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Count Duarte Amadeo

If you knew how dark man's soul truly is, you would never sleep again.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: The Silk Spider
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Amadeo
Gender: male
Age: 32
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Chief minister
Height: 6'1
Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skintone: Caramel

Description: A handsome man with an unblemished caramel complexion and mysterious dark eyes, everything about Duarte Amedeo seems perfectly polished. His teeth are perfectly straight, his eyebrows perfectly neat, his fingernails perfectly clipped. Never the slightest bit of dirt or hint of imperfection seems to ever mar his skin or clothing. His dark hair is kept stylishly short and a faintly amused smile seems to ever-linger on his lips.

Personality: Charming, affable, with a disarming manner, infectious humor, and quick wit, very few individuals realize how much danger they are in while speaking with Duarte Amedeo. As chief minister of Information and Safety for House Pravus in Setarco, few nobles let alone commoners could rival the man's importance in the Silken City, a fact seldom realized by many of his companions. It's not that Duarte is humble by any stretch- the dangerous and cool confidence in his eyes gives lie to that. He merely knows how much easier it is to get precisely what you want with a kind or clever word... even if it allows one to destroy the person that revealed it. He is in many ways a reflection of Pravus itself- smart, charming, and utterly ruthless.

Background: The third son of a cobbler and his wife, Durate Amedeo had an unremarkable early life, but he did learn extremely important lessons quickly. His father was mysteriously assassinated after he had loudly spoken insults about a merchant prince whose wealth he resented, his eldest brother was killed in a duel, and his second older brother was forced to flee Setarco in a hurry after he insulted the wrong people. These lessons gave Duarte a profound appreciation for the weakness of an uncontrolled temper coupled with a careless mouth, and he quickly decided he would take his life in a rather different direction. Duarte spent time with courtesans and courtiers attempting to appeal to the famously fashionable and charming nobility of Setarco, those who tried desperately to win the approval of House Pravus. Duarte quickly learned that charm and grace was useful and admirable, but what really could win over the nobility was simply useful information acquired through the right words and catching the right whispers. Duarte quickly gained a reputation as a charming young man who knew so much, and soon found himself in the employ of House Pravus itself.

He was acting as the ears of the former Duke of Setarco inside Arx, and even joined the Inquisition for a time, using the contacts there to keep the southern house informed of the goings on in the capital. It infuriates Duarte that he was not in Setarco to help Duchess Belladonna when she set her house to rights against plotters and schemers, and he feels more than a little ashamed and frustrated his talents were not in Setarco when it was needed the most. He resigned his post in the Inquisition in order to devote himself once more to House Pravus, redoubling his efforts to insure that the duchess to whom he owes his devotion is never again surrounded by her enemies. He might operate with a smile and a laugh, but more than one enemy of House Pravus has underestimated that smile to their downfall.

Along those lines, he more recently helped oversee the destruction of the treasonous House Argento, a powerful vassal of House Pravus that was plotting against Duchess Belladonna. Though the nature of his actions are not publicly known, he was rewarded with a Peerage following the conquest of the city-state of Nilanza, being named Count Duarte Amadeo, the Count of Bravura.

Name Summary
Agatha I do not know why they call him Count Mutt, and I did not want to ask, but it is a GOOD nickname. Mutts are tough and they are often healthier, and a little saner than other dogs.
Alarissa Suave Lycene gentleman.
Alessandro The man knows how to clear a room. You have no choice but to be impressed.
Amari Impeccably handsome and keenly intelligent. A terribly dangerous combination to be sure.
Ann Entertaining. And gracious, thankfully. And once you get past the silly moustache, handsome.
Ardoin Despite his disappointment at the lack of proper drinks in the bar, he diplomatically had a coffee and carried out an engaging discussion - I imagine moreso should I be able to speak to him in the future.
Arianna The man was having talks with the Marquis, who seemed a bit less than enthused about the situation here in Setarco. Yet, he was still pleasant.
Armani Quieter but he does seem to have good stories. Should talk to him more.
Bianca From the first day we met, to the present he has and most likely will always be a puzzle box to me.
Bliss A man who knows how to take a joke and run with it. He didn't quite manage to turn it back around on me. But that's not really to his discredit, is it?
Caith He is so smooth and gracious. Did I mention clever? Clever, very clever indeed!
Catriona Quiet, but attentive. He seems to take in everything.
Daemon A fine Lycene fellow who I told a short little story to. He seemed to enjoy my tale and I enjoyed his enthusiasm!
Dante I like this man. Regal, outgoing. Witty. He may well be my fancy-party-spirit-animal. Which is convenient, for I did not know I had one.
Echo I want him at any dinners I host. He's got a lovely manner of speech and if I didn't know any better, he made a Grayson Marquessa near stumble in her speech with gratefulness.
Elara I am have seen him about in many places. I finally got the chance to meet him and sit and talk over, of all things, a beer. He plays things close to his chest, but was a warm enough drinking companion. Of course he probably doesn't realize that now he has me curious.
Emily The count seems quite measured with his word, it is something to watch. Though he is quite impressive with a speech.
Faye Sneaky, sneaky!
Fiora He has absolutely no idea who I am. This is hilarious.
Gareth A Count who I'm sure has enjoyed puzzling and befuddling, tricking and lurking using his intellect to best his adversaries.
Grazia Clearly, Count Amadeo could help me teach Nobility 101 lessons to the foolish youth of this city, squashing their romantic notions fiercely.
Ignacio Seemingly a good and honorable man with a sense of humor, that is two good traits to have together.
Iseulet What a handsome moustache. A little overly dramatic, but I have never seen someone pull it off so well...
Jeffeth He tried to trick me at a very serious sermon. But he's been vouched for, so I'm sure he's fine.
Juliana There is still trouble behind his eyes but maybe it is tempered with something more.. dare one say maturaty?
Laric His time away from the city did him some good, I think. There's a new gleam in his eyes and he's wasted no time getting back into the thick of things.
Liara A Lycene count who made for sound conversation. He seemed very intent on his business after some initial pleasantries and introductions, which is quite alright. An interesting encounter.
Lys Okay, he was up in the rafters. In the rafters. This man is either a genius or a little touched.
Mailys Intelligent and astute combined with a winsome personality make for a dangerous combination.
Michael A man of depth that I have not yet ably plumbed. I do not know if I would ever be able to do so. At least he has fun friends.
Mirari I get the feeling that he is up to something, always. I can appreciate that, but I still have urges to slap him around like a cat bats at a mouse.
Mydas He has a good head on his shoulders, and possesses the qualities required to rule a difficult county. I shall be happy to spend more time with him in the future.
Orathy Man who pays, gets service. Ain't for me to decide what be what. Reckon he be one to watch.
Orazio A Lycene lord, even one recently raised from the commons - or perhaps /especially/ one raised from the commons - is always a bit of a mystery. Orazio finds Duarte to be perceptive, pleasant company, and - of course - working on his own agenda. He can appreciate that in a new acquaintance.
Petal He seems like a nice Count who is not as flashy as most nobles.
Prisila Count Amadeo is a very intelligent man who seems to think two steps ahead. His charm and sense of humor could keep me enthralled all evening if I let him. Roguish to the bone.
Reese Polite, friendly and smart enough to keep out of trouble.
Rinel He seems to be very interested in procuring my services. I don't know why.
Rue Didn't talk too terribly much him but if he's good with my family, he's good with me.
Sabella He is always absolutely delightful and I am happy to converse with him. We are clearly destined to be great friends!
Salvatore Perhaps we arrived at a bad time, but the Count made a couple of odd statements, then went quiet altogether. Or it could have been the horde that descended upon the place. Seems a witty fellow, I imagine I'll run into him again at some point.
Samael A gracious man. I messed up his title and he didn't get offended or anything.
Saoirse The count is in charge of a mission in Setarco, but he also assumed Saoirse was good for nothing but boning, so...
Tessa I've decided to make him part of my team. He's a thinker, I need a thinker. Yet sometimes he's too smart, like he's making fun of me while saying nice things.
Theron Count Amadeo is a man who doesn't mind a debate, and he seems very friendly. While I don't know much about his goals, he's approachable and I should endeavor to know him better.
Vanora He has risen far through his connections to Pravus, and deserves no less. His wit amuses me, and clearly holds wisdom beneath.
Venturo An interesting man whose path crosses my own frequently. A warm demeanor that fits in well with whatever situation he finds himself in.
Veronica Count Amadeo seems particularly jovial for a member of the Inquisition, but he did confess to being a secret member. Maybe his joviality is part of his cover.
Violet A warm and fun man. He enjoyed my antics, crude though they were, at The Spirits. A sense of humor is always welcome.