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Lady Katya Grimhall

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Inquisitive Researcher
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 03/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Eye Color: honey brown
Skintone: lightly tanned

Description: Slightly above average height, and slender with long, graceful limbs she is athletic without appearing to be overly bulky. There is, however, a quiet strength to the way she carries herself and moves. High cheekbones, and a strong jawline give her face an almost feline cast to it, complete with dark, arched brow. Wide dark brown eyes are expressive, and often dance with mischief. Steady exposure to sun has tanned her skin, but it glows with the health of youth and activity. The long, loose waves of her hair are a dirty blonde with almost golden-red hues to the blonde, hair that might have been darker if not for frequent exposure to the sun.

Personality: Approachable and friendly, there is a joyfulness to her that goes slightly against the grain of a typical Grimhall. But despite her outgoing, friendly demeanor she is just as capable of lapsing into thoughtful silences when she's got a puzzle to solve, or a knot to untangle. Openly curious she is unafraid to pick at things until she gets answers, or manages to irritate someone in the pursuit of those answers. Beneath the friendly curiosity, beyond the quiet inquisitiveness, there does lurk the more typical behavior of her family, but it tends to come out more in moments of intense stress than day to day life.

Background: The rebelliousness of her sister didn't just begin and end with Cordelia, but because Cordelia was so much more unpredictable and blatant about it a lot of Katya's behavoir was able to slide beneath the notice of the rest. There was still attention paid to her lessons, she rarely escaped and ruined a dress, and she never once back-talked an adult. It was far more quiet, her rebellion. While everyone was focused on her sister she would find books to read that tutors always told her were not proper books for a young lady to be reading, or that she wasn't old enough for them. Subject matters of war, economics, records of religion, the occult. It didn't matter what subject matter was available, if she could get her hands on it, she went out of her way to read it. To learn everything.

By the time her sister had run away she had read everything available at home, and begun bargaining with those that came through Grihem's Point to bring her new books to read. Then one day, much like her sister, she stepped onto the deck of one of those ships and sailed away. Unlike her sister she never got caught and drug back home, simply left alone to travel and explore. It could possibly be the fact that her father was just busy with other things, and then there was the messy business of treason and abdication, then death.

It was a very good reason to stay gone for as long as she did. During her time gone she'd remained in casual contact with family, sending letters to let them know where she was, or what she'd seen. Supposedly she was near the events that had recently been happening in the waters around the islands, both the Mourning Isles and Saffron Chain, at least the ship that she was last reported to have been on was sighted during those times. But for whatever reason she's recently decided that it's time to set foot in Arx and rejoin her family properly.

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