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Sira Illuso

Alright, but that'll cost extra.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: High End Decorator
Fealty: Grayson
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 5/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Tailor
Height: average height
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: blue-gold
Skintone: tan

Titles: Legendary Tailor

Obituary: Missing and presumed dead in the wake of an earthquake near Redreef Shores while on a business trip.

Description: The first thing one might notice about this woman is her untamed mane of curls, hanging around her shoulders to mid-back in a thick red-brown mass. Upon stepping closer, it is her unique eyes - a light golden brown around the pupils shifting outward to a ring of deep blue - that may captivate the viewer. Little else is remarkable, with her height being average and her figure of the softer, fuller variety. Smiles are rare; her mouth tends to curl down at the corners when left unchecked. She is often found in simple, utilitarian clothing that allows her to do her work, but she is not afraid to outshine everyone around her in exquisite designs with elaborate details. Her voice is warm in tone, though her accent is unique - not quite Lycene, not quite Crownlander. There is a practiced quality to it, as if she has worked to obscure her origins.

Personality: With a narrow focus on what she is interested in, Sira can come off as aloof, terse, or even snide if she has been interrupted. If it does not involve her work with figures - both as bodies and numbers - she often blocks it out. Not one for gossip and skeptical to a fault, her conversational style skews no-nonsense. She has strong opinions about what people will look good in and what they should wear, high standards about the creations she allows out into public, and unshakeable confidence in herself. Under the bristly exterior is a sharp sense of humor and a delight in being surprised or challenged. If Sira considers you a friend, she can be extraordinarily generous and loyal.

Background: It may be that Sira has been sewing since she was able to walk. Born to a family of tailors and merchants, the woman learned trade and business as a matter of course. However, she proved especially capable with needle and thread under her mother's direction. Based in Bastion, she grew up watching illustrious customers frequent the shop. In her teens, she would join her father - a traveling merchant originally from the Lyceum - on trips between Bastion and Lenosia to gain an understanding of how connected the Compact is by trade. These experiences planted a seed within her to seek out fanciful, rare materials to work with. That seed sprouted and blossomed over the years into a foray to Arx, where Sira opened her shop Gilded Dreams. Unfortunately, when her mother fell ill, she left after only a few months to manage the family business. When disaster struck again - this time in the form of an enemy siege on the Grayson holding, the seamstress found herself back outside of Arx with the refugees, lacking any surviving close friends or family. With the shop in the city still in her name, and no interest in returning to rebuild in Bastion, the woman is starting over.

Relationship Summary

  • Mayir - How dare you make me feel my own feelings? Lesson learned.

  • Crownlands:
  • Eirene - She happens to be there every time I am picking up the pieces of my life.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Ember - A woman of sharp and poignant contrasts, capable of wearing the most spectacular of gowns and instilling fear into the hearts of warriors.
  • Name Summary
    Amund Talented with her craft and helpful, in addition to being gentle to all, which is good to see in times such as these.
    Anisha A merchant and seamstress of some note. She might be easily overlooked, if not for her sense of style - and those very intriguing eyes. I suspect one would be a fool to actually overlook her. After spending some time in her company I am certainly intrigued by both what she can offer as an artist and as a fellow.
    Atria Sira is a wonderful, trade-minded Arvani. She is currently on my Favorites list.
    Auda So helpful, so.. eager. So luxurious.
    Audgrim Her work is exquisite, and I made someone very happy by gifting one of her gowns. I heard of her long before I even met her or went to her shop. Glad to have finally met her.
    Braelynn From what I could overhear she is a tailor who used to live in Bastion before everything happened.
    Camilla A tailor who understands that the clothes are for the wearer, not the observer. Excellent.
    Caspian A virtuoso if silk and needle! easy to talk to and with a smile that is just as beautiful as the masterpieces she creates from textiles. Dream big, dream fancy, dream gilded!
    Cassiopeia A smart business woman, she has a good read on people and a natural gift for beauty.
    Corrigan I only wish I were as fancy. I can pretend we're in the same circles though, so I like her.
    Cosimo There is undeniable talent in her artistry with the cloth and words. Paired with her ability for numbers and the wisdom of business, this makes her formidable. But what else lurks within that can provoke such flashes of steel, I wonder?
    Cristoph I've been using the same tailor for ages! But now and again I like to branch and purchase from those I haven't had the opportunity before. Mistress Sira is one of deep current sorts, calm on the surface with more below. A very promising first meeting.
    Dante How do you know a truly talented and professional artisan? When you hand them a request and go from shock to genius in the span of a heartbeat! I believe I have found someone for future sartorial needs.
    Ember The best thing about swans is the way that they unite elegant beauty with a capacity for merciless cruelty. I wonder if Messere Sira appreciates birds in the same way that I do.
    Esme It's like one of those coated candy things I've had. She has a hard shell, but a melty inside. I hope she embraces the inside more. There is beauty in all things if we only take the right eyes to see it. There are no true endings, just pauses and new beginnings. Perhaps she will see that, it will be glorious if I am here when that vision comes.
    Fairen A talented seamstress, apparently. One who seems rather modest about it, I wouldn't had known if someone hadn't of mentioned it. I'll have to talk to her about getting something made.
    Gehenna She does make some lovely dresses and ones that are so traditionally modest too.
    Giorgio A merchant claiming herself to be one of the best in the city! Ahhh, were these still the days that I could give her a run for her money. The challenge would be enjoyable. Still, she is also a tailor of no small talent and possesses a shop with a name that catches my eye. I'll have to give her a commission and see how she does.
    Grady A charming dinner companion in the dark, and equally charming by the light of clear eyes.
    Haakon Think she's allergic to water, somehow.
    Ian A merchant. People seem to like her.
    Ilira Damn, she's lovely! She comes off a tad cool and terse at first, but there's a warmth there buried under what seems a past habit to withdraw. And I find her genuinely beautiful, in one of those earthy, understated ways. I /will/ be back.
    Jaenelle While my late husband founded the Silver Consortium, I believe he would be proud of those who have continued after. Sira seems to have a bright mind with attention to detail, both with numbers and cloth.
    Jamie Both knowledgable and helpful in matters completely foreign to me. Quick and to the point with no wasted fluff, it was a welcome change. Should I ever need similar advice I'm certain hers is the place I'd go.
    Jerrica I may have found the most rarest of creatures... a reliable seamstress!
    Jian A very talented tailor with additional gifts. She will be a valued ally.
    Keely I tried to compliment her but I think I made her angry. I often say the wrong thing so I suppose it is not surprising.
    Lenard Master Sira Illuso makes for a fine Voice of the Silver Consortium, strong from her successes and the challenges she's faced.
    Lore She truly seems to get my fashion sense, which is a delight. I can't wait to see what she can do with other designs. I could see this becoming a wonderful friendship.
    Macario A lovely appreciation of fall fashions and expert in their craft.
    Marli She is a marvel, a true artist of her generation. And she's come with the connections to flourish.
    Martino Sampler of chocolates and wine, planning something of a perfect evening for their official store opening. Which they did mention, making them also quite the eager salesperson.
    Mattheu A talented designer and tailor, their views of color and how each works against another is a delicate taste that is something which I wish to see more of.
    Monique A tailor with an eye for the scandalous. Touched by Jayus? I wouldn't doubt it.
    Noah I think I meant to get an outfit from her, but when you wear black well... She seems to be confident in her skills. Perhaps I should see if there is more than just thread and needle.
    Portia If she can get the work done as beautifully as I think she can, I really don't care if she wants to be called Master or Head Tailor or anything else. She knows what questions to ask to move something along. I appreciate that. I bet she could run a military.
    Rook The best combination for a craftsperson - straight to the point as a merchant, truly inspired as an artist. I certainly will be a repeat customer, if she finds me tolerable enough.
    Savio Doomneedle, mistress of the coin and thread. Obviously not to be trifled with. Has some great pajamas available for itinerant drunkards.
    Scipio Guarded. Granted we met at an odd time for me, but this clearly wasn't her reaction to my being slightly off balance. She just seems to be a very guarded individual as a practice. One of the harder people to get a read on. Few words. Unafraid of confrontation - perhaps a tad aggressive even. But what I picked up from her store spoke of other sides to her. Of the desire for space and clarity. Of a tendency towards focus -- she brooks few distractions. And her colors tend towards brighter ones rather than darker ones. But I noticed she didn't wear anything of any particular note despite her profession as a seamstress. I wonder what that means. What her craft means to her. She's odd, if only for the reason that I don't quite have a hold on who she is yet.
    Sofia I appreciate a woman who knows how to get right to the heart of things.
    Sudara What a delight it is to find that someone's reputation seems to have been well-earned: I look forward to furthering my acquaintance with Mistress Illuso, and in particular I hope that the Silver Consortium prospers in her care.
    Terese A talented seamstress and rather plesant company. I do look forward to seeing her when in town.
    Vayne Despite being at a loss, she asks the right questions, which I believe can only lead her down a good path both spiritually and mentally.
    Zakhar Quiet, calculating, and more aware of her surroundings than many might ever give her credit to. Hopefully, someone else sees this. Otherwise, I have a new bird to keep track of.