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Radiant Aconite Whisper

I love a well cared for garden. With dillegence and care one can sew any number of beautiful or nurishing seeds, pulling weeds and pruning flowers creating a secret world just for you.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Fostered Fidante Courtier
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Unknown
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: carob

Titles: Radiant of the Whisper House

Description: At 6 feet tall this Eurusi woman is a striking and poised figure. She boasts a satin complexion in a rich dark carob color that is striking when paired with jewel tones. Inky almond eyes are fringed with thick lashes under arched brows and her luxuriant dark curls are carefully styled and cared for to match whatever she's wearing at the time. The soft waft of milk and honey baths can be caught as the tall graceful limbed Courtier passes or gestures.

Personality: Attentive and sly. She has a curious nature and a self assured fearlessness for finding things out. She may not be the most attention grabbing person in the room but she can still weave a alluring mystique to draw someone's attention should she want it. Aconite listens more than she speaks in social settings and can be quite affable when the situation permits. ON occasion she is taken by a sullen fugue and refuses to talk to anyone at all but it all melts away within a few days and the young Courtier blooms back into socialble.

Background: Her father was a Eurusi warlord wannabe who decided to harass a Fidante trade vessel. Then he hounded it. Then, with men, he boarded it during the night and took it captive for ransom. Fidante's response was to find out who this man is, hunt down his family, take his daughter, and offer HER as ransom for the ship. The story gets muddled but, some say he cracked immedietly. Others, that he denied her existence and caused the deployment of some secret strike force. Others still, that he yielded, but upon seeing how Eurusi are treated by other Eurusi, the Fidante in charge did not let her go, sent a strike force to destroy the enemy, and decided to keep her as one of their own. To do her a kindness.

Relationship Summary

  • Calista -
  • Orick -
  • Santiago -
  • Narcissa -

  • Friend:
  • Svana -
  • Anisha -
  • Pasquale -
  • Evaristo -
  • Titus -
  • Raven -
  • Gianna -
  • Giada -
  • Medeia -
  • Caspian -
  • Michael -
  • Piccola -
  • Orland -
  • Savio -
  • Cassoipeia -
  • Keely -
  • Katarina -
  • Tovell -

  • Frenemy:
  • Noah -

  • Acquaintance:
  • Aswin -
  • Name Summary
    Aelgar Quiet person today, but some clues seem to say she is not always such. Maybe the wine is just starting to warm her. In any case, personable and seems friendly if you know her, which I want to. More friends always welcome, as is more wine!
    Agostino An interesting woman from the Fidante household. Eurusian, to look at her, though she speaks with a lovely Torean accent. Affable and devoted to her work with the refugees.
    Alexis A lovely young goodwoman with a taste for beauty and both vision and ambition. As Gild has blessed me of late, so I hope to spread her prosperity. I look forward to her bringing her ideas to me in the future, and wish her all the best in her journey forward.
    Anisha Her sense of style is admirable, the company she keeps seems exquisite, and she carries herself with elegance and poise. I expect that she'll make all the right kind of waves in Arx, and I imagine that if she wishes for a place in House Whisper, we can certainly find room.
    Apollo Beauty, poise, and a good head on her - I'm glad to have her behind me.
    Audgrim I hear her name often - a whisper of renown, a socialite with a good heart. I heard she saved many in Bastion.
    Basilio As graceful as the flying silks in market stalls, as beguiling as a coconut.
    Bethany A lively woman with fondness for tea. I shall have to spoil her when she visits.
    Calla Met her over breakfast, very inviting and charming.
    Caprice A creative and caring individual, but too humble when it comes to owning her talents. I've delighted in every opportunity to work with her so far.
    Catalana The woman is beloved by Tor. Why? I am not certain yet, but she is clearly good company and easy to speak with it. I imagine like all from the Fidante family, she will throw her own brand of mischief and challenges into the mix. I can only imagine how she will turn the compact on it's head.
    Corrigan We started with muffins and ended up discussing monsters. Well, almost - point is, time flew, and fun conversations are always good. Looking forward to a continuation.
    Dante Uncle Santiago's ward, a very exotic looking woman - but very Torean in nature and disposition. Kindly and pleasant to talk to, someone who cares for both animals and plants. I am glad she's joined us here.
    Denica A thoughtful woman with both a striking grace and deep knowledge of many thing, it is no surprise she holds the title Softest Whisper. I look forward to speaking to her on a variety topics and perhaps I will get an insight into that wisdom of hers.
    Dimitri A courtier who is from Eurus. This does absolutely nothing to detract from the charm and elegance that she comes to display. Personable and educated, I look forward to future encounters with her.
    Dio A courtier of grace and elegance who travels with attendants garbed in the livery of House Fidante. She seems well known to the noblewomen of the city, and has, perhaps, some affinity for complexities of the market.
    Domonico Well spoken and carries herself with grace. I imagine she may be formidable in social situations.
    Duarte A fast friend and very trusting. She let me ride on her horse.
    Edris As different in where we most feel at home, perhaps, as two people can be. And yet there is also a kinship there, in finding beauty were we can. I am always grateful to spend time in the company of a Whisper, but Aconite Whisper's playful and thought provoking conversation is one I would welcome again eagerly.
    Emily Workin with Lady Braelynn on roses for Deepwood but kind and helpful as well. I am certain something will come of their endeavor.
    Erik in normal conversation volume, a whisper can easily be overheard, and when they are even softer, one has to strain to make sure to get every word and nuance right. She is shrouded in secrets, that one, and it would be dangerous not to listen. Especially to which she does not say.
    Esme Oh my intoxicating friend. For we are surely friends! You are going to go great places and you are going to be a value. I hope where ever my path walks, you walk with me.
    Evaristo A talented artist, it seems! What a nice performance!
    Evelynn Undoubtedly wonderful company with as much enthusiasm as I for fashion.
    Gaspar An unexpected delight at an unexpected hour. A hidden gem from Tor, tucked away for far too long and it will not be long before the people of Arx see her shine in all of her facets.
    Giada You know, it's not often that this happens, but I already like the woman.
    Ilira I can't tell her to wake up, as she stayed up through the night, and I can't tell her to smell the roses, as she is already! She seems burdened by her duties, and despite it, her energy was a warm and inviting one. A little like an embodiment of this plaza itself in summer.
    Isabeau A pleasant young woman with a pleasing sense of style, I look forward to seeing what she might accomplish in the future.
    Kaia A gorgeous and exotic woman of great height and beauty. Seemed quite happy and interested to meet me. Apparently she has heard quite a lot from me from various peers. It makes me feel all flustered. I do hope it's all good things. I must admit, I am intrigued by her! I am very much looking forward to getting to know her more.
    Katarina Messere Aconite is mysterious. Her silence is the most versatile of cloaks, and she is able to avoid dying it in the telltale color of emotions. What role this woman might play in the grand scheme of things, I cannot guess... and that is, I presume, exactly how she prefers it.
    Keely Elegant, graceful, and knowledgeable about the horrors in this world. She is Impressive and Poised, and perhaps someone to learn from.
    Lenard A fascinating woman, who is far more interesting than she claims to be, her insights are valuable and her tongue is sharp.
    Leola A charming young lady who seems very, very amused at me
    Liam Refined and cultured Whisper who pointed me in the direction of some armoursmiths to help a Lord in need. Was interested more on the Knights of Solace so can revisit and talk all day about values. Knight Values.
    Lianne Self-possessed and aware of the value of her knowledge.
    Lucita A tall woman with a physical bearing that leaves an impression. She seems to observe people during events. One of the Fidante feality. I hope to see her again and talk with her soon.
    Lucrezia A well-trained courtier, I'd say. Into fashion and wine, a completely different world than mine.
    Lustry One who is very fun to chat with and curious to meet her patron. I wonder what hidden gems she holds.
    Mabelle She's quiet but very well dressed. Calm waters run deep they say. I'm intrigued
    Macario The situation we were in didn't allow me for my usual twenty questions, but I have a feeling she'd have the most interesting answers.
    Maris A proficient courtier and conversationalist if I've ever met one. Still have to get used to brushing shoulders with these types. Potential allies come in all sizes. The charm with this one is that she's exotic, and I'm sure there's more than meets the eye.
    Martino Wonderfully charming, alluring and curious Eurusi. A past that needs more exploring, a future that is right before her. My. More time with her is needed.
    Mattheu I would have given the dance for free, her smile was more than enough.
    Medeia So very tall and so very yellow and so very kind. All of those things, disarmingly so. Absolutely worth takng the time to talk to.
    Narcissa Dutiful and hard-working, she appears passionate about everything she sets her mind too, nothing left to be a passing fancy.
    Neve She's intelligent and thoughtful, kind and pretty to look at. She has some thinky-people connections, and I think she'll do quite well here. In Arx.
    Nijah A beautiful soul from the Dune Kingdoms with a desire to improve the lives of other Eurusi that come to Arvani shores. I look forward to seeing just how much she can do.
    Nisaa She is a woman who is wanting to help those who have come from Eurus. She seems kind and has a grace about her that gives her an aura of beauty beyond that of her already beautiful appearance.
    Noah Whisper. Only she seems to scream in other areas and whisper in the right ones. Once a would-be protege, now a meal companion. I feel she sees far more than she lets on. One day she will have her silks on a Tor beach; it is just not today.
    Orick A childhood friend who has grown into an elegant beauty with an interesting life worth learning more about... if only for the sake of sating curiosity.
    Orland Nothing less than what is expected of a Whisper. She likes to travel.
    Pasquale A striking fidante ward with an eagerness to discover what arx has to offer.
    Piccola She bears noting, with an eye for what is best for trade. There is potential for an alliance here of mutual interest; the question is how to tap into it.
    Poppy She is very much a courtier and very kind. I can only imagine the wonders she will accomplish in her time in the city.
    Raimon From Eurus to Fidante is quite the adaptation. Her voice hints at mysterious depths; her intellect is keen, and questioning.
    Raja A truely interesting woman. I hope to become fast friends.
    Ras Keeps her cards real close to the chest. Folk like her have more power than most imagine. I wonder if she knows. Hard to tell what she's thinkin.
    Raymesin So new to the city she probably still squeaks. At least she has the wit to not stray without guards.
    Raziel A ward of Fidante in service to its Duchess. While initially seen at the race, we met again the day following and were able to discuss more at length. Good company, familiar with both market and sea.
    Roran She's delightful company with a love of beautiful things.
    Rosemary What a gilded little philly in all her yellow. Seems to have a good sense in general with fashion, I'll be sure to add her to the list of women I send missives too when I have been drinking at Traders!
    Rysen She is possessed of regal grace, keen senses and a warm heart - a great sense of humor too.
    Samantha My initial impression of the courtier is that she will fit in well among the Whisper House. She is strong, determined, smart and beautiful. There's a certain list of requirements one must meet to join such an illustrious tradition and she exceeded my expectations in that regard.
    Samira Insightful and intellectual, she seems fully aware of the world around her and the intricacies it holds. A stately, poised woman who possesses a quality that invites ease of conversation.
    Savio At last I have met Aconite, just as lovely in person as she is on paper. There is a light to her heart and an earnest bravery to her adventures that makes me feel she must be protected at all costs. People like this are too rare.
    Sigurd Cat-like in her low purrs and relaxed demeanor. Capturing to the eyes, inviting to sit beside. The Whisper-Rose is truly one to behold and the finest of rare jewels.
    Svana A statuesque Eurusi woman who has a keen eye for fashion and can carry on a great conversation. She must be a friend - and I must have a snowball fight with her.
    Terese A lovely whisper, easy to talk to. I hope we get to know each other better
    Thea Poor woman has had to meet all three of us. She is poised no matter the situation and has a love for animals. It shows. Does she prefer them over people? Maybe. She hides it well..
    Titus A chance meeting in a dark place on a cold night where she wore a bloodstone. A story for a story and the ones she gave call out to the Vaevici's heart like a challenge he can't ignore. A key to understanding more of Eurus and its people, a chalice of knowledge to drink from.
    Triton Polite, pleasant, good spirites. Seems like a failry refined woman with good people skills. I hope her work with Elora goes well. Probably a very pleasant person to know.
    Vitalis A rose with no apparent thorns. Are they well-hidden, or is she the rarest of flowers in Tor's gardens?
    Vittorio A polite ward of a Lyceum family. How does that add up? I'm intrigued.
    Wash A Torean commoner who embodies the true nature of nobility, which has nothing to do with heritage. It is her grace, constraint and elegance that strips the false peers of their airs by comparison. I'm calling it, on their second meeting, the King will accidentally refer to her as Lady and make it official.
    Zyanya Such grace and light as is hers seems a gift from the Dream. It was a fortunate day to meet her, a blessing to have the promise of further meetings ahead.
    Zyxthylum Exquisite taste. I don't suppose I'll happen on a black fox in the Lowers, Dergus will have to go into the woods tonight.