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Baroness Ember Redreef

I do not fear to spill blood to hold what I have.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Bloody Baroness
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 23
Birthday: 4/14
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: Vibrant Amber
Skintone: Light bronze

Titles: Baroness of Redreef Shores, Princess of Parties

Description: Ember carries herself with poise that elaborates upon her stark demeanor. Her hair is dark and brown, allowed to flow long down her back. Her eyes are vivid amber eyes, a lit goldish-hazel that glows with intensity when her attention is focused, which is often. Her preferred mode of dress is armor. Her preferred mode of momentum is an assertive stride. She smiles rarely but with great ferocity. A blade scar lances down her cheek, prominent and fierce; other scars mar her lean and sculpted muscles, but none so prominent as the one on her face.

(When the Baroness pivots at the waist even slightly or does much of anything with her left arm, she can't help but let out grunts of suppressed pain.)

Personality: Passionate, ambitious and bold, Ember rules by dint of force of personality. She works hard, aggressive and confident, and brooks no disrespect. To be a woman that has lived the life she has lived in the Mourning Isles, strength is required. Image-breaking came naturally to her. She is crisp, acerbic, and allergic to nonsense. Yet she is not without enjoyment in life. She enjoys aggressive men, challenging games of chance, and fights that get the blood hot. Though she has a reputation that suggests merciless crushing of all who stand against her, those who speak to her directly might find that exaggerated: not reckless cruelty, but relentless competence, is her stock in trade.

Background: Ember and Marina were born twins, daughtering a father who needed someone to inherit. The politics of the question were always a struggle, and it was always his plan to marry in men for the twins and ensure the continuation of the bloodline. Still, his legacy was very important to him, and both his daughters were aggressively competent, defying convention to learn to fight as well as administrate land. When her father died, he was still daughtered, and although Ember was not the rightful heir under the law of the land, she held the land by virtue of the loyalty of her father’s men, and through political sway and fierce intensity managed to have herself declared ‘regent’ for her father’s spendthrift brother.

She held the barony by the skin of her teeth, defeating two duellists on her uncle’s behalf who challenged her claim, and under her iron grip Redreef thrived. While her sister captained the first ship of the Redreef fleet with skill and verve to fight off all comers, Ember held her ground and held the land. When the law of the land changed and women were deemed eligible to inherit land under the Mourning Isles, hers was the first suit — by blood and by the choice of the Baron — in the Court of the Mourning Isles to confirm her claim.

The case was settled in a publicly vaunted occasion for trial by combat, and Ember personally defeated her uncle’s chosen champion in a fight to the death, against all odds. Her uncle yielded and retired in ignominy, while Ember solidifed her rule and developed her reputation crushing revolts against her authority with an even-handed fist and the aid of her sister as her strong right arm.

Name Summary
Adalyn Stoic and a bit hard to read, she seems tough, serious, and rather no-nonsense. I fully agree with her comment that the social and economic dangers of the city are more difficult to navigate than pirates, brigands, and the like.
Adrienne I met Baroness Ember Redreef at an event hosted by the Pravus family. One might describe her as a woman-shaped attack dog.
Agostino A sharp sense of humor. I will have to keep an eye out for her at future public events.
Aine Striking and blunt, and with an impressive accomplishment to her name as a Thraxian woman reigning in her own right.
Alarissa Who's the baddest, bloodiest, most fun Baroness of Redreef? Of course it's Ember!
Alessia Well spoken, commanding, intelligent. Redreef couldn't have asked for better.
Amari Definitely brave to try and wrestle Archlector Brigida, though I think she would have had better luck with the giant boar.
Anisha There is much to admire about Baroness Ember Redreef. She is exceedingly expressive, if you know what to look for, and a delight to plan out and speculate with. I'm not much for very physical games, I'm afraid - but I look forward to how she deals with challengers in less-lethal arenas.
Arcadia She's so straightbacked. I wonder if she knows how to laugh?
Behtuk Bloody Baroness. How does one earn that title? Not by drinking. I think that I do not want to know how many she killed.
Bhandn The Baroness and I apparently think alike when it concerns the purpose of a memorial. It's nice to feel validated, but I would rather it be over something that is /not/, by its nature, of potentially grave importance. We as a people should never be arguing over important matters.
Brigida One does NOT attempt to manhandle the Archlector of Petrichor when she does not wish to be moved.
Cahal She's naturally intimidating, which is a good thing in my mind. I do wonder what she did to earn that moniker though.
Calla Met her at an event, hard to get a read on, but she seemed to take an interest in my homeland, the Sea of Skulls specifically, so that's good. I think.
Catalana The bloody baroness and brawn of the family. Gods I hope she's put Marina as her voice.
Domonico Well at least she acknowledges when she has overendulged. With hope next time she will be in a better position to converse.
Evander She is... a Thraxian, all right.
Gaspar Scars are usually such unsightly things, but she wears them with pride and it makes her all the more unique. I'm not sure I've ever met a more bold woman in my life. I've very little doubt we will be seeing more of each other very soon.
Gehenna Still the Baroness. Which is to say, still with all the facial expressiveness of a stone, and about the same inclination to be induced to movement. She keeps the house in fine shape, though.
Haakon She wears rich cloth well enough, but gore drenched armor suits her better.
Ian Princess of Parties, I guess.
Korka She's the only woman I've ever seen to ask a man to undo his belt and present to her his most prized possession and not end up with a handful of disappointment. Perfection.
Leena I'm not often actually impressed by people - but the Baroness is everything I am not, but perhaps wish I could be. Bold, unafraid, confident, I've seen concern and perhaps mercy, but if you were on a negative side of her I think she would be merciless. For the two awkward seconds my hand may or may not have been considered, I assure you Baroness the honor was all mine.
Mabelle A pleasant woman who seems to have a lot of interesting, yet bloody stories. My interest is piqued.
Maharet The Bloody Baroness, they called her. I can see the casual amusement she takes in others predicaments, but whether it is directed to hurt, I couldn't say, as yet
Mikani The Bloody Baroness, she grew up strong and proud. I am glad that I grew up with her.
Miraj My sweet Baroness! Truly, a wonderful woman. I know, a little rough around the edges. but I wouldn't have the edges any other way.
Miranda Uhm.. her handmaidens do everything in unison. PERFECT UNISON. I am dying to know how she does it. My soldiers could use a lesson here.. -I- could use a lesson. Impressive.
Mirella No-nonsense, inquiring mind. Seems as sharp as a blade, and that's no bad thing.
Neilda All the warmth of a bipedal cactus, but that's ok. That's how you have to be when you're in charge like she is, I guess.
Niklas You can never say that the Bloody Baroness doesn't know how to make an exit! Or a scene.
Nina Hm, she's a very serious person - but I admire that she takes a dare with poise and without flinching. She also has lovely hair.
Pasquale Its rare that peoples claims to fame hold up to much inspection but to be the first woman to head a house within thrax's borders is impressive.
Petal The Baroness seems eager for new clothing. I think she is likely pretty badass too. Fun company.
Piccola Every inch of this woman is something to stare at in awe. Her presence is a scintillating experience.
Quenia She seemed quite hard at Piccola's inaugural meeting, but I can only imagine what her life must be like being the first domain to be legally inherited by a woman in the Thrax fealty. She will have many battles to fight, I only hope they are battles easily won.
Reese protective of her friend in a good way. The Baroness seems the sort to look after those she care about.
Rorik Baroness Ember gave what is perhaps the best wedding speech I have ever heard. Plus, she drinks almost as much as I do! I think I like her.
Sabine How delicious to find a woman outside of the Lyceum who so exemplifies the truth that not all traditions are worthy of preservation. Tap her and I imagine she resonates like folded steel.
Sanya The baroness carries a bold determination to go with her strong convictions. She has sense of humor most would not readily anticipate, too.
Sedna Outsiders may not know enough to look because 'The Surface Deceives' aren't their house words, they're ours. Beneath that righteous facade, I detect a reservoir of nostalgia in my cousin. A woman doesn't fight that long and that brutally to lead people for whom she does not harbor love.
Seren What an imposing figure! She was not the tallest in the room, but certainly had the most presence.
Serena Baroness Redreef is a force. You can feel it the entire time that you're in her presence. She pushes against you, probes, looks for an opening. And this is just who she is. She should be admired for it, though I think many would be frightened instead.
Sparte House Redreef is in very reliable hands, and if I said that to her in front of her entourage you'd hear the giggling from the next ward over.
Trueth Ember has always accepted me, no matter what. I am not sure what she really thinks of me, but I know that I am glad to be part of her family; she has never made me feel as if I'm not.
Turo A charming woman. Competing against Navegant rum is a bold move. I doubt it will work out for her.
Valdemar The Baroness certainly has a sense of humor as interesting as her weapon choice. I would gladly accept her assistance again in the future, though.
Wash The Redreef baroness has a reputation, but I've seen her let her guard down more than once, and more than just figuratively.
Willow I should really get to know her better. She seems a rare one of the Peerage who also gets that our "lifestyle" is basically a full time job if any of the Peerage is ever to rise above the rank and file nicety of Lord or Lady.
Wulfrum By all appearances the Blood Baroness runs a strict household and knows people rally around a good story.
Zoey You're intimidating for sure, but I know beneath your stony countenance is a heart that knows joy and humor.