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Lady Thea Malvici

Stop crying. You'll live.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Bundle of Surprise
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: Female
Marital Status: unmarried
Age: 22
Birthday: 8/25
Religion: Panthenon
Vocation: Medic
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: soft brown
Eye Color: Gold-Flecked Green
Skintone: lightly bronzed

Description: There is a clear softness to the features of Thea’s face. The slight roundness of her cheeks come not from any fat, but the unblemished skin of youth. Expressive gold-flecked green eyes look out on the world with a dash of curiosity, but there lies behind them a devious streak of troublemaker and a stroke of indifference towards matters that either do not interest her, or not Malvici. Her hair is a soft brown colour, wavy over her shoulders but usually plated back from her forehead to the back of her head. A small, snub nose and delicate chin, gives her the feminine features typically found in the Malvici family. A voice that flits, naturally chatty, accompanies her while not on the battlefield.

Thea’s body is toned, youthful, but toned from her training and maintaining herself for any moment when the medic may be called into action. In everything she does, she embodies the determination and willful stubbornness of someone who will get it done and pull her fallen comrades from the line.

Personality: When you are born nearly ten years away from your eldest brother, you have to learn a lot on your own, and you have to work hard. There is an air of determination about Lady Thea that tells you she knows her goals and wants to take them. Yet she is the youngest of the Malvici siblings which leaves her sometimes seeming naive.

Being her father's favourite had her doted upon up all the way through life until his passing, so she has been given luxuries and treats causing some in her youth to call her spoilt. To her, she is not. She worked hard for these and had to listen to Domonico talk about ships and Martino about books for enough hours to earn every single one. She is stern and will express her views which can lead to her having a temper bubbling up if unchecked - she is not used to being told no.

There is an air of youthful playfulness and trouble about her. Still young, she has played a few pranks in Southport that got her in a lot of trouble, but now tries to laugh them off. It's their fault they put on the armour before checking it for thorns. She didn't have to tell them.

Mostly though she is proud of her heritage, of the Malvici and Lyceum. For her, it's House Malvici after all. The House of Glory. The House of War.

Background: The younger than both the Malvici brothers, Martino and Domonico, and arriving as surprise for their father Callo. Thea's upbringing was a mothering of doting affection from her father. As with all Malvici children, Thea was taught how to hold a sword in her right and a shield in her left. Deft on her feet, Thea was quick to avoid the strike and return her own. She served proudly in her compulsory service, using techniques she had learned from her brother in both martial and social terms. She possessed a keen mind and would do extra studies to improve her skills.

After a skirmish between her unit and some Shav raiders left a couple of her comrades dead due to injuries which were not treated in time, she realised she could do more than just fight. After all they had lost all the training and experience of those soldiers and she regretted that needless waste. According to her father's last wishes to not see his only daughter in battle, her mother supported and financed her to join Physician's Guild to learn more in order to become a battlefield surgeon. Here, Thea excelled and on successfully completing her medical education, joined the Malvici Guard as their medic.

Experienced in a fight, but knew a battlefield, she has finished her schooling and travelled to Arx to meet her brothers again and prove herself to Malvici.

Name Summary
Aedin I have met Lady Thea at a particularly grievous time in her life, and she has done nothing but treat her companions with wisdom and grace.
Ajax The Commodores sister. I am sure she'll be just as interesting as her brother.
Alecstazi Troublemakers can sense one another indeed! A wonderfully dry and witty young Lady of Malvici. I shall certainly have to keep an eye on this one.
Alessandro A Lady of Malvici, who is now on the hook for a new library -- I both envy and sympathize with her.
Amir A delightful friend of Dariel's. And apparently a sparring partner worth knowing.
Anisha The Lady Thea seems pleasant enough - though the satchel bag of medicines and something about the leathers she wore makes me think of Lady Eirene. A worthy heir of that legacy, I have no doubt.
Antea A stalwart healer of the Malvici House. I would absolutely ride into battle with her again.
Arcadia A quiet young lady. According to her brother she is all sorts of mischief, but I think there's more brains than he realizes.
Armani She looks pretty, but she's a tough one!
Artur A Malvici healer. She is curious and lovely. I look forward to our travels together. Her company is nice to have.
Ashur A pragmatic and beautiful young lady with a fierce pride in her family.
Athaur Seems very charming and pleasant. A Malvici who does not interrogate you as to your martial prowess is refreshing.
Behtuk Too many questions. She must be friends with that other one. This is one snowbear that will never hunt the hunter.
Bhandn Lord Domonico's sister. Thus far, she seems far less serious than he, but even close family can share the same traits, if in different ways. I wonder if medicine is what causes her severity to emerge?
Bianca Friendly and vivacious; I only regret not being able to speak with her personally.
Braden A Diamond from southport. Stunning to look at, but the real beauty is in the strength and rarity.
Brigida A woman with a good head on her shoulders. She should go far.
Caspian I have a weak spot for cute and funny noble ladies such as this one.]
Conall She has the Malvici quiet down. The stare! I wonder what she's thinking. What she's planning. But, she's also good company, too. When not scheming my demise, of course.
Cristoph She seems like a strong, determined woman with clear goals. I hope my cousin isn't being TOO obnoxious. It would be a shame to lose such a fine potential ally.
Dante Wise past her years and devoted to duty - as a combat medic, no less. Her eyes are fascinating, not just for the color but also the intelligence shown within. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.
Dariel Seemingly playful and perhaps not quite as serious her middle sibling, but then again...
Delfina A charming young woman with a sharp sense of humor. She is the younger sister of Lord Martino, and there seems to be a bit of sibling rivarly going on there. Not that that's a bad thing.
Delilah A lady cast in the House of War, certainly bound to be sharp with that blade and every bit as restrained as her cousins and siblings. Someone to have at your side or back when trouble calls.
Denica Puts itching powder in peoples armor. I like her. I might like her too much for my own good if I am not careful.
Dianna I like this woman; she is sensible, it is clear - and I pity her responsibility to manage that brother of hers!
Dio A Lady with skill in medicine and bladework - among other fine endowments.
Domonico My sister has finally joined us in Arx. She still remembers her training and discipline and stands tall. I'm so happy to see her again.
Erik Lady Thea is quite the martial lady. True to her family nature, she is very war centered and claims to know quite a lot about spears. Maybe she could help me get better at that, but I don't think it will be easy.
Erik The Malvici lady treated my wounds after a ferocious beast attacked my hand. Her quick wit and medical skills saved me from losing my hand and having to wear a hook for the rest of my life!
Esme I always enjoy running into Lady Thea. She always adds a little special place to my heart.
Evaristo Combat medic - so very useful. All that medical talk that I did not understand makes me sure she is REALLY good at that!
Fairen Smart and perceptive, I am glad that we can still work together for the good of both of our houses. Enjoyable to talk to which helps a lot.
Fianna A lovely Lady with much potential for training canines. Her puppy, Finn, is one of the cutest and brightest I've seen. I hope that she and I cross paths again soon.
Fiora Another distant cousin. A female, this time. The sister of Martino and Domonico. She seems quiet, and perhaps easier to deal with then a certain brother of hers.
Gaspar Severe. But there's a vulnerability there that's she good at hiding. It's hard to see someone so lovely struggle to smile. Then again, when she does, it's all the sweeter.
Hickson A courteous Lady of Southport with a charming dog and a most interesting family by all accounts.
Ian Holds her drink pretty well.
Icelyn She is justly proud of her home. And she cares about people, from large groups down to one individual she hardly knows, met by chance in a hot spring. Not everyone has that empathy.
Jacali A battlefield surgeon, is it? My, my, we've more in common than the Lady knows... how interestin' this could be.
Jaerith Clever Malvici. Knows her geography!
Josephine A delightful malice and kind one. With a lovely dog.
Jyri Smart lady this one and good with a bit of everything.
Kaia The lovely sister to the Malvici brothers; her own person, none like the two of them. She's seems nice! I have a feeling we shall become great friends!
Kenna I'm fairly sure that her comments were not at all innocent. I love it.
Kerr You can tell she's Lycene just by looking. But a kind and friendly sort.
Korka I appreciate anyone that's honest with themselves and others about their excessive drinking habits. That's how I know who I should sit with when I see them at a bar.
Lailah Domonico and Martino's sister. An interesting contrast to the both of them, I'm curious to get to know her better.
Leola She throws food at formal dinners and yells at the host. In her defence, he deserved it.
Lorenzo A tough and capable woman, impressive to see her work with a sword. I hope to have the chance to speak with her more the next time our paths cross.
Lucita Sister to Martino and Domonico. She has spirit and a hint of mischief about her and a lively interest in learning about Arx and current events.
Mabelle Fiesty little lady, seems to be keen of bringing trouble to her brothers. I like her.
Madeleine A healer and a warrior. She seems like a soft-spoken woman, much in contrast to my personal brand of boisterousness, but she tolerated me just fine. She is also sister to Lord Domonico who I have a fondness of and her demeanor only further bolsters my opinion of their particular branch of House Malvici.
Magnus A proud Malvici lady, true to her family and their military ways. She seems very dedicated to her craft, which makes for a bright future for her. Definitely someone I'd like to stick around with.
Malcolm Another Malvici, which means that this Lady's got the hawk's share of the talons. Real sharp. Pretty good sense of humor too.
Martino Ah sister Malvici! Seems the brat in you hasn't gone, although is that a frown and a Domonico-inspired stare? Let me show you how to smile.
Michael Lovely, spoken of as a strange swordsman....and with depths of fury that might melt steel.
Mikani Woman has a War Room. Wonder if it's like a Library with Swords.
Miranda The younger sister of my Malvici second-cousins! It must be wonderful to have one's siblings all in one House. I can see she is definitely Malvici and I mean that in the best of ways.
Monique One of the Malvici nobility and a lovely one at that! Quiet, but it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. They /listen/.
Niklas Certainly more enjoyable company than her brothers, but not without a streak of that Malvici practicality.
Orelia Long suffering, and not without humor about it.
Orrin Quiet and every bit as angry as she should have been, under the circumstances.
Peri I love her rainbow of scowls
Petal A medic and a warrior from a great house
Porter Thea is like the little sister that I never got to have. Though I swear if the woman commissions another Captain Glitter Beard painting I'm going to do... SOMETHING. That's right, something.
Quenia When Quenia mentioned putting together a party to help with a potential land expansion, Lady Thea was one of the first to volunteer, a thing she appreciates.
Raimon Of better humor then the other Malvici I have met.
Raven Lady of Malvici, sounds proud of their history and appreciative of my experience. Seems nice.
Reese A warrior and a combat medic, a great combo of skills. I hope to get to know her better.
Roxana The Lady Thea is gorgeous and tough as stone, a perfect example of a Malvici.
Sabella Quiet, but as Lord Domonico's sister I'm sure she has quite the stories to tell!
Sabella Lady Thea Malvici is a little quiet, but I can see the amusement and mischief that flash in her eyes when she talks of certain things! She has never been anything less than gracious with me and I enjoy all of our conversations together! I think we shall become fast friends.
Salvador Rather attentive, but quiet and observant. She didn't ask many questions, but those she did were rather pointed.
Samuele She seems to be a bit focused on manners which is interesting considering her cousin, but still generally pleasant. She seems like she would be a very good candidate for marriage and I don't doubt, that THe duchess Malvici thinks the same.
Sanya She always has her sharp tongue on hand. Consistently entertaining company.
Selene A fine competitor and spirited when it comes to games.
Sigurd A kind woman who has a well trained dog.
Skye Kind to animals, easy to talk to. She seems like someone who could become my friend. Dahlia has certainly given her the stamp of approval.
Sudara Impish sister to a certain bold Commodore: possessed of her own daring, it seems - and the heart to become a healer.
Sven An subtle flavor of the Lyceum
Svoli My sister's husband's sister. Pretty eyes.
Sydney Polite and welcoming, even when I must have looked an absolute wreck - a good look for a Lady, in my mind. I see that physician's bag on her hip, and it makes me even more inclined to get along with her.
Tescelina This raptor is honed, I should love to see her dance and to dance with her some time.
Thesarin Girl's got a steady hand. How Southport makes 'em, seems
Thomas Relentless and unafraid, our medic. And willing to go the extra mile to leave a message for slavers everywhere: do not dare cross us, lest you never wake from your wine.
Vanora The Lady Malvici is an engaging conversationalist, and one with incredible diplomatic tact, yet also stands up for herself with passion. I'd expect nothing less from a Malvici, and could grow to quite like her.
Vayne A welcome compatriot in a most unusual event.
Vercyn She seems quiet, but I think she hides a keen mind behind it all.
Verity Boldness is prime trait in a warrior! Some carry it with quiet pride, but I think I more prefer the openly playful sort. May as well have fun, right?
Vittorio There is something quiet about her. Her discomfort around handling a baby aside, she has set me off footing for my expectations of Malvici.
Volcica A little scholar, perhaps? I saw the way her eyes lit up when a new topic was brought up.
Wash Loves her family. Carries on a lively conversation. May not like my wife. Uncertain but not unusual if so.
Willow Domonico wishes he could be that hard. Still, good casual company.
Ysabel I always delight in her company. I shudder to imagine what she put her brothers through as a child, but they all came through it more or less intact. I'm sure it was good for them!!
Zebulon Appearances may deceive.
Zoey She will be quite the social butterfly, once she finds the courage to open her wings.