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Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard

Lift your blades! Let them sing to the gods!

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dragon Bard
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Wyrmguard
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Midnight blue-black
Eye Color: Evergreen
Skintone: Porcelain

Titles: The Bladesong of Wyrmguard

Description: Standing a few inches taller than most women and some men, Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard is notable for her lean, shapely form and athletic build. Her long hair is so dark it shines with a hint of blue as it frames her pale face in a riot of curls and hangs in heavy waves down her back when left untamed. Her eyes are a bright, piercing evergreen color peeking out beneath dark lashes, while her smiles are gregarious and easily given.

Personality: Sorrel is a charismatic woman with a large presence. Though she's athletically slender there's so much force of personality to her that she seems to fill up more space than she actually does. Gregarious, charming, and just a step away from being cavalier. Lady Sorrel is a woman full of laughter, smiles, and joy. But her temper burns just as bright as the rest of her. She's passionate and hot blooded. She's a fierce and almost foolishly brave woman who loves to perform; sing and act.

Background: Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard is the middle sibling of a cousin-branch of the Wyrmguards. A second cousin to the ruling Marquessa-- Dominique --but also related in this way to members of the Valardin royal family. Unlike many, she is not at all defined by middle sibling syndrome. She's vastly different from her siblings; vibrant of personality, but darker in coloring (taking after their father).

Born many years after Reiker and a scant few before Clover she's always been a bright, charismatic girl. Drawn to the performing arts-- in particular singing. Her next love has always been the blade and martial combat.

As a child she would go to sword practice and sing as she swung her blade, earning her the informal nickname/title of 'the Bladesong of Blancbier'. At first it was something of a teasing, almost mocking title. For she was no doubt considered strange as a child and young woman for how much she sang while practicing her martial skills.

That changed a year or two before the Siege of Arx when she lead a battalion of Blancbier soldiers against a force of raiders who were attempting to lay a mini-siege on a small farming village that fell within the border of the Blancbier March. They say the battle was turning against the Wyrmguard units due to overwhelming forces, but that Lady Sorrels voice cut through their despair and lifted them up, and they won the day inspired by her voice.

Since then she has honing her skill as a leader, and a commander.

Name Summary
Aerandir One of the Wyrmguards that I have heard quite a bit of in recent memory, though regretfully our first meeting was a fleeting one. She seems cordial and pleasing, even so.
Ainsley She has a voice as clear and as sharp as a blade. I can see why she is the 'Bladesong of Blancbier'.
Alarissa A lovely addition to the Wyrmguards.
Astraea Yes! Another lady knight, my best friend the Bladesong. She's cool, collected, and gorgeous. Anyone who meets her knows she a powerful force of good. I can't wait to stand beside her and battle evil together. It's like a girl's dream come true.
Caspian A woman with a brilliant plan. I hope it comes to fruition!
Clover My vibrant, joyous older sister. I love her so dearly and we have so much fun together. There's no one else in the world as uplifting as Sorrel Wyrmguard!
Cristoph Sorrel, Clover's sister! A bit taller than her. She seems like a bright and cheerful sort, likes to hit things, likes puppies, really can't find anything to argue with there. I'm sure we'll be dragging her down to the house soon enough.
Darren I like you, you got moxy and optimism. And you'd tell me if I was losing my hair.
Denica Saw her holding Astrid, she has quite a way with children and seems kind. I hope she finds the time to bring herself around the Thrax Estate more often in the future.
Echo There's a certain charm to Lady Sorrel that is almost immediately recognized. She's so incredibly warm, friendly, and encouraging. Much like you'd expect from close family.
Edain The Bladesong of the Wyrmguard is the dramatic presence you would expect her to be. I did not get to speak to her long, but she congradulated me on my wife and I expecting our first, and she said she was going to compose a song. I'm entirely certain I am not diserving of a song, but it was an entirely kind gesture. I hope to get the chance not to just hear her sing songs of others adventures, but her own one day.
Harald Said to be a Warsong. Perhaps she will drive back the blood madness and help us toward victory, or perhaps she will be seasick and drown in her own vomit.
Jacque Lady Sorrel is a Bladesong, which is very interesting, because I enjoy the prospect of the combination of a warrior who composes songs. It is rousing, it helps morale, and most certainly, I think she and I can work together as I aspire to become a chronicler of battles, and she composes her songs.
Joscelin Young. Was I ever that young? Energetic and excited, eager to be pleased and easy to please as well. I'm hoping I've a life-long customer here, she's a delight to work with.
Juliana Compassionate, level headed and in love with my favorite cousin. Is there anything else that needs said?
Killian The voice of an angel, when I thought I was going to die, she lifted my spirits. I am so sorry that she was wounded, but she showed incredible skill, definitely a force to be reckoned upon.
Merek I met her along with Astraea near the Ambassador Salon. A nice person, and seems to be respectful enough. Don't know too much about them, but definitely someone that I would not mind having more conversations with sometime.
Olivia One of those who aided Princess Tikva at the goop-covered statue, succeeding where my prior efforts with the Archlector had failed. It proved very interesting speaking with her, and it would seem prudent to do so more often, along with her friend Lady Lucita and the Princess.
Quenia Lady Sorrel Wyrmguard seems like a good woman who doesn't turn away from a challenge, and doesn't easily embarrass. These are both good qualities to have. It will be nice to get to know her a bit better.
Ryhalt Clover's sister and someone of talent, both in the field with our excursions to the Ile de Canneberges and also in performance, and quite prone to making a room brighter. She is going to be an aunt.
Sparte Not sure if she was ignoring me because I'm common or because she was that caught up in things. Wish her well I guess.
Theron I like Lady Sorrel. She's merry, especially when she fights, and I enjoy double entendres whether or not they are intentional. She's got a way with words!
Zalika A woman with a good sense of mind. I don't blame her hesistance to swimming in the ocean with Gyre lurking about now.