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Marquis Jacque Lyonesse

I would rather have the sharpest wit, than the sharpest sword.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Scholarly Swordsman
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Lyonesse
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'3
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Sun-Kissed

Titles: Marquis-Consort of Lyon's Redoubt

Obituary: Brutally murdered in an attack upon the Lyonesse Chateau by forces unknown.

Description: As a man of tall stature and a broad-shouldered, well-defined build, Jacque cuts a warrior's figure, indeed. His hair is straight and light brown, often kept short, complementing the clear sky blue of his eyes, which are often expressive. He has been gifted with a strong, well defined jaw and handsome features - a straight nose, lips that are slightly upturned at the corners and a sunkissed countenance, the result of an emphasis on physical activity.

Personality: He is quite inquisitve by nature trying to seek out new knowledge either about people or things, but he is still kind and not cold for it still personable and with proper respect given, fiercely caring and loyal for those he cares for family or friends, he keeps up a strong work out regimine to keep them safe.

Background: Born four years before Sasha, Jacque was a boy who dreamed of being a chronicler, a writer, an explorer. He fancied himself becoming a wise man that would teach children the right ways of the Oathlands.

The young Jacque set out to try and become this sort of scholar, only to find out that he fell short of it. What he did not fall short of in his education was the physical training. He took to sword and physical exercise tirelessly, impressing his tutors in this regard, while disappointing in every other. He was adequate as a warrior but he was no genius, no smart man; average at best, he struggled with those more complex instructions, before neglecting them outright, in frustration he would opt for the path of the warrior, instead. One that he did not choose for himself, but the only one that was viable for him to walk.

This became even more so when Sasha was afflicted with her illness. Out of worry, and protective brotherly concern, he became reliable with a blade, a man of strong build and nimble agility, but also tireless endurance. When his sister went to Arx, he lingered in the Oathlands and traveled the fields, assisting the subjects of his House in a number of different undertakings, all voluntary. He would escort merchants and travelers in the roads and assist the enforcers of the High Lord's law against those that would violate it.

However, beneath that steely warrior's exterior was a growing sense of frustration with his life. And it is because of this that he traveled to Arx, in order to fulfill his life's dream without neglecting what led him down the path of martial prowess. He will be a scholar, aye, but he is a warrior, and will be one until he can no longer lift a sword on his own.

Relationship Summary

  • Demura - The Firebird Wife

  • Family:
  • Edain - The liege, second cousin and High Lord of the Oathlands.
  • Isabeau - Beauty and Poise

  • Friend:
  • Fatima - My most exotic and charming friend.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha He's one of those people you can almost SEE learning. Like he's pulling information from every part of a room, out of everything he sees. Smart people are intimatedating.
    Amari He's almost scarily observant, but also well mannered, gracious and readily able to appreciate subtle humor. He should perhaps drink more milk though.
    Coraline He is a good swordsman, I can see he will go far!
    Jordan Marquis Lyonesse seems to be a good man, someone who puts great stock in duty and service. As with all Oathlanders, there's that knightly bearing about him.
    Reese He is very charming and very eager to help. Had me blushing.
    Rinel An Oathlander with a strong sense of duty, placing the needs of his newfound title well before his own.
    Viktor The Marquis is intelligent and not closed minded, which is good, as an Oathlander myself I understand the desire to simply believe one thing and one thing only. He knows better than that, and I wish more of us did.