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Written By Zakhar

June 18, 2021, 8:39 a.m.(9/6/1015 AR)

Notes to remember for future travels.
1. Pay attention to your surroundings. A wave can come out of any which direction. What might be seen as amusing on one day can easily make the rest of your trip sour.
2. The locals can be a lot more fun if you take the first step to introduce yourself.
3. If the pan is a swinging, everyone else should learn to duck
4. New friends are great, though watch for those that you've known longer.

Written By Cambria

June 17, 2021, 10:31 p.m.(9/5/1015 AR)

There is wisdom in the the old saying, "in wine there is truth." Alcohol impairs the ability to think strategically and puts one firmly in the moment, and therefore less capable of lying. In the same way that we shake hands to show that we are not carrying a weapon, having a few drinks is a form of mental disarmament that makes one more trusting as well as more worthy of trust.

Written By Noah

June 17, 2021, 8:59 p.m.(9/5/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Elizabetha

I suppose I'm now okay with the fact that our parents wouldn't let me sell you at the market when they brought you home. I also remember the lecture that nobles don't sell things. It was a double lecture. Come back from Bastion soon.

Written By Tanith

June 17, 2021, 8:40 p.m.(9/5/1015 AR)

Little Janice Tanner. I was fifteen when I shadowed my midwife-teacher and delivered her of her mother. The mid-wife was the biggest dock-worker you'd ever seen, with the softest hands. I think he was my favorite, he was so gentle, and I learned a lot from that grizzled beast. I still didn't understand why he didn't just commit to it full time, but he said it was good to space out your responsibilities. He taught me that three mothers to every due-month was the best way to keep myself open for emergencies and unexpected issues, and he was right. Little Janice came out sleeping, but hollered up a storm when he tipped her upside down.

Tonight, I delivered her of her own children; she's a young mother as some of them go, but she's experienced where it counts, with older siblings with kids of their own. Janice has a pair of twins, resting up with a Harlequin to tend her with the rest of her family. It's a strange feeling, it always is, to complete the circle like that; delivering a generation into another. It feels like an honor, something sacred, to witness it around and again. Sometimes, I hold these sweet, squalling bairns and wonder if they were someone I knew before. Maybe a cousin that died, or patron in my bar, or a grizzled ol' dockworker-midwife gone some seven years now. Not that we're meant to know, but as I swaddle them and give them to their mothers, I wonder about it. It's a miracle every time, and still I wonder.

Written By Tanith

June 17, 2021, 8:33 p.m.(9/5/1015 AR)

And another job added to my long list of careers. A physician to a family wasn't what I expected but I need to accept the fact that I'm just the kind of busybody Rukhnis always approved of when it came to the health of others. I underestimate the resources I have available until -need- the help, and then I remember it all. Emara is my secret weapon though, but don't tell anyone that, scholar, it would go straight to her head. The job itself is satisfying and pays well; I can't complain.

This weekend I'm getting a bit of a break and taking the husband with me fishing.

What? I like fishing and so does he. Raymesin's better at it than I am, you should have seen the floppers he'd get out of the harbor, and it's even better when you can share your catch. Maybe it isn't romantic to anyone else but us, but we haven't been able to do that before. I'm looking forward to it.

Written By Medeia

June 17, 2021, 7:18 p.m.(9/5/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Cesare

I have reason to be incredibly grateful to Cesare Whisper, several reasons even. He is a wonder of kindness. And imbued with cat-like reflexes. How lucky we all are to have him in the city.

Written By Savio

June 17, 2021, 10:09 a.m.(9/4/1015 AR)

My man brought home a sparrow
And I did not like that bird
It shat on everything I love
Whole house full of turds

He left me to deal with it
While he went off to work
Day and night, nonstop noise
That sparrow was a jerk

I left it for two seconds
And it got into all my food
Maybe I over-reacted
But that animal was rude

I beat it up and threw it out
I'd absolutely had enough
Go back to your stupid woods!
Stop ruining my stuff!

My man tracked it down again
(I did not agree)
And came back with a box of gold
"The sparrow blessed us, see?"

Unlikely in the highest
Cause I knew that thing was bad
But I decided to go also
I'd figure out its evil plan

Why do birds have baskets?!
I told you this was wrong
But I took a basket anyway
I wanted to get gone

My basket was full of nightmares
And my last final words
Were "You know I hate these monsters --
But at least it's not more birds."

Written By Thea

June 17, 2021, 9:35 a.m.(9/4/1015 AR)

Just when I think people no longer surprise me, I get proven wrong.

Written By Piccola

June 17, 2021, 8:07 a.m.(9/4/1015 AR)

Beware, wise general, of arrogance: even when correct, one's meritorious suggestion is more offensive to the ignorant than their own arrogance, for merit itself is offensive.

Written By Malcolm

June 17, 2021, 3:19 a.m.(9/4/1015 AR)

Yes, I understand it's supposed to be a apologue, Scholar -- but it doesn't answer how or why.

How did all those birds manage to shove monsters in a basket?

Clever lot of birds, sparrows are.

Written By Piccola

June 16, 2021, 9:04 p.m.(9/3/1015 AR)

There was once a poor old forester and his partner, who earned their living by cutting wood and fishing. The old forester was honest and kind but his partner was arrogant and greedy. One morning, the old forester, while working, saw an injured sparrow crying out for help, so he took it back home and fed it some rice to try to help it recover. His partner, however, was annoyed that the old forester would waste precious food on such a small and insignificant little thing as a sparrow. Undeterred, the old forester cared for the bird.

One day, the old forester went to work, leaving the bird in the care of his partner, who had no intention of feeding it. That day, the sparrow got into some starch that was left out and ate all of it. The partner was so angry that he cut out the bird's tongue and sent it flying back into the mountains from where it came. And when the old forester returned, he found the sparrow missing.

The old forester went searching for the bird and found his way into a bamboo grove in which the sparrow's inn was located. A multitude of sparrows greeted him and led him to his friend, the little sparrow he saved. The others brought him food and sang and danced for him. Upon his departure, they presented him with a choice of a large basket or a small basket as a present.

Being old, the forester chose the small basket as he supposed it would be the least heavy. When he arrived home, he opened the basket and discovered a large amount of treasure inside. The partner, learning of the existence of a larger basket, ran to the sparrow's inn in the hope of getting more treasure for himself. He demanded the larger basket, which the sparrows gave him, but was warned not to open it before getting home.

Being greedy, the partner could not resist opening the basket before returning the house. To his surprise, the box was full of monsters, who immediately set upon and ate him.

Written By Scythia

June 16, 2021, 7:43 p.m.(9/3/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Orrin

My dear husband, you died a hero and quite unexpectedly. You will be missed, spoken of with much affection and never forgotten by me. I feel like a skiff set adrift by the constant reminders of your passing.

Written By Svana

June 16, 2021, 5:31 p.m.(9/3/1015 AR)

Writing hasn't been my strong suit as I now have two two-year-olds and two one-year-olds. Anisha and I had both had our birthdays before theirs, so we had a celebration, then focused on the children.

I am extremely tired, even with Bryn and Khadija, as well as Anisha's kitchen staff to help me with things. But I have new ideas for the shop. And for the Grotto. Just you wait.

Written By Esme

June 16, 2021, 4:18 p.m.(9/3/1015 AR)

Most Beloved Ones,

I have been pondering paths lately. They are glorious, are they not? The way that we start down one, only to be re-directed down another one, almost mid-step. The way we plan one thing for our lives, our decisions, our moments, and then we find something else entirely. It's a dizzying feeling seeing all the paths stretched before us. I don't just mean mine. I enjoy seeing all the paths laid out before others as well. I would never wish to tell them which one to take, that is part of the adventure, but to do so with love and duty and honor.

When thinking of paths, I find myself thinking of the people that I have met on them. There are people that once upon a time, I called my most closest of friends. I spent all my time with them. I longed for their presence when it was not around. Some of those people, I don't even talk to anymore. We could pass as strangers on this path and not even blink at each other. I am not saddened by this. For while I miss my friends, I am excited on the paths that they are walking and the adventures they are finding. I await to hear updates to their lives or see their names upon white journals. It is as if I'm still with them on those paths, even if we are not as we were. My heart still feels with the deepest of joys for them.

There are people that have left this life. I find myself praying that one day perhaps our souls will meet again. That moment you first meet a person and you just know you are going to be great friends. It is like souls coming back in contact after lifetimes away. Is that not an amazing thing? The idea we can spend lifetimes from each other and our souls may still remember each other. Love is something so much stronger than those other weights. It frees us. It lifts us. It makes is lighter in step, in action, and in memory. That is not to say there are not tears in the wake sometimes of love, but the glory of it is so much higher.

I pray each of you walk confidently on your path, but know that the steps you take now; might not be the path you thought you would be on. Be open to it, most loved of the Gods. Let their honor and glory shine upon you.

Written By Cufre

June 16, 2021, 1:46 p.m.(9/3/1015 AR)

I'd been wanting to visit the Pravosi part of the city. Ever since a dream I'd had last week. Dreams? Was it more than one? It's hard to remember; those days run together. I wasn't sleeping much.

Lax mentioned there'd be a public music performance in the Ward of Pravus' Hydro Hall, so I went to it.

The music was not like any I'd heard before, and though that isn't saying much, it's with reason. The Glass Butterfly Nina Autumndale presented and played a new instrument that was so big they had to build the music hall around it! There was time given to talk and drink and get a closer look at the instrument, which makes music from water. That I learned from the Glass Butterfly herself before we were joined in a conversation about musicians and art and, I guess, always searching.

The concert didn't scratch my need to be in that section of the city, but it wasn't wasted time.

Written By Claude

June 16, 2021, 11:05 a.m.(9/2/1015 AR)

There is so much work to be done. A number of new commissions have come in as well as one for a piece of art! How will it be received? The client is a discerning figure in the art world here. I believe I have the toys to thank for it. They have been very well received and I have raised a tremendous amount of money for the Knights of Solace and the orphanages. They are not completely sold out yet but only a handful of boxes remain.

Written By Mabelle

June 16, 2021, 6:15 a.m.(9/2/1015 AR)

You cannot lose what you never had.

Written By Mabelle

June 16, 2021, 5:49 a.m.(9/2/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Amari

It was you? I expected this from a Clement. A very particular Clement.

Written By Monique

June 15, 2021, 9:56 p.m.(9/1/1015 AR)

I found it...
~one more thing to mark off my list

Written By Allegra

June 15, 2021, 4:27 p.m.(9/1/1015 AR)

Woke up the other morning at my desk in my office...again. There was ink on my cheek. My hair looked as untamed as a storm at sea. And I couldn't tell if the water stain on the missive I had been writing was actually water...or drool. I /really/ need to make sure I sleep in my bed. Missives can wait.

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