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Lord Orland Amadeo

Every fool has a reason to feel sorry for himself.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Cynical orphan
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Amadeo
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'
Hair Color: Mousey
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Swarthy

Description: Orland is someone who could blend in easily in a crowd. Brown eyes, and hair an uninteresting shade of brown, a small scar across his lower lip and abundance of freckles across cheeks. He's got gangling limbs and he's never seem to grow into his rangy height. He's most often found scowling a little as if nothing in the world could scare him.

(There's a funny mark on his right wrist, only seen when clothing doesn't cover it up.)

Personality: Orland is cynical, distrustful and suspicious. He's also shrewd, cunning and incredibly observant. Despite an aloof cynicism that dominates his expression he can be quite personable when necessary. He can cross the full range of emotions and is expressively an open book. Yet he is incredibly discreet and incredibly tight lipped when need arises and has all the makings of a trusted and particularly effective confidant. Hardened from an early life on the streets of the lower boroughs, he has yet to quite fit comfortably into his role as Voice for a noble house.

Background: Orland was born and soon after orphaned. The story of his parents is not known to any, nor how the young infant ended up at The Tragedy. He simply appeared one day left and forgotten by whomsoever dropped him off.

Growing up in the orphanage is not the most pleasurable of existences and few who haven't had the misfortune know anything about it. At a very young age Orland had already had more than his fair share of mistreatments and beatings. He ran away from The Tragedy at 13 and never looked back, even when what he ran into was not much of a trade-off.

The young boy lived life on the street earning enough begging to get at least one meal a day. At night he would fashion himself a bed of sorts in whatever dark corner of an alley wasn't already occupied by another of the city's homeless. Eventually he fell into the employ (if you could call it that) of the Ulbrans. His long limbs and narrowness were perfect for filching and youthful energy perfect for out running any who might pursue him. He was allowed to keep enough of what he stole to eat - at least - and there was a piece of furniture somewhere, or at least a floor under a roof, to sleep on.

As luck, or misfortune, would have it, he one day tailed a silk-clad Setarcan man (Duarte Amadeo) from the docks with the intention to filch silver. He was spotted easily. Rather than being turned over to the Iron Guard, the mark took the young boy under his wing. He was given shelter and regular meals. He was also taught to read. They established a rapport and though the relationship was never one of father and son, Orland was officially adopted just the same. After working primarily as Duarte's discreet messenger, Orland soon became the man's only confidant and fully trusted companion and has worked closely with Duarte on every investigation and endeavor over the past five years.

When Duarte was elevated to Count of Bravura there was hardly any question who would become the Voice of House Amadeo.

Relationship Summary

  • Savio - Turning Back Was A Good Decision
  • Raven - A day is not complete without Raven
  • Clarisse - Long term care, I like it.
  • Patrizio - A man to idolize and mentor of tactics.
  • Teague - He treats me like family and is a mentor of the combat ring.

  • Parent:
  • Duarte - Adopted Father and gave me a Future

  • Patron:
  • Dio - The first one since my Count to give me a chance.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I don't know the young man who defended the Pravus docks from the Apostate's supporters. Any man or woman who, when faced with fire and arrows, dives into the fray rather than away from it, it is a man or woman of worth.
    Alarissa He's a sweet boy. With a roughness around the edges that I hope he never loses. And a pride that he will always foster.
    Andromeda Lord Orland Amadeo is a lump of clay, or perhaps a bar of iron. Unshaped. Unformed. His mind pulls him in many directions, his ideals are facing the harshness of the world. But I have hopes. When given only a little direction, he is audacious and ambitious. Once he finds his own direction, those traits will become pernicious, too.
    Apollo So enthusiastic. If you're going to be like that, place it in your gratitude, as he does - it will never go wrong.
    Audgrim Talkative and social, not afraid to get his hands dirty in the jungle, it seems. Although perhaps not that experienced with it. Probably fun at parties.
    Belladonna I do not know the man very well, but I know he is crafty. All things considered, I sure am appreciative of this one.
    Calla Interesting Lord from a house that I'm not entirely familiar with. Fairly smooth in his manner and rather dexterous when it comes to flaming fruit.
    Cirroch An interesting young man seems to be in a personal discussion of both being in and out of the element with others of differing stations.
    Dio Intelligent, cunning and subtle. Fortune smiled upon me when this man agreed to be my protege.
    Duarte Could there exist a better sidekick?
    Fredrik A young man with a healthy zest for life. I should keep him around me to preserve any youth still left in me.
    Giorgio A man looking to prove himself. He seems driven and ready for the opportunity. I can hardly fault him, and I look forward to seeing what he will make of himself.
    Graziella He was one of the guests at my first birthday party in Arx and he won a lantern, quite good at party games.
    Haakon Not a foppish prick.
    Ian He's got some bad habits to unlearn.
    Lasha kids think they become something when they leave the lower, show them they're nothing and they bite back, maybe this one will remember where he came from.
    Lianne I certainly see the family resemblance. It's in the bite of his words.
    Lustry A generous gifter of rum, I do wonder if he saved one or is maying one for my rum contest.
    Mabelle He was quite wounded when I've met him, but if anything, I can tell he is brave.
    Medeia There's a story I ahve yet to learn about how he changed his circumstances, but this is definitely the boy I once knew... But changed. For the better? Remains to be seen, but I am hopeful.
    Miraj Somehow, I got the impression he thinks he's plain. I think he's quite the opposite. Big brown eyes that have the capacity to be cruel and cutting or big and innocent with a mouth that promises to break hearts with its smile. I hope he doesn't aim it directly at me!
    Mirella A clever, clever boy who is braver and bolder than he might think. He has endless potential, I think. Count Amadeo found a treasure in Orland.
    Nina He's keen in observation, and quite brave! A good companion to help me stumble through a day that is turning out to be a bit of an adventure...
    Raven Painfully earnest which betrays his youth but seemingly serious about duty. We shall see how the years weather all those good intentions.
    Sabella Lord Orland is an absolutely wonderful person to share a table with when one finds oneself at the Queensrest, though I imagine any setting would be optimal for a conversation with him! He's thoughtful and witty and cheerful and a positive delight!
    Sabella He is a lovely rug. A very fine and human-shaped rug.
    Samira A man who hails from the Lowers, but was adopted by a noble family. It seems he's not forgotten his meager beginnings, but time will tell where his loyalties lie and what that means for his old connections.
    Savio Quite like him! He is brave even in the face of grave danger and dire peril. I would never, ever, ever push him into the sea.
    Sebastian A man who took unhesitating action when it was needed to save lives; this speaks well of his character.
    Sloane A puppy, all ears and feet and joy.
    Sorrel Everyone engages in odd behaviors from time to time, but this young man has not made an optimal first impression. Still, one has hope that he will overcome the limitations of his birth and rise to be a proper member of the peerage, rather than a forgettable neo-noble. Hopefully the next time we meet, it will be a more positive experience.
    Svana A Lord who was raised Ulbran and is exactly as fun as you might imagine him to be! Quick-witted and kind, he makes an excellent addition to the peerage, and I'd love to share a drink sometime.
    Tanith Oooh, wait until I tell Raymesin about -this one-.
    Valerius An interesting one with a couple tales. Good with information, and a drink.
    Venturo A Lord with a touch of mischief, which when coupled with his clear good tastes in beverages? Is a man I look forward to hosting frequently within the Raconteur.
    Yrsa I really have no idea what to make of him. But he lives life to his own rhythm, which I suppose I can respect.
    Yuri Lord Orland could only be as much as myself when I first came to Arx, though he has been away on study for some time. I hope my advice gives him the strength that I needed to find my purpose in that first month. I wish him great success and more meetings to come.
    Zakhar Poor lad has come into something that no one should have to face at any age. Might be possible to stop the wound from spreading.