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Honoring Joscelin Arterius: A Bravura Exclusive

The Crafters Gallery is an arrangeable space and today it has been set up for a show. Yet there is also plenty of room to mingle. The catwalk is out and furniture positioned for viewing. There is a large banquet style table, catered by Lottie Parkins. There are paintings by Samira Culler and Lore Artiglio. There are displays of original Joscelin Arterius designs. And, of course, a sign thanking the sponsors.


Feb. 6, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Duarte Caprice


Patrizio Apollo Felix Savio Vashtalyn Niklas Sunniva(RIP) Orland Raven Anisha Quenia Zakhar Alarissa Amanita Sabella Samira Zoey Lore Kyden Katarina Graziella Arion Merek Pasquale


Fidante Amadeo Thrax Whisper Blackram Crafters Guild Eurusi


Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Crafters Gallery

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Comments and Log


Honouring the late Mistress Joscelin was a thrill. The work of the crafters on display was enough to make me weak in the knees. Truly a momentous event, and I like Count Duarte's attitude - that the attendees are what makes the event exclusive.

The models showcasing the pieces were thrilling, skilled, and lovely to see. To know them, to be close to them, to see my friends be raised up by art simply astonishing and amazing. And of course, I fell in love with my own outfit and simply had to have it - with Count Duarte once more proving his generosity. He's truly an astonishing individual, and I can only hope I will get the chance to repay the good turns he so eagerly shows.

Amanita acquitted herself very well - the woman wears cupridium like it was silk, and I simply adored watching her on stage. She made me proud, as Softest.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid arrives, following Alarissa.

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(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The Crafters Gallery is an arrangeable space and today it has been set up for a show. Yet there is also plenty of room to mingle. The catwalk is out and furniture positioned for viewing. There is a large banquet style table, catered by Lottie Parkins. There are paintings by Samira Culler and Lore Artiglio. There are displays of original Joscelin Arterius designs. And, of course, a sign thanking the sponsors.

Tamorin, a bubbly Whisper apprentice, Evensong, a twittering songbird arrive, following Anisha.

Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery arrives, following Zoey.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid arrives, following Alarissa.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Eloise, a consummate professional, 2 Harthall House Guards, Marceline, a graceful, lady-like Mistward Labrador arrive, following Sunniva.

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Off to one side, Patrizio Pravus lingers with a drink in his hand. There's not even, truly, a glance at his men lingering near the door - they seem to taking shifts having drinks in their hands as well, as if they're being responsible with their commander about - but the prince himself seems to be in good spirits as he's spending a few moments looking about the room for familiar faces.

The gallery is done up with a clear focus to the stage. There are buffet tables with food and drink and dessert prepared by none other than Lottie Parkins! (So it's 10/10 onolicious)

At present, none are on the stage. Guests are wandering in, grabbing food and taking seats and mingling.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

Eloise, a consummate professional, 2 Harthall House Guards, Marceline, a graceful, lady-like Mistward Labrador leave, following Sunniva.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound arrive, following Apollo.

Eloise, a consummate professional, 2 Harthall House Guards, Marceline, a graceful, lady-like Mistward Labrador arrive, following Sunniva.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrives, following Raven.

Apollo slips in and goes to sit with the other guildmaster, giving him an amiable smile as he sits.

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Felix slips inside and sneaks into a seat - relaxing back into it and making little muss or fuss to go with said arrival. By both look and smell, however, the smith has just recently come from his own shop and the work that is done there, so he keeps himself towards the back of the space so as not to intrude on those coming to participate or attend to the event. Content, for now, without indulging into the provided table, though he does give it a quick look to see what offerings are available.

Savio is here! An instrument in hand suggests he might be inflicting music on people later, but not just yet. For now, he's here with Orland, being helped out of his coat by the young Amadeo lord. Plans are afoot! "Ohh.... it's busy, isn't it? Quite a proper turn out!"

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Vashtalyn makes her way into the Crafter's Hall, wearing a dress of burgundy accented with evergreen in seatouched wool. There is a hint of tentative uncertainty in her step, as if at first she's not sure she is in the right place. But then, seeing the catered foods and the items on display, she seems to relax, her dark eyes gleaming with curiosity. She steps further into the room, kicking her skirts out in front of her as she walks, gathered at the side with one fingerless gloved hand. At first, she pauses at the display case, her eyes roving over the pieces of jewelry on display. A soft smile touches her lips, before she makes her way over to the food tables to inspect the items there. She selects a pastry, finds herself a drink, and then turns to search for a place to settle.

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Vashtalyn has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

Of course Niklas had shown up to show his support of the event and to his wife, The Grayson Prince slipping in giving a little look around seeking out familiar faces. And then there was the most familar of not so faces in the form of those treats and snacks provided by Lottie. The playwright weaving through the room headed on a course for the table of things to snack on and drink.

Sunniva makes her way into the Hall, wearing a gown of the softest golden-cream damask - hardly daring in its cut, but very much the Harthall Marquessa's personal style. Her hair is twisted up in a pile of curls at the back of her head. She steps to the side of the door, out of the flow of traffic, golden eyes scanning the room and those gathered here, as if seeking familiar faces.

Orland is wearing Bravura leathers paired with a fabulous Bravuran hat, feather and all, taking the pink fur coat from Savio's shoulder with a look around at the growing crowd, "Mmm. You'll do fine." He murmurs quietly as he folds the coat over his arm. He looks over the other man and sort of gives a last minute adjustment to the other's attire, brushing off his shoulder, before he gives him an encouraging little squeeze with his free arm, and a good luck kiss. The Lordling Amadeo nods toward the chairs, "I'll be sitting over there." He's reserved a couple seats.

Raven strides in having compromised on this occasion with wearing a dress over leggings. She slinks off to the side and scans the room with wide jade eyes as if amazed the room can even accommodate such a crowd.

The Softest Whisper is here, wearing tight-fitted duskweave in shimmery twilight colours, humming quietly to herself, adjusting her elegantly coiffed hair, and shooting a smile to the Whisper on her arm, alongside a small murmur. Pausing, as she regard the crowd. "A lot of interesting people," She concludes. "But I suspect we can mostly stand and look pretty until it's our turn at the catwalk. Maybe a little light mingling, mm?" A platter full of samples of the varied creations, and a glass of something refreshing (wine? It's probably wine) rests nearby.

Quenia was not sure that she would make it this evening, as several other things had captured her attention. Plus the event was all the way across town, in the drafty cold. However, the Lycene Marquessa managed to drag herself away from Domus Igniseri to make to the casino for the extravaganza. Once inside the warmer halls, she delicately removes her cloak and skirts around the room, looking for potential familiar faces.

Lasha and Zakhar make their way into the Crafter's Hall, Lasha is wearing a tightly fitted vest of red and orange seasilk with deep black leather pants. Stoic and mountainous, the muscular man looks to the merely by inches shorter man hanging off of his arm, Zakhar.

The tall snow-white haired man with the long scar over the middle of his face enters wearing a blazing explosion of color compared to their normal black and gray leather armors. A violent purple sleeved cloak flowing open at the waist with flared long tails running to the rear of his knees, with a turquoise sea blue deep plunging neckline silk tunic tucked into silky black leather trousers, and of course his usual black leather boots with a knife stuck into the outside pocket. Zakhar keeps glancing up to Lasha, a silly little grin occasionally may be seen as he looks to the tall dark tree of a man.

Orland notices Raven coming in and his hand pops the hat off his head and gives the feathered thing a good solid wave, "Raven, over here!"

An arch of his well-plucked brow, but Patrizio's still chuckling faintly as he spies Raven trying to be a little bit inconspicuous as she's roaming at the edge of the room. "I wasn't expecting to see you," he intones seriously to the Blackheart, even as he's staking another sip of his drink. Though it's Orland's shout and wave with his hat that gets a smirk and a shake of his head. "I see I'm not the only one who spotted you."

There's a familiar face to Quenia, Alarissa reaching out with her right hand as the Marquessa seems like she might slip on by. "My darling friend." A smile on the Princess Consort's face. "Come to marvel?"

Amanita gently strokes Anisha's hand through her glove, looking about the room a raised eyebrow. "Are they interesting? I will leave you to lead me to the interesting ones. You know more than I do." She smiles briefly, mischievously. "I will admit that I fear sometimes I am in the wrong profession as standing and looking pretty is oftentimes boring to me. But if we can mingle, that might be good. Lead the way, Softest Whisper Anisha, and I will learn from you."

Princess Sabella Grayson has been here for a while, getting ready to model the stunning outfit created by her brilliant protege, Vashtalyn. Whom she spots as she enters and glides over to with a cheerful smile. "Have I told you recently how very much I love what you do and that I am truly blessed to be able to show off your talents? Because I do. And I am!" There's a quick hug for the Andalashari woman, if she allows it, before the princess continues. "You enjoy every minute of this evening and soak up the priase. You deserve it." She's gushing. And then almost as quickly as she latched onto the seamstress, she's moving around again and greeting people and hoping she doesn't miss her cue.

Counter to her usual disheveled appearance, time and effort has actually been put into Samira's look for the event. Swathed in an elegant gold-toned ensemble, her unruly hair wrestled into a braid, the small artist slips into the room and peers about for familiar faces. Drinks always seem to be helpful in navigating such social scenes, and so she veers off to locate a glass of something to sip. Spotting Anisha, she brightens and waves in an attempt to capture the woman's attention from where she stands.

Zoey grins and whispers something to Anisha as she adjusts a pin in her hair to make sure the earrings she wears are not covered by her bouncing black curls. She smiles brightly. "Standing and looking pretty requires patience, composure, and endurance," she points out to Amanita. "It may seem dull, but those are skills that can serve you well in many other situations."

While most are here for the show, Lore is working the room. Moving here and there, making sure people can get to a seat, have a drink. Offering warm smiles, greetings, murmurs of thanks to those that have come to show support for the Bravura Exclusive and Joscelin ARterius. Her hair has been done up into a careful twist to leave a fall of loose curls spilling over her shoulders. Resplendent in a brocade and duskweave suit by the inestimable Jacali, while the vest comes from the talent fingers of Zakhar. The teal-on-black filigree of the brocade really sets off the oceanic colors in the vest, all set against a backdrop of inky duskweave. She wears Joscelin original jewelry at ears, throat, and wrists; shimmering iridescite holding clear aquamarines.

Kyden slinks in, cat-like, sticking to the side-wall of the hall for a moment, as she sizes up the event and its guests. She hasn't bothered with a fancy gown, but she's at least scrubbed off the clay and dust and brushed her hair up into a lopsided bun. She's out-of-place, perhaps, but not uncomfortable about it, just watchful and curious about those gathered here. The free food draws her from her corner, as she crosses to the buffet tables and takes a sweet treat and a drink for herself.

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Vashtalyn seems to have about decided on a place to sit, and started toward it even, when Sabella approaches her. The surprised seamstress stares for a moment, then she returns the hug given as best she can with a pastry in one hand, and a drink in the other. "Thank you, your Highness. I am glad to know you will be modeling it." She seems to glow with excitement, and quickly scurries off to find a seat, not far from where Felix settled himself, dipping her head to him in greeting as she perches on a bench.

Hearing someone hail her, Quenia turns in the direction of the familiar voice. She smiles radiantly at Alarissa when she spies the Princess Consort. "Princess Alarissa," she greets warmly, making her way over to the other woman. "I have, indeed. Or, at the very least, enjoy a night away from Domus Igniseri. There have been too few of those, it seems."

Raven's gaze seizes on the sound of the familiar voice and profound relief as she spies Orland and Savio, "OH thank the gods." She then turns then and smiles wryly, "I am on orders to practice my social skills. May the gods have mercy on us all. Speaking of my taskmasters, I had best go say hello or else I'll be penalized." She flashes a grin to Patrizio and weave her way towards Orland.

Duarte emerges from behind a curtain. He fixes and adjusts his hair as he moves stageward. But he does not yet climb on. He pauses just nearby and gives silent smiles and nods from afar to people he knows. He points at one of them and winks. Gives a thumbs up to another. Blows a kiss to one very special one...

"Princess Alarissa," It seems the Princess Consort isn't the only one who is gravitating to familiar faces. Sunniva steps over upon seeing the older woman, and smiles, taking a moment to also incline her head in a silent greeting to Quenia.

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Princess Katarina Valardin is there. She's not making a very big show of herself, and a key advantage to being the same height as a small stack of books is that one can freely wander under the average eyeline. She seems to be busying herself with hors d'oeuvres, as Princesses must.

Zakhar drags Lasha towards Anisha. "Hush?" The old man asks for a moment, trying to be as polite as possible in the event.

"Ladies and gentlemen, and fair people. Savio Pontelaeus," Duarte says and then steps away with a motion toward the bard.

Patrizio definitively snorts when Raven's mentioning that she's given orders to work on her social skills. "I'm assuming it's Lucrezia who ordered it," he says in a tone that speaks to how he can't believe otherwise. "Because she'd love to see what that'd entail." And he, too, makes his way over after the cohort he recognizes.

"You are, of course, correct -- and so beautiful, my Lady." Amanita grins at Zoey, taking in her ensemble with a small nod.

"Hello, hello, and welcome."

This Saffron-accented voice belongs to one Savio Pontelaeus, Bard from Afar, who has occupied the stage with mandolin in hand, as though ready to begin a piece of music! But first, of course, a smile for those gathered, sincere and cheerful. "Aren't you all so lovely? Who gave you permission to look this beautiful?" No one did, obviously. All the guests are all criminally beautiful.

Savio continues, "Please make yourselves comfortable avail yourselves of refreshment, of good company, and prepare to be amazed and delighted! Much is in store for us this evening, but perhaps we shall begin with a song? In the spirit of the evening -- an ode to those who create." Without further ado, he begins to sing and play:

"There are some who find the arts to be an inane waste of time
As though passion and creative heart might be some sort of crime
With love and understanding for our grim, pragmatic neighbors
Tonight we raise a glass and song to all creative labors!

Artists, you truly know this world is hard and cold and dark
And through your art defy the night with bright, unfailing spark
Beauty, truth, and insight are the tools with which you work
And in this inspired undertaking, you gift to life its worth

Here's to the poets, the painters, and singers
To the infinite journey, the masters, beginners
Here's to the jewelers, the sculptors, the writers
To the luminous dreamers, who make the world brighter

All those who endeavor to create, with your setbacks and success
Tonight we celebrate your path, and the gift that you possess
Your works are perfect, valid, true, and of yourselves, be forgiving
Your art informs, restores, explores, and it's what makes life worth living!"

A big sweeping bow follows, then Savio steps to the side, with a kiss blown to all. Mwah.

The mingling leads Sabella toward more familiar faces, expression filled with delight at the sight of them. "Zoey! Softest Whisper Anisha! It is almost time, are you excited? This is exciting." Somehow, she claims a wine glass and takes a delicate sip, scanning the crowd that has arrived. "Oh, this is a fabulous turnout. Count Amadeo has put together quite the evening."

Anisha quirks her lips to Amanita. "Oh, I'm sure a few of the interesting ones will come to us as well," She assures, with a small smile. "And you're hardly in the wrong profession, we just need to find ways to make it less boring. Dance is one way, a good conversation is another," She points out, leaning in to hear Zoey's whisper, shooting her a smirk and murmuring back to her. Exhaling softly, as she takes in the scene - and the people shifting across it along with a sussurus of conversations providing a background hum. "And yes, Lady Zoey, you are of course correct. But still, the mind craves a little stimulation, no?"

She spots Samira's little wave, and raises a gloved hand to wiggle her fingers at the woman. "Mistress Samira! So good to see you!" She offers brightly. Pausing, commenting to the pair at her side. "Lots of interesting artists. Samira Culler, and that's Kyden Black," She notes. "Lovely people, very different styles."

As Zakhar steps up towards her, she inclines her head. "I've been called that," She notes to him with a twinkle in her eye. "But tonight you may call me Softest Whisper Anisha, or some variant thereof. Well met." She declares to the pair, with a small curtsey.

There's a lot going on, so people she knows otherwise gets a few nods and curtsies here and there - and then she pauses to hear out Savio, giving gentle applause to the Saffron Islander's conclusion and sweeping bow.

While some find seats and comfort Niklas seeks out comfort of another sort, The man putting himself a towering little plate of sweets alone found on the banquet table. With a small plate of sweets and upon fetching a glass of brandy the Grayson Prince finally ceases his professional level lingering and hovering near the banquet table slipping off as he spots his wife making his way over towards Sabella.

Apollo Whisper, over at the bench with Felix and Vashtalyn, gives the latter murmurs of introduction and reassurance - then listens to the song. He applauds when it's finished, grinning brightly. It's a good day for crafters.

Vashtalyn turns from briefly greeting Apollo, toward Savio as he is introduced and begins to sing. The young woman smiles at the song, seeming transfixed by the clever lyrics. Her eyes are filled with a hint of glimmering joy by the time he finishes, and she quickly stuffs a last bite of pastry in her mouth, before lifting her hands to clap.

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Aran, a cultured Whisper arrives, following Emrys.

Orland is standing to applaud Savio as his song comes to a close, an ode to all those who create. He has obvious bias toward showing his praise for the Bard, but no less, showing it loudly with the sound of his leather hands clapping and a few whistles made! He smiles over to Raven as she works her way over, "I think this is more about enjoyment, so don't try to hard, let's drink, be marry, and marvel at all the work we're about to see." He whoots again for Savio, "Way to go SAVIOOO" Call filled with the appropriate amount of pride for a loved one performing!

Patrizio cannot help but applaud when there's that fine bardry from Savio - he might not be one to sing himself, but he can appreciate, clearly, one who does. Though his eyes turn quickly enough from the stage to glance about and, finally, he makes his way over to Raven and Orland. "Do I have to keep you /both/ out of trouble, perhaps?"

Duarte applauds Savio and wolf whistles with unbridled enthusiasm. He continues clapping as he takes the stage. "Thank you Savio!"

He clasps his hands before him and bows to the audience, a bright smile on his face. “Hello! And welcome to Arx’s first Bravura Exclusive! A party where everyone is invited and, to those of you, my dear friends, who dared show up, exclusive.

”Tonight we pay tribute to a beloved figure of our fair city - former Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius of the Crafter’s Guild. But before we get into that, I would like to thank this evening’s sponsors. These are Houses and groups who helped make tonight possible.

Houses Thrax, Fidante, and Blackram. Whisper House. Crafters Guild. And our contingent of Eurusi making their home here in Arx - we thank you for your contributions to our culture as represented in your generosity for this evening’s event.” Duarte leads the room in applause and praise for the sponsors.

With steely sea green eyes, Amanita watches as the people bound up to Anisha. There's a slightly amused little smile on her face. She, at one point, looks like she might be trying not to chuckle. When Anisha makes curtseys, Amanita bows. "Samira Culler. Ah! She is the woman I bought my painting from! Lovely work." For the most part, people are speaking to Anisha -- not her, so she remains a captive audience. Fly on the wall to the most lovely Whisper in the City.

Duarte is overheard praising Thrax.

Raven snorts and pauses eyes Patrizio, "The Admiral? No, of course not. Lord Orland and Savio. I use order in only the barest of senses, as I asked for-nevermind IT doesn't matter. No of course not Lucrezia. Has she ever done such a thing to your knowledge?" She settles down with Orland and her eyebrows lift as Savio welcomes everyone, "He's always so personable." she lifts an eyebrow at Patrizio "I am sitting right here."

Duarte is overheard praising Fidante.

Duarte is overheard praising Blackram.

Sunniva arches an eyebrow lightly at whatever it is Alarissa whispers, and her smile widens just a bit. "I will wait eagerly to see." she replies quietly. And then the stage starts and Sunni twists her head around to observe Savio on the stage. Her hands lift when she joins in the applause.

Duarte is overheard praising Whisper.

Duarte is overheard praising Crafters guild.

Duarte is overheard praising Eurusi.

Zoey flutters her fingers to Sabella from where she stands with the Whispers, and dips her head in thanks to Amanita. She listens to Duarte and applauds when appropriate with the rest of the audience.

Did she catch her name, or perhaps just recognize Anisha? Either way, Kyden slips over towards the catwalk with her food and drink. Although when Savio speaks from the stage, she stops dead to stare at him. When he finishes, she continues on again as though she hadn't stopped at all. "There are a lot of people here," she states. Not exactly a greeting, but a neutral observation. Still, it is maybe directed towards those she approached?

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Caprice has been waiting in the proverbial wings, pleased for a last few minutes of relative peace and quiet for observing those arriving, mingling - painting an Exclusive memory in her mind's eye. When Duarte addresses the audience, however, she steps out to join him and the others in sharing applause for the evening's sponsors.

Savio trots off the stage to gratefully surrender the spotlight to the evening's host, his introductions and his praises. The mandolin is tucked away in an instrument case out of the way where it won't be in anyone's path, then he waves his way through the crowd to find and hug Orland. Right in front of Raven and Patrizio and everybody. "Yay, I didn't break a string, forget the words, pass out, sweat excessively, or ruin the Exclusive!" Good job Savio.

Apollo likewise applauds for the sponsors - sending a smile the way of Softest Whisper Anisha at mention of Whisper House.

Duarte continues now. “I also want to thank Samira Culler, for her masterful painting in tribute to tonight’s honoree.” Duarte motions to a painting celebrating the work of Joscelin Arterius.

”Guildmaster Apollo Whisper for lending us his display of Joscelin Arterius original jewelry.” Duarte makes a sweeping gesture towards the display.

”Lottie Parkins for the catering, which I /know/ you all enjoy.

”And last, but not least, I want to thank Messere Lore Artiglio, without whom tonight would never have been possible: neither in mind or execution. Your help and companionship is endlessly appreciated. Thank you.” Duarte takes a small step backwards as he motions to Lore and claps in her direction.

"Princess Sabella! You look lovely! Have you met the darling Amanita Whisper?" Anisha inquires, gesturing to the woman on her arm. "Amanita, this is Princess Sabella Grayson, well known for her beauty and grace," She notes, with a bright smile. "And yes, he has," She agrees with the Princess. "But then, Mistress Joscelin deserves nothing less, mm?"

She gives a nod to Amanita at the comment about the painting. "I did recognise her strokes. Apollo introduced me to her, and I just love her work. She has so much potential," She notes brightly. "I need to comission more art, I feel. Fill the Haven some. Maybe I should see about having some pieces added to Whisper House, mm?" She muses. Beaming as Kyden steps closer. "Hello, dear Kyden. I trust you are well?" She inquires. "Everyone," Well, at least the group surrounding her. "Mistress Kyden Black, a sculptress of some repute. Kyden, this is... Well, not quite everyone. But quite a few folk of my acquaintance," She notes, with a chuckle. Biting her lip - glancing to the Caprice and Duarte, and the people named, and raising her glass both to Savio for his song and to the named folk - even if some might not be present.

Katarina delights to song, and suffers through praise as the Eurusi delegation is shouted out. Her own plate of carbs and sugars is not quite as ostentatious as Niklas's, but it certainly can't be good for her teeth. With platter in tow, she moves to a comfortable chair to settle in and applaud in time with the rest of the room.

Apollo is overheard praising Samira: A stunning painting that puts the focus where I think Guildmaster Joscelin would have liked it.

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Orland is full on ready to accept the hug, even doing a little bit of a squeeze hug lift, like the Redrains do it. "You were wonderful!" He celebrates a little, because there's still the rest of the Exclusive to watch and as such, Orland pulls Savio down into a seat alongside Raven at Patrizio, the General which he sees and grins at but is quite content to make sure Savio is settled and whisper praise him.

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A severe blonde woman in a long red leather coat with black fur trim arrives and without stopping to greet anyone she takes a seat in the rear of the room alone. Her left hand rests faintly on the black fur near her breastbone and she seems to absently stroke it while she considered the room from some distant place of reverie. Princess Graziella Pravus has a listless expression and her hald lidded eyes don't linger long on anyone's face as if for fear of drawing out a social interaction.

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Vashtalyn claps again after Duarte speaks to introduce the evening's sponsors, and the people who put so much effort into the event, and then she picks up her drink, taking a careful sip from the beverage as her eyes dance around, studying this or that person, and particularly their finery. Her eyes turn toward the paintings as they are pointed out, and she studies them carefully, a slight curve to her lips in appreciation.

Smiling out at the audience first, Caprice dips her head to them then again in response to Duarte. "Thank you, Count Amadeo. Your continued, active support of craftsmen and artists is a boon to the creative community, and it's been my honor to be involved with this Exclusive. I'm looking forward to our future projects and I hope the rest of you are, too!

In addition to the beautiful music, artwork and refreshments enhancing our celebration tonight, we've arranged for you a fashion show in much the same style as Joscelin once held, here. Contributors were given a general theme of honoring Joscelin's work and influence, and we're pleased to showcase some of the city's superb creative talent with the help of our supremely lovely models. Please turn your attention to the catwalk; we're about to begin."

"Oh, darling, dearest, my favorite in all the lands," Sabella mumurs as Niklas reaches her. She looks between Anisha and Amanita. "Amanita Whisper, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She presses a kiss to her husband's cheek and then looks toward the catwalk. "I should go make sure I am where I need to be." She's absolutely radiant as the applause comes for the sponsors, eyes sparkling. Her wine glass is set down and her hands clasp in front of her, hovering just below her chin. "I wish every day could be this lovely."

Amanita sketches a low bow to Sabella. "A pleasure to meet you, Your Grace. I have heard infinitely good things about you -- and your style -- while I would love to get to know the first, I can see now with my eyes that the latter is true." She flashes a smile in Samira's direction and then looks to Kyden. "Mistress Kyden, how do you do?" The Whisper asks, batting her lashes briefly before she picks up a wine glass and takes a long pull. She looks around the room at people speaking, then at the entrance of Graziella. Her gaze lingers there but she quickly returns her attention to Caprice.

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog arrive, following Sorrel.

Savio has a glass in hand instantly, of course, within a few seconds of performance and hug completion. It is raised in response to Anisha's, along with a big grin, because Savio has no chill and he's happy to see her. Who wouldn't be? He is thereafter led by Orland over to the seating where the Amadeo Voice is settled, and looks set to relax and enjoy the rest of the festivities!

3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards, Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog leave, following Sorrel.

Samira lifts her glass in Anisha's direction, careful not to let its contents slosh onto the floor. Her attention is stolen when she hears Duarte's opening remarks, focus remaining throughout Savio's performance that follows. She applauds at its end, nodding approvingly. "Beautifully done. Lifts the spirits, being surrounded by the talent of all these artists." She begins drifting toward the familiar face of Anisha and her not-so-familiar companions, offering a small smile. "Softest Whisper Anisha, it's so good to see you. It's been too long." Attention slips toward Amanita and Kyden in turn, a polite nod offered to both.

Duarte goes on. “Tonight we pay tribute, in spirit, to Joscelin Arterius. She was a dear friend of mine. When I first met her she of course was preceded by her reputation as a phenomenal jeweler. But I was struck, immediately, by her keen sense for business. Her directness. Her kindness. And her spirit and infectious humor.

”I could go on and on, but I know - I know - that Joscelin would see that attention given her be properly redirected to her peers and contemporaries. For two of Joscelin’s most beloved traits are her generosity and her modesty. So if we are to pay honor to Joscelin tonight we must turn to also honor our brilliant artisans of the Crafters Guild here in Arx and abroad, and make a celebration of artistry as a whole.

”When we look upon our world and wonder what of it is worth preserving we seldom wonder long before we find things our artists have touched. Our history is preserved in works of art. Art endures in a way which people don’t. Stories, if they are to be told, and if they are to last the generations, must not be confined to lectures and ponderous tomes. They must be elegantly wrapped in books, or represented in paintings, or made into song, or music. If culture is alive, then art is surely its blood.

”But art is also its dreams. Our artists are bold. They dream a future that many cannot see. Through the dismal dark they can see it. They chance to see it realized in their work. And we, in turn, are inspired. We turn our eyes to the Faith, to our own deeds. We even send our people to war to fight for the achievement of promise, and lasting endurance, of our civilization made worthy by our artists, and for that future dreamed by our artists.

”I would like to see our fair city, and our compact as a whole, share a vision of glory for our future. That we may embrace our Faith and turn our deeds upon the paths that will realize that future so dreamed. And not out of fear or apprehension for some lingering darkness that awaits if not - but out of joy for knowing that pious works are their own reward and make our hearts and minds light.

”I thank you all for coming. And without further ado, I turn the stage over to a masterful artist in her own right - one who has certainly captivated me - my dear friend and protege, Mistress Caprice Artiglio.” Duarte bows and slides away, motioning the crowd’s direction to the beautiful, the illustrious, the brilliant, the grand, the talented, the legend - Caprice.

And it's time to model. Alarissa squeezes Quenia's hand and a quick goodbye, is moving through the crowd to join the others at the catwalk.

Smiling out at the audience first, Caprice dips her head to them then again in response to Duarte. "Thank you, Count Amadeo. Your continued, active support of craftsmen and artists is a boon to the creative community, and it's been my honor to be involved with this Exclusive. I'm looking forward to our future projects and I hope the rest of you are, too!

In addition to the beautiful music, artwork and refreshments enhancing our celebration tonight, we've arranged for you a fashion show in much the same style as Joscelin once held, here. Contributors were given a general theme of honoring Joscelin's work and influence, and we're pleased to showcase some of the city's superb creative talent with the help of our supremely lovely models. Please turn your attention to the catwalk; we're about to begin."(now where it belongs!)

The Grayson Prince grins as he reaches Sabella and hears her greeting, "You look so beautiful tonight my love, This..a sight I will always remember." His words spoken softly to the Princess before he is looking to Anisha and Amanita. His head dipping to the pair as Sabella excuses herself. The Grayson Prince looking off after his wife before his gaze turns to the catwalk, "A lovely little event and gathering, and proper caetering..gods the caetering." Moments later he glances to the two whispers extending his plate, "Sweet?" The man offering before his voice drops, "Just tell no one.."

Patrizio applauds, when Duarte's done speaking - it seems like it's the right moment for such - but it is brief as not to distract from what's about to come before their eyes on the catwalk, as Caprice is introducing the modelling to come.

Cheating out towards the audience to make sure her voice travels to the very corners of the gallery, Caprice lifts her arm in an open handed gesture indicating the catwalk.

"The Bravura Exclusive's Fashion Tribute to Joscelin Arterius begins its journey with a precious first step.

Amanita Whisper cuts a striking figure in head-to-toe cupridium, designed and crafted by Decius Meridus, and generously sponsored by the Society of Explorers. This superbly-crafted gown blends form and function as beautifully as Messere Meridus has blended the cupridium links with the finespun gold and silver wire.

Look how the light plays off the material, leaving our model clad in molten metallics that are lightweight and free-flowing as well as protective. The honeysilk cape and draped sleeves are elegant touches, and dawnstones lend their warm glow to complete the ensemble. Across the dancefloor or advancing upon the battlefield, hers is a beacon others could rally behind. Fabulous ferocity.

Kyden is reminded to bow only once Amanita does it, and then she dips into a belated, distracted one, that doesn't bother to sort out whom she needs to bow to and whom she doesn't. "I've finished my latest," she answers Anisha, although whether that means she's well or not is open to interpretation. "Good evening, everyone," she adds with an idle nod to the group, giving them each a brief once-over as she continues to take in the rest of the room, as well as the performance. As Samira joins them, she also gets a nod and a lingering look. "There's so much happening, it almost makes my head ring," she observes, before her attention is again drawn back to the stage.

Sunniva offers an encouraging smile to Alarissa when she moves off to model, and with another nod to Quenia, Sunni moves to follow the Princess. Seems Harthall is modelling this evening as well. She positions herself off to the side, where she can wait her turn but also see the beautiful creations of the others in the show.

Princess Graziella is sat upon a red stool in the back of the gathering that affords her a quiet view of the stage and her focus seems to be intently on the fashion once the show has begun. She doesn't frown or smile as the different fashions go by, her's is an expression of silent appraisal and intense scruntiny worn as an impassive plastic performance of manners.

Exchanging a few words with Zakhar and Lasha, Anisha looks over to Niklas, and gives a wink. "Maybe a little later - I have a platter full, and Amanita reminded me to make sure I bring some home with me, as well." She notes, with a chuckle, giving a squeeze to Amanita's arm, looking over at Caprice and beaming at her introduction of the show, smiling over at Savio and back to Samira. "Samira, so good to see you. You've outdone yourself, and I keep seeing your art in familiar spaces," She notes, with a chuckle. "Tell me, did you do a portrait of Sydney recently?" She asks, then hushes, letting go of Amanita so she may take to the stage, and clasps her hands before her. "Oh, goodness," She beams to Kyden. "I can't wait to see it." She assures - pausing and when Sunniva and Alarissa come close, she beams bright and wiggles her fingers both to the marquessa and the Princess-Consort of Thrax.

Just as Amanita is about to say something to Niklas at his offer of sweets, she hears her name coming from Caprice's lips. She pulls away from Anisha in a quick, punctual manner and starts to /work/ the catwalk as if her life depends on it. Her silky honeyed blonde hair flips over her shoulder as she shows the outfit off, and she stops at the end of the catwalk, her eyes searching the crowd intensely before she cocks her hip and turns on her other foot. She gives a fancy turn and then makes her way back to the starting position.

Apollo watches Amanita move in wonder. "I'd have never thought to use metal like that," he says. Then there's a pause, a tip of his head, and: "Well, not exactly like that. It's very striking." He leans in to watch her walk, listening sidelong to something Vashtalyn is saying.

Caprice is overheard praising Decius: Armored fashion perfectly crafted in cupridium!

Caprice is overheard praising Amanita: Fabulous ferocity!

Zoey leans toward Niklas to tell him something softly, winking.

Vashtalyn stares at the cupridium outfit as it is modeled, leaning foward a little as if to get a better look at it. Occasionally, she shares some murmured conversation with Apollo, Felix and Pasquale, while taking the spare sip of her drink.

Anisha is overheard praising Savio: Such style and flair with his music and song.

Anisha is overheard praising Duarte: Bravura Exclusives are sure to become a thing.

Anisha is overheard praising Caprice: Her words draw attention to just the right places

Anisha is overheard praising Crafters guild: Such talent they display in the name of the late, great Josephine

Anisha is overheard praising Amanita: An excellent outing!

Patrizio does watch while the outfit is being modelled, though it's clearly with the eye of one who's not himself necessarily contemplating what constitutes 'fashion', but that he obviously appreciates art. That, and the cup makes a slow trip to his lip as he's taking a sip.

Caprice's applause is subdued, if genuinely appreciative - her smile less restrained for Amanita's turn about the catwalk. As she's nearly finished with her walk, the commentator announces the next: "And now we move from the autumnal cupridium colors into the crystalline brilliance of Falling Snowflakes at Dawn in Winter's Splendor - raiment by Vashtalyn Andalashari, inspired by nature's unique ephemeral jewels and sponsored by the Crafters Guild.

Princess Sabella Grayson dazzles in a wintry white, back-laced aeterna gown and sheer cape. A fan of icicles crowns her head, and their glittering glory is reflected, ten thousand-fold(!), through every hand-sewn bead of pearl, silver and glass. Her luxury lace gloves and velvet shoes are caught up in the flurry as well, fully encapsulating Her Highness in delicate detail and bringing to life Messere Vashalyn's inspired vision."

"Do you?" Samira's features warm into an expression which appears to be a mixture of surprise and delight in response to Anisha's comments. "I've been working on a series of portraits. I'll admit Sydney's hair was the inspiration behind the first one in the series." Dark eyes sweep curiously over Kyden, a slow scrutinizing glance. "Events like this, there's always so much going on. Hard to know where to look first," she agrees. And yet, she appears more at ease here than she usually might at such large events. She falls quiet as Caprice announces the models, applauding to show admiration for the beautiful outfits being displayed.

After excusing herself from socializing for a moment, Sabella gets herself situated off to the side of the catwalk, ready to walk when she is announced. The outfit that Vashtalyn has created is stunning! And heavy. There are 10,600 pieces of glass adorning her from head to foot. Even so, the honey-blond princess walks with her head held high, graceful steps carrying her along the the catwalk. Light refracts off of her and sends shimmering pinpricks of rainbow across the room. In that moment, Sabella is the epitome of dazzling.

Niklas checks composure at hard. Botch! Niklas is fails completely.

Quenia dips her head after Alarissa as she makes he way to the modeling line, giving her an encouraging smile. She likewise gives Sunniva an encouraging look before going to find some seats.

Caprice is overheard praising Vashtalyn: The intricate beauty of winter's splendor rendered wearable by talented hands!

Caprice is overheard praising Sabella: All the warmth and grace of brilliant dawn in winter!

Amanita steps back with Anisha, looking at Samira with a soft smile. She resumes her glass of wine and sips from it before looking toward Sabella. "I would not want to wear that on a snowy, sunny day; the sheer magnificence of the glass could blind someone," she says with the softest of laughs -- though her mouth doesn't move when she laughs. She looks over at Kyden and smiles briefly once more before pulling a seat under her knee to rest like that -- a compromise, without sitting down.

Arion arrives a bit late, gliding through the doors with his normal easy grace. GReen skirts swish lightly as he steps into the room, peering about with a gentle smile. He curtsies for the nobles present then drifts further inside looking around at everything with open curiousity and open admiration.

Kyden considers Anisha a moment, before nodding. "Yes, I think you might like it. Or grasp it, at least," she concurs, of her most recent work. "You should come by the Judgment Statuary." A quick flick of her eyes to the group sort of extends the invitation to the others as well.

The same gaze follows as Amanita leaves them to take the catwalk. "She has a presence," is another idle observation from the sculptor, but it seems to be approving. "Mm. Indeed," she agrees with Samira, pulling her attention back to the fellow artist. "I've become too used to the quiet of my studio. Perhaps this was a bit much for my first trip out." There's a tinge of wryness to that.

Quenia has joined the a small collection of garnet stools.

Smiling at the murmured conversation between herself, Apollo, Felix and Pasquale, nothing can fully distract her when Sabella is announed, and begins to step out onto the catwalk wearing her very own creation. The raven-hared merchant sits a little straighter in her chair, her eyes gleaming at the sight of her creations adorning Princess Sabella. She gives a nod of satisfaction.

Caprice's mention of his wife's name has Niklas's gaze settling intently upon the stage, a warm smile just barely playing along his lips as he waits to see his wife's turn on the catwalk. The man poised and ready to support her with a reassuring look and warmth or at least that /had/ been the plan. Even after being married for as long as they had, even after four children when Sabella moves to take to the catwalk all that seemed to fall along the wayside, Niklas's eyes seeming to widen as he sees the movements of the woman and the outfit upon his Sabella. Drinking it all in and finding himself suddenly very parched as his lips part and give a little quiver, the Kennex turned Grayson actually blushing a bit even as his cheeks darken and his words and thoughts completely fail him. The wine glass in his hand forgotten as he accidentally drops the glass with his fingers relaxing upon it. Even as it falls and breaks he seems lost in his own little world for several moments before finally realizing what had happened. "Ah well.. the um.. glass..dress.. um..shit."

Apollo applauds for Sabella's turn on the catwalk, and murmurs congratulations with a broad smile to Vashtalyn. Niklas' reaction to his wife's performance draws lifted brows, smile undimmed. "I think perhaps the Prince could use the assistance of a Mercy," he suggests, more sympathy than tease in his tone.

"I do," Anisha assures Samira, beaming as Amanita joins them again, giving her a squeeze and murmuring encouragement. "And yes," She agrees with the painter. "It can be a little overwhelming - I tend to try to focus on what is in front of me and whatever is being called attention to by the host," Like, for example, Sabella doing her razzle-dazzle round-trip of the catwalk, offering applause and beaming. "Oh, he light is lovely on that," She concludes. Then chuckles at Amanita's comment. "...You'd make it work, I'm sure." She teases. Exhaling, glancing to Kyden, she chuckles. "And that's the least we can ask, no?" She muses. "Grasping, I mean. We can't ask for presence, just be blessed by it." The smash of a wine-glass has her glancing to Niklas, and she quirks her lips. "He's overcome, the poor dear. I do hope, that one day, when I'm done with Whispering and settle down with a wife, I'll be able to inspire such reactions in her."

Quenia has left the a small collection of garnet stools.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira leave, following Quenia.

Arion finds himself a place to sit and observe the goings on with a gentle smile. The green and gold gown he wears is simple but elegant highlighting his lithe form nicely. He takes a seat, smoothing out the skirts and crossing his ankles in a very ladylike fashion as he looks to the beautiful works of art on display.

Amanita raises a brow at the Softest. "You, settle down and stop Whispering? I guess that it isn't out of the question but I would be lost. Say you won't do it any time soon, unless your lady means so much to you. Otherwise I will have to vie for the title of Softest, and I am hardly as soft as you are." She does not let on that they may have been talking about her presence, but instead keeps her eyes turned to the catwalk. Watching the reaction of the Prince, she lets out a quiet giggle. Spotting Arion in the crowd, she gives the alchemist a big wave.

What's a bit of broken glass between friends? Caprice may be too far from the speechless playwright to notice his reaction - or maybe she's juuuust professional enough not to stare and cut too deep into the show.

"Gloriously extending A Visit From Inspiration, and enjoying the sponsorship of House Kennex, we have Lady Zoey dressed in a stunning steelsilk gown by Messere Talia Baseborn, paired with some of Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius's original work.

The pristine promise of untouched white warms up delightfully as the belted gown's romantically loose bodice gives way to its layered skirts, where pinks and oranges play with hotter and colder colors, and enhance the vivid palette of the gold and Gemecittan quartz demi parure. Those same lovely colors take flight in the exquisite wings of Master Georgine Dubois' gold-based butterfly mask, where the play of light concentrates beautifully in dawn and dusk stones."

"With the right glint of sunlight, you could set the whole forest ablaze," Kyden says by way of agreement, as she considers the glass-dress. The sound of the falling wineglass draws her attention towards Niklas, and she actually smiles, just ever so slight. Or smirks. Close enough. "Better his glass than the dress that shatters," she muses. Her head cants back to Anisha. "I let my art be my presence. It is better that way." She tips back her own glass and then considers its emptiness. "I'm going to get another." With that, she turns away back towards the buffet. Perhaps to return?

When Zoey takes her turn on the catwalk, she moves with an easy, practiced grace. From the point of her toes, to the sway of her hips, to the regal way she holds her head, every inch of her is poised to display the earrings, pendant, mask, and gown the wears. She shimmers as she walks, and her smile is brilliant enough to match.

Sunniva watches with admiration as each of the creations is modelled, applauding with genuine appreciation after each. She isn't holding a drink to interrupt the movement.

"Oh, fret not, darling Amanita. I should hope I have a few good years in me yet," Anisha assures her fellow Whisper - giving a nod of greeting to Arion as he settles down. Inclining her head to Sabella as she rejoins them, and pausing, briefly, as Caprice announces Zoey's turn - shooting the Lady Kennex another encouraging smile and chuckling at Kyden's conclusions. Wiggling her fingers as the sculptor slips away.

Felix has left the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

"You make it look natural, modeling and drawing the eye," Samira notes to Amanita as the woman returns from her time on the catwalk. Lifting her glass to her lips, she takes a long sip before sending a knowing glance toward Kyden. "At least this is a fitting event for your first foray out, celebrating art. The Judgment Statuary?" Curiosity has seized her now, a more intent glance devoted to the sculptor before she realizes the woman's on her way to refill her glass. She tears her focus away to admire Sabella's turn on the catwalk. "It'd be a nice thing, to inspire such love in someone else," she murmurs agreeably to Anisha.

Patrizio does, for a moment, turn his head at the sound of the breaking glass - how can one not, indeed, when it's distinctive, the plucked brows knitting in concern... until it's very clear that nothing's amiss at all. But he smiles, understandingly, before his gaze drifts back to the catwalk to drink in the next figure coming out.

Niklas doesn't actually move to gather up the glass himself instead seeking out with out stretched fingers one of those working to serve at the event, a bit of silver offered as he motions to his mishap before cutting a look around. The man slowly stepping back one pace and then another all sorts of in a nothing to see here fashion with his little plate of sweets. That flush remaining upon his cheeks and a deeper shade after the mishap.

Raven claps and gives a soft whistle when Zoey steps out onto the catwalk, she tries to keep it just on the right side of approving.

Caprice is overheard praising Talia: A master crafter truly touched by inspiration!

Caprice is overheard praising Georgine: A master crafter with exquisite command of light and color!

Caprice is overheard praising Zoey: Everything sparkles brighter on Lady Zoey Kennex.

Graziella is overheard praising Caprice.

Graziella is overheard praising Zoey.

Graziella is overheard praising Talia.

"This next outfit is inspired by a gift from Dame Ida Ferron to Joscelin. Dame Ida has generously donated a replica of the hairpins, with Master Tailor Caprice Artiglio," Caprice's mouth quirks up faintly at the corners, as she talks about herself in the thrid person, "designing the gloves, gown, shoes and cosmetic palette to match - the last crafted with Master Svana Grayhope's invaluable assistance. It is worn by Softest Whisper Anisha on behalf of Whisper House.

Where Joscelin touched, creativity flourished and the theme captured by Dame Ida's hairpins is reflected through the leaf patterning and color palette of Anisha's attire. Duskweave and brocade borrow glints of color from each other, cool shadow and warm light playing over the breezy skirt and low-heeled slippers."

Graziella is overheard praising Georgine.

Merek makes a way along and into the place, looking about.

Arion spies Amanita and waves back with a warm smile in her direction. Inclining his head in deep respect he regards the Whisper a moment, curiously before the clothing and model steal his breath away. "Oh my...." He gasps softly and stares with wide emerald eyes filed with awe.

Sabella hears the glass smash, but she's focused on her walking as she leaves the catwalk. She makes her way over to Niklas and Anisha and the others, covering a giggle with her hand. "Beloved, are you alright?" She stays clear of the puddle, even though the aeterna wouldn't be blemished by it. Eventually, the mess is cleaned up while the princess reclaims her wine glass and focuses her attention on the remaining models, a smile gleaming nearly as bright as her attire as she stands beside her dashing, and adoring, prince.

"I love that mask," Apollo says, as Zoey walks. He cranes his neck to look at the rest of what she wears. "Oh! That's more of the Gemecittan quartz collection - there's a piece of that in the case. I think it might be my favorite of her work." He claps appreciatively.

Anisha gives a gentle squeeze to arms of people surrounding her, then moves along up the walk, beaming bright; her midnight hair set up in an elegant fall cascading around those clasping hands, the shimmer of duskweave and brocade visible as she steps along with an accustomed sway to her hips. She pauses at the very edge of the stage, and gives the crowd a slow turn, spreading her hands wide, showing off the elegant lace of her gloves, before sketching a deep curtsey, skirts in hand, and tossing her hair back to proudly return to her cohort.

Caprice is overheard praising Svana: As supportive as she is creative!

Caprice is overheard praising Anisha: Elevating artistry through her grace and easy confidence!

Graziella is overheard praising Svana.

Graziella is overheard praising Anisha.

"Oh, she's beautiful. And those dusky tones compliment her skin brilliantly..." Amanita watches Zoey with admiration, a small smile on her lips. Her cheeks adopt a flush when Samira compliments her walking. "You are very kind, Mistress Samira. And it's a pleasure to meet you formally." She looks at Anisha as she approaches the catwalk and watches her with wide eyes. "Now, /please/, she makes it all look so natural... how lovely..." She murmurs, before looking over at Arion once more.

Arion steals another glance at Amanita, meeting her gaze and blushing a bit. He smiles gently and tilts his head curiously. He gestures to the empty spot beside him and sends the Whisper a curious look, inviting her closer if she so wishes to approach him.

Vashtalyn watches as outfit after dazzling outfit is displayed, her attention fixated on the catwalk with a gleam of appreciation in her eyes. "The jewels, the artistry... everyone is so creative. The models are all so breathtaking too," she comments. She sips from her drink occasionally, a smile beaming on her features.

Caprice's applause is all for the model on the last round, though there is a distinct curve of pleasure to her fleeting smile for seeing her own work moving down the catwalk. "Turning up the heat in crimson and fuchsia, Princess Alarissa Thrax is wearing brocade, silver and ruby originals by Apollo Whisper, sponsored by House Thrax.

Her Highness shines in this fitted gown with its dramatically dipping neckline and full-length skirt, voluminous from the mid-thigh. Sparkling bright against the color shifting brocade, her pendant necklace and ring stand out in scintillating silver, with the rich depth of color in their ruby stones both enhancing and enhanced by the reds of the dress."

Did Apollo expect Softest Anisha Whisper to be anything but a vision of perfection in her outfit? Well - no, not slightly. He beams a smile at her, looking not at all like he's taking notes about how to handle duskweave. Inspiration aplenty here, tonight. As he applauds and Caprice announces his own work, his smile tempers, then flares wide again to watch for Alarissa to appear in the gown and jewelry set.

When she's intriduced or the outfit she's wearing is introduced, Alarissa's making her way down the catwalk. The plunging neckline of the thinnest red brocade across the modest chest, everything form fitted to the Thrax princess before fabric flares dramatically at the mid thigh. All crimson like the Thrax color. It exposes skin, showing the thin straps that keep the white hart false arm aloft that's been posed and perched to rest on her hip as she walks, a matching glove on her other hand. Nestled in the valley created by the neckline, the silver necklace with its generous ruby hangs low and using the glove as a background, the matching ring on her right hand twinkles and draws the eye as well. Chin lifted just a little, the blonde offers a smile to the crowd before turning around and heading back down the catwalk at a leisurely pace and enjoying the attention. Despite the bared shoulder.

After a quick conference between one of the models and then a quick word to Duarte, Lore hastens from the room to see a woman about a thing. Surely nothing has gone wrong! Not at all!

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura leaves, following Lore.

Zakhar takes A fat rolled cigar that emits a blue haze when lit from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Duarte had been silently watching the show - enthralled - from an aloof position beyond the audience. As the show nears the final few models, he drifts toward the benches and...wait! What is this in his pocket! Oh shit!

Duarte tosses some earrings at the model on stage and then hastily sits doen.

Duarte has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

Amanita looks tired suddenly. She pulls her chair away and leans in to kiss Anisha's cheek, moving back to the dressing room. She does weave her way through the crowd, however, to whisper something to Arion before heading out.

"A pleasure to meet you as well," Samira answers Amanita, inclining her head politely rather than giving her customary casual upnod. Wearing a dress and attending a nice event requires more decorum, it seems. She continues watching those who make their way down the catwalk, applauding for both the models and the tailors. "So many beautiful pieces," she murmurs admiringly.

Amanita has left the a sleek wooden catwalk set with a sooty mirrored mosaic.

Oh, yes. There might have been a quizzical look at Alarissa, as Apollo sees her without earrings. Then he sees Duarte toss them and... whoa boy does he hope Alarissa can catch one-handed, teeth gritted.

Alarissa checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Alarissa is successful.

Alarissa reaches out as the earrings are tossed to her, miraculously catching them and with a smile, holds them aloft near her ears as she goes

Caprice is overheard praising Apollo: Magnificently talented with multiple mediums!

Caprice is overheard praising Alarissa: Effortlessly daring! ...What a catch!

Only admiration for the quick correction and the clever catch, Apollo presses his hands together in a gesture toward Alarissa, meant to communicate his admiration for her grace.

Apollo is overheard praising Alarissa: Grace under pressure.

Apollo is overheard praising Duarte: Puts his time and effort toward supporting the artists of the city - a true friend to the guild.

Speaking over the applause, some of it her own, Caprice directs her words back to the audience, "And our final marvel of the evening, another creation by Apollo Whisper and worn by Marquessa Sunniva Harthall on behalf of her House, our last generous sponsor.

Her gloriously golden gown flatters with its artful construction, texture and balance leading the eye across every delightful new detail in the fitted bodice, the drape of its skirts. Accenting the gown with their own glow, a suite of jewelry in gold and diamond, and treasured Harthall pearls."

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Duarte: A stunning event, showcasing stunning artistry.

Refreshed drink in hand, Kyden takes her time drifting back to her previous spot, but drift back she does. "If nothing else, I can draw inspiration from some of what I have seen," she murmurs, as if she hadn't left in the middle of the conversation, but was simply continuing on.

Anisha has settled squarely back in at the close, giving Amanita a squeeze and a murmur as she heads off, then studying the Princess-Consort with eager eyes. "It looks stupendous on her," She concludes. "But then, it's always a thrill and a delight to watch her in a new outfit." She pauses, at the sudden commotion, then laughs, and claps at the throw and catch. "Oh, well done," She declares. "Beauty, grace, style, and she made that catch look easy." She exhales, and looks to Sunniva as Caprice announces her. "This has been glorious," She concludes to the people still around her - and shoots Apollo and his crowd a bright little smile as well.

Sunniva steps forward when her name is called amid the heavy rustle of damask, and takes her turn to walk the runway with a smile. Her movements are fluid, graceful, aware of those watching and ensuring the items she wears are shown to their best advantage. The light catches on each of the pearls adorning the bodice of the gown and jewelry, the unusual golden warmth of the Harthall pearls matching the Marquessa herself.

Apollo applauds for Alarissa, nodding in agreement with Anisha's words - smile returned - and then for Sunniva as well. There's a deep sigh; he seems so satisfied, like something is right with the world, watching Sunniva finish out the show.

The current model being his cue, Duarte stands from the benches. He gives looks of gratitude to Vashtalyn and Apollo as he does his best to not distract as he departs. A clasp to Pasquale's shoulder as he passes and heads nearer the stage.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Graziella is overheard praising Duarte.

Niklas is overheard praising Caprice: A job well done

Graziella is overheard praising Sabella.

Niklas is overheard praising Duarte: A lovely event, well done.

Caprice is overheard praising Apollo: Every piece a work of art!

Caprice is overheard praising Sunniva: Gloriously golden!

Graziella is overheard praising Apollo.

Samira's gaze tracks the movements of both Alarissa and Sunniva along the catwalk, her wine glass in hand momentarily forgotten. She turns, gaze scanning the crowd until she spots Apollo. Some sort of vague signalling follows; it must be meant to convey some complimentary sentiment.

Niklas is overheard praising Vashtalyn: Beautiful work

Graziella is overheard praising Alarissa.

Vashtalyn stares at the artistry of the beautiful gown, and the gleaming jewelry, worn by Sunniva. She murmurs a soft comment to Apollo, and yet, does not take her eyes off the stunning ensemble.

Graziella is overheard praising Sunniva.

Niklas is overheard praising Sunniva.

Niklas is overheard praising Alarissa.

Niklas is overheard praising Apollo.

The moment she's off the catwalk, Alarissa's being helped into a shawl, a length of matching brocade and silk, draped over her left shoulder and obscures things from view once more, easing off to find Apollo.

One last, longer round of applause, Caprice inviting all the models for a final strut down the walk before she turns to clap for the audience as well.

"This concludes our fashion show at Arx's first Bravura Exclusive, in honor of Joscelin Arterius! Thank you to every sponsor, artisan and model - and to all of you for joining us. I turn us back over to Count Amadeo." she gestures to the nobleman, finally retreating back to relative obscurity.

Once off the catwalk, Sunniva breaths a soft sigh of relief before she moves off to try and find the creator of her gown amid the crowd somewhere.

Graziella rises from her seat as the show ends, quietly leaving the scene even as the applause is still sounding in her wake.

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Apollo rises from his bench when he sees that Alarissa - and Sunniva! - are heading his way, smiling a blazing smile at both of them, warmly pleased.

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Content with the performance of both herself and her fellow models, Anisha now seems happy to settle back in with the two artists she's conversing with. "I'm curious to see what you'll make of it," She muses at Kyden's mention of inspiration. Raising her glass again, to Alarissa and Sunniva and Apollo and Caprice, taking a sip - and now she's finally getting to enjoy some of those sweets.

Vashtalyn rises from her bench as well, setting her half-sipped drink down, and smiles as Apollo goes to greet Alarissa and Sunniva. She takes the opportunity to slip away, back toward the feasting table to see what other treat she can find for herself.

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Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrives, following Lore.

Alright so maybe Caprice sneaks in a very -muted- sort of stroll down the catwalk as she turns things back over to Duarte. It might have gone unnoticed, even, if the Disciple of Jayus didn't do a very dramatic Bravura hat-tip towards Orland.

Duarte hops on stage and wordlessly directs attention to his vest? No! It's a corset! But a manly one. And my does the count look shapely! "Messere Zakhar! His work can be found at the newly opened Emporium of Curiosity!"

He clasps his hands together and bows appreciatively. "My enduring gratitude to you all and to our splendiforous crafters, models, bards and artists! Please enjoy the evening! Eat. Drink. Tell stories of our honoree! As you will. Good evening." He gives a final bow and motions forward to the catering.

Lore hurries back into the room, moving to pass something over to Zoey with a brief smile and a few murmured words before taking up space along the wall once more.

Sabella has watched the other models in awe, simply soaking up the beauty of the women and the artistry they wear. She, however, maintains her composure better than Niklas and no further wine or glass decorates the floor. Now that things have wrapped up, she looks over to where Apollo is and gives him a warm smile before finishing her glass of wine. There is no rush in the princess to enter the fray of mingling just yet, letting the others enjoy the attention.

Something's going on over there in the chair seats where another Bravura hat wearer was. A jolt, something. Confusion? Eventually with enough nudges there's a hailing hat, lifted off his head, and motioned in salute to Caprice. Orland nods to the passing and puts it back on his head. Awake the whole time.

Samira murmurs to Anisha, although Kyden's comment is quick to snag her attention. "I'd love to see your work sometime. Or simply sit and talk about things." A dismissive wave of her hand accompanies that vague word: 'things'. Noting movement on the catwalk, she turns back to flash a grin toward Caprice. "I see you up there, looking lovely too!"

Savio has been politely admiring all those dresses and things but now Duarte's going to get up in here in that manly corset? "Oh what, /now/ I'm jealous." Savio looks to Zakhar, fingertips touched together in a pleading sort of way. Zakhar pls.

"Your work is divine as always Master Apollo" Alarissa leans in offering a kiss to his cheek. "The moment the Count told me I had a choice between you and another, it was no contest, I would wear only yours." Alarissa dips her head to Anisha then back to Apollo. "If you'd help put the earrings on, I can make sure everyone sees them as they should be." She points out.

Zoey smiles as she slips the emerald necklace and matching earrings on, and brushes back her hair to make sure they are not lost in the curls.

Zakhar turns a little from the buffet, the minor crumbs and a cookie that he had on the plate go flying across the floor as he is startled in hearing Duarte call out his name about the vest, corset vest. He waves with the now empty plate then looks at where the cookie went, looking back to the buffet.

Apollo returns the kiss to Alarissa's cheek, though it's difficult with the scrap of laughter that erupts. "Of course, your highness. You looked fantastic. As always." And he takes the earrings from her and - steady hands - helps put them on properly. "There you are." Deep breath, and he concludes with a nod: "A vision."

Raven laughs at the look Savio gives Zakhar and looks to Orland and Savio, "I didn't hear he'd opened up a shop, did you know? Well of course you two knew. You two know everything."

Situated beside Sabella the Kennex turned Grayson seems to be anchored by her presence, avoiding any other unfortunate accidents or mishaps. Niklas's free hand reaching out to take hold of Sabella's offering a soft kiss to the back of her hand. "You were absolutely stunning up there love."

"Judgment Statuary," Kyden replies to Samira with a nod. It seems she did hear that question as she was walking away, but only just now got around to answering it. "My... Well, it is more of a park than a studio proper, but it is where I display my things. Near the Green," she adds on. "It is the Green that judges us, not I." To Anisha she gives a thoughtful look, focussed more on the comment than the woman herself. "As would I." See what she does with this inspiration, that is.

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Sunniva is not too far behind Alarissa, though she doesn't crowd in when Alarissa steps in for the cheek kiss. "Stunning creations, as always, Master Apollo. And Princess Alarissa, a spectacular showing on your part as well." she offers, warm and genuine when she finally steps forward for her cheek kisses and half-hugged greetings. "I'm afraid I cannot stay but had to stop and congratulate you both." Anisha's silent greeting is returned with a deeply respectful nod of her head to the Whisper.

Vashtalyn turns as Duarte gets up to speak again, and then she applauds all the models, the other crafters, the sponsors, and everyone all over again. Smiling, she turns away once more and finds another pastry, and eats it, before returning to her seat. She picks up her drink, and then makes her way toward Sabella, offering a quick curtsy. "Highness," she greets, including Niklas in her greeting, a gleam in her eyes. Oh yes, she noticed the glass breaking incident.

Winking cheerily to Samira, Caprice disappears briefly - and returns with wine in hand, weaving in amongst those lingering to give personal thanks for attending, and murmured compliments to the models. And the occasional clear-voiced and carrying comment about this crafter or that.

"Messere Vashtalyn? Oh yes, always gorgeous work. I don't believe she's currently taking commissions but you should absolutely visit her shop, the Wild Plains Bazaar."

"I won't claim credit for his creativity, but I've been delighted to help Zakhar remember what he already knew about stitchwork, mhm. I believe he's recently opened his own place - the Emporium of Curiosity. Have you been by?"

"Kyden has a very unique aesthetic, I feel," Anisha explains to Samira with a smile - wiggling her fingers over at Alarissa when she's acknowledged, beaming once more and giving a nod to Sunniva. Exhaling again, the rush of the event slowly leaving her body. At least she's not hosting. Glancing to Duarte with a chuckle. "Oh, no, Count Duarte. Thank you. This has been a delight," She assures him. Looking to Samira, leaning in to listen, and chuckling into her wine. "Mm. I can feel this evening. I shall retire soon enough, I expect."

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"A delight as always." Pasquale says as he moves to leave.

If possible, Sabella's smile gets bigger when Vashtalyn approaches. "Have you met my husband yet?" Her cerulean eyes look to Niklas. "My love, I was only able to be such by the fine work of this inspiring young woman. Prince Niklas Grayson, allow me to introduce you to Vashtalyn Andalashari, my new protege and the mastermind behind this euphoric design."

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Duarte hops off the stage to mingle. He has that look like he just KNOWS this panel corset vest is the bees mother loving knees. He heads to the comfy chairs and smiles. "Thank you all for attending! Please help yourself to any of the food or displays."

"Now I am complete. I miss her. I've a few of her pieces still. Joscelin. I would imagine there's more of her around the city than people realize." a goodbye offered to Sunniva, she shows off the arm to Apollo. "Two years later, we finally make it. One of my favourites."

"Seems I've new places to visit and artists to speak with more in depth." Samira lifts her hand, counting off on her fingers as she lists. "Judgment Statuary, Emporium of Curiosity, Wild Plains Bazaar. I look forward to seeing what your style is like." The last directed to Kyden in particular. As Duarte hops off the stage, she lifts her voice to be heard over the din of the crowd. "Many thanks to you and the others who coordinated all this, Count Duarte. This event has been great!" An event focused upon the city's crafters, showcasing their work? Clearly her favorite kind.

Indeed, Sunniva gets just the same. "I know the dress is a long time coming," he tells her, after a kiss to her cheek, "but I'm glad to have held it for this. You deserve to be seen." He smiles, takes a deep breath - and steps back. "I think I'd like a glass of wine," he says, and offers a bow to both princess and marquessa - with an offered arm (aside from the one Alarissa is wearing) if her highness would like to accompany him.

Patrizio chuckles when there's the offer by Duarte, and he tips his head to the count. "Careful what you offer - you know how things are about this city, my lord," he says. "People might take you quite literally about the displays." And his cup lifts once more to return to his lips for a sip.

Savio has been cozy there at the shared seating with Orland for a while, but at the conclusion of the festivities, he murmurs something to the other, and carefully stands. "Friends, Your Highnesses, it's been a pleasure. We should talk again sometime, of course! We're going to retire somewhere quieter for a bit!" A bow, since there are Royals there, and then Savio steps off -- he has Orland's hand in his own to bring the Amadeo lord with. Raven is challenged with a grin, "Just try to keep us out of trouble now."

The mandolin from earlier is carefully collected, then Savio grins and praises Duarte, "Flawless!" Might mean the event. Might mean the corset. Either way, he soon slips out!

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Alarissa eases her arm into apollo's murmuring quietly.

Orland leaves, following Savio.

Raven rises and shakes her head, "Oh no you don't." She grins and trots after the pair, "You both owe me more practice!" Of what? who knows!

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"I am absolutely pleased you enjoyed it, Master Samira. And your painting! I sought to place it as a central piece. I appreciate your work." Duarte bows to the Culler. He grins over to Patrizio, "Better than leave me with any left overs! Or I might not be able to slip this thing on in the morrow." Duarte pats his paunch beneath the corset vest.

Hearing her name mentioned, Vashtalyn glances toward Caprice, and smiles. "Commissions opening again soon, now that I have finished that monster of a gown!" she notes with a laugh, and a lift of her mug, before dipping her head toward her fellow tailor. She turns again then toward Sabella and Niklas as she is introduced to Sabella's husband. She dips her head toward him, and smiles softly. "It is good to finally meet you, your Highness." She turns to Sabella then, and adds, "And you looked stunning in it, your Highness," she says to Sabella. "I admit, I did not think it would end up being so heavy, but you handled it with such grace."

While he's murmuring with Alarissa, he guides over to find a glass of wine for himself - and also, to greet Anisha and those in her orbit. "Softest Whisper Anisha," he says. "Absolutely stunning, I'll want to make something with duskweave now." The expression on his face, fretful; he doesn't mean it, all affect.

Duarte is overheard praising Caprice: Yaas queen!

When he is guided over and introduced by Sabella to Vashtalyn the man gives a small nod, "Ah well she does lovely work." The man's gaze moments later turning to Vashtalyn his own hed dipping to the woman in return, "So you are the new protege I keep hearing about, You do truly splendid work. Seems someone has been blessed by Jayus." The man offering that praise before is voice lowers, "We will have to meet and talk soon. You're work is truly stunning."

"Some people say my style is disturbing," Kyden notes, again in that perfectly neutral tone. People are welcome to think such a decision, but she isn't likely to change her art for them. "And the painting, it's yours." Not a question, but then, why say it at all -- obviously Samira must know her own paintings. "You say a lot with a little."

"Save that I'm not going to be the one perhaps who helps you with that problem, my lord," Patrizio says to Duarte as he's chuckling and rising from his place. And yes, his centurions do look perhaps a little disappointed about that. "But I imagine that there are plenty about the city who'd gladly enjoy your largesse with the leftovers." That smile, and a shake of his head. "Thank you for having me."

"Anisha. Stunning. But then everyone has been so stunning." Alarissa unwinds her arm from Apollo's so that she can take up a glass of wine as well. "You wear dark shades so beautifully." She notes. "I can rarely get away with such and only by his Grace's side. Everything has been so stunning.'

"Of course, your highness!" Duarte speaks to the Pravosi prince. "And perhaps, soon enough, we'll meet on more official business. But tonight, do enjoy yourself." The count bows and then finds his way over to his patron - the Princess Alarissa of Thrax - with the amazing hand eye coordination. He slips into the circle around and nuzzles up to her side. "My deepest thanks, your highness. For not only your performance but your continued support and guidance." He then whispers a boring nothing into her ear.

Anisha nibbles, and sips, and nibbles, pausing to chatter here and there - and then rising, as Alarissa and Apollo approach, sketching a curtsey. "Your Highness, Whisper Apollo. May I introduce Samira Culler and Kyden Black, artists both," She offers brightly. Glancing over to Kyden, because, well, she caught the tail end of her comment. "People can think what they want, no?" She points out, with a wink. Looking back to Apollo. "Thank you - and I can only imagine you'd be able to draw out of duskweave. It'd be a thrill to see," She assures. Inclining her head to the Princess. "Thank you - you looked positively radiant, your highness. And I do love wearing a little darker shades now and again. I have some umbra I've been meaning to have turned into something lovely." She concludes.

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Merek takes the time to find a place and settle in, watching, taking the time to drink from the flask with him, admiring the place.

Apollo murmurs something rather deeply-felt - evident even from a distnace - to Alarissa, then turns to smile at Samira and Kyden. "Nice to meet you, Kyden - an artist, are you? Samira, lovely work." Duarte, when he approaches, gets a lift of his wine and a smile. "Count Duarte," he says. "Perhaps I could negotiate with you to have Princess Alarissa's gown turned over to her? I did so enjoy seeing it on her. At whatever expense, of course, you paid fairly."

Vashtalyn curves her lips in a soft smile at Niklas' compliment, and she dips her head. "Thank you, your Highness. I... if I've learned anything today, it is that I still have a lot to live up to," she says, with a glance around at all the other beautiful things, made by Joscelin, and other crafters. "There are so many wonderful artisans in the city." When he lowers his voice to speak, after a moment she nods. "It would be an honor."

"Thank you, Count Duarte! It was easy to find inspiration after seeing some of her pieces, and I was glad to be able to contribute," Samira notes to Duarte, bowing her head in response. Does her glance toward Kyden suddenly gain intensity? "Disturbing? Now I'm even more intrigued. Art isn't only meant to please or soothe. Sometimes it's /meant/ to disturb." Her gaze flits toward her own painting, a small smile appearing. "Thank you. I'm not always pleased with the outcome of my work," understatement, "but this one seemed to flow easily onto the canvas." She quiets as introductions are offered although she seems familiar with the pair who approach. "Guildmaster Apollo, Princess Alarissa. Incredible work and modeling, respectively."

"Count. You're terrible. I'll make sure he gets to see it and then have it sent back." There's a press to his cheek of her lips in a kiss and murmurs something else before her attention goes to Anisha and to those introduced. She dips her head to each in turn. "I think I've met Mistress Samira. Master Kyden, I do not think. But surely if you leave the names of your shops, no doubt I'll come spend some hard earned coin there and proclaim your names from on high if I like what I see." Apollo asks Duarte and Alarissa looks to the man, pouting -just- a little.

Patrizio smiles and takes this as his opportunity to slip back out into the night, once he's collected his men.

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"Ah, yes," Anisha notes, with a little smile as Apollo brings up the dress. "...Is there any way I might convince you to let me reimburse you for your expenses for this ensemble? I've really grown quite fond of it, and to have some of Mistress Caprice's work is a delight," She concludes, giving a little smile and a laugh at Samira's excitement. "Honestly, I'd love to sit and watch you all work," She notes. Beaming at Alarissa's... Approval? Sure, let's call it that - of the artists. Exhaling another soft sigh.

After a lingering smile of favor at Samira, Duarte turns and levels Apollo and Alarissa with a severe, business-oriented eyeball. He shrewdly assesses the cost benefits of paying for this outfit and this event just to have it------

Just kidding! The Count of Bravura turns that stare into a broad smile and laughter. He pushes a quick, chaste little kiss to Alarissa's temple and decrees, "My gift to you, love. For all you've done for me over the years." He looks to Apollo, "And I quite agree, Master Apollo. She looks too splendid to be made to part with it."

The host then catches something. His eyes shift to Merek and to the man he sends a friendly smile and grateful nod for his presence.

"I hope you have been inundated with compliments tonight, Vashtalyn." Sabella's voice is earnest and kind, her hand resting gently on the other woman's upper arm for a moment. "Excuse us, will you please? I will be in touch this coming week to see how you are doing." With that, she turns to Niklas and slips her hand into the crook of his elbow. "My sweet, I simply have to know more about Count Duarte's vest. You need one. Let us go get the details from him?"

He found a cookie. Finally. Though most of the table now gone, Zakhar is left looking around the room to see if he can spot another to talk with. He heads over to Caprice. Brushing his hands free of cookie crumbs, then putting his hands in front of his face clapsed as if prasiing Caprice. "Teachers! Caprice, thanks yeas fer helpsie widda dese old fingers te finding me stitches again."

"Exactly," Kyden replies to Anisha, granting her with a rare smile of approval. Oh, and there are new people. Anisha's curtsey reminds her to offer another one of her little bows, as she briefly studies Apollo and Alarissa. "Good to meet you. Art seems to unite such a wide range of us. The pauper to the Princess. You can find me at the Judgment Statuary, Your Highness. And some of my work, as well.""

In turn, Samira's comment earns more interest from Kyden too. "Art is to make one feel. Feelings aren't always pleasant," she nods, before glancing towards the painting again. "Inspired."

Sooner or later, Caprice has made her way around, chatting up Samira's Urban Artistry as well as Rabble Art in the Lowers, Decius's Simple Perfection, Talia's Elegant Impressions, the Grotto and Svana's Silver Lining, Apollo's Acorn Arts & Armor... oh and also the Silken Symphony, run by some artisan or other. Something with a C. But her casual exit is halted at least briefly as she turns to offer Zakhar a quick smile. "It's been my pleasure, of course. I hope we'll be hearing more about your work around the city soon, mm?"

Niklas gives Vashtalyn a smile, "I will send a messenger in the next day or two." With that said and the suggestion from Sabella Niklas's focus returns to his wife. A little glance given to Duarte and the vest he wears before the man nods. "Oh yes, I wonder what other colors it comes in.." The man's curiousity clearly piqued as he moves off with Sabella heading for Duarte.

Vashtalyn smiles to Sabella and to Niklas, and dips her head as they prepare to depart. She turns then, and finishes her drink, before she makes her way over to drop off her mug. She pulls up the hood of her cloak then, and quietly slips out, evergreen cloak swirling behind her.

Someone mentioned something about that mask being dream-worthy? "Funny you mention that," Caprice injects into the conversation, smiling. "Master Georgine Dubois has her own place, The Dreaming - though you'd have to get there quick to catch anything in stock!"

"I've a newly opened shop in the southeast corner of this ward. Urban Artistry, though the name's subject to change. I'm far better at images than words," Samira explains to Alarissa, a lopsided grin upon her lips. Kyden's remarks receive a look of agreement from the small artist. "Exactly so. To make one feel and think."

Lore finally peels away from her quiet, out of the way, spot to go mingle now that there's fewer people to contend with. She approaches Apollo and Alarissa first, offering a smart bow given the suit, then a smile to follow, "Your Highness. Guildmaster. I do hope the event was everything you could hope for, and then some."

Alarissa inhales and grins. "I'll make sure regardless, that after his Grace has seen it all, that it's brought back for display." She promises the Count, taking a sip and the smile wide on her face. A rarely seen thing in public of late. Samira gets an 'ahhh' of recognition. "That's right. The painter. I had intended to come and speak with you but things have been harrowing and busy of late." Lore arrives and there's a dip of her head to the other woman. "You look lovely. Everyone looks so lovely." Alarissa notes.

Duarte looks up and over to Anisha. "Softest Whisper, it is fine by me. I believe it was intended for display. In that regard, I leave the ultimate decision up to the lovely Caprice." He smiles.

The Count turns to receive Sabella and Niklas with a welcome look. He twists and turns subtly that they might see the corset! "I know very little of the man who made it. But I bought it sight unseen and I have not been disappointed since." He grins. He motions to an older gentleman (Zahkar) nearby. "That is the tailor whose mind brought it into existence, there!"

Zakhar nods to Caprice, "Agins, thanksy teacher Caprice." Then turns, allowing his cloak to flow for a moment in the turn, long tails are good for that. And heads over to Duarte as Caprice has pointed him towards the conversation about his creation.
"Hallo!" He greets the Count and who ever else is nearby.

Smoothing a hand over the blazer, she smiles, "I wanted to have something special made for the event, even if I'm no model. The outfit came from Mistress Jacali, one of Count Amadeo's new proteges. Nothing short of a miracle worker, she turned this out in a matter of days. Except the vest, that came direct from Zakhar. I asked him to make one for me, trimmed to feminine proportions, after seeing the one he made for the Count." Lore seems inordinately happy with her outfit this evening.

"It is... Exquisite! I have never seen anything like it." Sabella gushes over the corset vest Duarte wears, admiring the details. When the count notes Zakhar as the creator, her eyes flash with recognition. "Oh, you are the man from the boat. And the dice table the other night. Hello! Princess Sabella Grayson, and my husband, Prince Niklas Grayson." A warm smile tugs up the corners of her mouth. "I was saying, he needs a vest like this."

"Perfect, then." Apollo seems well-pleased at the exchange between Alarissa and Duarte, of course. To Kyden, he offers, "I'd love to see some of your work sometime, Master Kyden, I love art in all its forms." To Lore, he nods and smiles, easily. "Everything I could have hoped for, indeed. And run so smoothly - I'll have to congratulate Caprice, when I catch her." He glances over to find her, establish where she is, and smile. "I'm sure some of that is down to your organizational talents."

Caprice also caught her name nearby, but she passes on the opportunity to join in the conversation as a messenger attempts to get her attention from the entryway. Instead, in passing, she offers to Anisha and Duarte, "I'm all for mobile display, certainly! It just means I get to dream up new things to keep the mannequins from sitting naked here."

Niklas's head dips to Duarte before he glances to Sabella grinning, "Yes, yes you were love." That focus moments later returning to Duarte, "Might we ask what master or mistress of needle and such fine skill did that for you?" His brow lifting in question as he focuses upon Duarte only to let his gaze lower to look more closely over the vest.

Anisha gives a little nod of thanks to Duarte, and taps at her lips, looking to Caprice. "It would be a shame to break the set up, but if you do wish to keep it, perhaps I could impose on you to see about creating a replica for me?" She inquires. Brushing her fingers up to touch at the hairpins. "...Maybe see if Dame Ida would be willing to allow for another replica of the hairpin designs?" She muses. Looking to the gathered group. "...Beyond that - I think it is time for me to retire. Thank you for a wonderful night, Count Amadeo. Princess Alarissa, Princess Sabella, wonderful modelling. Wonderful work by all who added their deft hands," She nods to Lore and Caprice and Apollo and Zakhar. Is she missing anyone? She might be. She clicks her tongue. "And of course, my artists," She beams to Niklas and Samira and Kyden. "We shall have to create a circle of our own, soon, mm?" Pausing briefly, she raises her glass in greeting to Merek, draining the rest of the wine.

"Or put it on the mannequin and rather...." Duarte catches himself with that particular line of thought and clears his throat. He looks to Anisha and smiles. "It's yours." And bows.

A small nod to Sabella, "Yesh, frem the sheeps partie 'nd de dice afters." He pauses for a moment to look over Niklas, lingering his eyes over the man, then a quick snap up to lock upon the prince's gaze. "Aye. Comma by de shop. We'll size ya, den discuss colors."

"Urban Artistry. I passed that the other day but didn't go in. The name caught my curiosity. And now I have an excuse to visit," Kyden says simply. "Under that name or another." To Apollo then, she nods. "Please do. Come see my art. It is there to be seen. Tell me whether it disturbs you or makes you feel. Or perhaps both." Anisha gets a nod as she bids adieu. "A circle of artists. I would like that."

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound leave, following Apollo.

"I'm not sure how likely it is that things will become less harrowing anytime soon, but if you manage to find the time, I'd be glad to talk with you." This response to Alarissa seems delivered earnestly enough, a slight dip of Samira's head accompanying the words. Her attention shifts back to Kyden, a smile offered. "I'll look forward to crossing paths with you whether it's at your shop or mine." She lifts her wine glass to Anisha. "That sounds nice. As for this evening, I should be getting back home myself. It was a pleasure to see you all and witness all the talent this city holds."

Sabella turns to Anisha and dips her chin respectfully to the woman. "You, you were wonderful. Splendid. Are wonderful and splendid." The question about the hairpins has her thinking of her own question. "Ah! Count Duarte... I never did ask: What am I supposed to do with this outfit now? Do you need it for display?" Her smile dims ever-so-slightly, but it is renewed by Zakhar's agreement to fit Niklas. "Oh! Yes. Darling. You must."

"Excellent, I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself," Lore's response comes with warm tones for Apollo, dipping her head to him. Her eyes turn back towards Alarissa as she murmurs, "I'm afraid that you may soon be, ah, visited.. by another of the feline persuasion. Frost is pregnant. That marmelade male I claimed from you? It would seem he was, at least briefly, to her liking." Looking over towards Sabella and Niklas' group, she lifts her voice slightly to offer, "Your Highness! He can make the vest in female proportions as well!" She motions to her own and grins, "In case you were wondering!"

"Yes! Please return it, your highness. So much glass. It's not safe to wear around but it needs to be seen! I have a mannequin for it." Duarte tells Sabella. He winks to Niklas, "With a corset like this, you can freely fit a few extra sweets into your daily comestibles and none could tell." He pats his belly.

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