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Lady Zoey Kennex

You can bemoan the wind, or you can trim the sails.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Bright-eyed Idealist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 8/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: liquid brown
Skintone: light brown

Titles: Minister of Coin for House Kennex, Voice of Stormward, Legendary Market Maven, The Gilded Lady

Description: Her warm brown skin and expressive, liquid brown eyes speak nothing of her years, and her round, youthful face is framed by a soft cloud of thick black curls. Her soft, full lips are quick to share a warm smile with new acquaintances as easily as her closest family and friends. In her rare moments of stillness, there is a quiet uncertainty about her.

Personality: Zoey is on the verge of adult life with wide open eyes, ready to drink it all in. She is warm, and generally cheerful, full of optimism, this outlook only a little undercut by the tremula of insecurity that come inevitably with that whisper of overachieving perfectionism that can sometimes come to the firstborn of overachievers. She loves music, dancing, attention and pretty things -- because who doesn't. A little shy and uncertain in the adult social world, yet the lure of attention is never entirely possible to turn away. She dreams of adventure, far off places, wild romance -- all as yet unformed, idealized and distant from her grasp.

Background: The eldest daughter of Samael and Sabitha Bisland, Lady Zoey Bisland had the best of education growing up. Her father was one of the finest lawyers in the Compact, which does, of course, mean that he wasn't around very much. For her mother, life was a constant flurry of social occasion and diplomacy. Zoey was an energetic and hopeful child, who worked at her lessons with the vague idea that if only she could achieve everything that anyone ever asked of her, she might be worthy of the hopes of her parents.

There is only so much a childhood can prepare a young woman for a world at war, across between debutante, a baby adventurer, and a neophyte scholar in a number of bookish topics. Hope and fantasy lingered together in her heart, for some future adventure opening up on her horizon. Arriving in Arx on the verge of a siege after her home at Pridehall was racked with the first battle of a horrifying war, Zoey stands on the precipice of a dozen potential futures. It only remains for her to choose.

Relationship Summary

  • Ian - My partner and protector. I'm grateful to have you in my life.

  • Family:
  • Michael - My closest cousin. I'm so glad we're together again!
  • Aethan - I always wanted a brother like you. You're a sweetheart behind all that frowning.
  • Porter - My other brother in law, whom I almost -never- see. I think it's time to fix that.
  • Niklas - Cousin-in-law, Patron, and generally an exasperating, endearing person. She -sings- at me, Nik. She -sings-.
  • Gabriel - The uncle that helped raise me. I wish you would smile more; it's not as bad as all that.
  • Samael - My father. I just wish we had more time together. Messengers aren't the same.
  • Octavia - Cousin, I suppose I should forgive you. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to trust anything you say.

  • Friend:
  • Delilah - A true friend. I am pleased that we're getting more time together.
  • Joslyn - I really don't get to see you often, dear, and that's just a travesty.
  • Galen - And let that be a reminder to you. If I can get to some cover, it's gonna hurt!
  • Savio - And neither are you.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Harlan - Alright, so you had your reasons. I still wish that you could see past your hurt pride.

  • Deceased:
  • Domonico - Not quite family, more than an ally, but friend feels insufficient.
  • Luca - Gone too soon.

  • Protege:
  • Raja - You are so much more than I could have hoped, and I am proud.
  • Ilira - I chose you once, and I would do it again one hundred times.

  • Patron:
  • Natasha - You saw a potential in me that I never dreamed of.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I look forward to getting to know my beloved's patron
    Adalyn She is not one who seems to speak simply for the sake of having something to say, but who appears to measure her words and mean what she says. Genuine, earnest, kind. An incredible talent with the bow, too.
    Adrienne I met the Lady Kennex at House Thrax's Taste of Arx showing. I had only been in Arx for a day, if that, and finding her company was a lucky turn. Her words aside, I see something daring to her.
    Aella The lady has her hands full with those Kennex men, but she seems up to the task and pleasant company beside.
    Aethan I'm glad to have her back from Stormward -- she's good for Ian.
    Aethan There are reasons that I have trusted her with helping our House. Those reasons still exist.
    Aethan Ian's wife and mother to my niece and nephew, she's a valued member of the house and I'll keep reminding her of that as often as I can. This house would not be where it is without her efforts.
    Aiden My cousin is alwasy so courteous. She has a way about her that invites everyone around her to partake in, well, whatever it is that she's doing. The fact that she leads her companions around the city is obvious to her nature. She is a natural born leader and hopefully, she'll get to show the world that strength one day, in some way.
    Alarissa As always, she is Zoey kennex, by way of Bisland. A true Bisland.
    Alecstazi A lovely voice, a kind word. She is a good Thraxian woman, and kind about my lack of eyesight.
    Alexio A pretty young woman with impecable taste for fashion, drinks and wares. It was adorable how she fawned over the lovely oak blue bracade couches. I know I shall be seeing more of her soon.
    Alexis Keen of mind and clever of tongue is Lady Zoey Kennex. That she is familiar to people I hold in high regard speaks well of her.
    Alis A pleasant and polite conversationalist who is obviously quite fond of her husband. It's lovely to see.
    Amaranth I can tell that she has a good heart to speak courtesies on behalf of her husband. I'm curious to learn what else there is to her.
    Amari She's a surprisingly good archer. She held her own in the Ashford contest and against a giant boar!
    Amund Determined, efficient, lively. A balm to soothe wounds.
    Anisha Lady Zoey seems a thoughtful and quiet sort. They do say that still waters are the deepest. What are you reflecting on, my lady?
    Apollo Kind enough to get down in the snow to help right my fumble. Which matches what I know of Kennexes, of course. Good hearts, the lot of them.
    Appolonia She wants to have HOW many children? The loins recoil
    Arcadia A proper Kennex lady. Though, she has a sense of humor. Not many would laugh off a casket of bones.
    Arik Lady Kennex has big ideas, a loud voice, and perhaps good intentions for her untraditional ideals.
    Ashur A pensive and prayerful woman who is also a mother. I fear I did not get her name.
    Aswin Ian's wife. She seems to be a kind woman. I almost would have expected her to be as ferocious of a fighter as Ian, but on second thought that is likely impossible. One of the two would kill the other if things ever got dicey. Perhaps I will learn more of her as my friendship with Ian continues.
    Athaur A rather lovely lady, all told. I am afraid I may have shocked her though
    Auda She seems helpful and supportive!
    Audgrim Very skilled at archery, cheerful disposition.
    Avary Lady Kennex was very eager to assist me and I didn't gather it was because of my station. I believe she is helpful as a rule and I am appreciative of her willing kindness.
    Azova She doesn't have her sea legs yet, but still unafraid to voyage by ship. I can't help but admire that, and it would be hard not to like her. She's so nice!
    Beatrice A perfect hostess and, dare I say, Lord Ian's better half.
    Bellamy Lady Zoey is sweet and kind! She's offered to help me work on a research project my patron gave me, without hesitation! I like her.
    Berenice Kennex certainly gained something quite valuable when Lady Zoey married into the house.
    Bethany A fellow economist, it seems. I look forward to working alongside her.
    Bhandn She can certainly shoot with a bow, which is probably why she did not have any trouble with being alone at night. Still, a bow cannot solve every problem.
    Bianca She has a remarkable skill for archery; if I can develop to be even half as skilled with the arrows on my quiver, I will be truly pleased.
    Bianca So many things can be said of the Lady Zoey. Her intellect continues to astound me as well as her dedication to any project she commits herself to. It is a shame our mutual responsibilities keep us so distant, but whenever serendipity allows I am always grateful to stand in her company.
    Blacktongue Excellent archer. I'll keep her in mind if I need someone endowed with a few...inappropriate piercings.
    Braelynn A proud woman. Well she should be!
    Braith Keeps her head in crisis. Admirable.
    Brannen A cordial and friendly person. She seems to open up very soon, maybe as a consequence of a certain idealism. She is the right person, but she might come across the wrong people.
    Brigida Protective over others even when the danger has seemed to pass. Her vigilance is to be admired.
    Caith What a delight! She knows so many languages and is such fun to be around. I helped her with some modeling moves but she hardly needed it! She is a natural at attracting the eye.
    Calista While not the first time we have met, the young Kennex is a fine example of effortless grace. She has style and elegance all her own.
    Calypso Thraxxians are never as exciting as I think they're going to be.
    Cambria It is wrong to think of Lady Zoey as in the shadow of her husband, or even her father. She is an accomplished, remarkable individual, as bright as any shining star in our Compact.
    Caspian I respect all of the Kennex's, though Lady Zoey is one who I hold a great deal of respect for.
    Catalana Ian's better half. She is a cousin by marriage but as close to a sister and Jan is. I am forever grateful she was brought into our family.
    Cecilia The unidentified gem of Kennex. We would all be lost without her.
    Cerys I first met Lady Kennex at the sparring grounds, and I must say, she conducted herself admirably in battle. It is indeed refreshing to be in the company of strong, confident women.
    Charlotte A wall flower and people pleaser. Nothing of substance to her. I suppose she thinks herself far more important than she is.
    Cirroch To happen upon a snowball fight in the middle of the street outside of a tavern, be handed a shield and suggested to throw the snowball at that one over there, near the middle of the night, and not question it. This is someone that I should have as a friend.
    Clara A curious lass who seems to be friends with me cousin, Mikani. I didn' get ta talk with her too much due to the volume of people in the bar but I'm curious to know her better.
    Cornelius She is courteous and respectful on the surface, and one such as I can hardly fault another for what may lie below.
    Corrigan Those dark curls distract me so much, I forgot what I really think.
    Corrigan Took the suggestion that another woman made eyes at her husband well. Either confident in her own charms or in her man's faithfulness.
    Cristoph A much beloved cousin, one that we don't spend nearly enough time with. There should probably be some kind of dinner held soon!
    Cyril Lady of Kennex has the right idea.
    Damik A pleasant noblewoman who has been a help in explaining Arvani customs.
    Danielle That's some interesting jewelry. Don't know if I've ever seen orange in amethyst. I'll have to ask her about it at some point. And is that sharkskin?
    Dante She has a delightful personality and a great deal of knowledge, good company for a chat.
    Delilah Once a lion and always a lion, proud and fierce as any Bisland. She is dauntless, sharp as any knife, and someone I gladly call a friend.
    Denica Lady Zoey seems to balance adventure with responsibility well, I can learn from her words and perhaps have some tales to tell, myself.
    Dianna The wife brought into the Kennex family should know herself to be very blessed, indeed. Congratulations on bringing two new Kennex children into the world.
    Dimitri A charming young woman who shares much of the same interests as myself. I do enjoy the moments in which we are able to speak and I quite look forward to crossing paths with her.
    Dio A friendly, but guarded lady of House Kennex. Seems most capable.
    Domonico She has some steel to her, that is definite.
    Donella Noble women are all diverse and yet the same as we are connected by the cloth of nobility and expectation that weaves us. This is more true for those that have been born into Thrax or who have decided to marry into it. The Thrax culture is one that is hard to be in as a woman. You are expected to be all the things righteous while still being able to be coy. It is the trademark of grand nobility to do all of this. While recently met, it seems that the Lady Zoey has been able to take this role and make it her own. To be more than she was and perhaps to help those in her family rise to the expectations of the future and away from the shackles of the past.
    Drusila The Lady Kennex is fascinating, I never would have thought of the idea of testing my friends by having them all drink foolsbane. She will learn a valuable thing, which of them is the strongest at a Lycene dinner.
    Dycard Impressively unflappable, given the situation in which the Lady Kennex encountered me. She seems to take everything in her stride.
    Eleanor She clearly has a kind heart, and it's nice to see someone setting their sights high for a good cause.
    Elizabetha I find her so lovely! Her quietness induces a serenity that I could truly linger in.
    Ember Lady Zoey seems kind, sweet, well-mannered, and intelligent. This is, of course, an incredibly dangerous combination.
    Emilia Kind, warm-hearted and noble.
    Emily Lady Zoey is a calm force and presence. Her skill with a bow is to be commended as well.
    Esme A nice woman with a nice sword, what's not to like? I feel there is more of a story there and hope to learn more about it.
    Estil Keen and perceptive, and an excellent shot with a bow.
    Eurion The Minister of Coin for House Kennex and voice of Stormward. With large and beautiful brown eyes, it was hard to keep my gaze away.
    Evander Zoey has proven both a welcome and nautral addition to the Kennex family, and good friend to me. I sincerely look forward to exchanging thoughts and languages with her.
    Evander Clever, capable, and a talented linguist to boot. What's not to love?
    Evangeline A dainty lady from House Kennex. She has a sweet temperament and the loveliest tiara.
    Evaristo I am entirely sure I couldn't handled being covered in corpse and rotten honey - but she could. A keen eye for detail too, I'd have her in a team any day!
    Evelynn She's undoubtedly brave for aiding us in our mission.
    Evonleigh Clever, strong and patient, she is a perfect match for Ian and a good friend to all who know her.
    Ezekiel It is so lovely to have appreciative audiences!
    Ezra She was a Bisland, where you were when your family was killed. She seems perhaps just a touch aloof but then she really has no connection with you so it probably makes sense in the city. The other possibility you can think of is that it has something to do with marrying into Thrax, you don't really have a strong understanding of that fealty. It's also possible some third option you haven't thought of.
    Ezra I remember Zoey when she was just a little girl, and she had the kindest heart, the warmest smile. I am pleased to see her again, and to find it's still so.
    Fairen She knows how to make people envious with her sauna, pool and hot tub complex! However, she's got a charming and disarming way about her, probably skilled at negotiations.
    Faye She seems terribly dedicated to her work to improve her family's position. Also, she seems to like cider.
    Fredrik A mother, wife and warrior. Not hiding the fact she is scarred. Intriguing.
    Gabriel The little lioness has learned she has claws. It is well; they are needed in such a world.
    Gabriella The prospect of incorporating bows and arrows into a drinking contest in some manner is an intriguing one. I shall have to give this some thought.
    Gaspar What a wonderful night at the bar that was. Lady Zoey has such a vibrant spirit and she is a lovely woman. Drinks will need to be shared again, and soon.
    Gaspard Wise and creative, she seems full of projects but is also considerate enough to ponder on all the variables that involve them.
    Gaspard Knowledgeable, though I am rather uneducated in the matters we discussed. Something about her reminds me of a razor-edged sword.
    Gehenna Lady Zoey Kennex is a delight, free with everything she knows and has experienced. She also boasts a mind endlessly open to those around her, prepared for whatever they would like to offer.
    Gehenna Lady Zoey seems to be all to keen with trampling all over our traditions. Will she still feels so glad about her supposed moral superiority when the consequences for this madness will remind her why these are the mourning isles?
    Giada Cheerful sort. Bright smiles and ledgerbooks, and we all know I love a good ledgerbook.
    Giulio Hungry for knowledge. The sort I can relate to. Unfortunate as that may be.
    Grady I can't yet tell whether or not she is foolish, but I know for certain that she is brave.
    Gwenna Lady Zoey Kennex is someone I do not get to spend /nearly/ enough time with. She is as charming a conversationalist as she is lovely in appearance. There is a spirit about her that nearly screams adventurer, and yet her poise and grace seem almost to belie it. How very fortunate I am to get to call her a dear acquaintance and perhaps even friend.
    Haakon Quiet. Patient. Damnation, but a spot of quiet in this city is more rare than gold.
    Hamish It is not so rare to find people for whom devotion is a sometimes treat.
    Harlex She has a lot to worry about, but she comes across as a steady woman. She must be to put up with that one.
    Ian I'm glad to have her back in Arx.
    Iliana She's possessed of an extra measure of curiosity, and the fearlessness necessary to pursue it.
    Ilira The Lady Zoey is a soothing presence, and was the first to offer me a seat with she and a few other noblewomen.
    Ilmia I love the lilac sharkskin stuff she has, she is gorgeous and beautifully dressed.
    Ilmia Lady Zoey was a magnificent guest and clearly has both a keen mind, a big heart, and a gentle nature. I wish her all the best, and hope to see quite a bit more of her.
    Ilsa Such a kind and generous woman. Her gracious offer of assistance and her obvious concern for those less fortunate is a boon to the less fortunate.
    Imogene The kind of woman who seems to observe and listen more than she speaks, which means also the kind who probably has more interesting things to say than most.
    Iroh Warm, Cheerful, and Kind.
    Iseulet Sweet, with the softest looking hair I've ever seen. I've noticed Porter speaks very highly of her - I can't wait to get to know her a bit better.
    Jace My cousin has a high opinion of her. She seems very intelligent and refined. But what do I know? I'm just a lunk.
    Jadara She seems a very sweet woman with a kind heart. Two things I really enjoy when it comes to new faces as they make it all the more comfortable and easy to get to know them. There is something familiar about her but maybe next time we'll have more time to figure that out.
    Jael It was good to see my cousin around the Manse again. And not a terrible baker, to boot.
    Jaenelle Though the woman seems quiet, it is easy to see she does as needed without hesitation and takes her duty seriously. I could find myself very easily working with her on future projects.
    Jaerith Seems like a good addition to her house. And where would Lord Ian be without her?
    Jan We're lucky to have such a talented member of the family. No wonder those two are so well matched, and I'm sure the portrait doesn't hurt anything either judging by all the new little Kennex's.
    Jasher After all these years, Zoey possesses some otherworldly ability to calm my tempestuous spirit. Now, always the stillness in my sails.
    Joaquin She recognizes talent when she sees it! It's up there among the most important qualities of the highborn. Oh and she speaks a phenomenal number of languages. Really, I'm impressed.
    Josephine A very loyal client.
    Jules She was one of the lady's who butted heads with Prince Niklas but while you wish they had gotten along, you understand the offense.
    Juliette I love that jacket.
    Juniper She measures her words before she speaks them and they seem to come always from her heart.
    Jyri Great toast, and witty in general - the sort that makes you feel comfortable in a gathering.
    Kaia My dear big (and only) sister! My best friend and confidant! I know I can always count on her. She has offered to help with the wedding planning! Which is AMAZING! Truly the best sister one could ever ask for!
    Kaldur A pleasant surprise to find her as a guest in the Black Hall. I haven't seen her since we were children. She seems to have become a remarkable woman.
    Kastelon She is in possession of a fine spaniel, who played well with Resolute at the beach.
    Katarina I can speak no ill of Lady Zoey's character. I can only praise her for her indefatigable spirit and her bravery, and hope that her children inherit the same.
    Keely Confident, warm, gentle, composed. She is the picture of all that I aspire to be, and a remarkable teacher on top of it all.
    Klaus Tis good to see family, if distant relations to my wife. House Kennex has always treated her well, thus has my respect.
    Korka Something tells me she'd be fun at parties.
    Kritr A sharp eye for cards and fashion. She'll certainly tolerate me while I'm losing money. Not sure she'd sing the same tune if I didn't, but some lords have surprised me.
    Lailah My sweet cousin, steadfast and true. Though you move with such an elegant and gracious manner, I do not think anyone who knows you would doubt the fire of your will, and strength to wield it in the name of defending that which you love.
    Laurel A kind lady who seems to carry some troubles. It is a benefit that she can see beyond them to the better things in her life. Sometimes that is one of the more difficult things to to do.
    Lena Talks... freely. Good to study for a free-spirit chafing against station.
    Lenard Lord Ian's wife, and if she's half as competent as he is; and she seems more than that; a woman to be reckoned with.
    Lenne Several people I trust implicitly speak very, very highly of her. If she is so close an ally, then I will treat her as my own trusted friend.
    Leola A woman with a mind as fascinating and as alien to me as the finest of musics.
    Lianne One who pursues understanding and resolution, who knows how little worrying helps when there is work to be done. Precisely the sort of company I perfer to keep.
    Liara Lady Zoey has always appeared strikingly energetic and full of talk and laughter when I see her. Really altogether delightful.
    Liesel She really likes naming babies, from what I hear.
    Lisebet A linguist who seems very interested in fairness. I should like to get to know her better.
    Llewella I may be biased, with a distant relationship to her, but Lady Zoey is pleasant company.
    Lora In the right place at the right time to answer a pressing question. I hope my answer was as satisfactory.
    Lou We've bumped into each other a few times here and there. She's always been friendly, and seems easy enough to talk to. And, she certainly fits into the Kennex family well.
    Lucene We always seem to miss each other, or only find small moments to chat. But so far, all of those moments have been pleasant. Time willing, we'll have a proper sit down one day.
    Lucene This Kennex lady knows a great deal about the city and its people, maybe it pays well to learn from her.
    Lucita Talented designer, an archer, and Lord Ian's wife. We have common interests and share troubles, laughs and have a growing friendship.
    Lyra Lady Zoey is a shining example of setting your goals and not being swayed from them. I hope very much that we can be friends should my work for Cedar Vale require me to remain here in the city.
    Mabelle My talented cousin Zoey is back in the city. She is a feast on the eyes! So fashionable!
    Macda A Bisland lost to Kennex. Such a tragedy. After she pops that baby out, we'll see what sort of fun we can find.
    Maren This kind Kennex lady has been most welcoming; though she has the keenest of curiousity, she knows just how to set one's heart at ease, and so a conversation is easy to blossom as she tends it more as a sharing between friends rather than an inquisition. One day I hope to see her dance as well.
    Margerie Beautiful, fashionable, and poised to make a claim to fame. She will find her way, and when she does, we will all pay attention.
    Maris A curious an' concise noble flower. I'd recognize that Kennex ring anywhere... Interesting! Maybe we can get along.
    Martino The delightful sister to the Lady Kaia. Older sister, kind. Protective and everything an older sister should be.
    Marzio Notions of peace are easy to stand for when your people aren't being slaughtered. Her desires are admirable in thought, but detached from reality, I believe.
    Medeia Friendly, kind, interesting. I look forward to getting to know her more.
    Mikani Fellow explorer and follower of knowledge. Someone I love talking to.
    Miraj One of the bests hosts I've encountered. So accomodating! Even for little ole me.
    Miranda Amazing feats of sleight of hand! She slipped that rum right into Prince Victus' hands like a pro! Note to self, have rum around in case the High Lord makes a visit.
    Mirella She seems to be in possession of some intriguing information. I must speak with her again, should he be amenable.
    Mirk A lady of the Mourning Isles, seemingly comfortable accepting the hospitality of the Spirit Walkers. She's respectful, but reserved. Even when asking questions, she doesn't reveal much of herself.
    Monique A treasure trove of information and a great credit to the Scholars.
    Moros I'm not sure it was fair she chose the side of Lady Stahlben, but she was probably wise not to take mine.
    Narcissa Another rapt mind for a tale; books are easily and readily discussed - a reprieve that makes her company easily sought.
    Neilda She might be more evasive than half the Lyceum. Bravo.
    Nijah A scholar and someone fluent in my mother tongue, she seems a bright vivacious woman eager to be welcoming and is surely an endless font of potential discussion, cannot wait until I have a chance to properly speak more quietly.
    Niklas Still the beating heart of House Kennex.
    Nina She told a very interesting tale!
    Noah She didn't throw a drink in my face. I consider this a win. I'm sure her conversation won't bore me. I hope. Maybe.
    Norwood She has always impressed me with her grace and tact. I was unaware that she was also an archer.
    Olivia Formerly Bisland, currently Kennex. Two houses I like, and she is unbelievably likable.
    Olivian Lovely and strong, I'd love to learn more about what part she wishes to play in the future.
    Ophelia Lady Zoey is one of the best dance instructors in the city! She is kind and so very patient as I do my best not to step on her toes during our lessons. And thanks to her, I now understand the art of the twirl!
    Ophne She seems quiet - or at least one who knows the right time and place for things. When she does speak, it is to give sound advice and solid information. A steady, reliable sort.
    Orchid Orchid finds her very unsettling. Orchid isn't sure why.
    Orland She bears the burdens of all nobles, who sings a little and likes books, about music.
    Orrin Still resembles that young girl at Gabriel's side. How she's grown! I'm sure she tempers Lord Ian's moods to great effect.
    Oskar She knows a lot about many topics, which makes for an interesting conversation. I can see why Norah has chosen her as a penpal.
    Pasquale One of the more talented nobles in the compact.
    Pepper A fairly friendly and pleseant person. Mikani sleeping on her shoulder speaks much of the woman. I look foraward to having the opportunity to speak with her again.
    Petal A lovely Lady who married into Kennex and seems very good for Lord Ian. She seem well dressed and self-composed, probably is a good person to know.
    Piccola She was polite, helpful, and inoffensive, which I suppose makes sense given her position.
    Poppy I'm not sure if she even shared her name. Nice enough, but barely said much.
    Porter I love Zoey like she's the sister I never got to have. I feel a bit bad about all of this glitter and making a lot of noise, but she'll forgive me. Probably.
    Preston A devote follower it seems - and one with an important place, as the Isles are traditionalist but not Orthodox and so can bridge many gaps others cannot.
    Quenia Zoey is often a breath of fresh air, and easily brings humor to any situation involving the Kennex men. She should come to dinner more often.
    Rafael One of my brilliant nieces. She appears content, healthy, and properly appreciated by her new kin -- and that's all I could ever wish for her!
    Raimon A most excellent library, delicious mint tea, and the most important of conversations
    Raja She is a sweet and kind woman. She is also my patron. She is also mean with a bow!
    Rane She seems a fine sort and both times I'd met her were at taverns. That likely says more about me than her.
    Ras Friendly. She's got a notebook. Guess an epiphany's struck her before, but I don't see any bruises.
    Raymesin A devoted mother, by the sound of it. And one with worries.
    Reese A lovely Lady of Bisland by Birth and Kennex by marriage. It sounds like her son is doing well and is good she is back in town. I look forward to visiting with her more.
    Reigna Lady Kennex, clearly cares for her friends, stays by their side while she is in pain. A commendable character, expected from a scion of Bisland.
    Rey Gracious and kind, a friendly woman, who glows from motherhood.
    Rhue A Scholar and seeker of knowledge. I feel there's much I might learn from her.
    Richard Perilously pregnant to be at a bar.
    Romulius She was quick to forgive a social miscue on my part. Intelligent and thoughtful - it's little surprise Stormward does so well.
    Rook A charming shadow. Or perhaps I'm the shadow. We should meet on purpose one of these times.
    Rook The Lady Kennex is truly a delight to be in the company of. Now that I've decided to venture for the pile of ledgers, I look forward to crossing paths with her more often.
    Rosalie Bisland turned Kennex. Her name is oft-spoken in regards to being a wealth of knowledge.
    Rosalind She seems to know things and seems cautious. I wonder what about!
    Rosemary She is about to have some fun. Twins making raising one baby look like house breaking a puppy. Wish her luck bwahahaha
    Rowenova A loving wife and excellent markswoman as well as dog owner and all around nice person. Octavian is a good boy, too! He and Sir Floppington are good friends!
    Roxana A quiet seeming thing, but also a kind one. I could grow to like her.
    Ryhalt Though quiet, she is passionate about her interests.
    Rysen Intelligent and capable in every respect.
    Sabella One of my oldest friends! I'm so happy she found happiness with Ian and that we can watch our children grow up together!
    Sabella Having known the lady since childhood does little to change the fact that she can still surprise me. Gracious and dignified and full of excellent ideas.
    Samael My dearest daughter. She has become a woman to admire, with kind heart and keen mind. Kennex are lucky to have her.
    Samira A noblewoman with ties to the Cullers. She talks of the family's loyalty and resourcefulness. I'm glad she sees it and I can appreciate her willingness to judge a person by their own personal traits.
    Samuele she has a grace about her, that doesn't approach offputting.
    Santiago Lady Zoey Kennex is a mastermind of Economics whispered about throughout the Consortium, and to actually meet her is a rare pleasure of the intellectual kind. Talented, bright, and an ease to be around.
    Sanya A truly warm and welcoming presence. She has a sharp mind too.
    Savio Any friend of Raven's is a friend of mine -- I hope our paths will cross again at a quiet time, and we can explore music and knowledge together. I know there's much I can learn from her!
    Scipio I believe that I crossed paths with Lady Zoey Kennex at the Sip n' Spar. While I did not get a chance to speak with her directly, she seemed to carry herself well. I would enjoy the chance to actually meet her.
    Scylla She is perfectly polite. Says all the right things. I wonder...if I bring enough drinks to her at this party, can I get her to let loose? Might be fun to try.
    Scythia Pleasant to speak with, it was lovely to catch up.
    Sedna A transplant to the Mourning Isles and by all accounts the perfect fit. And judging by that expression just now? She's familiar with Ember, alright!
    Selah Zoey might be the warmest and sweetest of the Bisland cousins. Even if she is technically now a Kennex.
    Shard She was at the meeting last night, but I don't think I've seen her before. I don't /think/ I've seen her before. I don't know what her particular interest in the subject is, unless it's just wanting to stay alive. That's as good a reason as any.
    Siegward A thraxian woman of whom I've heard of before; Minister of Coin and it shows in the way she carries herself, and her clothes. She's kind, but how much of that kindness can be said to be politeness?
    Sigurd It's been a long time but she seems happy with her marriage and her change in house. I look forwards to seeing her at the next Sip and Spar.
    Sigurd Archeress and protector of her new home. Concerned for the people of the world and kind for such.
    Sirius I hurt her feelings tonight, I think. Not with purpose, but the mistake's made no less. For someone so kind and approachable, she didn't deserve my imprudence. Come chance, I hope there's a chance to right this wrong.
    Skapti She seems sharp-eyed, and sensible. And apparently engenders enough loyalty that the fool of a prince leapt in front of a.... shark... thing... For her.
    Sophie Helpful and calm in a crisis. She'd make a good Mercy.
    Sorrel Utterly reasonable. Always the most level headed, she helps to keep the Kennex boys on track. One of Ian's great successes was bringing her to the Mourning Isles. She makes a good friend.
    Sparte I like her! She has a reputation for being good with bows and money. I wonder if she has found a way to combine the two? Maybe some sort of crossbow to pay merchants that irk her, one copper piece at a time?
    Sunaia What an adorable dog! And his master seems very pleasant, too.
    Sunaia Quiet and watchful.
    Svana She seems like a steadfast, true friend to Lady Mikani and I like that. Loyalty is hard to come by sometimes.
    Sydney She seemed entirely pleasant, which makes me thrilled for my former roommate! Anyone who Mimi would vouchsafe for is someone I'd be more than happy to speak with further.
    Talwyn Clapped at all the right moments and I thank her for that. Attentive to so many around her as well. A socialite through-and-through.
    Talwyn My protege. I am happy to find that she did not move on to another in the short while I was gone to Sanctum. I look forward to what we will accomplish together in the future.
    Tanith An unexpected witness to the vows I gave with Raymesin, but a welcome one. I for one appreciated her patience and her shared joy.
    Tarik It always fun to run into a member of the Kennex family. They always seem to be in good spirits for the most part, and are more relax and fun than the usual people in Arx. She seem eager to hear my story of my expedition.
    Teagan A quietly helpful sort. I seem to keep running into members of her family.
    Tescelina Her heart is gold and I was grateful to see it, when I needed such kindness.
    Thea Patient, sociable. I can see how she is the sister to Kaia--which isn't a bad thing.
    Thomas Sentimentality over songs and legends; the importance of family, and personal legacies. I appreciate people who think this way.
    Torian Ian's wife from Grayson lands. Probably explains why she's not as wild about boats and ships and the sea as the rest of them. Nice Lady though, a good wit about her as well.
    Trueth My Bisland cousin - sort of - and a good ally. I need to make an effort to speak to her soon, because her beauty shines inside and out.
    Tyrus An insightful Lady and the wife of a friend. I did not know her well before our meeting in the shrine, yet found her good company as both listener and speaker. A good woman who cares about the people around her, whoever they may be.
    Valdemar I was right, she is not nearly as shy as it seemed at first.
    Valerian My new linguistics tutor and a much-needed warm, welcoming presence here in House Kennex.
    Valerius Fun banter over mock murder and mayhem.
    Vanora I'm still not sure what to make of Lady Zoey. I hope she will be good to my son for his own sake.
    Vasile Willing to make dialogue. That implies a naivete that is quite endearing. Or perhaps a willingness to see the good in all people.
    Vayne A woman of careful thought and duty. I respect her willingness to reach out, and I expect I will have much to learn from her.
    Verity She seems a bit reserved, but it could be all the pregnancy. I'd certainly be tired in her condition. I bet her being so calm keeps Ian at ease.
    Vicente You saw her, or rather missed her one point because you were distracted by someone else. Otherwise she seems fine.
    Victus Mainlanders don't always adapt well to Mourning Isles living, but Kennex is not exactly a traditional piece of the Isles. I think she fits in just fine there, with soft words and kinder hearts.
    Vitalis A voice of reason. I would not call her timid, so much as steady.
    Vittorio Keen senses, especially one of style. One to watch.
    Volcica She seems full of good ideas.
    Wagner Who? Oh right, has a bow or something. Watched me fight, I think.
    Wash She's found a home in Kennex, a sanctuary. I believe she treasures Kennex as much as I do.
    Wulfrum A Competitive Lady of the Stormward. I've heard she wants to surpass her whole family in the number of children she has. Admirable.
    Wylla Receptive and thoughtful, she'll undoubtedly rise to the challenges in her life and be more than a match for any.
    Xanthe A friendly person. I can't decide if her friendliness makes me like her or not.
    Zakhar A lovely young lady with piercing eyes and a neck full of sharp pain. Could be dangerous, or a mouse. this is yet to be seen.
    Zyanya She seems a balancing influence with a bright and curious mind. It is a cool and welcome wind when so many lack some or all of these traits.