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Written By Faye

July 11, 2021, 10:14 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

I've found myself with a patron again, after a considerable length of time without. Lord Martino Malvici, who is a longtime friend, seems like he will be a good partner in a few upcoming projects. Many thanks to him, and I hope his family will provide opportunities for discovery as well. I have often said that my Lyceum connections are fewer than I would like. It seems like a good opportunity to improve that.

Written By Wylla

July 11, 2021, 8:35 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

I dreamt of her again. She was singing a sad song and smiling. How many of us do that? Sing songs with sad stories, smiling at the pleasure of singing, without thought to the one who first wrote the words? So old, some of these lullabies and limericks, with tales of woe and despair. Why do we sing them?

"Sad songs help the aches when you grieve," my mother told me once. "There are poems set to music of loved ones dying in each others arms, and still they lift the ache when I hear them, more when I sing them. I weep and I sing and I remember your Mama Juna and miss her, oh so much. But after, the ache is less, the memories of her closer, and I can smile again."

I paint today in shades of gold and blue, scholar; melancholy moment with a warm future before us.

Yes. Links in a long chain, pulling us forward.

Written By Genevra

July 11, 2021, 8:30 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

She whispers to me, my thoughts they never cease, and now I do not know which voice I hear when I think: mine? hers?

Does it matter anymore?

Written By Bahiya

July 11, 2021, 8:29 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

I have written my family several times upon arriving here. My presence in Arvum is no secret. I do not know why their silence hurts me; I was not the kind of daughter that fit in. I was the cousin mocked for my strange ideas, the one my mother frowned at, shame in her eyes for those fleeting moments that she seemed to see me for what I truly was.

I was fortunate, however; I kept their focus and attention. They never looked at the man I sought to spin out of the broken vessel that was my new manservant. My only slave, forced upon me as a prank, a prank I reclaimed as a gift to spite my cousin, after a long day of ... sadness.

It saved us both but the act troubles me still. Thoughtless, my family, but it was not all their fault, born to a culture that looks at some as less than human, less than worthy. I will not recount those tales here; I would not see them preserved by me, those horrors live in my mind and the minds of so many, I will not add to it. There are better scholars to record such events in a clinical manner, and the monstrosities will be remembered through the ages by those that survived and those born of the survivors; they will not see the lesson forgotten, I can promise you that.

It is a tragedy, truly, that we cannot commit such things to time, for time to remember while we go on, and the horrors never repeated.

But I know better.

Still, I expected a letter of shame from my mother, words of stern rebuke from my father, mocking words from my many, many cousins. But there is nothing. No word.

Perhaps they know my part in the damage of their trade. Yes, that would earn me something true, something solid: disrupting their coin.

I woke hours ago, scholar, and I reached for Kenjay, weeping, and asked him, 'what world is this?'

None of us know. How could we?

Written By Ariella

July 11, 2021, 8:19 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

No disrespect meant to Julius, but I've been 'stuck' at the Black Fox for a bit. Decided to expand my horizons, wandered the city when I got a chance. Her highness, Princess Valencia's very own Golden Hart came to the rescue. Quite the place, that one. Invokes quite an array of feelings. From oddly 'homey' and welcoming, to rather luxurious. Great mead, too. 10/10, would definitely visit again.

Written By Isabeau

July 11, 2021, 8:18 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Relationship Note on Audgrim

I've had the pleasure of adding Messere Audgrim to my trio of proteges lately. I have taken pains to find people with particularly different interests and skillsets and who I enjoy the company of, and I am pleased to say he is one of them. That is not because he made me a beautiful coat, but it didn't hurt.

Written By Petra

July 11, 2021, 7:37 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Once again, I find myself returning to the capital city of the Compact. Things are pretty much as I remember them. I have spent the last few weekd reacquainting myself to the city and my family that lived here. I am hoping to become of service to both the Spirit Walkers and the Physician's guild. There is much work to be done in that regards.

Written By Savio

July 11, 2021, 6:10 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

This is my second autumn in what is still to me a strange, foreign, northern country; Arx is turning the corner into what will be my second winter here. I remember the first time I saw snow, and I was filled with wonder, like a child. It seemed like magic.

Now I better understand that magic, and I feel much older. The awe is gone. It's just cold now.

Written By Hadrian

July 11, 2021, 4:08 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Forgiveness can be the opening gambit of a revenge plot.

Written By Cufre

July 11, 2021, 3:15 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)


For weeks and weeks now, my mind keeps drifting back to them. It. Them. You know, I've made and repaired jewelry for years now, and I've never once worked on or made even one. The one, yes, but these others?

I know this isn't making sense. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm coming out, I hope, of the worst headache of my life, so show me some grace there.

Written By Veronica

July 11, 2021, 2:59 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Went with Marquessa Mia Riven to deliver stone to the Hammerstrike in return for the stolen armor. The Browntooth have apparently restarted their war with the Truebold, and the original casus belli is just tragic. Apparently the Browntooth were originally the Greenfields, farmers, and the Truebold acted as defenders for the area, being less good at farming--even marrying into one another. Then the current matriarch of the Truebold had her Greenfield husband executed and it's been war ever since. What a mess, really.

Written By Amari

July 11, 2021, 1:33 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

On horsemanship: One day you'll be thrown from the saddle and break something. It's nearly inevitable. Your horse doesn't care how expert you think you are or how many treatises you've written on the subject. When they want to go another way than you, they'll always win, unless somehow you're stronger, faster and bigger than a horse which seems entirely unlikely.

What you're really trying to learn is how not to be an utter nuisance to the horse. If you can manage that, you'll eventually come to know them well enough to sense when, where and how you can push them and conversely, when you shouldn't. Every horse has their own personality, with their own likes, dislikes and fears. Those are all revealed only by patience, careful observation and not surrendering to frustration when you're confounded.

When you finally come to know and trust one another, you'll fly and have no more loyal a companion. With no trust, you'll only find yourself sat precarious upon a mortal enemy who will stubbornly refuse to comply to any of your well reasoned requests and commands, and will not hesitate in the slightest to toss you into a bush or kick a hole in your skull whenever they grow tired of your sagacious pretensions.

No matter your station, a horse will teach you humility. It's a valuable lesson, and prerequisite to good horsemanship.

Written By Ida

July 11, 2021, 12:56 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Sometimes things in the shop won't sell for a few weeks and then *poof* - the cases are suddenly empty again. I've a few sketches I've been toying with - dragon themes - but there are still some kinks I am trying to work out before they will be final designs. It has been a long time since I have done a special weapon in the shop; something vaguely extravagant in materials, but also (hopefully) an inspired tale paired to match. Perhaps I'll do another bow, or even a dagger, though swords always tend to sell better than either of those.

Written By Oswyn

July 11, 2021, 12:25 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

To do:
* Get a new hood made.
* Make another batch of soothing ointment.
* Avoid strenuous activity.
* Never sleep again.

Alright, maybe not that last part. But there are dreams I'm not looking forward to.

Written By Martino

July 11, 2021, 12:06 p.m.(10/25/1015 AR)

Oh the most wonderful idea was presented to me in order to keep my daughter Lady Arsenia on side since she keeps talking about getting a pet snake.

See about sponsoring one for her in the Menagerie's Reptile House and taking her to visit it ever-so-often.

No need to start thinking of ways to have a snake live in the House.

Written By Patrizio

July 11, 2021, 9:41 a.m.(10/24/1015 AR)

There is so much of Arvum I've yet to see. To be fair, to date, Arx and its surrounds are perhaps all I've seen of Arvum proper since leaving Setarco nearly two years ago - I've perhaps spent more time in the wilds of the Saffron Chain than the 'civilized' lands of the Compact. So, as such, I'm very grateful to have had the excuse to wander further afield to Artshall at Lady Mabelle Laurent's encouragement to attend the gala to inaugurate the arts and culture district there.

It was an exquisite evening to showcase the artistry of not only those of the Oathlands, but much of what the Compact has to offer in the arts. It is a constant wonder to me, the variety of such things that exists within our lands, and while I myself have shown little talent for it, I can appreciate those with an eye for it in its varied forms. (I would admit myself being partial to the dancing and musical performances, not that the play was not compelling, or the Princess Denica's art as fabulous as ever.) Given the astounding success of the evening in Artshall, I look forward eagerly to seeing the final outcome of Lady Mabelle's latest project, when the district is at last completed.

Written By Amari

July 11, 2021, 9:08 a.m.(10/24/1015 AR)

How is it nearly my birthday again? Where did the summer go? I almost feel that for all the struggles, all I managed to acquire was a limp and a very nice tan. It's not true, though. Many things have been accomplished and I have my friends to sincerely thank for the majority of them.

Perhaps I'll just have those bear claws made into earrings, or as Cristoph and Mabelle suggested, weapons. They'd make a gentle reminder to not wrestle bears and a decent birthday gift to myself. That is if the far greater gift fails to materialize.

(It's a straw hat, I'm hoping for a preposterously big one I can shelter under).

Written By Amari

July 11, 2021, 8:55 a.m.(10/24/1015 AR)

It was wonderful to visit Artshall and see the progress made there in establishing an arts district. My only regret was that I hadn't a starlight silk gown to wear for the occasion.

I think I was most taken by the statue of Duke Grimthog Two-Head Grayhill, not because he was particularly handsome or anything. It was just peculiar to see him rendered and tangible, rather than being a name attached to a figment of imagination alone. That's not to say everything else wasn't as impressive. Gianna's performance, was flawless, the efforts of Caprice at the shrine of Jayus I did enjoy as well, Mabelle was her usual stylish self, and conversation was pleasant.

When it's finished, I'll visit again. Perhaps I'll contribute a Petrichorman, or something more grand.

Written By Cambria

July 11, 2021, 2:15 a.m.(10/24/1015 AR)

Word to the wise: never admit, never bore.

Written By Cambria

July 11, 2021, 2:12 a.m.(10/24/1015 AR)

An invaluable lesson I have learned over the years is that your partner is wont to forgive you most anything so long as you keep it light and make them laugh.

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