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Princess Sabella Grayson

Life is but a play; and while there are no small roles, rest assured that I am the lead in this one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Damsel
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/04
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Honied Gold
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Grayson Minister of Loyalty, Legendary Influencer, The Tastemaker of Arx

Description: There is something undeniably regal about Princess Sabella Grayson. Her posture is perfect, her honey blonde hair gleams like spun gold, and her cerulean blue eyes are as easy to lose oneself in as a storm-tossed sea. Her fair skin is without blemish, and her cheeks color easily with emotion - of which she has an abundance. Her happiness is a pure, unfiltered joy that warms the very air around her, and her ire is equally palpable, her icy stare the stuff of legends. She moves as if perfectly aware of the eyes on her, and with her svelte frame and captivating smile, there are almost always eyes watching.

Personality: There are some royals that believe it is their duty to set aside their dreams and aspirations to better represent their families and cast them in the best light. Sabella takes a different approach. Drama is in her blood, or so she claims, and if all of life is a stage, then certainly the scenes centering on the Graysons need to be the best - the most heroic, the most awe-inspiring, the most dramatic. And what does every good drama need? A compelling damsel. And so to that end, Sabella has made an art-form out of life itself. Every problem is a heroic quest, every new face is a Mysterious Stranger, every disagreement is time to call on a champion. She's not a drama queen - life isn't a comedy. Rather, she's a connoisseur of drama, nurturing it quietly until it blooms into a tour de force.

Background: So the family story goes, Sabella's mother was at the theatre when the infant princess decided to make her way into the world, and so compelled, she was named for a character in the evening's performance, Sabella Langlier, a wealthy heiress in love with a troubled knight. Perhaps performing is in her blood, or perhaps her fate was guided by too many tellings of the same tale. Whatever the case may be, Sabella tends toward drama as a personality trait. She can shed tears on demand that could soften even the blackest heart, her smile incites men to violence as they compete for her favor, and even the faintest sigh has servants scurrying to make things right.

    Sabella doesn't see anything wrong with wanting her life to be more like the performances she can't seem to get enough of, she's in line for the throne after all... if dozens of Graysons with a better claim all mysteriously died, of course - and how exciting would that be! After the events of the King's Rest, Sabelle maneuvered her way into being relocated to Arx for her greatest role yet - maintaining a pretty, charming face for the Grayson family amidst the turmoil of politics. And perhaps at the same time, she can hone her craft by getting involved with the Blackrose Theater in Arx - surely there are mummers out there in need of an enthusiastic patron, after all.

Relationship Summary

  • Ford - It could have been worse? Maybe? If dragons had attacked.
  • Ian - No help!

  • Family:
  • Gareth - My favorite cousin. It is my singular goal in life to make him smile!
  • Aiden - He knows EVERYTHING!

  • Sibling:
  • Lou - My older sister. Not always alike, but I am so proud of her.
  • Reese - My younger sister. She shoulders a great burden, I wish I could help.

  • Spouse:
  • Niklas - My absolute favorite in all things! My perfect, brilliant match!

  • Friend:
  • Michael - A good friend that I always enjoy talking to. He should smile more.

  • Protege:
    Name Summary
    Adrienne Sabella Grayson knows everyone, and we were reacquainted during the Taste of Arx festivities. She is starlight incarnate - dazzling and inspiring and everywhere at all times. She is one we all should emulate.
    Aedin Such a fascinatingly cheerful princess she is! It was a pleasure to see her model, absolutely stunning.
    Aethan Unchanged -- which is a good thing. I missed her.
    Aine She seems very nice, and quite well paired with her husband.
    Alarissa A cousin and a lovely Grayson with such a sense of life about her.
    Alecstazi Grayson Princess, seems to like children, likes to laugh. Seems happy.
    Alessandro Ever gracious, generous, and lovely, Sabella is the true embodiment of 'None Greater.' I am privileged to call her and Niklas friends, and if I hold out hope for Marcus and Relara to be wed one day, well, I can hardly be blamed.
    Amaranth I don't know who has more personality: You, or your husband. He can make an entrance, but you can keep a crowd.
    Anisha Princess Sabella is a most gracious host and takes a keen interest in her house. She is one of the reasons there are none greater than Grayson, I suspect.
    Apollo Extremely poised in exactly the sort of way I'd expect of a Grayson princess - but also effusively kind. It isn't a wonder she's well-loved.
    Appolonia I *do* have something to add to every conversation, don't I? A lady who always makes everyone feel included, even if sometimes you can lose your focus.
    Arcadia The princess always says the kindest things and gifted me cheese. I hope that her brightness and beautiful nature rubs off on me the smallest bit.
    Artur Sabella is rather vocal on the feelings for her husband. It warms me a little that a couple can show such dedication and want of each other. Perhaps someday I will find someone that wants to sing my praises such.
    Artur I have known Sabella a long while though I do not run into her as often as I would like to! It is always a joy when I do though! She is one of the most sweet and charming princesses around!
    Bahiya Very energetic, she cares a lot about her projects, a focus so heavy and bounder like, I would not be surprised if she was known for accomplishing her goals with single-minded brutality.
    Beatrice We were talking of perfection, and I forgot just how perfect the People's Princess is.
    Bedivere Always a treat to meet whenever you cross paths with her and always helping to keep morale up for the Compact at large and throws a good party.
    Berenice She has the sort of graciousness and generosity of spirit that I would aspire to if I were a more gracious and generous person.
    Bianca Joyful and artistic, Princess Sabella seems to be a woman of many talents. I was especially impressed when she was able to recite a long speech without even breathing!
    Braith Lovely social butterfly. She lights up the room with just a smile and its hard to keep up in a classy way. I could just yell.
    Brigida Of course there are bloody worms in the soil. Gods preserve me from empty headed foolish Princesses.
    Cabrera Attempting to be a good person, a charitable person and a kind one. But, perhaps we disagree on the purpose of charity. Will need to speak with Her Highness more.
    Caith Whoa! Her hugs have really leveled up! I am going to have to train harder: HUGS FOR EVERYONE. Hugs in our wake, never at our wake.
    Calista A day of sunshine on a cloudy day. It is a challenge for one to remain with a dour expression in her presence.
    Calypso That's... that's a lot of words.
    Caspian One of my favorite princesses. Such beauty and grace, and also so kind and sweet! I have a soft spot for her. Her and her husband are a perfect pair.
    Cassandra A Princess of Grayson with an aversion to horses. Most curious with that. But she's eager to have events and I think she could be a good connection with Baroness Margerie.
    Catalana My third. No. Maybe second favorite Grayson. It's so glad to see her again in the city, it's always so much fun to spend time with her.
    Charlotte Omigosh! An actress, a princess and married to -the playwright-! I am so glad we started talking before I knew this. Gods. Now I have butterflies!
    Cristoph Princess Sabella is the epitome of grace and civility in an often uncivil and graceless world. Also, I sense some shrewdness there.
    Dariel I think time away from Arx made Princess Sabella even more charming and warm. An expedition must be formed to find out how this was possible.
    Delia She seems to know everything and everyone, and she is always bright and sparkling company. I am envious and impressed in equal measure.
    Dio A pleasure to meet of Princess of House Grayson who introduced my wife and me to an entire room full of people. Her social graces are most impressive.
    Domonico She still insists that I will enjoy the theatre. I still highly doubt it.
    Donella Everyone talks about the beauty and etiquette of the woman. How she is known to know everyone. Her introductions are close to legendary. However, there is more to that then meets the eye. She is a capable leader when things are put in her hands and she is a value to Grayson.
    Drake A well-connected woman who seems to have friends and make friends where ever she may be.
    Drusila She's Voice to house Grayson, the largest house (barring the Faith) in the entire Compact. She and her sisters represent an opportunity to emulate, that you can own a niche and yet be able to strengthen and compete with others without being overbearing. Sabella and Drusila seem to get along really well, and Sabella has interesting ideas on how to alleviate troubles that so many of the common fall in. Sabella might find Drusila appearing more often.
    Elgana It is always a joy to spend time in the company of Princess Sabella. She has a truly giving spirit and creative spirit. It is no wonder she married a legendary playwright. I am confident that no matter where the road she travels leads, it will always be full of warmth and inspiration and an abundance of kindness.
    Elloise Such a regal royal princess of Grayson! None greater.
    Ephrath She delivers a rather amazing introduction of EVERYONE. I am not certain I could ever remember so many names and faces all at once.
    Esme How can I not love her the moment she enters. It is quite horrid to say this, but she reminds me of me and I like me. So obviously we are going to be best friends.
    Estil A lovely woman, while we do not know one another, she was nothing but kind and polite toward me. Both of which go a long way in my book.
    Evander My cousin's wife. She talks more than anyone I've ever met.
    Evaristo Princess Sabella... what can one even say? Kind, lovely and with a brilliant sense of humor.
    Evonleigh I never imagined growing up I would be friends with a princess, but I do think of Princess Sabella as a friend. Her poise, talent, and grace are only exceeded by her warmth.
    Ezra The princess seems the type who goes out of her way to make people feel welcome and perhaps explain her husband. She seems a unifying force for Grayson and desiring that unity not only surrounding around her.
    Fairen The Princess is as bubbly and outgoing as ever, and just as welcome in any situation. She, like her sisters, makes me proud to be part of Grayson's fealty.
    Faye A friendly and cheerful Grayson princess who is always excellent company. I suspect she is quite knowledgeable and informed about many subjects it would be difficult to bring up in a social context.
    Gabriel Gracious, as befits her station. The Princess is a welcome relief from the general tedium of court.
    Gabriella Possibly the peppiest princess I have ever met. This is far from a bad thing, however.
    Gawain A very worldly and wise princess, carries herself with grace and poise, like you read about in books! I wish I were a less honorable man, she's a married woman! But surely I can at least enjoy her presence.
    Hamish A people person. Seems to be friends with everyone.
    Helena A charming host, an eloquent diplomat, and a kind soul -- all of the things I endeavor to be, though she does all of them with much more polish than I achieve. A true role model.
    Ian The twins are a new thing, right? That's a blasted lot of kids.
    Iliana Though her reputation proceeds her like the drift of leaves before an oncoming gale, it's clearly not at all unwarranted. I suspect she's cleverer than she lets on; she'd have to be to triumph so regularly on the social battlefield.
    Ilira She carries a smile that elicits mine. I sensed her genuine interest when speaking with me, and entirely hope we will follow through on further contact.
    Imogene What a lovely woman, with an amazing memory for all the people of her vast acquaintance! I so appreciate her taking the time to make introductions to so many of the new people here in Arx.
    Iroh A bubby, personable, and warm princess. She seems to be very witty and quite entertaining in a conversation and I would definitely like to know her better, especially since she is an elevator of dreams. After all, we are such stuff that as dreams are made on.
    Jadara Grayson princess with the most courage I'd say. She sat across from me and didn't 'yes man' me the entirety of the encounter. Commendable.
    Jaenelle I have always valued the way there is always much more to Princess Sabella than meets the eye. She is gracious and leaves one feeling lighter after any meeting in her presence, regardless of the topic at hand. I consider her an ally, but much more importantly, a friend.
    Jaerith A lovely Crownlander princess. Did not seem all that interested in a riverman's life.
    Jaufrey A bright princess with a lovely way with words. Her match with her husband seems to be one made in heaven.
    Josephine A princess of the highest order that cleaves to my shop. One of my most enjoyed customers.
    Jules What a wonderful princess! Everything a princess should be and then some. You didn't meet her for long but she was absolutely perfect.
    Jyri I've met the Princess a few times at various functions and she seems so happy and is always nice. It rubs off on you.
    Kaia Princess Sabella is one of Grayson's most loveliest nobles, and, of course, makes a wonderful couple with Niklas; however, Martino and I are deeply determined on our playful social rivalry.
    Kaldur It is wonderful to have Princess Sabella in Arx again, her grace and graciousness sorely missed. Her scar is barely noticeable.
    Katryn The most eminent princess in the entire city, and I make a fool of myself? Truly, you are the radiant proof of the majesty of Arx, and I shall endeavor to capture a glimmer of the light cast in your wake.
    Kritr There seem to be as many Prince and Princesses as there are Lords. Sabella Grayson stands out for her lack of condescension perhaps.
    Lenne I finally got to meet that wonderous singer from the Stormwall Opera. Had I not been told, I wouldn't have guessed Sabella was Reese's sister. She's so breezy and confident!
    Lisebet A sweet socialite, never to be underestimated.
    Lou My sister Sabella is a force to be reckoned with. It doesn't matter that she doesn't wield a sword and isn't up to adventuring, no one can match her canny social graces, nor her ability to charm a crowd in whatever she decides to undertake.
    Lucene A woman capable of smiling even when you are in disagreement! Admirable, to say the least. I think I could come to enjoy her presence immensely.
    Lucita Talented, classy, amicable and fun to be around.
    Maja She is everything a princess should be: bright, beautiful, cheerful, kind and hopelessly in love with her husband. I bet she has a million tiaras, one for every day.
    Marina Imaginative and expressive. And even inspiring; I feel a little drab in comparison, which is one of /the/ best incentive to take on new challenges.
    Martino The fine, gentle and seemingly perfect Princess Sabella. Truly, when one wants to see the Princess people write and dream of - they merely have to meet or be around Sabella.
    Mercedes Never judge a woman by reputation alone. Princess Sabella seems to be quite a delight, though. Witty and pleasant company both; I am sure she performs even better as a diplomat between nations. If negotiations fail, she will always have that butter knife.
    Michael Princess Sabella Grayson. Shes....exuberant. She loves fiercely and whether you want her to or not.
    Mikani Winds of fresh air and excitement ever in her wake. Always impresses me when I am in her presence.
    Miranda Well. She's a cheerful thing. And back in Arx! On a better day, she and I might make everyone sick with our happiness. That is, if this is her normal!
    Mirella Princess Sabella has returned to the city. As ever, she's the soul of warm courtesy and good cheer.
    Niklas The light in the dark, the color in my life, the reason I breathe. She is my sunrise and sunset. She is the moon and every star in the sky. My definition of love. My beautiful Sabella.
    Orelia For all that she has to say, none of it is disparaging. I wonder if I can borrow her as my publicist?
    Orrin Warm and charitable, though I yet worry about the ramifications of some of her diplomatic ideas.
    Petal A lovely, charming and welcoming princess. What a princess should be!
    Pharamond The Princess, my bride's patron, is as enthusiastic and caring for others as she ever has been. It is wonderful to have her back.
    Philippe When I was very young, I remember the first time my father built a great bonfire as part of a summer revel. The flames towered over me, dozens of feet high, so bright and hot that I could barely stand in the gloom next to it before the melange of smoke, light, heat, and roar forced me back behind my mother's skirt. The princess reminds me of that summer.
    Piccola She seems generous and open to a fault, and therefore not to be underestimated.
    Poppy She is bright and kind and been so helpful with making me feel welcome in the city.
    Porter Cousin by marriage and who doesn't love someone who brings really excellent wine flasks as birthday presents? No one, that's who.
    Quenia Princess Sabella is witty and charming and a fine example of how a member of royalty should behave.
    Rafael A charismatic Voice of Grayson. Excellent taste in tiaras. Oh, unless that's considered a coronet?
    Ras Talks a lot, but not like somebody who's nervous. More like someone who knows that they totally belong.
    Reese Back and town as warm and cheerful as ever. It will be nice to have her around.
    Reigna She is *funny*! Surprisingly funny. And sweet. I admit I never knew what to expect from this Grayson princess, but having met her, I find her utterly charming. I suppose I should have expected *that*, considering. But she is funny. That is delightful.
    Richard It is easy to see why she is so widely-known and well-regarded throughout Arx, though we operate on quite different... energy levels, one might say.
    Rorik How does she say so much without even taking a breath?! I'm amazed.
    Rowenova One of the first people outside of my own House to have welcomed me to Arx and become one of my friends. I always enjoy her company, and she throws some of the best parties that Arx has ever seen. She is one of those people that life deserves to be kind to.
    Roxana Princess Sabella is one of my absolute favorite Grayson cousins. So much fun! Don't tell the others.
    Rysen One of the most charming and interesting people I've ever met. She is supremely talented and utterly unforgettable.
    Samantha The Princess is a great light in the dark. She can easily find reasons for others to smile. I am glad for it for in the dark times the light is most needed.
    Sanya There are few in the city who can make anyone in the room feel as at ease and welcomed as she. Delightful company.
    Saoirse She is a very put together princess who knows modeling -- just knows it.
    Saro Dazzling enough that she puts all the candles in the shrine to shame. And I'm not going to lie -- it's nice to hear praise of my work from a princess.
    Shard It would be nice if she was right about this one. She's not, but it would be nice. At least she's not walking into it with her eyes completely closed.
    Siegward A veritable Princess of Grayson, standing as a stark reminder for the peace we fight for. It is an honor to serve. Tale is that, like pieces of a puzzle, one can find little strands of what Alarice once was if one looks into the eyes of Grayson princesses long enough. Superstition, but Princess Sabella makes me think twice.
    Simon A very kind and polite Grayson Princess. I have heard much regarding her deeds, but I will admit that the tales do not do her justice compared with meeting her in person. I hope that we will have a bright future of friendship ahead of us.
    Sorrel There's no one sweeter than Princess Sabella. She's got the sort of personality that makes you love her and a sunny disposition that makes you enjoy spending time with her. She's a darling, and I'm absolutely lucky to have her as a friend.
    Sunaia A true diplomat. I could probably stand to learn from the Princess. ...When I can possibly make time.
    Sunaia Grayson princesses are undoubtedly the ones I like best; they're the epitome of what a princess should be. ...Yes, all of them.
    Tanith What the hell kind of introduction is that, Tanith? Sweet baby Jayus, you LOBBED A BALL AT HER FACE. SUCCESSFULLY. And she was so nice about it too, I can't even look at her-
    Tescelina A princess, charming and sweet. Her sunlight is the purest warmth. As I basked within it, I was reminded of the perfect weather for picnics.
    Thea Where does she store it?
    Thesarin Bright and warm as the sun in summer.
    Tomwell She believes that I might have a great deal in common with her husband, which may well be true, but it seems to me that she and I also have some strong similarities. Only my good traits, though, I'm quite sure. My flaws are my own.
    Vanora The Princess is always fun to have at any party
    Verity She is a powerful nexus of social energy. A tingle runs through me as she works a room! Ah, if only I could become so magnificently affiliated.
    Victus From the bits and pieces I've heard the commonfolk talking over, one would think Princess Sabella's wardrobe is a portal to an entirely different dimension of fabric and shiny things. She is a sparkling jewel in the Grayson's crown.
    Vittorio Despite her position, she is both a personable and charming face of Grayson.
    Vittorio The glorious Princess Sabella, knowing for her knack for introduction and successful noble marriages. Now excuse me as I hide under the table lest she marries me next.
    Volcica A breath of fresh air, and energy.
    Wagner Some people truly just love the sound of their own voice.
    Wash I didn't expect Niklas to make a good husband. But time and again Sabella has shown me she can repair the holes in men's spirits, and fill the gap between pride and happiness that keeps even good men down.
    Wulfrum I do not know how long she has been married to Niklas but she seems to love him as much as her wedding day. How uncommon.
    Ysabel Breathtaking
    Zoey I like seeing you smile and hope to see it more.