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Written By Otto

Jan. 18, 2020, 6:32 a.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

It is difficult to lift my hammer today. But I think it is what would be desired. So my forge burns hot.

Written By Qadira

Jan. 18, 2020, 3:50 a.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

All my life I have refused to be judged, weighed, or measured. I have said, "Let others think what they will." As if their stones could not strike me. As if nothing could bring me down. But they thought, and they judged, and they brought me down over, and over, and over...

I stood the same number of times, and one more. Always one more. To spite them.

I should not be able to write this. By their black justice, I should not be able to write at all. There are many things I should not do, and many more I should not have done. Through it all, I have prevailed. Despite everything, I have survived. To spite them.

Now the venom curdles in my throat. Am I a better person? Am I, somehow, a good person?

By gaining my freedom, it seems I have imprisoned myself in doubt.

I will not be chained. Not again.

Whatever I do will be right.

Written By Reese

Jan. 18, 2020, 2:18 a.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

Mistress Josephine will be deeply missed. Her work is wonderful and the jewelry she crafted will likely become heirlooms in many families. I plan to leave the pieces I have of her work my nieces and nephews. She was a wonderful woman who I was honored to know.

Written By Arcadia

Jan. 18, 2020, 1:19 a.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

It takes a lot to leave me speechless. But today has rendered me mute so many times.

To the anonymous gift giver. The one who favored my house. I want to thank you. The kindness and generosity has left me speechless and dumbfounded. As did the masterful work of master Behtuk.

Thank you.

Written By Anisha

Jan. 17, 2020, 11:44 p.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

It was an unpleasant thing to hear, the proclamation from Mother Cassandra.

When I was newly arrived in Arx, I met Guild Mistress Josephine, and her patron, Marquessa Lora DiFidante. To my shame, I must admit that my enthusiasm at being in the company of their greatness overwhelmed me.

To my gratitude, I was able to earn the Guild Mistress' forgiveness for my overstep. She taught me a lesson that I value to this day, and I cherish the works of her I have, both those gifted and those I bought with my own coin.

I sent her a token of my gratitude, and I have been told it was spotted in the front room, on display for all. That makes my heart swell. I worked very hard to capture her likeness. I hope whomever receives my little tribute will cherish it as the Guild Mistress did.

I wish to find a way to honour her. Beyond sharing words of her obvious talent, beyond drinking to her memory.

Though I cannot hope to ever become her equal, perhaps I shall expand my toolkit to examine the jewelsmith's hammer and tongs.

Written By Selene

Jan. 17, 2020, 11:26 p.m.(8/2/1012 AR)

East of the Sun

As the starlight fades,
And the crimson tinge is gone,
The weary soul sings
As hope on golden wings
Alights with the coming dawn.

Written By Mirella

Jan. 17, 2020, 10:08 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

I'm sad to hear of Josephine Arcuri's passing, and I offer my condolences to her family and friends. She was a good woman. Not only did she have a divine gift of artistry, but she was one of the most unselfishly giving people I've ever met. I also very much enjoyed participating in her People's Tournaments, which I would never have expected. It's proof of her ability to win over even the most cynical of souls with her drive and enthusiasm for bringing people together in a shared purpose.

I'm not good with words when it comes to these situations, but I can say that Messere Arcuri lived well and with kindness, and her legacy is a grand one.

Written By Lenne

Jan. 17, 2020, 9:21 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

I did not know Josephine, save by reputation, and story, and the work of her craft. But one needs only to see the grieving city to know how much we have lost.

I don't know the exact circumstances of her passing, either. But I know enough, of the periphery, and from the Whites, to see that her passing was in the highest standards of honor, benevolence and heroism. It was a refutation to those who think that such things are the province only of us nobles, to be sure. When it comes to be our time to move on to our fate, or be spun back into the Wheel, we can do it no better than she did. She struck a great blow against evil and darkness. She protected all of us. She died for friends, and strangers. Highborn and humble. The Compact, and the Gods.

When my time comes, I can only hope it is in such a manner.

May the Queen give her the reward and rest she deserves.

Written By Selene

Jan. 17, 2020, 6:50 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

The unexpected turns of life reward the patient. The joy of greeting an old friend is finer than brocade. Almost.

Written By Preston

Jan. 17, 2020, 6:48 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

I have read the accounts of the fall of the Guildmaster. Her work was divine, there can be no doubt. Each piece was a tribute to Jayus in its skill, each meticulous step in her process a silent prayer to the Gods. Her death is a tragedy for all of us, most of all for her loved ones who I shall remember in my prayers.

Even as we mourn, if you know the manner of her death there is comfort in that too - perhaps even envy. Each of us might hope to have a death so rich in meaning. To end an evil. To save others. To honour our loved ones. There is sadness, there is sorrow. Yet even in this, as with all her works, there is beauty.

Written By Cassandra

Jan. 17, 2020, 6:03 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

There have been few times in my life that I have been witness to true courage and honor. When it is seen manifest from the words we speak as followers of Gloria. What I saw, it is hard to truly comprehend. I witnessed Josephine, without fear, with no thought to herself, stride forward and face the dark. There was no hesitation, no resignation, but perhaps acceptance. She did not think of herself. Only those with her.

In that moment, I believe Gloria walked with her hand in hand. I have seen knights and warriors whose courage has faltered and failed when the moment came. It is sobering to know that while we say we do not fear the dark, it is perhaps something else when confronted with it. When you know what your choice will bring. Josephine made her choice, almost gladly, and strode with a sense of purpose I have not seen in years. Now that I have time to collect, I know now that I was humbled by it.

And yet, I feel as though I have failed her. Losing good men and women is not something so foreign to me. I know that feeling having led armies in battle and number of casualties after. Perhaps this cuts so much more deeply as I could do nothing but watch it happen. If my focus were to slip, it would put others in danger who I was already assisting in combat. I could not go to her aid nor rush to her side, I could not defend her. I was her Legate, and I feel, in that moment, I have failed one who I looked upon as a friend.

The fault is mine in that I did not spend as much time with her as I wished I could've. Few was our opportunities to speak, but the times we did, we relished the projects that we would work on, once we had the time. She was a staunch supporter of the Guild and the Faith. We spoke of finding the history of the Guild and how best to guide it. Now, while those goals may yet still be achieved, it feels as though it will be missing something.

I should celebrate, as I know she is not truly gone, only to be spun once again upon the Wheel. I feel I simply mourn the loss of possibilities and opportunities I could've had with her. I mourn the loss of a face I will no longer see in this life. I will mourn the wisdom that I cannot look to when I seek advice. I feel many people will feel the same way.

I could not say these in the proclamation that I wrote, speaking personally. But in this one instance, I have no desire to hide my personal feelings on the matter. I have lost a friend.

I will miss you.

Written By Martino

Jan. 17, 2020, 2:44 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

Your passing comes as both a personal shock and of pain. You bravely took yourself forward into helping others like you always did, giving the biggest sacrifice possible. You well be remembered for aiding both Saik and myself in learning the power of the taking a keen eye on matters of the treasury, for educating us both and for aiding what time you had to us.

A loss to the Compact but a gain for the Wheel.

Written By Sydney

Jan. 17, 2020, 2:33 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

Would that I could have known you better, changer of fortunes.

Your heart was beautiful.

Written By Hamish

Jan. 17, 2020, 2:09 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

And now you know.

Written By Sparte

Jan. 17, 2020, 1:36 p.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

I had opportunity to work with Josephine Arcuri, helping her delve into the history of the Crafter's Guild. It let me see into her life but a fraction of who she was.

She was an incredible person, full of inspiration and emotion. Her gifts were as unique as she.

Months we worked together, and I still have a sense her full measure was deeper than I know. I mourn the loss of a friend, I mourn that I will never see the full of her, I mourn the projects she will never have opportunity to complete with her own hands. A burden and a blessing, that others must now decide if they will lift and carry to their conclusion.

I will be taking leave to spend a day within the Shrine of Jayus to pray upon her passing.

Written By Sabella

Jan. 17, 2020, 11:06 a.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

I was shocked to wake up today and hear that Josephine Arcuri had passed! How utterly tragic for those in the world that had never had a piece created by her talented hands! She was always so sweet to my husband and I and even worked with him on a project to surprise me with my dragonweep tiara! I'd just talked to her about a new project she was going to help me with and now she's gone!

I think we ought to all hold out loved ones a little closer today and be thankful for the tiaras we have.

Written By Lucita

Jan. 17, 2020, 10:58 a.m.(8/1/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Josephine

So many memories, the fine jewelry, the open heart, the obvious love of your family, the generosity, the loyalty.

She lived an admirable life and your death leaves a void that will be hard for anyone to fill... no, that is wrong, no one can be expected to fill such a void, they will have to create their own place.

I pray Josephine will find peace and know she left behind inspiration, a good example for others to follow and was appreciated and respected. That is something all of us could hope to leave behind them.

Written By Lisebet

Jan. 17, 2020, 10:21 a.m.(7/28/1012 AR)

Mistress Arcuri has been called back to the Wheel?

She has always been generous, kind and fair. All my interactions with her have been positive.

I have no words.

Written By Lisebet

Jan. 17, 2020, 10:17 a.m.(7/28/1012 AR)

I went to the Lodge of Petrichor to help out a bit with the planting, but arrived as some attackers were there. I believe they were opposed to prodigals and the like, and they were actually shooting at us. I was shot. There was an arrow with feathers sticking out of me! I was helped by Lady Lenne and my cousin Lady Sunaia, and several others. As were the others who were shot or otherwise injured. I can't believe they were shooting at us.

I am feeling much better now, but I definitely do not recommend being shot by an arrow at any time.

Written By Ophelia

Jan. 17, 2020, 9:07 a.m.(7/28/1012 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

Today hurts, but I am reminded that you're never really gone. I just needed to cry a little.

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