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Princess Sabella Grayson

Life is but a play; and while there are no small roles, rest assured that I am the lead in this one.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Damsel
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 26
Birthday: 4/04
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Honied Gold
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Grayson Minister of Loyalty, Legendary Influencer, The Tastemaker of Arx, The People's Princess

Description: There is something undeniably regal about Princess Sabella Grayson. Her posture is perfect, her honey blonde hair gleams like spun gold, and her cerulean blue eyes are as easy to lose oneself in as a storm-tossed sea. Her fair skin is without blemish, and her cheeks color easily with emotion - of which she has an abundance. Her happiness is a pure, unfiltered joy that warms the very air around her, and her ire is equally palpable, her icy stare the stuff of legends. She moves as if perfectly aware of the eyes on her, and with her svelte frame and captivating smile, there are almost always eyes watching.

Personality: There are some royals that believe it is their duty to set aside their dreams and aspirations to better represent their families and cast them in the best light. Sabella takes a different approach. Drama is in her blood, or so she claims, and if all of life is a stage, then certainly the scenes centering on the Graysons need to be the best - the most heroic, the most awe-inspiring, the most dramatic. And what does every good drama need? A compelling damsel. And so to that end, Sabella has made an art-form out of life itself. Every problem is a heroic quest, every new face is a Mysterious Stranger, every disagreement is time to call on a champion. She's not a drama queen - life isn't a comedy. Rather, she's a connoisseur of drama, nurturing it quietly until it blooms into a tour de force.

Background: So the family story goes, Sabella's mother was at the theatre when the infant princess decided to make her way into the world, and so compelled, she was named for a character in the evening's performance, Sabella Langlier, a wealthy heiress in love with a troubled knight. Perhaps performing is in her blood, or perhaps her fate was guided by too many tellings of the same tale. Whatever the case may be, Sabella tends toward drama as a personality trait. She can shed tears on demand that could soften even the blackest heart, her smile incites men to violence as they compete for her favor, and even the faintest sigh has servants scurrying to make things right.

    Sabella doesn't see anything wrong with wanting her life to be more like the performances she can't seem to get enough of, she's in line for the throne after all... if dozens of Graysons with a better claim all mysteriously died, of course - and how exciting would that be! After the events of the King's Rest, Sabelle maneuvered her way into being relocated to Arx for her greatest role yet - maintaining a pretty, charming face for the Grayson family amidst the turmoil of politics. And perhaps at the same time, she can hone her craft by getting involved with the Blackrose Theater in Arx - surely there are mummers out there in need of an enthusiastic patron, after all.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Anisha Dazzling. Simply dazzling. Both in personality, and, occasionally - no, who am I kidding, quite frequently - in fashion.
Apollo Time back in Bastion has softened her. I think home is good medicine for good hearts. It makes us remember we have them.
Cambria Her reputation as one of the best hostesses in Arx is well deserved. To watch her mix and mingle among a variety of guests with such effortless grace was a true pleasure.
Catalana Sweet and kind and all for more babies. Clearly Niklas doesn't fill theirs full of sugar!
Cecilia My sister by marriage, the people's princess. Someone I look up to. I'm glad she is mending fences it gives me more to look up to.
Cirroch Anyone that is able to put up with the antics of a doting father that might as well be one of their children is alright in my book
Cristoph Princess Sabella remains the gracious and kind hearted woman that I remember from our previous albeit brief encounters. I'm certain the city is glad to see her return.
Decius Not one but two princesses. I would say one must stop wandering the city, but this stunning paragon of generocity gifted me with writs to decorate my humble forge. I offered to carve something from wood in return. I do hope she is not married. I do not seduce women who are not married, and it would be a poor way to repay her kindness.
Drake Always a delight to see Princess Sabella at a social gathering, as she seems to know the most interesting rumors. And the exact right time to reveal them.
Duarte I always had a sense this one was a rogue. But a CRIMINAL?! gasp.
Elizabetha My sweetest, brightest, finest cousin when the warmth of a room is lacking! I am delighted to note that she has not changed a bit from her brief absence, nor her dear husband!
Ember I can think of few people whose general demeanor is so perfectly diametrically opposed to my own. One might think this cause for annoyance on my part, but exactly the opposite. Her Highness is that which I am not -- which leaves me free to be that which I am.
Evaristo Princess Sabella never ceases to amaze me. I am half sure that what she does is a sort of magic, cause nobody can leave her presence and not feel happy.
Gwenna Princess Sabella Grayson is a darling in every sense of the word - and also one of the cleverest people I know. It is nearly impossible not to feel charmed by her, and her taste is impeccable. The city seems dimmer when duties call her away from it, so I am always glad to get reacquainted when she returns.
Harlan While I didn't plan on celebrating the Princess' birthday by sliding down a flight of stairs in the great gray hall, I suppose it was all worth it. A great friend to my family, always, and like an aunt to my children.
Ian Wonder if she'd forgive me if I locked Prince Niklas in the nursery until the kids work off all that sugar he's feeding them?
Ilira There is a truth, now, to the brilliance of her aura, something genuine behind the way she smiles and the sparkle in her eyes. I could enjoy her company.
Jan I don't know how she looks so good and acts so serene having all those kids, a goat, and my cousin Niklas. Oh right, servants, probably a shit load of servants.
Keely I appreciate her taking me under her wing and helping me find my feet in Arx. Clearly a cousin I can look up to!
Lore She is forever fabulous in her clothing, wonderfully welcoming in her attitude, and continues to surprise me with the subjects she is versed in. I adore every interaction and her presence always brings a smile to my face. I hope to enjoy a lasting friendship with Her Highness.
Lucita Charming, witty, creative, able to hold up her end of a conversation so very well. Very enjoyable comany.
Mabelle The Princess shares my passion for entertaining and Fashion, I always adore conversing with her and brainstorming new ideas.
Martino The People's Princess would be a fitting title. Simply takes the romantic notion of what it is to be one and has is perfected to an art form which, their good husband captures.
Mikani I'm not sure what Sabella has gone through. She seems changed. Kinder. More grounded. She really is the People's Princess.
Noah The Light of Grayson, or at least the most social. Fluff, glitter, and everything I never plan to be, but she does it well.
Quenia Princess Sabella is how I imagined a princess should be. Composed, comported, and ready with an easy quip. She really did make this evening's dinner enjoyable, particularly with the way she made Lord Ian's face look slightly panicked at the thought of twins.
Ryhalt I appreciate her ambition, though I don't have her charismatic flare.
Savio Awareness of one's past mistakes and dedication to a better path forward is such a rare trait. A pleasure to find it in the pleasant, thoughtful company of this Princess.
Sydney I've seen her from time to time, but hadn't taken much notice until I attended an event of hers on a lark. She was a gracious host, and it surprises me not at all to discover that she is Apollo's patron, given they both share an obsession with my hair. I wonder if there are other commonalities.
Taliene The princess is so friendly, gracious and elegant, and I am so delighted to have met her. I hope we have further opportunities to talk.
Vincenzo The Princess is elegance and grace refined and I consider myself most lucky to know her.
Zakhar The truest of all the nob'es, holds the people higher than fashion, then holds fashion too.
Zoey Humor and wit are shield and sword for her, and gods have mercy on you should you get on the wrong side of them!
Zyxthylum It is a shame her little ones didn't take to the Cat-Dragon or the Mice-at-Arms but I'm glad she found someone to appreciate it. She is a very generous customer.