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Written By Carissa

Sept. 13, 2021, 5:38 p.m.(3/13/1016 AR)

Relationship Note on Medeia

Seeing my cousin teach a class on herbs used in medicine isn't so much a surprise.

Realizing how much I've missed her was, however. I barely know her as an adult, and I'd like to remedy that.

Written By Romulius

Sept. 13, 2021, 5:01 p.m.(3/13/1016 AR)

It has been brought to my attention that my most recent publishing with the Scholars saw its closing remark misconstrued. In keeping true to my word, consider this a clarification: my intent was not to suggest neo-nobles to be deserving of death. I simply believe that those who have proven to be poor stewards of their house's dignity and derelict of their responsibilities should be stripped of titles and land. This is similarly true of those of high birth. I would only expect that those deemed exemplary enough to be granted noble title to be held to a more exacting standard - after all, are they not meant to have already proven themselves in being so ennobled?

Written By Tikva

Sept. 13, 2021, 4:01 p.m.(3/13/1016 AR)

Nobility is many things, but it is foremost a duty, an understanding of the responsibilities that a leader owes those who follow her, and when a person of title or blood loses track of that, they fail to keep faith with their own House.

I was not born to this. I was claimed by it. And I shall never forget the humility of that. The grace that was gifted me, and the duties that bind me. Perhaps it is because I was but a child when the Count raised me, and I was fully trained and educated for the role to which I aspired; but I look upon the chaos of blood and status that comes with the random spread of freshly raised commoners who _weren't_ so trained with perhaps even more horror than those who were to the manner born.

I beg you, my fellows who have been raised to the Peerage, to remember the worth for which you were raised. Please stop making us all look bad.

Written By Savio

Sept. 13, 2021, 11:03 a.m.(3/12/1016 AR)

I have noticed of late a certain trend among the Peerage: That which is confidently stated in salons and journals does not make its way so easily to an individual, face to face. Broad statements are made, with a reluctance to finesse the particulars into a name, a face, a life lived.

There is so much about me to take exception to. I am a foreigner, I am a prodigal, I am recently ennobled, I am the subject of scandal. Perhaps it is me you are speaking to, in your statements?

So come and speak to me. Say to the individual all that you would say to an indeterminate and contemptible Other. The distillation of "us and them" to "you and I" begins in the quiet crucible of conversation, and there, not in journals or before audiences, differing aspects of society may come to know each other.

Come and say what you have to say, gentle peers. I will hear you out, but first you must accept that when you speak to all, you are heard by one. I will be available to you at my Lonely Cloud, or wherever else you may like to go.

And if you find yourself disinclined to say to one person what you would say and have already said to 'all of them' -- why is that?

Written By Denica

Sept. 12, 2021, 10:11 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

I've been searching for trouble, but trouble finds me.

Written By Jaenelle

Sept. 12, 2021, 9:43 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

It is always a deeply satisfying feeling to be seen. To know well enough that an understanding is formed.

Written By Kiera

Sept. 12, 2021, 8:39 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

Prince Noah Grayson's party in honor of his betrothed Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa was a surprising delight. I even had the courage to offer a verse on love when they were called for which I offer here for my white:
Love is confusion
Both joy and pain.
Once one has loved and then loves again
For of her being , each plays a part
there side by side in one little heart
old memories blend with new desires
Present lust mixes with smoke from old fires
when love is mixing and swelling inside
To place one above others is not to be tried

Written By Kiera

Sept. 12, 2021, 8:07 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

Drake has done it again. He won the Knight games male but everyone but their pest foot forward, but prince alantir was particularly impressive. I had never seen him fight before. In fact, I know little of this fellow oathlander. Perhaps I shall endeavor to change this.

Written By Lisebet

Sept. 12, 2021, 8:05 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

Today's tea is a flowery chamomile tea, which is delicate and tasty. Quite yummy especially during colder weather. It reminds me of summer.

Written By Raven

Sept. 12, 2021, 8:02 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

This week completely unravelled and got away from me. I managed to make myself useful but can't help but to feel as if I am not being productive as I could be.

Written By Piccola

Sept. 12, 2021, 7:47 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

Traditions are solutions for problems we have forgotten. And if the solutions are forgotten or tossed aside, the problems shall return.

Written By Piccola

Sept. 12, 2021, 7:42 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

One night, wise general, it occurred to me what was impossible before: that I had not spent my life as I should have.

It occurred to me that my scarcely-perceptible attempts to struggle for good might be unnoticed, if they were successful; that my professional duties and the whole arrangement of my life and of my family, and all my social and official interests, might all have been false; and in my mind I tried to defend all those things and suddenly felt the weakness of what I was defending. I lay on my back and began to review my life in an altogether new way. And in the morning I saw my horse, my weapons, and my armor, and knew that every word and movement I had perceived in my mind's eye confirmed the awful truth that had been revealed to me during the night.

In them I saw myself and saw clearly that I was not real at all, but a terrible and huge deception which had hidden both life and death.

Written By Gwenna

Sept. 12, 2021, 7:06 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

While it is not always the way to go, the beautiful thing about silence is that it can never be misquoted.

Written By Merek

Sept. 12, 2021, 6:58 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

I am enjoying writing and learning about the herbal primer classes. This is useful information, and I really would like a lot more people to get interested in alchemy!

Written By Sorrel

Sept. 12, 2021, 6:55 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

It is troubling to be reminded that there are members of the nobility in our society who take their status as nobles so lightly that they would denigrate it by elevating commoners to positions that they do not understand with responsibilities and obligations they are unprepared to undertake. This is further exacerbated by those who have been recently elevated to the nobility indicating that they do not wish to respect the traditions that make the nobility stable. In doing so, they fail miserably to serve the people of their domains.

Written By Romulius

Sept. 12, 2021, 6:30 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

There has been, in recent years especially, a great deal of attention paid to the ideas of noble birth and of the privileges and duties expected of the station that comes along with it. The same scrutiny has been paid to those elevated to the Peerage despite being of common birth, and rightly so. Those lines that have proven themselves over centuries and generations as proper stewards of their holdings can be reasonably expected to continue that stability, and to provide their vassals and servants with the leadership and steady hand expected of them. There are some who would suggest that blood is insignificant. An altogether foolish statement, by my judgment, but one that bears address. Are there not ties carried implicitly by blood? Is the obligation of family and house not one that weighs heavily upon all those familiar with it?

I am not so foolish as to assume that the furthest back of my forebears were ever titled as nobility. Perhaps that is the case, or perhaps somewhere, a millenium and more ago, an antecedent proved himself worthy of the burden of rule of our holdings and was granted the title. I do not think that there are not exceptional individuals who have proven their own worth, along with an understanding of responsibility, and earned the privilege and burden of nobility. I think they are far fewer in number than so-called 'neo-nobles' are, however, and I think that recent events are indication enough that some titles are given too hastily, and that some beasts need the occasional reining in.

Some, I think, need to be returned to the dirt that they came from.

Written By Aureth

Sept. 12, 2021, 5:41 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

It is interesting that there are Houses who appear to believe that voluntarily pledging their word to not be idiotic they might be giving up their autonomy in some way.

Why don't you simply choose not to be a fool of your own will, without concern as to whose idea it was that you not be a fool?

Written By Thea

Sept. 12, 2021, 5:41 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

So much work to do. I have papers scattered everywhere, projects almost finished. Almost is the key word. I can't tell you how often Im found in the conservatory, face planted in my papers or a book. But with all this work, I haven't forgotten what's most important. Calo is already two months and growing like crazy. No one tells you that part...He's the best part of me and my days.

Written By Thea

Sept. 12, 2021, 5:35 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

I leave soon with my cousin to the Cyrto Archipelago. I haven't been there since my brother--well--yes. Im excited to get out of the compacts for a bit. Help Artorius out a little...not to mention it will be so much warmer.

Written By Rosalind

Sept. 12, 2021, 5:31 p.m.(3/11/1016 AR)

Sometimes I surprise even myself. But in my darkest moments, at least I know my sister will be there to tackle me to ground..literally.

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