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Marquessa-Consort Keely Keaton

You could give me the whole world to hold in my hand but honestly I'd probably just drop it?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Tenderhearted Torchbearer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 20
Birthday: 09/30
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: fair

Titles: The Heart of Bastion

Description: Soft chestnut hair frames a heart-shaped face, dominated by large, dark eyes and fair, clear skin. The height of Keely's brow and the high sweep of her eyebrows suggest almost an attitude of permanent surprise. The overall impression favors youth over any dramatic beauty, though she tries with a careful hand at tasteful makeup. Her best features are those eyes, framed by a sooty thickness of dark eyelashes. Her second best feature is her mouth, dynamic, mobile and expressive, with lips neither too full nor too thin. As for the rest of her, she can take or leave it.

Personality: Keely wants to think the best of everyone. Her gentle heart is sometimes undercut by awkward privilege - have you tried just not being poor? What if we just let the shav'arvani alone and asked them nicely to stop killing our trade caravans? - and a well-intentioned awkwardness that leads some of her tries at social excellence to be more dithery than not. She has high hopes and a tendency to expect a lot from herself, to which she often applies Capital Letters of Real Importance. Her worst enemy is her own embarrassment, over which she is determined to reign supreme ... somehow. Kind, hopeful, and full of fond wishes, she is excellent at finding way to like people, and it is this type of charisma that makes it easy to like her. Naturally inclined to introverted pursuits, she finds herself wishfully lurking at the corners of the ballroom, dreaming of being a woman for whom the splendor she loves comes easier.

Background: A young princess flowering in a well-tended garden, Keely's childhood was cursed by little more dire than a preponderance of sisters. Well-educated in the palatial family estate at Bastion, Keely grew up a wistful child, dreaming of a different kind of -more- than the kind that might populate the dreams of those without her advantages. A quiet life is not a Grayson direction, and Keely always found her more adventuresome siblings honestly more worrying than not.

When her older sisters removed to Arx to make their way in a world that embraced their heritage, Keely stayed home, studying with the seraph of Bastion and learning about different dances and the history of her House, all the while her elder sister, Liara, rose to the challenge that House Grayson had to offer her and accepted the mantle of High Lady from His Majesty.

When Keely set forth for Arx, it was as a sheltered, privileged girl, hoping to reach for womanhood in a capital city full of the shades of reality that she never really saw before beyond her garden walls. She wished to grow into the kind of powerful woman who dominates a dance floor, a courtier of Renown and Poise. A young woman with powerful and diverse sisters, she had always felt shadowed by their prolific and profound accomplishments.

However, since her arrival to the capital, Keely has undergone remarkable growth, embracing the tapestry of the city and its inhabitants. Deep wells of empathy have been unearthed within her, allowing her to forge unbreakable bonds with the diverse souls she encounters, and her unwavering compassion has become her trademark.

Now, united in matrimony with Oathlander Marquis Kael Keaton, Keely stands as the Marquessa-Consort of Oakhaven, embarking on a new adventure by her husband's side. Together, they lead and protect their people, embracing the challenges and joys that come with their noble duty. Keely's journey of growth and self-discovery is far from over, as she continues to learn, evolve, and unravel the depths of her own potential in the ever-unfolding world at her feet.

Relationship Summary

  • Denica - Keely met Denica playing (and winning!) a getting-to-know-you game, and the rest was history. Denica's passion and confidence inspire Keely endlessly, and her warmth has led to an unexpected, sudden bond that has Keely looking forward to every letter and visit. She knows Who She Is and What She's About, and someday Keely strives to carry herself with such confidence.
  • Cesare - Keely watched Cesare's effortless command of the social scene from afar for some time, but over the course of several events both hosted and attended as teammates, she looks to him as a friend. His outgoing personality is a stark contrast to the often self-conscious princess, making for hilarious antics and misadventures.
  • Ilira - Vivacious and free, Ilira is on Keely's list of people admired to the point of near idolization. That she has, over time, also become a friend and confidante simply delights the princess.
  • Medeia - Lady Medeia Eswynd began as a valued teacher in navigating the social scene of Arx, and quickly became a cherished presence in Keely's life. They have already embarked on one daring adventure together, and Keely looks forward with excitement to what comes next.
  • Aconite - Anyone who can remain Graceful and Poised in the presence of free-roaming jumping spiders is sure to catch Keely's attention. And she did, soon becoming a trusted friend and advisor on everything from fashion to dancing to people.
  • Cristoph - Cristoph has been a mentor, friend, and guiding light to Keely from nearly the moment they met. Whenever the world has gotten too dark, he has reminded her to look for the light.

  • Frenemy:
  • Signe - The thing about coming from Bastion to Arx and never having met a shamanist worshipper before in your life is that you might accidentally say something, on meeting a shaman, like: "What is it like to worship rocks?" Despite this (hah) rocky beginning, I like Signe and admire her free spirit.

  • Sibling:
  • Liara - High Lady, Older Sister. Keely is intimidated by the breadth and scope of Liara's success and looks up to her, while wishing very much to make her Proud.
  • Macda - Protector, High-Strung Mess Maker. Keely both admires and dreads the way Macda charges headfirst into danger.

  • Family:
  • Lou - Lou's adventuresome fierceness is the antithesis of Keely's wistful edges-of-the-party femininity. She's just Something Else, around which Keely finds herself somewhat tongue-tied.
  • Reese - Reese is somehow both frilly and pink -and- a Renowned Warrior. Keely is mystified and envious, and would like to know her secret to Having it All.
  • Sabella - Keely finds Sabella extremely Glamorous and would like to be her when she grows up. But perhaps a version of Sabella that is slightly... less.
  • Noah - Noah is secretly Keely's favorite cousin. Despite how abrasive he is to most of the population, Keely sees the best in him and holds him in high regard.
  • Jaenelle - Jaenelle's ability to maneuver politically in the Lyceum of all places while remaining compassionate and thoughtful amazes Keely to no end. She looks up to Jaenelle as a rolemodel, and adores her as family.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Calandra - Keely is fascinated by how thoroughly Calandra has surpassed her common roots to become a Famed and Glamorous Whisper, and she follows her social career with some interest.
  • Videl - Liara introduced Keely to her protege, Lady Videl Igniseri, shortly after Keely arrived in the city, and she both admires her particular willful verve and feels a little protective of her.
  • Gianna - Keely holds Gianna high in her mind's eye as a Role Model of what kind of Cool and Glamorous Courtier to be.
  • Mabelle - Another protege of Liara's, Lady Mabelle Laurent has never failed to dazzle Keely with her creativity and industry. Keely looks up to her in many capacities, and finds her presence steadying when social situations become Too Much.

  • Protege:
  • Mattheu - A fast friend, and now a protege. Keely has a deep fondness for Mattheu that verges on protectiveness against those who view him as merely a source of entertainment.
  • Savio - Bold, charming, confident. Savio is Keely's guide to attaining the traits she strives for, and he makes sure she's having fun and not taking herself too seriously along the way.

  • Deceased:
  • Luca - Luca married in to Grayson when Keely was still too young to attend the extravagant parties her older cousins and siblings enjoyed. His boredom mingled well with her shyness, and he could sometimes be found hiding with the little princess in a balcony, secretly watching events below and munching stolen snacks. She misses him.

  • Spouse:
  • Kael - In Keely's eyes, the sun rises and sets with Kael Keaton. He hangs the stars in her sky, and guides her from shadow with his Unwavering Light. They have walked through grief together and, through the slow burning fires of emotional turmoil, a bond was forged that Keely believes resilient enough to endure the test of time. Admiration, devotion, love, are not big enough words, but they are a start...
  • Name Summary
    Aella She reminds me of my sister, rambunctious and full of spunk! Also 2 cats named Piscetta and Twiddlywinks... *Squee*
    Aethan Teacher of the word 'hornswoggle' which I now want to use at the most inappropriate times, seems very nice and very much like what one expects from a Princess of House Grayson.
    Ailys My charming and delightful young cousin, how nice to run into her while re-learning my way around the city. She was right about the chocolate coffee.
    Aleksei She seems really, sincerely kind. That's never a bad thing.
    Arman The Princess is convivial, warm, and posssesed of an earnestness that one can only find endearing.
    Artorius She must have many admirers, though wears the Grayson modesty in a Lycene bar quite well. Red looks good on her.
    Athaur It is not often that I have a Princess appear in my hall. But she was polite and charming. Hopefully my brother does not offend her.
    Audgrim You don't expect princesses to give you a bear plushie and almost make you cry, but there she is. Keely Grayson. Gods bless her.
    Cadenza A bubbly Grayson princess! She is very organized and is adept at throwing parties.
    Caspian A most pleasant woman, who makes everyone feel comfortable, even the lowliest people. I get the feeling she is a gentle woman, but that gentleness wraps a steely resolve when tested.
    Cesare A princess who holds a core of sweetness and mischievous delight beneath her shy exterior. A quiet delight.
    Corrigan Very polite. A bit jumpy and stared a /bit/ too long, but very polite.
    Cristoph What an utterly delightful new friend to have made. Keely Grayson shows tremendous promise, I hope the rest of the Compact is bracing themselves for what's to come.
    Damiana Overflowing with goodwill, and charming at that, I feel confident that should I ever meet Keely as a host in her own right, rather than simply out and about during the hither-and-thither of daily life, she will shine. It's a gift not everyone has. I look forward to another meeting and to getting to know her better.
    Daria A shy, soft spoken Princess. She seems sweet even if she is easily flustered
    Denica Keely is that lovely kind of woman that is full of warmth and has a gentle nature to her. I wish her well in her endeavours in the city.
    Desma Blushes way too easily but she does have an eye for good clothing designs.
    Elora She's a warm and sensitive woman.
    Elsbetta She'll make a wonderful Marquessa-Consort to Lord Keaton, I'm sure of it. Sadly she'll be away from Arx travelling on her wedding tour, but I hope we run into each other again.
    Ember Rather deadly as an illustrator, that one.
    Erik She knew how to defuse a situation with a stranger, wickedly clever that one.
    Esme She's... interesting. I think I interrupted a thing. I did not mean to interrupt a thing, but I think I did. Hopefully she has a thing thing the way she wants a thing and not an interruption of a thing. Also, I'm sure we'll be friends.
    Fairen Like all Grayson princesses, her manners and politeness are unfailing. A most charming conversationalist with a personality that helps put one at ease quickly, which is a rare quality in a person. She seems to find some topics unnerving - whether due to overfamiliarity or wish to not become so I cannot tell, although since she claims to be an adventurer, likely the former. In any case, I'm delighted to have met her.
    Fairen Beneath all her polish and charm lies a fatal flaw: she's rather brutal on books.
    Giorgio Princess Keely is truly more fun to keep the company of than she believes. I enjoyed drinking with her. Perhaps we will have an opportunity to do so again in the very near future.
    Grady Princess Liara's sister is a wonderful light, come in a time when House Grayson is in dire need of the warmth that she keeps with her. I know we shall get along fabulously.
    Haakon Rich enough to think kindly, meek enough to be shy and quiet. Never have I met another noble so vastly different than myself.
    Ian Flighty. Not a lot of the Grayson confidence that I can see.
    Ilira I sincerely enjoy making her blush. She's all sweet innocence and genteel manners, but I sense a little something wild just beneath. I'd love to scrape the surface.
    Jaenelle Gentle, soft, yet more than strong enough to face social warefare head on. A beautiful soul, and someone who I enjoy the company of.
    Katarina Look. I've apologized for climbing on her like that, but she was in the way, and it was a very important birthday baking contest.
    Lark I think she has some generalized fear of socializing. It's the only explanation for why she gets so nervous when speaking to me. It's a shame! So much potential, otherwise! They really ought to have sent her on more playdates as a child.
    Lenard Dark hair framing dark eyes like a burgundy dahlia, she is exquisitely poised. A voice soft that conveys a love of life and a caring heart that seems like it could hold the whole world's troubles. Always an honour to meet a Grayson.
    Liara Would that we could all retain my little sister's attitude to and outlook on all things, unencumbered by darker thoughts. It is certainly always refreshing.
    Lou Keely is the cousin I never knew I needed. She's quiet, yet fierce. Quite supportive. And, oh the mini everything that she has an eye for. I often rely on her for advice and I know she will excel at everything she does.
    Mabelle Such a graceful woman, her movement as delicate as a wisp of air. She is excitable and charming, I look forward to help her break out as a social butterfly.
    Macario For a Grayson, she's quite nice and approachable. Friendly, sure, but there's a wit to her that's lovely.
    Mark She keeps her cool under pressure mostly, and one time I wore her tiara while she gave Blush a hand. I think it ended up on the floor. Is it still there? WHERE IS THE BASEMENT? BLUSH.
    Martino Grayson Princess Socialite and keeper of fine company.
    Mattheu Straightforward and knows what she desires to find within others. A delight to speak with, even if discussion finds its way drifting. A smile that will light the way to any shoreside with ease.
    Medeia The princess has a kind and generous heart. Every time I see her, I find myself reminded that life is able to hold moments of light.
    Nazmir She is like a spark that sets off an unextinguishable blaze. Charming and well spoken, there's a force natural force to her, one that easily draws people into her sphere and as she grows more confident, it's only going to get stronger. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
    Nina Ran quite a lively musical game at a friendly party! My favorite things!
    Noah She's nice. I'm not sure if that is a good change from Grayson stoic or not. It will win her friends, I just hope it doesn't win her heart ache.
    Norwood I think she did something to Alis, except I can't quite remember, I feel terrible for not remembering. A Joust? Oh... did she break someone's arm? Or did //I// break someone's arm? Dang.
    Orchid She is a Grayson princess. Orchid not certain she understands that not everyone seeks glory or to wear something new all the time. However, she seems like a kind princess who was, just that, raised a princess. Orchid would not mind speaking with her more, in a setting that doesn't involve Orchid finding a patron.
    Orick The Princess has frequented the shop in the past, yet, it was a treat to run into her by happenstance and have a slightly longer conversation this time, she's full of curious ideas and it would seem we should speak again very soon.
    Orland I want to say I recognize her outside of the meeting we had about singing, but, it could be I'm more familiar with her name and what she had done in Bastion through the stories I heard.
    Oskar I was trained on social convention because it was necessary for me to fit in, not because I wanted it. I feel like this one and I are not so different.
    Pasquale She seemed enchanted by the Magpie. A pleasant young Princess.
    Savio Someday she will recognize in herself the treasure that is so readily apparent to others, and then she will be completely unstoppable.
    Sebastian The Princess Grayson is a delight; in some ways wholly new to elements of the world, yet she embraces it all readily and with a passion and fire that can't be be admired.
    Silvio So artlessly earnest and charmingly ill-at-ease. She is lovely when flustered, and she seems so easily flustered, that one must imagine she traipses about in a perpetual state of befuddled loveliness. No pose could so effortlessly disarm.
    Silvio She is so positively engaging and charming that, even with her shyness, she manages to light up the room.
    Sira The princess seems kind, if a bit shy. Though, I can't complain about her pleasantries!
    Sofia How sweetly innocent and charming!
    Thea The princess is--not exactly like her sisters and cousins, but she I have no doubt has just the same strong back as the rest.
    Thesarin Seems at once to be struggling at the weight of all that's happening and doing her best to help folk with the load. All you can do, I reckon.
    Veronica A very sweet and welcoming Grayson Princess. She also has a secret... I wonder what kind.
    Vitalis A woman light-hearted and free possessed of a steel will bent readily to her purposes.
    Viviana She was bright and engaging -- and from what I hear, she is aptly named as the Spirit of Grayson. She's a wonder.
    Xia Cute, though a little unruly. Her puppy, not the princess. The Princess was well-behaved and very friendly.
    Yael I'll get her to play with my hair yet, but only some place I can fall asleep. The Princess is remarkable. Kind, open, yet with the bearing one expects of a princess. It was a pleasure to meet her at the Badger.
    Zoey She tries very hard to fit the mold of what she thinks a princess should be, and given her family that is a lot to live up to. Given time, I know she will find the princess she is actually meant to be, and I look forward to seeing her on that day.