sebastian's winking at Raven, just as he hears Evelynn's words. His eyes seem to brighten, as he steps closer to her. "Duchess Evelynn, delighted to have you," and then he laughs. "Just one... you can surely win the remainder from everyone else," he says, leaning to kiss her cheek, Lycene style. Renata's words have him straightening, laughing. "And which is the best, hmm? Ren, do you know the Duchess Helianthus? Duchess, my cousin Princess Renata. And Princess Keely," he looks delighted at her presence, "Ah, excuse me a moment," he bids them, as he moves to one side of the room.

Sebastian takes a moment to sip from his glass to wet his throat before he lifts his voice: "My friends, welcome! For those who have not played this game before, the rules are straightforward. Each of you make take a diamond," he nods towards the bowl of shining gems. "And you may challenge anyone to a dare. If they lose the dare, you win all the diamonds in their possession. If they refuse the dare, you win all their diamonds. There's absolutely nothing to stop you, after you lose your diamonds, immediately challenging that person for all of your former diamonds... and theirs. Do /try/ not to deliberately get each other hurt though. No hurling weapons at each other. At objects though," he gives a significant pause, chuckling. "And most of all, enjoy yourselves: drink, eat," he encourages.

"I /believe/ I asked what was in it for me, dear cousin," Patrizio's countering to Renata with a warm smile and a loud laugh, and while he's briefly swapping off the now empty glass in his hand for a fresh one from the bar, there's that devilish twinkle to his demeanour. He smiles warmly to Keely when she's arriving and he dips his head to her. "It's good to see you here, your highness," he says softly, and a smile for Remus as well. "My lord. I'm pleased to see you've come to join the fun... and indeed, it has. We should speak soon, because I have thoughts for you." The call from Orland gets a lift of his glass, and a smile for the lord.

And a warm smile as he moves over, the gentle press of his palm to Valencia's wrist as he greets her, the slide of his hand to lift hers to his lips for a kiss upon the back of it. "My highness. It's good to see you come forth through this abyssal cold. How are you this evening?"

"Please. A typical Pravus party has fountains of booze and much less clothes. And, it'd be in summer not fucking winter." That said, Lucrezia still quirks a smirk at Remus. "Depending on how the bets go, it could still turn out that way. Except for the summer part, but if someone conjures summer I'll be damn impressed."

Savio flutters his fan at Sira's critical inspection of his attire. "I will take that as a compliment, lovely one, thank you." Then the fan snaps shut and he uses it to swat Remus in the arm. But lightly. "There is no such thing as a typical Pravus party. But I suppose in that respect, yes. This is my lovely cousin, Lord Remus," he adds an intro for those nearby who may not know him. Orland receives a kiss to the cheek. "When do I not??"

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Martinique will focus briefly on Lady Lucrezia. "My lady, I like your ideas and would hear more--as you say it is winter but there are other seasons." To Sira then she lifts her brows, "What wagers should we seek then. I mean...we have comrades who will play party games, most certainly." Eyes flick again to Savio and Orland as her grin spreads. "But let us drink. Better decisions will be made."

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"Hm... the biggest? Or maybe there is one with an interesting color?" Renata supposes to Sebastian at the conundrum of what makes the best diamond of that glittering pile. Her inspection of the bowl is short-lived though as she's introduced, and she spins lightly to find Evelynn. Pairing a warm smile with a more respectful incline of her head, she replies, "I have not met the Duchess, no. But it is a pleasure though. I do hope you enjoy all my cousins' scheming here."

Keely is given a long look. Perhaps uncomfortably long. "I don't believe we've met." Evelynn says eventually, after those awkward moments of silence. Her smile is a merry thing. "Don't look so tense, your highness. I'm just a person." She gives a little chuckle, before patting Martinique on the arm. "It's good to see you again, my lady. How fares your countess?" A nod is offered to Sira too.

Sira bows her head and shoulders to Orland and Savio, finally, giving them a proper greeting. "My lords, Master Sira Illuso, at your service." Her critical gaze returns to Savio's attire, nodding. "A compliment, yes, as a master tailor, I find that to be an exquisitite piece." The diamond she's been given rolls in her fingers, hand tucked around the elbow of Martinique. Her other hands lifts her wine to her lips when bid to drink. "Maybe the wagers will find us, instead, Dame."

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Caspian looks to Ilira and gives a bright smile, "you look positively lovely!" he takes her hand and gives it a squeeze, looking around and rolling his diamond across his fingers. "Well.. i wonder what kind of mischief these clever minds will come up with for dares! i suspect it should be interesting." he looks to Orland and smiles, "How is your leg by the way? healing nicely?"

As Sebastian of Pravus places a diamond in her hand, Valencia quickly looks down to the sparkling stone and smiles shyly. "Thank you, highness. And thank you for having me," she offers with an earnest smile before turning to greet Patrizio. "Good evening, highness. Again thank you for the kindness. I am glad to be here. With such bright faces and warm hearts here, surely the winter is a thousand miles from her," she returns gracefully lowering of her head and dipping into a proper curtsy. "You are well, I trust? You must be so very busy. Please, do not let me keep you from your guests, but find me if there is time once the fun begins in full force, yes?" she nods warmly.

Matti nods to Keely and leads them through the crowd with an attempt to slip away from some, giving greetings from across the room if needed as is his way and offering soft word to Keely. Then looking to Sira with a smirk, "Should we get it out of the way? Or Would rather have chance at a larger cache of diamonds?" Stopping for but a moment while Evelynn speaks to her before giving a jingling nod to Evelynn himself. "Drinks are in order. And we should amass a great amount of diamonds so Misses Sira can have a change to gather up those that might agree with her /very wrong/ point of view of what the wind looks like."

Alis nudges Keely lightly, and gestures towards one of the more quiet tables to sit at. "Obviously you need something stronger than wine this evening, Keely. Sit with me. We'll have some fun." she encourages, flagging down one of the many bringing around drinks and finger foods. Time to feed those feelings. And drink them.

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Orland nods to one of the seats around the hearth, "I think I see a chair over there I can properly take the weight off," he notes to Savio but then regards Sira and Martinique again, with a nod, "Are you?" He wonders about the 'at your service part' with a grin showing, "Maybe you will take a dare then?" He turns to Caspian, "It's driving me up the wall. I've tumbled down the stairs a few times and I'm slow as a snail stuck in honey. Exasperating, really."

"I'm grateful for a momentary break from the matter of playing host. And Sebastian does it so much better than I." There's a devilish grin for Valencia about that, when she's asking if he's well, and urging him on, though a glance too to Sebastian, as if to be entirely sure that his cousin did hear him. Though he does dip his head, briefly pausing to murmur to the mistress of the Hart, before he's pressing his palm to his chest, and dipping his head in Evelynn's direction. "Duchess, it's a pleasure and honour to see you within our ward once more."

Lucrezia rakes her over Martinique, turning her diamond back and forth between finger and thumb. "Summer is the only season of consequence, especially in Setarco."

Raven spies Evelynn belatedly and flashes a smile and bows her head, saluting the Duchess with her rum. She watches Orland with small, concerned frown but Ilira distracts her and is given a smile and a wave.

Keely's face is a little paler than usual, which makes it all the more stark when her cheeks flush red as strawberries. "My lady," she replies softly to Evelynn, dipping her chin in a gentle motion. "I am Princess Keely Grayson. It is true that we have never been properly introduced. I hope you enjoy the festivities." There is a wan sort of smile, but the moment Alis nudges her, she lightly tugs Mattheu's arm over to join the Oathlands Highlord at her table.

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Savio is near the hearth passing drinks to Orland, but he soon closes his fan and points it at, "CASPIAN," a challenge has been issued. "I challenge you to a DARE, and the DARE is that you must roast someone in this room. A ROAST, meaning it's not only funny but also.... a bit mean! Do you accept, lovely one, or are you about to hand me a diamond?" fan flutter flutter

Ilira's teeth show in a wide, brilliant smile. "Thank you," she lilts to Orland, eyes falling to his leg with a brief dim of concern on her features, but now isn't the time. Pressing her fingers to her lips, she kisses their tips and flutters them out toward Savio. While one hand warmly squeezes Caspian's, the other offers more scintillant waves around the room to the faces she knows and the ones she doesn't, a diamond glittering in her fingers and another twinkling at her wrist. "Hi Raven!" she calls brightly. Then she turns back, her smile entirely for Caspian. "Thanks," she murmurs, a hint of warmth deepening the natural flush of her cheeks. The pad of her thumb crests his knuckles, as something slyer tinges the curve of her smile. "You could always challenge me first, or I you," she suggests, eyes glittering.

"Fountains of booze and much less clothing. Summer. I'm liking the idea of a typical Pravus party far more already." Still, Remus grins at Lucrezia, "What I wouldn't give for that. Summer, right now." Patrizio's words getting his attention, he reaches for a glass of rum off the bar and nods. "Of course. I'd enjoy hearing them. I'll make sure to catch up with you soon." Savio's fan swat is given a wounded sound and a laugh, "No such thing as a typical Pravus party? Sounds like I better attend quite a few to find out."

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"As you say my Lady. Though summer in the Isles--perhaps especially in the Saffron--well, it is a trial." Martinique responds to Lucrezia, ducking her head gently. "I mean, we have so /many/ more sharks in summer." This is meant as a friendly comment, with a raised drink, but the bared teeth make make it seem less so.

Orland perks up at the dare to Caspian from Savio, "Now this should be good. It better be a proper roast!" He grins.

"Or that," Ilira stage-whispers at Savio's proposal, laughing.

There is another smile for Patrizio as he takes his leave and takes on his hosting responsibilities. Valencia watches him head off for a moment, head canting warmly, before turning to make her way through the crowd, diamond carefully held in hand, to a comfortable spot were she might take a spot of good Pravusi wine and watch the festivities blossom and reel.

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Thea flutters her fingers at Keely. "Princess Keely. How are you,"she greets just after she gathers her diamond. "Messere Raven. You look--well rather lovely,"a slight smile on her lips. "Messere Caspian. Messere Valencia, how are you?"

Aisha stops in her tracks at the sound of a raised voice. At a Pravus party, that's not so rare, but this one is voicing a -dare-. As the first challenge of the night is issued, she looks toward the challenged lord in question, and takes a contemplative sip of her wine.

As Thea offers her greeting, the gesture happily returned with a warm nod. "I am very well, Countess Thea. I trust you are wonderful as well?" she replies her large dark eyes dancing. "It is quite the amazing event the princes have created for us. I'm so glad you were able to attend. Enjoy!"

Sira is engaged in an exchange with Orland, which has her drinking down the contents of her wine glass quickly before seeking refill and watching what is happening between Savio and Caspian.

"An interesting color?" Sebastian gives Renata an indulgent look. "Most people wish a lack of color in a diamond, though I have seen ones tinged by color: and they are indeed, delightful. I did not see any there today, however." He's aware, through a sidelong look, of Evelynn's intent stare to Keely: it's possible he's even pleased with it. But then Valenica's addressing him, and he gives her his focus: "I do plan to camp here for the rest of the winter, or until they can bring a carriage right to the door," he tells Valencia, with a cheerful laugh to suggest he's hardly being serious. "Shall we start? Cousin," he gives Patrizio a sly look. "Do you think I can convince Valencia my hair is far more lovely than you? Surely, she cannot be anything but honest."

Valencia claims the welcoming Thea pose. (Sorry!)

Raven smiles at thea and bows her head, "Thank you, Countess." Her eyebrow lifts, "Oh Gods, Savio, you'll break caspian! I haven't ever heard a mean word from that man's mouth. EVER."

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Savio flutters his fan at Raven. "Precisely."

Caspian snaps his head around to find Savio, the callout issues the challenge as clearly as if he has been slapped across the face with a gauntlet. he tosses the diamond and catches it out of the air, grinning. "Turn down such challenge on the first round! never!" he looks around a moment, as if trying to determine whom the target might be for this. he looks to Raven and gives a grin. "Oh raven, brave brave Raven. I think that means you volunteer as tribute!"

A laugh slides free from Patrizio when he hears Sebastian, and briefly, there's a glance in the direction of Valencia, before the jade eyes return to his cousin, the artist. "I'd worry that such a thing would be hinting that you're losing your touch in your chosen field of aesthetics, Bas," he says, though his voice carries more than a note of good humour. And a consideration of Valencia before he grins. "I dare you to try to find out."

Raven lifts an eyebrow, "You realize this is like a minnow menacing a shark, right, Champ? If you want to swing at the Mistress of Mean, take your best shot." she lifts her chin and winks.

"Oh, I've heard there are even blue ones. But, for now, I shall stick with this one, in case some is daring enough to dare me. Or, even more unlikely, if I am daring enough to dare someone else," Renata tells this to Sebastian cheerily, and it's not long then until the first dare is proposed by ~Savio in bombastic fashion. The Pravosi princess seems keen to watch how Caspian now fares.

"Well met." Evelynn's gaze drifts from Keely to rest on her companion. "I wonder what dares one can force me into." She says suddenly, taking a place in one of the seating areas, content to let others play more aggressively.

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Lucrezia ignores Savio sayng there's no such thing as a typical Pravosi party, contradicting her, a Pravus. Instead she speaks with Martinique. "More sharks in summer. Sounds like the season to go hunt sharks. I'm sure that's more fun than any party." She nods to Remus needing to attend more Pravus parties. "You'll see I'm right. Except for the fancy ones. I don't do the fancy ones. Those are for other people."

Valencia's fine brows arch a little to Sebastian's charge over Patrizio and she smiles and shakes her head. "Is that the dare you wish to offer my, your highness? So cruel a charge to make me pick between my two favoured Pravusi princes. Truly, it is a difficult one for me to wager, but if so I bow to your request in to offer my favour, " she teases back gently as she looks to Patrizio to see if he is willing to stand to the request. "I tease," she affirms quick ease. "What will you have of me, highnesses?"

Orland turns to Sira, "For the dare between us, I DARE you, master tailor, to convince someone in this very room, to exchange outfits with you!"

Sebastian checks charm and performance at daunting. Sebastian fails.

Smoothly, Ilira plucks a glass of Setarcan fire from a passing server's tray and beams to them in thanks. She casts a sharp, intent glance toward Orland when he poses his challenge, and then the same at Sira. It's an, 'oh you better not' look. Then, as she takes a deep sip of her drink, her attention settles quizzically on Caspian and Raven, the hint of a smile playing behind the rim of her cup.

"Oh, no," Sebastian, clearly, is not at all worried at Patrizio's concern, "Aesthetics in art. Not in hair styling. Perhaps if I had a hair stylist, but I could never steal Bella's away from her," with a sigh, like he /tried/. His gaze turns to Valencia, delight in his expression. "Indeed, I put the hardest of choices onto you, fair maiden, and for that I apologize. But it must be done to settle the issue once and for all. My hair, surely, is much better that Pat's. See how it shines? And shimmers?" He does a twirl, then a hair flip. Which might work better if his hair was a little longer, but just ends up being a dramatic pose.

Sira checks charm and manipulation at hard. Sira fails.

Caspian stares at raven a moment, suddenly feeling VERY much like that little minnow. he exhales softly, opens his mouth, closes it. opens it again, shakes his head and closes it. he rubs at his nose, "Blackheart Raven.. or is it Raven the Blackheart? Raven blackheart? I've locks that were less confusing than your title. Reaver, warrior, Iron guard.. you have a talent that cant be denied. And though many dont know it.. a secret weapon. For if on the battle field, your sword you dropped, you never need fear.. simply start dancing and everyone nearby will flee lest whatever madness took you would take them!"

Caspian checks charm and intimidation at daunting. Caspian is successful.

And to sell it further, Patrizio does gesture with his glass, from where he rests to Sebastian. "Perhaps, but dear cousin, let us be fair. You've set yourself up early for a little disappointment." That twinkle of his eyes lingers when he's grinning to Valencia, and then a sigh slides free. And he gestures towards Lucrezia and Renata. "As I promised our other cousins, Bas, until you can render my hair in stone, surely I'm going to have to be around a fair long time."

"Shark hunting? Can't say I've done that before, but I'm open to giving it a try. Do you hurl harpoons from the deck or get in the water with the beasts?" Asking Lucrezia curiously, Remus savors his rum and nods in complete agreement. "I'd say so, Lucrezia. Many more parties, especially the ones with plenty of warmth. Fancy ones, not sure I'm quite used to those myself." Settling in at the bar, he grins at Patrizio's showmanship.

The challenge issued has Sira wrinkling her nose. "Unless someone else is wearing something /I/ designed..." Her head starts to shake before she looks around, considering. "Lord Mattheu, trade outfits with me. And then give me my outfit back. I worked hard on this embroidery."

As she waits to be given instruction, Valencia's gaze falls to those she knows who come and go in passing. A warm not for Ilira and to Alis seated at the table. To Raven and the handsome couple of Savio and Orland, and of course the lovely artisan known as Sira are all offered shy smile and little bobs of her head. Called back to attention, Valencia nods to Sebastian, "It is very so, sir. I would not wish offense. For truly the Pravus hair is legendary, but for tonight, I must confess, that is the Prince Patrizio's that is best dressed. Though I promise you a very close second, sir," she smiles warmly between them.

Martinique looks intrigued by this challenge, and looks over towards lord Mattheu. Then back at Sira. "I mean, this sounds like a fun show." She states simply, before downing more whiskey. She also needs a refill, and signals a servant for such with a smile.

Savio LAUGHS as Caspian Minnow steps up to the Shark of Snark and does his best to roast! Peals of laughter. Delight. And applause. "We'll work on it," he promises, but seems to accept this as not a diamond loss for poor Caspian.

Orland notes to Sira, "I think he's occupied..." he smirks a little at the attempt anyway, his hand casually popping palm side up, when the attempt to convince Mattheu does not work. Then his eyes flash to Patrizio, "PRINCE PATRIZIO. I DARE YOU!"

Alis applaud's Sebastian's attempt at convincing that his hair might be better, though she appears almost sympathetic at the uphill battle he has to begin with in order to try. "Ah, well spoken Valencia. You've a knack for being complimentary." Which she will even toast, before her voice lowers again for those at the table with her.

Savio also adds a blown kiss to Valencia, and since he elbowed Orland before doing so, the mwah counts as from them both.

Caspian gives a grin, "so uh.. perhaps this is not my where i am most skilled.." he gives a laugh and a bright smile to Savio and then Raven

Patrizio is laughing a bit when Valencia's pronouncing that Sebastian's attempt was a good one, the draw of his glass to his lips... but the jade eyes are drawn about when he hears Orland calling his name. "And what would the dare be, my good lord?" Inquires he, in a louder voice that is drawn up in a manner to be sure that he's heard clearly over the din.

Renata nods quietly in agreement with Valencia's decision. Patrizio's hair just can't lose after all, and she flashed both of her male cousins an amused smile, "I do hope though that Patrizio never has to deal with a receding or thinning hairline. What a dreadful tragedy..."

Ilira cackles, at first into her glass and then into the room as she lowers it, inexplicably empty. For a moment, her eyes are all for Caspian, twinkling with mirth and a blatant adoration. And then, as calmly as a shark, she begins to cast her gaze across the others around her in clear calculation. Her eyes briefly catch Valencia's and she smiles at the Vixen, dipping her head once.

Aisha tries to stifle a laugh behind her hand at Caspian's attempt at a roast. "I believe it passes muster as entertaining," she murmurs, in good humor. By now, the challenges are flying; she looks to one side and the other, silently registering verdicts on hair and attempts to negotiate the exchange of outfits.

Raven's eyes narrow, "Oh, you booger, you damned well know it's Blackheart-title not a name and So what if I can't dance? Not like it's done you any good, I can still whoop you." She gives a lofty sniff and sips her rum, "Duchess Evelynn? Hrrrm. What could we dare Duchess Evelynn? What could someone dare you to do? Lots of things but for now how about you serenade our handsome host! Something suitably spirited, if you would!"

They should have never invited the Amadeo lords. They're trouble! Orland looks a little at the elbowing, "What?! They can win it back..." his eyes glitter with impishness as he looks to Patrizio, "Prince Patrizio, I DARE YOU TO SHAVE your head clean of hair!"

Sebastian, is indeed, due to be disappointed. Yet it is a disappointment that is expected when Valencia delivers her verdict. "I see then, I shall have to render it in stone, so at least /someone/ can have better hair than you, cousin," he claps Patrizio on the shoulder, "Even if it is a statue." His bow to Valencia is full of amused delight. "You make losing delightful indeed." He sips at his glass, largely untouched, then prowls away to search for another target.

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Lucrezia shrugs to Remus. "Depends if I like you at the moment or not." She grins wide, all teeth and murderous light in her eyes. "It's also entertaining watching a shark the opposite way." She looks about the room and looks sideways to Remus, "I dare you to talk someone here into dancing on top of the bar with you."

Ilira actually gasps at Orland.

Mattheu turns from playing with his diamond, nearly dropping it in the process to look to Sira with a grin, "Misses Sira, "I've had many ask me for my clothing in different means though that has been the least interesting of directions. As much as it would be amusing to finally see you dressed in the wind I will politely decline a trade of clothing."

"Ahahaha," Savio cackles at the head-shaving dare, lacking Ilira's decorum.

Caspian looks to Orland and breaks into a laugh, looking to Patrizio, "ooh.. oh Sir orland that is HARSH!"

Aisha likewise gasps loudly. "Does he at least get to arm-wrestle in defense of his hair, or something?"

Renata's words seem like an ill portent indeed, when Orland challenges Patrizio to shearing his precious locks, eliciting a quiet gasp hidden behind her hand.

Ilira looks genuinely horrified, and gives Patrizio a wide-eyed, frightful glance for his gorgeous hair.

A very discontent sigh passes Sira's lips as Mattheu's response comes and her hand frees itself of Martinique's arm to drop her diamond in Orland's palm.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

Sebastian leans on the bar, muttering something about Patrizio's hair. And then he hears Orland's challenge, and his mouth opens, and then he starts laughing delightedly, with a little tip of his glass to the Amadeo lord, sipping.

Orland is sitting smugly, raising his palm up and outward, "Or you could just surrender your diamond." All the gasps and all the looks he's getting, YES, he went there. This is how you Dare in Neo-Nobel style.

Caspian looks to ilira then, looks at her hair, then to her, and gives an impish grin

"I can only speak the truth of it, my dear highness. Their glorious locks speak for themselves, do they not?" Valencia replies cheerfully to Alis and then to Renata. "Pravus is as richly maned as Valaradin is sweet with honey, yes?" she affirms with a gracious bow of head to Sebastian. To Ilira's greeting she pauses to return it with a smile of her own. Duty done, the little vixen drifts back to her merrily watching as playful dares fly about like swallows in the springtime.

Martinique actually laughs at Orland's dare. She also gives Mattheu a nod of respect at his acknolweldgement. "I think he just has to shave it. To keep his diamond." She does lean over to press a consoling kiss to Sira's cheek as she yields her diamond. "Lord Orland--best me in a knife fight. A friendly one of course, as I would never harm you, my boon companion, but let us contest." She holds out the diamond in her palm.

Moments pass as Patrizio's still smiling, still contemplating this one, and then there's that shake of his head as he's hearing Orland. "Careful, my lord. Because someone so emboldened might be inclined to come to you with an equally horrible challenge at some point." But indeed, given such a thing, a sigh slides from him. "Some things are worth more than a bauble. And so I decline."

Savio HAHs as Martinique challenges Orland. "Please don't injure him permanently." Hand-wobble. "Temporarily is okay." Then there is the RESULT of the attempted hair murder, and he laughs all over again, delighted anew. "Next time we play for dragonweep, then see if he does it!"

Keely checks willpower at hard. Keely is successful.

"I think Patrizio's hair is worth far more than any diamond," Renata agrees with the man in question on the value of his magnificient man, a small laugh escaping her as she taked a pause from her observing to fetch a glass of wine. "Perhaps even dragonweep too. I think it may be priceless."

Ilira nods agreeably to Patrizio's warning, tilting her gaze sidelong at Orland. She grins at Caspian and takes his hand to place a gentle little kiss on the back of his knuckles, then, rolling her diamond meaningfully between her fingers, she slips off to another part of the room.
"Lady Aisha, right?" She approaches the Inverno with a broad, kind smile that belies the dangerous glimmer in her eyes.

Savio assures Renata, "I'd shave his hair myself for a dragonweep. Watch out, Prince Patrizio." MENACING FAN FLUTTER

Orland tilts his head a little to the side, with a glimmer of victory in his eyes as he looks up to Patrizio, taking his diamond, "Your hair is certainly far more valuable than a bauble. The ladies were practically fainting at the suggestion." He winks to Patrizio, "And I entirely expect someone to be emboldened in your defense, your Highness." But then his hand closes around the diamond in his hand, "Pleasure doing business."

There is a soft exchange between Keely and Evelynn at the table they share with Alis, Mattheu, and Patrizio. The young Grayson clears her throat quietly, sits up a little taller, and shifts from her seat beside Alis to settle nearer to the Duchess with a soft, polite smile. There are more words, but she looks quite a bit calmer than she has previously.

Sira appears mildly appeased by the kiss pressed to her cheek by Martinique. She whispers something to the other woman before draining her wine glass and seeking out her... fourth?... glass.

A look of surprise is offered to Orland's dare as the game seems to turn more sinister and a soft frown appears on Valencia's face. Head canting thoughtfully as she sips her wine, she softly presses her lips together and seems to consider the room..

Stepping into the party a bit late -- hopefully still fashionably so, though this princess has never worried //too// much about being in fashion, choosing to evoke forest nymph or draiad aesthetics when the weather isn't frigid -- is Helena Redrain, not seen for quite some time in the city. Wide blue eyes look around a bit, and then they fall on the familiar face of Sebastian and she smiles, lifting a hand to greet a friend. "I should know better than to come to a Pravus party before I've got my Arx legs under me," she says with an impish smile.

"You'd dare me to a knife fight while I'm in a cast?" Orland tsks playfully to Martinique and hands over his crutch to Savio in a HOLD MY BEER sort of way. He's doing what he can to put his weight on his good leg, but it's clear the action is risking his bad leg. A knife fight cannot be done while wielding a crutch! He slides out a knife from... was it up his sleeve? Where did it come from? Probably his sleeve, "Mind the kidneys, eh?"

Raven watches Orland with a hint of worry.

Aisha sees Ilira coming, over the rim of her goblet. It lowers to expose a brilliant smile. "I am she," she replies. "Have you come to make my acquaintance, or do you desire something more?" There is a gleam of bright, precious stone between her fingers briefly before her hand disappears behind her, even as she approaches quite close to Ilira. Perhaps too close, though Pravosi personal space can be such a variable thing!

Sebastian is leaning against the bar, talking in low tones with those gathered there, eyeing the bar top speculatively, for some reason. And then he hears the greeting of a familiar voice. "Princess Helena Redrain?" his gaze warms, as he lifts out a hand to clasp hers, leaning to offer her the Lycene-style air kisses. "What a delight! I thought Farhaven had swallowed you whole. Drink?" he invites, gesturing towards a servant. "Here, do you know the Princess-Admiral Lou, the Blackheart Raven, and Lord Remus?" he gestures to those at the bar in introduction.

Remus watches with nosy interest to see if Patrizio will really shave off his locks for a stone. The dare refused, he pats himself on the chest in relief. But Lucrezia's dare elicits a bit of a face, especially once fire is involved, Sebastian given a pleading look. "Surely there has to be a good medical reason not to do this. Still recovering from my head injury. Might fall over and get a new one. While on fire." Spotting the newcomer and finding this an excellent diversion, he dips his head when Helena greets Sebastian - and he in turn introduces him.

"Pfeh, it ain't your kidneys I want." Martinique responds with a sudden feral grin. But then, that's how she usually responds to the prospect of a knife fight. She'll rise. "For fairness--Messere Sira, bind my foot?" She just assumes that Sira has the ribbon for this. "So that we fight as equals."

Raven bows to Helena, "A delight and an honor to meet you, Princess Helena. "

Mattheu calls out from his table, "Lord Savio!" a raise of his drink to help the man find the jingling colorful Rivenshari, as if it would be hard to find him, "I challenge you to a dance upon hands."

Lucrezia grins wickedly at Remus. "The medical reason is that I desperately need more diamonds or I'll wilt away like a poor little wall flower. Save me from that horrible fate and just give me your diamond instead?" Well, it's turned less bet to just manipulation, but she's never been good at rules.

Renata's persistent smile fades at the potential for violence, even a good-natured one. She sighs gently and turns away to do some more socializing rather than watchung.

"Hm?" Sira looks at Martinique in confusion for a moment. "Oh, of course." The seamstress /does/ have a ribbon hand. A velvet ribbon. She leans down to the do the foot binding as requested.

Savio is on the prowl again to challenge someone while Orland processes Martinique's challenge, and takes his husband's crutch with zero warnings about hurting himself and no hints of worry on his part at all. If Orland wants to get his dumb self stabbed by Martinique, Savio is clearly here for it. But he doesn't need to challenge someone because Mattheu is challenging HIM. "Like a handstand, but dancing?" the Saffron lord seeks clarification! "....In this outfit? Monstrous. I accept."

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"It wouldn't dare, but there was quite a lot to do and it did eat my time, I'm afraid. It's lovely to be back, and to see you," Helena says to Sebastian. "A drink would be welcome. Surprise me, so long as it's not one of your secret-telling concoctions." She turns for the introductions, offering a hand to each in turn -- she isn't one who expects bows or curtsies, clearly. "A pleasure to meet all of you."

Caspian looks around to spy Valencia and walks over, "Well.. its so good to see you!" he offers the woman a bright smile and smirks, "but it does seem that tonight we must find ourselves at odds! so then, i challenge you to sing a song expounding upon the virtues of Lord savio's attire!"

"Which host?" Evelynn suddenly asks Raven, having caught her original dare. "I'm out of diamonds but I will leave this party with ONE." She says with confidence.

Savio checks charm and athletics at hard. Savio fails.

Patrizio rocks his chair slowly beneath him, the smile on his lips while he's conversing with those at the table with him. Though there's the draw of his jade gaze towards Helena, as he hoists his half-enjoyed glass already. "Careful what you ask of my cousin, your highness. He might feel frisky and press a few fingers of Fire into your palm, simply to see how you respond."

Raven points to Sebastian, "This one, your Grace."

"That is part of the challenge, Lord Remus," Sebastian says, with a pleased laugh. "You're welcome to refuse, though you'll have to give up your lovely diamond for it. Though, should you fall, I promise we'll take the best of care of you. I'll even set aside a room in the Pravus Estate, if that assuages your concerns, my lord." He just really wants to see someone dance on the bar, probably. Helena's suggestion he surprise her with a drink has him laughing delightfully. "Dangerous offering to a Pravosi, Your Highness," and he bids one of the servants to bring a glass of Setarco Fire, offering the yellow-red liquid in a glass to Helena. He must miss... something, because Raven's pointing at him, and he looks at her blankly.

*** Orland has called for an opposing check with Martinique. ***
Orland checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Orland is spectacularly successful.
Martinique checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Martinique is successful.
*** Orland is the winner. ***

Mattheu nods while bells sing out, "Aye. Use your hands instead of feet in a dance. I'll even give you some music!" A long pull of his drink as he starts to tap at his chest to give some music from bells chiming in tune to the taps.

The warmest of smiles is given to Caspian as he approaches. "Good even, Missere Champion, how are you?" Valencia returns with a quick and cheerful bob of her head. "The Pravusi do know how to throw quite the party, yes?" A smaller smile comes as the challenge is issued and she glances to them an in question and back. "Very well, my sweet sir, I shall comply to your request. Though I confess it would take all night for me to sing of all my praises for his tastes, but if you will allow a partial account I am willing atttempt to do justice, yes?" she agrees and takes a closer look to Savio's handsome attire.

Alis hears a Your Grace and kind of looks up and around, but also very confused. Maybe the wine is getting to her already.

Martinique is certainly not intending any lethal attacks against Orland, and so when she draws her knife, it is with...well, less bloodlust than is her usual. But she moves into the fight limping a bit, gently, from Sira's binding, and finds it much harder than she expected. She knew Orland was good before; they

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Caspian might have challenged Valencia to sing about the virtues of Savio's attire, but there's one thing to be said for about a million yards of velvet and a cinched corset, it is NOT great for acrobatics. To attempt this dare he has to try to first get on his hands, which means sort of walking his feet up a wall to get upside down and then trying to tip forward... trying... this is not a lightweight outfit. The bells obviously add entertainment and suspense. TIPPING... TIPPING.... he's almost got it.... no he absolutely does not have this. There is a tremendous collapse of velvet, a cataclsym, a crumple, and Savio collapses in a heap with a glamorous "OW AH FUCK." It takes a moment to right himself, sitting primly, diamond outstretched for Mattheu to take. This whole thing means he missed Orland's feats completely and just looks over that way, "Did you die?"

Martinique is certainly not intending any lethal attacks against Orland, and so when she draws her knife, it is with...well, less bloodlust than is her usual. But she moves into the fight limping a bit, gently, from Sira's binding, and finds it much harder than she expected. She knew Orland was good before; they have fought togther before. Many times. Not they fight each other--and she finds herself overmatched. Nobody is getting stabbed today, but the two skilled knife fighters have a moment until Orland can threaten Marti's throat, at which point she yields.

Ilira beams even brighter, her azure eyes glittering at Aisha. "Both!" she tells her warmly, opening the fingers of her left hand to let the diamond at the center of her palm catch the light. One corner of her mouth quirks impishly lopsided. "I see you hiding from me," she grins, gesturing around the Inverno's back with her other, empty hand. With a sly tilt of her head and her smile, she says, "If you can tell me /my/ name, I'll give this diamond to you."

Evelynn checks charm and performance at normal. Botch! Evelynn fails badly.

Valencia checks charm and performance at normal. Valencia is successful.

And this is why some call him the Amazing Amadeo. Orland simply manages to out class Martinique in a knife fight, even a friendly knife fight and finds his point threatening at her soft parts before she can get him into a check mate position. His brow lifts up, a cocky grin on his face, "You know what they say about dragons defending their treasure hoard... I think I'd give that big red bastard a run for his money." He laughs and then flicks his knife around, especially showing off, before sheathing it again, before combing his fingers through his hair, "I retain my treasure."

"No, I did not die!" Orland adds to Savio.

"Did you?" Orland again.

Ilira glances over to Savio from her challenge at hand. "Savio...are you... Oh well." She is both concerned and trying not that hard not to laugh.

Martinique also drops her diamond into Orland's palm with a grin.

Helena's smile is warm, and she shakes her head. "I may look gentle and delicate, but I //am// a Redrain. Is it fire as in the warmth of a strong whiskey, or fire like the heat of a hot pepper? That I may not do so well with, I confess. Northern food is rather bland," she says with a smirk, accepting the glass and lifting it to her nose to smell it, eyeing Patrizio and Sebastian a little warily. She watches the going-on as well, looking amused at banter.

Renata blinks aquamarine eyes slowly as she watches all the dares in progress, lips parting as if she's about to say something that soon enough eludes her. With an amused shake of her head, the mention of singing keenly draws her interest to observe those involved.

"A very hot pepper, Your Highness. VERY. HOT." Alis pipes up from her table, to properly warn Helena. "It's good, honestly! But not all in one go." Y

"You? A wallflower? Alright see that's just not believable. If you had threatened to toss me to the sharks, well. That would be more believable," Remus retorts to Lucrezia with a laugh, but the demand for the diamond is real enough. Cocking his head towards Sebastian, "So, a room in the Pravus estate? That's pretty tempting. Just for dancing on the bar and maybe getting injured. Who do I have to dance on the bar with, then?"

Aisha's mouth drops open at Ilira's challenge. "A simple challenge, and yet so fair. Are you certain you are at the right party?" she teases, looking pointedly at some of the more EXTRA challenges being levied around the room. "But, of course. I accept." She pauses to take a drink from her goblet. Sure, it's a long drink. The Setarcan Fire is quite good, after all.

A creak of the chair beneath Patrizio as he's rocking there, the glass perched at his lower lip, the occasional tip for him to be taking sips from it. He offers an almost-innocent smile to Helena, before he answers honestly. "Yes." Which speaks to both ends of the thing, perhaps, even as he's clearly keeping an ear to those things going on with those with whom he's settled, and... a smirk finds him, even as he's looking to that group.

Orland looks over toward the crowd then points out Renata, "Princess Renata! Do you have a diamond yet left in your position?" There's definitely a Dare coming behind that if she says yes!

Valencia softly clears her throat and with a respectful nod to Savio, attempts to adequately sing her praise so of the man's fine attire,

"Bare-chested and bold, like the heroes of old,
a striking figure he makes.

With velvet gown that causes eyes all to turn,
What a cutting figure he makes.
A paragon of style that makes all smile,
His taste in attire is inspired.
And if you should deny my feverent cry,
I have to suggest that you blindly mistaken."

Aisha checks perception and riddles at normal. Aisha marginally fails.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ilara Sterling," Aisha says, leaning forward to bestow a kiss to the air just above Ilira's cheek. So close!

Caspian bursts into applause, laughing merrily "Oh that is marvelous!! you have such a great talent for that i am jealous!" he shakes his head, chuckling, "well done well done!" he beams to the woman and offers a bow

"Hmph." Sira refuses to appear impressed by Orland's performance in a knife fight. Instead, she moves to help Martinique be unbound of the velvet ribbon. "One of us should leave with /something/," She insists to her companion.

Renata eyes Orland a bit skeptically, though it seems more as if she's trying to decide just how bold the man will be his dare. She does eventually give him a nod of confirmation though, and replies gamely enough, "I do, yes."

Lucrezia scoffs at Remus' doubt. "It's a serious disease! Why else do you think I don't attend fancy parties? I'd die if I went to one!" She shrugs to his question of who he'd be dancing with. "I don't know. Pick someone here that looks like they'd be interesting and haul them over, willing or not!"

Savio sniffles and answers Orland and Ilira both, "Yes, I died." He was still seated there on the floor, but then Valencia sings! The song restores him and he laughs and stands, muffled clap-clapping his velvet hands. "Oh, fantastic, aren't you so lovely! My mood, restored, my dignity, revived, my dubious fashion choices, publicly celebrated! I'm so charmed. Orland I will have a challenge for YOU in a moment, and I am absolutely going to stack it in my favor, so please be aware."

"The latter," Sebastian answers Helena truthfully. "But a sip will warm your bones after the cold... though I guess that probably doesn't affect a Northerner so much as it does Setarcan bones," he admits, ruefully. "There's Setarcan peppers soaked into it. It's a delight in small doses, and dangerous in rather larger ones." He pauses, and laughs at Alis' warning, giving her an amused look, "As Highlord Alis well knows." When Remus seems to warm to the idea with his encouragement, he gives Lucrezia a wolfish grin, nodding in agreement.

Raven's eyebrows lift in mild surprise, "Fare sight better than I'd have done, Duchess Evelynn! Well done!" She offers a small glass, "Care for some fire, Duchess Evelynn?"

Valencia smiles to Caspian, her cheeks blooming scarlet to his kind reaction and she curtsies to him graciously and graceful. "You are kind, my darling champion, but anyone can see what a muse Lord Savio might be. I thank you for offering me a kindness," she laughs warmly and bows her head again, delighted he seemed to enjoy her attempt at being an amateur bardess. "You honour me, but I am no singer as some might be. But I am grateful for the praise, sir," she offers before offering Lord Savio, her muse, a warm bow of head in thanks.

Ilira's eyes twinkle wickedly at Aisha, that wide smile spreading across her face anew. "As close as you were to my cheek!" she laughs, tilting up on her tiptoes to give the woman a real peck on either cheek. "I am Ilira Starling, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now give me that diamond." Her smile is as sly as it is friendly. "I'm at the right party, just a slow burn," she adds in answer to her earlier question with a little chuckle.

Mattheu takes Rivenshari Stolen Ginger Cookies from double braided leather sash belt.

Alis' warning draws a laugh and smile from Helena who rubs her nose, the fumes of the drink already burning just a little. "Thank you for the warning. I shall be ladylike and sip it." She does so, very carefully, brows lifting. "It's not that..." Oh yes, it is. It won't be long before she's a little flushed. To Sebastian, she grins. "I do recall the Southerners I've known well lamenting the cold. You all must be very weary of the winter." To her, the Arxian winter is nothing, despite the heavy snow. "She sets it down to applaud Valencia's singing. "Was that off the cuff? Very clever. If I reinstate the poetry readings I once did, you must come."

Alis appears vastly amused for a moment about something happening at the table, handing a diamond to Mattheu after a moment of comment before she hears her name and looks back over at the Setarco Fire exchange. "You're quite welcome, Princess Helena." And to Sebastian she grins impishly. "But I /did/ drink all of it in one shot." she points out.

Perhaps it was a bad idea for the Duchess of Sungreet to accept a challenge like that with no preparation. She's not a notable bard after all. Poor Sebastian gets little warning before she's leaping? over a table in a single motion, to stand before him, and beginning her song. At least she's not jumping ON the table.

"Sebastian, Sebastian, the men and woman worship the ground you're on. Can you blame them their obsession? I surely can't since I have a confession. There's no reason to doubt that I look forward to our next bout."

She doesn't even bother to sing in tune, it's as though the whole thing is fuelled by impulse.

Orland finds his crutch again, doesn't mind that his husband has face planted over there on the floor somewhere, and decides to find a seat again quickly after that showmanship with the knife. He's hurtin a little and it's clear, but he's trying to mask it the best he can. He scoffs over at Savio, "You wouldn't!" Then a glance back to Renata, his finger hooking in the air, grinning in her direction, "I dare you, your Highness, to find a pitcher of liquid - be it water, rum, wine -" he pauses a little, "And dump it on yourself or someone of an equal rank and title." In dares, you have to be specific and he was specific here! His eyes glitter with mischief, "Or you can give me your diamond as an alternative?"

Aisha's eyes widen, and she gives a small gasp, as Ilira bestows both her name and a kiss of greeting. "You are indeed in the right place," she says, as she produces her diamond, pressing it gently into Ilira's palm. "Well met, Ilira." She looks sidealong at Savio and Orland. "Someone will need to take the fight to -them-, soon. It is the challenger who has the advantage, it seems."

While she lost the fight, Martinique doesn't seem mad. She handed over her diamond to Orland without even a snarl, perhaps unusual for her. But it's a party. She'll sink back to her seat then and watch the other contests as they proceed, and gently curl an arm around Sira while she does so. Oh, and also a lot of drinking. But that's just Islander normal.

A gracious curtsy is offered to Helena, Valencia's hand falling lightly to her chest in respect. "It was, your highness. But I confess to great inspiration by Messere Champion Caspian and his Lordship. But as you can see, he makes it so easy to sing such praises, yes?" she nods cheerfully to the Redrain royalty. "But you are kind to invite me, highness. I would be glad to attend if only to wonder at the talent you bring together. Perhaps I might learn more of such artistry of word crafting and song."

Oathlands and Crownlands royalty alike appear to be showering Lord Mattheu Rivenshari with diamonds over at the table Keely and Alis share with him

Renata draws her lips together in a thoughtful purse as she spends a moment to consider Orland's dare. It only lasts a moment though before she gives a firm little nod and a dazzling smile at the man, "Alright, Lord Orland, I accept it."

"A follow up with a Setarcan Red will help," Sebastian murmurs to Helena, though he's clearly quietly amused at her reaction to the drink. "And yes, I sneak away when I can. I spent last winter away, but I don't think-" and whatever he was going to say breaks off abruptly as Evelynn leaps to land in front of him. He startles, spilling a bit of red wine over his hand. Having not heard the original dare, Sebastian hasn't the faintest idea what's happening. All he knows is that Evelynn's there, and then she's... singing. Well. That's unexpected. And awful. "Eve...lynn, are you..." he takes a beat, composing himself, "I mean, that's all true," he says, with a cough-laugh, glancing at Raven as he suspects the source of the sudden serenading. "Do you, ah, know my cousin Lucrezia? Also Raven the Blackheart, Princess Helena Redrain, and Lord Remus?"

Mattheu is currently playing rather openly with the five diamonds that he has, trying to place them at edges of Ravashari hand wraps then looking frantically to the table as the small gems go bouncing off of his hand. He looks through the crowd towards Sira with a silly grin.

"I can and I would," Savio warns Orland, but there is no challenge to him yet, instead, the pointing fan finds, "RAVEN," dun duunnnn, "Do you still have a diamond, lovely one? If so, then I challenge you to summarize at least one piece of advice someone has given you in four lines of rhyme. This is a quiz." Teasing from the fancy half naked prodigal. But also challenging!

Raven tilts her head, "Well the challenge was a lively serenade. Prince Sebastian-you're the judge on this one."

Renata checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Renata is successful.

Ilira offers Aisha's hand a warm, companionable squeeze as she takes the diamond and slips it into one of her deep pockets alongside the other. "I'm glad to meet you!" she tells her with a genuine smile, following her gaze to Orland and Savio with an impish turn of her lips. "I will," she says with a little too muc portent to it, but then her eye snags on Mattheu--and his five glittering gemstones. "But first...." Giving her new friend another warm squeeze of the wrist, she approaches the Rivenshari with a stunning air of confidence. "Lord Rivenshari, I challenge you to a dance contest."

Savio encourages, "Avenge me Ilira!"

Sira says something quietly to Martinique, motioning toward Mattheu.

Ilira beams over her shoulder at Savio.

"I wish to go win more diamonds now," Keely declares softly to her friends at the table, turning a bit in her seat to look over the room and see who might be overburdened of precious stones still. "Who should I go and challenge?"

Savio points urgently at Orland, as Keely looks for someone to challenge.

Caspian was heading toward the table Keely and Mattheu were at, when ilira beat him to the challenge. He grins from ear to ear and watches, "oh.. oh THIS will be good!" he looks between the pair, clearly going to challenge whoever wins.

Sebastian clears his throat, looking at Raven. "What was the, ah, challenge? I missed it."

Lucrezia gleefully takes Remus' diamond and inexplicably crushes him in a hug. "YES!" Though, might not be saying that to whatever he'd just said in their exchange! Hearing her name, she glances across her shoulder to whoever Sebastian is in the works of introducing to everyone. A waggle of fingers on the way to snatching up a drink and guzzling it down. "Who looks like they need their diamond liberated?" She asks those at the bar in general.

"Whomever you think you can issue a challenge to that they will refuse." Alis suggests, being of no help at all in this instance.

Keely lights up when Savio points to his husband, downing her drink and rising from her seat. Her cheeks are notably red, a color that spills over the bridge of her nose now, indicating that she has had more than the half a drink she usually nurses throughout events. Giving Mattheu's shoulder a gentle squeeze, she slips and weaves through the crowd, first stopping beside Savio with her dark eyes on Orland, a whisper exchanged.

Orland applauds when Renata takes up the challenge and pours the liquid over her own head, "Well done your Highness. I've always known you never to retreat from a challenge." He grins, "You may retain your diamond." He seems somewhat relieved about this. From where he's sitting, he hears Keely's challenge to find someone to pester for stones and he decides to order a drink himself, completely avoiding eye contact.

Mattheu slips from table as bells find their song, then dipping into a bow to Ilira. "And of which dance would you like?" He slips the diamonds to a pouch behind the small shark plushie

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Renata soon beckons over one of the servants and sends them off to fetch a pitcher of what appears to be either water or some sort of colorless alcohol. Reaching out, the princess hefts the full pitcher with both hands and holds it in front of her with perhaps more gravitas than needed, "As a Disciple of Mangata, it is only fair I give myself this." And with that, she lifts the pitcher up and over her head to dump the entirety of its contents over herself. It causes the liquid to puddle at her feet and splash some droplets on anyone who might venture to close as she stands as the sopping Siren.

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"You look somewhat flustered." Evelynn adjust the bangles on her arms idly before turning to Lucrezia. "I don't believe I've met any of them, besides Raven, of course." Her lips quirk as she studies the Blackheart. "A deal's a deal. I serenade, I get the diamond." Her eyes turn sharply to Sebastian, as if fully expecting a confirmation.

Raven checks charm and performance at normal. Raven is successful.

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Helena curtsies back. "Our mutual friend Prince Sebastian is quite inspiring when it comes to wordcraft, as well," she says, cheeks now flushed a bit, and they serve to only make her eyes brighter blue. She doesn't sweat at least, other than a faint glaze on the cheekbones, glowing, as is proper for princesses. She grins at Evelyn's performance and Sebastian's reaction to it. "I've rarely seen you off kilter, Sebastian. That was truly an inspired performance, as well," she says, with a little nod to Evelynn as well, a tiny smirk tipping upward the corner of her mouth.

Caspian looks to Renata and cheers, "Well done well done Princess Renata!" he slips away to whisper something to her with a smirk

Raven pulls out the diamond to show it and then presses her lips, "Gods, why's everyone always trying to get me to Rhyme all the time!" She huffs and chews her lip.

"Raven you don't got to be so mean, Woman ain't meant to be heard but seen, You've got to keep clean, or no one will flick your..." she trails off and sips her rum. "Bean."

She did it! Savio velvet golf-claps for Raven. "Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not quick witted," he replies. "You're not, but don't let them tell you that." A wink promises that it's just a mini-roast, no hard feelings.

Renata's completion of her dare brights out a rather unhindered cheer from Valencia who blinks and then beams, raising her glass to the clever Pravusi princess. "Bravo, highness. I admire more your wit. WIth such your pocket will be heavy with treasure tonight."

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"That was a... a serenade," Sebastian prevaricates, at Evelynn's questioning look. It may not have been a /good/ one, but that wasn't the question. Helena's observation makes him cough. "Duchess Evelynn does have a way of putting me off balance, I admit. One of the few such."

Raven sticks her tongue out at Savio and then her eyebrows loft and she watches Sebastian with a crooked grin and avid interest as he gets flustered.

Leasurely working down the buttons of her sweater, Ilira tells Mattheu with a smile, "That dance you taught at the first Time to Dance hosted by our darling Highness," she gestures her free gloved hand toward Keely. "A dance of wind or some such?" In one fluid movement, she sheds her coat and avails herself of the many scarves around her neck to reveal a jewel-toned velvet blouse of eye-bending hue. She drapes her things meticulously on the back of a nearby chair, diamonds still in one of the pockets.

Patrizio does for a moment, right his chair and rise from his place, moving over to get himself /yet/ another glass of Fire from the bar, before returning to the table, with a lift of the newly-acquired drink to Renata at Valencia's words. "Do you need a towel, cousin?" Asks he of the dripping princess.

Keely nods to Savio, sauntering over to Orland with her delicate hands folded behind her back and a silly smile on her young face. "Lord Orland," she voices, soft and sing-song as she nears. "Hello. I have a dare for you." She tilts her head, looking around the room before nodding over to Caspian. "I dare you to try to flirt with Mister Wild. You will win if he blushes." And then she watches him in expectant excitement, trying not to giggle tipsily.

Ilira glances over to Keely with a deeply approving nod.

Caspian has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 3

*** Mattheu has called for an opposing check with Ilira. ***
Mattheu checks dexterity and performance at normal. Mattheu is successful.
Ilira checks dexterity and performance at normal. Ilira is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

Sira leads Martinique over to Mattheu, a gleam in her eyes as she moves. SHe's patient, however, watching as the exchange between the lord and Ilira happens.

Savio whisper whisper confers with Keely, and then his brows loft upwards as his husband is challenged to FLIRT his Protege! The fan immediately snaps into action, fluttering. "Oh no, it'll be me blushing."

Raven's eyebrows shoot up and she lifts an eyebrow at Keely in puzzlement, "Well THIS ought to be interesting." she tilts her drink up against her lips.

"Ah, maybe a towel?" Renata replies to Patrizio, her arms given a light shake to shed some water, the princess leaving quite a mess in her wake. At least she didn't choose a pitcher of wine. A look is cut aside at Caspian, her head shaking lightly, "Ah, you know I do not partake of violence, Messere Wild. Not even for a game, so I must refuse."

*** Orland has called for an opposing check with Caspian. ***
Orland checks charm and seduction at normal. Orland marginally fails.
Caspian checks composure and seduction at normal. Caspian is successful.
*** Caspian is the winner. ***

Keely now cannot help her giggles, and flits back to Savio's side to WATCH.

Martinique grins at Sira after a whispered conversation and claps her shoulder. She does detour briefly to get another drink as she is lead over towards Mattheu but her eyes are gleaming a bit even as she seems completely puzzled as to what they are doing.

Caspian looks to Renata and blinks, shaking his head, "no no! i did not think that was violence. i retract the dare as its simply not fair." he offers a smile, "but give me a moment and i'll think of a better one!"

Renata flashes Caspian a smile at that, "Thank you. I would be happy to entertain another one, then."

Patrizio smiles as his chair's again righted - the glass this time left on his table as he's moving to nudge one of the servers for a towel for Renata. It too lets him take a chance to look about the room, considering those who still have some gems to be wagered upon...

While waiting to see if Caspian and Orland mortify him with their FLIRTING, Savio is still looking for another target to get him back in the game. "Princess Lucrezia," he smiles, "An undignified dare for you. The dare is to get on the floor," Fan point points downwards, "And pretend to be a little baby for ten seconds. It must be a semi credible attempt at acting. Do you accept?"

Keely snorts a a flushed giggle into her palm as Savio, who she is now hovering near, gives Lucrezia this dare, her eyes pressing tightly closed.

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Orland was trying VERY hard to IGNORE Keely. His IGNORE meter was so high that he was practically SLURRPING from his drink to like drown out the music of a challenge. It seems though, the sing-song voice enters into his bubble as sweetly as ever and he cannot do anything to charm it away. His dark brown eyes flicker up to Keely and he flicks his gaze over at Caspian. "I am married," he retorts cooly to Keely but it is NOT a refusal, "but for the sake of keeping my haul, I accept."

He labors up off the chair he was sitting in and crutch hobbles over toward Caspian, putting his hand on the other's shoulder once he gets clear enough, smiling over to Renata, then back to Caspian, fingers starting to dance around the cup of Caspian's ear and pushing at his hair, "I may not have tits, but I clearly have wits, so bend over and let me see if it fits."

Savio takes a necessary moment to HIT Orland with his fan. SMACK.

Mattheu nods gently to Ilira and then laughs and claps his hands as she reveals the many scarves. "Yes. The dance within the winds." He holds out his hand to her to allow her to spin to fully show off her scarves as he then drops his hand to bounce a few times catching every bell upon his clothing and in his hair a chance to sing out. Taking a step back he squares off with Ilira in a dance which without actually being each others partners turns into a mirror of each others movements, each lift of hip, spin of body, bounce and twirl as they speed up in step, faster and faster to the jingling song of his bells. At end, Mattheu nods to Ilira, "As before eh?" then in a bounce and flip, he lands upon the floorboards only to look back to Ilira with a smile and starts to laugh as he spots her in the same landing. "Well done Ilira." He pants out in a heavy breath, then to pull out a diamond from his pouch. "A worthy challenge."

Oh dear. Whether or not this makes Caspian blush, Keely looks about to pass out from all the blood rushing to her face. She glows crimson, her eyes widening in horror to witness what she has wrought in this dare to Orland.

Sebastian is looking kind of... distracted. He drinks, more than he has the entire evening, gulping down the contents of his glass, and reaching out to snatch the nearest glass from a server passing by. "So, uh, Princess Helena. Are you aware of how the game works? You may claim a diamond, and others may dare you for it. Or you may dare others for theirs. Unfortunately, I lost mine immediately to the magnificence of cousin Patrizio's hair."

Standing and watching, Valencia's brow loft lightly and a small smile is quickly hidden behind her glass as she sips. Thoughtfully, she looks about the room her head canting softly as she watches the most dooing of dares be invited.

Aisha studies the options that Ilira has generously pointed out to her. After a moment, she approaches Caspian, and arrives just in time for a front-row seat to the spiciest challenge yet. Her lips press together tightly, though there may be a wheezing sound heard as she tries to cover up with yet another drink.

Remus is taken by surprise when Lucrezia unexpectedly bestows upon him a crushing hug, leaving the Warlord appearing confused. Nevertheless, he returns it with his own strength and a deep, if quiet laugh, giving the Iron Kraken a thump on the back. "You go get them all! Every diamond, all the treasure! Pillage the whole bar!" Afterwards, he settles back down and contentedly watches the contest. Eyes filled with disbelief at Orland, he nearly snorts rum out of his nose onto the floor.

Raven bursts out at the song and dance Orland gives as courtship dance, "Oh, all that's holy..." Her face falls into her hand. Her gaze slips towards Sebastian and she watches him a long moment before leaning over where she is at the bar.

Savio is keeping an eye out to see if Lucrezia accepts the challenge to begin an exciting new acting career, but he is also occupied with fanning Keely and laugh-scolding Orland in Arakkoan.

Lucrezia studies Savio like he's an enemy sail on the horizon, squint and all. "If that's what you think as unedifying." She rolls her shoulders in a shrug and hands off her newly acquired booze to Remus. "Hold this. Babies don't drink booze." She hops off the bar. "Yes, I'll be pillaging the bar in about ten seconds."

Orland gives Savio a flat expression as he gets smacked by the fan, but then he's watching and watching to see if Caspian will blush. Clearly others are in the room, his eyes roaming back to Keely, smirking at her reaction.

Savio says in Arakkoan, "WHAT ARE YOU LIKE?!"

"No fair using languagues we don't know Lord Savio, at least if you're going to scold your husband!" Martinique calls from over on the couch.

Lucrezia checks charm and performance at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

"Well, at least his wits should fit." Renata murmurs behind her hand at Orland's rather vulgar flirtation, her own face turning a touch pink as she titters softly, but she's not the target of the bet and gets to keep her diamond while she watches how Caspian fares.

Caspian is about to challenge renata when orland approaches. he stares at the man, swooning slightly as the man brushes his ear. he leans closer to Orland and smiles, "There is no need for tits, when one has such wits, and my will, it might crumble to bits. But though many here just spit, their mind on the fritz, you might need to call it quits. For though well your ploy hits, and my heart it does blitz.. my cheeks remain unflushed." he gives a laugh, huggin the man tighly, but sadly.. not quite blushing. he doesnt have any shame

Keely manages not to faint, but she is kind of hiding her face against Savio for a bit so the entire bar isn't blinded with the vivid scarlet beacon that is her face. She mumbles something to this, the other of her proteges here at the party while blindly accepting a handful of diamonds from Orland, then shuffles back to her seat beside Alis before her knees give out from all of this SCANDAL she has caused.

Lucrezia with a boldfaced grin, Lucrezia looks Savio in the eyes and starts stripping off all her clothes, right there. Babies are naked, right?! She leans her sword against the bar with a general look of, if anyone touches they die. Then she curls up on the floor and pretends to be asleep.

Softly chewing her bottom lip, the little vixen prowls the party dark eye widening and then smiling as people get into the spirit of the event. Brows lift again at Orland's attempted and she smiles warmly at the fun all seem to be having.

Orland leans into the swooning of Caspian, but of course when Caspian fires back some rhymes of his own, he cannot help but chuckle, nodding at the mention of needing to call it quits! Then there's a hug and he buys into it for a few seconds before he roughly (an affectionately) shoves off Caspian and lumbers back to Keely, a pocket full of diamonds being lifted and offered to Keely, "You do know, I can immediately dare you back, Your Highness."

Ilira whirls, glides, drops, and shimmies just like she did on the dance floor that day, mirroring Mattheu's movements in perfect synchronicity. Her hair flies and her cheeks flush, eyes twinkling with the sheer merriment of being in motion more than the promise of treasure. By the end, she executes a graceful flip and lands on her feet in front of the Rivenshari, bouncing on her toes and beaming from ear to ear. "Well, shit," she chuckles, less out of breath than one might expect, "I guess you're a good teacher!" Graciously extending her hand, she accepts her single boon and goes over to tuck it into her pocket beside the other two. "Thank you, Lord Rivenshari," she tells him warmly, before turning her attention with a certain slowness to the goings on over in the other corner of the room. Setting her sights directly on Caspian, she approaches.

Caspian is still laughing when he looks to Renata, stroking his chin and grins then, "Alright princess Renata! i have it. you must share the most bawdy thing you have ever done and wished no one could find out about!"

Remus reaches out to hold Lucrezia's drink as requested and takes a sip while watching as she launches from the bar to plunder the place. "Sounds about right, Lucrezia. All of the shinies, haul them away!" He faintly smiles at Sebastian and then Keely with her blazing inferno of a face. "Ah, well then. Lu sleeps very contentedly as a baby."

Orland retorts to Savio in Arvani, "You know exactly what. You heard my hollyhock poem."

"I've sussed it out a bit," says Helena to Sebastian, still sipping the hot drink, and it seems determined to finish it. "I think I may sit it out this time, as I feel I may be at a disadvantage, not knowing most people's strengths or weaknesses. I won't take a diamond, though, for that would be poor sportsmanship," she says. "I simply decided if I didn't come out of the Redrain ward immediately, I might end up hibernating there all winter, which defeats the point in coming back to the city, I suppose."

"Lord Mattheu," Sira speaks once the dance is done. "Are you familiar with Dame Martinique Barlinnie?" She lifts one hand to motion to the woman at her side. "She, too, is from the Oathlands - though she now calls Redreef Shores home." Her head tilts with a soft smile. "Are you up for a challenge, my lord?

Whatever challenge Aisha might have been working up to present, is either put on hold or flies completely out of her mind as Lucrezia puts on her performance. She actually has to set her goblet down, in order to slowly clap.

Savio clarifies for Martinique, "I asked him, what are you like, the answer of which is, he is TERRIBLE." Keely is being sheltered until she escapes back to Alis. This too will pass, Keely. Lucrezia's acting is met with an exasperated fan wave. "TECHNICALLY correct," he allows, "Which is the best kind of correct. Points deducted for lame interpretation. Points merited for stripping. Accepted."

For the record, "Please no one ask Orland to make a rhyme for hollyhock."

Warily, Keely pauses in her tracks and slowwwwly turns at Orland's remark. "Do you... intend to?" she asks hesitantly.

Raven's eyebrows lift, "Any excuse to get naked. Glad to see you ain't changed a bit, Admiral."

"The diamond is a gift," Sebastian tells Helena firmly. "Keep it, as a welcome back to the city present, if nothing else." Lucrezia is stripping. He looks amused rather than surprised. He straightens, and catches Valencia's eye. "Valencia," the Sin calls, "Are you being engaged? Might I dare you to a challenge. One that might needs my cousin Patrizio's help."

Alis rests a hand on Keely's shoulder a moment when she returns, and murmurs something quietly to her before standing from the table. "Lovely evening. Thank you for the company." she adds sincerely, to those she's been sitting with before she makes her exit.

Alis has left the Small Quiet Table.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

To Sebastian, Valencia turns and offers a nod in polite accord. "You call to me, highness? How might I serve?"

Mattheu bows to Ilira as he is then turning to see what the commotion is with Keely and Orland to be stopped by Sira and Martinique. He flashes a smile to both and flourished bow as bells are still singing from his dance off with Ilira. "A pleasure to meet you Dame Martinique." He looks back to Sira, "And what challenge do you have for me Misses Sira?"

She was distracted for a bit, mostly with drinking, but when Sira moves to introduce her, Martinique straightens up and smiles reflexively. "My Lord, good to meet you." She grins. "Messere Sira is out for blood I think, and fortunately it's not mine--but it might be yours."

Briefly, Patrizio arches his brow as he rises from his place, the press of his palm to his breastplate as he's dipping his head to Alis. "Be well, your Grace. And thank you for coming out." Though he can hear Sebastian's hail as well, and there's the turn of his head, looking to see what it is that his cousin is up to.

"Oh dear, I'll need to think of something bawdy, won't I?" Renata places her hands on her hips with a bemused expression at Caspian's dare, "I'm not nearly as exciting as the rest of my family, like..." She gestures vaguely at Lucrezia and her sudden stripping. "But I will accept anyway."

"I'm afraid I'll need to take my leave. I have a ship bound for Sungreet and my dear husband is waiting for me." Evelynn says with a rueful smile toward those she'd been speaking with. "I hope to see you all soon. Perhaps I'll make the next event and get to know you all... better." Admiring the diamond in her hand, she makes for the exit.

Orland seems to consider Keely for a while, considering, "Yes. I intend to." He considers, "But for now I need a moment to think of something particularly bold to suit...." Or he'll be smacked by a fan before that moment.

Raven says, "Fare thee well, Duchess Evelynn."

Caspian breaks into a grin, "Surely.. surely the Siren of Setarco has some stories.." he gives a playful chuckle, folding his hands behind his back

Patiently, Ilira leans against the armrest of an overstuffed loveseat as Caspian's challengers step up. There is an intensity to her posture, her gaze, like a spring wound tight and ready to unfurl.

"Wait, gentles, I have a dare, once my task for his highness, Prince Sebastian, is complete," Valencia calls out to the crowd. "Who among you carries the heaviest treasure tonight? For I have a dare for you to try, if I might," Valencia nods to the gathered guests and waits for them to speak out.

Keely gives a pleading look to Savio as Orland makes his -threat-, and then scurries back to her table in time to murmur soft, fond-looking farewells to Alis. She then looks around for Mattheu to see where he's got off to while she was being scandalized.

Raven smiles wryly and lifts her diamond, "Alas just the one, seems like... So not me."

"Keely has a few," Savio betrays his patron to Valencia. You're a target now, Keely! "Princess Lucrezia, Caspian, Princess Renata, Ilira, Raven, and Lord Mattheu have others."

Lucrezia rising, laughing at Savio's critique. "There are reasons I am not an actress." Almost as fast as she removed them, she gets back in her clothing and reclaims both her sword and drink. She resettles at the bar without a hint a shame.

Sira's smile retreats again as she shakes her head. "Never out for /blood/, Marti, that's just... Messy. You're far more suited to that than I am." A smirk curls one side of her mouth, then. "My lord, I challenge you to take this ribbon," THe velvet ribbon that previously bound Marti's foot in her challenge to Orland is held aloft, "ANd create the perfect bow."

Sebastian gazes after Evelynn for a moment, as he cradles his new glass of wine, waiting until Valencia and Patrizio join him. "There is a well-known dance, that many in Setarco favor. It is called the Dance of Silks. It involves tying yourself via silken ties to your partner, requring you to work together harmoniously... and very, very closely if you wish to avoid breaking or straining something," he adds, with a chuckle. "I dare you to undertake this dance with Patrizio leading you, to be sufficiently graceful." And to little surprise, he happens to have such silken ties in his pocket, blue and steel, unfurling around his coiled fingers as he glances speculatively at Valencia.

Looking up as her name is called, Keely opens her hand to display four diamonds in her palm, dark eyes flitting around to see who was asking. While more relaxed, she may still be lost in such a large crowd.

Raven's eyebrows shoot up and she oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhs, "This will be am interesting show."

Helena manages to finish the last of her glass of Fire, and sets it down on a nearby surface, reaching up to touch her cheeks to make sure they're not literally enflamed. "Thank you. You are too kind. I do think I'll take my leave, now that I"m properly warmed for the journey back to Redrain Ward," she says with a laugh. "Thank you for your hospitality, Prince Sebastian, and it was lovely to meet all of you, some of you again," she tells the others, a graceful dip of her head for the party at large.

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten leave, following Helena.

This time, there is no arch of Patrizio's brow, as he chuckles, and a breath slips from him. "Would that I had known that dancing would be involved, and I'd have worn something more accommodating," speaks the general as he gives Sebastian a smirk, and then some. And the faintest of glances - with a smile - to Raven, before he offers a more profound bow to Valencia. "If you desire take up my cousin on the dare, I'm at your service."

Mattheu checks dexterity and legerdemain at hard. Mattheu is successful.

"Hey wait what," Martinique looks a bit startled and or alarmed at Sira's challenge, as it somehow involves herself and ribbon. She still has a drink in her hand at least so she can take solace in that, but there is otherwise a threat.

Ilira's gaze flits between Keely, Caspian, Keely and Caspian. Her lips are pressed in some clear ponderation.

A soft flush as she looks to the silks that deepens as she looks to Patrizio. "I warn, highness, I may cause your cousin terrible distress should I trod upon does, but as I have need and a plan for this diamond of mine, the least I can do is defend it," Valencia nods. Turning to Patrizio she offers him a gracious curtsy in return and asks, "Will you dance with me, highness?" But Patrizio is charmingly quick to agree to the challenge at hand and so she nods and offers Sebastian her hand. "As it pleases, your highness. I accept."

Keely is safe from Orland for now, as the man eases down into a seat again, lamenting the lose of those diamonds he held so dear. He has a drink brought over and is now enjoying what happens to the rest of the party, brow lifting at the all the challenges, "This is good." Then, a stop. A look. "PRINCESS KEELY!"

Raven chuckles, "She might blush to death before it's over."

"Princess Helena, it was a delight," Sebastian says, without hesitation, eyes bright as bows his head towards her. "I should like to talk art with you sometime, now that you are back in the city." And soon enough, his gaze shifts to Patrizio, smile matching his cousin's, together with bright amusement. "Pat is up for the challenge, I am certain, toes-at-risk or no." He looks pleased at Valencia's acceptance and settles back to watch.

Keely nearly falls out of her chair as Orland bellows at her from across the bar and startles her, her already-large eyes almost comically wide.

Orland's eyes flash toward her, "I know what you must do!" He fishes out something from one of his pockets. "I dare you to Smoke this-" it's a spliff, a cigarillo spliced with haze, "It won't harm you, I promise." He grins at her.

Valencia checks charm and performance at hard. Valencia is successful.

Ilira puts a hand to her mouth and gives Orland huge, incredulous eyes, laughing hysterically into her palm.

Caspian looks to Valencia and patrizio, his face in a massive smile as he looked to Raven and nodded his agreement. At Orland's challenge to keely he breaks into a laugh, "oooh now THAT would be something!" he looks to Ilira as the woman begins to hopelessly laugh, nodding his head in shared mirth

Keely watches Orland warily for a time, teeth worrying over her lower lip. Before answering, her dark eyes drift to her trusted people in the room as if for guidance-- to Mattheu, to Savio, to Raven, to Ilira. And she waits, to see if any one of them heard the challenge and has an opinion on her participation.

Mattheu looks at the velvet ribbon and holds out his hand, "I'm game to attempt that Misses Sira. And what would the perfect bow look like?" He proceeds to crumble up the bow and work with his fingers while looking back to Sira with a grin, "Would a bow simply be a tie of itself upon another piece of cloth? Or would it be something that is required to catch one's eyes and scream to the world that it is to be praised and worthy of the detail in which its dance upon itself, back over side and edge to then show off that it can be more than simply a strip of cloth?" He finishes tying the strip of velvet and opens his palm to Sira, where a single diamond has been tied into the bow to be shown off at center. "Does this make to your challenge?"

Renata peeks over at Sebastian, clearly interested in the dare he proposes to Valencia and Patrizio, but soon enough she is looking back at Caspian as she appears to rack her brain for some salacious tidbit to offer up, "Let me see... I am a bit low on anything truly scandalous, but I do have some stories of mischief. I did once cut a rather sizable chunk of Belladonna's hair off while she slept, when we were all younger, and blamed it on my dear brother Elonso, since it was his idea. Fortunately, we both survived that incident, if barely."

"You're really cruel, Orland," Ilira attempts to chide and is too busy snickering. She does sober for a moment to lock eyes with Keely and mouth something to her, smiling and tipping her hand.

Orland reminds Ilira with a wolfish grin, "This is a Pravus party."

Savio smacks Orland with his fan again, though it's a lesser degree of smack than there was for his FITTING flirt to Caspian. Advice is offered to Keely. "Take small hits, and try to breathe it into your lungs not the back of your throat, and accept that you're going to cough your head off. Or, give the man several diamonds. But it won't harm you. I promise."

Once again, Patrizio executes a bow, fluidly so in the shining garb that he is wearing for the evening, before he's offering up his arms for the binding. Those jade eyes of his concentrating for the moment on the pass of the blue and steel silk that binds them, before he murmurs softly, "May I have this dance, my highness?" It's playful, said with a slight bow of his head, and a hint knowingly-corny. And then the demonstration that, despite the alaricite, Patrizio is actually quite nimble in the armour he's wearing, with the motion there in the midst of the room, even with music that he can only hear within his head.

Renata checks charm and performance at normal. Renata marginally fails.

Raven chuckles softly, "Lord Savio, the mentor of getting high-or at least the one everyone should have for the first time," She blows a kiss towards Savio.

"That almost seems a perk, rather than challenge," Aisha notes of Orland's challenge, amused at it. After a moment, she flags down a servant and whispers to them, then moves to take a seat at the bar.

Aisha has joined the Central Bar.

Orland flinches aside a little at the fan swat, side eyeing Savio with a 'how could you' look. The Amadeo Husbands are trouble. However, he adds, "If you give her advice of how to do it, how am I supposed to win those diamonds back?"

Sira rests a reassuring hand on Martinique's shoulder before watching as Mattheu works the ribbon into a rather beautiful bow. She gapes at it. "My lord, I think you're most capable of making your own fringe, no?"

Orland adds to Aisha, "Oh it is. I have good stuff here. Only the best for a party."

Ilira's lips shape a few crucial words to Keely from across the way, and she flashes her another smile before turning back to the target she came here for with a wild, wolfish grin of her own. "Hi Caspian," she lilts, slinking up to the Champion and running a velvet hand fleetingly over his arm.

Caspian claps his hands and laughs, smiling at Renata "oh thats great.. but.. im afraid that really isn't bawdy." he gives a smile, "i suspect there is more to the Siren of Setarco then you wish you share." he holds his hand out for the diamond, "am i right?"

"Highness," Valencia answers and curtsies in kind, her wrist bound to his is soft southern silk. Stepping to him, she falls gracefully into his strong arms. "Apologies in advance should I shame or trod upon you, sir," she smiles playfully and soon they are off spinning and reeling, her steps light to his, slender frame sensual and yielding as she moves to his own elegant steps armour and all.

Savio is determined to get back into the game here. DETERMINED. "Raven," he spots her again. "Let us make this interesting while my poor patron contemplates the wickedness of my spouse. I challenge you to throw a knife at me, and if I evade it, I win. If I don't," both hands lift. "It's a Pravus party!"

Caspian looked to Ilira and grins, "oooh dear. that smile on you ... why do i feel i am suddenly in a great deal of trouble.." he looks around as if looking for an exit!

"Well, I cannot share all my secrets. That seems worth losing a diamond over," Renata acquiesces and offers her glittering jewel out to Caspian, not seeming too bothered in true princess fashion at losing it.

Martinique's eyes flit from Sira's hand down to Mattheu's bow and then back up again as she remains way that this is somehow going to end with her being decorated.

"The benefit of wearing armour to an event is you rarely worry about others trodding on your toes." Patrizio's having fun at least teasing of it, and a shake of his head while ehe's guiding, the care he's giving while there's that binding between their arms, though he's not quite ignorant of the fact that they are the only ones who are dancing. "I think, cousins," calls he warmly while he's leading the dance, "we should perhaps contemplating having such a thing at our estate when the weather turns. If the weather turns."

Evidently wanting to make a REALLY INFORMED DECISION, Keely is now scribbling off small missives while eyeing Orland and sending her people off with them to who-knows-who.

Raven's eyebrows lift, "Nope, Absolutely not." She holds out her hand to offer him the diamond, "Turd."

Mattheu barely caught that Keely has been challenged to smoke haze as he's currently engaged with a frenemy in discussion about bows and fringes. Only to catch Orland saying something about having the good stuff and he looks back over to the table in a quick spin while still holding the bow and diamond out for Martinique and Sira, letting out a small laugh and calling over to Savio, "What has your husband done to our patron?" Looking back to Sira, "I might be able to make my own fringe... Just a moment." And then he slips over to Orland and holds his hand out, "Give it here."

"YES," Savio has a diamond, "YAY!" He swivels his attention after collecting the gem from Raven. "Princess Lucrezia. Same dare."

Savio has joined the line.

Caspian looks to Savio with a smirk, shaking his head

At length, the servant returns, and hands Aisha something small. A deck of cards? She begins to shuffle them quietly. However, she looks far from bored with the goings-on. As she does, she eyes the shrinking number of Diamond Club members, her look an appraising one.

Renata claps her hands lightly at Patrizio's suggestion, drifing over to stand beside Sebastian to voice her own approval, "Oh, a ball featuring that dance does sound like a wonderful idea."

Orland does not GIVE it HERE, he actually stares at Mattheu, "Unless your name is Princess Keely, you are not having it." He keeps his hand out of reach from the Lord, and further shakes his head, "This is a game my Lord. I dared her and if she refuses, then I win the diamonds. No stand ins."

"You could always challenge me," Ilira winks at Renata, her blue eye flickering jewellike. "But give me a minute." Then she turns like a shark on Caspian. "You should probably sit down," she suggests brightly, encroaching on his personal space. "Because I challenge you to resist my charms. If you do, I'll give you my diamonds, and perhaps another few things later. And if you don't, yours are all mine." Her chin lifted dauntlessly, she regards him with a smile angelic enough to soften the guile in her eyes.

Lucrezia drinks, contemplating Savio's challenge. Rather, where she can throw the dagger at score the best hit. She doesn't set her booze aside this time and pulls a dagger out of her boot somewhere. She snaps it towards Savio.

With quite a bit of surprise in her expression, Sira looks down at her hand - now sporting a bow-tied diamond - and then up to Martinique as Mattheu walks away. She mutters to her companion and then begins to head for the door.

"When the weather turns," Sebastian corrects Patrizio as he marks the dancing pair's path, "Elsewise we'll host it at the Silken City." He turns his gaze on Renata, with a smile. "Perhaps you'd care to host it, cousin? You did so well at the last event." See what happens when you make suggestions? You get volunteered. As Aisha joins the bar, he leans to murmur to her, "Welcome back to the city, Lady Aisha. It's good to see you."

Sira mutters, "I ... ... he understands how the ... is ... ... I ... ... diamond ... after all ... ... feeling generous. Join me for a ... ... ..."

*** Lucrezia has called for an opposing check with Savio. ***
Lucrezia checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Lucrezia fails.
Savio checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Savio is successful.
*** Savio is the winner. ***

Caspian runs his tongue against the inside of his lip and chuckles, "oh.. oh you think you can seduce me? after the Astounding Amadeo failed to crack this bastion!? oh.. oh my dear ilira.. how foolish of you." he sets himself and nods, a grin tugging at his lips although he does his best to stifle it "very well.. lets see what you have!"

For a moment Valencia seems entranced by the sensual dance, moving to the music with effortless grace, the Prince obviously ensuring she shine for his lead is impeccable. But there is a glimmer in the little vixen's eye as the dares continue to fly and looking aside, she calls out, "Your pardon, I fear I was swept up in the moment, with your permission, may I issue my dare, highnesses?" Valencia inquires as she is given a turn that winds her artfully away and then back into the arms of the Pravus prince.

Raven bows her head politely as Aisha joins, watching the knife throwing warily.

"I could be persuaded. Something in the name, perhaps, of our archduchess." Patrizio's smiling to Sebastian's endorsement, and Renata's light applause, the rhythmic shift of his steps, the mindful draw of his arms this way and that. There's a distinct pattern to his steps, slow steps, a few quicker ones, then slow again, as he's guiding Valencia about their space upon the floor, avoiding the tables, and... the turn of his head to consider what Valencia's putting forth in terms of another dare. "So long as it's not involving something that requires me to be unbound at the moment, 'fore we finish our dance," he teases her.

Raven eyes the 'dance' "How come I hadn't heard of this sance? This is awesome."

Mattheu shakes his head as bells sing out, "Nope not a Princess Keely. Though I still want some? You said it was the best stuff, I heard that part." He looks back to Sira as she sets to leave, waving to her. "I'll send Violetta over to discuss the set design then?"

"I thank you, highness, for this. I am happy to remain in such artful arms for as long as you wish it," Valencia smiles up at Patrizio before turning to the others. "Again, I ask, if you dare share your successes, who here carries the most diamonds in their pocket?"

Savio dodges knives pretty well for a half-dressed man in velvet, moving aside to allow the blade to THUNK neatly into a bit of wall behind him. He then smiles, and swishes his way over to collect a diamond from Lucrezia. "Better luck next time. Your knifework is better than your acting, though."

After receiving no fewer than four missives in return, and looking wide-eyed at people all around her, Keely rises out of her chair trying to look as dignified as possible. She then makes her way just a little unsteadily across the room with her chin elevated like she's channeling her inner Lark Grayson, and climbs into a seat beside Orland. She flicks her eyes toward his blunt several times, lips twisted to one side.

"Because, dear Raven, you, like Lu, avoid the most fancy of balls," Sebastian tells her, half-amused, half-scoldingly. "You can come, but Bella wil make you wear a fine dress of her choosing."

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Caspian checks willpower and seduction at normal. Caspian marginally fails.
*** Ilira is the winner. ***

"I accept," come Keely's quiet words to Orland, a delicate hand extended palm-up. Already off to a good start.

Remus dips his head in a greeting at Aisha, "Lady Aisha, greetings to you."

Lucrezia shrugs to Savio with a scowl, handing over her two diamonds like it's charity. "Don't choke on them." She goes back to drinking her booze, which no one in their right mind would take from her.

"Careful, Bas, that sounds distinctly like you're daring Raven to do something. Or Lu." Patrizio's offering a grin to his cousin the Admiral, and there's that artful bob of his brows. "And you know Bella would love to see you in a gown." Though his attention shifts back to Valencia, and he bows his head respectfully. "Careful, lest there be a dare to appear at said ball if I'm made to organize it."

"It is," Orland counters to Mattheu, "But I want /her/ to smoke it... and I don't have another one on me." He explains, as he didn't come packing and prepared for it, it seems. Then as Keely comes over to have a seat next to him, he offers the spliff to her, with a side eye to Mattheu that he will be kicked if he tries to reach for it. When Keely accepts, he acknowledges that he will not get any diamonds but of course, he will help her light it, "Alright Princess."

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"Ruin all my plans," Savio tsks at Lucrezia, as though if he can't choke on the gems, it is purposeless to have them! They are placed neatly back before her, returned to her custody.

Keely holds the joint out to Orland when he offers a light, not in her mouth, just... sitting in her palm, a guileless smile on her tipsy young features.

Aisha sets some cards face-down on the bartop, spread in a line. The movement of her hand makes the silver and garnet on her finger catch the light. "Likewise, I am glad to enjoy your hospitality, Your Highness," she says, her voice low as she tilts in toward Sebastian. "I daresay that you and Lord Patrizio have fueled at least a month's worth of gossip." She smiles -- past Sebastian at first, to Raven and Remus, acknowledging their greetings. But the Prince gets his due, in smiles as well. "You look well."

Mattheu catches the side eye from Orland and stays in a small jingling wobble while watching with his arms crossed before his chest. Raising and hand to his lips, "Keely. You need to put it in your lips." Then motioning in the manner.

"I might well be," Sebastian replies to Patrizio, giving a low laugh. "Because if someone doesn't..." he pauses at something said at the bar, adding louder, "Lu might set something on fire. Speaking of which, do you have diamonds still, Lu?" he muses. Aisha's words have him laughing delightfully. "Only for a month? Then I guess we must host such more often. But thank you, it's kind of you not to point out the bags under my eyes," he's joking, mostly: and smiles. "Was Caina restful for you?"

"Oh, I like that idea, a Setarcan ball for the summer," Renata smiles thoughtfully at Sebastian's suggestion, soon offering him a nod, "Let us plan on it, then."

"You need to smoke it now," Orland gestures, encourages, pops her wrist a little so it makes the spliff closer to where it should be. "Like Savio said," he nods, waiting, waiting!

Lucrezia seems puzzled as Savio gives her diamonds back to her. It's a foreign concept in her world. With a shrug she waves to Sebastian. "I guess?"

Raven grins at Lucrezia, "Someone has to challenge you for you to loose them."

Tilting her head, Keely studies Mattheu after another drag of her teeth over her lower lip, bringing the cigarillo situation to her lips and watching him for approval. Is it already lit? Whoops, let's blame that on her inexperience and not her player being incapable of reading. She watches the silvery smoke curl up from the glowing end, and takes a cautious but inadvisably long toke, glancing to Savio as if to remember his advice. She breathes it into her lungs as well as she can...

And a moment later begins coughing like she's inhaled a lake full of water. She coughs and coughs, eyes beginning to tear up and stream. Cough cough cough, she fans her face, coughing and coughing. Maybe this is how she dies.

Raven watches Keely, "D'aww. PRincess' first toke. Someone should immortalize this moment."

Savio pats Keely comfortingly and fans her gently. "Next time I will make you a pipe out of an apple," he promises. Like that was totally the problem.

Caspian looks to Keely with a smile, "thats it.. let it out. was well done!"

"ADMIRAL LUCREZIA!" Orland decides to call out, once Keely is coughing. It seems that Keely will be keeping her diamonds! He pats her on the shoulder, "That's how it's done." He chuckles, "Admiral, I have a dare for you!"

Sebastian shifts his attention to Lucrezia, then. "All right. I challenge you to drink three... no, five," a laugh, "Because you're you -- five shots of Setarco Fire, then do a jig on the bar for five minutes without falling."

"After -" Orland gestures to Sebastian, grinning, as his arm picks a spot on the back of Keely's chair, to help her through the puffing. Or maybe allowing her to puff puff and then PASS it off.

"'Prince'," Patrizio calls playfully over his shoulder to Aisha, even when he's shooting a smile towards her. "Unless you know something from Setarco that I know not." There's a very distinct note of a tease to his words, before there's a bob of those brows to Sebastian. "I would love to see such a thing. Though we might need to still have something set on fire, and we /know/ Lu and I can accommodate that request." Carefully, he's easing upon the tempo of the dance, leaning in to murmur something in Valencia's ear.

Renata wonders aside to Sebastian with a rather loud stage whisper as she studies Lucrezia, "Is that really a dare for Lu? Or just her usual night at the tavern?"

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"Both," Sebastian replies, sotto voce, to Renata. "But if we don't keep her busy... something will burn down."

Mattheu nods to Keely then slips closer to the hearth with a silly grin.

Lucrezia looks between Orland and Sebastian. She tosses a glance over to Orland, "He beat you to it, too bad." She laughs outrageously at Renata's question. "I *can* burn the bar down while I'm drinking and jigging." As if she'd decline drinking!

Raven says, "So long as it ain't THIS bar, highness."

Keely tries to ask for something, shoving the joint into the nearest hand, but she's busy struggling to -not- cough, lips pressed closed but sputtering open here and there. She then pantomimes for a drink to no one in particular, likely unable to really see at the moment through her tear-blurred eyes.

"As restful as Caina ever is," Aisha says with a laugh. "Given the general...circumstances of late, however, I decided to take my very well-rested self out into the world once more. That, and I wanted to see little Luna." She smirks a little. "Have -you- been restful, Your Highness?" Her goblet is still within reach. She takes it. Sip. "You don't want me to make your life interesting, O Prince Patrizio?" she laughs, her reply to Patrizio meant in the same spirit that his was. "It is good to see you, as well. Especially with hair." ...Well it's -true!-

"Fine fine," Orland says, "How about....Princess Valencia!"

Savio is super happy to be the nearest hand that takes the joint from Keely. Yoink. He smokes like his lungs are as black as Raven's heart.

"Bas will get the opportunity to carve up a new bar *just like this one*. Think of his need to create. It'd be a gift to his muse to set *this* bar on fire!!" Lucrezia laughs loudly as she declares this and gestures for the bartender to line up a bunch of the drinks for her.

Lucrezia checks dexterity at normal. Critical Success! Lucrezia is spectacularly successful.

Renata doesn't look as if she doubts Lucrezia's claim one bit, reaching out instead to gently pat Sebastian on the arm at her threats to make him create an entirely new tavern from the ashes.

"You know, Princess," Orland begins, "I noticed things, when I dared Patrizio. A few gasps and looks." He gestures, "So I want you, to take a good handful of hair off Prince Patrizio's head of hair. A nice chunk, from the top of his head." He smiles, "Or you can surrender your diamond so that I may collect them all in one place. Do you take the dare?"

Valencia checks composure at hard. Valencia is successful.

Valencia's chin lifts and her brow lofts at the dare and she looks shyly to Patrizio as the slowly turn. To Orland, she calls out, "Are you willing to accept my dare once we conclude our business, sir?" the little vixen replies to Orland.

"You know, Princess," Orland begins, "I noticed things, when I dared Patrizio. A few gasps and looks." He gestures, "So I want you, I would like you to convince Prince Patrizio to cut off a lock of his hair for you. A nice chunk, from the top of his head." He smiles, "Or you can surrender your diamond so that I may collect them all in one place. Do you take the dare?"

Lucrezia downs the required five glass of Setaco Fire like she was born to drink. Given the rot gut she usually drinks, this is probably just like a nightcap for her or something. Since she is drunk, she cackles with mad glee as one of her silent crew members brings her a torch as she's climbing onto the bar. Another brings another torch. At least she keeps her clothes on? For now...

For far, far longer than five minutes Lucrezia jigs away happily on the bar, but it's questionably a jig the way she's more flailing and swinging around the torches like she's pretending she's setting the bar on fire. She looks like she's having a tremendous amount of fun even if the bar doesn't catch on fire.

Perched casually atop the arm of the sofa, Ilira swivels to drape a slim, velvet-clad leg across Caspian's lap when he sits. "I can't say a majority of the things I want to say, I usually say to you in front of all these people." Her volume is conversational, if intimate, her eye contact direct and unerring. "And I can't do all the things, either." In almost too fluid a movement, she slides into his lap and straddles him, heedless of the haze and revelry around them. She slips off the glove from her left hand and presses her naked palm to his cheek, leaning up to brush the shell of his ear with silken lips. The rest of the words are far too low for any of the others to hear, veiled behind her heavy mass of curls and the cupped hollow of her hand, but when she withdraws, there is heat in her own face and in her smile. "Gimme," she murmurs, dropping her hand with a skim of fingertips down his neck and then a splayed palm to take his diamonds.
And then she turns brightly to reacquaint herself with the rest of the world, attention settling first on Keely to check the young Grayson's condition.

Raven watches Lucrezia dance and notes to Sebastian, "You know if you don't take your family out to destroy and burn something, PAt and Lu being firebugs they are, they're gonna improvise, right?"

Valencia's chin lifts and her brow lofts at the dare and she looks shyly to Patrizio as they slowly turn in their dance. To Orland, she calls out, "A truly challenging dare, my lord. But I ask you, are you willing to accept mine once we conclude our present business, sir?" the little vixen replies to Orland. [REPOSE]

"Yes, I will accept your turn to dare me, your Highness! It is only fair!" He smiles and watches the pair dancing and folds his arms across his chest loosely, "It's truly a challenge to even get a single strand, but, this, is enough to put a little bow around it as a forget me not...!"

Keely looks to still be alive, and is now sipping some rose wine thanks to Mattheu, and being comforted by both he and Savio. She clearly has the best proteges in Arvum, sorry not sorry.

Listening a few moments, Patrizio smiles as he's allowing an aide to unbind him and Valencia as the next dare is shaping up, and there's a chuckle towards Raven. "I have thoughts on where to improvise, if pressed for it."

Sebastian does look like he's considering Lucrezia's suggestion, with a laugh. "I could make it look way more amazing," he concedes, with a laugh, as he glances sidelong at Renata, amused. And then he's watching Lucrezia take shot after shot, moving back from the bar: just in case. He watches Lucrezia undertake the jig with a delighted clapping of hands, even after he loses the dare: it's too delightful to be otherwise. "Of a certainty," he replies to Raven, amused. "Well done, Lu! And nothing on fire... yet."

Caspian the bastion crumbles against the onslaught that is ilira. Apparently when you combine wits AND tits the man is no match. he swallows hard a few moments, squirming in the seat a moment before simply shaking his head and plopping the diamonds into her hand with a playful grin. "i had a feeling i was doomed from the start.."

"I respect his highness deeply. He has been nothing but kind to me and I would sooner break my hand than to cause a harm upon him, slight or grave," Valencia answer solemnly.

She waits until Patrizio gallantly dances her before Lord Orland and she bows as best she might seeing as she is still tied to the prince. The diamond is graciously surrendered before she speaks again.

"I thank you for your gracious and generous honesty, my lord, and for collection such a remarkable hoard. Though I would expect no less from a man as noble and kind as yourself."

A smile comes for him, Valencia begins with a gentle nod before beginning, "My most gracious sir, the dare I have for you speaks to all that is generous and good about you. And so, with gentle apology in the spirit of this evenings fun and heartfelt hope, I dare you, my lord, to to donate your all diamonds gathered this evening to charitable activities, perhaps equally divided among the city's fine charities -- the Heart in Hand and the Golden Hart come to mind, though I am open to fairly sharing among others if I am not declined -- so that we might help others in need, while vigorously defending and pursuing them for the rest of the evening should I cruelly lose them to others. Will you be charity's champion, sir?"

Mattheu has taken to leaning up against side of the hearth, slipping away only to come back with something pilfered from passing trays, then finally a tray itself with an assortment of snacks and drinks for Keely to nibble at as she rides out the puff-puff-pass.

Remus claps for Lucrezia's firedancing, the danger that is likely to spread given a mild glance while watching the Admiral. "I do think that the Ebb and Flow is a fine choice, strategically speaking, as there's likely to be some of the Islanders in there on either side who will find their fine establishment reduced to cinders and their morale flattened, while some of the more destructive impulses shall be released. Positive all the way around."

Raven says, "It was a wisecrack. Don't make me investigate arson of Pravus, I'm a bad liar."

"Thank you, sweetie," Ilira grins at Caspian, full-faced and blushing. She presses a sweet, stolen kiss on his lips in the same moment her dainty hand closes around her prize, and she rises from his lap, going to find her coat to stow the diamonds and discarding the other glove into the same pocket. Pausing to politely request a glass of water from a server, she then strows over to Keely and places a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Have some water, darling," she invites as she sets the glass in her hand, smiling.

"Wonderful dancing, cousin." Renata tells Lucrezia, seemingly sincerely, at her flailing, but since she seems to be having fun, that's all that appears to matter. Pausing a moment, the princess plucks a bit at her still damp clothing, content to watch those that still have their diamonds with their possession.

"You say that, Raven, like I ever take fire as a joking matter." Thus declares Patrizio, voice of Pravus, as he takes another sip of a suspiciously named drink. THough his attention's shifted back to the evolution of the dare that's been given.

Caspian stands, shivering once before moving to look to Aisha and smiles, "Least we didn't get soaked in honey this time around." he gives a grin, "Do you have your diamond still Lady Aisha?"

Thank goodness Keely is among friends. Determined to master this new experience, she accepts the pass part of puff-puff-pass not once but twice more, coughing a little less each time, and now she is sitting there at the hearth with a blithe smile on her face, kind of lax in posture. "I love you, Ilira," she mumbles happily up at the woman so named as she brings over some water for her to sip, her smile going sweet and a little silly at the edges.

Lucrezia continues to jig and play with her torches, completely oblivious to the way the barkeep starts moving bottles away from her with that resigned look that something like this probably happens on a regular basis when she's in port. Renata's praze only makes her dance even more wildly, encouraged!!

Raven chuckles softly, "I don't think I've ever seen Lucrezia this happen without her sword in hand."

Savio drifts over to pass Orland his diamond (the one he stole from Raven!) along with a kiss on the cheek, allowing him to take custody of the gem while he performs an important function: bringing Keely SNACKS. She wasn't consulted ahead of time, he just seems certain she will want things to nibble, and swishes back, dashingly, along with a plate bearing an assortment of appetizers. This is fondly handed over.

"There I go, speaking too soon again," Aisha breathes, as she overhears yet more conspiring against Patrizio's hair. Between the fire-dancing on one side and Valencia's dare on the other, it is easy to be distracted. But she manages to hear Caspian's greeting. "Messere Wild! It -is- so good to see you again, and yes, neither of us covered with honey, this time." She shakes her head to his question. "I gave mine to Ilira," she says, looking over her shoulder to search for the woman. "What do you think, should I ask for it back? I may have thought of a dare between then and now, though it may need to wait for the next Dalliance."

Orland smirks a little as he expected that result, as everyone respects the Patrizio hair and so does he, but he's used it against them all tonight! "The weakness here is that we all respect a good head of hair!" He considers this for a moment, waiting for her to give him a dare in return. The compliments sort of make him twitch a little, since was he a noble and kind man?! Didn't he just try to like make Patrizio shave his head earlier and didn't he just make Keely do drugs?! He looks around as if she's mistaken to whom she's talking too, then puts a finger to his chest, "Me?" He laughs lightly, but then the dare.

His mouth literally opens for a moment like, like... she's caught him. She's marked him as generous, which he was, he was in fact a philanthropist! His brows lower and his mouth rises back up and flattens into a thin line. His hand rises up to the bridge of his nose and he pinches it, before he exhales, drops his hand back and offers a genuine smile to Valencia, "You've seen through me or paid attention, either way, you've marked me as precisely as anyone ever has. Of course, I will become the champion of charity tonight. Whatever diamonds come my way, and even if they don't, I will donate to the causes we deem worthy of help and needing of hand."

Caspian gives a smirk to Aisha, looking to ilira and then back to her. "well.. seems a simple thing to me. if you want to get your diamonds back simply go up to her and ask.." he leans closer and whisper something in Aisha's ear with a mischevious grin.

Mattheu and Savio are now bringing Keely snacks and both of them get looks like she is about to cry, so touched is she by the gesture. "You two are... the... you are the -best- decisions I have made since coming to Arx," she praises them emotionally, her eyes definitely glistening in the firelight. Apparently these munchies are the powerful sort. "Thank you for being my proteges, and more importantly my -friends-. Because without you... well, I just don't want to imagine a world like that." And then she closes her eyes and turns her face away for a moment, dramatically rejecting the very notion of it. While blindly pawing for a snack on one of the trays, of course.

Keely is overheard praising Savio: One of the best decisions I have made since coming to Arx.

Keely is overheard praising Mattheu: One of the best decisions I have made since coming to Arx.

"I love you too, Keely!" Ilira replies, a warm laugh bubbling up under her words. She squeezes the girl fondly about the shoulders and settles beside her, offering any assistance with the snacks and drinks if necessary. Pondering the blunt, she seems about to request a puff, but senses eyes and whispers at her back and turns. "I see you plotting. You may not plot against the plotter." She eyes Aisha and Caspian hard, a smile tugging at her lips.

Raven is overheard praising Sebastian.

Sebastian looks thoughtful. Completely unrelated to Raven's musing (but maybe not), he directs to Lucrezia: "I think we should host a knife-throwing contest. I was going to say /at/ people, but Jules would kill me. Maybe we can make some dummy targets, though." He glances over, just in time to witness Valencia's challenge to Orland, with a pleased smile. "Nicely done," he approves, with a dip of his head to Orland in acknowledgement.

Remus leans against the bar and frankly admits to Aisha, "At this point I'd be surprised if anyone makes it out with their hair intact, given the menace by blade and fire. Thankfully it grows back, unlike eyes or hands." He returns to observing Lucrezia's fire dance, torches swinging about with such enthusiasm! "Usually with a sword? Now I know I must see this again. Ideally with it on fire as well." Unable to not notice Patrizio's own enthusiasm for the flames, "Runs in the family, does it? At least it's a fun preoccupation."

Elexa the reliable apprentice dressmaker arrives, delivering a message to Mattheu before departing.

Ilira is overheard praising Sebastian: Literally the most enjoyable event I have attended in years.

Renata is overheard praising Sebastian.

Ilira is overheard praising Caspian: all my love

Sebastian is overheard praising Patrizio.

Ilira is overheard praising Orland: he is the worst

Renata is overheard praising Patrizio.

Keely is overheard praising Sebastian: No one has ever thrown a better party. The snacks are INCREDIBLE.

Patrizio is overheard praising Sebastian.

Savio takes a moment to study Keely's mental state, then smiles as she seems to be.... appropriately relaxed? Ready to wander into thought experiments? Let's do this. "You are very kind, Princess Keely. And we love you very much. Tell me, I have a contemplation for you -- in a wild goose chase, is it the chase that is wild, or the goose?" He waits intently for the answer that her hazy mind will bring on this one.

Lucrezia freezes in mid-jig, arms extended with the torches. She narrows her eyes at Sebastian. Shaking a torch and then both at him, like that's somehow more intimidating in her drunk brain, she says, "The first idea was better, your sister probably won't even be there, we won't TELL HER! It's not fun if there's no bloooooood, Bas!"

His answer comes and Valencia smiles. With a look to Patrrizio, she pauses their dance turn to Lord Orland and offer him deep and respectful curtsy, her hand lightly placed upon her chest, her smile warm and earnest.

"You are, my lord, a gentleman and noble of heart. I thank you for your champion our charities this evening. Because of you we might help so many. I thank you," she offers gently with a gentle and respectful nod to Prince Patrizio in turn, "And thank you for offering, highness. As I said, I am of charitable nature and would not wish a harm upon you. But I am grateful for your patronage."

Savio is overheard praising Orland: I married this on purpose

Ilira is overheard praising Keely: I love you tooo!

Ilira is overheard praising Aisha: I couldn't decide whether my prize or her company was more scintillant!

"Right?!?" Aisha asides to Remus. "We are all in so much peril. It's truly a proper party." She sips her wine and leans in to listen to Caspian's whisper...and manages to swallow her liquor just in time. "Oh by the gods, I shoul--" Ilira catches them conspiring. "--I mean, I would -never-. Ilira Sterling, come play one last game with me!" She sits up and does her best to look innocent.

Valencia is overheard praising Orland: Charity's champion of this madcap evening!

"You volunteering, Lu?" Sebastian squints up at Lucrezia, then his gaze turns thoughtful. "Maybe we can offer to lend steelsilk to those who are willing to be a target."

Raven drains her drink and bows her head to Sebastian, "I've got to get changed, I'm on shift tonight with the guard. this was fun, we should do more of these. This city needs way more sin in it."

Ilira is overheard praising Savio: I am so happy he is my friend

Aisha is overheard praising Ilira: Her company -and- her name are unforgettable!

Caspian looks to Raven as she announces her plans to depart and rushes up to her before she can slip away."im so sorry.. i didnt mean it before. you actually dance quite well!" it was clearly eating at him all night

"I might have to skip that one too," Renata makes a small face at Sebastian and Lucrezia's plans, though she soon exhales a soft, amused laugh as she watches the others.

Lucrezia thinks about Sebastian's question all of a second before she nods. "If that's what it takes to get people to throw knives at each other."

Valencia is overheard praising Patrizio: Grace, skilled with generous charm. A wonderful and gallant host.

The bow of Patriizo's head to Valencia, and he smiles in brief. "You needn't be grateful for it - it serves us both well," he says in return, with a warm smile, and the squeeze at her hand. And he turns, the press of his palm to his chest as he dips his head to Orland. "I would love to know, in good time, what charity you choose in the end to patronize, to know of other worthy organizations within our Compact to support."

Mattheu has a long puff from the passed spliff before handing it over to Violetta's outstretched hand where an exchange in Ravashari takes place and he is left eyeballing his own guards. A shake of his head and a wobble with laugh as he looks back to Savio in the thought provoking question within chases, he looks ready to offer a comment into the thought and is left with another laugh as Violetta has now taken off with the spliff as she calls back to him in broken avarni something about grey hairs and what he gets up to. "Savio, is that a direction for this moment? What of those that watch the chase taking place?"

Raven stops and blink-blink-blinks, "The fuck are you talking about, Champ? Dancing?" baffled she looks around in puzzlement to see if anyone else understands what this man is saying."

Savio clues Raven in, "The roast!"

Ilira mouths over to Raven, "The ro--what Savio said!"

Valencia is overheard praising Sebastian: A flawless and generous host whose charm is inspiring. Grateful for his kind care and spirited ideas.

Ilira is overheard praising Mattheu: A flawless teacher in the past makes for a fabulous partner in the present.

Keely's head slowly tilts to one side as she considers Savio's question, her eyes widening a bit as if this might somehow sharpen her mind to the task at hand. Blinkblink. "Well I imagine it is both, my dearest Savio," she then answers reasonably. "If you are chasing a wild goose, how else would you chase it but wildly? And if you are chasing a tame goose wildly... if you can tame those Abyssal creatures... then what state would the goose be in, but a wild one?" She makes a face. "Why are we chasing geese at all, Savio, that seems like a wretched idea. Did you know they have -teeth-? Like, too many teeth. Like rows of them. They could eat your whole face, and they would do it. Not because they liked how it tastes but like... for spite. Don't chase geese." She looks around then, her brow beginning to furrow. "Don't let them chase geese either, they would all look dreadful without faces." She evidently intends for Savio to prevent everyone in this place from chasing geese.

Orland bows his head to Valencia and Patrizio both and he seems to be leaving the head of hair alone. That said, he's looking over at Keely with a smirk, then gestures for Savio, "I think I need to go round up some diamonds from home, to properly follow through with this dare." His gaze shifts toward Patrizio, "It's fitting to help those in need learn how to take better themselves. So if there is a charity in support of that, you can be sure I'll be making a donation." His gaze flicks back to Keely, laughing suddenly.

Raven's eyebrows lift, "Oh for fuck's sake? Really? champ-the only apology you should be giving me is how lame your roast was. Pretty sure you owe your Patron an apology for that too." She flashes a lopsided grin, "Fuck you're adorable if you thought I'd remember that muchless have my feelings hurt. Go back to your adorable woman, I'm fine."

Sebastian leans to kiss Raven's cheek. "Who did you lose a bet to do get that duty?" he asks, with a laugh. "I'm glad you came," and then his gaze goes back to Lucrezia. "It's the least we should do. We probably need to offer some compensation, too." Renata's response to it has him laughing. "Yes. Probably not a co-host with your delightful ball, Ren."

Savio drifts over to link his arm with Orland's fond of him, and looking pretty next to him with both of them all dressed up for the evening. "I have never understood what part was wild in this Arvani expression, wild goose chase," he says to Mattheu, "I want to know what she would make of it."

And what a discussion it is. He laughs, delightedly but not meanly. "Well spoken, my favorite Princess. I will, I promise you, make sure everyone is safe from geese." He peers at Orland, "Shall we go, to look for your diamonds and secure the perimeter for geese? One cannot be too careful."

Ilira blushes a little at Raven calling her adorable.

"We have many enemies facing our Compact and I know of two charities that do good work -- The Heart in Hand and the Golden Hart. Perhaps we might give them these precious stones to do with as they wish to raise more donations so we may help as many people as possible?" Valencia replies with a grateful smile. "Unless there is a third charity that I am missing? I would not wish to leave anyone out. There is much good works to be done, yes?"

Caspian gives a relieved smile, "well.. i think i find new ways to disappoint my Patron everyday so this can add to it!" he gives a laugh, "be safe raven! and she is adorable isn't she! look at her blushing!"

Renata waves a hand at Sebastian, "Don't give her ideas, she'll start throwing knives at the dancers!" So much for not giving Lucrezia ideas.

Savio is overheard praising Keely: Expert in the nature of fowl play.

Mattheu smirks with a silly grin to Savio, "Ah. We call it a fool's run upon the rivers."

Aisha is overheard praising Caspian: He roasts. Like a marshmallow.

Raven snorts and looks to Sebastian, " Thems the breaks sometimes, Bas." She blows kisses around, "Enjoy the rest of your evening all. Thanks for the fun!"

Orland is overheard praising Savio: Whatever I say is not appropriate, so just take the praise.

Raven has left the Central Bar.

2 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven leave, following Raven.

Lucrezia nods to Renata, that dark glimmer in her eyes a forewarning. "This is a good idea. Set daggers on fire and throw them at dancers. The dancers need to dodge or get set on fire! And the throwers need good aim or they set the whole place on fire."

Aisha is overheard praising Savio: Evil!

Aisha is overheard praising Orland: Evil with PERKS!

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