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Luck can be assisted. It is not all chance with the wise.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: The warrior that lived
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Shav
Gender: Male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 65
Birthday: 5/4
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Mercenary
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver Blue
Skintone: sun kissed

Description: Zakhar might be old, though he doesn't act like it. Currently standing at six feet and four inches tall, with piercing silver blue eyes and white hair. His skin is sun touched from many years of being in battles, with a scar that sits on the bridge of his nose from above his right eye to below the left.

Personality: Zakhar is lucky, and knows it. The most noticable scar on him is the one that sits across the middle of his nose. The axe that put it there should have killed him, but it didn't. He acts twenty years younger than he is given the day. From the wrinkles and hardened lines of many years of being a solider, and out living most others in the same career, one might assume that he is hardened to the core of his being as well. They'd be wrong, though he doesn't make it easy for outsiders to see this.

He is chivalrous and still amused by what the world can teach him.

Background: He was always destined to be become a solider or a mercenary. He learned at a very young age of six that he had a knack for being lucky and started putting himself into situations where anyone else would be seriously injured and he would walk away from it with maybe a scratch.

When he was seventeen he earned the scar that sits on his face. A tavern fight broke out and he put himself inbetween his friends and the danger barreling towards their table in the form of a drunk weilding an axe, swinging wildly. He took the axe to his head to disarm the drunk, then headbutted the drunk with the axe still lodged in his face. The mercies said it was a miracle that he lived, though he knew better.

Zakhar became a mercenary shortly thereafter as the stories of how he saved the patrons of the tavern grew.

He's been with the Crimson Blades since its inception. He's seen more team mates die than retire. A veteran of the battle of The Ridge. He was in Bleak Tower on the front lines when the invasion force landed. If it's happened, he's seen it. His experience and leadership are part of what makes this the toughest group of mercenaries in Arvum.

Relationship Summary

  • Razija - The new Captain-General of the Crimson Blades
  • Yrsa - Crimson Blade
  • Mabelle - cake lady with puppers.
  • Clarisse - Unlike the other nob'es a kind heart and tries their best to be upright amongst all odds
  • Duarte - A gracious host
  • Audgrim - Blade
  • Savio - Bard.

  • Friend:
  • Caprice - patient
  • Nina - Charming
  • Lasha - Tree. Stoic. Generous.

  • Patron:
  • Haakon - strong, patient, and possibly a younger version of myself.
  • Name Summary
    Anisha Not a man of many words, but he's certainly got them. His dialect is fascinating, really. It's like the aural version of a drunken bar brawl. Still, that doesn't lessen his competence in any way. And his kittens are cute. I'm worried by his admonishment not to name them, though - do you think he collects new ones as they grow older?
    Apollo A bit inscrutable, but attentive and curious all the same.
    Bhandn It's not very often I see someone who I think is older than I am. Says he's a soldier, which makes him even more the rarity.
    Caprice A quick student, but perhaps too many cats.
    Cecilia Couldn't understand a single word he said but he looked like he was having a fun time.
    Damiana An older gentleman who was drawn to the Shrine of Limerance where they met. While at first glance his answers on love might sound a bit humorous, there's a sense of deep affection and devotion when one peels the onion's layers. No matter his age, a warrior with those traits is someone who can turn the tide against evil no matter the battleground.
    Dio A mercenary by reputation, but with skill enough in baking to win the favor of Lady Mabelle Laurent. He is truly dangerous.
    Domonico Good with steel and discretion. He probably is telling the truth given his age
    Duarte An incredible mystery. Impossible to understand a word.
    Ember More canny than he lets on. And perhaps even more canny than he allows others, myself included, to realize.
    Evaristo A tough old man but he has kittens. I'm confused and intrigued. Seems good at what he does, that's for sure.
    Giada Thank fuck for normal, direct people.
    Haakon Old Whitebeard drinks like a fucking fish. Stout lad.
    Ian Not sure if he speaks Arvani.
    Ivy His armor meows. No, seriously. His armor. MEOWS.
    Jan Seems like he has been eating too much of his own cake. Sounds like he has a hunk clinging to the roof of his mouth..
    Kaia Appears to enjoy throwing kittens into the wild to assess danger! Petrichor have mercy on him and keep those poor fur beasts safe!
    Kyden I appreciate a fellow who can appreciate a good drink.
    Liara A thoughtful sort, with things of interest to say if one takes the time to listen - age alone might indicate a wealth of experience.
    Lore A clever man that's lived much longer than I think he expected to. May I live long enough to give as few fucks as he does.
    Lustry An very intriguing Crimson Blade
    Mabelle A well seasoned man with some language barrier. He seems kind though and like he's been through a lot.
    Medeia An interesting seeming fellow, though I can't exactly understand him.
    Narcissa There are not many men in his profession that live to his age, there are even less of the same that maintain the sense of humor he has.
    Orland I couldn't understand a damn thing he said. But he sniffed me. Is he a healer? His eyes claim much history. Or maybe that's the white hair.
    Razija Older than dirt, and only the gods know how long he's been a part of the Blades. Seen more than a few Captain Generals come and go, and he'll probably outlast me.
    Sabella The old man from the boat! I do not understand most of what he said, but he seemed to be faring far better than his younger companions. Seems honest. Perhaps painfully so.
    Saverio Zikar is an intriguing fellow who I can't quite follow what he says. Zackhur's distinctive way of speaking stands out, and his name is rather difficult, but I imagine as I spend more time with him, it'll be easier and easier to remember it's Zicker.
    Savio Can't understand half of what he's saying, but he seems like a solid man to have in your corner, with a long life full of interesting experiences and travels.
    Sudara Huge, imposing, nearly (but not quite) incomprehensible, and apparently rather sweetly amiable.
    Sydney I have never met one quite like him. I worry he might be quite mad, but I can't deny that he gets results when it matters most. Any patience that allows for training cats that well must translate to the rest of his skills quite easily.
    Thea An elder soldier from the north. Whom I barely understood, but he held a respect which I too can respect.
    Zyxthylum It is good to see something you might work on while you can still capture an image in your mind of what it looked like alive. Wonderful. So many details for me to journal away for future inspiration.