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Sister Giada Morello

Does it really matter where it came from?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Feisty Quartermaster
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Godsworn
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 28
Birthday: 4/12
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Eye Color: Olive Green
Skintone: Warm Caramel

Titles: Godsworn Mirrormask, Physicians Guild Quartermaster, Second Reflection

Description: Leggy and lean, this woman bears the warm complection of southern climes. Warm caramel skin and golden brown hair play up the olive green of her almond eyes, and her features are pleasantly placed with a straightforward type of femininity. Molded cheekbones anchor her face, matched with a strong, graceful jaw and a delicately cleft chin. Her build is saved from rangy by virtue of a gentle curviness that softens her long lines.

Personality: More than a little bit of a spitfire, Giada's feisty, dry sense of humour guides almost everything she does. Irrepressible spirits tend her towards gallows humour and cheery if sarcastic encouragement. She's capable of being serious and frequently is as the situation demands, and she has a dogged determination towards her occupation. She's no delicate feminine flower, but a proud and spirited Lycene woman.

Background: Born to a humble merchant family in Lenosia, Giada was raised quick to understand that money makes life possible in the city. She was a quick student, picking up tricks and tips with alacrity. She was, however, too independent to stay at home, contented to run a market stall. She started branching out into other business ventures, eventually finding her way towards marketing her services to various mercenary outfits that would pass through to resupply. Their stories awakened a wanderlust in her that had probably been there all along, and she travelled with one of the companies to Arx. There, she came across a recruitment drive for The Redwood Mercenary Company, and they needed a quartermaster. She didn't even hesitate. So now she's in Arx and gainfully employed, looking forward to the next challenge.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aelgar Hard to get to know is the impression, but the raccoon opens a door without her giving up any of her reserve. I felt there was a lot to learn and a need to keep some distance, but also like it was okay to be in the conversation with her.
Ajax Oh, Giada. Whatever am I going to do with you? Oh, wait. I know exactly what I will do with you.
Alarissa A woman who is recent to the faith but cleaves to it like an urchin to the rock. No doubt, she will thrive.
Alessandro A bold claim -- but all things considered, is likely to be backed up by fact.
Alessia As thoughtful as one would hope of a mirrormask. She's both perceptive and inquisitive, her questions encouraging one to ruminate.
Alexio A good woman and business comrade from the Lyceum, Lenosia to be precise; she's quite the superb haggler. I hope to become as good as her one day.
Anisha I don't know what I expected from Sister Giada, Second Reflection. Not what I got. Gregarious, keen, sharp and everything that people need to see in a Tehom's Advocate, I expect. She is a boon to the Mirrormasks and the Faith alike.
Athaur An astute memory and a taste for good company
Bhandn I hope she takes the lessons of those bags to heart. The real ones are far less forgiving and far more lasting.
Braden A trainer of fat raccoons?
Brigida An excellent judge of which pile of timber is to be used.
Calypso Trade is not fun.
Cecilia A wonderful help on my spiritual journey. I am forever grateful.
Claude At once a scholar and seemingly gifted Theologian but also warm and rather down to earth.
Cristoph A well comported priest of the Faith.
Deoiridh A priestess of the Obsidian Sea, as we call His flock, one even with a statue of her own I am told. It only begs the question as to how valued she is. A befriender of raccoons - no less - though this cycle there is no sign of the creature.
Dio A healer who is not content to repair the body merely.
Domonico She looks like she needs to wrap up warmer and stay in a room with a roaring fire.
Duarte She showed me maps for support of some project or another. I believe I gave it, though I don't totally remember. I was a bit tipsy at the time. But if I recall correctly, she was straightforward and forthcoming. One to do business with.
Elfriede An incredibly gorgeous woman dressed to match such mark. And that, makes me jealous.
Ember I may not smile at people's jokes, but I still enjoy gallows humor.
Evaristo Streetsmart and clever, knows her way around the Lowers, clearly - and has a mind for business. I like her!
Fiora Some react to the unknown by trying to make it more palatable to them. Some just.. don't.
Gael A woman possessed of wit and sharp intellect, with what I spy is perhaps a well-hidden impatience for the unlearned. I stand to learn plenty from her.
Graziella I said it was a cute trash dog! Some people simply can't take a compliment..
Ida A studious woman, it seems, with very helpful knowledge and insights. Has a cute raccoon following her around, too!
Kaia A Lycene; she seems nice! Polite and approachable; she has an adorable raccoon!
Keyser Trouble. No, not the raccoon. The girl.
Macario Now look, I'm not saying I don't want to see an owl and a racoon battle it out, I'm just saying I wouldn't be cheering against the racoon while it happened. In front og Giada, anyway.
Martino Met her casually lounging in the Hundred Cities Inn with her racoon. Fortunately this is a recording of my thoughs of her, and not the beast. She is friendly, respectful of Nobility and clearly one with some interesting stories I suspect. The trash panda? Ew.
Medeia Polite and engaged in good work, the Sister is a shining example of the Faith.
Narcissa Another of Vayne's projects, she does shine in the light wonderfully.
Nina A mirrormask, who gave a very solemn prayer. I thought that it was quite lyrical.
Petal A military merchant who sounds smart and is likely very talented.
Piccola A woman of business and directness, two things that I can appreciate. If things continue to work as I hope, I think she may be an interesting ally to work with.
Porter She definitely seems to have a very specific set of skills. And also a raccoon. I swear I hear its scritchy little claws coming for me and my snacks.
Ras She's got a fat raccoon and uh... talks to it. It seems to talk back. Anyway, there's somethin about her that's just, I dunno... cool, I guess.
Raymesin Smart, this one. Wise, too. One to keep an eye on, I think.
Reigna A whip smart and ambitious young woman. A fine head on her shoulders and an excellent addition to the Physicians Guild. I must say I am quite impressed by her!
Selene The gentle current hides very deep waters. I look forward to getting to know her, for I suspect we might have many interesting matters to discuss.
Tescelina Her companion, Trouble, is a splendid gentleman and a lover of cookies. She herself is a shrewd business woman whom I suspect will earn my business.
Thea A smart and knowledable woman, one that is easy to have truthful and insiteful conversations.
Vayne Intriguing conversation. It's gratifying to hear from people who want to be involved in the business of the Shrine. I am confident she'll fit in well.
Vitalis Oh, how a stray word will render a pragmatic comment into something quite graphic. One can hope that Braden's balls will neither bounce nor explode messily.
Zakhar The raccoon is cute, and they are direct to the point. no wasting time.
Zoey Resourceful and in-the-know. Probably very useful in a crisis.