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Amanita Whisper

What were you expecting, a rose garden?

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Enchanted Courtier
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Malvici
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/4
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: honeyed brown
Eye Color: sea green
Skintone: golden

Description: With features reminiscent of an expensive porcelain doll, Amanita is delicate - almost frail given her thinness and height. One glance into her steely sea green eyes is all it would take to know that she is not so easily broken. Amanita has the sort of frame made for running quick and dancing all night, her limbs so long she can't figure out what to do with them unless in constant motion or sitting down. Her fine oval face is framed with long honeyed brown hair and her wide-set cat-like eyes are oft fixed in a cool gaze. A button nose, thin but inviting lips, and full, high cheekbones bless Amanita with a pleasing countenance that will likely be a babyface for years to come.

Personality: At first glance, Amanita is sometimes curt and clipped. Smiles are rare, laughter even rarer. Her manners are impeccable, though she doesn't mince words; she knows the art of tact but remains somehow straightforward when conversing. Taking a further look at Amanita, one will see exactly why she's a courtier; she studies people to their core and finds them out as best she can, seeking to offer advice and friendship when she can. She shares parts of herself with those who won't easily stray, as fierce loyalty is embedded in her. Those lucky enough to see Amanita open up like a blooming flower will be wowed by her passionate charm and grace - and perhaps even get to see a smile.

Background: A Malvici cousin raised in Southport, the former Lady Amanita Malvici, now just Amanita - was raised with an extensive emphasis on both knowledge and fighting. It was an exhausting childhood. Her mother, who came from Valardin stock, was a renowned alchemist and healer who named Amanita herself after a type of mushroom. Her father was a soldier who rarely spent time at home but doted on Amanita and her siblings when he was there.

Between schooling, learning how to fence, learning which dinner fork to use, how to dance, and what to wear to which occasion, Amanita found herself in want of something more than the life of a noble - particularly a Lady. Despite the relative freedom that her mother was granted, she still found it too restrictive, and the prospect of arranged political marriages scared her. As some of her siblings got married off, Amanita realized that her time would likely come sooner than later and with some finessing, she talked her parents into sending her to courtier training. A gawky, uncoordinated teenager went into a school - and a tall, slightly better coordinated young lady came out.

After spending some time as a courtier in Southport, Amanita has made her way to Arx to seek out her fortune and join the renowned Whisper House, hoping to glean more education from them and perhaps become a great Whisper in her own rite. At the very least, her extended family is in the City, and she'd like to visit.

Name Summary
Anisha Amanita Whisper is that most beautiful thing; a bundle of potential. She's got the grace and beauty, the skill of a true courtier, of course. But she is in many ways still finding out who Amanita Whisper is, as opposed to who Lady Amanita Malvici was. And I am treasuring that I get to be part of that process.
Domonico My little cousin Mushroom has arrived in Arx. Now a Whisper and grown into a woman. She may not have the family name but she is still blood.
Joslyn It's not often that I meet someone that can hold their own in a conversation with me. It's quite refreshing and Amanita Whisper certainly lives up to the name, The Malvici born Courtier has a powerful personality and a determination to get what she wants that I cannot help but admire. I must be careful, or I may have met my match.
Keely A wise and generous Whisper and a lovely person. She brings out the better in me, and I only hope one day to live up to it.
Lenard A noblewoman who chose to become a whisper instead. I admire her dedication to her path, though perhaps
Martino The Whisper Cousin. The one who escaped but serves a great cause on behalf of the whole Compact. Thank you, Cousin, for doing us proud.
Sylvana The former Malvici turned whisper certainly seems like she was born for the role she currently occupies. She seems all at once to create an incredible image of herself and yet also wears it with such sincerity that I feel like I already know her. Perhaps I should make occasional visits to the Whisper House in the future?