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Prince Patrizio Pravus

Sir Tiberio once told me: 'Don't be an idiot'. Changed my life.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Hoity-toity Setarcan Knight
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 01/08
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Setarcan knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Titles: Disciple of Gloria, Voice of House Pravus

Description: Patrizio is a charming man possessed of a winsome smile and dashing good looks. On the surface he is the very manifestation of what a knight should be: when he smiles he looks every bit the heroic horserider from the tales of peril and adventure. There is another layer, however, that immediately outs the man as a warrior of Setarco: vanity seeps from his every pore, from how his hair is styled like the crest of a regal creature, his beard is always well groomed and his armor is as for show as it is for protection. His green eyes are always focused on whoever he is talking to, and the glint with sharpness of mind that is hard to miss.

Personality: Style. Moxie. Beauty. Valor. Determination. Gallantry. Those are all the things Patrizio sells with his looks alone. The man just looks born to be a knight, to woo those around him, his behavior full of pomp, never short on manners and words. He would make himself beloved in the Oathlands, the Lyceum or even the Crownlands, but it is in Setarco he was born and it is Setarco he loves and embodies, always trying to carry his land with him in attitude and sass. Do you need a villain slain? He is your man. Do you need an army led? He will lead the charge. Do you need a man to lead a deadly secret mission?

Eeeh. That takes some convincing.

Does Patrizio have flaws? No. Commoners have flaws. Patrizio has quirks. Quite a few. Dirty people can stay six feet away. He can also be a little too mindful if another's armor is tinted in a more rich, or tasteful, way than his'. He will not show his face in the morning before spending at least a hour on his looks. All these little details pile up, but are greatly diminished or suppressed in the presence of other Pravus, to whom he only gives his best behavior.

Background: Hailing from a very distant cadet branch of the Great House of Pravus and growing up as a fan of the tales of Sir Tiberio Pravus, Patrizio was a non-entity in the affairs of the main family until the wars in the Saffron Chain allowed the man to shine, his homecoming happening at the Battle of Pieros when the knight was lauded as one of the biggest reveals in the battlefield. Wounded but alive, Patrizio was welcomed at the Crown of Setara, the palace of the family, while he healed and got to know the many other Sins.

To anyone else that would have been the crowning achievement of their lives, a honor and privilege, but Patrizio refused to stop while his streak was hot. The life in Setarco was intoxicating, the people of the city embracing him quick, and the man realized spending inordinate amounts of silver in pretty clothes and fancy galas agreed with him. Also, that his new tastes were very expensive.

So the cycle begun of ever increasing highs producing an ever-increasing desire to perform and stand shoulder to shoulder with his cousins, a dream long in the making finally within reach.

Relationship Summary

  • Lucrezia - A siren both in beauty and fury! I would have no expected any less from a seafaring daughter of Lady Aurora and Lord Tiberio. A little rough around the edges, sure, but a Princess underneath the chaotic exterior. I hope.
  • Graziella - Ah to be young and enigmatic, I am sure Princess Graziella is a real heartstopper in Setarco. I personally do not get half of what she says, but she says it beautifully, that is true!
  • Gabriella - She bears the Gluttony and leads the Swords of the Evening. I may not have been here to serve her heroic father, but I will be here to serve with his daughter. He would have been proud, I am sure.
  • Galatea - Sir Tiberio's bastard? Impossible. He would never!

  • Northlands:
  • Gwenna - I heard in the family circles that Setarco had friends in the distant North. I was not disappointed. Princess Gwenna does much earn our friendship, and then more.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Humor, wit, and focus all seem to converge in this man. I don't doubt that one who works in a windowless office filled with pointy metal objects and liquor may occasionally need to step out to rejoin the world.
    Amador A charming and handsome Pravus prince and one who's military career I'm interested in observing. He wears his station with ease yet does not make one feel like a lesser when standing in his presence.
    Audgrim Seems to have his head screwed on right.
    Cristoph I've had a few brief run-ins with Prince Patrizio and now a much longer one. Intelligent, a good conversationalist, with an eye toward the ominous events that lurk in the future. Yet he's not fearful, instead looking at it under a scope of adventure despite the daunting nature of it.
    Decius I sould never believe the rumors and gospip. Not all Pravis have two heads, snake tongue, and warts on their nose. This nobleman is wone I think would enjoy drinking with me. Still hard to tell, but promising none the less.
    Domonico This Pravus does not seem shy of giving his opinion. I am unsure of the man thus far.
    Drake Carries himself like a knight, with a lot of grace and poise. I'd like to see if he's as good on the battlefield as he is on ice skates.
    Elyid a welcoming and dashing man who invited me to sit with him, the absolute image of what I imagined a southern knight would be.
    Evaristo He's eloquent and has a great sense of humor, that sort of perfect banter that draws you in and makes you grin. Nice company on a winter day.
    Ezekiel He seems a delight, if a little quiet. One does so love sharing songs and he seems to enjoy them.
    Gabriella My cousin is burdened by his duties as General, but his dedication to them knows no limits. He seems to be attentive to others and knows where to seek for inspiration, which will help him in the long run.
    Gwenna Prince Patrizio Pravus is someone I've meant to catch up with since his arrival in the city, and just never seemed to manage it, even when we were at the same events. A bonfire in the ward, however, brought him by and we finally had a chance to speak. He is what I expect from a Pravosi prince, and his dedication to duty and Gloria are admirable.
    Ilira He reminds me the reasons to brave the social landscape more often. Warm, winsome, and genuine in comparison to countless of his counterparts, his is a company worth seeking.
    Jace A bit stiff for a Pravus, but what do I know?
    Katarina Too charming by half. It's simply unfair.
    Lucrezia A cousin that modeled himself after my father, I like him quite well! Only a hair jealous.
    Maris Extremely cordial, laidback, easy an' charming in his own sort of way. He's a Prince? Not hard to imagine him going far and gaining popularity, among commoners and noble alike. If that's what he wants.
    Medeia The polite veneer must be just that, no? He seems like he'd break hearts and noses as easily.
    Miraj He does have fabulous hair but I would still like to see him with a lavender bob. Maybe he's a little vain but he's adorable in a goofy way.
    Noah Pravus. Not what I expected. He seems almost nice. Pity. I'm sure that is good for him though.
    Orland His Highness speaks with an airs of wishing to pass on his knowledge, which he does, unsolicited. Those are important moments, for those with the ears to hear it.
    Pasquale I'm sure Pravus is proud of his intelligence, confidence and competence.
    Savio He's got great hair! Goals.
    Wash It is good that the Pravosi are getting more outgoing to match their outspokenness.
    Zakhar This man needs to be recognized more for their deeds versus being tramped upon by cousins.