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Written By Volcica

Nov. 22, 2020, 5:03 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I don't think I've ever forgotten my own name before. It's.. disconcerting.

Written By Filshiar

Nov. 22, 2020, 4:53 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I was afraid to look upon the Cathedral when I heard of what had befallen it, and the awful deeds done there. As I helped break and clear the rubble, I tried to dwell upon what still stood. The bell tower, much of the walls, and many hands willing to tend to it. Even if it won't be again what it was, I've faith something good will be rebuilt around the bones of it.

Written By Regal

Nov. 22, 2020, 4:21 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

The lemon juice and water at the Traders Tavern is top notch in the city of Arx.

My name is Regal Sai and it has my official endorsement.

Written By Porter

Nov. 22, 2020, 4:03 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I wrote about two weeks ago about how I'd been learning how to make nails with Dame Ida. At least, I think I wrote about that. I'd need to turn a few pages to get there and that seems like too much trouble since I'm in the midst of writing these words! At any rate, I've spent what little free time I've had not moving rubble, wandering around her forge. I started work on a breastplate of cupridium. Dame Ida isn't an armorsmith, so I hope she doesn't mind my tinkering. It's looking okay so far, my first grand experiment with something that isn't a nail. I think I might be a little obsessed.

Of course then I let Bree hit me a bunch of times and now it's full of dents. But I think I can hammer them out!



Written By Rosalind

Nov. 22, 2020, 3:53 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I went to look at paintings last night, scholar. Stop looking at me funny! I did! And it was sorta fun. I saw people I knew there and everything, and there were pieces I liked. Honest! Maybe I should find something for our House, to replace the stuffed turkey? Nah...I rather like the turkey..

Written By Rosalind

Nov. 22, 2020, 3:49 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Branwen

Branwen is back! And she's already started teaching me with her wiseness. Wiseness is a word right? If it isn't, it should be. She's a wise woman, and I missed her a lot! I'm so glad to have her back, to have her teachings! She couldn't have come back at a better time..

Written By Acacia

Nov. 22, 2020, 3:41 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Loyalty and honor. Some have it. Some don't.

Written By Valerius

Nov. 22, 2020, 3:29 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Aiden

A wager once made, now a wonderful friend

Written By Natasha

Nov. 22, 2020, 2:46 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Aerwan

Losing you to circumstance hurts more than I can eloquently express in words, whether written or spoken. It might be indicative of the limits of my talents as an orator, or how much succor, counsel, laughter and comfort you have given me in the last few weeks. I pray that the Scholar forgives me for offering these clumsy words in lieu of the things I could not say.

Until we meet again.

Written By Hamish

Nov. 22, 2020, 1:35 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Delilah

It was exactly as we expected it to be.

Written By Kiera

Nov. 22, 2020, 12:23 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Valerius

The man lights up a room room but also intrigues me. Do I dare explore. It is sure to be interesting.

Written By Calista

Nov. 22, 2020, 12:10 p.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

My dreams have always been so brilliant and so vivid. For as long as I can remember, whether they be beautiful or terrifying, it always felt as if I were living them, standing right in the middle of them. None have been so vivid as my recent dream. I give prayers to Aion to make sense of it all. However, if there is something I have learned over the years, it is to embrace the moment and not give into the fear or the wonder. Be an observer, do not get lost in the moment. It is just a dream after all.

Written By Venturo

Nov. 22, 2020, 9:04 a.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Khanne

The Duchess was the other co-host for last eve's event. Always ready with laughter and free with her emotions, she is happy to take things as they are on the surface - even if she may not fully buy into them. To say she is the opposite of the Marquessa is not quite accurate, but certainly a perfect complement indeed for my patron. I look forward to seeing what these two get up to next.

Written By Venturo

Nov. 22, 2020, 9:02 a.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Lianne

The Marquessa was a co-host last eve at the Eidolon Gallery. A fantastic event, and the paintings and songs to be had there? Were mesmerizing. As expected, she probed, poked, sought to see how my luck might be explained by skill, cunning, wit or sheer intellect. And as always, it was a pure delight. I hope, but am not certain, that I shall see the day her options for reasoning away my serendipity runs dry. If only I could be so lucky!

Written By Ashlinn

Nov. 22, 2020, 7:40 a.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I would write of my adventures about the Lowers last night, but the truth is, I don't remember most of it.

Except for this red-haired lass that looked like she hadn't eaten in a week, her forearm not even big around as my wrist, and I STILL lost ten silver to her in an arm-wrestling match.

Written By Noelle

Nov. 22, 2020, 7:26 a.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

I met a man whose hair was long and gold;
at least so he said before he was old.
With aged blue eyes limned with wise light
he told me the way my bad luck to right.
Now here I sit putting ink to parchment,
assured that the only cure to my ailment,
is to Vellichor's archive to submit a poem.
And if you, stranger, would help banish mayhem,
And help this bad luck sink,
then set your quill into ink,
to be one of at least thirteen
to record a poem true and serene.

Written By Ravna

Nov. 22, 2020, 6:31 a.m.(6/8/1014 AR)

Watch, watch, w-a-t-c-h.

Now you see me? Now you...

Written By Felicia

Nov. 22, 2020, 5:10 a.m.(6/7/1014 AR)

Those who doubt the existence of the Mother of Beginnings and Queen of Endings, I put to you- what do you believe happened all those years ago when She appeared to the city to warn us of the army led by Tolamar Brand that threatened all of us?

She made Her presence known, in this, Her city. And while I am neither Harlequin nor Godsworn, as a Deathspeaker I am prepared to speak on the history of our great city and its connection with the Mother to any prepared to listen with open ears.

Written By Medeia

Nov. 22, 2020, 4:27 a.m.(6/7/1014 AR)

Relationship Note on Nijah

Today I had the great pleasure of having my offer of patronage accepted by Apprentice Whisper Nijah. She is a smart young woman with a kind heart and a set of talents and skills that have equipped her to start down a vibrant path here in the city. I have great respect for the Whisper House and am pleased to be able to support one of their rising stars, someone who endured great hardship during her early years in Eurus, in learning more about Arvani society. But more importantly, we share many common values that will inform projects we undertake together. I am truly excited to see what the future has in store for us.

Written By Ripley

Nov. 22, 2020, 1:14 a.m.(6/7/1014 AR)

And just like that, upon returning from the Eidolon, I sat at my bench and I created. There was no end to the work. As swiftly as I fnished the molds for one and had to let the metal cool, I was making another. Tree's with people trapped within or at least transitioning from what there were, to what they would be. Other tree's trapping the moon within it's boughs. That came to me while I was standing outside the shop so that I could cool down. I remembered a dream, dark hands trying to catch blood and pour it back into me and then toe rings because, well, toe rings. And then another dream can now hang from the ears of someone. Sleeping youth trapped in the golden bars of crumbling and breaking away age.

So much more in my head but I am exhausted and the last piece, I burned myself with carelessness. And a skull. I made a skull. I hope it suffices, that it suits. I still need to find out about these other people. What they were like, who were they. The Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa... oh, well that may be an issue. Then the Prince Radley Valardin. Find out about this Sungreet and A woman named Arcadia. Whomever she is. There's other skulls to do. But at least the one is done. For now, back to the forge, to the heat and see if I can't try and sleep. See what that will bring me.

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