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The Deepwood Winter Shindig

    The Deepwood Winter Shindig is an event open to both nobles and commoners alike, and families with children are especially welcome. Deepwood's back area pond has frozen over enough to invite any inclined parties to go skating on it! Strappable skates will be available for those who need them, and anyone is welcome to bring their own. There will be guides on hand to help with instruction and offer aid.

Heated tents will be available for folks who simply want to sit, sip a hot beverage, and enjoy the view.

Activities will include a race around the pond (Athletics), an ice dancing contest (Athletics or Performance), sing-alongs, and events for the little ones including snow-man building and making ice candy. There may even be a surprise for little Lady Nara, who is having her first birthday! (Shhh, don't tell her.)


Feb. 17, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

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Wynna Felix Esoka Rymarr Valencia Ford Galen Rinel Lethe Waldemai Violet Victoria Mattheu Cadenza Silvio Saoirse Emily Thorley Jacque(RIP) Michael Wylla Margerie Duarte Kenna Caspian Sparte Jessa Mia Sorrel Peri Brogan Tovell Harlan Ianna Leta Thesarin Ignacio Titania(RIP) Lucita Luis Caith



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Deepwood Manor - Manor Grounds

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Comments and Log

This is most definitely a shindig rather than a hootenanny. And once guests are directed along the path that leads to the pond, the pair of pavilion tents can be clearly seen, a welcome heat drawing anyone who cares to inside to enjoy tasty treats and comfortable seats. At the pond itself, a large box of tie on skate blades await the use of the guests who haven't brought their own, and servants on skates stand by to aid and assist anyone who might need help while out on the ice.

Children are not only very welcome, but a few of the older children of Deepwood servants have been drafted to function as sitters to play games and guide activities.

"Greetings," calls out Samantha Deepwood, cheeks pink with the cold, but well warmed in her cloak. "In each pavillion you'll find a pink bag with the mark of Lottie's Bakery on it. Inside you'll find a party favor for each guest to enjoy, or give to any child as they see fit. We hope you all have a lovely time!"

Isla, a small silver fox, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Caspian arrive, following Cadenza.

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Turn in line: Caspian

Amongst those of the house Emily crosses from the Manor as Samantha begins to greet their guests. Clothed in a woolen dress with a simple cloak, the blues are a new from the usual green she wears. The sight of what is likely her regular boots puts the dress at odds but she drops the hem quickly and none will be the wiser. Drawing close to the Marquessa she watches as their guests begin to arrive, her lips parting into a faint show of teeth. "Did you need anything?" she asks of her cousin, her gaze sweeping over those that arrive. Her hand pulls and tugs at the edge of her cloak in the idle movement she is usual to give when forced to be still.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

"Master Caspian," Samantha greets, smiling brightly as the first of the guests arrives. "Thank you so much for coming. Have you had much experience skating? I know the Southern Isles are so temperate, it seems unlikely, but I hope you're game to try."

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, The Second arrive, following Margerie.

1 Velenosa House Guards arrives, following Silvio.

Brogan, Silvio, Ignacio arrive, following Valencia.

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Violet arrives, following Thorley.

Caspian is dapper as fuck right now, dressed to the nines in cream and burgundy leather and silk, and even with a cap with a feather! Very poofy.

But wait, what's this? Who's this on his arm, is he cheating on Cadenza?!


It is Cadenza!

She is dressed in her won stunning attire, and the man can't help look at her as he walks, relying on her to keep them from bumping into anything as they come. "So here is the thing, if people are going to storm you to get a piece of you in that sexy dress, I will guard you as you run away. If I don't make it out, know I loved you and that dress."

He gives the crowd a playfully suspicious look.

Don't even try it.

He approaches Samantha, giving them a warm smile as he greets, "Hello there, my lady, I'm glad we could make it to your party....skating? I know a bit about skating. I've done it once or twice."

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Kenna sweeps into the room by herself, eyes bright as she looks around at just about everything. Ontop her tip-toes she goes to look about the place gleefully. Everything is up for her eyes to devour. Seeing the line forming before Samantha, Kenna joins it promptly. Better to be polite!

Of the husband-wife duo of Jessa and Grady, it's the less socially-focused one who's present at the shindig today. And if Jessa Deepwood looks perhaps just a bit out-of-sorts to be at a /party/ without her husband at her side, her smile is broad and warm enough nonetheless as she offers her own nods of greeting to the many who make their way into the Deepwood manor to seek out the marquessa.

The King's Own Sir Tovell Telmar arrives in all his stag glory. Rarely out of his armor it is apparent he borrowed clothes for the occassion. The gender neutral attire suggests despite his noble heritage. He almost seems incredibly awkward walking without the clank of steel to accompany him. The ginger knight wears a warm smile and seems incredibly honored to be at this party. Green eyes peer about and assess those gathered at the Deepwood Manor.

Titania has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Peri is wearing some woolen boots that end just below her knees, the better to play on the ice with, a dress, and a cloak. It's clear she might be thinking about participating in tonight's activities. Her unruly hair has been left to its own devices. She steps into the line forming to greet Samantha and allows her eyes to roam along the various people in attendance.

(145"Well, I hope you and your lovely lady enjoy the day, and help yourselves to the treats as well as the activities offered." With that, Samantha offers a smile to Cadenza, with a bit of an apologetic air - the line is growing, and there are many people to meet. Introductions will have to come later, as she gestures toward the tents. "Please help yourselves to the party favors in the pink bag." And with that, on to the next soul.

Rymarr's measured strides carry him along to join at Samantha's side with little more than the rattle and rasp of plates. He offers a polite nod toward those standing to greet the Marquessa and to the Marquessa herself Rymarr offers a shallow bow toward his spouse before his attention turns back to those wishing well. Before he can get too comfortable staring at those coming around to greet Samantha, Rymarr's eyes bolt off toward one small group of children and turns his attention to ensuring that they weren't destroying something or killing themselves.

Harlan enters from outside, waving his guards off to go and do whatever it is guards do. He looks around, not having had much occasion to visit Deepwood. He sees a line, and heads that way!

Splat, a tiny calico kitten arrives, following Wylla.

"Well, I hope you and your lovely lady enjoy the day, and help yourselves to the treats as well as the activities offered." With that, Samantha offers a smile to Cadenza, with a bit of an apologetic air - the line is growing, and there are many people to meet. Introductions will have to come later, as she gestures toward the tents. "Please help yourselves to the party favors in the pink bag." And with that, on to the next soul.

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Walking in on Prince Galen Thrax's arm, to the right, is Princess Sorrel, his newlywed wife, and to his left, the Baroness Lucita, their dear friend. All three are dressed nicely and in a pleasant mood for a party. They head for the line.

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Turn in line: Peri

Violet is dressed in a fairly simple, off the shoulder green dress, and arrives with Thorley a hand on his arm. Apparently he is escorting her this evening and she wears a truly happy smile. A faint smell of roses and sandalwood drifts about her though not overwhelming.

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It isn't Samantha that the Sword of Westrock Reach arrives to seek out. Instead, as Thorley and his escort for the evening, Violet Marjawn, arrive, the knight is likewise dressed down without his armor - his clothing is not as fine as most, but servicable for an event such as this. However, the Eventide Blade rests at the knight's side as it should, even as he glances towards the blonde at his side. "Do you see Emily?" he asks, though as he catches glimpse of Sorrel, there's a bow of his head to his Duchess' sister and new Princess. And Margerie is granted a swift smile. But the line? That's not for him.

Maneuvering around the clanking steel of a knight or two, Ford makes his way onto the grounds, fussing with the sleeve cuffs of his shirt under his coat. His eyes widen slightly at the line, and is quick to subvert that. He just wants a bit of drink, and conversaish. The Kennex Marquis scans the area looking at the familiar, unfamiliar, and vaguely familiar among the party goers.

Eshra arrives, following Felix.

white-tailed eagle arrives, following Thesarin.

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"And then I told Sigurd.. "NO! You can't set fire to the man's pants just because he insulted your long flowing locks..." Brogan grins at the small group of people he's walked into the event with. His hand holds Valencia's as they move forward with Ignacio and Silvio next to them, "But before I knew it, Sigurd threw the lit match, and the man went screaming out of the Tavern with his backside all aflame..." His grin is genuine, and he adds "Yet /I/ am the one that gets blamed for setting fire to Tavern's when we're out drinking."

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Titania comes walking into the grounds looking around, she has her cloak pulled closed her hands claded in leather, a soft look to her as her ocean blue eyes look around. She is not used to being at gatherings plus it seems she is flying solo this evening.

Ianna slips in, all green silk and auburn curls, sidling up to Peri in the reception line. "I didn't think you did dresses," she says, looking her over approvingly.

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Fingers fan the air as Caspian and Cadenza are first to greet the Marquessa, giving them both a warm smile. "So glad you could come," she says to them both. Emily for her part seems to smiling to herself as she recognizes more than few of the faces. Hmming thoughtfully she leans over towards her sister and leans in to speak with her so as not to interrupt the Marquessa greeting each arrival. She gives her sister a look and then glances back to the manor before she notes Peri and smiles for her, dipping her head to the other Lady and Ianna as well as she meanders up to join the Seliki.

"Lady Peri," Samantha holds out her hands to offer them to the young woman with wild hair. The warmth of her tone suggests she's quite fond of the Seliki heir. "I'm so glad you decided to come. I'm hoping we'll see your father as well, and if he doesn't make it I plan to let your grandmother know."

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Lucita laughs up at Galen and over at Sorrel. "Thank you for letting me come with you. Safe as it is, Estaban worries less about me if I have an escort. I think he had a patrol scheduled so could not come. I have to tell you, your wedding was absolutely beautiful, found myself having to blot tears when hearing the vows." She says to the couple as she joins the line to greet the hostess.

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Near the pond, a few children are being led by a servant to tie on their skates, and holding hands, carefully form a little line as they scoot out onto the ice, making a human snake as they begin to carefully skate around the pond.

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Silvio arrives with Valencia and Brogan, but he does part from that more obvious pairing soon after arriving to own up to being solo. Not that he leaves them, but just...makes it more obvious.

"Oh, he really outdid me on the vows," Sorrel complains with a laugh to Lucita, still lingering on her husband's arm. She wiggles her fingers in a friendly wave to Thorley, smiling in his direction, before looking back to Lucita. "I just... I couldn't come up with anything good!"

Margerie can't resist a good line! One of her guards is off attending to the hound as the other lingers somewhere he can keep a 'just in case' eye on things. But Margerie seems content to pick out a spot in the line and simply find out, well, what she's in line for later. She can't quite pick out who's in front of her, but when she turns around? There's Harlan. There's a vague smile towards him as she inclines her head towards the Duke. "So soon again, m'lord? What say you - round two of that game from the other evening? With so many interesting people here it should be a good chance to test out new compliments."

Violet turns a surprised glance up at Thorley and smirks a little. "I suppose," She muses before turning away from the knight to move into the line. She adjusts her dress a little self-consciously, glancing at her companion for the evening as he mingles.

Peri[ ] steps up as her path to Samantha thins. "My Liege Lady. Thank you so much for having me. If there is anything you need help with-" She is suddenly distracted by Ianna for a moment of silence before looking back to Samantha. "Please do," she says as she takes Samantha's hands with a warm squeeze. "Here is hoping, but she can always whip him into shape." There's a small twinkle in the young woman's eyes before she parts ways. "Do let me know if you need help." Then she turns back to Ianna in retreat from the line, "Eh. Well. Sometimes," as if not missing a beat. "How are you going to go skating in that?" she wonders as she looks Ianna over subtly.

In the line Kenna is one to fidget in place as she keeps her place but also tries to see just about everything happening around her. Already her cheeks are flushed with excitement as she sees everything. Familiar faces brush by and she waves at those she knows but avoids calling out since she cant come over just yet.

Titania has joined the line.

Turn in line: Cadenza

Harlan smiles towards Margerie and tsks before saying rather playfully, "And here I was, all set to compliment everyone on their outfits?" He's likely kidding before adding, "I need to spend more time with most of the people here -- time out of the city has dulled memories, of even the people here I know."

When Ford realizes that the line isn't one of those you can just skip, he twists his lips slightly. Ah! Then he spots Titania getting in line. Perfect. He scoots into line next to her, smirking a little, "Hey you."

Ianna grins at Peri. "Clearly you don't know Greenmarchers. I can climb a tree in this in ten seconds flat. I think my cousing Monique could do it in eight."

Raising her brow, she'd glance to Caspian and rolled her eyes playfully. "You...are just....." Cadenza let out a laugh then as she stayed close. was cold....but this dress was made for another occasion and she was already in it. There was a something wrapped over her arm for when she got too cold but right now she seemed to bearing it. It was obvious...she was not dressed for skating...nor did she really seem to be for it...or maybe she would! As Caspian did his introductions, she would nod to Samantha with a nod. "Thank you for hosting this wonderful event, Marquessa! I fear I'm not exactly dressed for skating should be fun to watch!" Looking to Caspian she would the nod. But then she heard Brogan...a grin tugging at her lips. "....looks like they made it." Her blue eyes would look to Emily then as she waved. "Thanks for the note! I'm glad to be here!"

other white-tailed eagle, 3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrive, following Mia.

Leta arrives on the grounds by herself, in a cape of fine white fur over the vibrant reds she's chosen to wear beneath, lute over her shoulder. One hand holds the cape close to ward off the cold, while the other fidgets and fiddles with assorted items on her person. She looks around, chewing on her lip, then puts on a sunny smile and strides forth. Once she spots Samantha, the brawny woman meanders along behind the others that seem to be headed that away.

Titania smiles, "Marquis Ford." she moves to take his hand gently with her gloved hands, "I am happy to see you here." she says softly leaning into him slightly a truely thankful smile on her face.

Ford loops his arm through Titania's, smiling down at her, "Countess." He says with a small laugh and wink, "Out and about I see. Glad to see it."

As Brogan spots a few of the folks he's familiar with he'll give them nods and smiles in greeting. To Violet, he makes a motion of Seeing her, and then one of drinking many times over. He lifts a large hand, and long arm in the direction of Cadenza and Caspian, and but keeps moving forward in the line. He looks to Valencia, and asks "Is it ok if I greet the Hostess for us? I'll try not to embarrass you too much?"

Jessa nods to whatever it is that Emily murmurs quietly to her, and then leads her sister over towards the pond where the children are already out on their skates. Selecting her own skates, the Deepwood noblewoman begins to fix them in place before venturing out onto the ice as well. A demonstration, perhaps, of what the guests can do themselves.

Lucita confides to Sorrel. "Indubitably, after that, I'd have been speechless, maybe mumbled, 'same back at you' because too touched to think of anything else. Are you sure he is not a poet or a singer in disguise?" There is a teasing note in her voice as she speaks with Galen and Sorrel, Galen being included in the comments by her glance and a pat of her hand on his arm before looking to check the progress of the line in which she waits with the others.

Margerie taps a finger against her list as she looks up and down the line for a moment. "Now now, too close to petals. Let's steer you towards less perilous ice. Ah! Perhaps we can get some practice for you by starting a chain of compliments up and down the line. For instance, you're capable of acknowledging mistakes and moving to correct and get past them - a rarer quality than one might think. Now I'll try to meet this young Lady in front of me and find one, and you can give Lady, er, Princess Sorrell one and so on down the line. Good way to start the meeting people!"

Sparte is nudged out by Wilhelm to go be properly sociable, and finds himself in the line to greet Samantha. He gives her an embarassed smile, glancing around as he come up to her before bowing his head politely. "Marquessa Samantha. I appreciate you opening this event to us. I, ah... Right. Thanks." Then he makes an effort to scoot on and get out of the way.

Esoka is here for the party. She walks in alongside Mia. Not quite on the Countess' arm, but close enough. She's in the leathers she favors, cleaned up for a formal occasion, but paired with a rubicund breastplate which looks new. She scans the crowd for Samantha, heading in that direction. "Marquessa! Good eve! I can't stay long but wanted to come by to celebrate a bit."

Thesarin makes his way toward the party, with his ever-present stern expression on his face. Back straight, shoulders square, stride slow and measured and purposeful. The grim effect is only entirely spoiled by the three-year-old boy riding on his shoulders, one leg on each side of his neck, waving enthusiastically at the lords and ladies and assorted in their party dress. Arm out for his wife as he walks, with two older children--a boy of seven and a girl of about twelve.

"Your Highness, it's a pity that you're unable to, but please make us of the pavilions. Enjoy the cocoa and keep yourself warm." Samantha advises Cadenza, adding cheekily, "If the children pull you into their games, do indulge them if you're inclined." On to the next!

Turn in line: Sparte

Rymarr gradually slips away from Samantha's side in order to pursue his own endeavors. Those endeavors being moving off to settle into a seat at the patio, all in order to allow him the view of the back lot and the ability to keep a watchful eye on the guests of House Deepwood. As he settles into his seat one hand shifts to turn aside his sheathed blade aside in order to permit him the ability to sit more comfortably. There, settled, Marquis Deepwood's attention begins to dance over the guests; both young and old-er.

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Valencia moves gracefully into the hall with three very dashing gentlemen. There is a look of surprise at Brogan's story and then a little laugh. She smiles and nods warmly as Silvio survey's the part and joins the receiving line and she nodes to Brogan, "I would be most happy if you would, my lord. I am so happy to see our hostess. It has been quiet some time, yes?" she nods warmly as Brogan steps into the line.

There's a glance at the cocoa dispenser. Thorley makes a pair of mugs, before bringing one to Violet in the line. "Here. So yer tongue don't freeze." he offers to her with a smirk before he's moving to sip at his own and heading in the direction of Sorrel. "Clover ain't here?" he asks quietly. He had hoped to catch her, but there's a frown on his face. Then he remembers his manners and offers a proper bow.

"Quite alight, Master Sparte. Please join the party, and help yourself to one of the party gifts! Enjoy the skating!" Samantha calls out to him, though her eyes seek out Rymarr briefly from the throng. There's a brief gesture, and the nurse currently tending Nara brings their fur-clad daughter over to the Marquis, in case he'd like to take her.

Turn in line: Kenna

Mia stepped into the by-now familiar grounds of the Deepwood Manor with Esoka, her strdes purposeful and brisk. Wrapped up in wool and furs, it all had the effect of making her long gown swirl around her ankles, the hem kicked up as she walked. "Remember that you must thank the Marquessa for having you here today, Rohan," the Countess instructed the older of her boys -- and her instruction was accompanied by a single, arched brow and a pursing of her lips.

Cadenza gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Violet nods her head at Thorley's motions a smile and chuckle accompanying it. As the line moves so does she. Her demeanor is polite and proper, almost like she were standing at parade rest as she waits. As a hot bit of cocoa is brought to her by the knight she shoots him a grin, "Thanks," She says bringing it to her lips to blow across the steamy surface.

Looking behind him inline, Brogan sees the familiar face of Thesarin, and offers the War Chief a friendly smile, "Thesarin! It's good to see you again. You've met my lovely Princess, Valencia." He then nods to Silvio, "Have you met Prince Silvio..." then another nod to Ignacio, "Or Lord Ignacio? They've been gracious enough to accompany us tonight."

Breaking away from the group of Deepwood's with her sister, Emily crosses towards the pond where some of the children are already skating. She herself has to drag off the leather scouting boots she managed to hide beneath her dress. She tugs and oof, off they come before she's grabbing her own skates to lace them on. Taking the time to tie them, she speaks with Jessa, leaning closer she smiles and returns to getting slender fingers to work around the laces and tighten them down.

Oh! She's next! Kenna quiets her fidgeting, but nothing wipes the smile from her lips as she reaches Samantha. "My lady, thank you //so// much for hosting this! The children are already so adorable."

"No, I think my dear sister is busy with the baby tonight," Sorrel replies to Thorley with a little shake of her head. "Have you met my new husband, Prince Galen, or my dear friend, Baroness Lucita? Galen, Lucita, this is Sir Thorley, the Sword of Westrock Reach, my brother-in-law Duke Farshaw's vassal."

Caspian gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

"Lady Kenna, it's such a pleasure to see the Whitehawks, and you especially." Samantha replies to Kenna merrily. "Your family is always welcome here. Please enjoy the party. And aren't they? There have only been a few occasions that have allowed Arx's growing families to enjoy together, but I'm trying to change that. Have fun, my dear." Onward!

Turn in line: Margerie

"Clearly not. Well I'm thinking hot cocoa, then pond, then hot cocoa and cake." Clearly the pond is where it's at for Lady Peri. She makes her way towards one of the pavilion tents and the pot of hot cocoa, not waiting for Ianna's assent to come with her. "Would you like some?" she asks as she waits behind one person. Short line when you end up at the front of the one to greet the hostess.

Sir Tovell Telmar waits in line patiently. He does not make much conversation. He just looks down at his boot covered feet from time to time. He listens to introductions and comments to the hostest being made. Tovell simply begins to flush. His cheeks turn red and brighten as he gets nervous about the whole busines. His hands clasp each other behind his back. His foot taps. And he starts to sweat a little.

Margerie watches Kenna's bright, bubbly approach to Samantha and smiles. When the young woman moves on, she steps forward and bows her head towards their hostess. "Lady Margerie Keaton" she says, in case the name has been missed at previous encounters. "Marquessa, it is so good to see you in your element. That a festive way to bring everyone together with a little light in dark times. I so look forward to completing your book and having the chance to discuss it with you. I hope this night and the year to come bring you and your family joy."

"It is good to meet you Thesarin." Ignacio offers to the man with a smile, "It seems like there is a great turn out for this." He shifts his smokey emerald gaze to the Brogan, Silvio, and Valencia, "Shall we find some place to sit before all the good tables are taken? I could use something to drink too. Cold nights need something to keep you warm." The dark hair man grumbles as he tugs his coat tightly against himself.

Peri has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

With a bright smile to Samantha and Kenna is off. Into the middle of everything she strides, then taps a finger on her lips, pondering where to go next. Finally she focuses on the pond as a place as good as any other to start!

Kenna has joined the Deepwood Pond.

Cadenza would look up to Ignacio, waving at him wildly then pointing to the seats. this tent.

Ignacio has joined the Left Pavilion Tent.

Galen nods deeply toward Thorley, "We have indeed met!" the Prince exclaims as he allows his stormy blue gaze to drift out and around those gathered, a nod, smile and wink given as appropriate to the person, or perhaps inappropriately, "Love, I might have some business over in the tent to the left there," he said while lazily indicate with the loose pointing of a finger.

Wylla heads into the Manor grounds, looking around at all these people, her eyes widening for a moment. "... oh. All right." She hesitates, a hand moving to her hair a bit self-consciously, before she looks for a place to sit, more than a little lost in the populous surroundings. Her robes bear a confidence her actual presence clearly does not, in this sort of environment. There's a little bit of cat fur on one spot beneath her silk robes, and her fingers, as ever, have a fleck or two of paint on them.

"Oh," Samantha seems strangely surprised but pleased, someone actually read her book! And admitting it! "Thank you so much. That is very much something we try to do with such events. It's a pleasure, Lady Keaton. I imagine we'll talk more soon, if the subject of my work intrigues you." Movin' right along!

Turn in line: Harlan

Titania smiles noddign her head, "With Count Gailin off dealing with the troops, I figured I would make the social meets." she says softly then looks over to Galen and Sorrel, "Prince Galen, Princess Sorrel congradulations. I am sorry I missed the wedding." she smiles to them both.

Violet hears a familiar voice behind her and turns curiously. Spying Ford she shoots him a respectful bob of her head and smiles. A hand waves as well before the line moves again. Another step forward and her cocoa is cooled enough to sip.

Lucita smiles gently to reply to the introduction. "A pleasure to meet you. Oh, such a crowd here!" She casts her glance over those gathered and gives a little wave to Valencia and her trio of men, a mischievous grin given her and another little wave toward Ignacio, and Sparte, and then Willa as she arrives. If she misses any of thse she knows, it is clearly just not noticing them in the crowd, not intentionally ignoring them!

Harlan cocks his head towards Magerie, "Clothing is close ... ah, I see." He chuckles and says, Have it your way, Lady Margerie. He turns back towards Sorrel and Garen and says, "Congratulations on the wedding, your Highnesses. I wish you both a very long and prosperous life together." He gets distracted from his game with Margerie, though, and turns towards Samantha, "A lovely gathering, Baroness. It looks very lovely here, and I admire the idea of bringing all the people of Arx together for a celebration. We can always use more of that. Ah, yes. And thank you for the book. It's on my desk right now, waiting the time for me to read it." He offers a grin as well.

"We have.. and I just realized that was mightly impolite of me." Thorley realizes as he offers a bow to the pair. "Prince Galen, congratulations on yer marriage. Everything I heard says ya and the new Princess makes a mighty good pairing." he comments before a smile is offered to Lucita as it tugs on the corner of his lips. "My lady, nice to meet ya - any friend of the Princess." he offers up as he hears Galen about to head off. For a moment, his head settles on the pommel of the Eventide. Not in a way to draw it. But just to know it's //there//. "I'll have to seek her out for a talk later about last night."

"Lord Brogan." Thesarin gives the big man a solid nod, a seond toward Valencia, with a "Princess. Prince. Fine seeing you both again." The bronze-skinned boy perched on his shoulders offers a loud "Hi!" and a slightly frenetic wave, prompting Thesarin to reach a hand to keep the child in place. "Lord Ignacio, well met." Another solid nod, and Thesarin returns his attention to Brogan to give the giant a nod. "Have you met my wife? Countess Mia Riven of the Twainfort."

Jessa steps out onto the ice once her skates are in place, laughing as she promptly wobbles on the ice. "I'm not going to be winning any ice dancing competitions," she remarks to Emily. "The little ones are better than I am at it! But it's still fun, though." Even if her arms are out to her side, and not quite pinwheeling as she works to stay upright.

Esoka scans the crowd until the spots Thesarin, and more of the Riven spawn. And arm is raised to wave big to him, and she motions Mia in that direction. "Count. I hope I've made it in time for the games."

Lethe arrives to the event by herself. She takes a long look at the crowd while deciding what to do.

Rinel arrives, following Wynna.

A small group is already gathering at the pond and several ladies on skates with perhaps a little less than grace at the moment.

Ianna casually sliiiiips from the line to go to one of the heated tents. Nothing to see here.

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Ford nod nods to Titania, taking only a few steps every couple minutes, due to the line, "I'm on a solo mission as well this evening. What with Vanora off managing the armies." He teases.

"Thank you so much, Countess Titania," Sorrel replies with a charming smile towards the woman. "I hope that you're doing quite well. It was a very sudden wedding. We'll try to have a party and invite absolutely everyone at some point. We just ran down on the beach and said our vows. Made every messenger we could find run across the city to catch those who could make it. It was a rather chilly wedding."

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Valencia offers Count Thesarin a bright smile and a warm nod to he, his lovely Countess Mia and the little boy sitting upon his shoulders. The smile grows a little more as the child greets her, "Hello," she says, her dark eyes dancing. "I'm the Princesss Valencia. What a perfect view you must have of all the beautiful people," she says with a smile to Thesarin and back. "What is your name?" she asks the little boy.

Margerie makesher way towards the pond, even if she does so with a certain amount of trepidation. There may be turned ankles in her future, but in for a penny, in for a pound at an event like this!

"Countess Titania," Galen replied as his eyes settled on his former lover, whom he still held in high regard. "Lovely to see you, and it is quite alright, it was a small ceremony, you are well yes?" he then looks to Thorley, "Oh quite alright my friend!" an arm moves to drape over Sorrel, and a quick turn of his head finds his lips pressing against her cheek briefly, "Good crowd."

"Duke Harlan, such a pleasure. I hope you'll enjoy yourself this evening, perhap make a few new acquaintances?" Samantha proposes. "For example, Lady Kenna Whitehawk, if you have a chance to introduce yourself, or Lady Peri Seliki. But all of those here are invited are wonderful people and I'm sure you'll be delighted. Please, enjoy." Ever forward, down the line.

Turn in line: Sorrel

1 Velenosa House Guards arrives, following Saoirse.

"We've not had the pleasure, no," Mia replied, extending one of her hands to Brogan. It was a long-fingered thing, and slender, much like she was. "Likely my own fault, given I've spent almost a week now sitting in my bath, trying to work out all of the sore muscles I earned on my long rides across the Crownlands as we called the banners. May I present my children?," she offered, perhaps in answer to Valencia. "My eldest and heir, Lady Vahari Riven. And my boys, Lord Rohan, and on his father's shoulders, little Lord Kelleth."

Harlan chuckles towards Samantha, seeming amused, before he heads towards the tables for a moment.

Ignacio rubs his hands together, blowing into them to applay warmth to them. He lifts his smokey emerald eyes from his hands looking over to Sparte, "Well met Sparte. I do not believe we have met before."

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There's a friendly smile to Thesarin, "No, Count I have not..." He turns that friendly smile towards her, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Countess. I hope that we'll have a chance to talk tonight after thanking the Hostess..." His gaze then shifts to the little boy, his grin widening even more, "And that looks like a Fine Young Warrior, my friend. I bet he's already a talent with Blade and Charm!"

"A pleasure, Count and Countess. What a delight." Silvio offers an elegant hand towards Mia and if she takes it, he dips his head in a polite, fancy greeting. "

Titania smiles to Ford, "Wha?" she gasos softly teasing Ford and then looks to Sorrel, "We plan to do much the same at some point." she looks to Galen a soft smile is given to him as well, "I am well Prince Galen, it is lovely to see you here as well." she takes a few steps with Ford as well, "I have been tired as of late." she says softly.

Two common women enter the fĂȘte, arm in arm. Rinel is laughing delightedly at a murmured comment from Wynna.

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Cadenza looked up from the conversation in the tent to let those baby blues scan. Spotting Thorley and Violet, there was a nod. Seeing Sorrel with Galen, she'd wave then as she seemed to return to a conversation for a moment. Looking back, she'd spot Silvo and grinned a bit before going back to her conversation.

Saoirse steps into the back pond and waves a quick hand -- no, no she will NOT be ice dancing or ice skating or ice anythinging. This Velenosan princess might LOOK and SEEM like an ice princess, but she'll take her winter sports from the sidelines, THANK you. She gives a little regal nod hello to anyone looking at her, or anyone she recognizes.

Ford laughs slightly, "I can imagine, still getting used to the unending hassle of being in a position of leadership." He says to Titania as they move forward in the procession.

Brogan takes Mia's hand, and bows his head over it respectfully before letting it go. His eyes then shift to Vahari, "Pleasure to meet you, Lady Vahari..." and a nod to Rohan, "Well met, Lord Rohan."

Sorrel finds herself at the front of the line. "Marquessa Samantha," she greets. "Thank you so much for the invitation to the party. This is my husband, Prince Galen Thrax, Captain of the Serpents Tide and General of the Thrax Army. I am Princess Sorrel Thrax nee Wyrmguard, the Bladesong, and this is my dear friend Baroness Lucita Saik, esteemed songstress."

Mattheu is late as always, and moving in with his bright colors, the bells jingling in his hair, more then normal, and then he is trying to find his sister, or anyone that he knows, standing by the door, and then he moves into the hall quickly, and moving this way and that seeking out wine.

Michael Bisland *has* to come to this event. Samantha is hosting it and shes something of a true sister to him. But he arrives alone, and dressed nice enough. But there are so many people around that he drifts from table to table, drinking occasionally from a glass. There are just *so* many people.

Victoria enters the party, unescorted, a rather stately older woman whose eyes skim over the crowd. They pause when spotting Ford and Titania near him, a wave offered in their direction, before Victoria continues towards the pavillion tents. A few light smiles are offered towards familiar faces.

Violet just so happens to be scanning the area when Cadenza bobs her head. A smile and polite nod of her own is given across the distance. Getting closer to the end of the line she adjusts the dress again out of habit. Checking to make everything is laying nice and neat. It may be simple attire, but she is going to make it look it's best.

The little vixen smile brightly to Mia, "Three?! How wonderful! You are so very lucky," Valencia says with a warm nod, glancing up to Borgan and then Silvio as he greets the Rivens and back. "I'm so very pleased to meet you, my Countess. You are lovely and you have the most wonderful children. You and your family must come to see my Hart sometime, yes?" she invites smiling to Vahari then Rohan and up to Kelleth again.

Sparte blinks and rises up to accept Ignacio's hand. He has a cup of cocoa gingerly held in his other. "Oh, uh. Nice to meet you." He gestures to a seat before retaking his own with a smile over at Caspian before he looks back to Ignacio. "Lord Ignacio, yes?"

Ford does a double take when he sees the familiar gait of Victoria. He lifts his hand to wave, but she misses it, so he holds his index and thumb just inside of his mouth and lets out a whistle that carries enough to grab her attention. -THEN- he waves her over.

"Well met, all of you." Samantha says warmly, dipping a little bobbing curtsy to Sorrel and Galen, and offering Lucita a smile. "Thank you very much for coming. I'm so glad to share a bit of our winter fun with our Thrax allies. Please enjoy yourselves." There's a gesture toward the tents and pond. "And don't forget to take party favors, especially if you have a sweet tooth!"

Turn in line: Lucita

Wylla gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Lucita takes her turn to greet the hostess, a warm smile given. "Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to be here and to see you again. You have a good turnout. Thank you for hosting this." She eyes the line behind her and politely moves along so others can have a chance to speak.

Kenna gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Harlan gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Ianna gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Galen gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Esoka gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

"I hope not." Thesarin nods toward Esoka with a nod. "Hear there's a race on. How now?" He nods again toward Valencia, as the child on his shoulders laughs and waves with another "Hi, Princess! I'm Kelleth!" The boy giggles more at Brogan's compliments, and at Thesarin giving a slight shift to his shoulders. "Countess, Esoka, is lord Brogan Nightgold, the Lord Ignacio Fidante--just met--and Princess Valencia, runs the Golden Hard. And this" he gives another nod to Esoka as she moves closer, indicating the other Prodigal, "is Dame Esoka Greenbloods, Sword of Riven."

Lucita gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Tovell gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Saoirse glances around quickly -- she spots Sorrel speaking to Samantha and overhears an introduction. Aha. The hostess. Saoirse glides through the party, not stopping to make smalltalk. She's terrible at parties, that's the whole POINT. When she arrives near Samantha and Sorrel, she waits for a natural pause and then, "I'm glad to make your acquaintance, and thank you for hosting. Princess Saoirse Velenosa." There. INTRO DONE. Check! Saoirse then -- no, what are you doing -- pulls a book out from somewhere in the deep recess of her cloak. She brought a book. To a party.

Eshra gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Felix gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Thesarin gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Peri gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Titania nods, "Yes and all the messangers! when do they stop?"

Esoka is rather aggressively looking around for a drink. What she finds is a party favor, which she takes gamely enough. "These are very pretty. Hello." She offers a bow around, to the knot of nobles. "Aye, Dame Esoka Greenblood. Well-met."

Clad in armor, somewhat bizarrely, Jacque Valardin joins the party, likely a last-minute attendee after hearing some lady's maid talk about it at his House's estate. Noticing Galen and Sorrel, though, he'll head on over to them, flashing the newlyweds a bright smile and then addressing the hostess of the party. "Marquessa Deepwood. A pleasure to meet you, Prince Jacque Valardin, at your service." There's a pause before the Oathlander prince is asking, "Is there an impending race, now?"

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"I should very much like to, Your Highness. In truth, I've not met very many of the Velenosa fealty, though that's now changed, meeting you and Lord Ignacio," Mia replied, offering her hand to the latter as it was freed by Brogan. "An error I am delighted to correct. As for Dame Esoka," she said, smiling faintly as her husband ushered the knight into their small circle, "I've heard there's to be a race today. And I'd put down a fair bit of silver that not a man or woman here can best friend at that."

Titania gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

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After Sorrel does all the introductions - but hey, he didn't need one, Thorley takes up his hot chocolate, before gesturing towards Violet and then at the pond to let her know where he'll be. But as he passes by Princess Saoirse, there's a bow of his head to the Princess, and a quietly muttered. "There's a spider on your boot." before he continues on. Just because he can.

The skating race is to start in ten minutes at the pond! Come join us!

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Wylla continues standing there on her own before she makes her way towards the patio, smiling uncertainly at Rymarr, dashing her hands on her Archlector's robes. "Do you mind if I, um, join you?" As if the man might, somehow, say no to the request.

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Sorrel heads over to stand in one of the pavilions where it is nice and warm.

Galen after being introduced by Sorrel and of course being respectful saunters off to the left tent where he was intending to go.

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Brogan gives Esoka a playful wink, "Oh, we've had passing change to meet before. I think she saw Dame Felicia and I go a few rounds in the Training Center boxing. It's good to see you again. How's the training going?"

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Silvio pats Brogan's arm and leaves the line to pursue a drunk!

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Ford definitely laughs this time, "They don't stop. The messengers never stop."

Mattheu gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

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Rymarr waves off Nara with a nod toward the servant as he rises up from his seat. An armored hand rises up to tug at his gorget, pulling it downward before he begins to lift his helm to his head. Then he freezes and turns his focus to the uncannily quiet Wylla who arrives nearby. The question seems to give the Marquis pause for a moment, his helmet halfway to his head, and then, slowly, he lowers it again to his side as he settles down into his seat once again. He gestures Wylla to one of the many seats spread throughout the patio and answers with a stoic smile, "I don't mind at all, Archlector. Unless you're one of those Archlectors that's more of persistent joke. If that's the case, keep on stepping."

That whistle - Victoria pauses, looking until she spots Ford. Chuckling, she returns the wave, and decides to hold off on getting a warm drink to use while waiting in the line, and instead joins it directly. "Ford-- and Titania! I was wondering who would show up."

Violet's eyes pop to Thorley and she nods. Though she eyes the pond and skating with great suspicion. Lips pursed she ponders the thought of skating later. It doesn't exactly thrill her and she wrinkles her nose, but doesn't look away just in case the knight puts on skates. That she'll watch happily.

"It's our pleasure, Baroness." Samantha says to Lucita. "I hope you enjoy yourself. Please enjoy the event - the food was catered by Mistress Lottie; her bakery is fantastic. But do be welcome." Ever and onward!

Turn in line: Leta

"Joke?" Wylla doesn't understand, blinking uncertainly. "I don't... I'm not too good at jokes. I mean, I'm happy, but I'm not good at jokes." A little grimace as her words get mangled yet again, is the sense given, and then she slips inside to take a grateful seat on the patio, her voice lowering to Rymarr.

Titania waves to Victoria, "Hello Lady Victoria." she smiles and looks to Ford, "Perhaps when you and Vanora have a moment I can come speak with you about a few things." she smiles at Victoriam, "I am glad you both are here."

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Saoirse rather DRAMATICALLY turns the page of her book. A servant, an old lady, nudges Saoirse in the ribs. The princess jerks up, exclaims, "WELL DONE, BEAT HIM!" at absolutely no one, levels a LOOK at her servant, and ...goes back to reading.

Leta meanders along a leisurely weaving course, glancing around the grounds. There are a lot of titles about, and so she bows her head left and right to just about everyone, just in case, one hand coming up to adjust her hat after a few nods. It's a whole lotta hat. Other than that, she paces and hums a little ditty under her breath until she comes near Samantha. She bows her head once more, loosens her cape, then offers the Marquessa a big friendly smile. "Marquessa. Samantha, how are you? Everything looks very nice, doesn't it? Lots of folk," she says with a gesture to the grounds, then fidgets with her earring. "Which is good, for this sort of thing, isn't it? So, I'll just be -" she points to the nearest table with food on it.

The race starts in four minutes at the pond! Come join us to find out if you are the ice champion!

Esoka nods to Brogan. "Aye, the pair of you were boxing. Spirited little fight. I've been meaning to get back into bareknuckle fighting. I'm decidedly out of practice, but I've always enjoyed the sport of it. My training goes well enough. I want to be in top form before the armies march, or as close to it as I can manage. Oh! A race!" She is all about that.

Harlan is perusing the food at the tables, and although he's not really loading up, he is exploring what's available, taking a bite of something here and there.

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"Of course, Titania. You can come speak with us any time. You're always welcome." Ford says before turning towards Victoria, "Hey you." He leans over and touches a kiss to her cheek, "My coming was a last minute decision."

"We are blessed," Thesarin adds to Valencia, with a slow nod. "How's the night find you, Princess?" He nods toward Mia, and gives a low chuckle. And an actual smile on his face. "I reckon that must have been worth going out for." Saoirse gets a look from him, shaking his head a little as he sees her return to looking over her books. His smile disappears entirely as he looks back toward Esoka with a nod. "We'll talk on that, later. For now, give 'em hell, eh?"

"Ahh, Leta." Unlike any so far, Samantha may shock folks when she actually reaches out and tries to hug the tall blonde warrior woman in front of her. "I'm so glad yu came. Have fun, and yes - I'm quite glad. New faces are always a joy. We'll speak soon.' With a grin, Sam moves on to the next in line.

Turn in line: Felix

Mattheu stands there now, and his hands behind his back, as he waits and his eyes moving over the crowd to take it all in with a wide smile.

Having decided that greeting the Marquis, who is a fellow Oathlander, might be a good approach, Jacque promptly walks up to Rymarr, flashing the Deepwood-nee-Lyonesse a bright smile. "Marquis. Absent of armor, you cut a striking for. In it, you are even more so. Well meet, my Lord. I am Prince Jacque Valardin."

Felix steps in with Lady Eshra at his arm, wearing the only bits of finery that he has at the moment, draped in a heavy fur cloak against the winter air, though it's left open and the hood back. Kept neatly away from the forge, so that the smith has something that doesn't smell of charcoal and ash. A little smile on his lips, as he sees the queue, stepping in line behind the others. When their turn comes up, he offers a bow to Samantha, a smile full of boyish charm as he straightens. "Marquessa, a pleasure to be here this evening. Might I introduce Lady Eshra Rivenshari, Voice of Rivenshari. And I am Felix Meadson, blacksmith. Thank you for having us this evening." not wanting to hold up the line, as soon as they're acknowledged, he would gently guide Eshra beyond. Making for those same hot cocoa drinks to fix them both one while he looks around at the others that are there, or arriving. Then a tug towards the tables, giving them somewhere to stand where they can greet people they know without being in the way of the crowd - and watch the upcoming race.

"Just because you are married and you've hardly met me is no reason to no longer call me Aunt, Titania." Victoria chides, lightly. She hasn't really taken it to heart. There's even a small smile for the girl, and a deeper, and slightly more exasperated, smile for Ford, turning her cheek to accept the kiss, "The same for me. I've been informed by a few scholars I should not resea--" She pauses at the shouting Saoirse, glancing about to see if anyone is actually being beaten, before looking back to Ford, "research quite so much. When the Scholars are telling you to get fresh air, it is dire."

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"Master Felix, Lady Eshra...thank you so much for coming." Samantha is happy to let them move along and enjoy the event and looks to the next celebrant.

1 Velenosa House Guards leaves, following Silvio.

Turn in line: Waldemai

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Last call for racers to the pond!

Waldemai bobs his head when his place in the receiving line arrives. "Waldemai Isenhu, smith, my lady." He nervously crushes the cloth cap in his large, powerful hands. "Thank you for having us here today."

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Rinel makes her way to Saoirse and curtsies deeply. "What a pleasure to see Your Highness again. Your Highness' dress is so lovely--have you been introduced to the Archlector Wylla?" The common woman extends a hand politely, if perhaps a bit familiarly.

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Saoirse has a rather sheepish little smile as she reaches the end of a chapter. She closes the book, careful to keep her finger in it so she doesn't lose her place, and actually registers the goings ons before her. "Oh, a -race-," she ahas, realizing that 'beat him' might be weird. "Well, it's still competitive, isn't it?" This she addresses to Rinel, who has curtsied before her at this point. "I have.. not, though... I have met... Wynna. That'll be confusing." There is a regal enough nod to Wylla.

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Titania smiles at Victoria, "Yes Aunt Victoria." she smiles letting go of Fords arm for a moment and moves to give her a gentle hug then moves to take Fords arm again. "I do need to speak with you Aunt Victoria when you have a chance."

Rinel laughs at Saoirse's words. "Only slightly confusing, Your Highness. I shall let Your Highness get back to her book."

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Valencia gives a little smile and whispers softly into Brogan's ear, a delicate hand resting about the large, well built man's forearm. She nods once and offers a warm and apologetic smile Samantha's way before blowing a kiss to Cadenza and moving to wait for Brogan by the exits.

Leta lets Samantha hug her, then sort of returns the hug after a moment's hesitation. She bows her head nonetheless as she finally takes a step back. "I'm sure of that. Off for some sugar and some booze then," she says with a smile and wanders off. It's a crowd, and she's very easily distracted.

Wylla offers a smile to Saoirse and Rinel from the patio, but she doesn't make any effort to introduce herself, engaged in quiet conversation with Rymarr. Jacque's arrival makes her smile uncertainly, and then she speaks quietly to the patio.

Saoirse takes a step backwards. Another step. A third step -- oh, look at this clever anti social princess. She came! She saw! She's ... literally reading a freaking book at a party and now she's trying to Irish goodbye.

"It's a pleasure to have you, Master Waldemai. I understand you're a crafter? I must come look at your work sometime. Please enjoy yourself." Samantha offers gently, and with a gesture, welcomes him to the party.

Turn in line: Violet

1 Velenosa House Guards leaves, following Saoirse.

Seeing her cousin making her leave, Cadenza would smile and blow her a kiss back before looking back to the conversation at hand.

Kenna manages to get to the starting line without falling over again and settles beside the others. Esoka gets a bright, "Dame Esoka!" as Kenna settles herself. Skirts are such an annoyance, and so she goes to tie them up a little bit higher and out of the way. "There, maybe I won't fall //too// hard now."

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Smiling to Valencia, Brogan nods once, and claps a hand on Thesarin's shoulder, "Ok, Thesarin. Going to Walk for a bit. Please bring the family by the Hart when you can." A smile sent to Mia, "My Lady. I can't wait to speak to you again. Safe travels to you."

Sparte rises up, something said at the left pavilion leaving him looking embarassed. He sets down the cup of cocoa he had procured, giving a nervous smile to people he passes as he moves towards the exit.

Brogan leaves, following Valencia.

And then it is Violet's turn and the blond steps forward and gives a respectful bow to Samantha. "Good evening, Lady Deepwood, and thank you for your hospitality. Violet Marjawn, lieutenant with the Crimson Blades," She says by way of introduction and greetings.

Springbottom, the ravenous pygmy goat arrives, following Sorrel.

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"Safe travels, aye?" Thesarin gives nods toward the departing Valencia and Brogan. He offers the crook of his arm out toward Mia, as he starts getting closer to greeting Samantha.

"Welcome, Lieutenant! What an honor to have a Crimson Blade amongst us. Please enjoy yourself. I am certain excellent conversation awaits you."

Turn in line: Tovell

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger leaves, following Sparte.

Violet bobs her head once more to the Marquessa and then hurries over to the pond to not miss the rest of the skating contest. "Thorley!" She calls to him, waving, as she finds a good spot to watch and sip her drink from.

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Victoria returns Titania's hug, giving the girl's cheek a small pat, "Send me a messenger whenever you like if you can't find me, Titania. I can normally make time somewhere." She assures, before glancing towards the line, then the pond where the race is being called for. "Not joining the race, Ford?"

"Of course, my lord. Of course. Be well, and see the Princess safely home," Mia replied as the pair departed. Her eyes then flickered, briefly, over to the pond. "Should we go watch Dame Esoka's latest triumph, my lord?," she asked her husband, tilting her head up -- first to him, and then on to her youngest son, where he was sitting on his father's shoulders. "You may shout very loud, Kelleth, if you're cheering for Esoka."

"Oh, aye." Thesarin nods and makes his way toward the pond to watch the races.

When it is Tovell's turn in line and he stands before Samantha Deepwood he just stares with wide green peepers and his mouth fully agape. The ginger knight is a man of discipline and a knight through and through when in his armor and comfortable under the mantle of the King's Own. And so he just stares and blinks. "I uh.." He struggles to get some words starts, "Uhm." He lets out an exhale and meanwhile the ginger flushes an even darker shade of crimson. "I, er.." And as he fumbles he starts to rock up and down on his heels. "Sir, uh." He stammers and then finally, "Sir Tovell." He begins, "Telmar." He nods, "Telmar." He repeats. Poor Tovell has found an entirely new spectrum of red. He stops right there in the effort and he just starts to pray to one of the God's for strength. A relaxed breath later he exhales and begins again, "Sir Tovell Telmar. Thank you for inviting me." He states sheepishly. "You and your home are very lovely. You have a beautiful family. I will keep you all in my prayers." The King's Own seems to have found some fortitude in his prayer.

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Everyone to their marks! We are about to start! (Pond)

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"Sir Tovell." Samantha's smile is so warm as she reaches out to gently touch his hands. "The men and women of the King's Own have a special pride of place at our table. If you have occasion to introduce yourself to Marquis Rymarr, please do so. He values his time as one of you close to his heart, and his honor. I'm sure he would enjoy speaking with you. Now please do enjoy yourself!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Galen before departing.

Turn in line: Thesarin

Tovell bows his head and heads off for the party.

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Ford looks out towards the pond, shaking his head, "Certainly not. Leather pants make for terrible running attire."

Thesarin moves toward Samantha with the whole Riven family--Kelleth perched on his shoulders, Mia at his side, Vahari and Rohan trailing beside them. "Marquessa. Quite the event." Kelleth gives a frenetic wave from his perch, supported by his father's hand on his leg, while Vahari gives a practced courtsey. Thesarin raises his free fist to his chest and gives his liege a short nod. "It's a fine thing."

Esoka waves to the Rivens. The little Rivens, in particular, sticking her fingers between her lips to let out a loud whistle.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Esoka checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 16 higher.

Samantha unabashedly kisses Mia and Thesarin's cheeks, and the top of Vahari's head, along with a wink for Kelleth and a little wiggle of his foot. "I hope you enjoy yourselves. Kelleth, I think they're making maple ice sweets in the left tent, if you decide you want to make some as well. And Vahari, you're look marvelous."

Turn in line: Titania

"Marquessa. Samantha." Ford dips his head with a gracious smile, "Thank you for having us, this is my cousin, Countess Titania Fireviper," He gestures to the woman at his right, but then he gestures to Victoria, "This is my aunt, Lady Victoria Kennex, more of a mother to me than my mother."

Jessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

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"Ford, I'm glad you could come. Did you bring your son?" Samantha inquires cheerfully, "Welcome, Countess. And Lady Victoria, it's very good to see you again. I hope you all enjoy the festivities. Please, help yourselves."

Turn in line: Mattheu

Mattheu slowly walks up towards the front of the line with a wide bow, and then his bells tinkling as he moves, and then he smiles warmly."Hello, Marquessa it is pleasure to meet you, I'm Lord Mattheu Rivensharim at your service. This is a very lovely party, this is quiet amazing." His voice is soft and then he smiles at her slowly, and then he waits to hear her words, before he follows his sister, and then he lifts one of the mugs of hot coca sipping it slowly, trying to vanish into the other people.

Titania chuckles, "Well if not for that perhaps we will join in another game." she says softly then steps up giving Samantha and curtsy, "Marquessa Samantha, I thank you for the invitation everything looks wonderful." she says softly, her cheeks rose from the cold. She steps back putting her gloved hands on Fords arm again.

Rinel watches with interest as Wynna joins those on the pond.

"Not this time, but next!" Ford calls out as he ushers the Kennex girls towards the party.

Ianna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 8 lower.

"Countess it is a true pleasure. Please enjoy yourself." Samantha's attention turns then to the next in line, Matthieu. "My lord, it is is a pleasure and a delight. I love your accessories! Do have fun."

Turn in line: Victoria

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Victoria can't help but smile a touch wryly at Ford's introduction. She smiles and nods towards Samantha. "THank you, Marquessa. It looks to be a lovely event." She says, before stepping out of the line to follow the rest of her family, "I still think you should have brought him. A little bit of cold and fresh air wouldn't hurt." Victoria says-- but it is possibly just that she likes having her grandnephew around.

Ianna gets off to a reasonable start, until she hits a bump on the ice and falls face-first onto the ice. Oh god. Does someone know how to get blood out of silk? Her nose is bleeding eeeeverywhere.

The line has been dismissed by Samantha.

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"You and I both know he'd have ended up stuffing his mouth with more dirty snow than treats." Ford gestures to the massive assortment of treats, "And there's more treats than snow!"

Rymarr is overheard praising Ianna for: Walk it off!

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 34 higher.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 1 lower.

Esoka checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Titania snags both Ford and Victoria as she licks her lips as she spots the table of snacks and such and drags them along with her. "Coco?" she asks the both of them oh she has a sweet tooth maybe?

Margerie starts to call for a medic as the events on the ice see their first casualty, along with a bit of blood for color and spice. But with Rinel and Peri seeing to getting the young woman off the ice, she relaxes a bit.

Thesarin watches from the banks, finally setting his youngest down from his shoulders, standing straight and watching the skaters race. The twelve-year-old girl beside him is screaming encouragement toward Esoka, mostly shouting out the name over and over.

Jessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Samantha has joined the Paved Patio.

After tossing a Galen styled wink at Cadenza, you know...The kind that get people in trouble! The Prince would make his way out of the tent, his steps light and graceful, but with purpose. Another glance around would be given, his storm blue orbs fixating on a few people here and there a bright and wide smile given to virtually everyone, especially Titania, however, to those of fealty to Thrax a slightly deeper than normal nod was also given.

"A wonderful event, my proverbial hat is off to all who prepared such!" He announced, a deep bow given as he neared the exit, "Thank you for having me and I do wish everyone the most merry of times." and with that, unless addressed Galen would depart.

Mia laughed softly at the sight of her daughter's excited chanting -- which their youngest boy joined in on, enthusiastically, and utterly without rhythm, in that way only excuberant three year olds can. It seems that Esoka has developed an entire cheering section of Riven children.

"I suppose I will be satisfied taking him swimming next week." Victoria says with a small sigh, shaking her head-- but her attention is caught by Ianna's fall, and both her brows rise. "Well. That seemed unpleasant." But she makes no move to head towards bloodied Ianna, only giving a faintly amused smile. "I do hope no one injures themselves too badly." Her attention returns to Titania, at the query of Cocoa, and she smiles, "I wonder if they have any mulled wine, or tea." Galen's farewell has her offering a light wave.

Her duties discharged, Samantha is now allowed to relax, at least a little, and heads over to the patio. On her way over, the servant presents her with offspring, and so Nara is settled onto her hip as she makes her way over while watching the race. She squirms her way in next to Rymarr, and if she has the means, stands on tiptoe to kiss his cheek. Assuming no metal is blocking her way.

Rinel checked perception + medicine at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

There is always metal blocking the way.

"Titi, I'm tasking you with refreshments, I'll go find somewhere warm to sit. I'll have whatever you're having Titania." Ford slips away from the women and heads to one of less crowded, heated tents.

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Rinel sits Ianna down and looks at the woman's nose to ensure that nothing is broken. "How does it feel, my lady? Painful to the touch?"

Titania looks to Galen with a smile, "Prince Galen, please do come vicit there is something I wish to speak with you about." her Ocean blue eyes watch him a moment then she looks back to Ford and nods her head getting them both Coca and looks to Victoria, "They might."

Duarte wonders in. His face lights up at the festivities currently underway. He weaves through the crowd in search of the hostess. Finding her, he presents a bow, "Marquessa Deepwood - a grand party, or 'shindig' as the invitation said. Thank you for this. I don't wish to take much of your time." A happy smile is spared for the young child as well. "Adorable."

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6 Thrax Guards leaves, following Galen.

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"Count Duarte, it's a pleasure to see you." Samantha says warmly. "Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy yourself."

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 29 higher.

Jessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Esoka checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 36 higher.

Victoria gets an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from a pale pink delivery bag.

Victoria has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Victoria can't help but pick up a lemon bar for herself, "I suppose cocoa will do as well, if not." She says, looking around towards the race still ongoing, "Anyone you know racing, Titania? I believe I only recognize one or two."

Violet's grin grows as she watches the racing, holding her mug of cocoa tightly. She takes another sip of it as the next stretch hits. At first it seems like Thorley will be in the lead, at least to her watching lines, then Esoka pulls ahead. "Come on, Thorley! You can do it!" She glances over at Emily as she cheers encouragement. "Lady Emily," She moves closer though not onto the ice. "Thank you again for the invitation," She says even though her eyes stay on the skaters.

A servant alerts Samantha to an injury, and she transfers Nara back to her nanny. "Excuse me, everyone." she says to those at the patio, and heads for the Right Tent.

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Cadenza was standing up from her seat, her love's coat around her shoulders. "Come on Caspian!" There was a twinkle in her eyes as she chuckled a bit. "You got this!"

Punshine, a disgustingly affectionate pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Ianna before departing.

Waldemai eyes a certain pygmy goat.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 40 higher.

Esoka checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 51 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 26 higher.

At the sight of a GOAT, Nara squirms away from her nanny, heading right for it because TINY GOAT. Nanny pursues accordingly.

Jessa checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Thorley checked command + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard arrives, following Luis.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard leaves, following Luis.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard arrives, following Luis.

Mattheu steps away from the table, and then he waves to those he knows as he himself, moves out quietly into the night.

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Esoka maintains that momentum, and it carries her across the ice with a speed that's almost out of control. Almost. But she maintains, and manages to come in ahead of the others. A hand is raised back to Caspian, Thorley, and Jessa. "Honors to you all! That was fun!" She doesn't immediately stop, skating over to the Rivens to reach out and /sweep/ little Kelleth up in her arms. And skate around the pond with him on her shoulders, for a victory lap.

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Eshra leaves, following Felix.

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From the pond Emily Deepwood can be heard lifting her voice along with some song, "OUR CHAMPION OF THE ICE IS DAME ESOKA!!!" Cheers are going up from the Riven contingent.

"Always second place," Caspian sighs, giving a little grin over to Esoka as she skates with the child, then skates his way over to the edge of the pond, taking off the skates as he heads over towards Cadenza, giving her a warm smile. "Little noisy here, you want to head out, love?" He ask, reaching for her hand.

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Kenna is overheard praising Emily for: For hosting the skating competition!

Jessa sort of limp-crawls off the pond and back into the snow, removing her skates with a nod of thanks to Thorley for the assistance. "Ha!" She flops over onto the ground. "Well. Lesson learned. Falling on the ice hurts a great deal more when you're going fast." Still, she seems in good spirits despite her spectacular fall.

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Margerie is overheard praising Esoka.

Jessa is overheard praising Emily for: For hosting the skating race!

Thorley is overheard praising Emily.

Cadenza is overheard praising Emily for: Hosting ice skating fun!

Thesarin nods again, and reaches his hand to give two solid claps, watching Esoka do her laps with just a hint of a smile on his face. The children aren't doing the same stoic thing as their father--two children shouting on the bank, and another positively gleeful as he's carted around on Esoka's shoulders.

Henrik Coldrain - the Sameera Babysitter arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

Wylla is overheard praising Emily for: Not forcing an Archlector to ice skate! It looked fun -- from a distance.

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Jessa is overheard praising Esoka.

"That might be so but you're already first with me...." Cadenza smiled as she took that hand but reached that coat to him. "And sure....I'm getting cold out here...and you need your coat I'm sure..."

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Margerie is overheard praising Emily.

Esoka finishes her victory skate, depositing little Kelleth back with Mia and Thesarin. Just /beaming/. The boy seems to have enjoyed it as well, and is laughing loudly. "That was fun!" A bow toward Thorley, Caspian, and Jessa. And Emily. "You and the Marquessa are putting on a fine party, my lady. I'm looking forward to watching the other games."

Margerie is overheard praising Samantha.

"If you need my coat, then I don't," Caspian says back to Cadenza with a warm smile, lacing his fingers wiht her. He gives a bow to Esoka, telling her, "Next year I'll beat you!" And with that, he says to Cadenza, "I'm fine to go wherever you wish to."

Mia applauds vigorously as Esoka is declared their champion -- but the jubilant shouting? Well, she leaves that for the small pack of children that she and Thesarin have brought with them. And little Kelleth, for his part, is practically bouncing once he's settled back on the ground. So really, he's not settled at all.

Samantha steps out of the pavillion and is promptly informed of Esoka's victory. "Dame Esoka, congratulations!" she calls out gaily, and a servant hands the prize for the race winner, which she in turn hands to Esoka.

Jessa gets back to her feet. "Thank you for hosting that, Emily. I think I should go find Grady, though. And maybe get a nice hot bug of something." And a nod to Samantha as well, as she emerges from the pavillion. "Sam! Thank you for putting together this whole party."

Cadenza would lean in to kiss Caspian softly, murmuring softly against his lips before winking as she started to lead the way.There was a cheer for the winner. "Congratulations!" A bow to Samantha and Emily. "Thanks for the fun!" And with that she was making her way out with Caspian.

Violet finishes her mug and speaks with Emily before turning to head for the exit. She pauses to place her mug among the dirty dishes and then pauses by Ford's table long enough to cast him a grin and another wave. Then out the door she goes.

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Henrik Coldrain - the Sameera Babysitter arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

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Isla, a small silver fox, 1 Velenosa House Guards, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Caspian leave, following Cadenza.

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Violet pauses as she hears her name and turns, searching out the speak. "Oh! Lord Thesarin, it is a pleasure to see you. Yes I am, though a bit overwhelmed by it all. And I have an early morning of duties, so fear I am away too soon."

Esoka bows deep to Samantha, taking the boots and holding them with care in her big hands. "Your House honors me, as ever. These are very pretty!" She takes her boots over to the sidelines. Offering Mia a half-apologetic look, at her unsettled child. She's not /that/ sorry, though.

Emily gives a wave to those departing the pond and possibly leaving the festival all together. She's looking a little flushed and ruffled.

Jessa slips off to go soak her bruises, and perhaps find her husband.

6 Thrax Guards, Stumphrey, a toast-colored corgi with big ears and a floofy butt arrive, following Caith.

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The party, though having winded down a tad, is still going. Nara is attempting to go for the goat (yes, a goat, not a goal) but she is promptly scooped up by her nanny. Casual skating has resumed on the ice, and now Samantha is meandering around the party, having collected some cocoa.

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Wylla slips away from the patio, making her way to Samantha. "Marquessa," she tells the other woman uncertainly. "A lovely event. Really. Very lovely." It's awkward, but it's genuine and enthusiastic. "Forgive me not greeting you at first, but there were..." Her eyes widen. "... a lot of people."

Late to the party and probably too long past to win any sort of awards, unless there's one for being the latest to the gala, is Lord Luis. He's dressed simply, far more martial than a gala would call for, but from the way his hair looks, in it's state of recent wetness, it's possible the man just arrived from the wilderness, head dunked in a trough on the way in. He looks around to those gathered and spots all sorts of wonderful things happening. He pauses to stop a servant with drinks and helps himself to two. The first drink slammed back in a single gulp so that he can leave the servant with the empty cup and the other he carries with him as he moves around the grounds, looking at the various events and listening to the various conversations. His free hand rests at his side, though rises to cover his mouth as he attempts to cover the fact that he is quite possibly laughing at something he saw. A little longer and when it becomes clear that the largest gathering of people is at the pond, the Igniseri Lord moves in that direction, ready to engage with the first person he sees.

Henrik Coldrain - the Sameera Babysitter arrives, delivering a message to Titania before departing.

There is fashionably late, outright late and then .. whatever Caith is. She comes strolling in with her boy-band of Thrax guards (Thrax Attax? Hey-o!) and a corgi wearing a little red woolen sweater. The princess is wearing her fabulous hat. You know the one -- it has all the feathers like WHOA. Feathers everywhere. She has a bit of a bounce in her step which causes the plumes to swish and sway and whenever they fall into her face, she just flicks them away with an elegant gesture that seems practiced but not.

There are a few people here she recognizes and so she shoots them a wave -- hallo! hallo! -- and then the princess starts to weave her way further in. Stumphrey -- that's her /corgi/, not one of her guards -- follows along although he pauses here and there when he comes across tasty morsels that have been dropped on the ground. He's just being helpful, see? Om nom nom.

"Archlector..." Samantha's eyes go big as saucers. "Oh...oh! It's /such/ an honor!" Samantha looks like she might expire then and there. "I know it's been terribly crowded, but perhaps I can persuade you to come to the manor sometime soon for tea, or a meal? Jayus is widely regarded in our March, and the arts are very important to us."

Wylla checked composure at difficulty 7, rolling 2 lower.

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Wylla just /stares/ at Samantha. Blink. Blink. She takes a step back, looking a little ill at ease. "I..." And that's all she manages, besides a helpless little shrug. "I'llsendamessengertoDeepwoodHall," comes out in an uncertain rush, before she starts for the exit, all aflutter.

Wynna peers out of the tent with a quirked brow.

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Samantha blinks, and as Wylla walks away, looks as if someone stepped on her kitten. But her despondency is brief, as she turns her attention to her duties. "Everyone!" she says, resolutely turning around. "If you plan to participate in the ice dancing competition, please gather at the shore of the pond!"

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From the Deepwood Pond, Luis is greeting those already there, but his eyes lift as some leave and it is then that he catches the Princess' arrival with her Thrax Attack dance crew, or boy band, whatever they are today, "Good evening Princess Caith, please come join us!" he calls out to her, most terrible at decorum, but then something catches his attention with the group of folks near the Deepwood pond and that has him reengaging with the conversations there.

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Waldemai ambles down to the pond. He can certainly provide some entertainment value to the lords and ladies. Perhaps he will someday be able to moonlight as a jester.

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Rinel is overheard praising Samantha for: Hosting a lovely ice skating affair!

Rymarr disappears briefly, but upon his return he has shed his armor. It's like seeing a recently shaved hound, no doubt. He works his way toward the pond with the assistance of a servant or two's shoulders as he tries not to break his ankles in his approach. In place of his armor are a pair of tight silk, sequined trousers and a nearly transparent, flowing silk shirt, both articles of clothing in stoic black and rich purple. Damn the cold.

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Harlan heads out after a bit, humming faintly to himself.

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Kenna is overheard praising Rymarr for: Those tight sequined trousers.

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Emily is overheard praising Samantha for: For coordinating our amazing event!

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Turn in line: Margerie

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Splat, a tiny calico kitten leaves, following Wylla.

Margerie checked dexterity at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Luis gives a look to Emily as the Deepwood Lady asks for aid, but the man has a cup in one hand and it would be terrible to have to use the only free hand he has, especially since the Lady asked for him to help her up, but thankfully Thesarin is there to help Emily up, so that he does not have to look all awkward doing so. It is the challenge part that has him laughing, rising up and finding a pair of skates, he wanders around, looking for someone to help him with the skates. However, the man was apparently too engrossed in finding skates that fit him, that by the time he looks around, everyone has run off and he scratches his head. "Well that's all well and good..." he admits, sighing as he goes to find a bench to sit down on, doing up his skates and watching the others from afar. After a moment he rises, unsteady on the skates at first, but then able to control himself as he slowly moves towards the growing crowd, stopping there with them to listen to what is going on.

Turn in line: Waldemai

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Waldemai checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Margerie checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Leta eats a bit, drinks a bit more, and watches the racing and the crowd gathering for the dancing. But she does eventually rise to her feet, pull her cloak about herself, then wander off with a whistled tune on her lips.

Stumphrey the sweater wearing corgi eats this. And then that. And then this other thing. It would be far too easy for someone to lure the dog away from his mistress (no loyalty when cookies are around, hrmph!) and dognap him. And where does his tummy lead him? Why to Peri! The doggo comes to a stop in front of her, his backside wiggling back and forth as pants his smiling pant at her.

"WOOF!" he says and then stubby-paws at her foot. MOAR FOOD. This is what happens when you lure a puppers with goodies; they don't want the gravy train to end. "WOOF!" Paw-paw-paw. Caith, for her part, is unaware because she's flittered over to the pond and is strapping on skates.

"Luis!" she trills cheerfully, elbowing the Igniseri. "Have you done this before?"

After Thesarin helps her up, Emily has to stand on those darned things again ands he nods her head to the Count, "My thanks," she remarks to him. Smoothing her dress down down and reaching up to undo her cloak and with a folding of it over her arm sets it aside. She pushes her dark hair back from her face and behind her ears as she watches Margerie slip out onto the ice. She cheers for the Oakhaven, clapping in support as the sound of a familiar voice draws her attention, "Ca...Princess!" she says as the young Thrax royal is conversing with Luis, a grin spreading to her lips noting the woman's skates. Her gaze flits out back over the pond to watch.

Margerie is prepared to be the sacrificial lamb for the colosseum! She has no spectacular costuming! She has wobbling ankles! There is not a bit of gliding to her efforts. But by goshdarnit, Margerie Keaton makes it - all the way to the center of the ice. Where she strikes a 'graceful' starting pose, pushes herself about a small distance and even manages a glide that lasts a whole half second or two before her arms are winging up and down for balance and she makes it back to the edge of the pond to collapse onto the bench, stopping just short of hugging it. BUT! "Well I'll be hornswaggled! I didn't fall down this time!"

Waldemai is from the south and not the north, so ice skates are not his footwear of choice. He has chosen one of Lady Lucita's slow and popular ballads to skate to, though, and he is by nature too well coordinated to have his desire for a career in court jestering seem likely. He turns broad figure eights, and a single axel, and generally manages to avoid falling on his, urm, rear guard. He finishes with a polite bow to the hostess. "Thank you for the opportunity, my lady," he says.

Turn in line: Luis

At the Right Pavilion Tent, Peri smiles softly as she reaches down to pet Arlo's head while offering him some morsels with her other hand. She scritches around the base of his ears, completely ignoring all humans in her vicinity. She twists in her seat to grab something sweet next and when she looks back down, THERE ARE TWO NOW. "Who are you big boy?" she asks as she shares the wealth, breaking the safe confection into two smaller pieces so no one has any reason to be jealous. Then it's pets for both again. "You want some -?" She realizes that something is ahppening down at the pond and the poor pups are left wanting for a moment.

Samantha claps in delight at Margerie's efforts, but she is clearly more impressed with Waldemai's. However, the next competitor is due momentarily, and she's eager to see what others have to offer.

Michael is overheard praising Samantha for: A lovely event hosted by my foster sister.

Luis checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Turn in line: Emily

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Arlo, an impossibly fluffy dog with an impossibly grumpy face leaves, following Ianna.

Emily checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Peri is overheard praising Samantha for: A wonderful wintery shindig and such gracious hospitality.

Luis shakes his head to Caith, "Sadly I have not, so be ready for all sorts of terrible," he admits with a playful grin. With a look to those present, the man then notes that his turn has come and as such, he seems all about ready to get it over with. He sighs happily when he manages to get out onto the pond and not actually dump over face first into the ice. A few steady presses of his feet get him going around and he even tries a few little tricks or two, nothing stupendous, but enough so that when he is done, he's managed to not make an /entire/ fool of himself. "There we go... is there a prize for not falling down?" he asks as he glides into where everyone is waiting, then catches an edge, slips and falls on his rump, sliding the last of the distance on his backside to bump into Emily's leg. "Ah, well I guess I don't win that one either."

Turn in line: Rymarr

Rymarr checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

:wobbles as Luis bumps into her, leaning to one side and managing to extract her foot et all from near him to keep from stumbling forward as its her turn. "I see, trying to take out the competition," she teases the Igniseri with a wink. She pushes her skate forward to catch the ice and then push off the more stable ground, leaving Luis where he rests before she draws a deep breath. It takes all her will to not tense up and with an odd wobble she manages to glide out and turn. SHE TURNS! Its not a quick circle or tight turn but its something and she leans a little into it and lifts her arms up, a graceful winter bird or something. She lowers her arms quickly for fear of falling and she digs her skate in and what would likely to be a divet and face plant she somehow manages to twist as she falls forward and catch herself on her other skate, gliding towards the edge. She makes it to the side then without so much as a broken limb.

Turn in line: Caith

Caith checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Margerie claps her hands as Luis makes an elegant pivot to the ice and rump slide back to the side of the pond. "Thank you for making the old woman feel better about herself. I did my falling earlier." When Emily makes the TURN successfully, there's an excited shout of delight. "Oh, well done! Were you just pretending to have trouble earlier to make the newcomers feel at ease?"

Thesarin nods slowly, watching the dancing on the ice. "Should have the Keatons. Know much of the family's come to Arx, these last months." The man just... boggles, at the sight of Rymar in his sequins, making his performance on ice. He shakes his head slow, and breathes out sharp through his nose. "...some things a man sees..."

Luis chuckles up at Margerie, deciding to find a cup to drink from and remain sitting upon the ice till Emily is done, seeming to make it look as though he meant to be there, "Oh, my Lady, I assure you, you are neither old, nor do you need me to feel better, you are far too charming on your own," he compliments Margerie from his ice-seated position, raising his glass to her while his attention is drawn back to Emily on the ice, "Well now, if I was a betting man, I'd say she did a sight better than a few of us this evening. Perhaps we can say it was because this is her home, and her ice, we could call it home-ice advantage, as it were?" Luis queries, brow lofting at the thought.

Rymarr steps onto the ice and forward as his skates rasp over the ice as he makes his way out to the center of the pond. Once there he pauses in order to look around, not at the eyes sent his way, but toward the middle-distance. He begins to move forward with the clack of skates on ice and then his arms begin to whirlwind at his sides. Because dancing most certainly not in the repetoire of the Marquis of House Deepwood. He makes a turn here, a turn there, and at one point... he even skates backwards! All while his arms continue to whirlwind at his sides like the weird kid who just flails their arms in a fight. Then he hunkers down, preparing for a mighty jump. After he reaches the lower end of his squat, he propels himself upward and with a wicked awesome jump he clears the ice by like an inch. Maybe even two. A small hop, barely even noticeable really. Yet he lands it without killing himself or others. Once he lands, Rymarr adjusts course and briskly skates back to the edge of the pond. Sequins dazzling and glimmering all the way as his hands rise up to rub at both sides of his chest to provide some warmth.

Samantha snorts delicately at Luis, ber attention turning to the pond. "Oh my goodness!" Samantha can't help but hop up and down and applaud giddily at Rymarr's display. "That was amazing!" Someone's gettin' some tonight, y'all. But there's still one more ice dancer to go!

Samantha is overheard praising Rymarr for: Sexy in his sequins!

Emily asides to Margerie, "Sheer luck," she remarks, looking a little pale. "I thought I was going to fall a few times," she says with a soft laugh. Her fingers fan out over her lips in amusement before she then says, "Lady Oakhaven, this is Lord Luis Ignseri, Lord Luis the Lady Margerie Oakhaven, she is entirely delightful and I am going to visit with her soon," she adds. Keeping her voice low so that those out on the ice get full attention. The Deepwood glances to Waldemai and dips her head to him, "Also well done to you," she says, "Probably the most accomplished of us," she says softly and then looks to the pond. Though that is before the sequined? Marquis makes his way to the ice. Her eyes widen and her mouth even drops in something of shock. "He probably feels a great deal lighter without his armor..thats gotta be it...."

Victoria, comfortably ensconced in the pavilion with cocoa, watches while she sips said cocoa, and occasionally takes a bite of her cinnamon roll. There's the occasional bout of polite applause from way over there.

Luis is overheard praising Rymarr for: Someone call for a bucket, the man is on fire!

"Good luck!" Caith chirps to Luis -- and then to Emily as well, clapping for her friends as they take to the ice. Honestly, she cheers for everyone, the princess enjoying all the performances and clearly just enjoying being here, taking everything in. And when it's her turn? Buckle in, folks.

It's showtime.

Now, the chipper blonde isn't a super experienced ice dancer but what she lacks in skill, she makes up for in razzle-dazzle and pure spunk. She takes the audience on a journey. There are tears. There is laughter. There is tragedy. There is triumph. She tells a story with her skate and it is all clearly building towards .. something. With her arms outstretched, she skates toward the edge of the pond and suddenly calls: "STRUMPHEY! TO ME!" And .. her corgi. Her sweater wearing corgi stops eating a piece of cake that someone carelessly left on a chair and barrels toward her. He jumps. He sails through the air. And Caith catches him and...


Stumphrey sticks his front paws out, looking like he is flying and his big ears flutter in the breeze.

Rymarr checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Esoka has lingered to catch some of the ice dancing. Because, when Marquis-Consort Rymarr is ice dancing, she can't /not/. She applauds, forcefully, to his performance. And then Caith's corgi takes to the air. And she gasps! And applauds more. "Gods! Well done!"

Margerie doesn't fuss or demure about being called charming. Just takes it as her due and smiles brilliantly to prove him right. tuts gently towards Luis. "Now now, it's alright for her to be better at us than something rather than blaming the ice. Of course, I think a lamppost might be better than I am at this, but! That's what learning is for. Maybe she will give us lessons in the future." Then Emily returns and she chuckles. "Claim skill and be confident with it, young Lady." Oh dear. Only a short acquaintance and Emily is already in danger of being aunted. "Well met, Lord Igniseri. How ..." And that? That ladies and gentlemen is when Strumphey becomes part of the show. She doesn't bother trying to remain composed. She just goes with the deep, deep belly laugh that nearly rocks her right off the bench.

As the reactions to the performances start to get some reaction out of people, Peri moves to the edge of the tent. She nods to the other women respectfully as she rises. She smiles as she watches Caith's performance unfold idily, munching on bits of the left over cookie that she ceased feeding to the dogs a minute ago. Stumphrey suddenly blasts past her and she laughs heartily at the maneuver. "Bravo!" she calls out disruptively.

Samantha is completely cooing over Rymarr when Caith begins her dance. And then proceeds to watch mouth agape, as it proceeds. There are tears. There is laughter. She is in a glass case of emotion, and then at the climax of the music, she bursts into applause at the lifting of the corgi, like it's one of the most amazing experiences she's ever seen. "Magnificent! Magnificent!"

Rymarr arrives at the edge of the pond and Samantha's apparent appreciation for his activities draws the eyebrows of the Marquis of House Deepwood up. He exhales a sigh and begins to address Samantha, "Calm yourself, dear wi...", then Caith's performance begins and Rymarr's left standing at the edge of the ice. He stares, unblinking as usual. Then the corgi comes rushing toward the ice and is sent high into the air. Rymarr continues to stare for a time before he clears his throat and speaks aloud over his shoulder at Samantha, "Daisy, go get Judge for me...r Sir Celeritious Shellsworth. Nara?", Rymarr asks of his wife with a glance back to Caith and her dance partner.

"A pleasure, Lady Margerie," Luis replies after the introductions, raising a hand to offer the woman addressed by way of greeting. Finally he finishes what is in his cup and slowly works himself up to standing, leaning heavily upon Emily for support, though as he does stand and watch the Marquis move through is powerful routine, Luis chuckles and claps along to the music and arm windmilling. "Good show Marquis!" he tells the man as he returns. It is then that Caith takes to the ice and Luis claps again, "Indeed, show us all up dear Princess, though I fear that your routine still will pale to my time with the Dreamy Ser Bayweather," he tells her, chiding her on.

When the Princess enjoys the routine and then calls to Stumphrey, Luis loses it, laughing and clapping his thigh of a gut-busting sort. He passes off his near empty glass to Emily, lest he spill it, so that he can recover.

Rymarr is overheard praising Caith for: An excellent showing. I knew that I should have included the tortoise somehow.

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Titania checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

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Margerie leans down to aside to Luis, "So. How does that compare to your performace with this Ser Bayweather?"

Victoria watches Caith's performance, biting at her snack. And then Stumphrey appears... and she coughs, lightly, tapping her chest a moment before having a sip of cocoa. No no, just a cough. She does, however, applaud a touch more enthusiastically, a glint of amusement in her eye at the end of the performance. And waits, for Titania's showing.

Titania is not from the North he grew up in the Isles where its warm! So why not try something new right? right! So she straps on the skates and takes a deep breath pushing herself out onto the ice, she left her cloak with Victoria. She is dressed in black leather pants and a silk shirt that falls off her shoulders and black leather gloves on her hands. She glides out to the middle and stops. Her legs a little shaky but she hangs in there, she pushes off again and moves to make one large figure eight then come back to the side as she is not trying to press her luck.

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"I will keep that in mind the next time I just graceful enough not to fail," she remarks to Margerie and then goes still as Caith takes to the ice, "Well.." she begins and she stares for the longest time before in the midset of the music Caith is accompanied by her Corgi. The Deepwood is afflicted as much as the others and Emily touches the back of her hand to her mouth before her laugh busts out, though she has little time to catch her breath before she is fumbling to hold Luis's glass, near spilling some down her dress at the unexpected hand off. Margerie's aside does it and Emily's laugh rings loudly, eyes closing as she calls out to Caith, "Sir Bayweatherw would be proud!" She laughs still, breathing in and out as she tries to calm herself down as the Princess clears the ice and the last competitor slips out.

Wynna has joined the Right Pavilion Tent.

Luis grins to Margerie, after he's recovered and his lips draw into the most sweet of smiles, "Well I am most certainly not one to normally kiss and tell. But if you have not yet seen the tall, muscular, dreamy man, with chiseled jaw, eyes you could get lost in, hands that hold you with such purpose and passion, rippling abs that one could do their laundry upon, and a wmile that just sets one's heart a twitter..." Luis pauses to fan himself as he sighs in bliss. A moment for the thought and then he recovers, "I would strongly suggest that you meet him, your eyes will thank you forever and your heart... well I still have not been able to still mine own," he exclaims, a soft pat of his hand against his chest, over where his heart is believed to be. "You can say that he gave me quite a wonderful... lift," the last word comes with an arched brow and a mischevious wink.

"That was lovely, Countess!" Samantha applauds Titania's dance. "Well done, and from the Isles, too!" She signals a servant, who has a boxed item in her hands. "However, I feel without question, the winner of this competition is Princess Caith Thrax! You have honored us with your efforts, and so we award you this prize. We hope you enjoy it."

Waldemai applauds the champion princess.

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And now that the dam has burst to outrageous laughter, it means Margerie can shout and cheer for Titania as she takes to the ice, rooting on the other woman who looks a bit shaky out there. "You can do this, oh, well done!" Okay. She may get distracted here and there by Luis' description. "I think someone pointed me at a book you might have written, Lord Igniseri. If you didn't, you should consider it as a craft." An eyebrow pokes upwards at the way he responds to the word lift. "You sound positively twitterpated!"

Thesarin brings his hands together in polite, but apparently sincere, applause, giving a solid nod to the various contenders. He keeps his spot by the side of the pond, and shakes his head just slightly. But there's a hint of a smile on his face as he does. But just a hint. And just for a moment.

Rymarr concludes his applause for Princess Caith and Stumphrey. Then he turns his attention back to Samantha in order to quietly explain, "I'm going inside now. I'm concerned that my nipples may fall off and I'm going to go put on every cloak that I own, then have a big fire started in my study. If you don't see me by the morning, I've probably succumbed". Rymarr explains to the Marquessa of House Deepwood before he offers a polite bow in her direction. He summarily removes his skates and begins to walk barefoot across the snowy ground in his bid to return to the manor itself. He pauses however in order to consider Esoka. He looks the Sword of Twainfort up and down. Finally he nods toward Esoka and offers a subdued smile, "It looks good, Dame Esoka. Again, thank you from us". Rymarr offers a polite dip of his chin before the stoic man continues his barefooted journey back to the manor.

Samantha tilts up and whispers something in Rymarr's ear.

Corgis, despite being fairly stubby dogs, are surprisingly heavy. So Caith can only hold him aloft for so long -- she's got these noodle arms, see. So she hugs her puppers down against her chest until she gets over to the edge of the pond and then, once there, lets him down. The surprise star of the competition goes running back over to Peri, woofing at her for more treats as if to say 'did you see me out there?!'

Taking off her skates, she grins as she's declared the winner. "Oh, thank you," she gushes to Samantha. "That was so much fun!" Her eyes are scrunched up from all the smiling she's doing and bounces up on the balls of her feet, her hat-feathers going all .. swishy. There's so much going on right now that she is positively distracted and can hardly settle her attention anywhere. Yay! Just .. SO MUCH YAY!

Before the announcement and Titania heading out onto the Ice, the Igniseri Lord takes a moment to watch the North woman skate about. When she returns and managed /not/ to fall over, Luis claps as well, "Well done!" his congratulations sincere and his clapping appropriately polite in its encouragement. Though he waits till she arrives back with the group before he addresses Emily and the crowned champion Caith, "Ah, I am sure these two marvelous Lady and Princess, could tell you all about how wonderful the man is, and I may sound twitterpated, but I am not one who would ever skimp upon remarking upon beauty where it is due. I find all things lovely, and in the deepest parts I find all beauty, Lady Margerie. We Southern Lords do tend to enjoy life, as best we can." A slight bow with a flourish and then he kicks off his skates so that he can stand properly and reduce the chance of falling again.

Luis takes a moment to call to the Marquis, "Marquis, I do have some ointment to keep from chafing in such matters, would you care for me to come and apply it?" There's a pause and then he shakes his head, "Ah, I shall see that the Marquessa is left with it before she retires herself." He adds hastily, noting something from someone else in the group.

Titania smiles nodding to everyone who claps for her, "Okay, I can now say I have danced on ice." she giggles, her eyes scanning the area and she spots Michael giving him a warm smile. "What did you think Aunt V?"

"You should have heard him when he first saw Sir Bayweather...the knight was surely a good sport," Emily states, giving Luis a smirk as her lips press together. She glances aside, noting Thesarin and She blinks a few times and turns away - don't stare! It might go away after all. She cheers for Titania however, whistling at the last competitor. She stamps her feet, rubbing at her shoulders as she looks about for her cloak. Though as she realizes when she steps forward, skates do not make for an easy walk to retreive it. She gives up, plopping down to remove the skates from her boots this time with much more determination. She huffs and strains, finally managing to get one off and then works at the other. "Luis wants to be a Princess though, he's just been looking for a willing Prince," she comments over her shoulder to Margarie and Luis.

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Waldemai seeks out the hostess to tell her, "Thank you for the games and food, my lady. I had a wonderful time." And with that he heads off back toward the central city.

Samantha definitely gives Luis an arched brow at that, but she doesn't seem offended. Her hubby is pretty hawt. But then she's distracted once again. "Michael!" She beams at him, prior to Rymarr retiring.

Victoria rises from her seat, smiling and approaching the pond, Titania's cloak in hand held out to her, "It was a good first time, Titania." She praises, before handing Titania a fresh cup of cocoa, "Now drink this to warm up a bit." There's also a glance towards the hostess and Rymarr's sparkle pants as he disappears.... but she does not comment on it.

Peri stoops down as Stumphrey comes bounding back. "Hi there. You did so well," she enthuses to him as she break another bit of cookie off for the sugar fiend. "You're so handsome." Stumphrey is the male getting the most attention from Peri tonight. She moves over to where Caith is taking off her skates. "Hello again. You really ought to introduce me to your companion here. I've already exchanged food bribes for love and devotion."

Margerie got distracted there for a moment, staring at the Marquis as he walks off with that description of nipple chafing. It's a very 'did I hear what I thought I heard?' response as she slowly blinks back to the present. So her call of, "Well done, Pricess Caith!" is rather belated. "And your assistant!" At least that helps her refocus on her conversation partners. "I would expect nothing less of the gracious men of the south, m'lord," she tells Luis, though a bemused cuts towards Emily as she adds, "Not the princess part, of course. Well. Unless you really do have an aim towards that end. In which case, good luck with the climb!"

Titania takes her cloak and wraps it around her once her boots are back on and the cup is held in her gloved hands when she leans in to Victoria to whisper something to her.

Michael is laughing softly at *something* Kenna has said, his hands settling into his lap now as people start calling for him. "Hello, Sam. Countess Fireviper." His hand lifts and waves towards the women getting his attention. "Oh, it seems the races...or dances are finished. Can you walk again yet?"

Managing to free herself of the pesky skates, she deposits them and retrieves her cloak, pulling the furlining tightly around her. She sighs happily, letting chilled limbs worm themselves first by personal body warmth. Emily laughs, "He has so many cousins that are Princesses he finds it awful he can not greet them with hugs and kisses," she muses before grinning at Caith and her prize, she cheers for her from afar, a high pitched whistle that comes from her fingers and lips. Her hand is pulled back into the warm confines of her cloak and she shivers, shaking her wealth of dark black hair off of her shoulders before she settles down to the bench with Luis and Margerie, kicking her legs to help build the warmth back up in her limbs.

Kenna was being ~way~ too familiar with Michael and she pulls her leg and settles it on the ground again. Her torn skirts get flipped so that she isn't showing nearly as much leg and winks at Michael. "I haven't yet had something that //would// keep me from walking for very long. Would you like to return to the group?" She's not giving back that coat yet though.

Victoria checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Luis nods once again to Margerie, "Thank you m'lady for your gracious acceptance and praise for us Southern Lords," he admits with a pleased smile. The moment comes and he quickly snags a drink from a passing servant, raising it for a toast to the Lady and then sips. "I would say that I have my reasons, but truthfully, the matter of wishing to be a Princess is have you not seen how they run around greeting each other? Flying into each other's arms, holding each other close, kissing and petting. It's rather enviable. I tried that with other Lords and was rebuffed far too many times, but Princesses, they always get away with it." Luis almost looks ready to pout, but then his lips flash into the most beautiful of smiles. "And the LAdy Emily has revealed all my secrets before I have a chance... she steals my thunder."

At long last, the contests are done, the treats enjoyed, and Samantha allows herself to take a breath. She seems pleased with the outcome of the celebration, and moves to at long last take a seat and enjoy some cocoa.

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