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Ilira Starling

Music is to the soul what flight is to the birds.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Boundless Wildling
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Starling
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 12/9
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Performer
Height: short
Hair Color: raven
Eye Color: azure
Skintone: sun-kissed snow

Description: A mere five feet from head to toe, she brims with boundless energy, fire in her azure irises and freedom in her effortless movements. A full, wild mass of raven curls cascades luxuriously about her dainty form to brush the taper of her waist, spun with the richness of velvet and the luster of silk. Fringed lavishly by sable lashes, her deep, crystalline eyes are a melange of blues, immense and softly canted with fiery gold starbursts at the pupils. Her fresh-faced radiance belies the years behind her gaze, with a rosy flush at the apples of her cheeks and a pert little nose above heart-shaped carmine lips which part to flash her pearly teeth. Skin the color of snow glows with undertones of sun-soaked gold, while a silvery hint of scarring laces her collarbone and left palm. Despite her petite delicacy, the generous swell of her bust and the luscious curve of her hips enrich her silhouette, each flow and sway of her lissome body evoking the lean, fluid musculature at her core and throughout her shapely limbs.

Personality: Ilira Starling unequivocally loves to be Ilira Starling. From the passion and whimsy of her nature to the pure vivacity of her demeanor, she strives to enliven the world around her, for its sake as much as her own. Seamless in her dynamism, she might be quirky and fanciful in one breath and devastatingly sensual in the next or the same. She exults in beauty and luxury of every form, be it the decadence of riches and rarities, or the wonder of artistry, or the euphoria of intimacy--or the act of pampering her hair! Too empathetic and genuine for any true self-absorption, her detriments arise more from insecurity, in herself and in others. There is peril in the sincerity with which she engages people, and she tends to trust too quickly, fantasize too deeply, and idolize too highly, leading her to mini heartbreaks when someone disappoints expectations or shatters illusions. This, at its most adverse, transforms her desperation to see the best into a propensity to see the worst. She can be excessively sensitive, so the simplest misunderstandings or disagreements are liable to throw her off. But never for long.

Resilient to the point of defiance, Ilira no longer worries about life breaking her down from the outside; she has been dealt a tragic hand or two and will cheerfully throw her middle finger at anyone here to challenge who she is. Self-confidence is both a strength and a weakness, for outward struggles are easier to defeat than inner fears. Though hers are numerous, she faces each day with her heart in her smile and her soul in her eyes, unconquerable in vulnerability.

Background: On an early golden morning in the southernmost Saffron Isles, when the breeze of the coolest season refreshed the sultry air, an infant was discovered beneath a tree along the shoreline, swaddled in seasilk and peacefully asleep. The Shav'Arvani tribe who inhabited this island were, reasonably, perplexed. She was speculated to be everything from a gift of the shamanic gods to a runaway couple's unwanted, and many spread word of the abandoned child, but no claim was made and no lead could be found on her origins. So into their fold she was taken, bestowed to a pair of young newlyweds. Her newfound caretakers deliberated with their fellow tribespeople around the nightly bonfire on what to call their charge, the most noteworthy suggestions that of Little Sun for the hue of her eyes and Freedom for the circumstance of her discovery. Thus, her name in full and in their native tongue became Ilira the Little Sun, which she would one day reinterpret as Ilira Starling.

These were the inauspicious if mysterious beginnings of the woman who now occupies Arx, much of her life spent beyond the Compact and much of her story unknown to most. She came as a literal shadow of herself, wearing blacks and grays where color once prevailed and speaking low and soft where vivacity once brimmed. Her first order of business upon arrival was to claim an apprenticeship with the Whispers, leveraging her connection to a former Radiant who took her on as protege during her studies in Setarco more than a decade prior. After a year of service and another few of full membership, she, in a move that still surprises many, retired amicably from the house and reclaimed her original name: Starling. She's done her own thing since, establishing herself as an icon in both modeling and designing, reconstructing a home gifted her by Natalia Elwood into an opulent villa, and gradually emerged as a public performer. Despite the contentment and luxury in which she now revels, she remains in search of the answer to her greatest mystery, her heritage, for no story is complete without its beginning.

Relationship Summary

  • Savio - The King of Lost Hopes
  • Liara - When she moves her shoulder, the world moves with it.
  • Temira - My beautiful blonde friend, you are so much more than you believe yourself to be.
  • Viviana - Fuck the power; birth your own.
  • Harlex - Sometimes, I wear a little red hood.
  • Cambria - Darling Duchess Friend
  • Zoey - The eye of the storm
  • Briseis - Incomparably beautiful friend and inspiration
  • Tovell - I'm not sure which of us is which, fuel or fire.
  • Keely - Reminds me of a bloom of luminance.
  • Cassiopeia - A radiant warmth and wonder
  • Celine - At once down to earth and in the clouds!
  • Caspian - My phoenix

  • Acquaintance:
  • Patrizio - Perhaps one day we'll make it past these happy encounters of chance.
  • Yelana - We have fun, don't we?
  • Esme - Life isn't all sunshine and roses, except when you're around.
  • Iseulet - An old friend grown distant
  • Martino - His company is like a fine glass of wine, in that I'll indulge when presented but prefer whiskey.
  • Hadrian - My favorite contrarian!
  • Ann - My twin from another kin!
  • Aisha - No diamond glitters as bright.

  • Patron:
  • Anisha - Despite her title, she has always seemed a mistress of shadow to me, either employing it or casting it in her wake. I should know; I was one when we met, but by the luminosity of her words and her touch, I rediscovered my own light again.
  • Cesare - Ally? Friend? Wherever we stand, I know we remain on the same side and act from the same place.
  • Gianna - On the surface, we couldn't be less alike, but in all my dealings with her, I get a sense deep down that our souls are cut from a similar cloth. Music, power, riches, fame, defiance--these are the cornerstones of my status in the capital, and I think they're hers too.

  • Client:
  • Sofia - My lovely Lenosian
  • Jaenelle - A dove amongst foxes

  • Deceased:
  • Monique - Blaze forever
  • Dio - Our first kiss was our last, and barely had I mourned before I discovered you never even deserved that.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Pleasant and of nimble wit, she's a self-described woman of the sword and the wood. I recognize in her a like-minded adventurous spirit, perhaps a future traveling companion.
    Adrienne Ilira Starlys responded to an advertisement of mine requesting a lutist. She's an elegant and precise young woman, one who knows how to put on a performance. I have no doubt she will soon be a full Whisper if it remains her intent.
    Aisha She is so much more brilliant than any diamond.
    Alarissa I am not fond of Whispers, I never have been. But she counts amount the new ones that are changing my mind and learning to appreciate them better.
    Alexis I don't quite know what to make of her. She's Lycene, but not. Polite and pleasant, more a courtier than a warrior - but has some practice in the field. New to Arx, that much is obvious. A mystery woman, but not in a bad way. And if I'm going to spar with her then I guess I'll get the chance to know her better and dispel some of that mystery.
    Amund A mistress with a mysterious past, industrious and a captivating story, though I heard only a little of that. Given that she seems to be of a martial background, our paths are bound to cross once more.
    Anisha Her tale of origin has a hint of the fantastic to it - but far from unbelieveable. Her charm is polished, her manner impeccable. Of course I could do nothing but extend an invitation to see how she'd shine and glitter among fellow jewels of the Compact.
    Ariella A fellow captain! Wouldn't have guessed it. They do say that looks can be deceiving. Sure is a good quality to possess, for a Whisper.
    Arman The Whisper, while small in stature seems imbued with a boundless energy that brings warmth to those around her. Possessed with a practiced charm that is applied through unorthodox methods.
    Aswin She seems ready enough to do what needs to be done. I'd be interested in seeing how skilled she is with those blades sometime.
    Braith Evaristo spoke so highly over and I see why. I am certain we will continue to enjoy each other's company.
    Branwen I had misjudged her at first sight, thinking her another simple southerner. But she has hidden depths and we seem to have much in common. I expect our paths will cross frequently.
    Brigida Quick to smile, perhaps too quick.
    Calla Effortlessly graceful and gregarious. She practically glides everywhere she goes.
    Cambria I wrote to her on a whim. Or was it? They say there is no such thing as fate, but I sometimes wonder if things still do not happen for a reason. No matter - we have found one another, and in the end, Arx may either laugh or weep.
    Camilla A truly charming individual, with grace and wit. Her tremendous wardrobe is exceeded only be her generosity and consideration.
    Caprice Like a mote of light, bright and beguiling but hard to keep in sight.
    Cassandra When I went to the Whisper House, I was looking for a night to simply forget that I was the Sword of the Faith, a chance to unwind, relax and be pampered. Whisper Ilira did so much more. She made me feel like I was a treasured bloom she had just found in the forest and I find myself wanting to learn more about her.
    Cecilia Impressive woman. She is something to be admired. I hope we speak again.
    Celine You only have to look at this lovely woman to see why she is one of my most favourite designers in the city. Her eye for fashion is sublime.
    Cerys Every bit as delightful as I remember her, a collage of impressions that each individually gratify the senses, and together form a woman whose company is sure to brighten even the most sullen of moods.
    Cesare The finest art in being a Whisper lies not in physical beauty, nor in any of our many arts, but in the ability to evoke confidence and confession by the graciousness of one's nature, and Ilira has that in spades. And, it should be noted, plenty of the others as well. She is a delight to spend time with, and I'll be delighted to learn more of her story.
    Cesare Guiding light for a lost soul
    Claude A lively and alluring young woman. Seemed full of passion for things artistic and not afraid to pay for it.
    Corrigan I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. I ask you, to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now, it's here. Or should I say, Ilira is.
    Cristoph I would say the chances of making a worthwhile connection while both people are blindfolded is fairly slim. But she's a wonderful conversationalist with an infinitely interesting history and just as fascinating future. It will be interesting to see if the initial friendship builds to something solid.
    Dante When people say they come from everywhere, I am usually quite skeptical and find that a dodge. But Ilira left me with the distinct impression that she is worldly enough to make that statement true. Charming and gracious, polite and mysterious, beautiful and intelligent, she is someone that I do hope to hear many tales from.
    Daria A person whom is silent and onserving. I think she is a person worthy of note. We could possibly become great allies given time
    Desiree She's like my totally sweet friend and I already love spending time with her. Something of a mystery around her as well. Cute as a button and wise. I think she'll tell me what I need to hear.
    Dimitri When I met Mistress Ilira, she was surrounded by nobles from Ladies to Princes and Princesses. To her credit, she didn't shy away in the least, which speaks well to her character.
    Dio Beauty and elegance wed to insight and a bit of danger.
    Domonico A former warrior and sailor turned Whisper and Bard? Such a background could make for an impressive range of skills and experiences to draw upon.
    Drake A swordswoman who aspires to become a Champion. She has the killer instinct, and she's stubborn, but she may still need for training. Happy enough to provide a spar or two...
    Erik She made an impression just by walking into the room. But then also knowing now, that she is a friend of Esme's will have me want to learn more.
    Esme She's radiant! I almost feel like I'm looking at myself in a mirror image, but not like the Tehom mirror. I mean I don't have ear points or pointy teeth. They are adorable little fangs though. Such nice fangyfangs. Anyways, I am sure we are going to be the best of friends.
    Evander Perhaps it was only a pleasant mood, but somehow she strikes me as the sort who's rarely seen without a smile. Friendly, polite, warm. All admirable traits, but even the brightest flame will burn out if it's not given the chance to breathe.
    Evaristo A fellow sailor, lovely and social and with an eye for a good fight? What's not to like!
    Evelynn A whisper-bard, one whom Iseulet seems especially fond of. And who is interested in discussing the Thirteenth.
    Everett A stunning vision in diamantine heels who chose to grace our market kiosk, eschewing a purchase of honeysilk for, instead, a procurement of actual honey. Far more apropos if you'd ask me, given the sweetness of that smile. Will have to find out her favorite desserts once Anisha has made the catering arrangements. But, until then, there is pie!
    Faye A woman with a preference for wildness over careful cultivation, even as she has a fine appreciation for gardens and flowers.
    Felicia Quick with a blade and stoic in the face of filth. Always admirable.
    Gaspard Stunning at a glance, I have to keep my wits around her. I know nothing of her, and that spells trouble. Beyond that, furthering my assessment, she betrays your eyes with feats of strength and agility. Someone to keep at arms length, until they show their true face.
    Gio A sterling Starling with a ring for every finger, and a laugh as musical as silver - she seems a delight!
    Grady Really a first rate eye, and mind, for art.
    Grazia An enthusiastic Whisper with an appreciation for beauty and a talent for diplomacy. Thoughtful. Insightful. Empathetic. Quite capable for seeing the many facets of an issue.
    Haakon Talks fancy, dresses rich. If a body has seen one Whisper, I've seen them all.
    Harlex The first time we met I believed she was a dream, soft silk and wild dark hair with eyes as clear as gemstones in a blue sun. Introspective, honest -- kind when I need it, teasing when I do not. I'll keep coming around long as she'll have me.
    Herbert I truly look forward to what she designs. She strikes me as ambitious and talented, in multiple fields.
    Ian Very tiny.
    Isabeau Intriguing fashion sense, I'd definitely like to see more.
    Iseulet A woman of good humor - that frequents a few places I do and that I can appreciate very much. I look forward to getting to know her more.
    Jaenelle A charming woman who has recently entered into an apprenticeship with the Whisper House. A fine pairing, and I look forward to hearing all about her accomplishments in the years to come.
    Jyri Bright, charming and easy to talk to - seems like someone that will go far.
    Karina Flamboyant, friendly and exciting to be around. Her personality seems contagious, in a good way!
    Kastelon A woman of delicate frame. I wish she had finished the pie I gave her, but she did not. Alas, for she needed it more than I. Picking at her food like a bird with a fork.
    Keely Effervescent and conveying a certain Muchness that reminds me of my cousin Sabella. Everything one might expect of a former Whisper.
    Kia Whisper Ilira has a warmth that easily draws others into conversation with herself. Port is not her friend, she said, and this does not surprise me.
    Klaus A stunning woman and a tailor who is willing to indulge in fancy. I believe there is a future there as far as supplying clothing to myself and my wife.
    Korka Quiet in the way of a person that everyone will soon be talking about.
    Kritr A talented swordswoman with a squirrel. I think the squirrel is more personable, but the woman more dangerous. I know, surprising first impression.
    Ksenia A Whisper and so very friendly and welcoming that her presence seems warming.
    Lena Talks... like a highborn woman. Isn't. Good to study for well-to-do merchant, ennobled.
    Lexir Only two things of Ilira have not changed - her height, and one other that I will keep close to my heart, as I will keep her. Your lion has found his way to you once more.
    Lianne The swing of the pendulum, if such a thing could ever be a choice and not merely a matter of gravity. Choice is always important.
    Liara A picture of grace and liveliness and so very daringly dressed. I am sure she will flourish in the city, with that sort of energy.
    Lucita A lovely Whisper with a talent for singing and organizing things. We had a lively discussion about types of music and emotions about which she was most insightful. I look forward to speaking with her more.
    Mabelle A beautiful woman skilled on the battlefield and on the stage alike. A dangerous combination.
    Macario A beautiful wildling with a pertinacity to dance, she lit up an otherwise dull autumn evening with a wonderful spectacle.
    Maren Intriguing young woman, a fellow beloved of the sea, and an aquaintance of my Zyanya. It seems as though we bear many things in common, however different in practice they might be. I will look forward to getting to know her more, if there is the opportunity.
    Marena She strikes me as bright and bubbly, and while I might not ever know what to do with that, she has a refreshing and glowing presence. It doesn't surprise me she was once a Whisper, though I'm curious as to why she stopped, because it seems she would be so very good at it.
    Martino Good charm about the Messere, quick to smile and relax. Took some time to reach us here in the city and, well, one does hope she is able to draw all she can from the fine city.
    Mattheu Sailor, dancer, adept in direction for drink of the day, true understanding to choice being within the right direction. I wonder what else there will be found within the depths of this bright walking summer rain with scattered roses.
    Medeia Should I have have want or need of a new twin, I choose Ilira. I have my reasons.
    Miella Exhaustingly vibrant and full of positive energy.
    Monique A dear friend. Have you seen her dance? You really should.
    Nazmir Ilira is a charming little creature, one who is truly a delight in which to spend time with. I look forward to learning more about her.
    Neilda Some people hit a little trouble and wilt. Not her. I bet that's not the last we see of each other.
    Neve She fights like lightning given solid form; flash and fire. She flirts much the same way.
    Niklas Appears to have a grave misunderstanding of what it is to be a famous wealthy celebrity artist prince. Though I suppose most people do.
    Nina She truely speaks in such a romantic and lyrical way! A fellow bard with stories to share!
    Noah She's beautiful. I suppose that's all I have for an impression, but I'm certain there will be more.
    Orland She loves everyone. There's nothing that screams fake more than that.
    Oskar A charming young lass. Apparently a warrior, too. Commendable - specialization is for insects.
    Pasquale She hasn't grown an inch taller but she sure has grown.
    Piccola A quick, skilled fighter with an infectious smile that hits like a spiteful viper and deserves much respect.
    Poppy She didn't judge and is warm and open. I enjoy her company very much.
    Quenia She is a whimsical woman that is hard to pin down.
    Raimon Eyes with a Depth to them liken unto the Sea itself. Beauty, caprice, and danger amix'd
    Raymesin Sharp as her blade, but trust isn't so fast.
    Reese I want to learn more about her, she has something about her that draws one in, but I cannot quite pin point it fully yet. I want to learn more, all about her, what she does for a living and what she likes and well much more.
    Remus Who is this beauty with such a voice and wit? How could I have forgotten, even for a moment? But she is from home, and that is an odd comfort. Someone to share tales of the Saffron with when homesick.
    Romulius Whatever it is that retirement from Whisper House might entail, there's little doubt that Messere Starling retains all the talents that she learned during her time as a professional courtier. She's possessed of an empathy that's rare in the capital.
    Rook Smart, charming, attractived. And disciplined. Great combination. She is going to be very successful once she settles in on what she wants to do.
    Sabella The Whisper has a levity, a freedom, to her carriage and presentation that is not often seen in the city. Even so, there is something that seems guarded in her. Nothing to blame her for, we all have things to keep safe.
    Samira A most intriguing woman, one who understands the value of presenting certain qualities to the world but preserving one's innermost thoughts and desires. She seems capable, determined, confident in her abilities - as she should be. We're like-minded in many ways, I think, and hers is company I find myself enjoying.
    Savio Similar homelands and love for music, paired with a bright heart and a keen mind. What a lovely light to find in this dark world, and what warmth to enjoy on a gray winter day.
    Scipio Bright. High energy. She seems... confident, perhaps? She seemed to have no qualms opening her robes and showing Lady Mabelle Laurent her night gown, despite my being right there. Somehow without it seeming indecent. That's probably because she's an ex-Whisper. Now a talented seamstress.%r%rAll said. I enjoy her. Her mere presence brings a smile to my face, which can be said of very, very few who are not Harrows. Though, she did betray hints of... an aggression? A ferocity. Something hot and sharp dangerous when pointed the wrong way.
    Sebastian A talented musician; being that she was trained in Setarco, I shouldn't be surprised. I look forward to hearing her perform again soon.
    Seren Ilira was quiet for most of the conversation, but as soon as she returned I could tell I would like her. She's a troublemaker, and those are the best people to be friends with.
    Sira What a striking beauty. Are all the tailors in this city gorgeous? If they're all so welcoming, I'll have no excuse not to have friends.
    Sirius Another sailor freshly arrived, foolishly seeking fortune and glory in this Capitol of the damned. Her boat should've never docked on Arx, yet here she is, and now she must turn to the conditions of those poor devils who remain.
    Sofia She is a breath of fresh air with a delightful wildness about her that makes me want to hold hands and skip in the middle of a meadow, something I would plainly never do otherwise.
    Sorrel A bard with a fighting spirit who loves the sea! I need to remember her name; she's got so much potential that perhaps I could help her realize.
    Svana Ilira Whisper, formerly Starlys. She is certainly captivating, with her unique looks and attention to delicate touches. She flatters too much. She'll make an even better Whisper if she learns a healthy balance there, but I should get to know her better before I judge too much.
    Sydney Knows her way around a blade, and doesn't lack the resolve to put it to proper use - it doesn't matter a whit that she's short, when she's so capable.
    Tamsin I love the life that this woman embodies. She seems so vibrant. A perfect model! I'll have to keep her in mind for future projects.
    Terese Quite easy to talk with at ease and effortlessly beautiful. I think I could learn a bit on the subtle art of socalizing. I definately hope to continue to get to know her well and see her skills with a blade.
    Thea An intersting woman to the say the least. I'm sure we will have quite the conversations.
    Valdemar Apparently she is a skilled scout. And it seems we will see how her merciful approach to treating enemies will turn out.
    Valerius Captain Whisper. The best choice for providing introductions in a crowded pub crawl.
    Veronica Singer, swordswoman, sailor, with a lilt and turn of phrase that makes her speech very difficult to ignore. Some women are natural beauties, and Ilira is one of them. But she has gods' gifts far beyond that.
    Videl A lovely prodigal woman, she seems pleasant and I hope she finds a good home here in Arx.
    Vincenzo So very much not what I expected when she introduced herself as a Whisper. She has the charm and elegance becoming anyone of that House, but the relaxing, playful banter was more then unexpected. It made the evening pass by and the banter painted such elegant pictures, leaving them seared in imagination.
    Vitalis How is she not freezing?
    Vittorio A shinning star in the night's sky. A bard and a Whisper. Sounds like a good plan for an entertaining evening.
    Viviana Ilira is a wonderful companion, and I could have used her on deck countless times in the past handful of years. It is good to see her again and know she's in the capital.
    Wash A clever woman, ably prepared for her independence and making the most of it.
    Wren A "student"--and I say that loosely--of Rook's in the art of the deal. She seems warm and friendly at first glance. But I bet beneath that sweetness lies the fierce heart of a predator--of the markets. I'll stay on the lookout for this one. She's undoubtedly going places.
    Wylla A woman of great creative potential with a touch of brashness and confidence that's essential in a performer.
    Zakhar a lovely one that will take the time to sit and talk, no matter what the subject nor what you're drinking
    Zoey Very insightful and at least a little ambitious. There is a good heart in there too, which will ensure that using the former because of the latter will not cause undue harm.
    Zyanya She says very little but listens much. It is well practiced this performance with her companion, he the song, she the instrument.