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Lady Emily Deepwood

I don't want to die on that hill, I want to travel over it and see what's on the other side.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Adventurer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Deepwood
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scout
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Lean and wiry, Emily is built for the life of a long range scout. She is lithe and agile, her eyes shining with interest and betraying her curiosity about the world around her. Her long black hair is thick and frizzes easily in humidity, but there's often a ready smile on her face and her skin is smooth and unlined save for one scar that starts on the back of her hand and tracks its way up her arm almost to her elbow.

Personality: She is restless. There is something frenetic about her even when she is sitting still, as though she can't wait to be off and moving again. When she speaks she speaks quickly, and jumps from topic to topic as though one is never enough for her to focus on in a single moment in time. When she doesn't speak she is taking in her surroundings, cataloguing everything and saving it for later. Perceptive and intelligent, not much slips by her notice. And though it can be charming, her split focus and interest in everything makes her a little excitable and a little impatient.

Background: Her mother's father was a Deepwood, first cousin to the main Deepwood lineage, who married into the Grayridge family two generations ago. The Grayridge holdings were so far from the seat of Deepwood that neither Emily nor her mother ever went on Deepwood lands, but even so she knows that's her heritage. "Be as serene as the deepest wood," her mother told her often, and she tried to take that to heart as she explored the woods in the Barony of Grayridge. But she always wanted to be more than the daughter of a minor noble, destined for obscurity and trying desperately to resign herself to that fact.

And then Samantha Deepwood came to Arx and was recognized as a noble there - and Emily knew this was her moment. This was her moment to come to Arx and claim her ties with the Deepwood family. She could be something here, and she could be more important than a minor noble in the middle of nowhere, marrying and living her life without ever traveling, or adventuring, or seeing anything new. And so she came, and now she's here with a wanderlust and a curiosity about life and everything to do with Arx. She's ready to make her name as Lady Emily Deepwood. She's ready to take her place among the rangers of the Deepwood that Rymarr has so painstakingly trained. She's ready to stand against ancient threats and current enemies alike. She'll be brave, and bold, and forge right on in to this new place and family. And nothing's going to stand in her way.

Relationship Summary

  • Jessa - Dearest Sister. Protective. Vigilant
  • Grady - Brother-in-law. Respected. Socially Apt
  • Samantha - Cousin. Admired. Loyal to.
  • Rymarr - Martial Marquis. Mentor. Idolize
  • Name Summary
    Agatha Lady Freckles and I are going to be friends and that is that. We can become bruise AND freckle pals!
    Aiden One of the many that I was fortunate enough to offer quick instruction to, a Lady of Deepwood. She really has the knack for archery and was understandable that I had pressure on my time, waiting for me when I could at the very least provide instruction.
    Alarissa She's my favourite Deepwood!
    Alban A lovely young Lady, who is as far from home as I am. I look forwards to hearing more tales about her homeland, and perhaps one day showing her Valardin properly.
    Amari She seems quite interesting, instantly likeable and rightly distrusts boats. I hope to see more of her and perhaps talk of adventures we've had (though I suspect hers have been much more exciting).
    Ann Part of this watermelon smuggling ring I'm hearing about. I'll have to keep a close eye on her! No, I'm kidding - she seems quite lovely and easy to stalk to. I mean talk to.
    Apollis Wow. What a beauty. I met her at the Sip'n Spar and she was still dirty from having taken her Explorer's test. I didn't mind, though, since she was so very delightful. I will definitely have to get to know her better.
    Ardoin A charming, energetic woman after my own heart. Appreciates the outdoors and being there as much as I do, and is bent on helping her House and Stormwall. She does her house credit, and I look forward to talking to her more and meeting more of her family.
    Aric Lady Emily seems a most interesting woman with a different perspective than most I have met. I need to speak to her more about her rangers, as I might have use of their training soon.
    Aurelian New to Arx, but she has potential as she recognizes her own limitations and seeks out those that can balance out her own failings.
    Barric Willing to scout. Willing to lead. That is good. She's a credit to her house and they need every good person they can get these days. She did very well at Stormwall too, for one so young, she is quite accomplished.
    Cadenza Sweet. Talented. Knocked me in the sand. I think we'll become good friends.
    Caith Gild brought us together, I am sure of it! I will never forget the way the wind whipped your hair and the joy in your face when we were on that beach together. I just know we will go on many adventures together, I know it in my heart!
    Caspian A scout who says she wants to go on adventures and become and Explorer. I hope to see her within the ranks of The Society of Explorers soon!
    Cristoph Lady Emily Deepwood was kind enough to help me with my dinner plate while I was on crutches and was fine conversation during the meal at the Keatons. A shame that I had to duck out early, but I simply didn't have the stamina to stay on as long as I normally might.
    Dante A refined woman with congenial ties to family and friends. She seems to command the room not by bravado but by just being as she is. Something special about her that might be hard to place.
    Delilah It's so good to see the Deepwoods out of their house and at all sorts of events. I rarely get to see the Marquessa or Marquis, so to be able to meet the Ladies and Lords underneath them is refreshing. Though she's new to the city, she's got herself in all sorts of things already and she's offered to meet with me again another time. I can't wait!
    Duarte A charming lady I have had the pleasure to run into a few times.
    Echo I caught Emily practicing with the bow in the Southport Training Center. She's a remarkable shot, nearly as good as Dame Leola and with a little more practice she'll get there in no time. It's refreshing to see good archers, and even moreso to see people practicing hard before the war.
    Elgana I am always in awe of the ladies I meet so are so fierce and strong, warriors in so many ways. Emily is firmly amongst these ladies and it would be my honor and pleasure to tame her wild hair, and perhaps be her friend.
    Eshra Deepwoods I do not know, but the lady seemed pleasant enough. And not afraid to eat both cookies.
    Galen It is interesting to meet someone similar to me, very charming and not afraid to drink rum! I see adventures in our future.
    Genevieve A skilled scout -- alert, stealthy and quick on her feet, I trust her to give me logical directives to follow, and I would be happy to travel with her again.
    Grady My sister-in-law has an eager spirit for adventure. Here it seems she will have plenty of room to explore - but I worry for her, just a little.
    Grazia The Deepwood lady has a lot of determination in the training center and a willingness to learn. She seems quite an apt pupil for Lord Theron and I wish her well.
    Hadrian This lady from some Crownlands House seemed to indicate that Northerners and Oathlanders have bettern parties than the Lyceum? I'll have to ensure that she's present for my next party so that she can be properly introduced to a real party that'll change your life and leave gaps in your memory.
    Ignacio Seems to be a nice young lady, good spirited and friendly. Someone I wouldn't mind spending more time to get to know.
    Iseulet She may have lost against Lord Theron spectacularly, but she did better than I ever could have. I think if I had gotten hit that hard, I would have been in tears.
    Jaerith A good contact was made this eve. I hope to cross train my Fellhounds with her and her rangers.
    Jeffeth A very nice noble Lady. She was nice and smiled a lot at me. That's nice.
    Juliana Lady Deepwood, friend of Luis's, friendly lady with a sense of humor. One has to have a sense of humor.
    Kaldur Peri's dear friend. Why have I not heard of her?
    Kenna What a bright and welcoming young woman. She and her sister remind me a little bit of how Delilah and I once got on!
    Leola A noble scout. Well, an explorer, I assume. Can't call what they do scouting. She seems friendly and smart enough. She'll thrive, if she puts down enough roots.
    Lucita A sword student of Luis. She has a nice sense of humor and is amicable and not too proper, She fits right in with Luis and my friends!
    Margerie Young Lady Emily Deepwood. What a bold spirit, bright in the face of ice skating adversity at the Winter festival her Marquessa hosted. One of those people that makes me long to be a decade and a half younger, charging full speed into life
    Mason Mason enjoyed meeting Lady Emily, and is glad that her and Lou seem to have an amicable history already. She seems a kind soul and intrigued by adventure and discovery. Conversation in the future is sure to be interesting.
    Michael The cuter of the new Deepwoods, and very generous with her sibling it seems. Maybe I should learn something from that? Nah.
    Naka It's a good thing I'm so annoying; I could have missed speaking to her entirely. I'm impressed by her energy and wit, and look forward to working with her on some research topics she's mentioned. I'm thinking there's a chance I can keep up and not embarrass myself.
    Norwood She offered to care for Cristoph and was greeted warmly by the Keatons. That is all I need to know of her to think well.
    Quenia Lady Emily Deepwood has much optimisim about the world, and has decided to work with Luis to bring about some inter-Compact training between House Deepwood and Igniseri. This shows a certain amount of initiative that I think others should emulate. She's also quite pleasant to talk to. I may have to invite her to dinner sometime.
    Reese So brave and eager to help. She has air of intelligence and grace about her. I hope her bravery doesn't lead her into too much danger! She seems to have quite useful skills. Compact likely needs her.
    Reigna A sweet Northern lady with a vast array of interests and a brave stance in teh face of the coming crisis. I hope to get to know her better.
    Rook A friendly woman who likes to get into bouts of being bruised, apparently. First met at the Ambassador's Salon one evening, while out drinking with a few other nobility.
    Rymarr She comes from a branch family of the original Deepwoods and, up until recently, I hadn't known she existed. Since the arrival of herself and a few others, these newly named Deepwoods have proven themselves to be dutiful and eager additions to our family. It makes a monumental task seem just a little more acheivable, having them around. I think that Nara certainly appreciates their presence. Lady Emily herself though? She has risen a head above the rest, even if I wouldn't say it to her face. She has taken challenges and objectives without even a glimmer of uncertainty. I believe that she would climb a mountain if asked, all to improve both herself and her House. These are things which House Deepwood needs if it's going to truly arise from the ashes and see its own strength grow and grow over time.
    Sabella She took on Theron in a sparring session and held her own--somewhat. Who really can with him? It was still very brave
    Samael She seems like a sweet woman. She is very polite and seemed a little overwhelmed by the new city and experiences. But she's a natural adventurer and full of curiosity. Clearly she is someone who I will want to get to know better.
    Sameera Seems quiet. Far more towards the tolerable side than expected of someone sworn to Grayson. Might be interesting to get to know more.
    Saoirse She was there when Saoirse confronted Caith about the dog-ruined slipper. She seems friends with the ever-embarrassed Jeffeth?
    Theron Lady Emily Deepwood. Unlike many peers in the realm, she conducts herself with dignity and propriety of conduct. She uses one of the thinner types of swords, which makes me think she's more of an agility fighter than a strength one. I look forward to seeing how she does in battle.
    Thesarin A lost branch of the Deepwoods, back into the fold; cheerful, happy, and eager. Reckon we're better off with her back.
    Tomwell A scout! Intriguing. She was thoughtful, too. Nice to talk about Limerance with someone who isn't tired of hearing it.
    Veronica Lady Deepwood is gracious enough to offer to send her rangers to assist us in the matter of Shadowood! I look forward to seeing her rangers in action. Beware bandit scum!
    Violet A kind noblewoman who I was lucky to share a drink with. Her kind words made my grim responsibilities a bit easier. It is easy to see the compassion in her. Indeed she bought me a drink after delivering bad news. Anyone willing to do that to a stranger is worthy of my friendship.