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Princess Renata Pravus

Duke Piero gave me everything, and trusted to me his own family and people. I will protect them from the dark.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Maiden Without Memories
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 12/6
Religion: Pantheon (Mangata)
Vocation: Steward
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: aquamarine
Skintone: pale

Titles: Disciple of Mangata, House Pravus Minister of Agriculture, The Kind Lady

Description: Renata is a beauty from Setara through and through, her mane of dark brown hair and aquamarine-blue eyes pointing to her profound ties to the Summer Seas. Tall and lean, the Lycene beauty is possessed of high cheekbones and full lips that are easy to smile. Renata's whole semblant is one that takes easily to smiling and laughing, and that seems to be her natural state. Her body is long and lean, graced with feminine curves, though by no means exaggerated. She appears fit enough and her skin is pale.

Personality: Renata is witty and charming, in an understated way. While other Pravus might be scandalous, Renata is a woman of shy-but-sly smiles that, although entertained by her companions' antics, is not quite made of the same materials as them. When dealing with outsiders, she lets her contemporaries act as they will, and if there needs be a bridge between the Sins and someone more... normal, that is usually where Renata shines. Among them, she almost seems like the more subdued one, even if she adores partaking in merriment with her almost-adopted family.

In Setara, Renata is known as a kind, soothing voice when tempers rise and disputes threaten the peace. The woman, much like the Duke who brought her to Setarco, abhors violence. It makes her twitch and wince, recoil to avoid it to the point she often stumbles and stammers if a fight breaks down close to her. The sight of blood makes her queasy and this is so acute that, alone among the Pravus, the girl does not eat meat of any kind.

Background: Years ago the stories of an extremely talented singer would reach the Duke of Setarco, Piero Pravos. A soul gentle as a springtime breeze, the Siren of Luciva would draw dozens to sit around her every night in that haven for Abandoned pirates, her voice so beautiful even the bloodthirsty enemies of House Pravus would pay stolen silver to enjoy. Rumor has it that so incredible these tales were that Piero, along with his brother and Sword Tiberio, would infiltrate the city to witness the Siren sing.

That very night Piero would find himself face to face with the unique maiden, having learned from people at the crowd that she had washed ashore, bloodied and without memory, along with chunks of a broken vessel. The Lucivan fishermen saw her moving, slowly, in the wreckage lit sporadically by the lightnining of the skies and took her in, as she barely clung to life. They baptized her, gave her a job at a local tavern, but it what was most surprising was that although Renata could sing, she did not talk.

Although she would find Lord Tiberio Pravus too brash, it was Piero's softspoken and good-natured self that would win Renata's heart, convincing the girl to come with him to Setarco City, where he would see that she would have the best education and be raised among his children in the court. Although riches appealed little to Renata at the time, the idea of being closer to Piero pleased her, and so she left with the two men of Pravus.

Renata was introduced to the court and would find his children welcoming, even if eccentric. Duchess-Consort Lucia, Belladonna, Elonso and Allegra would teach her much about nobility and the rules of court, but Duke Piero would always take time out of his day to sit with Renata and teach her gamut of disciplines, giving her a lot of much-needed attention. Every night he would sit for hours with the girl and, despite being told it would never work, Piero managed to make Renata talk. Soon enough, Renata would be his daughter in all but in name, and the other Sins accepted her as such.

Ever since Renata has been with the Sins, and one of the most beloved of them by the population of Setara, who love the young woman for using her position of Minister to make their lives better, as Piero would have wanted. In service, she would stay mostly in the island, apparently displeased with the idea of traveling to Arx thanks to her fear of water, but with the Pravus family ascension, something would happen to force Renata's hand.

In the year of 1013 AR, Renata would be adopted into the Pravus family officially, becoming accepted as a sister to Belladonna and Allegra. No more she would be afforded the privilege of staying in Setara, while her family gathered in Arx.

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