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Savio Pontelaeus

Money is power, why not enjoy it once in a while?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Unlucky Second Son
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pontelaeus
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 28
Birthday: 3/1
Religion: Grace of the Thirteen
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 6'0
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Rosy

Description: Savio is a tall man but not one of extreme height, leanly built, a languid person who moves like he's being poured from a bottle into a wine glass. His brown hair is seditious, his goatee's a little scruffy, and his eyes are puddle-colored. He talks with his hands, and is always wearing more than three rings. Although his attire is colorful and of a fine quality suggesting a good life, it's constantly in some degree of deshabille that suggests choices were made and they weren't good ones.

Personality: Struggle and bad luck have made Savio a man who leans into apathy and carousing more than effort and ambition. He prefers not to make an effort or work hard if it can be avoided, and is always looking for the next distraction or good time to be had. Although he can be charming and good-humored, he is slow to truly trust others and keenly feels that he is different from other people. He is impulsive and short-tempered, and unlikely to exercise self control in any area of life.

Background: Savio is a merchant prince of Tremorous... but he is not THE Merchant Prince of Tremorous. That would be his older brother, Giorgio, and in this scion's shadow, he has always struggled.

Born into the exorbitantly rich, highborn commoner family of Pontelaeus, fortune has always been at Savio's service. However, where it inspired ambition in Giorgio, it bred indolence in his younger brother. None of Savio's projects, aspirations, or ambitions ever seemed to succeed, and plagued by bad luck, he soon learned to stop trying. Money is power, sure. So why struggle? Why not just enjoy success?

Although he was trained in some skill at the defense of himself and others, Savio did not share Giorgio's aptitude or interest in the cutthroat social dances and economic mastery that makes Pontelaeus what it is. Although not a prime specimen, he is still a Pontelaeus, but Savio refused to entertain the idea of marrying into beneficial alliances as well, and there have always been rumors about the type of company he keeps.

Being useless at politics, business, or alliances created a series of bitter disagreements with his relatives, and Savio sought to distance himself from the family. As a young man, he disappeared to the family's endeavors in the Saffron Chain, drifting from exotic location to exotic location, getting into and out of trouble, and living a wasteful life that did nothing useful for anyone.

The Pontelaeus family's patience with this wayward son was not infinite, and after almost a decade of tolerating Savio's indulgences and bankrolling his bad luck, they cut him off. Penniless, he was forced to return to Arx, where he is expected to make himself useful to Giorgio and to the family.

Relationship Summary

  • Giorgio - Older Brother - I don't always understand him, but I'd never let him stand alone.

  • Friend:
  • Orland - Of all the people I've abandoned in spooky woods, he is by far my favorite.
  • Raven - My best friend! She won't admit it, but she is.
  • Lottie - A bright spot of warmth and cheer in a world that can be dark.
  • Zakhar - Handy fellow to know, and he's always got a light!
  • Lore - Calming the disturbed and disturbing the calm.

  • Ally:
  • Ezmeralda - Admiration and loyalty for the Praefecta, without question.
  • Ian - Generous with his knowledge.

  • Family:
  • Andromeda - My cousin can beat up your cousin.
  • Cassiopeia - The kindest and loveliest of my cousins.
  • Remus - My cousin has always been a natural leader.

  • Patron:
  • None Yet! - Interested? Let's talk.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I had the pleasure of hearing Savio Ponteleaus perform while we were both in Pieros before the Skal'dajan invasion. He's undeniably talented yet with a charm that makes it seem effortless. What more could we ask on behalf of those heading to battle?
    Amador Charming in an unrefined sort of way, but there an inquisitive cleverness folded within his whimsy. I find it difficult not to smile when in his presence.
    Andromeda Savio is everything his brother Giorgio is not, for good or ill. They have a few commonalities, however, and those are for good. We'll see how the second son fares. He's fighting, at least.
    Anisha Savio Pontelaus is a delight; a fresh southern breeze carried from so far away. Style, flair and just a little impishness. His stories will be grand, I assure you.
    Audgrim I normally wouldn't accept work off someone that offers it after less than five minutes, but I need it. Besides, he's got money and he seems trustworthy enough.
    Baz I understand him in a way I don't care to understand most.
    Brannen A young man who showed up at the shrine of Limerance. He seemed uncomfortable at first, but he was interested in talking and listening. I appreciated his openness to our customs and traditions - he may have been skeptical, but he seemed sincere and honest in his words. And I think that he values fidelity as much as we do.
    Calla Giorgio's brother, and apparently the stabby one of the two, though he seems to do a whole lot of talking. Especially about a certain import from Tremorus, I'm looking forward to testing out his supply
    Ciro Well what wonder sometimes steps through the doors of the places we visit. A good man from what I can tell, with words that flow and an energy about him that I dare say reminds me in some ways of one of my dearest cousins.
    Dio Energetic, gregarious and a superb musician whose genius shines brightly in improvisation.
    Drake Like me he's the younger brother, and I know what it's like to deal with that. He's probably used to rolling with the punches.
    Duarte A kindred spirit in many regards, I'm sure. If I were awkward among my peers we might act the same even.
    Esme Always ask. I would be happy to share more, but please, always ask. It is hard to be in a position of love for one that will probably not be yours as you desired. We focus not on the ending, but on the moment. The moment we live in. The moment we breath. For now is the only certain time we are given. The rest are shrouded mists upon our paths. I am sure though, we shall meet yet again.
    Gabriella Charming by nature and impossible to anger, annoyingly so. He's good friends with Raven, so that means I can trust him to a good degree.
    Giorgio My dear younger brother. I wonder sometimes what caused our paths to fork. At times I see our likeness, and then at others our glaring differences. Were our parents too hard on him when we were children? Or did I simply outshine him so much in the eyes of our parents, that I caused his path myself? Perhaps a new city will provide a new start for him.
    Graziella I found his nicest shirt discarded on a bench in Pravus ward... he really should watch his drinking, he might almost be charming if he did...
    Haakon Funny fucker. Glad no body stabbed him.
    Ian I don't get to fight against people with classical training very often. It's a nice change.
    Jadara Charming, dangerous, and a force to be reckoned with. Death hidden behind a bard's humor but there is a complexity to him that begs to be explored.
    Lasha He a soft one, but he's good hearted, and if he breaks Orland's heart I might break his legs.
    Lianne Capable command of a crowd. Self-assured. Actually funny.
    Liara He appears to be a new arrival to Arvum, going by the accent and the polite manner interspersed with some unusual suggestions in conversation. I dare say he will do just fine, given a little guidance.
    Lore Squeamish for someone that looks to be from the Lowers. Time should change that.
    Lottie A man who sings me a very sweet song in the first few minutes we've met is a man I'm surely going to like. Plus, I won him a bet! Yay, me! And him!
    Lucrezia A bard? Another I will pester for stories.
    Lustry A very talented bodyguard who I may attempt to make my protege. His talent is immensely impressive.
    Mabelle Entertaining and does not seem to shy from challenges. That is the recipe for good company.
    Maris Ended up liking this fella a lot more than I thought I would when he started gawking at me. The honesty must be refreshing, no matter how aimless. Generous, talkative, pretty amusing. I wonder if his brother would have any opportunities for me.
    Medeia The man has a way of communicating that is at once engaging and distracting - in the best way. I can easily lose hours of my day sharing drink and discussion with someone like him.
    Nina A reliable friend to the house as a merchant. But also a talented bard and comedian! He really did shine on stage.
    Orland I liked him. Until he left me in the woods. But then he came back, sort of redeemed himself there.
    Pasquale Forged in struggle.
    Porter Council?? Approval?? I'm not sure I really understand what's going on. But he was damn funny.
    Renata Charming and vastly entertaining, the man seems to be a Bard of some skill. I do like amusement.
    Sabella If a man is a projectile, then this man is a fantastic projectile. He makes quite the splash!
    Sabriel Okay so I only know that he has a talent for pissing people off apparently? More Tremorous people coming in and I don't know what his deal is. Andromeda thinks we'll be good drinking buddies so he might know how to have a good time, will have to see if he holds his liquor as well as she suspects... could be fun to drink him under the table though sometime.
    Samira He strikes me as the type who says exactly what he's thinking, appropriate or not, and that's something I can appreciate. Amiable in conversation, dangerous with a blade in hand. One to watch.
    Scylla Finally, I meet the gregarious Savio, who more than exceeded what expectations I had for his character formed solely from what others have so courteously said of him. He's the opposite of me in every way, but as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing. I look forward to basking in his company in future.
    Sebastian A bard, glib of tongue and quick of wit. He's certainly caught Raven's eye, which means I'll be keeping a closer eye on him as well, even if he weren't my protege's brother.
    Sloane That tune you can't remember the words to but will hum the rest of your life.
    Sorrel His love for his home in the Saffron Isles comes through in his music. He makes it sound wonderful, and I would love to just sit and listen to him play his mandolin.
    Sudara Would 'charmingly gauche' be appropriate? Certainly not so socially hopeless as he fears, though perhaps he *would* be well-advised to be careful around more staid branches of the nobility. Certainly, when he relaxes into a topic with which he is familiar, his competence shines through.
    Svana Poncy, but likes snakes. My kind of person, and he's hilarious. Oh, I bet he has stories for days!
    Valencia Talented and very charming. His playful zest and zeal is very welcome in my Hart. I'm glad to have met him and to have enjoyed his bardic skills.
    Vanora A bard connected to my Pravosi family, and quite gifted as I'm told. I wonder how much we have in common.
    Zakhar Is amazing at talking himself into a corner that is hard to get out of.
    Zoey A charmer! And an entertainer down to the core of his being, I will wager. Fantastic at parties.
    Zyxthylum Sings to fish, likes my style? Welcome to lay low in my any time.