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Written By Revell

April 1, 2020, 8:02 a.m.(1/13/1013 AR)

"If you don't expect anything from anyone, you won't be disappointed - only pleasantly surprised."

I never thought I'd have someone summarize - and agree with - my world view.

I am often warned to be cautious, I'm often told that I am naive and daft. People seem to think that I expect something to come of my kind gestures and attempts to shower others in affection, but that's not it at all.. I just like being nice.

It's a warm, wholesome feeling and a great shield against feelings of regret, anger and bitterness.

Written By Revell

April 1, 2020, 7:52 a.m.(1/13/1013 AR)

RE: Love

It sounds like you've never felt it, Lord-Captain. I was so sure you had.

From asking people face to face, and from reading the responses in the Whites - I think you are on to something, my Lady. It may very well be a type of madness, and a kind that most wish for and would happily embrace if it came their way.

Asking questions is my way of finding answers, or is that not what you mean?

There is a reason I didn't ask /you/, -my darling-. Ugh.

Is it a different kind of resonance, a different kind of sacrifice from the kind friendship requires?

I think I agree with you. It's no different to my view on friendships - I always strive to be understanding, loyalty is incredibly important to me, and I try to always be boldly honest about my feelings but never to the point of disregarding someone elses. And if you are correct, that love takes time to build, it is no wonder I have not experienced it yet.

Your answer is a very poetic one, and I adore poetry so in that sense, I was wow'd by your response. However, my question still remains.. 'how is that different from friendship?' This is not a question out of malice or anything, I think it's just pure ignorance on my part. From the other answers I've received, I am sure that's the case. I hope you don't mind if I make a transcript of your journal to look back on once I've had the pleasure of feeling.. love?

Thank you for sharing that tidbit - truly - it is nice knowing that there was once someone as ignorant as me out there in the world, and that this somebody has grown. Maybe there's still hope for me?

Written By Tanith

April 1, 2020, 2:03 a.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Bad dreams brought on by bad cheese. Still bad. A leering face, mocking me in the dark like a memory that sticks to the insides of my eyelids, crawling like ants. This would be easier if I was a drunkard.

Written By Mabelle

March 31, 2020, 11:59 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Cristoph

You can still wear slippers in the mansion halls though. I will not tell a soul.


Written By Jael

March 31, 2020, 11:54 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

While I hate to see my dear brother the Duke back down from anything...his taste really is suspect.

Written By Miranda

March 31, 2020, 10:42 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Fecundo

That's right, Uncle Peacock! or is it Uncle Raven?

What will my children call you? Oh the things I could suggest...

Payback, is it? Muahah.. I have a running headstart on you with your children. Can you catch up?

Who will spoil whose children the best?

At least, Brother, they are loved. Well, and truly loved.

Written By Miranda

March 31, 2020, 10:39 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Fecundo

Sweet big brother,

You did a superb job at the duel.

I loved cheering for you... and heckling you.

I'm very proud of you.

You owe me a silver coin. Had to pay up when you lost.

Love you, always.

Written By Dycard

March 31, 2020, 8:49 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Lucene

The people of Caith are lucky to have you as their Sword and their Shield, cousin. Congratulations.

Written By Riagnon

March 31, 2020, 8:47 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Word traveling in from the lands nearby Stonedeep, where our parents and most of our family still reside, is troubling -- especially when put into context with other matters. Let's pray there's no connection.

Written By Dycard

March 31, 2020, 8:20 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Ian

That said, Ian - jokes aside -

I'm glad you're alright.

Written By Dycard

March 31, 2020, 8:14 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Ian

As a sailor - or rather, as a *leader* of sailors, I'm naturally inclined toward bursts of action. A frenetic dance with a storm, a skirmish with another vessel, that moment of gut-wrenching adrenaline when you see a wave taller than your mainmast coming at you side-on - moments of terrifying energy and strife in an otherwise relatively calm vocation.

This means that tasks based around endurance and repetition do *not* come naturally to me. This being a weakness of mine, my tutor - Lord Ian Kennex - has assigned me the stimulating task of running. A lot.

I can't say I fault his logic - the rational part of my mind accepts and appreciates his advice, and I'm grateful for his tuition - especially given his recent ordeals.

However, after countless laps of the Gauntlet, the irrational part of my mind feels like it's dying and wants to vomit, possibly cry a little, then curl up and go to sleep.

I am trying *very hard* not to resent the Kennex Lord.

Written By Corrigan

March 31, 2020, 6:23 p.m.(1/12/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Raja

Drunk or high, from the sounds of it.

Written By Ras

March 31, 2020, 11:13 a.m.(1/11/1013 AR)

Relationship Note on Behtuk

Where's Behtuk?

The firepit's been cold a long time. Used to come in sometimes when I'd gotten tired of knockin on Nyce's door, and sit with him and we'd eat fish stew and talk. Nobody's in the smithy. No sounds from the forge. It's quiet but not quiet like he was. He was a good kinda quiet and this is a bad one. Not the kinda quiet of a shop that's been neatly closed for a trip somewhere.

Today I went to see him to talk about a case. Maybe if I'd come sooner I would know what happened. Maybe I could've helped. There aren't that many folk I like and he's one. Didn't know him that well, but he said some of the things that've stuck with me the longest, about the north and his tribe and how they worked. When they hunt everyone eats.

I gotta find out where he is. If anyone (who reads this shit) knows, come find me.

Written By Belladonna

March 31, 2020, 3:48 a.m.(1/11/1013 AR)

It is true that familiarity breeds contempt, certainly more in some cases than others, but more dangerous than contempt is complacency. Complacency is the poison that has ran its course in the veins of so many great falls in history.

I see the same faces, beloved and reviled, I hear the same voices, and watching the morning tide from the Deviant's deck, I am struck with overwhelming wanderlust. The trips to the Saffron Chain have gotten shorter, so to speak, and although a mysterious land of violence and dark legends, it is new and lush, beautiful in its unknowable depth. When I hear the battle cries of the White Rats or the Sons of the Centipede, I know I am far from home, and as painful as it may be, that is where I belong, now.

I am ready for the scars that await me. In fact, I feel my body ache for them. That is the only path forward. No Setarcan soul has ever developed in the comfort of wine and silk, and there are many boundaries left to break before I meet my journey's end.

Written By Rowenova

March 31, 2020, 2:26 a.m.(1/11/1013 AR)

After a couple years post divorce, I finally found new love. It is all entirely different and more wonderful than anything else I ever experienced with anyone else before.

Thank you for all your enduring kindness and patient grace.

Written By Victus

March 31, 2020, 1:39 a.m.(1/10/1013 AR)

Deep within Maelstrom's walls, a good time to get some breathing space while we prepare to mobilize the banners. I was fortunate enough to find a lull between drills to take some time to myself. Took a retinue and made a journey to the ruins of Thrax's previous capital here on the Isle. Perhaps not the best of ideas, given the state of things. But the history is too valuable to not admire from time to time.

It's odd. There's broad strokes of familiarity on every wall, yet still so different from the city we sit upon today. I always note just how many devotions to Mangata are around every curve. Clear waters run down the fingers of the goddess, Her likeness carved in stone. In the central chamber, Her face greets every visitor with a welcoming smile. These halls have been abandoned for untold centuries, yet Her presence still illuminates the ancient structure with life.

I wonder why we grew away from such art as time went on. Monsters from the darkest depths of the present decorate our streets now, in the form of chalk and chiseled rocks. The things we'd seen spawn out of the darkwater and what the superstitious sailors speak of in the bloodwater. Combine that with the grey skies, the rain, everything can be very grim in comparison.

Since my trip, I've returned with ideas. I believe once the Skal'daja are dealt with, bringing pieces of Thrax's ancient history back to life could be a worthy endeavor.

Written By Dianna

March 31, 2020, 12:46 a.m.(1/10/1013 AR)

I am moved deeply by the great number of attendees at the question-and-answer session I held at Tehom's Shrine.

Moved, as well, by the thoughtfulness of the questions, by the respectfulness of the attendees and grateful beyond measure that my dear friend, Rysen, found himself well enough to travel across the city to attend - along with Rukhnis and his pregnant wife.

There are so very many emotions roiling inside me - as many as when I returned home from the rescue. But, as opposed to then, when I was so frustrated, hurt, angry and torn by all we had seen, I find myself overjoyed, desperate to embrace all whom I love and assure them that I do, in fact, so deeply value them.

Such are the effects of darkness, should we face their Truths.

And it is Vayne's patience that has so often allowed me to see, without fear, all that I feel and think.

Forever, I am indebted to the Archlector of Tehom. For, if I am and share but an ounce of good, it would remain tainted without his ever-embracing and understanding mind and heart and soul, allowing me to so deeply and profoundly self-reflect -- and turn what is dark within myself back over to Tehom, or make of it, somehow in what seems a magical way, a bright and vibrant thing of light.

Love of oneself - and of others - is surely one of life's greatest, most powerful mysteries of Truth and Wonder.

Written By Valencia

March 31, 2020, midnight(1/10/1013 AR)

Some things, no matter how hard, are just worth fighting for.


Written By Raja

March 30, 2020, 11:47 p.m.(1/10/1013 AR)

What am I?

Written By Preston

March 30, 2020, 7:53 p.m.(1/10/1013 AR)

What's the difference between a Templar and an ordinary person? One step.

When things are easy, any man can step forward in support of a righteous cause.

It is when things are hard, when things are bleak, when the weight of a thousand other obligations weigh upon the mind of people? When the innocent are threatened, but you are few against a force of many? That is when it matters. That you take that one step forward, when all others want to move back. One step towards the righteous cause. It is not about foolhardiness - when the Templar acts he should know all, he should step forward knowing the weight of what he does and its implications. And as those final prayers before battle slip from his lips, they should not be for life, but instead for honour. So we might walk into the Shining Lands, our heads unbowed.

There are many who do this anyway, who are not Templars. Those who honour Gloria with their deeds, and whose memories and acts we worship in the Shrine. But it is true too of the Templars, and the Faith Militant, because it is our duty.

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