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Unofficial Society of Helpers Open Meeting (Autumn 1017)

In light of recent events, Princess Keely Grayson and Princess Denica Thrax feel it prudent to call together another Society of Helpers meeting.

It is open to ALL, and there are no memberships or the like. If you want to be a Helper, you are one, so please do come.

If you have a personal matter you'd like to request help with, please send a note to Princess Keely with as much detail as you can comfortably share, and help will be requested anonymously. I will put you in touch after the fact.


This is primarily an organized plot sharing meeting - if you have a plot you would like to involve interested people in, this is the place!

If you have a SECRET and want help ANONYMOUSLY, you may share it with Keely via letter or me OOCly in a mail. I PROMISE to keep it confidential, only share the details you like and only at the meeting, and you will be put in control of contacting anyone who volunteers for help. I will never out you.

We will be calling for interest in running one of an offshoot series of events in topics like field medicine/first aid, crisis management, self defense, and so on. If you like teaching RP, feel free to volunteer and we'll get you set up!

At the end there will be a little group therapy sesh for any characters who are having a hard time with current events. The log will be turned off for it, but everyone is invited and welcome to stay so long as they are respectful. No antagonistic RP please.

Any questions can be sent via messenger or mail :)


July 3, 2022, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Keely Denica


Mabelle Aconite Nicos Griffin Kael Gaspar Katya Grady Martino Mattheu Kiera Giada Tesha Ilira Brannen Udell



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Stormbird's Roost - Public Room

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Comments and Log

Mattheu gets a cheerful Society of Helpers badge from an elegant, woven basket.

Nicos gets a cheerful Society of Helpers badge from an elegant, woven basket.

Gaspar takes a cheerful Society of Helpers badge from an elegant, woven basket.

Mabelle smoothes her badge because she's already wearing it.

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Vern, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Kael.

Martino gets a cheerful Society of Helpers badge from an elegant, woven basket.

The Stormbird Roost is abuzz with soft chatter this beautiful autumn afternoon, the balcony doors open to let the fresh breeze inside, crisp air mingling with the warm smells of exotic spices and fireplace. The tables have been arranged in a semi-circle around the bar, which is heaped with snacks for people to help themselves. Coffee and various teas are arranged to one side, including a Eurusi milk tea that Keely helps herself to prior to settling at her table. She watches with a soft smile that grows with each new person as they filter in and settle, murmuring quiet greetings to everyone before it is time to begin. She clears her throat and rises, smoothing her hands against her full skirt and adjusting her cheerful Society of Helpers badge on her lapel, meeting eyes with Denica and then lifting her gentle voice in attempt to address the room above the light, merry din.

He-hello everyone," she begins. "Thank you all for coming. This is the second meeting of the Society of Helpers, and it is good to see so many faces, new and returning. I would first like to turn the floor over to Princess Denica, who has some words for us all in these tumultuous times. And then I have a few things to say, and then we will open the floor and welcome forward those who wish to introduce themselves and either request or offer help." She then clears her throat again, taking a deep breath and turning her dark eyes once more to her fellow princess across the way as she hesitantly sinks back into her seat.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Dressed in a tailored tweed pant-suit, the short princess of Maelstrom stands up to a modest height. What she lacks in size, she makes up with an unexpected loud and vibrant voice. "Welcome," her tone surprises her. There is a glint of determination in her eyes, that builds the moment she begins to speak. "It's easy to get lost in tragedy. To be unsure, to not know what to do, or where to step," the princess takes in a breath, these words seeming to sum up the last couple weeks for her. They are fresh and raw. "It's okay.," she is probably telling herself this.

"We all find our place. We all -have- a place and we end up where we are needed. Because we are all needed so much. Plans form, purpose is found, we are all just looking for the right path, the right choice. But, it's okay to misstep, that's normal and that's how we learn and get better." A small smile forms, "you are all so beautiful and what is in your heart is strong and that makes all the difference in this challenging world." A beat, while Denica comes to the ask, "so I encourage you to do two things, be curious. Be curious, ask questions, because in that curiosity, you will find so much more. The second? Just be you, nothing more, nothing less, you are perfect as you are. The rest? Whatever." This was probably a speech she needed to give herself, but an audience helps and by the end of it, she seems to have something formed in her mind and more of a focus in her eyes. The sight of everyone, it touches her at her core and before she can get too emotional, she's sitting back down at the bar.

Aconite looks away from her conversation with Martino to smile at Princess Keely before her dark-eyes attention drifts to Denica.

Nicos leans against the balcony as he lights his pipe slowly with a nod of his head as he watches and listens. He is quiet for the moment, as he exhales through his nose. His fingers of the left hand is tapping at his cane, as he nods to a few of the words with a look of agreement.

Mabelle shifts her focus from Keely to Denica being attentive to both.

Griffin enters quietly, and nods to the people he knows, and those he doesn't. And takes a seat.

Arriving midway through Keely's opening speech comes Kael, his expression a smooth thing but there are tell-tale signs that the Marquis Keaton was not intending to be late, and thus had to hustle at the last moment. He does so dislike tardiness, after all. Still, he executes a smooth bow toward the hosts in such a swift fashion that it is apparent this is more apologetic than not. He scans the chamber in brief, nodding to familiar faces, as he takes post at the very edge of the bar. It allows him to look sidelong at the refreshments without actually indulging, you see.

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The marquis-regent of Tessere is settled with fine company at the bar and listens to both Keely's introduction and Denica's imploring speech. Gaspar lets an easy smile form that curls his lips and just barely reaches the corner of dark eyes. A nod is given to each princess after they finish.

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Katya quietly makes her way in. Maybe she wants to help! Maybe she wants to be helped! Hard to say, because she doesn't have a sign hanging on her, and she's certainly not speaking up right away. It's just an arrival and a quick look around before heading to find herself a place to sit quietly.

Katya has joined the an arabesqued blackwood bar.

Grady has taken a seat near Udell and chatters a happy greeting to him before falling silent to listen to Denica and Keely speak. He's a little thinner than usual (somehow), with his hair in its usual state of beyond the control of mortal men, his mobile features arranged in the warm, smiling expression of someone who is genuinely glad to find himself where he presently is, and with his current company.

Leaning from the niche, Martino's lips are curling into a faint smile to the room while holding his gaze upon first the Princess Keely before Princess Denica. Holding his glass of wine between his fingertips, a quick swirl before shifting once more back into his seat comfortable.

Beaming with pride and eyes glistening a little with emotion, Keely forgets herself for a moment and lifts her delicate hands to lightly applaud Denica, but with a flush of her cheeks she quickly remembers that it's her turn again and she swiftly rises again. "Thank you, your highness. That is, of course, the origin of the Society of Helpers. When I first came to Arx and had a... jarring introduction to some of the less pleasant realities of the world, someone dear to me told me that I had a choice. I could close my eyes and turn away from it, remain helpless. Or I could stand up and fight. So, with the help of wonderful people, I chose the latter and began searching to find my role in things. I found it, and I wanted to make a place full of that kind of friend, for others with these questions, or others who wish to help with these questions, to come together. This is a safe place for you to share, to request and offer help, to be yourself without fear of judgment. So... with that, I will open the floor. Please, if you would like to speak, first introduce yourself. Say whether you are requesting or offering help, and then offer as much detail as you are comfortable with." And then she sits, making a gentle gesture to begin going around the room, for those who wish to speak.

Mattheu does his best to keep bells from singing out too loudly as he moves at the bar in conversation with the others. A nod to Keely and raise of his cup before holding his cup low to listen further

Kiera is coming into the room as denica speaks but halts her progress until the princess finishes speaking and then makes her way acrossto the bar

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Turn in line: Mabelle

1 Knight of the Temple, 1 Templar Knight guards, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask, a tall and silent woman with only one hand arrive, following Giada.

2 Telmarine Guards arrives, following Tesha.

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Giada slips in as quietly as possible, hands in the pockets of her Archlector's longcoat. Without a word she scans the room until she's located Martino and Aconite. That is the path she takes.

Giada has joined the a shadowy niche.

Mabelle gazes at Denica but turns her eyes to Keely once more, "When tragedies hit Arx it is easy for someone to find how to help but when its a certain fealty, especially one of naval prowess", she squeeze's Denica's forearm, "One finds it difficult to navigate how to help. I have spoken to your ministers but I would like to openly offer my assistance as physician and diplomat to you and yours and to everyone who is in need of it", she smiles to the rest of the room. "If you need help with raising a project, if you want to hold a social but are not certain how to go about it, I am able to help. So there's that. For now. I think", she grins and hopes to have opened the floor.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: There is a delicious spread of snacks set out upon the bar charcuterie-style, alongside a tiered platter of pastries, chocolates, and fruit, crudite, and a selection of establishment specialties all with exotic spices and flavors. There is a coffee and tea bar, and attendants are quietly circulating to take orders for stronger drinks.

OOC: line/getinline if you'd like to participate!

Get 1-badge from basket if you would like a badge!

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Turn in line: Gaspar

Keely smiles warmly to Mabelle as she speaks, dipping her head deeply to the woman. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle Laurent." Her focus then turns to Gaspar, a silent recognition of his turn to speak.

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Taking a sip from a small flask, she looks appreciative at Mabelle when she gives her forearm a squeeze and she returns the gesture. When the woman talks about her willingness to help with a variety of things, she mouths the sincere words 'thank you', to her. A fond look as given to her friend's kindness and her varied talents.

Lifting his chin to welcome Giada into the alcove, Martino's glass is welcoming her into it while shifting to make space within it.

Nicos nods towards Mabelle as she is speaking, with another burst of smoke from his nose from his ornate pipe. As he leans over the edge of the balcony, studying watching his fingers moving along the top of his cane tapping it.

Aconitesmiles to Giada before taking another bite of her flatbread and watching the room. The Softest Whisper's eyes drifting from Denica back to Keely and then to Marquis Gaspar.

Gaspar rises from the bar when it comes his turn. A hand smooths down the front of his tunic, imaginary wrinkles banished once again. "Some of you may recall months back that a formation, not at all dissimilar to this one, was formed with the help of Lady-General Piccola called The Arvani League. It's mission is to bring those from smaller houses together to see how we might help one another." Lips press together as he turns from Keely, Denica and lastly to Martino. "While Great Houses and duchies usually have problems equivalent to the size of their holdings, occasionally relatively minor annoyances can get lost, forgotten. And so it is our goal that through this unification of families that we can see what needs to be done at a more 'micro' scale compared to the vast turmoils troubling the Compact and our neighbors today. Anyone house the size of a march, county or barony is welcome to attend and it is our hope to dig into the minutiae of what may ail our great families." He gives Denica and Keely a nod. "Thank you, your highnesses." And then settles right back down into his chair.

Tesha is a bit late and she scoots in as quietly as she can with a case in hand that looks about the size of a sword. Sometimes you had deliveries at the oddest of times. She finds herself a place to settle in for the meeting, but remains quiet as she's gotten here as people are talking. She does give a look around the room to see if there are familiar faces and nods to those that she does recognize.

Ilira shakes off a moment of mindlessness and settles her attention on the proceedings, reclined languid and velvet-clad upon a pile of cushions by the fire.

Turn in line: Brannen

With a dip of her chin to Gaspar, Keely's focus is quickly settling on Brannen, who is offered a gentle smile of welcome and given a light, encouraging gesture of her hand.

Watching as Gaspar speaks she gives every speaker her attention, shifting so she can lean against the bar, taking small sips from her flask. As Brannen gets up next, her gaze drifts there, keen to hear everything folks have to say and the vast topics that come out of a collective conversation. The occasional look is given to Keely, as though silently checking in with her.

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As Keely addresses Brannen, he gives her a courteous nod before he starts to speak. His steel armor as well as demeanor clearly show that he is used to wearing armor. "Thank you for your invitation. My name is Sir Brannen Harthall. As a Knight of Solace, I have sworn my arm and my life to the protection of the travellers and merchants on the roads." His right arm unconsciously touches his sword hilt as he pauses. "I do not know a lot about these strange things that are happening... seemingly everywhere. However, I did find myself fighting against huge beasts and unsavory critters. I shall spare you the details so you can enjoy your tea." A soft smile, with the slightest hint of nervousness, appears for a moment. "In accordance with my vow I offer my help to any who need a sword against everything which must not be and must cease to be. I will offer my ears and my insight to any who feel unable to carry their burden alone."
He studies attending people, then looks at the ground, thinking about what else to add. Then he looks back at the audience. He nods briefly, "Thank you."

"Thank you, Sir Brannen Harthall. You are most welcome among the Helpers. Everyone, Sir Brannen has offered to hear those who are burdened and I encourage you to seek him out if you do not wish to do the group sharing scheduled for after this meeting. Not one of us can face the darkness in this world alone, and it is a sign of strength to ask for help when one is struggling. We are stronger together." Brannen is afforded a broad, warm smile from Keely, and she turns her focus next to Kiera.

Nicos has joined the line.

Turn in line: Kiera

Tesha gives a smile when she sees Brannen step up to speak and the woman listens to him. It seemed that there were more creatures out there to fight. She gives a dip of her head to the Knight and then goes back to quietly listening as others are lining up to add to the gathering.

Udell listens to Brannen's offer from his seat and smiles at Keely's words after, lifting his cup of coffee to them in tacit and silent approval before drinking from it, his attention drawn to Kiera now.

The short princess raises her flask as to toast those words, 'we are stronger together'.

Giada lifts her hand from the niche to indicate a desire to speak eventually.

Griffin ecoes that sentmint. "Here, here!"

Giada has joined the line.

From his lean at the bar, Kael's focus shifts to Brannen when he speaks. The Knight of Solace has the Keaton straightening up slightly in a most respectful way. This could be due to the knight's words or the organization he belongs to. Whatever the case, he happens to toast the man when he reaches the end of his statement - with a scone, but he tries. Kael clears his throat when he recognizes the pastry in hand and sets it down discreetly on a napkin. Once this is done he turns and offers a few brief, discreet words to someone down the length of the bar.

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Kiera rises from her place at the bar and speaks evenly "First, of all I would like to thank their highnesses keely and Denica for bringinging us together today. As an advocate for peace, one can often find oneself at a loss for what to do in times of conflict. Seeking peace however does not mean that I fail to recognize we all must fight in our way. Most know me as a scholar and that indeed is what primarily consider myself, but i wish no to believe that i consider myself tied to libraries. I am also my houses voice and have avid interest in diplomacy and skills in medicine. I am also not wholly averse to facing danger when such is needed. I am simply not a soldier or knight but will readily face danger in search of knowledge or diplomatic missions. my time in the explorers has helped me augment my mental skills with physical ones and i look forward to helping solve the mysteries and problems that we face

Listening to Brannen, she gives a sincere nod of appreciation to his words before she is looking over at Kiera who is taking the floor after. There is something inspiring about so many people coming together to offer their assistance, and this is not lost on Denica. Taking in a small breath, she seems to be reveling in this common feeling of care and helpfulness that is shared throughout the room.

Turn in line: Nicos

"Well said, Lady Kiera Wyvernheart," Keely voices softly, her smile growing detectably when Kiera discusses the difficulties of finding one's role in conflict. She nods to the woman's offers of her abilities and willingness to face danger, and dips her chin before turning her eyes to Nicos to acknowledge him next.

Nicos leans over the edge of the balcony as his pale grey eyes study the room as he speaks up his voice carries but it is soft spoken. "My name is Nicos Ulbran, I'm a money lender and broker from Your Coins Now." His hand is dips into a bow as he looks over at the many gathered as he speaks slowly. "I have a plan, that I will need help with from those of kind hearted, those that wish to leave the world in a better state than we have found it. I wish to make the lowers, a better place for the oprhans, the poor, and the broken. I wish to speak to anyone with a desire to do such, it is a long term goal. But, I figured this is a good place to find help in time. The troubles of the world are vast, but if we allow our own to suffer that is the not something I feel many wish. Now, than that is all. It is a pleasure to see so many of warm hearts and giving hearts. It restores my faith in this world."

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Keely sits up a little straighter when Nicos steps forward and makes clear he is asking for help. It isn't that she wasn't attentive to the others, but that this must be handled a little differently than offers of aid. "That is a wonderful cause, Messere Ulbran," come her gentle tones. Her eyes drift around the room and she continues, "Has everyone present taken note? If you wish to become involved in this project, Messere Nicos Ulbran is the person to contact, and he can be found at his broker shop, Your Coins Now. However, if you would like to volunteer now, please indicate yourselves for Messere Ulbran to identify."

Turn in line: Giada

After a general show of hands for Nicos, Keely is heartened and smiles broadly, concluding to him, "House Pravus is also deeply involved in helping the Lowers. I suggest contacting Prince Patrizio Pravus and Princess Renata Pravus as well as these fine Helpers. Thank you for taking up such a cause." And then her focus turns to Giada with a respectful bow of her head.

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Giada stands, glass of red wine in her hand with which she gestures vaguely at Nicos. "Messere, Father Vayne and I have been working towards a meeting with those in the Lowers in order to find out what aid would be most beneficial. Please send both of us a message and we'll arrange a time to chat."

Her olive green eyes return to those gathered, a somewhat raffish grin stealing across her lips. "Of course, I do also feel that I should point out that the Mirrormasks are also available should any have burdens and need help Reflecting. It is a core facet of our purpose and honours the Thirteenth God as well. Every Consultation offered by one of His Mirrormasks is as confidential as a Black Journal; none will betray your trust. We are here to serve the Faithful and invite you to come."

Keely's chin dips again to Giada, deep and respectful. "Thank you very much, Archlector Giada, for attending and for reminding us that the Mirrormasks are available to help burdened hearts," she says quietly, allowing a pause to linger so she can be sure everyone has absorbed the offer before carrying on to the next!

Turn in line: Martino

Gathering up to his feet from the alcove he is sat in, the Malvici Duke's fingertips adjust the structured jacket worn. Martino's lips curling easily, his chin lifting up as he is speaking across to the room. "I make an offer of my own services, but also, a call for aid. We may be a Duchy with Duchy-sized issues, but these issues still requires many hands from across the Compact." Turning his torso for a moment, Martino is setting down his glass of wine on the table beside while his Lycene tones continue, "First, my offer. I have researched a little, or a lot, on a wide number of topics. There are few things I have not held a piece of information about, so do call upon me for that." Tilting his head after, he continues on, "As for what I require help with? We are still dealing with the Abandoned who struck down our Duchess but, also, there is a new city within our holdings of mostly Abandoned. Therefore, a single offer will be made to them to see to our ways in full and... I am seeking any who will either help with such or with rebuilding the city in the values of the Compact."

Aconite has joined the line.

Keely is again sitting up a little when Martino brings forward his matter, and she dips her chin before turning her focus to those gathered. "Duke Martino Malvici is requesting help in dealing with the Abandoned on his lands. Any who wish to offer their assistance, whether martial, diplomatic, or creative, please seek him out. Please feel free to identify yourselves now so that he knows who to reach out to, if you wish." She allows a pause for a show of hands before smiling to the Duke and turning her attention to Aconite.

Turn in line: Aconite

Dipping his torso on Keely's voice, Martino's sharp green eyes are crinkling before shifting down into the alcove once more. His voice drawing hush to those with him.

Giada nods slightly to something Martino says.

Aco stands and smiles to the room, "I's beautiful to see people coming together and offering to support each other through these demanding times. The Whispers have always been here to help support the people of Arx and the Compact as best they can as discreetly as possible. We welcome all from the Compact into our House and hope that if there's ever any way we can be of aid you will feel safe and comfortable coming to us."

Every time someone needs help, the princess raises her hand, Denica cannot resist the call for volunteers when it comes to helping others, solving injustice, or anything that will make the world a better place.

Kael has joined the line.

The smile on Keely's lips is a broad, warm one as she listens to Aconite, and her chin once again dips to acknowledge. "Whisper House's services are widely known, but if you are unclear on them, Softest Whisper Aconite is one of the best people to speak to. Their services are varied and offered with expertise and discretion always." A breath, and another look around. "Would anyone else li-- and here is Kael, getting her attention to speak. She flashes him a brilliant smile and makes a gentle gesture to acknowledge him.

Turn in line: Kael

Mattheu stirs as Martino mentions issues with abandoned and finds himself upon his feet. A soft cough before he speaks, "I'm sorry for your loss Duke Martino. Those that this compact call the Abandoned are still at times, depending upon the tribe my family. I would like to offer help where I can."

Aconite curtseys to Keely offering a warm smile before sinking back into her seat.

"Kael Keaton," Kael introduces himself when he is bid to speak, pointedly keeping to the informality of the meeting. Despite that, the typically quiet Marquis' voice carries with ease to those assembled in the chamber. This is a man that is used to speaking in a crowd. "My understanding is that those with skills to share are also sought. While I am adamantly opposed to those that are unfamiliar with a blade joining the fray of battle, at times there is no alternative. I have been recognized in the past as a fair instructor. I am capable of providing sufficient knowledge of the use of the average blade as well as typical combat maneuvers. For those that might find themselves in need of evacuating to unfamiliar ground, such as a wooded terrain, or guiding others through such an environment? I am capable of providing standard survival techniques that will greatly assist in your success until someone trusted is able to find you." Kael's head tips toward Brannen there, to indicate the Knight of Solace, as one of those persons to look for. "Do send word to me if you, or yours, are in need of such instruction. We might coordinate our schedules." That, it seems, is it. Kael tips his head to the group as a whole and steps back to being the silent observer he was earlier.

Kiera nods "As I sais early I'm willing help with diplomatc efforts lord martino. yours is no exception

Tesha has joined the line.

Turn in line: Tesha

Giada blinks suddenly and indicates something else needs to be said.

Giada has joined the line.

Keely's bright smile for Kael lingers as he makes his offer, and she lowers her head into a grateful nod. "Thank you, Marquis Keaton, it is Most Generous of you to offer your time and experience in such a way," she voices, quiet and warm. And then it is Tesha's turn.

There is a shine of appreciation for Keely and how eloquently she sums up every ask and offer. Denica listens to everyone, appreciating each one and offering her help where she can (like to Martino, of course). The offers to help, are met with gratitude, even if it's not verbalized, but shown in expressions and silent gestures. "Thank you everyone," she echoes and turns her attention from Kael to the next in line.

Tesha gives a look back to the speakers and she's quiet as Kael speaks, listening to the Marquis as he does. When he's finished there is a smile and a little dip of her head to his words. Then it's her turn and the overly intelligent woman wrings her hands a little as she steps up to speak. "I'm Lady Tesha Telmar and I'm not one of your front line fighters, though I sometimes stand in as one when situations are dire enough. I can offer training the the realms of war tactics, economic knowledge and a few other things if you'd like help with things such as where do I put my resources to the best use. I am also willing to offer my diplomatic skills to whoever needs them as I would rather work out problems before it turns to bloodshed." she states. She then offers a bow and then heads back to where she was standing as she clasps her hands in front of her.

"Thank you, Lady Tesha Telmar," Keely says with a smile after Tesha has made her offer, then turning her attention to Giada again with a curious tilt of her head.

"Just a quick addendum of a personal nature," Giada says calmly. "I'm an experienced logistician with a portfolio extending from the Great Cathedral's reconstruction to the Auxiliary branch of the Physicians Guild as its Quartermaster, and crisis relief in various areas. While I no longer keep a business, I still work on projects with others in exchange for a small donation to the Mirrormasks. Humanitarian work, of course, requires no donation."

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Turn in line: Giada

"Thank you very much for that additional offer of assistance of construction assistance, Archlector Giada," Keely directs to Giada in earnest tones. "And Bastion, I think, may certainly benefit from your skill. You might reach out to Highlord Liara Grayson, my sister, to inquire about the rebuilding efforts if it is a thing you wish to pursue."

With a smile, she gives another look over the room. "Does anyone else wish to share?"

Giada nods at Keely. "I'll reach out on your recommendation, Highness." Then she retakes her position next to the steadily disappearing wine.

Mattheu raises his hand shyly. "It's not much at the moment. Though my siblings will be holding a meeting for those interested in helping with what is going on in Riva."

Keely smiles warmly to Mattheu, and lifts a delicate hand to gesture in his direction. "Lord Mattheu Rivenshari has extended an invitation for those interested in helping the situation in Riva, to attend a meeting. All those interested, please indicate yourselves so he may know who to share details with." A pause for a sip of tea, her soft voice a little strained by now. "Would anyone else like to share?"

When no one else comes forward, Keely releases a soft breath and offers a warm smile around as she rises. "Thank you all so very much for coming," she says again, just as earnestly as before. "Before we conclude, Princess Denica has a few words of closing. You are welcome to stay following the closing of the meeting, not only for the delicious snacks and drinks, but also we will be having a quiet group for support. Too often our leaders and warriors feel the need to hold in their emotions to imbue with confidence the people who look up to them. But that does not mean that we do not all have emotions. This will be a safe place to share, to lean on one another, or to offer support. Archlectors Udell and Giada, and Sir Brannen will be available to listen and advise as needed, or to schedule appointments if you wish to do so privately." And with that, she turns to Denica with a gentle nod and settles back in her seat.

The line has been dismissed by Keely.

Slipping off the barstool after the last speaker and of course the princess offers her help there too. Denica looks around and there is a small smile that lights up her features for a brief flicker. "Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to others. Like Princess Keely said early, we are stronger together.," she looks at her co-host and dear friend with utter appreciation. Taking in a small breath, she speaks loudly. "Remember that, you are not alone, even when it feels like you are. There is always someone willing to help. So no matter what happens, no matter how tough is gets, always look for the helpers. There will -always- be helpers and when you find them? That hope is inspiring, it's empowering.," she breathes in and her voice does not waiver. "It is a reminder that we -have- overcome our obstacles and -will- continue to overcome. Time and time again." The princess bows to the collected crowd, with respect and admiration.

Grady breaks into a round of soft applause as the meeting comes to the door, which fades when he sees Mortimer in the doorway gesturing to him. He excuses himself quietly, goes to talk to his assistant, and then sighs and nods. He sounds like he's griping softly about something as the two of them exit.

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