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Sir Brannen Harthall

This world is constantly brewing threats. Even if others are at peace, I must always be at war.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: The Most Burdened Knight
Fealty: Crown
Family: Harthall
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Description: The young man with sun-kissed skin is often seen wearing an alert, possibly even stern, expression on his face. His face is framed by a mane of crisp, light brown hair and facial hair ranging from scruff to a well-trimmed beard in the same color. Working as a Knight of Solace includes spending time on the training grounds, wearing armor, and patrolling the roads. As such, he seems to bear the weight of his steel armor well, yet he does not appear overly muscled. Within the city of Arx, his appearance usually seems well-groomed and taken care of.

Personality: Few children have been as severe as Brannen. It seemed he was always of complete understanding and acceptance of his responsibility. Driven, focused, responsible. However there is something about Brannen that separates him from most of his dour compatriots. Brannen is not one to look down upon carefree, jovial, or happy-go-lucky types. Brannen loves them, like his twin sister. However Brannen has always understood that beacons of happiness and creativity cannot fully protect themselves, he sees himself as a guardian of beauty of the world and someone has to be a little bit boring to protect such things. It might as well be Brannen.

Though he is not the most charming, Brannen knows how to lead. He may not be well liked, but he is respected by those under his command. A true stalwart, Brannen may be seen by many as a dullard, though the man truly can respect a well crafted joke or prank, however he is more focused on his duty and making sure the Right Thing is done. Brannen lives his life for honor and the Gods, he is constantly prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to protect what he loves.

Background: Born along with his twin, Bree, Brannen Harthall had his life set out since he was born. He never questioned the life put out for him. Never for a moment. Early in his years it was decided when Brannen was of age he would lead the forces of Harthall. He would train in the martial arts and become a respected commander. And he sure did. Brannen is very much an Oathlander. Conservative, stern, driven, bound by honor, and a tad humorless. Ever since he was a boy Brannen understood the importance of his duty and what he would need to take on over the years.

While Bree took to fighting, Brannen took to command. He was still an excellent warrior, but it did not take long for him to earn the respect of the Harthall soldiers. Bree often would complain to him how she wanted to be out on the road, serving Gild, being a Knight of Solace. Brannen kept them grounded. To duty.

But one day, tragedy struck. The heir to their house was killed in a horse race while both Bree and Brannen were present. Brannen informed the Harthalls that Odhran mismanaged his saddle and as a result died of it. Brannen Harthall in a moment of misery over his fallen cousin left with Bree Harthall. The twins became Godsworn and dedicated themselves to the Knights of Solace.

Brannen has arranged himself in the Knights of Solace, aiming to be a martial force as well as a keen commander of the Knights.

Relationship Summary

  • Bree - twin sister
  • Name Summary
    Apollo All his little missteps can't sum to anything, because he has such a will to show respect for others. What I thought I knight should mean.
    Austen A fine knight of Solace, steadfast and virtuous. He has quite the way with words, and seems to know his way around weapons as well. I look forwards to crossing swords with him soon.
    Berenice There are few joys in life greater than making a stoic knight blush.
    Bhandn He seems in much better spirits than when we last spoke, which is a relief. I'm also grateful for his offer to help with the charity work, as I could use it. It was good to see him again.
    Bianca He is a man clear in his faith with an inquisitive nature that I truly appreciate. Beyond that inquisitive nature, there is a fire that burns deep within him that exemplifies the light of the gods and I look forward to watching him progress within the ranks of the Knights of Solace and that of the Greater Faith. I am blessed to keep his company.
    Brigida Earnest and eager. Painfully so. His heart and Faith seems in the right place however which is what is needed for a Knight like him
    Cirroch A very thoughtful gift that they brought for their cousin. Duty sworn and born, it is good to see more of these types of people in this city. Perhaps the city is not as terrible as once thought.
    Damiana A knight of Solace is always someone you're blessed to see wherever you might go. This knight doesn't seek glory for himself, he seems driven to make the world safer.
    Dianna Well-composed and stoic, though he has the nicest smile, should one happen to catch it. I shall endeavor, of course, to see it again - whether sparked by myself or by another, I care not; but it is so lovely to see, I can hardly resist the temptation to attempt to incite one from me.
    Ida Sir Brannen is a fellow knight who has some shared interests. While there are probably about two decades between us in age, our dedication to duties and hopes of fulfilling them properly align pretty closely, which allows for good conversation. It's likely our paths will continue to cross and with such, more opportunities to speak.
    Lenard A comrade at arms, and a skilled one too. I'd be honoured for him to have my back.
    Lianne A skilled pathfinder, able to navigate unexpectedly treacherous questions with compassion, curiosity and cleverness.
    Mabelle Knight of Solace, polite and gallant with the obvious infatuation with weaponary.
    Macda An utter delight, a shy and honorable knight who hits like a brick and is as sweet as a summer day. I should get to knwo him better!
    Medeia The knight is patient and sweet. Eager, willing, and able to learn. If all who came to me with questions were as considerate in their inquiries as he, I would never stop answering.
    Quenia An interesting fellow, who has a lot of strong opinions on certain matters. Which is a good thing! He does the Godsworn proud, and the House of Solace.
    Ras Smells like daffodils. For real though, he was the first to hire me for a dangerous case. The case that led to everythin else. If it wasn't for this guy I saw clankin around Crow's Lane like a year ago, dunno if I'd have ever learned what was under our feet.
    Raymesin Knightly honour. Knightly righteousness. We can't all be knights. Besides, you need those of us who aren't, and you know it.
    Sanya As honorable a knight as one could hope to find. He seems so motivated to find ways to keep the Compact safe.
    Savio I had my doubts about that Pantheon shrine, but it is a relief to be heard, and I'm grateful to this knight who listened.
    Sorrel Sir You-There-The-Tall-Brunette has a name, and it's Sir Brannen, and as it turns out, he's the brother of Dame Bree. He seems to be quite the fighter, beautifully fierce and utterly relentless. Honorable, too.
    Sunaia An earnest knight, it seems - and just in time to help. I'm sure the Faith will be glad for another Knight of the Solace in the city.
    Tescelina In accordance with his sister, Sir Brannen is an honorable and kind knight. Diligent and faithful. I quite enjoy his company. It must be a familial trait.
    Tyrus A Knight of Solace recently arrived in the city. He was courteous and polite, speaking of true convictions in the Gods yet not blinded by them to the realities of the world. A rare trait, that.
    Zoey A devout, protective Godsworn knight. He has not yet seen as much as I, but I know he will.