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Written By Raimon

June 6, 2021, 7:44 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Vega


I have searched most of Arx since mine own return thence.

Since the Sea gave me back to the world, almost a month ago, I have searched for news and met many who remember you.
But in all that month, the only news of you was old news.

I have tried to send @messengers, but none of them have been able to locate you.

If by quirk of Fate or Mangata's Favor this message should find you, I do implore Thee:

Please write.


Written By Lianne

June 6, 2021, 7:28 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Deva

So very little is permanent. What satisfaction we find is, yes, fleeting, but does that not make it more worthwhile? It's nothing to hold onto, but rather something to savor while it lasts.

The future is built upon the foundation we lay today. Let our work be glad and satisfying. Let it benefit those alive here and now. It's a better legacy than bitterness, isn't it?

Written By Lisebet

June 6, 2021, 5:51 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Mapping the Ashford lands always leads to such interesting discussions and finds. I do hope to do more of it. Or at least to have it done, since I suppose I can't go all the time.

Written By Viviana

June 6, 2021, 5:04 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Put sand in a glass. Lasts so much longer.

Written By Cristoph

June 6, 2021, 3:38 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Tyche

I know, I know. You said that six was the limit, but I'll make it seven.

Written By Cirroch

June 6, 2021, 3:34 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Amelie

Lady Amelie, I accept your challenge to the Cake War.
I'm also having our chef create something specific for our chosen weapons. There are no rules, simply a spot of fun until one of us yields.
May those caught in our defenses forgive us for the flying sweets that they may catch upon themselves.

Written By Kiera

June 6, 2021, 3:32 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Breccan

I am pleased to see that Messere Breccan has found himself a home with the clements. He will be an asset there i'm certain

Written By Cirroch

June 6, 2021, 3:32 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

A very tame concert, for where it was held and by whom. Would have figured more blood sport to be available.
Plenty to drink, good conversation, and those to be around. Interesting music, played by the tiniest of fingers.
One of the many drawbacks from being constantly at war - Someone will lose all that is their world. Though to be able to rise out of the scorched land and learn to create something of such beauty for others to hear.

Written By Kiera

June 6, 2021, 3:28 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

I ateendend the most wonderfu syphony concet at redrain the other evening . both the music and the setting were lovely. Some of the performers were so very young but they did an incredible job Princess Donella said that many were orphans or otherwisw served by charity. A breath of hope and proof that the work we do does some good

Written By Valencia

June 6, 2021, 2:28 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Ophelia

I have not grieved for family in a long time. My cousin and I have always traveled on separate paths. She has her life and I have mine. And, though the times where our lives were able to intersect were not as frequent as I might have liked, there was always a quiet comfort in knowing she was about on her adventures and so often there for my Hart.

I do not know why she went away. All I can hope is that she will return to us again one day.

Wherever you go, my cousin, please stay safe. Please be happy. Thank you for all that you have done for me, for others and for my Hart. Know that you are fondly though of. Please come home soon. I will be watching for you.


Written By Medeia

June 6, 2021, 1:46 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

I'm sure we all have wishes we don't really allow ourselves to wish for. Those things that seem impossible, or heartbreaking if we work toward them and don't have them come true, or that society would not approve of us having.

Impossible can be challenged. I've had impossible wishes that come true - not without consequences, of course, but the wish was still worth wishing. Society can be challenged, too. I've found that people are far more resilient in the face of public ridicule than they think they may be. And sometimes those challenges bring positive change for all.

But the one that will break your heart? Those will lock you inside yourself. Keep you afraid of saying the things you don't want left unsaid. Hold you still when you should be running. Those wishes are the wishes that keep us hopeful or bitter, or some terrible combination of the two. They breed jealousy and resentment among friends when friends seem to have what you wish for. Give room for greed and despair to drive your actions. And it seems like the older we get, the longer we have that secret wish, the more it eats at us. Even if that wish started as something pure and beautiful and good. It becomes twisted and ugly.

We should be sharing those heartbreaking wishes. We might be surprised at the result. Or we might be heartbroken. But we can heal from heartbreak.

No, Scholar, I have no plans on taking my own advice.

Written By Martino

June 6, 2021, 1:26 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

The plans for some additional work to be done in Southport have started and, well, I am ever-so excited for that. Thank you to those who got back to me about enjoying the roll of dice.

Written By Martino

June 6, 2021, 1:26 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

The plans for some additional work to be done in Southport have started and, well, I am ever-so excited for that. Thank you to those who got back to me about enjoying the roll of dice.

Written By Tarik

June 6, 2021, 12:45 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

Another hot summer in Arx is almost over. I amazed that I did not drown in my own sweat from all of this heat. Oh well, I am thinking perhaps throwing some sort of winter event at the Hart when it is gets colder. I have to check my schedule.

Written By Cesare

June 6, 2021, 12:40 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

I suppose it's that time again. Yes, I only seem to catalogue social events, I realize. I'm not sure what else one might come to expect from the public reminiscings of a Whisper, but here, as usual, we find ourselves once more - this week on the threshold of the newly-opened Cavaedium within the Embassy of Scales, truly a feat of aesthetic planning and design whose excellence ought to be acknowledged openly. I've never had the privilege of meeting any Cardians before, and Tribune Livy played the role of hostess with all the adeptness and grace a Whisper could possibly hope to compliment, despite the overwhelming success of the event which meant she was at all times overrun with well-wishers and greeters. I only did my best to keep up with those I intended to speak to - and my best to provide a proper escort to Lord Apollo, although I should probably apologize for abandoning him to his own devices in order to attend said social obligations. But I'm sure he understand, or ought to, having done his own time in Whisper House.

Also, perhaps predictably, as the summer wears on and the parade of parties and events continues, I find myself becoming prodigiously busy. Between what I need to do and what I want to do, there are hardly enough hours in the day. I travel to Tremorus soon, with the best of intentions and the hope that those intentions and my relative inexperience don't combine to make a fool of me. I've agreed to perform at Mockingbird Evaristo's fete shortly after my return and will also be taking a role in his musical production. Guildmaster Caprice, Samira Culler, and I are attempting to plan a party of our own given our multitude of mutual interests, and I've also committed to performing at Caprice's Autumn Faire. So - as you can see - I've filled my plate rather thoroughly.

I think that's all I have to say for now, publicly. Doubtless you've been waiting breathlessly on the edge of your seats to hear what I've been up to, and hanging on every word of my thrilling tale of hobnobbing and fraternization. Don't worry - perhaps next week I'll be eaten by a were-crocodile, and that will surely make for a more interesting journal entry.

Written By Raimon

June 6, 2021, 12:03 p.m.(8/11/1015 AR)

A triptych of Haiku at the Zen Garden, whilst having Rose Tea: (( The Jade Moon's Rose Tea turned out to be the -perfect- visual metaphor. In -so- many ways. Kudos to the designer! ))

Sweltering Summer;
No one wants to move too fast . . .
Yet movements -make- Wind!

Low angry clouds loom;
Burn hot the daily tensions . . .
Welcome, sunset rain!

Destiny unfolds;
What was once Rose changes form . . .

Written By Gael

June 6, 2021, 11:06 a.m.(8/10/1015 AR)

I can't stand this heat, scholar. I can't.

Every step I take out on the beach, shingles clattering between my feet, is like an excuse for this hot world we're in to suck the sweat right out of me. I can't feel my face most of the time, my knee starts acting up, getting numb, getting painful. Almost as though the warmth wakes all of those scarred and sore tendons, them then crying for relief. I can't give it to them. The whole left side of my body is dead, sensation leaves my extremities, indigestion starts acting up as if my throat was drying up, too dry and too withered for even water to flow, food to dissolve.

It's like the rain, I can always tell when it rains. The itching, the pin-prickling tingle on my left leg. Happens the same when the afternoon's going to be particularly hot, a strange cold crawls up from the foot, sets on the cap of my knee, and there it stays. There it stays, and worsens, growing increasingly cold until it is the kind of coldness that burns, sears into the skin, and sure enough, the temperature worsens. The air becomes just about hot enough to melt you into nothing, eventually.

My destitute, pathetic self is rotting away in this heat, and yet, I wear this damn coat.
Strength, scholar. Strength to continue the task at hand.

. . . or else.

Written By Isabeau

June 6, 2021, 10:04 a.m.(8/10/1015 AR)

Princess Donella Redrain held a concert benefitting Heart in Hand a couple days ago. The music was beautiful, the message was beautiful, dear scholar. We will run more events soon, individually or as a whole, and hopefully in tandem with other groups and organizations to support any number of causes to bring hope to those who need it.

Written By Deva

June 6, 2021, 9:14 a.m.(8/10/1015 AR)

Chasing personal satisfaction is so fleeting, isn't it? Like trying to hold sand in your hand, but it keeps slipping through your fingers. I need to forget all that and fight for tomorrow.

Written By Savio

June 6, 2021, 12:29 a.m.(8/10/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Apollo

There's a space between 'enough' and 'more'
That my friend has asked me to explore
But upon self-reflection
It came out with dejection --
He might not ask me to write anymore.

This is not the poem.
This is just a tribute.

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