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Written By Delilah

Feb. 26, 2020, 9:21 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

It's good to get into the forest again. To breathe in the cooling air and walk under the trees, feeling the slow drop of the temperature as the altitude rises. The last few switchbacks on a path little taken brought me to the most exhilarating views, and the Aerie Wardens have set up their camp there to practice before the snows close in. I suspect winter will be harsher this year, but these are considerations for the Minister of Agriculture and everyone else far more familiar with the practical elements. I don't pretend to read the skies with knowledge of what comes in months ahead for the weather. I just chart and track the stars.

Still, it was so clear at those heights we could stay all night until dawn, freezing cold and admiring of the sky, marking out the charts as best we could. The records will end up at the observatory, well and good, and then we can compare them to similar efforts taken elsewhere. I ought to ask some of the noble houses to assist with the endeavours, if they have those inclined towards academic measures. Tracking out the stars is not a mere novelty but the very basis for so much important study and science, navigation foremost among them.

But my hands are freezing and my nose barely something I can feel. Returning to Arx is thrilling and nearly a let down, in some ways, after getting up to heights that would let me touch the sky.

Written By Strozza

Feb. 26, 2020, 8:14 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

If it weren't for the fact that I had an, opaque, glass before I saw the bottle, the appearance of this drink would concern me.

Written By Belladonna

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:58 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

The people of the Saffron Chain are quite interesting. The land is unlike anything I have ever seen and there are goods there that the Compact has never seen. Our horizons have never been so broad. The Compact is showing it can be more than a timid infant on the greater stage, as our first dance partners in Skal'daja learned quite fast. May the gods bless our King.

Written By Belladonna

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:54 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

I am happy to see all the former hostages of Skal'daja finding new life in Setara, and the fields that are now theirs to work and earn their silver from are plenty and rich. In Setarco City we have found some are even highly skilled artisans and performers, and their foreign ways are rapidly becoming popular and being absorbed by our own people. In no time we will be them, and they will be us.

The Setaran people have long been my pride and joy, my one true love, and our greatest treasure. Now we are better for harboring those who share our love for freedom and tenacity to resist even the darkest punishments. As our future unfolds, I know we will remain strong, for our foundation is unshakeable.

Written By Belladonna

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:45 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Just as it is in the fields, the ashes of what is old pave the way to better things. Death sustains new life. The Setaran people have always been good at feeding from their own past, and leaving the carcass behind. It is time to do so again. The past is dead. It will not be missed.

Written By Svana

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:36 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

I'm ready to venture out and begin taking up more crafting. I'd like to learn how to tailor, perhaps, but right now my focus is on leatherworking. I've been making rugs - sheepskin is the best option for me right now, as it's easy to work with, a good size, and the fur is considerably easy to dye. I've gotten quite familiar with the dying vats and how to play with colors as well. I hope it's not long before I can sell my pieces. Admittedly, I have never thought of myself as a house decorator, much less a fashion designer, or someone who even makes accessories - but I do love what I'm doing now. It's a nice change from the market, but I hope no one thinks that I'm slouching in that area - I'm still very active in the market and I have deals going. Never forget who Svana Kolur is and where she started.

Written By Revell

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:22 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Hamish


I have a lot to say about this person, except it isn't about him at all. Not truly. Not if I take a long, hard moment to think about it.

No, this is more about me and my beliefs, and how they often collide with the Pantheon Faith.

The first time this happened, it was during a Meditation of Reflections taking place in the Shrine to the Thirteenth. I admit, I should not have gone anywhere near, but I was invited by one of the hosts and I couldn't very well leave Lord Dycard Blackshore's side till he'd paid me for the flowers he asked for.

But I digress.. I shouldn't have been there, and I saw nothing within my own reflection. So, instead of meditating, I listened. And, I got angry.

It was clear that those present were there to face their Sins, there to express emotions they were struggling with, to acknowledge them and to find a way to move on from them - or use them to their benefit, in some cases.

But everyone was being so frustratingly vague. Okay, so, you are /angry/, but why? Are you sure it is actually anger you feel and not just the emotion you have chosen to feel and express because you have yet to face the true cause of your turmoil? Being angry is easy. Being angry has its uses. Being angry is a call to action. But, it is often a result of something else, something much deeper...

So, I stood up and said as much. Or I wanted to, at the very least. I wanted to encourage those present to look past their anger, to be honest and straight forward despite what the concequences may be.

I am pretty sure I just rambled on and on and very few actually understood what I was trying to express.

Then, I was told politely that it was neither the time nor place, and, well.. I don't think I have ever felt more embarrassed and humiliated in my life.

Why am I talking about this here? Because /this man/ was there, and before leaving he decided to ruthlessly point out my ignorance. Now I really want to learn more about the Pantheon, and if you can't detect my sarcasm-- well, blame the fact that this is writing.

The next time I met him was within the Murder of Crows and I pondered, out loud, about my distaste for the Faith of the Pantheon encouraging the people of the Compact to lie through their teeth and hide their true beliefs, or at the very least only engage in their faith in a way that the Pantheon deems fit.

It.. did not go down well. I would love to have this dicussion with a Follower, but not this one. Definitely not this one. Entirely too lacking in the empthy departent to be able than do anything than make me view the Pantheon in a worse and worse light for each word he utters.

And I /want/ to understand. I truly want to learn.

Ah, well.

(( Meditations on Reflections: Rage Event = ))

Written By Revell

Feb. 26, 2020, 7:17 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Leola


Dame Leola reminded me how quickly an opinion can change of somebody based on a single sentence, or in this case, two.

I want to preface this by saying that she likely did nothing wrong, and most of this is a result of my own sensitive, overemotional nature. I hope you read this and that's what you take away from it all.

"Revell sure is prone to overthinking, isn't she? Who has the time to be this up in arms about a misunderstanding?"

Nevertheless, this is /my/ journals, and I will document the good sides of myself as well as the bad, and you can't stop me! Honesty is difficult, and bloody, and embarrassing, and awful. But I aim to be honest anyhow.

When i first met Dame Leola in the Murder of Crows, she seemed pleasant enough. She spoke of her Lodges and the wonderful wildlife growing all around them all year round. I still hope I get to see it sometime. She even seemed happy to help me find a cart heading out there, and maybe I could even meet the person who takes care of the flora.

But then, in an instant, it all changed.

"I really don't want to be here for a brawl, this is why I don't come to the Lowers."

There is so much to unpack in that sentence alone. On one hand, no brawl actually took place - a boy let off some steam and a man and a bard diffused the situation in seconds. Secondly, she didn't even consider all the lives of people who don't have the choice to leave the Lowers. She spoke as if going to the Lowers was a frivelous past time, like going to the park or something equally as unimportant. It came off as arrogant, pretentious.

And then!

"Three times I've been here. Three times, there's been a fight. If it's not a common feature, it's something I'm blessed with."

She doesn't seem to understand the concept of a coincidence. It happened to her three times, therefore it has to be because SHE was present and SHE is the center of the universe. Otherwise, it had to be something that happens ALL THE TIME for it to make sense.

I know, I know. It was likely no more than a passing remark, with no malice or thought put behind it. Or maybe there was, in which case I appreciate the honesty. Truly, I am not sure why I got riled up by it. Her thoughts, opinions.. they should all be unimportant to me.

It might have to do with not eating properly since that incident at the Shrine of the Thirtheeth. As it turns out, I get hangry. (Get it? It's hungry and angry, combined!)

Written By Revell

Feb. 26, 2020, 6:50 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Anisha


A woman of secrets, that much is obvious. And I am sure most of them have an awfully dark twist to them, but alas, /that/ is just speculation.

I've enjoyed the few meetings I've had with her, to an extend.

Anisha is a very charitable woman and from what I can tell, this is due to her devotion to Gild. I know that I should approve of acts of charity, I know that she is /technically/ being a good person, and the type of person more should strive to be like.

But I loathe feeling like a charity case. I came to Arx to /work my way up/, not be given a shortcut. I want to prove to the people that I am hard working and reliable, and that any fame I may earn is not because someone with a lot of coin took a liking to me.

And then there's the fact that charity to me never felt like charity, and more like a thing the rich do to feel like they are good people. There are many ways to spend that silver on things that could make a more permanent change than handing it over to an inhabitant of the Lowers.

Another thing that irked me was her need to apologise for her friend, Lady Leola, after she spouted something that also irked me. It was a very diplomatic actions, I understand, and a solid attempt at smoothing things over before any animosity bloomed.

Unfortunately, it backfired on me. I was a little miffed at Lady Leola, but not mad by any means. Far from it. But Anisha's actions saw to it that I now think even less of the Lady. If she is sorry, she should use her own darn words.

Hm. This turned into a bit more of a rant than I intended. I do hope I managed to make it clear that I habour no negative feelings for the Whisper woman - I mean, the things I complained about are things any normal person would consider high praise!

My opnions on things are simply.. different, is all.

Written By Revell

Feb. 26, 2020, 6:38 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Oddmun


Calm, quiet and smells wonderfully of horse and nature. I hope he never buys those blasted perfumes that smell nothing like the flowers they are named after in an attempt to 'smell good' to nobility.

He seems able to choose his words very carefully in any given moment, and he can speak with staunt worshippers of the Faith without offending them, without comproming his own beliefs. I really, really admire that.

And then there's Umber.

When I first saw her standing outside the Murder of Crows, I realised just how deep my fear for giant, hooved animals were. I literally could not move from the spot. I couldn't head back inside because I'd already told those within that I was leaving, and I couldn't just walk past the creature either!

Fear is not an emotion I am familiar with.

Fortunately, Oddmun noticed and encouraged me to approach Umber, and it wasn't long before I was stroking her entirely too muscular neck. She seemed to like it. Then, before I knew it, I was in the saddle and the Lord was taking me on a quick walk around Arx!

I feel less scared now, but I still don't think I'd go anywhere near a horse without a man or woman three times my size being present.

Just in case.

Written By Colette

Feb. 26, 2020, 5:11 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

I feel so used. I feel so stupid.

Luckily I have learned my lesson.

Get close to no one.

Written By Catalana

Feb. 26, 2020, 4:49 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Porter

There are also rabbits all over the Kay. I am almost positive you had something to do with it.

Hopefully they will make a tasty stew.

Written By Catalana

Feb. 26, 2020, 4:45 a.m.(10/27/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Niklas

My darling cousin.

I have ordered you a thousand brocade handkerchiefs for when I beat you at the tournament of thorns.

I so look forward to presenting them to you upon my win.

Written By Porter

Feb. 25, 2020, 11:22 a.m.(10/25/1012 AR)

I woke up this morning in the Ward of House Valardin. I apparently slept on a bench after a night of carousing with Dame Bree Harthall. I lost my guitar, but I have a coin with the same print on both sides. Did I sell my instrument for this? I'm really not certain. I also have a distant memory of playing very poorly, but I'm going to console myself that was simply a nightmare.

I may have also lost some oxen.

Written By Yelana

Feb. 25, 2020, 9:24 a.m.(10/25/1012 AR)

I've come back from Granato again after a visit with my brother. He has not been himself since Ilsoreno died, though I suppose none of us are.

I wish he would join Videl and I in Arx, but he refuses.

Written By Hamish

Feb. 25, 2020, 9:13 a.m.(10/25/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Perronne

You could live on the boat, but if you want a life of adventure try living on the trebuchet instead.

Written By Miranda

Feb. 25, 2020, 8:50 a.m.(10/25/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Strozza

It has been a long time since I've had quite so much fun at the Black Fox... longer still, I imagine, since actually being there with a crowd.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with my Prince's generosity in providing drinks for everyone and Duchess Calypso's flair of the exhausted...

Perhaps even better still was the banter laid before us, ever so poised, but the Baroness Brigid and the antics of Lord Drake...

Or perhaps, and this may be it, truthfully, the introduction of Lady Orelia to myself thanks to my Cousin-by-marriage, Lord Strozza.

... Yes, that last was surely a delight of delights. I can't wait for her and I to plot our first plot... Mischief awaits!

Written By Mabelle

Feb. 25, 2020, 1:26 a.m.(10/25/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Lottie

A dessert. Named After Artshall.

You are an island of joy in times of stress, Mistress Lottie.

I could not be happier or feel more honoured.

Written By Jules

Feb. 24, 2020, 11:49 p.m.(10/24/1012 AR)

I hope there is never any doubt that I love my lady like family. I will never turn my back on her. I hope she reads this.

Written By Vanora

Feb. 24, 2020, 9:55 p.m.(10/24/1012 AR)

It seems impossible that of the five uncles I had when I was a child, only two survive.

It seems even more impossible that they are both Blanchard.

I did not grow up close to my mother's family. I believe I met her brothers only twice before Belladonna summoned me to Arx, where I had cause and opportunity to again.

Yet Uncle Philippe has reached out to me. Extended his hand, and offered what few others in the world could.

He cannot likely appreciate how grateful I am for it.

I still miss Uncle Niccolo every day. I was not as close with Uncle Tomasso, but I think on him too. And Uncle Piero I loved...all the more reason to hate the brother who helped plot his end. Family is nothing if not complicated.

I am grateful that for all the family I have lost, there is family also to be found.

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