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Marquis Rymarr Deepwood are a knight. So long as your heart is true and your intent pure, the rest will follow...

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Twilight Knight
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Deepwood
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Description: The look of a man from the Oathlands, Rymarr possesses tanned skin and short, scruffy, dark brown hair that often seems to suffer from a serious case of helmet-head. Intense blue eyes seem to perpetually watch his surroundings through faintly squinted eyelids. His angled jawline is kept cleanly shaved as though a daily ritual of personal grooming. While much of his features appear to be handsome, his nose is slightly askew which may give some inclination that it has been broken and reset a couple of times in what appears to be the roughly two and a half decades of life.

He is tall, standing at just over six feet in height and has strived to maintain a muscular body which speaks of a physical regimen that is almost religiously followed. The hands of the man call a number of calluses their own and a number of nicks and faint scars can be found across his knuckles. Frequently he seems to carry himself with a noble bearing, chin elevated in an imperious manner, and his shoulders frequently squared. The mouth of the man is often set in a flat line and seems to effortlessly convey either mild cheer or open disdain with only the slight twitch of his cheeks.

Personality: When one is a Lyonesse it becomes routine to take everything as serious as possible. For Rymarr Lyonesse, this is no doubt a fact of life. He is an intense man, unaccustomed to good fortune seeming to befall him. Often he can found watching the world around himself with an intensity that speaks for such a history. Constantly alert for the next tragedy, misfortune, or dire situation to present itself; all the better to actively avoid it or even engage the newly risen spectre.

As a result of frequently being onguard for the next disaster, it has resulted in Rymarr becoming a rather serious man. While he may smile and laugh as much as the next average once-nobleman, he seems to action to words. In possession of a sometimes grave demeanor, it can result in his being viewed as cold or distant. Despite it all, he seems to carry himself with pride and noble bearing. With a chin often slightly lifted to the world, he carries his pride in his chin and squared shoulders. Both slightly lifted, as though defiant against the misfortune which has seemingly plagued his lineage.

Background: The second child of six, Rymarr Lyonesse grew up in the Oathlands. Son to a noble lord and lady, vassals to House Valardin. His life has always been one of mild hardship and none too few tragedies. Whether the untimely death of a relative, strife brought by conflict which has exacted numerous costs among his kin, investments turned sour, or any other number of tragedies which have befallen the Lyonesse family over the decades. Whether hardship derived by purpose, squiring to a Valardin knight in his youth or through the misfortune suffered by his family. Among the family it is simply called The Curse. Whether or not such a curse were true, there is some credit to the ideal at least. Whether it is from children dying young, adults being killed in battle, foodstuffs rotting at the most inopportune time, or something as simple as a much-needed business deal falling through; the Lyonesse family has experienced it over the past two decades.

Throughout this history Rymarr was never destined to lead his family; such a duty had fallen on the shoulders of his older brother, Dormire. He was expected instead work and work hard, to make something of himself in hopes that he could serve the family in whatever way which it may need. Eventually, over the years as a squire, Rymarr became a knight. Serving his family alongside their liege, House Valardin. He has fought hard, always to prove to the world that his family's name is not cursed and that they are both relevant and worthy of praise.

When his older brother died, kicked by an unruly horse; Rymarr was thrust into the position of guiding his beleagured family into the future while still maintaining his vows of knighthood. A difficult road lay ahead, one which would no doubt be fraught with dangers both physical, and sometimes far more damning: social. With the Lyonesse family struggling to stay afloat in their darkest hours, an offer came to Rymarr. An offer to join with the King's Own, an invitation to join with the personal guard of the king himself. Much to the surprise of many of his family and allies, Rymarr accepted. A retainer was chosen for his position within the family, a younger sibling with a steady hand to keep the family afloat during his absence of unknown length. The King's Own exact a heavy price for any young nobleman; foregoing one's title, family, and loyalties to all but the Silver Sword's mandate.

Having only recently joined with the King's Own and placed aside his family, title, and rights, he has stepped into a new world. Seeing to the safety of those not of his own blood, he has taken the vows of the King's Own in order to perform the duties expected and entrusted to him.

Relationship Summary

  • Monique - Greenmarch Lady. A fresh start..

  • Family:
  • Abigail - Cousin. A credit to her name.

  • Sibling:
  • Demura - Sister. Churlish.
  • Anabelle - Sister. Hindsight, the right choice.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Hana - Weaponsmith. Well traveled and attentive.
  • Darren - Redrain Prince. Firm, but fair.
  • Branan - Poet. A romantic.
  • Lark - Grayson Princess. Shrewd, calculating.
  • Ida - Dame. Direct and respectful.
  • Dawn - Grayson Princess. Uncertain.
  • Bethany - Mercier. Rising star.
  • Donella - Thrax Princess. Uncertain waters.
  • Reese - Grayson Princess. Iron Guard. Has the right of it.
  • Valencia - Redrain Princess. Fickle.
  • Edain - Valardin Prince. Personification of knighthood. Even if long-winded letters are required.
  • Sophie - Valardin Princess. Understanding pen pal.
  • Zhayla - Deepwood Guard. Destiny. Will be a knight.
  • Sylvie - Lady Zaffria. Quite forgetful.
  • Iona - Duchess Bisland. Hm.
  • Aleksei - Sir Morgan. Watching.
  • Costas - I am always watching. And listening.
  • Tristram - Valardin Prince. A devoted servant of the Compact.
  • Tristan - Royal Stablemaster. Many have said he prefers the company of beasts to people. I find him perfectly agreeable company; show respect, receive respect. Simple enough.
  • Rainier - Knight of the King's Own
  • Leona - Right where destiny wants her.

  • Ally:
  • Samantha - Daisy.

  • Friend:
  • Orazio - Legate of The Sentinel. Trusted associate.
  • Kima - Lioness of Southport. Layered like an onion.
  • Gabriel - Duke Bisland. Trusted.
  • Silas - Leafbringer.
  • Name Summary