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Marquis Kael Keaton

A promise is a treasure that must not be allowed to turn to dust.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Stalwart Leader
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 34
Birthday: 05/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: bronze

Titles: Marquis of Oakhaven, Voice of Valardin

Description: There is no mistaking the fact that his form, his bearing, is one of presence. There is something naturally solid about him, from the way that he moves his broad frame in a deliberate manner, to the way that his large hands are heavily calloused. He resonates salt of the earth, from sun-worn skin, dark heavy brows, and rugged jawline that is obscured by a beard that sometimes is allowed to go untrimmed. Underneath this lack of polish, however, there is a handsome nobility. His cheekbones are high, his eyes expressive, and he carries himself with a sense of self possession that rises him above the common man.

Personality: Kael Keaton is absolutely made of the salt of the earth. Despite being rough around the edges, there is no doubting his genuine nature. He speaks the truth, or at least perceived truth, no matter if he is swiftly offering a few brusque words, or if he takes the time to craft something more eloquently spoken. Steadfast, loyal, dependable. When his word is given, it is a vow, and he expects others to behave in the same manner. This makes him a keen ally, but not one that participates well in those very necessary political schemes. Deception is treated as a grave insult, with a heavy price demanded in retribution

Background: How does one hide a noble child? An heir? For Countess Nadine Keaton the answer was found by claiming the babe stillborn, and ghosting him away into the night to be raised by a loyal governess and keep hidden his identity. The plan was always to have him summoned after the danger (rumored to be Kael's Blackshore sire) passed.

Except Nadine Keaton fell, the story saying she took her own life, and her sister Lady Margerie - not wise to the plan - reluctantly took the mantle of Countess. It was a great time later that she found out the truth and summoned the boy, now a man, to take his rightful place.

The year was 1005 AR when Kael Keaton agreed to become Count, and began his transition. For months he spent time with tutors and agreed to a political marriage of his Aunt's arrangement. In 1006 he came to Arx, married Reigna Wyrmguard, and the pair began building. In 1009 AR the Count was granted the title of Marquis for steadfast work and expansion of their domain as well as contributions to the Compact.

Now experienced in leadership, with numerous losses (the worst, if you ask him, the loss of his wife in 1017 AR) and triumphs under his belt, Kael continues to be a steady traditional presence in Arx as well as Oakhaven.

Name Summary
Aeryn Reigna couldn't have a better husband! I don't care if he's not /blood/ he's still /family/ and is just as good. This man is a good man, and he completes something in the Laurent circle.
Agatha You know how there are some people that can look at you and make you feel like you've done wrong and should consider making better life choices? The Count is very good at that look.
Aiden Man is silent as the grave! He watches, like a hawk, and chooses when to strike, that is to say, speak. He's an enigma, but at least he's concerned for his wife's well being! That says something, at least!
Alaric The head of House Keaton is a fine host and everything you'd expect from the leader of a County, right down to the slightest hint of beyond-his-years world-weariness.
Alarie He's... interesting. But it seems like he likes his wife and he came in splurging on some seasilk to make her feel better after she popped out a screaming human being so you know, he's got a mark in the good column in my books. Would that he enjoyed netting and gems though, she might enjoy that after all... just not in public. He needs to be more adventerous.
Alarissa Dogbreeder extraordinairre
Alessandro A very happy father to be (for the second time). Pleasant to spend time drinking with.
Alexis Count Kael Keaton - one of my allies in the Iron Pentathlon. A fine man, and one I'd be happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with again.
Amari I admit, I was apprehensive about the new (to me) Count Keaton. Kael seems quite kind and fair though, and worthy of the title. I wouldn't compare him to a bird, but maybe a bloodhound instead, which would be fitting for a Keaton.
Ardoin A very gracious host and serious man who takes his responsibilities with gravity, yet possessed of a restrained sense of humor and general genial nature. I am very pleased to have met him and been invited to his house, it is an honor.
Arn Quiet. I like that very much.
Arn A solid man. Respectful and dignified. That's high praise there.
Cambria A steady, stoic Oathlander man. I believe, what you see is who he is, and that honesty is refreshing. I think he will have a long, strong future as the Count of Oakhaven.
Clover Reserved, eagle-eyed, and thoughtful. Clover thinks that his man is very capable and efficient. He also comes across as kind to Reigna (not to mention adorable with her).
Cristoph Kael Keaton comes across as a solid, dependable man with an eye for increasing the fortunes of the Keatons. I'm glad to have him and his wife join us here in Arx, I think they're going to make steadfast allies.
Demura I will be pleased to have this man working with me. I look forward to seeing his prowess in battle.
Derovai Practical. Useful in a fight, apparently. Have yet to see if he can be of assistance in any other avenues, but he seems a plainspoken sort, which is always, in and of itself, useful at times.
Dominique It's clear that he loves my cousin and that she loves him return. This is what I would want in any husband and partnership.
Echo Count Keaton is both a man of little words and one of many actions. There's a gentleness to his approach and though he may remain rather quiet, his words come out loud and clear when they do.
Edain Head of the Keaton Line, patron of a family of huntsmen. He has a rustic wisdom that is very easy to feel encouraged by. I look forward to learning more of him.
Emily The Count is welcoming and gracious, opening his home to me on such short notice as the Lady Margerie and I gave. I feel like there is more we can speak on in regard to the war efforts though not exactly dinner conversation perhaps we will find a better time to converse.
Fairen This bold Count, while friendly enough, seems to have forgotten his place in this. It is my hope that this proves to not be the case later as I begin to become more familiar with him and his wife.
Fawkes A fine man, and an even better tracker. And exceptionally deft with a blade. Though I may not know much of this Keaton Lord, yet, I look forward to seeing more of him in the future. Whether it be on or off the field of battle. The hound which accompanies him is also quite the charmer.
Fiachra Seems to have good ideas and is very down to earth. Also very protective of his family, which nets him several bonus points from me. I look forward to getting to know the Count better, especially as he is kin to one of my closest friends.
Gareth Another brave boy that feels the need to stand up to the scary Inquisitor. In spite of this, he seems well suited to his position and has a great deal of care for his people and station. For all that I may not have liked the way he spoke to me, I would gladly fill all of Grayson's counties with Kael Keatons, given the chance.
Gaston A quiet, taciturn man. He reminds me of my father, in that respect. Stolid, and letting those around them make their own mistakes to learn.
Holden A man with an interesting talent for making unusual drinks. A good natured sort of man.
Insaya Believes firmly in the value of every single person. An admirable tenet to defend.
Iseulet A level headed and understanding man. Not typically what I would expect, but it gives me hope that I don't have to live in the shadow of my father.
Jacque Count Kael Keaton made very valid points at the military meeting. He is cunning, in a way that I've seen Lady Margerie to be cunning, and so I look forward to knowing him better.
Jael The count struck me as stuffy at first, but I caught him trying to make a joke one time and after that I knew there was a real person in there. He and Cris get on splendidly!
Jael The Count seems to have grown into his role so much while I was away. He has a new confidence, and he's even letting his sense of humor show a little!
Jayanthi He's nice. Gentle. If I were to paint him I would use softer colors carefully selected to have a refined note to them.
Jeffeth A very kind count, I would love to spend more time in his and his family's company.
Katarina The Count of House Keaton seems an interesting fellow, now that I've had more than a moment to interact with him amongst his family, in his home. A kind man, if not a bit guarded in his demeanor.
Katarina Kael Keaton has always been counted amongst my most dearest of friends, and close to my heart - right alongside his beautiful wife, Reigna. They've both welcomed me into their life without hesitation and sheltered me through the most trying of times. I can only hope that I have the opportunity to do the same in tenfold, as Gild would have it, in the future.
Khanne I haven't had the brightest outlook on people in recent times. I'm just going to say that Count Kael is not one of the people I look at suspiciously. He is a joy to talk with, and I think we will get along famously for quite some time. Valardin proper, with a hint of mirth. And, I don't care how many times he gives me a dirty look for saying it. He and Reigna are adorable together.
Killian Cousin by marriage, seems like a nice enough fellow, if a bit quiet. There's definitely more to the man, and I hope to get to know him better in time.
Lorien It is okay to smile, cousin. Keep some humor even in dark times. It is good to see that you have settled a bit into your role. I will do what I can to aid you in these coming months.
Lou We met during the horse jumping competition. He was quiet, most of the time, and supportive of his wife. He affirmed her invitation to dinner sometime.
Maeve My! What a tall one! I got to meet him at the Traders Tavern. He seems like an alright sort of guy. He could smile more, though I think he did.. for a moment.
Margerie He is still the lad I met some short while ago, a boy needing shaping so he could (blessedly!) take over for me. But I can already see how he has grown. His small cautions serve him well and it's easy to see the Lord he will become. Though I'm really not certain about this dragon business!
Mira A very generous soul who provided me with a figurine of my troublesome cousin, free of charge.
Monique He has never hesitated to be kind and gracious and inclusive. Most of all? He does not judge.
Norwood I am glad to have him so near my Duke Cristoph. He and his are the pillars and we would be sore pressed to not have them.
Orazio A traditionalist? Can it be?? Orazio approves of any nobleman with an awareness of the value of the forms of conversation among the peerage, and is pleased to meet someone who seems to comport himself with dignity and an awareness of his station.
Orvyn Enjoying the children he already is in care of, while offering a jovialness that makes the Keaton house feel more welcoming than most. It is a pleasure to have met the man and place a face to the one whom has been in constanct correspondence with. Truly a man like no other.
Otakar A man with the good of his people and others at heart, noble and impassioned. His idea is a splendid one, and I should be fortunate to be a part of it. Plus, he and his family are really the most pleasant people one could expect.
Petal The Count is friendly and he admires my work. He strikes me a good man and is quite attentive to his wife. Overall I am impressed.
Reese He is working with hounds and this could be very useful. He carries him well and seems to be man of intelligence.
Rohran As a person who leads men, I can spot a strong leader. The strongest, most assuring parts are rarely ever found in their words, but in watching them and how they interact with the world around them. I've seen the beginnings of everything I look for in this man, Kael Keaton, and I am confident that given time and interaction and watchfulness, I will find all that I am searching for in him. The Keaton family has always been a largely talented, wildly diverse group, in need of a strong leader. I support Kael in his leadership, if not just from our first meeting, then also from all the missives I have received about him in the past.
Shae Cousin! I am so glad to have you in my life and that we, the Keatons, have you in ours. It has been one of my greatest joys watching you slowly open up to those around you. And I could not be more proud that you are my family. And while I know my father was not pleased about you being the heir. I truly believe with all my heart that you are what Oakhaven, what we needed.
Shae Nobody wants a big brother, the over-bearing wolf that holds you down and makes sure you're nice and humble. Unless it's Kael. And then it's alright.
Shard A noble. Strange. He and his wife invited me into their hall after the archery competition for food and conversation. I wonder if they make a habit of that. Even stranger, I was given an open invitation to return.
Sorrel Kael is a cousin-by-marriage due to Reigna, but he seems like quite the upright fellow. And he and Reigna have both a baby and puppies, which is points in his favor. Plus, he's promised to get his wife a new wardrobe. Sorrel approves.
Sparte A very good husband to go to such lengths. I mean there are lots of good husbands, sure, they just don't often get caught trying to give surprises to their loved ones. Well, so maybe he is just bad at surprises? But still a good husband.
Sunniva The Count seems a kind and welcoming man with a head for trade. I feel like our paths are similar between our spouse and that we face much the same things. I would be more than pleased to help them.
Tarrant Composed, regal, and younger than I had expected. The Count is courteous, but alive.
Tessa The Countess may be smart, but the Count is wise and he doesn't miss much.
Theron A friend of Valerio's, Count Kael Keaton is an individual I've met on a number of occasions since. He's pleasant and unfailingly polite, the very epitome of Oathlander demeanor in this case. And his House is known for their dogs. I look forward for an opportunity to know him better.
Thesarin Met the man a few times 'fore he invited me to his halls. A head for strategy, and a way of talking that's plain enough to suit. And a fine host at that.
Tomwell A good man. Thoughtful, gracious, and king. The kind of lord the world could use more of. I look forward to developing a good relationship with him. I imagine I could learn a great deal from him.
Torian Met him at a party. Promised whiskey and made good on it so I reckon he's okay, even if it was Valencia's whiskey. Seemed interested in the school, which is nice too.
Turo He reminds me a little of myself, though he's not a sailor. I won't hold it against him. He tried the rum, which is no small concession for a Valardin. This is one I'll want to get to know better.
Valdemar He definitely knows his business. The Academy of War is in good hands, and I enjoyed talking to him about it.
Venturo An adoring husband, an engaged noble with his people, and a future business partner. The Count is undeniably one of the most authentic individuals I've met in Arx thus far.
Veronica Heavy is the head that wears the proverbial crown, and Kael shoulders the burden of lordship stoically. He worries about his family but still does what needs to be done. True sign of a leader.
Wash Are all Northerners this large? His affection for his wife is clear though.